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Dear Annie: 亲爱的Annie: Ive been dating ;Josh; for just over a month. 我和Josh已经约会一个多月了。We were instant friends and started off our romance slowly. 我们一下子就成了朋友,慢慢地就开始暧昧。He lives two hours away and sees me on weekends. 他住的地方离我这儿大概要两个小时,而他每周都会来看我。This past weekend, Josh told me he is falling in love and wants me to move in with him. 就在上周,Josh告诉我,他爱上我了,想让我搬去和他住。Heres the problem. 问题就出在这儿了。Last night, he said that although he loves me, he is so accustomed to being single that he isnt sure hell be able to refuse if a woman tempts him. 昨晚,他说尽管他已经爱上我了,但他已经习惯了一个人,所以并不能确定如果有人来诱惑他,他能不能抵挡的住。I was devastated. 我崩溃了。I told him everyone has to fight temptation, but he has to think Im worth it. 我告诉他每个人都必须抵制诱惑,但他要相信我是值得让他这么做的人。I dont want to stay with a man who says he loves me, but could be with someone else whenever he gets the urge. 我不想和一个整天说爱我却抵制不住别人诱惑的人在一起。Should I walk away before I am so far in that I cant leave? 在还没到不能离开他的时候我是不是应该选择离开?Im hurt, mad and surprised all at the same time. - Not Whimsical in Alabama 我既痛苦又疯狂又意外。我不是在异想天开啊。Dear Alabama: 亲爱的Alabama: Josh is telling you in advance that hes going to cheat and he thinks hes giving you a plausible excuse to accept it. Josh是在提前告诉你,他会欺骗你,而且他还为那个谎言做出了个合理的解释。Tell him its been fun, but you need a more stable, committed relationship than what he is offering. 告诉他你们在一起的时光很有趣,但你需要的是一个更稳定更充实的恋爱关系,而非他现在所提供的的这些。And, by the way, moving in after a month of dating is not ;taking it slowly.; 对了顺便说一下,在一个月的约会之后就搬到一起绝不是“慢慢来”。Its racing at light speed.这是在以光速发展。201308/250708In the Cretaceous Period, dinosaurs rarely die of old age. Predators rule. Their killers engineered for one purpose, attack. 在白垩纪时期,恐龙很少因为衰老而死。这是一个食肉动物统治的时代。而这些食物动物们的存在只为一个目的:攻击。Tyrannosaurus Rex was of ten thousand pound, self-propelled, antitank weapon. 雷克斯霸王龙体重1万英镑,行动迅速,能够攻击大型恐龙。Now, sixty five million years later, cutting-edge imaging technology lets us look deep inside their bodies to reveal just how the world’s greatest carnivores really work. Dinosaurs arm themselves with the most advanced weaponry nature has ever unleashed, tools that allow them to survive for over 100 million years. 如今,在6500万年后,高科技成像技术使我们更深入地了解这些恐龙的身体,以揭示这些世界上最大的食肉动物是怎样捕食的。恐龙们用最先进的“武器”武装自己,这些“武器”使它们存货了1亿多年。North America, 115 million years ago, reptilian creatures have evolved into killing machines. Death is everywhere, sweeping down from the air, stalking the forest, and sometimes thundering through the trees in the form of Tyrannosaurus Rex. 在北美洲,一亿一千五百万年前,爬行动物进化成了猎杀机器。到处充满死亡的气息,有的“杀手”从空中一掠而下,有的潜伏在森林中,有时,则能听见树林中雷克斯霸王龙咆哮的声音。T-Rex was the ultimate predator in the history of terrestrial animals. 雷克斯霸王龙在陆栖动物历史中是顶级捕猎者。T-Rex is one of the largest and deadliest animals ever to walk on two legs. For 2 million years, it rules the American West. Powerful and intelligent, this predator is equipped with the tools to bring down massive and well-armed prey. 雷克斯霸王龙是使用两条腿行走的动物中体型最大,也是最凶残的一类。它们统治美洲西部长达200万年。它们强壮并充满智慧,它们的身体结构使他们能够打倒大型恐龙或是身上布满盔甲的恐龙。The head, the skull of T-Rex is awesomely large. 雷克斯霸王龙的头骨十分巨大。And each tooth is an armor-crushing weapon.它的每一颗牙齿都能轻易刺穿盔甲。Tyrannosaurus Rex means tyrant lizard king. This alfa predator is 12 meters long, 5.5 meters tall and weighs 6 tons. 雷克斯霸王龙就是类蜥蜴爬行动物君王。这种顶级捕猎者身长12米,身高5.5米,体重6吨。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201402/275232

Yael:Theyre months away, and Im aly stressed out about the holidays.雅艾尔:他们已经走了几个月了,而我已经对假期感到惶恐。Two different relatives of mine have died of natural causes on Christmas Day.我的两个不同亲戚在圣诞节那天自然死亡。You think my familys cursed?你说我的家族是受到了诅咒吗?Don:If your familys cursed, Yael, then a heck of a lot of other families may be too.唐:如果你的家族被诅咒,那么很多其他家庭可能也是如此。Research indicates that more people die of natural causes during the holiday season than any other time of the year.研究表明相比其他任何时间,很多人在节假日期间会死去。Yael:Really? You think that has something to do with the harshness of winter in some places?雅艾尔:真的吗?你认为在一些地方的严冬天与这有关系吗?D:It probably does have something to do with certain side-effects of winter, such as increased respiratory problems and increased inhalation of airborne particulate matter from the more frequent use of fireplaces.唐:可能对于冬天有某些副作用,如呼吸问题及频繁使用壁炉造成可吸入的空气颗粒物增加。But thats not the whole story.但这还并不是全部。The study revealed a seasonal increase in deaths from natural causes over the winter, but also an additional increase in deaths from natural causes in the period December 25th to January 7th.研究揭示冬天死于自然原因随季节性增加,而且在12月25日到1月7日的时间段死于自然原因也是额外增加。In fact, whether were looking at natural deaths or unnatural, the most common days to die are Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, and New Years Day.事实上,不论我们看到是自然死亡还是非自然,最常见的死亡之日是圣诞节,圣诞节后的第二天及新年。Yael:Youre not easing my stress any, Don.雅艾尔:唐,你一点也没缓解我的任何压力。And my guess is that stress is the leading culprit in these holiday deaths.而我的猜测是压力是这些假日死亡主要的罪魁祸首。D:Not so fast.唐:压力不会那么快导致死亡。While stress surely has some impact, as well as overindulgence of food and alcohol, scientists think that two other culprits are most likely to have the largest impact.虽然压力肯定有一些影响,而科学家认为另外两个罪魁祸首食物和酒精的过度很可能有最大的影响。One is peoples reluctance to put down their forks and eggnog and seek medical attention when they need it.一是人们当需要的时候不愿放下刀叉和蛋酒寻求医疗救助。Two is the changes in medical staffing over the holidays.二是医疗人员在假期的更替。Staff schedules often change over the holidays, and this may result in less efficient care. 人员安排在假期经常变化,这可能导致更为低效的护理。 201310/260176

Deleveraging in America美国“去杠杆化”进程Debt calm债务削减Consumers are borrowing again, but the economy has been slow to respond虽然消费者们再次把手伸向了“信用卡”,但经济增长的回应却很慢ECONOMISTS trying to explain the feeble pace of Americas recovery regularly blame deleveraging: the multi-year process of paying off the debts accumulated before the crisis. Yet for households, at any rate, deleveraging has stopped. Mortgage debt bottomed out in the middle of last year and is now rising again. Student and car loans are rising briskly. Only home-equity and consumer loans continue to shrivel. In absolute terms, household debt is rising again (see chart). Relative to household income, it peaked at 135% in 2007, fell to 109% at the end of 2012, and has roughly stabilised around that level.那些想要解释美国经济复苏进程放缓的经济学家们,一如既往地表示该问题的罪魁祸首乃“去杠杆化”一个长年以来的过程,以偿还经济危机发生之前所积累的债务。然而对于普通民众来说,无论从何种角度来看,“去杠杆化”已成过去。抵押信贷规模在去年中期触底反弹,而今年则再次呈现出增长的态势。学生贷款和车辆贷款量迅速上升。而只有房屋抵押贷款和消费信贷仍保持“萎靡不振”。如果按绝对量来计算,美国家庭信贷负担再次处于上升阶段。相对于家庭收入水平而言,2007年上述绝对量的指标为现有的135%,而到了2012年末则跌至现有的109%,并随即粗略地稳定在该水平。Banks, after years spent rebuilding capital and appeasing regulators, are ramping up lending. Total bank credit grew at a 7.5% annual rate in the second quarter, the fastest since 2007, with growth in most categories of loans. “There are lots of people out there, lots of banks out there with a lot of liquidity, competing for loans,” the chief financial officer of Wells Fargo, one of the countrys biggest lenders, recently told analysts. Competition to lend to car buyers has become so fierce that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a regulator, has warned of deteriorating standards, with loans routinely exceeding 100% of the cars value.多年来,一直都在重新积累资本,都在对市场监管者进行安抚工作,而现在则开始扩大自己的信贷业务规模。在本年第二个季度里,总放贷量录得7.5%的提升,且大部分资金级别的贷款业务均得到了增长,而这是自2007年以来的单季最高增长速度。富国的CFO近日向分析师透露:“现在不仅有着大量需要贷款的人,同时也有大批具有充足流动性并且能够提供贷款的存在,后者要通过竞争来抢夺客户。”目前,汽车贷款市场的竞争已经十分激烈,作为监管者的美国货币监理署正警告着信贷机构,要他们留意日益下降的放贷审核标准,因为汽车贷款的规模已经一如既往地突破了车辆销售总额。That borrowing is on the rise again should come as no surprise. Two studies, one by two economists, Carmen and Vincent Reinhart, and one by the McKinsey Global Institute, a think-tank within a consultancy, both found that prior episodes of post-crisis deleveraging lasted six to seven years on average—just like the present one.信贷总量的再次攀升并不应该让人感到惊讶。一份由两位经济学家Carmen和Vincent Reinhart完成的报告,以及另一份由麦肯锡公司内部的智库麦肯锡全球研究所所完成的报告,两份资料都发现了在上一次的“后经济危机时期”当中,“去杠杆化”的债务削减总体来说持续了六到七年,正如此次经济危机所发生的一样。In theory, deleveraging should end when debts are at a sustainable level, but that is difficult to measure. A recent working paper by three economists at the European Central Bank points out that the debt consumers can bear varies with interest rates, house prices, the rate of home-ownership, the share of the population aged 35-54, the deposit first-time house-buyers are required to make and the foreclosure rate. American debt exceeded the “equilibrium” level by some 25% of household income at the start of the recovery. Since then an improvement in many of these variables has raised the equilibrium even as debt has fallen, bringing the two into line.理论上来说,债务削减应该在负担的债务本身能够持续周转为基准,在该标准下停止进行,但这是很难衡量的一件事。一份由三位欧洲中央的经济学家所完成的工作报告中指出,消费者们能够负担的债务各自不同,而影响该结果的因素包含了利率、房屋价格、住房拥有率、35岁至54岁人口的比例、购房首期款的付率和房屋赎回率等等。美国人们的债务规模超过了“均衡”收入水平,在经济复苏的初期负债总量超过了全国人民总收入的25%。从那时开始,上述影响信贷的因素都在逐渐向好的一面发展,而随着债务水平的下降,收入与贷款的平衡也开始逐渐恢复。The end of deleveraging has not stoked the economy as much as many hoped. In the first quarter of the year the economy shrank by 2.1% on an annualised basis. But there may just be a lag: growth is the second quarter was a much perkier 4%. Goldman Sachs projects that debt will rise faster than income over the next few years, keeping growth above 3%.信贷削减的终结并没有像许多人所期待的那样给经济体打下强心针。在本年的第一季度里,经济总量下降的幅度约为年化2.1%。但这也许只是发生了滞后的现象:第二季度的经济增长态势比前面一个季度要好得多,达到了4%。高盛集团(Goldman Sachs)预计债务总量将会在未来几年里取得比收入增长更高的增速,将保持在3%以上。However, Richard Dobbs of McKinsey points out that although consumers are no longer cutting back, the public sector is only just beginning to tighten its belt and businesses never stopped adding to their debts. He reckons overall deleveraging, including firms and government, could go on for another four or five years.然而,麦肯锡公司的Richard Dobbs表示,虽然消费者们不再省吃俭用地过日子,但社会公共部门的财政紧缩计划只是刚开始,而企业们也不会停止增加自身的负债。他认为,包括公司和政府在内的机构,都会在未来的四年或者五年内保持“去杠杠化”的状态。 /201408/318728

Science and technology科学技术Sleep and the phases of the Moon睡眠与月相Lunacy? 精神失常?People do not sleep easy on nights when there is a full Moon月圆之夜,不能安眠IT SOUNDS like an idea dreamed up over a few beers in the pub one evening.这听起来就像某晚在酒吧喝了几杯啤酒后的胡说八道。And that, those involved freely admit, is exactly what it was.提出这个观点的人也坦诚的这电子的确就是这么来的。As Christian Cajochen and his colleagues put it in their paper on the matter in Current Biology, We just thought of it after a drink in a local bar one evening at full Moon.他的同事和Christian Cajochen将有关睡眠与月相研究的论文放到了《当代生物学》上,我们就是月圆的那晚在附近一个酒吧喝了几杯才想到的。It was a way of testing the persistent but unproven idea that the full Moon affects human behaviour, generally for the worse.这是个未经实的测试持久性的方法,满月会影响人的行为,总的来说,它将恶化你的行为。In prescientific days this was expressed in terms like moonstruck and lunatic.现代科学出现以前,这种情况被称作月色撩人或者痴狂。And it found even more sinister manifestation in the form of the lycanthrope, who did not sleep when the Moon was full,研究发现,甚至还有更多像狼人一样的凶神恶煞,他们在月圆之夜化成狼的样子,but turned into a wolf instead.而不是像往常一般睡去。Though few now believe in werewolves some modern thinkers still suspect the Moons phase affects sleep patterns,尽管如今已经很少人相信狼人的存在,但一些当代思想家仍怀疑月相会影响睡眠模式,and on that particular moonlit night Dr Cajochen and his buddies realised they aly had the data needed to find out.而且就在这个不同寻常的月夜Cajochen士和同僚们才意识到,他们早已掌握了本想挖掘的数据。Those data came from a study on body clocks and sleep patterns they had conducted a decade earlier at the Centre for Chronobiology at the University of Basel,where they work.这些数据来自10年前他们所在的瑞士巴塞尔大学时间生物学中心,一个关于生物钟与睡眠研究。Between 2000 and 2003 they had looked at the effect of the daily body clock on the sleep patterns of 33 volunteers.那次试验在2000至2003年间曾观察过33名志愿者在日常生物钟下的睡眠模式。The protocol they had used was perfect.研究所使用的方法无懈可击。Volunteers were shut away from daylight for days at a time, so their sleep patterns could not be affected by the illumination a full Moon brings.研究期间,志愿者都与日光隔绝,所以观察对象就不会对满月的月光产生反映。And it was also the ultimate in double-blind experiments.这也是一个终极双盲试验。Neither the participants nor the organisers could possibly have been biased by knowing the experiment was intended to look at the effect of the full Moon, since at the time it was conducted it wasnt.志愿者和组织者都不可能因知道此次研究是针对满月带来的效应而出现偏差,当时实验结果没有说明两者之间有关联。A few days number-crunching gave Dr Cajochen and his team what they were looking for.经过几天的计算后,Cajochen士小组得到了他们想要的数据。And the answer was yes, the phase of the Moon does affect human sleep patterns, even when the human involved cannot possibly see the Moon.并得到了肯定的,月相的确影响着人们的睡眠,即使参加研究的志愿者不能看到月亮。Electroencephalography showed that the volunteers slept, on average, 20 minutes less around the time of the full Moon.脑电波图显示了他们的睡眠脑电图,平均来说,将近月圆或者刚过满月那几天,人们睡得比平常少20分钟。It also took them five minutes longer to get to sleep, their delta activity was 30% lower than at other times, their level of melatonin, a sleep-related hormone, was reduced, and they reported, subjectively, that they had not slept as well as usual.而且入睡时间也比平时多需要5分钟,他们的是平日幅度的30%。他们体内的一种与睡眠相关的黑色素荷尔蒙减少,而且研究对象也主观地反映他们不像平常那样睡得香脑波幅度。Nor was any of this connected, in female volunteers, with their menstrual cycles.而女性志愿者的试验数据显示,她们的生理周期与这些睡眠时间和激素水平中的任何一个都没有关系。Lest any astrologer ing this result get cocky, Dr Cajochen does not believe that what he has found is directly influenced by the Moon through, say, some tidal effect.以免有些占星师洋洋得意,Cajochen士认为,他所得出的规律并不是由月亮通过某种潮汐导致的。What he thinks he has discovered is an additional hand on the bodys clock-face.他认为这些研究结果只是往生物钟表盘上多加了一个指针。Besides the well-known endogenous daily cycle which the experiment originally studied, there is also an endogenous monthly cycle entrained to the Moon by unconscious observation over a long period of the light from the heavenly bodies concerned.除众所周知的自身的日循环外,这也是研究最初的目的,身体还有一个受到月亮调控的内在月循环,这是长期以来在对天体不经意的观察中得到的启示。Lunar cycles exist in other species so this is not, as it were, a lunatic idea.月亮运转周期对其他物种也影响,这并不是异想天开。But those species that have been studied are animals like marine iguanas, for whom knowing the tides is important.被研究的动物对象包括海蜥蜴,潮汐对它来说非常重要。What use an ingrained lunar calendar is to a human being remains to be determined.什么使阴历扎根于人类社会当中仍是一个迷。Perhaps sleeping lightly on moonlit nights was a defence mechanism against predators. Wolves, for example.也许在月光明亮的夜晚浅睡是对狼人等肉食动物的防御机制。 /201308/251892

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