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福州妇保医院治子宫粘连要多少钱福州博爱中医院如何福建人工授精哪里好 To the upbeat strains of “Song of Bumper Crop farmers in South Hwanghae province this month performed dances to celebrate improving conditions in the North Korean countryside, “now turning into a good place to live and work thanks to... leadership of the Workersparty伴随着《丰收之歌》的欢快节奏,黄海南South Hwanghae)的农民们上月用舞蹈表演歌颂朝鲜农村的条件不断改善,“如今这里变成一个生活和工作的好地方,多亏了……劳动党的领导”。The festivities, as reported by the state news agency, were in keeping with the public agenda of supreme leader Kim Jong Un. During nearly four years in power he has emphasised economic progress, vowing that his people will never have to tighten their belts again, and has overseen agricultural policy reforms that prompted hopeful comparisons with Deng Xiaoping’s early experiments in China.官方通讯社所报道的这些喜庆活动,与朝鲜最高领袖金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的公开议程一致。执政近4年来,他强调经济发展,誓言让朝鲜民众永远不再勒紧裤腰带,并推行农业政策改革。这些措施促使人们将之与邓小平当年在中国开启的实验相提并论,令人心生希望。But the dancing party came at the outset of what looks set to be the worst harvest of Mr Kim’s reign, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, which is forecasting a 12 per cent year-on-year fall in rice production, with a 30 per cent decline in the smaller wheat and barley crops. “Kim Jong Un has had good harvests so far,says one South Korean official. “This will be the first time he is squeezed.”但是,就在农民们载歌载舞之际,朝鲜似乎将迎来金正恩掌权期间收成最糟糕的秋收。据联合国粮农组FAO)预测,朝鲜大米产量将同比下滑12%,较小作物小麦和大麦的产量将减少30%。“金正恩执政这几年收成一直不错,”一名韩国官员称,“这将是他第一次受到压力。”Severe drought followed by flooding has caused havoc in North Korea’s agricultural system this year, underscoring the continuing lack of food security, with the state cutting rations this summer to less than half the level needed for basic nutrition. The grim outlook has tempered optimism about the impact of agricultural reforms in recent years, as described to UN agencies by North Korean officials.今年接连遭遇的严重旱灾和洪水,对朝鲜的农业系统造成严重破坏,凸显该国持续缺乏粮食安全的现实,政府今年夏天将粮食配给下调至不足维持基本营养所需摄入量的一半以下。朝鲜官员向联合国机构介绍称,黯淡的前景挫伤了人们对近年农业改革效果的乐观态度。In June 2012, six months after Mr Kim took power, the state promulgated guidelines allowing smaller work teams on farms of as few as 10 people. Two years later, new guidelines declared that teams could now be as small as two households, and that they would be allowed to work the same plot for years at a time. Crucially, these changes have been combined with re allowing teams to keep up to 70 per cent of what they produce instead of handing it to the state.2012月,即金正恩上台6个月后,朝鲜公布了指导方针——允许农场组建只0人的生产小组。两年后,新的指导方针宣布,生产小组可由仅仅两个家庭组成,而且他们将被允许在同一块地连续耕作数年。关键是,这些改变伴随着允许生产小组保留至多70%收成(而不是上缴国家)的改革措斀?State media did not announce the changes but have referred to them. “The advantage of the ‘field responsibilitysystem is that the workforce at each farm regards a small plot as their own,Ji Myong Su, head of agriculture management research at Pyongyang’s Academy of Agricultural Science, told the state Tongil Sinbo newspaper in June. The speed of grain planting had doubled at the farms where the new system had been implemented, involving some teams as small as four people, he added.官方媒体并未宣布这些变化,但提到了相关做法。“‘土地责任制’的优势是每个农场的劳动力都把小农田当成自己的土地,”平壤农业科学研究院农业管理研究负责人纪明洙(Ji Myong Su) 6月向官媒《统一新报Tongil Sinbo)表示。他补充称,在实施新制度的农场中(包含一人小组),栽种谷物的速度加快了一倍。Another change in 2014 was a dramatic increase in the maximum permitted size of “kitchen gardens from 100 to 3,300 square metres, which will encourage more private food production, says Cristina Coslet, an FAO official for east Asia. “I could see the difference between the fields and kitchen gardens [during a 2012 visit] they look after [the latter] carefully and water them.014年的另一个变化是允许家庭菜园的面积上限戏剧性扩大,00平米扩大300平米。联合国粮农组织负责东亚的官员克里斯蒂娜科斯利特(Cristina Coslet)称,这将鼓励更多个人生产食物。“(2012年访问朝鲜期间)我可以看出农田和家庭菜园的区别——他们小心地照料着(家庭菜园),不忘记浇水。”Testimony from defectors and visitors to North Korea suggests that the reforms have been implemented in most agricultural communities but with wide differences between regions, says Kwon Tae-jin, head of North Korea research at Seoul’s GS amp; J Institute.首尔农业智库——GS amp; J研究所朝鲜研究主管权泰Kwon Tae-jin)称,叛逃者以及访问过朝鲜的人士的言似乎表明,大多数农业社区都落实了这些改革,但是不同地区之间存在较大差别。The changes are part of a long-term expansion of market dynamics in this supposedly planned economy since the famine of the mid-1990s, precipitated by years of under-investment in food production and the abrupt withdrawal of Soviet aid. The public food distribution system broke down, resulting in the starvation of hundreds of thousands, and forcing the survivors to turn to informal markets .上世0年代中期,朝鲜在粮食生产多年投资不足和前苏联突然切断援助的共同作用下发生饥荒,之后朝鲜开始在其号称的计划经济中推行扩大市场活力的长期举措,金正恩推行的改革是这项长期努力的一部分。饥荒期间,公共粮食分配系统瘫痪,导致数十万人饿死,幸存者不得不求助于黑市。Even now, 70 per cent of North Koreans rely primarily on the public distribution system for food, the FAO estimates. But provision can be sporadic, and even the officially declared rations are well below the government’s nominal daily target of 573g of cereal equivalent per person: enough to provide the 2,000 calories widely seen as a minimum for good health. After bad rainfall hit this year’s spring harvest, the government cut the daily personal ration to just 250g.联合国粮农组织估计,即使是现在,朝鲜70%的人口仍然主要依赖公共分配系统获得食物。但是,食物供应得不到保障,就连官方公布的配给标准也远低于朝鲜政府规定的每日每人573克口粮的名义目标——被广泛认为是足够提000卡路里以维持健康的最低摄入量。降雨偏少影响今年春收后,朝鲜政府将每日每人配给标准削减至仅50克。The latest cuts, by far the most severe since Mr Kim took power, are set to compound a dire situation in much of the rest of the country. A 2012 UN survey found that more than a quarter of North Korean children under 5 had moderate or severe chronic malnutrition.此次配给下调绝对是自金正恩执政以来最严峻的,预计将加剧朝鲜大片地区的糟糕境况012年一项联合国调查发现,朝岁以下儿童中,四分之一以上存在中度或重度长期营养不良。Even so, the reforms have provided a significant boost to productivity and helped mitigate the impact of this year’s drought, argues Andrei Lankov, a professor at Seoul’s Kookmin University, noting that the 2013 harvest was the biggest for 25 years.首尔国民大学(Kookmin University)教授安德烈瀠科Andrei Lankov)认为,尽管如此,农业改革对生产率起到了显著提振效果,有助于缓和今年旱灾的影响。他指出2013年是朝鲜25年来收成最好的一年。Yet by encouraging farmers to retain and sell their produce the government is continuing its dance with powerful market mechanisms that threaten to erode its authority, he says.不过,兰科夫称,通过鼓励农民保留并销售自己种植的农产品,朝鲜政府正在继续与强大的市场机制周旋,后者可能会侵蚀其权威。来 /201510/403307福州市输卵管通液专业医院

南平去那里治疗弱精Shinzo Abe’s attempts to push forward security reforms may have suffered a setback after MPs from his ruling party demanded changes to a crucial defence white paper, according to people close to the matter.据知情人士称,安倍晋Shinzo Abe)推动安全改革的努力可能遭遇了一次挫折,他所在的执政党的国会议员要求修改一份至关重要的国防白皮书。The proposed changes are understood to centre on the strategic threat posed to Japan by China, with Liberal Democratic party MPs insisting the document include more images showing its neighbour’s island-building spree in disputed South China Sea waters a project dubbed the “Great Wall of Sandby US military leaders.据悉,所提出的修改意见聚焦于中国对日本构成的战略威胁,自民党(Liberal Democratic party)议员坚称,这份白皮书应包括更多显示中国在南中国海争议海域大举填海造岛的图片,美国军队领导人将中国的这一计划称为“沙子长城”。The setback is a blow to Mr Abe, prime minister, who is facing a growing public backlash against his security reform policies.这一挫折是对安倍晋三的一次打击,他正面临公众对其安全改革政策日益增多的反对。Analysts have linked the recent decline in his approval ratings to his personal zeal for reforming the country’s pacifist constitution, crafted in the wake of its second world war defeat.分析人士将最近安倍晋三持率下滑与他个人对改革日本和平宪法的热情联系在一起,该宪法是日本在二战战败后制定的。Particularly controversial has been Mr Abe’s push for new laws that would allow Japan to engage in collective self-defence with its allies.尤其具有争议的是,安倍晋三试图推动新的法律,允许日本参加与盟国的集体自卫。The spat illustrates underlying tensions in the ruling LDP, with MrAbe facing an increasingly unpredictable political environment as he attempts to propel the country through constitutional change, according to Takao Toshikawa, a political analyst.政治分析人士岁川隆雄(Takao Toshikawa)表示,这种争执表明执政党自民党内部潜在的紧张关系,同时随着安倍努力推动日本修改宪法,他正面临日益不可预测的政治环境。Successive defence white papers used in Japan to inform and guide policy have become ever more plain in identifying China as the country’s hypothetical military enemy.日本这些年的国防白皮书日益直白地将中国当作假想的军事对手。日本利用国防白皮书来披露和指引政策。来 /201507/384976福州接通输卵管哪家最好 Israeli authorities reported a Palestinian stabbing attack Monday near a market in central Jerusalem, a day after a series of incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.以色列当局说,星期一在耶路撒冷中部的一个集市发生巴勒斯坦人持刀行凶事件。一天前,约旦河西岸以色列控制区发生了一系列袭击事件。Police said Mondays attack involved two women with scissors stabbing a man before they were shot by a police officer.警方说,在周一的袭击中,两名妇女用剪刀袭击一名男子后被警察击毙。On Sunday, the military said a Palestinian stabbed a 21-year-old woman multiple times in the head and chest before nearby soldiers shot him dead.军方说,星期天,一名巴勒斯坦人持刀多次捅向一1岁女子的头部和胸部,后来被附近的士兵开击毙。In an earlier attack, the military said a woman pulled out a knife at a military base entrance and began approaching civilians. A local West Bank settler said he veered his vehicle off the road and struck the woman. A soldier then fired at her and killed her.以色列军方说,在先前发生的一起袭击事件中,一名妇女在一个军事基地的入口处拔出匕首刺向平民。约旦河西岸的一位定居者说,他把车开离道路撞向这位妇女。之后,一个士兵开将这名妇女击毙。The eight week surge in street violence has challenged Israels security system and alarmed the ed States, whose Secretary of State John Kerry is due to visit the region this week.连续八周街头暴力的不断升级,不仅给以色列的安全系统构成挑战,同时也引发美国关注。克里国务卿定于本周访问这个地区。来 /201511/411634三明市治疗早泄专科医院

南平婚检医院排名“I am not a crook.Richard Nixon resigned as president of the US 40 years ago this week, and of all the things he said in his political career this e is the one that lives on. He did also popularise the phrase “the silent majority although it is seldom attributed to him.“我不是骗子。0年前的这一周,理查#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)辞任美国总统,他在政治生涯发表的所有言论中,这一句流传下来。他也让“沉默的大多数”这个短语广为人知,不过人们很少提到这是他说的。To state the obvious: we remember the first e because it seems to us in hindsight to have been so audacious a lie. It takes its place with “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky(another US president, Bill Clinton) and the promise to “cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play by a man jailed after admitting perjury and perverting the course of justice (Nixon biographer Jonathan Aitken).说一句显而易见的话:我们之所以记住前面那一句,是因为事后看来,那是一句如此大胆的谎言。可以跟这句话媲美的还有,“我没跟那个女人、莱温斯Lewinsky)女士发生性关系”(出自另一位美国前总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)),和承诺“以简单的真理之剑和英国式公平竞争的信任之盾,切除腐败扭曲的新闻业之癌”,说这话的人在承认伪罪和妨碍司法公正罪之后被投入监狱,他就是尼克松传记的作者乔纳森#8226;艾特Jonathan Aitken)。But in the moment it was uttered, it is reasonable to assume it would have been pretty effective as a piece of rhetoric. “I am not a crookis a special use of ethos (the speaker’s connection with the audience). Logically speaking, it is redundant: if you are accused of X, to say X is untrue is to deny, rather than to disprove, the charge. But by adding the barefaced lie to the mix you raise the stakes. It puts doubt in your audience’s mind. Indignation sounds even though it is not like evidence of innocence.但在尼克松说出那句谎话时,人们可以合理地假定它作为一种辞令是有效的。“我不是骗子”是一种对精神特质(发言者与听众之间的联系)的特殊使用。从逻辑上讲,它是多余的:如果你被指控犯有X罪,表态称X罪不属实,是在否认指控,而不是在明指控不正确。但加上一句厚颜无耻的谎言,你就加大了赌注。这让听众心里产生不确定性。愤慨听上去像是(即便实际上不是)无辜的据。Something in all of us resists believing that people can look into a camera, or into our eyes, and shamelessly fib. Hitler argued that “the big liewas effective with ordinary people because it “would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously Can anyone think that the fierceness of Lance Armstrong’s repeated doping denials was not part of what kept his lie afloat for so long?在我们所有人心里,都有些东西让我们拒绝相信,有人竟可以瞪眼对着镜头或我们的眼睛,不知羞耻地撒谎。希特勒(Hitler)曾主张,“弥天大谎”能骗得过普通人,是因为“他们从未想过撒大谎,他们也不相信别人放肆到如此无耻地扭曲真相的地步”。有谁会认为,兰#8226;阿姆斯特Lance Armstrong)情绪激动地反复否认吸毒,不是使他的谎言延续那么久的原因之一?Nixon welcomed the Watergate investigation because “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook He had triumphed by going on the offensive in a tight spot before. Whatever his ethical shortcomings, he was a brilliant speaker. Take his 1952 “Checkers Speechdelivered to counter criticism of an election-expense slush fund when he was running for vice-president. He used the accusation to turn the tables on his accusers: making himself a spokesman for the honest common man against the corrupt Washington establishment. His wife Pat didn’t own a mink coat, he said, but “a respectable Republican cloth coat. And I always tell her that she’d look good in anything.”尼克松欢迎水门(Watergate)调查,是因为“民众必须知道他们的总统到底是不是一个骗子”。他以前曾在困境中采取攻势,结果取胜了。无论他在道德上有何瑕疵,不可否认他是一个杰出的演说家。以他在1952年发表的“跳棋演讲”为例,那次演讲是为了回应他竞选副总统时一个竞选费用小金库招致的批评。他巧妙利用对方的指控猛轰对方:把自己包装成诚实普通人的代言人,对抗着华盛顿的体制内人士。他说,他妻子帕Pat)连一件貂皮大衣都没有,只有“一件像样的共和党式布外衣。我总是告诉她,她穿任何衣都很靓丽。”He famously poured on the pathos, revealing that a political supporter had sent him a gift: a cocker-spaniel puppy. “Our little girl Tricia, the six year old named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we’re gonna keep it.Now that really was shameless. And without Checkers, we probably would never have had “I am not a crook广为人知的是,他竭力引起人们的怜悯,透露一名政治持者送了他一件礼物:一只可卡犬幼崽。“我们的小女儿,6岁的特里西娅(Tricia)给它起名叫‘跳棋’。你们知道,孩子们,就像所有的孩子那样,都喜欢,我现在想说的是,不管他们怎么说,我们都要把它留下。”现在看来,那真是太无耻了。而且,要不是“跳棋演讲”的话,我们很可能根本没有机会听到他说出“我不是骗子”。The personal, flat, categorical denial is the all-or-nothing bet: a manoeuvre of absolute last resort. If you are lucky it works and the caravan moves on. But when the wheels fall off: oh boy.个人层面发出的断然而明确的否认属于孤注一掷:拼命的最后一搏。如果你够幸运,这办法管用了,大篷车将继续前行。但如果车轮掉下来,那就惨了。The high-stakes poker player who goes all-in with 7-2 unsuited, the worst hand possible, and comes unstuck is the one we remember. We do not even notice the one who does the same thing and quietly wins the pot when his opponent folds.这个高筹码扑克玩家把一切筹码都押进去了,拿到的是最差的-2非同花,于是我们记住了这个赌输的家伙。我们甚至没有注意那个做了同样的事、然后在对手罢手时悄悄赌赢的那个人。That is why Nixon’s e lives on. It might just as easily not have. And had he not been a crook, he might have been remembered as a great orator.这就是尼克松那句知名谎话流传至今的原因。这句话也很有可能不会流传下来。如果他不是骗子,那么他可能被人们铭记为一位伟大的演说家。来 /201408/320476 Saudi officials say a suicide bomber has killed two border guards and wounded a third in an attack near the Iraqi border.沙特阿拉伯官员说,在伊拉克边境阿拉尔发生的一次袭击中,一名自杀炸弹杀手炸死了两名边界警卫,炸伤另外一人。The Interior Ministry said the attack early Monday in Arar began with the bomber and another ;terrorist; shooting at a border patrol. The guards returned fire, killing one person. The bomber detonated his explosives.伊拉克内政部说,星期一清晨,这名炸弹杀手和另一名“恐怖分子”向一个边境哨所开射击。警卫予以回击,打死一人。炸弹杀手引爆炸药。There was no immediate claim of responsibility.目前还没有人声称对事件负责。Saudi Arabia has been taking part in the U.S.-led coalition carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.沙特阿拉伯一直在参加美国为首的联军对叙利亚境内伊斯兰国组织的空中打击行动。Since late September, U.S. and Saudi forces, along with those from Jordan, Bahrain and the ed Arab Emirates, have conducted more than 600 airstrikes targeting the militants who took over large areas in Syria and Iraq.去年9月以来,美国、沙特阿拉伯以及约旦、巴林和阿联酋等国对夺取了叙利亚和伊拉克大片地区的极端分子进行了600多次空袭。来 /201501/352202福州治输卵管积水哪家医院好福州去那间医院治不孕比较好



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