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英语对话Flash [6] /200705/13067。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/469989。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447624。

洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 43暂无文本 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20577。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/475082。

At the very end, Orderic Vitalis puts into William#39;s mouth最后 奥尔德里克·维塔利斯强迫威廉an extraordinary deathbed confession,进行了鹦鹉学舌般非凡的临终忏悔so penitential, so utterly out of character that it seems on the face of it completely incredible.言辞极其忏悔 完全和他的性格不符 乍一看来 真是让人难以置信But whether William actually spoke those words or not,但是无论威廉是否真的说出了这些话they clearly reflected what some,它们都反映出了一些人perhaps many people, felt about William the conqueror that when all the battles were won,或许是许多人眼中的征者威廉 这便是 即便取胜疆埸when the laws were all laid down,he was what he had always been,a brutal adventurer.纵然安邦定律 他却依然故我 一个野蛮的冒险者And the conquest of England not a righteous crusade,but just a grand throw of history#39;s dice.征英格兰的 并非正义之师 只不过是历史的偶然I appoint no one my heir to the crown of England for I did not attain that honour by hereditary right,我未指定任何子嗣 为英格兰王位的继承者 因为我并未获此殊荣世袭统治but wrestled it from a perjured King Harold我靠着一场不顾一切的战争与无数人的鲜血in a desperate battle with much effusion of human blood.从背誓者哈罗德手中夺过王位I have persecuted its native inhabitants beyond all reason.我毫无理由的残害原住民Whether gentle or simple,I cruelly oppressed them.Many I unjustly disinherited.无论是出身高贵和贫贱 我对他们进行了残忍的压迫 我不义地剥夺了很多人继承祖产的权利Innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York,perished through me by famine or the sword.数不清的子民 特别是约克郡的人们 因我而惨死于屠杀与饥荒Having therefore made my way to the throne of that kingdom by so many crimes,我靠着这些不义的行为 最终坐上了国王的宝座I dare not leave it to anyone but God alone,lest after my death worse should happen by my means.我不敢将王位交与除上帝外的任何人 以免我死后 我所造之孽继续祸害人间 /201608/462317。

Today I#39;m going to do another on linking.今天,我要再做一个关于连读的视频。And today specifically, we#39;ll talk about linking two words when one ends in a vowel sound and the next one begins in a vowel sound -- vowel or diphthong sound.具体来说,今天我们要讨论的是当一个单词以元音结尾,下一个单词以元音或复合元音开头时这两个单词的连读。In this case, there should be constant sound when you are linking; there should be no break between the words.在这种情况下,你连读时要连续不间断地读,单词之间不能有停顿。Let#39;s take for example the sentence, ;Did you exercise?;;Ooo--eh, oo-eh. You--eh, you exercise. ;我们以这个句子为例子,;Did you exercise?;;Ooo--eh, oo-eh. You--eh, you exercise. ;Some of my students put a tiny break between each word.我的一些学生会在每个单词之间小小地停顿一下。And if you say ;oo eh; with a tiny break, no matter now small that break is, it#39;s still not linked. ;Ooeh, ooeh;, constant sound.如果你在说“oo eh”的时候有小停顿,不管这个停顿的时间有多短,它都不是连读。;Ooeh, ooeh;,要连续不间断地读。Now, I#39;ll note that there are two consonant sounds, the W and the Y, that are glide consonants.在这里,我要指出两个辅音,W和Y音,它们是滑移辅音。And you may find that you feel like you#39;re making one of these sometimes when you link. That#39;s ok. ;You-eh.;你可能会发现自己在连读时好像在发这两个音。没关系。;You-eh.;The ;oo; as in ;boo; is very related to the W consonant sound. So if you feel like you#39;re making that W consonant sound, don#39;t worry about it.单词“boo”里的“oo”音和辅音W十分相近,所以,如果你觉得自己在发辅音W的话,不用担心。Think about the constant sound, ;uh;, of your vocal cords underneath the vowel sounds that you#39;re making. ;Oo-eh, oo-eh.;想想你在发元音时,在元音下面,你的声带所发出的辅音“uh”。;Oo-eh, oo-eh.;For some of you this will be no problem, because your native language also links.对于你们中的一些人来说,这不是问题,因为在你们的母语中也会有连读。For some of you however, though it#39;s a simple concept, it will take a while to get comfortable with that, to break the habit of putting tiny breaks between words.然而对于另外一些人来说,这虽然是一个简单的概念,但还是需要一段时间来习惯,来改掉在单词之间停顿的习惯。So, let#39;s look at some further examples.那么我们再来看一些例子。In this sentence, the word ;yellow; ends with the ;oh; as in ;no; diphthong, and the word ;apple; with the AA vowel.在这个句子里,单词“yellow”以“no”里面的复合元音“oh”结尾,单词“apple”以AA元音开头。;Oh, aa. Oh-aa, oh-aa;, no break in sound. ;Oh-aa.; And now quicker: ;oh-aa, oh-aa. I#39;d like the yellow apple.;;Oh, aa. Oh-aa, oh-aa;,中间没有停顿。;Oh-aa.;现在加快速度:;oh-aa, oh-aa. I#39;d like the yellow apple.;The ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong linking with the AA. ;Aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa. I actually did.;单词“buy”里面的复合元音“ai”和AA元音连读。;Aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa, aiaa. I actually did.;This next sentence is the title of a standard that I happened to have in my head while I was brainstorming this blog.下面这个句子是我在构思这个客时碰巧想到的一个标准的标题。We have the ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ih; as in ;sit; vowel. ;Ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih. Don#39;t fence me in.;在这里,单词“she”里面的“ee”元音和“sit”里的“ih”元音连读。;Ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih, ee-ih. Don#39;t fence me in.;Here we have the ;ee; as in ;she; linking to the schwa sound. ;Ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh. She wants to be alone.;在这里,单词“she”里面的“ee”元音和弱读元音连读。;Ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh, ee-uh. She wants to be alone.;And here the ;ow; as in ;now; diphthong linking to the schwa. ;Ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh. How about tomorrow?;在这里,单词“now”里面的复合元音“ow”与弱读元音连读。;Ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh, ow-uh. How about tomorrow?;The EE vowel linking to the AA vowel. ;Ee, aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa. I like Woody Allen movies.;EE元音与AA元音连读。;Ee, aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa, ee-aa. I like Woody Allen movies.;The ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ah; as in ;father; vowel. ;Ee, ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah. I#39;d be honored.;单词“she”里面的“ee”元音与单词“father”里面的“ah”元音连读。;Ee, ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah. I#39;d be honored.;This last sentence has two examples.最后这个句子里面有两个例子。The ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong linking to the ;aw; as in ;law; vowel. ;Ai-aw, ai-aw, ai-aw. I almost.;单词“buy”里面的复合元音“ai”与单词“law”里面的“aw”元音连读。;Ai-aw, ai-aw, ai-aw. I almost.;The ;ee; as in ;she; vowel linking to the ;ai; as in ;buy; diphthong. ;Ee, ai, ee-ai, ee-ai. The ice. I almost fell on the ice.;单词“she”里面的“ee”元音与单词“buy”里面的“ai”复合元音连读。;Ee, ai, ee-ai, ee-ai. The ice. I almost fell on the ice.;That#39;s it and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201707/516334。

A major Chinese city shut down and others are on red alert thanks to a typhoon.台风造成中国一主要城市停工,其它城市进入红色警报状态。Schools and the stock market closed, and most transportation shut down in anticipation of Typhoon Nida hitting Hong Kong on Tuesday. 预期周二妮妲袭击香港,学校和股市关闭,大多交通运输停止。The typhoon was expected to be the strongest typhoon the region had experienced since 1983. 预计此次台风将是自1983以来该地区遭遇的最强台风。It produced wind gusts of 90 miles per hour and dumped several inches of rain on the city.台风引发每小时90英里的强风,并降下几英寸的暴雨。Luckily, no major damage or casualties have been reported.幸运的是,没有重大损失或人员伤亡的报告。The Hong Kong Observatory downgraded the typhoon to a tropical storm on Tuesday around noon. The storm is now slowly moving inland.周二中午,香港天文台将台风降级为热带风暴。风暴目前正慢慢地向内陆移动。译文属。 Article/201608/458325。

Okay. Let#39;s talk about this book. No more funny stuff.好的 让我们来聊聊这本书吧 不要再和我开玩笑了No more funny stuff. Only heartbreaking and funny stuff.不会再和你开玩笑的 只有让你痛心的事 还有好笑的事情The book really is. I texted you.这本书其实 我发过短信给你I was on page two, and I texted you saying- I can#39;t .当我看到第二页的时候 我发短信跟你说 我读不下去了When is it coming out on audio book? More pictures. It#39;s really so well written.有声书什么时候能出版?等照片多一点的时候 这本书写得真的很好I mean that doesn#39;t surprise me, you#39;re a writer and you#39;re a brilliant writer.这并不令我惊讶 因为你本来就是名作家而且是一名很杰出的作家It#39;s so well written and in case people don#39;t know your life, 2012, right?这本书真的写的很好 怕大家不是很了解你 (你写的是)2012年的生活 对吗?Was the year that everything kind of happened if you#39;ll just explain.那一年发生了很多事 你给我们解释解释Yes. In 2012, I had pneumonia and then I contracted this potentially是的 那是2012年 我得了肺炎 我感染了这个可能会致死的deadly illness called C. Diff., where bacteria just eats your insides.病叫C扩散 就是细菌会侵蚀你的身体And then my mother died suddenly, accidentally, and我妈妈也突然去世了 很意外地去世了then I went through a break up and then I was diagnosed with invasive cancer.那一年我分手了 同时也被诊断为浸润性癌症This was all in four months.这些全在四个月内发生And so the book just is raking through all those moments,这本书几乎见了这一切because I put out an album and there#39;s also a documentary about that time period.虽然 我还做了一本相册 而且也有一部关于那段时光的纪录片But I felt like both of those were just skeletons of that time.但我总觉得 这些那些记录都是没有灵魂的 像个骷髅一样And this book really goes through every beat and it also updates where I am now,这本书真的记录了生活的每一个细节 我把我当时的状况都写了下来and it fills you in on where I came from, what my mother was like, and all of that.翻开这本书 记忆就会翻涌而来 我从哪里来 我的妈妈长什么样子 等等等等Yeah, boy. And we learn a lot about your mother. She was quite something.是的 我们也通过这本书了解了你的母亲 她挺厉害的She was. Yeah. She was very wild and very uninhibited and she was pretty crazy.她是挺厉害的 是的 她非常的放荡不羁 很疯狂Yeah. And, well, you should the book, obviously. There she is.是的 你们绝对应该读读这本书 我妈妈就是这样子的But it#39;s heartbreaking and brilliant and funny and everything that you are.但你们可能会觉得很痛心 觉得妈妈很厉害 又搞笑 像你一样So I can#39;t recommend it-所以 我不能推荐这本书I was handing it to Portia when I would go take a shower and she#39;d it and我去洗澡之前 把这本书给Portia看 然后她读了这本书I#39;d- we were back and forth with it and- But, it#39;s fantastic.我们俩 为这本书争论了很久 但是 这本书还是很棒的Well, thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. And now life is good.谢谢你 恭喜 谢谢 现在的生活很好You#39;re married. You have twins on the way. So that#39;s exciting. Yeah, it#39;s so exciting.你结婚了 将要有一对双胞胎宝宝 这很令人激动 是的 非常令人兴奋Yeah. Yeah, we got married in Pass Christian, Mississippi.恩 是啊 我们在帕斯克里斯琴结了婚 在密西西比州Which is, you have family and friends there.那里有你的家人和朋友Yes, my aunt lived in Pass Christian. So we have all these connections together.是的 我的阿姨就住在帕斯克里斯琴 所以我们之间还是有点关系的So you got married in Mississippi. Yeah. And you have twins on the way.所以你在密西西比结的婚?是的 你有一对即将出生的双胞胎宝宝Yes, due any day now. Is it really any day? Yeah. That soon?任何时候都可能出生 是真的任何一天吗?是的?这么快?Do you have names for them yet? No, we#39;re not naming them. No? Good idea.你给他们取好名字了吗?没有 我们还没有取名字 还没有?好主意Yeah. Let them name themselves. It#39;s rude. Why are we named by our parents?是的 让他们自己给自己取名字 这太随性了 为什么我们的名字是由父母决定的?It is. Let them name themselves. Yeah, we#39;re not gonna be rude parents.事实上是这样的 让他们自己给自己取名字吧 是的 我们要做一对随性的父母Stephanie and I have named each other cuz we couldn#39;t figure out what we should be called.斯蒂芬妮和我互相给对方取了名字 因为我们一直搞不明白应该如何称呼对方And I suggested the funny one and the pretty one. I see.所以我提议取了一个好玩的名字和一个好听的名字 了解And I#39;m gonna be the pretty one. Cuz I love the idea of我将会是那个好听的 因为我爱死这个主意了the kids going up and being like, the funny one said we could go out and play.比如说爱搞笑的那个孩子长大了 他说我们出去玩吧Well, you tell the funny one that the pretty one said.然后你告诉他 这是漂亮的那个说的And actually, their names are, we do have names. What are they? It was Max and Finn.其实 事实上 他们有名字的 我们取好了的 是什么?马克思和费因You did name them? Yeah. Max and Finn. Yeah. Adorable. Thank you. That#39;s adorable.你取得吗?是的 马克思和费因 是的 真可爱 谢谢你 这名字很可爱Cuz I had some suggestions. But now, nevermind. We don#39;t have middle names.本来我能给你们一些建议的 现在还是算了吧 我们还没有取中间名No. Tig#39;s book is called I#39;m Just a Person. It#39;s in stores now.还是算了 Tig的这本书名是 我只是个普通人 已经可以在书店买到啦You should it. It#39;s fantastic. We#39;ll be right back.你们应该拿来读一读 这本书超赞 我们很快回来 Article/201707/516008。