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胶南人民医院几级青岛地区整形医院哪里The (Secret) City of London, Part 2:Government伦敦金融城的秘密(二)政府The City of London is a unique place.伦敦金融城是个特别的地方。It#39;s the city in a city in a country in a country that runs its government with perhaps the most complicated elections in the world, involving medieval guilds, modern corporations, mandatory titles and fancy hats, all of which are connected in this horrifying org chart.它是个国中之国的城中之城,以大概是世界上最复杂的选举制度运作其政府,涉及了中世纪的同业公会、现代的公司、法定的称谓和花俏的帽子,这些全都在这个可怕的组织图里相互连结。Why so complicated?为什么这么复杂?Though the new Skyscrapers might make you think the City of London is relatively young, it#39;s actually the oldest continuous government on the Island of Great Britain. The City of London predates the Empire that Victoria ruled, the Kingdoms Anne united and the Magna Carta that John reluctantly signed.虽然新的天大楼会让你觉得伦敦金融城相对来说还年轻,但实际上它是大不列颠岛上最年长的连续政府。伦敦金融城在年代上早于维多利亚统治的帝国、安妮女王(1702-1714年的女王)统一的王国,以及约翰王心不甘情不愿签下的大宪章。While the London which surrounds the city only got to electing its first Mayor in 2000, the list of Mayors who#39;ve governed the City of London is almost seven hundred people long, going back more than a thousand years.虽然围绕伦敦金融城的伦敦市在2000年才首次选出第一位市长,但曾治理过伦敦金融城的市长名单有将近七百人,可远远追朔回一千年前。The City of London#39;s government is so old that there#39;s no surviving record of exactly when it was born. There are only documents, like the Magna Carta, which mention the pre-existing powers of the City of London aly had at that point in time.伦敦金融城的政府太老了,以致于它确切诞生的时间没有幸存的纪录。只有像是大宪章的文件,有提到伦敦金融城在那个时间点之前就已经有了势力。So while a government like the ed States#39;s officially gets its power from the people, and Parliament gets its power from the Crown (which in turn gets it from God), the City of London gets its power from ;time immemorial,; meaning that the City is so old. It just is.所以尽管美国这样的政府从人民身上正式得到权力、议会从王权得到权力(反过来王权从神那里取得的权力) ,伦敦金融城则是从“太古时代”得到权力,意思就是这城市实在太老了。它就是这么老。And that age brings with it unusual and complicated traditions, the most notable of these, perhaps, is that in City of London elections, companies get votes. Quite a lot actually...about 3/4th of the votes cast in City elections are from companies with the remaining 1/4th from residents.随同它的年岁也带来了独特、复杂的传统,其中最值得注意的,或许是在伦敦金融城的选举中,公司行号持有选票。事实上还挺多的...伦敦金融城选举中约有四分之三投下的选票是来自于公司行号,剩下的四分之一来自于居民。The way it works is that the bigger a company is, the more votes it gets from the City of London. The companies then give their votes to select employees who work but do not live within the city, and it#39;s these employees who do the actual voting at election time.它运作的方式是,公司越大,从伦敦金融城拿到的选票就越多。接着这些公司将其选票给予那些挑出来的、在这城市工作、但不居住在此城市的员工,而就是这些员工在选举时实际投票。The result is that the Common Council, the bureaucratic beating heart of the City of London, has about twenty common councilors elected by residents of the city and about eighty elected by companies of the city.结果是,市议会,伦敦金融城跳动的官僚心脏,有大约二十名市议会议员是由伦敦金融城的居民选出,而有大约八十名是由伦敦金融城的公司选出。The reasoning behind this unusual tradition is that for every one person who lives in the City of London, forty-three people commute in every day. In total that#39;s three hundred thousand commuters using City services, and whose employment depends on the City of London being business friendly.这个特殊传统背后的理由是,对于每一个住在伦敦金融城的人,就有四十三个每天通勤的人。整体来说有三十万名通勤族在使用城里的务,他们的工作则仰赖伦敦金融城对企业友好的态度。The man in charge of the common council and who heads The City#39;s government is The Right Honorable, the Lord Mayor of London.负责市议会和带领伦敦金融城政府的人,是“正义高尚伦敦金融城市长大人”。Now, suppose you want to be Lord Mayor... Surely, just as in that other London all you#39;ll need to do is:现在,假如你想要成为市长大人...当然,就像在另外一个伦敦,所有你需要做的是:a) Be a British, Commonwealth, or EU citizen, who hasa) 成为英国,联邦,或是欧盟的公民b) lived in the city for a year, and whob) 已在此城市住了一年c) wins the electionc) 赢得选举Right? No.对吧?才怪。In The City of London, that#39;s not nearly enough. Ready for the qualifications list?在伦敦金融城,那还差得远。准备好看资格条件列表了吗?Before you can even run for Lord Mayor, you need to have been a Sheriff of The City of London. But before you can be Sheriff, you need to be an Aldermen.在你可以参选市长大人前,你需要当过伦敦金融城的郡长。但在你可以当上郡长之前,你需要先当市府参事。What#39;s an Aldermen? Well, the City of London is divided into twenty-five wards, and each Ward elects one Aldermen to represent it on the Court of Aldermen (a sub-section of the common council).市府参事是什么?嗯,伦敦金融城分成二十五个区,每个区选出一名市府参事在参事议政厅代表该区(参事议政厅是市议会的附属部门)。But before you can run for Alderman, you need to gain Freeman Status... and who gives out Freeman Status? Why none other than the very Court of Aldermen you#39;re trying to get elected to, which might just seem like a conflict of interest?但在你可以参选市府参事前,你需要得到自由人身分...而谁发放自由人身分呢?为什么不是别人而正是你试着要选进去的参事议政厅?这看起来似乎是利益上的冲突。Luckily, there is another way to get the Freeman Status: join one of the City#39;s Guilds. Sadly, they aren#39;t called guilds, they#39;re called Livery Companies (a name which is both more boring and less descriptive, but the remnants of medieval guilds many of them are), and within the City there are a hundred and eight of them to choose from, including, but not limited to:很幸运地,有另一个得到自由人身分的方式:加入其中一个伦敦金融城的同业公会。不幸的是,他们不叫公会,他们称作伦敦金融城同业公会(一个更无聊、更少描述性的名字,但中世纪公会的残存者很多都是),而在伦敦金融城中其中有一百零八个可供选择,包括但不限于以下:The Apothecaries, The Fishmongers, The Masons, The Mercers, The Scientific Instrument Makers, The Bankers, The Shipwrights, The Wheelwrights, The Butchers, The bakers, Two different candlestick makers and the most exciting of all: The Chartered Accountants!药材商公会、鱼商公会、泥瓦匠公会、绸布商人公会、科学仪器制造商公会、业公会、造船工人公会、车匠公会、屠夫公会、面包师傅公会、两个烛台的制造商公会、还有全部之中最刺激的:特许会计师公会!Many of these guilds, like the Fletchers, have become charities, but some are still active, such as the Goldsmiths who test the quality of British coinage and the Hackney Carriage Drivers who license taxi drivers.这些公会里有许多,像是Fletchers(造箭商),变成慈善机构,但有些还很活跃,像是测试英国货币品质的Goldsmiths(金匠),以及发给计程车司机执照的Hackney Carriage Drivers(出租马车驾驶)。To join one of these guilds, you#39;ll either need to meet the professional requirements, or for the charities like the Haberdashers, you#39;ll need the approval of two existing members.要加入这些公会,你要嘛得达到专业需求规定,要嘛对于像是Haberdashers这样的慈善机构,你则需要两位现有成员的批淮。If you meet none of the Livery Companies membership requirements, but you think you#39;ll be a clever clogs and start your own Livery Company and grant yourself Freeman Status, tough luck because new Livery Companies need to be approved by...you guessed it, the Court of Aldermen.如果你没有符合任何一项伦敦金融城同业公会成员的规定,但你认为你会是个爱卖弄的聪明人,着手成立自己的同业公会,接着授与自己自由人的身分,太糟糕了,因为新的同业公会需要由...你猜对了,由参事议政厅批淮。But let#39;s assume one way or another you get the official freeman status certificate, now you can finally run for Aldermen of a Ward...after the Lord Chancellor#39;s Advisory Committee also approves of you.但假设你想办法得到了正式的自由人书,现在你终于可以参选某区的市参议员...在法官大人的咨询委员会批淮你之后。But that small barrier passed, you can win election as Aldermen in either one of the four wards, where people live, or the twenty-one wards where companies live.但跨过这小障碍,你可以在居民居住的四个区内、或公司所在的二十一个区之一赢得市参议员选举。Once on the court of aldermen, to continue your path to the Mayor#39;s Office in Guildhall, you must now be elected as sheriff, but this time it#39;s the members of the Livery Companies who pick the sheriffs.一旦你进入参事议政厅后,要继续走向市政厅的市长办公室之路,你现在需要选上郡长,但这会儿是由同业公会的成员来选出郡长。So if the Livery Company members elect you as Sheriff, after you have successfully completed your term, then you can finally run for Mayor.所以如果同业公会成员选你为郡长,在你成功地完成你的任期后,那么你就可以参选市长。But surprisingly, the residents of the City of London don#39;t vote for the Mayor, our old friends on the Court of Aldermen do.但令人讶异的是,伦敦金融市的居民并不投票选市长,我们在参议市政厅的老朋友才要选。So in summary, once you get your freeman status from either the court of aldermen or the livery companies, and after your ward elected you as alderman, and then the livery companies elect you as sheriff, and after your term as sheriff ends, but while you#39;re still on the court of aldermen, then you can run for Mayor.所以总结来说,一旦你从参议市政厅或同业公会取得自由人身分,然后你的区选你为市参议员之后,接着同业公会选你为郡长,然后郡长的任期结束,但你仍在参议市政厅中,接着你才可以参选市长。And assuming the other aldermen select you, you can finally take your place as The Right Honorable, The Lord Mayor of London...for one year, with no salary. And you have to cover your own expenses, which will be quite considerable as your new job consists mostly of making hundreds of speeches a year around the world promoting city business.然后假设其他市参议员选你,你终于可以当上“正义高尚伦敦金融城市长大人”...任期一年,没有薪水。你必须付自己的开,这可是很可观的一笔钱,因为你的新工作大部分包括一年在全世界办上数百场的演讲来推广伦敦金融城的事业。But you do get that fancy hat, which just might make it all worthwhile.但你的确会得到那顶花俏的帽子,这让一切都值得了。 Article/201504/371670青岛市诺德医院在哪 The President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping has received a royal welcome at the start of his four-day state visit to the ed Kingdom.中华人民共和国国家主席习近平开始对英国进行为期四天的国事访问。The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will host the Chinese President and his wife before visits to Chequers, the retreat of the Prime Minister, and Manchester.在访问位于曼彻斯特的首相静居别墅前,女王和爱丁堡公爵将款待中国国家主席和他的妻子。It is not all pomp and ceremony Mr Jinping is here on business with 40bn worth of trade and investment deals on the table.这并不是所有的盛况和仪式,习近平主席的到来带来了价值400亿欧元的贸易和投资协议。British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond sees it as essential to pursue good relations with Beijing:“We see an economy that will be evolving in the next phase of its growth to need more of the things that Britain is really good at, as it moves to being a service economy, as it moves to emphasising consumption over investment in China. Britain’s businesses will really come into their own and my ambition is to see Britain as China’s biggest trade partner in Europe.”英国外交大臣哈蒙德菲利浦表示必须与北京保持良好关系:“我们看到经济增长的下一阶段,需要更多英国擅长的东西,随着其转型到务经济,强调消费非投资。英国的企业将真正进入全盛时期,我渴望英国成为中国在欧洲的最大贸易伙伴。”The new cosy Sino-British relationship has caused concern in Washington as China continues to invest heavily across the globe.随着中国继续在全球范围内广泛投资,新的中英友好关系引起了华盛顿的担忧。译文属。 /201510/404984青岛自体脂肪丰鼻翼哪家好

青岛临沂去胎记哪家医院好栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201510/400359青岛隆鼻整形 It seems that since the arrival of the smartphone in 2007, we#39;ve seen the arrival of a new problem, a uniquely 21st-century problem. While the world has gotten a lot more connected, people have become more disconnected, losing the art of conversation and real human interaction.似乎自从2007年智能手机的降临以来,我们已目睹一个新问题的到来,一个特殊的二十一世纪问题。虽然世界变得更加连结起来,人们却变得越来越失联,失去了对话及真正人际互动的艺术。The problem? Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your smartphone. Just about everyone does it.问题出在哪呢?忽略你面前的人,站在你的智能手机那边。大概就是所有人都这么做。But if these behaviors has become such a big issue, why weren#39;t we talking about it? Well, probably because there wasn#39;t a word for it until now.但如果这些行为已经成为这么一件大事,为什么我们没在谈论它呢?这个嘛,也许因为没有一个形容它的字,直到现在才有。I don#39;t know if you know what phubbing is.我不晓得你们是否知道“低头”是什么。That phubbing is...“低头”是...Phubbing—a term you may not have heard of.低头--一个你也许没听过的词汇。Phub-bing.低、头。Phubbing!低头!Almost varying degrees of phubbing...几乎有不同程度的低头现象...You#39;ve just been phubbed.你才刚被“低头”了。Ok, stop! Take a step back. Where do words like this even come from? Where did this one come from?好的,停止!退个一步。像这样的字到底从哪来的?这一个字打哪来的呢?Well, on an otherwise unremarkable day in May 2012, a group of people gathered at the University of Sydney, Australia. Amongst the group was a lexicologist, a phonetician, a debating champion, a poet, several authors, and a cruciverbalist—that#39;s a professional crossword maker. Their mission was to create a word that would get people to put their phones down, and get talking to each other again. And so, with a room full of brilliant minds, the search for word to describe ignoring others in favor of your phone began.嗯,在2012年五月一个除了这件事以外,一切都很普通的一天,一群人聚集在澳洲雪梨大学。在那团队之中有一名词汇学家、一名语音学家、一位辩论冠军、一位诗人、几个作家,还有一个填字游戏专家--那是专业的填字游戏出题者。他们的任务是要创造出一个可以让人们放下手机,再次和彼此说话的字。所以,带着一屋子满满的聪明脑袋,找寻形容“忽略他人、站在你的手机那边”的字开始了。Phubbing. And he#39;s a phubber. And would you stop phubbing me?低头。他是个低头族。你可以不要再对我低头了吗?The word was released into the wild the following day, seeded into social conversations, and championed by a new movement known simply as ;Stop Phubbing.;这个字在隔天被释出到外头、播种在社交对话中、并被一个单单以“停止低头”为人所知的全新运动所拥护。From its country of origin it sp, first, through the English-speaking world, then Brazil, and right through South and Central America. Europe was next, followed by Southeast and Central Asia. Within a year, over 180 countries were using it.从它的原产国开始传布,第一,穿过英语系国家、然后巴西、接着直直传过中南美。欧洲是下一站,接着是东南亚和中亚。在一年内,超过180个国家都在用它。Phubbing: The war against anti-social phone use.低头:打击反社交手机使用的战争。Why the ;Stop Phubbing; campaign is going viral?为什么“停止低头”运动流行起来?Phubbing can be ;phatal.;低头可以是致命的(注一)。Are you a phubber?你是低头族吗?The backlash against phubbing.对抗低头的反对声浪。Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your phone was now a behavior with a name, and a behavior being questioned right around the globe, all because of a single word, a single word born in a university hall at the bottom of the world.忽略面前的人、站在你的手机那边现在是一个有名字的行为了,也是一个就在世界各处被质疑的行为,全都因为一个字,一个在世界尽头的大学讲堂内诞生的字。Language is always changing. Update your dictionary.语言永远在改变。更新你的辞典。注一:此处是取 ph 发音和 f 一样的特色,将原本是 fatal(致命的)单字变成 phatal,以和 phubbing 押头韵。 Article/201412/348054青岛权威治疗红胎记

胶州市第一人民妇保中医院医生名单China, Malaysia committed in MH370 search马方搜寻MH370客机与中方保持密切沟通合作During a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the two countries will continue working together in the search for missing flight MH370.在会见马来西亚总理纳吉布期间,中方外交部长王毅表示两国将继续努力寻找失去联系的马航MH370航班。;We empathize with the relatives of the passengers on MH370.“我们对马航MH370航班上乘客的家属表示同情。We feel their pain and suffering.我们和他们一样感同身受。We will provide further explanations after the identification results come out.结果出来后我们将为大家进一步的解释说明。And we will also urge the relevant departments to do a good job in the next steps, such as with the compensation settlement,; said Wang.我们还将在接下来的环节中敦促相关部门尽职尽责做好补偿安置等的工作。” 译文属 Article/201508/390980 Return to Fukushima: Is Nuclear Power Safe?回到福岛:核能安全吗?We aren#39;t allowed into the zone, so former resident Kunitomo Tokuzawa is taking a camera for us to chart his trip back home with his mother.我们不被允许进入那区域,所以前居民Kunitomo Tokuzawa为了我们携带一台摄影机,纪录和母亲回家的旅程。Two hours later, everyone returns with their carefully selected belongings. They#39;re allowed to bring out just one bagful, measuring seventy centimeters by seventy centimeters.两个小时之后,每个人带着精挑细选的随身物品回来。他们仅被允许带出一满袋七十公分见方的东西。I brought back my wife#39;s cooking recipes. Also photographs and pictures.我带回了老婆的食谱。还有相片和画像。My grandfather#39;s remains and ashes.我奶奶的骨灰。It#39;s very sad and unfair.真的很可悲、很不公平。Kunitomo returns with the camera and a glimpse into an abandoned world.Kunitomo带回了摄影机并瞥见了一个被遗弃的世界。Good to see you. Okay, well, come and tell me all about it.很高兴见到你。好的,嗯,来通通告诉我。Alright then, good morning everyone. The officials got off the bus and measured the radiation. Once they#39;d checked, it was safe. We got off. Right now, I#39;m in the evacuation zone. The road has subsided and a crack has opened up. There#39;s no sign of any people.好了,大家早。官方人员下公车测量辐射。当他们测量过后,是安全的。我们下车。现在,我在疏散区。路面下沉,开出了条裂缝。没有任何人的迹象。Right, now I#39;m going to go inside my house. The inside of the house was extremely hot. It was hot. The things in the fridge are completely rotten. It smells awful. Our cat has gone. I don#39;t know when this water is from. How many months ago I wonder.好,现在我要进入我家。屋内非常炎热。好热。冰箱里的东西完全腐烂了。闻起来很糟糕。我们的猫咪消失了。我不知道这水是何时就在了。我在想是多少个月之前的事情。When I went up to the second floor, because my own room was on the second floor, naturally that moment brought back the most memories. My heart hurt. That#39;s how I felt. Oh well.当我上二楼,因为我的房间在二楼,自然而然那时刻带回了最多的回忆。我心好痛。那是我的感觉。好吧。Even with all this, they have held on. Amazing! They#39;re healthy. All that#39;s left.即使历经这所有,它们还坚持着。它们很健康。那是所有剩下的了。We were glad to return home, even if it was just for an hour. But I won#39;t return there any more most likely, even if the restrictions are lifted. As for living there, it#39;s a bit too much.我们很高兴重返家园,即使只有一个小时。但即使管制解除,我大概也不会再回去那里。至于住在那儿,有点太不理智了。 Article/201504/372769青岛莱阳治疗痘痘医院青岛六院医生介绍



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