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福州晋安博爱医院性激素检查要多少钱福州市做人授最好三甲医院宁德精子检查公立医院 Anchor: Dick Parsons' primary objective in putting together this deal was to make sure that he was securing Time Warner's future. And you know you can't talk about the futrue of media companies these days without looking to the Internet. That's why this deal is so important and if you hear it from Parsons himself, he will tell you that this partnership is going to expand with time. Dick Parsons: We know, you know, virtually everybody knows at some point of time all of the stuff that we do and have done in the past , the moives, the television, even a lot of the content in our magzine, all that's gonna be available online one day. Um, under what business model? We don't currently know, how, who's distributing, how the rights all work, what the, what the splits are, we don't know yet, but we all have to be out there experimenting, trying to open up that new channel of distribution. So the, the nature of the partnership we've just created with Google is going to create first of all a platform to get all of the AOL content online. We've got a partner in the sort of search business and that platform will then serve down the road as a, as a platform for the rest of the Time Warner content , so that this is, this is the first step and an inevitable process of taking this huge libraries of, of...motion pictures, of television, of animation and of text-based information to the Internet. Anchor: But you are saying baby steps? Dick Parsons: I'm saying steps. Anchor: Steps along the way? Dick Parsons: Yeah. I agree with you.Anchor: When might we see that? When might we be able to see some of the AOL moive or the Time Warner movies? Dick Parsons: I think sooner, ur sooner than you might anticipate, but I'm not in a position to make , to preannounce anything at this point. Anchor: Ok, but if I thought soon was two years or may be sooner? Dick Parsons: Oh, sooner than that. Anchor: I also asked Parsons about comments from activist shareholder Carl Icahn who has pened this deal.Dick Parsons: I try to deal with all our shareholders, and particularly the larger ones, um, in the same fashion. Um, you hear their ideas, ur, you evaluate their ideas and when you think they have something, ideas that they are gonna add in value actually when you don't do, eh, you don't act at once. Anchor: Parsons says he has not spoken with Icahn this week, oh, and by the way, when you ask him, Parsons will tell you that he thinks Time Warner shares are screaming buy. 200808/46402南平做输卵管疏通医院排名

福州去哪家医院做人流好U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, on a visit aimed at increasing U.S.-Indian strategic relations, has told officials in New Delhi that Washington's commitment to a deeper relationship with India is not likely to change no matter who the next American president is. Gates also repeated his hope that the current Turkish incursion into northern Iraq is short and narrowly focused.  美国国防部长盖茨为了加强美国和印度的战略关系而出访印度。他在新德里对印度官员说,无论谁当选下届美国总统,美国政府都不大可能改变加强与印度关系的承诺。盖茨重申,他希望目前土耳其军队进入伊拉克北部的行动是短暂的,目标也是限制在很小范围。The U.S. defense secretary says he told India's leaders that whether a Democrat or Republican succeeds President Bush in the White House, the next U.S. administration will not change course when it comes to the growing partnership between India and the ed States.  美国国防部长盖茨说,他告诉印度领导人,无论接替布什总统入主白宫的是民主党人还是共和党人,下届美国政府都不会改变美国与印度加深夥伴关系的方针。"The steadily improving relationship with India is one that will continue regardless of who is elected President in the ed States in November," Gates said. "I think there is very broad bi-partisan support in the ed States for continuing to expand this relationship between the world's two biggest democracies."  他说:“无论谁在11月当选美国总统,美国都将继续与印度稳步加深关系。我认为,美国继续扩展世界上两个最大的民主国家之间关系的做法,在美国得到各党派的广泛持。”As a sign of India's changing strategic outlook, New Delhi has moved away from almost exclusive reliance on Moscow for its military hardware.  印度政府改变了几乎单纯依赖莫斯科提供军事装备的做法,这显示新德里的战略观念正在转变。Russia still supplies much of the armaments and technology for India's military, but U.S. and European companies are currently in competition with a Russian manufacturer for the sale of 126 jet fighters to India.  俄罗斯仍然为印度军队提供大部分装备和技术,但美国和欧洲的公司目前正在与一家俄罗斯制造厂商竞争,争取向印度出售126架喷气式战机。Formal bidding for the billion fighter contract is scheduled to close next Monday, and two American defense contractors got a boost for their bid Wednesday from Defense Secretary Gates.  按照预定日程安排,这笔价值100亿美元的战机合同的正式投标将于下星期一结束。国防部长盖茨持两家美国国防承包商参加竞标。He pitched the attributes of Boeing and Lockheed Martin aircraft during his meetings with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Defense Minister A.K. Antony and other top Indian government officials.  盖茨在会见印度总理辛格、印度国防部长安托尼以及其他印度政府高级官员的时候,特别提到波音公司和洛克希德.马丁公司生产的战机的特性。"I indicated that we obviously are interested and believe that we are very competitive in the selection of the new fighter, the multi-role combat fighter, here in India and that we ask no special treatment," Gates said. "We simply are pleased to have a place at the table and we believe in a fair competition that we have a very good case to make."  他说:“我表明,我们当然很感兴趣,而且相信我们在印度对多功能新战机的选择中很有竞争力,同时我还表明,我们不要求任何特殊待遇。我们只是对能参与竞争感到高兴,而且我们相信,我们在公平竞争中获胜的机会很大。”Gates said he would tell Turkish leaders in Ankara Thursday that their five-day-old incursion into Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish separatists should to be short and narrowly focused. 盖茨说,他星期四将在安卡拉告诉土耳其领导人,土耳其军队为追击库尔德分离分子而进入伊拉克境内5天,这一行动应当是短期的,而目标也应限制在很小范围。"I measure quick in terms of days, a week or two, something like that. Not months," he said. 他说:“我估计应当很快、几天或者一两个星期,大致是这样。不会是几个月。”Gates, speaking to reporters here Wednesday, called on Turkey not to rely only on military means to combat disaffection by the country's Kurdish population.  盖茨星期三在新德里对记者发表谈话时,敦促土耳其不要依赖军事手段对付国内库尔德族的不满情绪。200802/27982三明市通水那个医院好 Youve made some serious mistakes.你犯了严重的错误。You need to consult me before you contact any of our clients.在你联系任何客户之前,你应该询问我。These mistakes cannot happen again otherwise I will have to refer the matter to someone higher.这些错误不能再犯了,否则我会把此事递交给上级。Lets find out how Rachel is behaving.让我们看看瑞秋会怎么做。Ah hello, Rachel.你好,瑞秋。Tommy boy. Come and give me a hug.小汤米,过来给我一个拥抱。Pens! All our pens!钢笔!所有的笔!Youve been stealing them! Rachel!你偷了它们!瑞秋!Whats going on?出什么事了?I say, what are all those pens doing on the floor?地上怎么有这么多笔?Theyre from Rachels handbag.这些是瑞秋包里的。Shes been stealing them!她一直在偷!What? The companys pens?什么?公司的笔吗?Right, well, I need to see you in my office please Rachel, now…if you dont mind.好吧,瑞秋,如果你不介意的话,现在到我的办公室来。So Rachel is the pen thief!瑞秋是偷笔贼!What does this mean for her job at Tip Top Trading?在Tip Top Trading公司,这对她来说意味着什么?Find out next time. Until then, bye!下次见。拜! /201705/508486龙岩精子检查费用

福建检查胎停费用多少Hello, this is Anna speaking from Tip Top Trading, I want some imperial lemon sized luxury boxes.你好,我是Tip Top Trading的安娜,我想要一些装皇家柠檬的豪华礼盒。...What?……怎么了?Lets make this order a bit more politely okay?让我们下订单的时候更礼貌一点,好吗?Why are the English so obsessed with being polite! ?为什么说英语总是要求有礼貌?!Calm down Anna and listen to me.冷静,安娜,听我说。To put in an order for something, you need phrases like: Id like to place an order for...为了订某样东西,你需要使用这样的表达方式:我想要订……Were going to need...我们会需要……Could you send...你可以寄……Could we also have...我们还可以……When can we expect to receive them?我们什么时候会收到货?Right...好吧……Hello, sorry about that...Id like to place an order for some imperial lemon sized luxury boxes, please...你好,刚才很抱歉……我想要一些装皇家柠檬的豪华礼盒,谢谢……Were going to need quite a few...我们需要一些……Could you send 300 please...yes...the green ones...你能给我们寄300个吗,谢谢,是的,绿色的。Could we also have the name of our company on the sides please...请问我们还可以在边上附上我们公司的名字吗……When can we expect to receive them...Okay, thank you, goodbye.我们什么时候可以收到……好的,谢谢,再见。There! How was that?这么说怎么样?Good, well done!好的,干得好!Youd better phone back Mr Lime to confirm he can have his boxes!你最好给Lime先生回电,确定他会收到礼盒!Oh no!噢,不!Hes your client!他是你的客户! /201701/483846 福州博爱不孕不育结扎复通龙岩精子检测医院




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