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After decades living in the shadow of the West Coast’s more numerous and wealthier geeks, 2013 was the year New York City’s tech start-up community really found its swagger.几十年来一直笼罩在数量更庞大、财力也更雄厚的西海岸“极客”们的阴影下,2013年纽约市科技创业群体才真正扬眉吐气了一把。Backing from City Hall and the metropolis’s first billion-dollar deal – Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr – built on several years of momentum to create a start-up community that is hoping to make up for what it lacks in deep technical capability with cultural and industrial diversity.近些年来,纽约初创企业领域渐成气候,这个领域希望凭借文化和产业多样性,弥补自身在尖端技术能力方面的缺陷。正是在这股发展势头的基础上,初创企业得到了纽约市政厅的持,而纽约市也成就了首笔规模在十亿美元以上的科技企业收购交易,也就是雅虎(Yahoo)收购Tumblr。Some Silicon Valley luminaries are aly starting to see New York as a better place to build tech start-ups – among other local perks. Sean Parker, the Napster founder and first president of Facebook, railed against Silicon Valley’s “echo chamber” when he hosted the Founders Forum event for entrepreneurs in New York this October.纽约除了原有的许多优势之外,一些硅谷名流已开始将纽约视为创建科技企业的更佳场所。Napster创始人、Facebook首任总裁肖恩#8226;帕克(Sean Parker)去年10月在纽约主持“创始人论坛”(Founders Forum)活动时,向与会企业家们抱怨起了硅谷的“回音室”现象。“New York feels more normal to me. Silicon Valley feels totally in the clouds,” he said. “There is something so all-consuming about the tech world in San Francisco and it’s inescapable#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;If you are building a consumer internet company in particular, you need to have a people-centric perspective.”“我觉得纽约更正常一点。硅谷让人感觉完全是在云端,”他表示,“旧金山科技界有一种让人耗尽心神的东西,而且无法逃避……特别是,如果你要创建一家消费互联网公司,你需要具备以人为中心的视角。”Technical capabilities are not Mr Parker’s only concern.技术能力并非帕克唯一在意的因素。“Your engineers here have less sexual frustration [in New York]. It’s a major point – they are happier people,” he said to nervous laughs from the assembled entrepreneurs. “In New York engineers go out and get laid and have fun.”“你们这里(指纽约)的工程师会少一些性压抑。这很重要,他们更快乐。”与会企业家们爆发出了不太自然的笑声,他接着说道,“在纽约,工程师们会出门、上床、找乐子。”While Silicon Valley retains a dominant share of US tech deals, New York’s has been growing steadily (see chart), even though most of that funding was for early stage companies, suggesting the community will take some time to build real scale.尽管硅谷在美国科技领域的交易中仍占领先份额,但纽约的占比一直在稳步上升(见图表),不过多数融资都针对初创企业,这意味着,纽约科技企业群体要真正具备规模还需要一段时间。“While still smaller than Silicon Valley, New York looks to be the only market with enough momentum to eventually (in the medium to long term) overtake Silicon Valley as a venture capital hub,” say analysts at CB Insights, a research consultancy.研究咨询机构CB Insights的分析师们表示:“尽管规模仍不及硅谷,但纽约看起来是唯一一个具备足够动能,最终(在中长期内)成为超越硅谷的风险资本中心的市场。”Rather than trying to out-geek Silicon Valley, New York entrepreneurs and investors say it can succeed as a tech hub because it sits alongside so many other sizeable industries, from finance and real estate to fashion and media, rather than just tech.纽约企业家和投资者表示,纽约不是要在技术上超越硅谷,而是有望成功发展为一个科技中心,因为它坐拥众多其他规模可观的产业,从金融和房地产到时装和媒体,而非仅仅是科技。After completing the Y Combinator accelerator programme in Silicon Valley in 2011, the founders of Codecademy, a site that teaches computer programming, moved back to New York.2011年在硅谷参加完Y Combinator创业孵化器项目后,Codecademy网站的创始人们回到了纽约,该网站教授电脑编程技能。“One of the primary considerations was that we aren’t designing a product for people in San Francisco,” says Zach Sims, chief executive of Codecademy, which now has 22 staff in New York. “As we try to build a product for a mainstream audience, it helps to be around mainstream people. Being surrounded with people from other industries allowed us to test our product.”“我们主要考虑的一个问题是,我们不是为旧金山人设计产品的,”Codecademy首席执行官扎克#8226;西姆斯(Zach Sims)表示,“我们正努力为主流用户设计产品,因此生活在主流人群中是有帮助的。周围其他行业的人们让我们可以测试我们的产品。”该公司目前在纽约有22名员工。However, more of the traffic still goes the other way. The creators of photo app Frontback, backed by prominent New York investor Betaworks, moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco this autumn, for example, because its founders felt it was more likely to have longer-term success there.然而,目前仍然以反方向的迁移为多。例如,去年秋季,图片应用Frontback的创建者们从纽约的布鲁克林迁往旧金山,因为该公司的创始人们认为,在旧金山他们更有可能取得长远的成功。该公司得到了纽约知名投资者Betaworks的持。While Tumblr has remained in New York after its takeover, Yahoo’s buyout of the blogging site suggests that, like many up-and-coming start-up communities, the biggest “successes” are acquired by Silicon Valley giants rather than breaking out on their own.尽管客网站Tumblr在被雅虎收购后仍留在纽约,但这一收购表明,与很多积极进取的初创企业群体一样,最大的成功由硅谷巨擘斩获,而不是依靠自己突破。Some say that could change next year, with some online retailers such as Etsy, a marketplace for craft or handmade goods, and Rent the Runway, a members’ site that rents out designer dresses, tipped as potential IPO candidates.一些人表示,今年情况可能会出现变化,出售手工艺品的Etsy和出租设计师装的会员网站Rent the Runway等一些在线零售商被认为有可能启动IPO。But other one-time darlings of New York’s online retail market have struggled to maintain momentum. Fab.com, which sells designer homewares, and Gilt Groupe, a luxury goods vendor, both suffered from consumer fatigue of Groupon-style flash sales sites, leading to staff cuts and management changes in the past six months.然而,纽约在线零售市场上其他曾经的宠儿却难以保持增长势头。销售设计师家居用品的Fab.com和奢侈品销售商Gilt Groupe都遭遇了消费者对Groupon风格的限时特惠网站的厌倦,这导致两家公司在过去6个月均出现裁员和管理层变动。New York may have more sex appeal than the “monoculture” of Silicon Valley, but despite the recent progress of its tech community, Silicon Valley’s focus still seems to trump New York’s diversity when it comes to creating a sustained stream of local successes.相对于硅谷的“单一文化”,纽约可能洋溢着更多性吸引力,然而,尽管纽约科技界近年来取得了一些进步,但在打造源源不断的本地成功案例方面,硅谷的专注似乎仍胜过纽约的多样性。 /201401/272917

Apple’s new mobile payments service has been blocked by US stores including CVS and Rite Aid that have signed up to a rival wallet app, setting the stage for a showdown between the technology giant and some of the largest US retailers.苹果(Apple)新推出的移动付务已被CVS和Rite Aid等商店禁用,这些商店已经订立合约使用其他钱包应用,至此,美国一些大型零售商与科技巨人苹果已做好了一决胜负的准备。The two pharmacy chains are part of a consortium called the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which includes Walmart and Best Buy, the electronics retailer, that plans to introduce an alternative mobile payments system called CurrentC in the coming months.这两家药店连锁店加入了Merchant Customer Exchange(MCX)联盟,该联盟打算在未来几个月内引入CurrentC移动付系统。联盟成员包括沃尔玛(Walmart)和电器零售商百思买(Best Buy)。“Given that we are still in the process of evaluating our mobile payment options, Rite Aid does not currently accept Apple Pay,” the company said. “We are continually evaluating various forms of mobile payment technologies, and are committed to offering convenient, reliable and secure payment methods that meet the needs of our customers.”“鉴于我们仍在评估移动付可选方案, Rite Aid目前不会接受Apple Pay,”Rite Aid称。“我们正继续评估不同形式的移动付技术,致力于提供满足客户需求的便利、可靠和安全的付方式。”CVS said its stores “cannot accept Apple Pay or other mobile payments that use NFC technology. We are in the process of evaluating mobile payment options for our customers.”CVS表示,其商店“不接受Apple Pay等采用近场通讯(NFC)技术的移动付方式。我们正替客户评估不同的移动付可选方案。”An Apple representative said that “one big advantage” was that the service used standard NFC technology, ensuring widesp compatibility.一名苹果代表说,Apple Pay的“一个重大优势”是该务使用了能确保广泛兼容性的标准NFC技术。Apple has said that more than 220,000 stores in the US would accept its payment service, including many that are not listed among its launch partners, such as Walgreens, Foot Locker and Macy’s.苹果表示,美国逾22万家商店将接受其付务,包括Walgreens、Foot Locker和Macy’s等不属于其初始合作伙伴的商店。Gerry Granovsky, payments analyst at Moody’s, said the move by CVS and Rite Aid was a sign that the mobile wallet industry was “getting closer to the finality of the battle lines being drawn”, after previous efforts from mobile operators, Google and PayPal.穆迪(Moody’s)付业务分析师格里#8226;格拉诺夫斯基(Gerry Granovsky)表示,CVS和Rite Aid的做法表明,在移动运营商、谷歌(Google)和贝宝(PayPal)的先期努力之后,移动钱包行业“正在接近划定最终战线的时刻”。“When [CurrentC] launches we think that#39;s probably the last entry into the field – that will really start the battle,” he said.他说:“当(CurrentC)启动时,我们认为那可能是进入该领域的最后一款务,那时战斗将会真正打响。”Turning off support for Apple Pay also means that other contactless payment services, including Google Wallet, can no longer function.关掉对Apple Pay的付,也意味着谷歌钱包(Google Wallet)等非接触式付务将不能再运行。Mr Granovsky said the decision could harm companies on all sides of the market, by frustrating iPhone owners and making them go back to using plastic credit cards, while also running the risk of angering the relatively small number of early-adopters of the new technology.格拉诺夫斯基说,禁用Apple Pay的决定可能伤害市场各方的利益——打消iPhone用户的积极性,迫使他们回去使用塑料信用卡,同时也可能令这一新技术的少量早期接受者感到愤怒。 /201410/339269A Chinese regulator has given Microsoft Corp 20 days to reply to its concerns about the antitrust implications of its marketing of its Windows and Office software.中国政府认为微软(Microsoft)在Windows和Office软件营销方面有垄断之嫌,并且给了该公司20天时间进行解释。The State Administration for Industry and Commerce said in a short statement on its website that it questioned Microsoft’s senior director for strategic sourcing David Chen and would expect a written reply from the company within 20 days.国家工商总局在其网站上发布简短公告称,该局已向微软负责战略采购事务的副总裁陈实发出质询,后者应在20天内作出书面答复。SAIC also repeated that it suspected the company has not fully disclosed issues relating to the compatibility of the software and the operating system, according to Reuters.路透社(Reuters)报道,工商总局同时重申,该局怀疑微软并未充分披露与Office和Windows兼容性有关的问题。Microsoft said in a statement of its own that it was “serious about complying with China’s laws and committed to addressing SAIC’s questions and concerns.”微软发表声明称,公司“始终承诺严格遵守中国相关法律,并严肃对待中国国家工商总局提出的相关问题,严谨解答相关疑虑”Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella is expected to visit China later September, although there are no precise details of that trip yet.微软首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉预计将在本月晚些时候访华,只是他的具体行程尚未透露。Microsoft is only one of a number of international companies to feel the force of a multi-fronted Chinese clampdown on perceived price-gouging in recent weeks. Another regulator, the National Development and Reform commission, is looking into suspected price-rigging by chipmaker Qualcomm Inc QCOM 0.24% , while international carmakers have been hit with a flurry of fines for rigging prices for spare parts and after-sales services.近几周,中国政府认为多家跨国公司的产品在华售价过高,因而多管齐下予以整顿,微软只是其中的一个。与此同时,国家发改委正在调查芯片制造商高通(Qualcomm)是否在操纵产品价格。而几家跨国汽车厂商已经因为操纵备件和售后务价格收到了一连串罚单。The crackdown has happened concurrent with a drop in foreign direct investment into China, which some analysts have blamed on the authorities’ clampdown. Others, however, see it as driven more by the slowdown in economic growth as the country tries to re-orient its economy more toward the domestic consumer and away from heavy industry and exports, as well as by political tensions over territorial dispute with Asian neighbors, who are large inward investors.就在中国政府采取上述措施的同时,外商直接对华投资出现了下降,有些分析师将此归结为政府对这些公司的整顿。不过,其他分析师认为这更多地是因为中国正在进行经济转型,将经济重心从重工业和出口转向居民消费,进而造成经济增速下降;另一个原因是中国和亚洲邻国的领土争端使得政治局势紧张,而这些国家有大量对华投资。Over the first seven months of the year, FDI into was down 0.4% from the same period in 2013, and FDI from the U.S. in particular was down %. Overall, July’s figure of .8 billion was the lowest monthly figure in two years.今年1-7月,中国的外商直接投资比上年同期下降了0.4%,来自美国的外商直接投资降幅特别大,按美元计算减少了17%。7月份外商直接投资为78亿美元,是两年来的最低点。 /201409/326521

Apple Inc. invited the media to a product announcement Sept. 12 at which it is widely expected to announce a new iPhone. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)邀请媒体参加9月12日举行的一个产品发布会。外界普遍预计苹果将在发布会上宣布推出新一代iPhone。 Several media outlets had aly reported on the date of the event, which coincides with when Apple typically introduces a new version of its flagship device.数家媒体机构已经报道了这次活动的日期。活动日期恰好与苹果通常推出新款旗舰设备的时间吻合。 The email invitation had a few subtle hints. It #39;It#39;s almost here#39; on a white background with a big number 12 that casts a shadow of the number five. That#39;s likely an allusion to the probability that the device, which follows the iPhone 4S, will be called the iPhone 5. 电子邮件邀请函中还有一些微妙的暗示。在邀请函中,白色的背景下写着“即将推出”,并且大大的数字“12”的阴影下有一个数字“5”。这可能暗示继iPhone 4S之后推出的这款产品可能将被称为“iPhone 5”。 Apple faces pressure for the device to be a hit. The iPhone is the main driver of the company#39;s business, and corporate results rise and fall based on the iPhone#39;s sales. Apple chalked up disappointing iPhone sales last quarter, in part because potential customers were holding out for a new device, an indication of how critical product launches are for the company. 苹果面临着必须使这款设备成为热卖产品的压力。iPhone是该公司业务的主要推动力,公司业绩的好坏也取决于iPhone的销售情况。苹果上个季度的iPhone销量令人失望,部分原因在于潜在客户都在等待苹果推出新产品时再出手,这暗示出新产品发布对苹果来说有多重要。 At the same time, a slew of new smartphones from Samsung Electronics Co. and others have recently hit the market and garnered strong reviews. In the second quarter, Android smartphones accounted for 68% of global smartphone shipments, compared with just 17% for the iPhone, according to IDC. 与此同时,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)等公司最近推出了一系列新款智能手机并获得了好评。据国际数据公司(IDC)的数据显示,今年二季度,安卓(Android)智能手机在全球智能手机发货量中所占比重为68%,iPhone只有17%。 Expectations about the new device have helped drive Apple#39;s stock price to record levels. 外界对苹果新设备的期待助推苹果股价屡创历史新高。 The new iPhone is expected to have a slightly larger screen but look fairly similar to the current model, the 4S, which is roughly a year old, according to people familiar with the matter. It will also run the latest version of Apple#39;s mobile software, which developers have been testing. It features a new mapping application and updates to Apple#39;s virtual assistant Siri, among other things. 据知情人士透露,预计新一代iPhone将有一个稍大一些的屏幕,但看起来与已经推出了约一年的iPhone 4S很相似。它还将搭载苹果最新版移动软件,开发者一直在对这款软件进行测试。另外,它还将有一个新的地图应用程序以及苹果语音助手Siri的升级版。 Apple said the Sept. 12 event will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. 苹果说,9月12日的活动将在旧金山芳草地艺术中心(Yerba Buena Center for the Arts)举行,开始时间为美国西部时间上午10点。 /201209/198339

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