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Complicated problems do not generally yield to simple solutions. And few are more complex than the question of how to confront the challenge posed by anthropogenic global warming.简单的解决方法往往无法解决复杂的问题。而很少有问题比如何应对人类活动所致全球变暖带来的挑战更复杂的了。The Paris climate accord, signed amid great fanfare on Saturday by the representatives of nearly 200 states, does not supply the final answer. What it does is to sp the responsibility for finding one beyond a small coterie of developed countries. This in itself is a historic achievement. But its success or failure ultimately hinges on how solemnly its many signatories are willing to accept this weighty charge.周六,近200个国家的代表们隆重地签署了巴黎气候协议,然而这份协议并没有提供最终的。 这份协议真正做到的是,将寻找最终的责任分摊到了少数发达国家之外。这本身是一项历史性成就。但其成败最终取决于巴黎气候协议的众多签署国是否愿意担起这份沉重的责任。The preparedness of the developing world to accept a share of the burden was always vital if any credible way forward on tackling climate change was possible. Past deals have mainly heaped the onus on those advanced economies that were responsible for much of the historic growth in emissions.要让气候变化问题的解决可能有可行的道路取得进展,十分关键的是,发展中国家要有承担一部分责任的意愿。过去的气候协议主要将责任置于发达经济体肩上,它们曾是过去碳排放增长的主要来源。But with China and India alone now responsible for a third of global carbon discharges between them, their presence in any future framework agreed at Paris was essential. Without it, no deal could even have curbed future increases at a global level, let alone started to drive them down.但中国和印度这两个国家碳排放量之合现在占全球碳排放总量的三分之一,它们参与在巴黎商定的任何未来框架至关重要。如果这两个国家不参与,没有什么协议能够遏制未来全球碳排放水平的上升,更别提降低全球碳排放水平了。The French hosts, under the able leadership of foreign minister Laurent Fabius, deserve credit for finally squaring this circle and forging a compromise that both developed and developing worlds could accept. The price, as expected, is the jettisoning for the most part of any pretence at copper-bottomed legal obligations of the sort that characterised the last global deal, the ill-fated 1997 Kyoto accord.在法国外长洛朗法比尤斯(Laurent Fabius)有力的领导下,法国主办方最终完成了这个不可能的任务,促成了一项发达国家和发展中国家都能接受的折中方案,这一点值得赞誉。像预想的那样,代价就是基本上放弃自诩具备可靠的法律约束力,上一个全球气候协定、以失败告终的1997年《京都议定书》的典型特征就是具备可靠的法律约束力。While the deal sets a new tougher objective to limit global warming to “well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels” (and, indeed, a stretch goal of 1.5 degrees), there are no binding mechanisms for achieving this. The climate action plans submitted by an impressive 188 of those countries participating do not cumulatively deliver even the less demanding total. They would lead to temperatures rising by some 2.7 per cent. Yet signatories are under no legal obligation to meet even these.尽管这项协议设立了一个更严格的新目标,要把全球“较工业化前水平升温幅度控制在远不到2摄氏度之内”(事实上,协议还设立了升温幅度在1.5度以内的更高目标),但协议没有促使这一目标实现的约束机制。由签署国中多达188个国家提交的气候行动方案加起来,也无法实现哪怕较低的那个总目标。这些方案只能将全球气温较工业化前升幅限制在约2.7摄氏度以内。然而,即使是这样的目标,签署国都没有任何法律义务要实现。What the plan does require is for signatory states to set out their plans to avert climate change every five years. These must be accompanied by an assessment of current progress, compiled according to a common reporting standard that permits comparisons to be drawn.方案真正提出要求的是,签署国需要每5年制定计划遏制气候变化。签署国同时还需要对已取得的进展进行评估,评估结果的编纂需要基于相同的报告标准,以便进行比较。The hope is that this will create the necessary framework for regular reviews on progress as the world tries to avoid dangerous warming. It may not be possible to compel countries to meet their targets. But by embedding transparent information exchanges and regular international dialogue into the system, it may be possible to establish new norms of behaviour, whereby countries not only strive to meet targets, but also set more demanding ones.人们希望,在全世界试图避免危险的气候变暖的过程中,此举能够建立对所取得的进展进行定期评估的必要框架。这或许无法强制各国实现目标。但通过建立透明的信息交换机制和定期的国际对话机制,这有可能建立新的行为规范,从而让各国不仅可以努力达成目标,还可以设定更具挑战性的目标。Inevitably, the deal remains a work in progress. Trust of the sort that will be required to build solidarity will take time to develop. The developed world has not inserted into the treaty its commitment to transfer funds to poorer nations in order to help them adapt to a low carbon future. The commitments beyond 2020 are vague.这项协议依然是一项未完成的工作,这是不可避免的。构建团结所需的信任还需要时间才能培养起来。发达国家没有在协议中承诺向较贫穷国家提供资金,以帮助它们适应低碳的未来。2020年以后的承诺还很模糊。Paris is not the end of the matter. It is not even the beginning of the end. The problem will not be solved for years to come. The treaty does however provide a sensible foundation for international co-operation. This opens the door to greater ambition over time. Now a viable path lies before them, countries must show the courage and foresight to take the next crucial steps.巴黎不是事情的终点。甚至也不是终点的开端。在未来数年中,问题都不会得到解决。然而,这项协议的确为国际合作提供了合理的基础。这为以后树立更大的抱负打开了大门。一条可行的道路摆在眼前,各国必须表现出踏出关键下一步的勇气和远见。 /201512/417103China’s carbon dioxide emissions are likely to peak by 2025 — and may even have done so aly — according to a new paper that suggests the country’s economic slowdown and rapid adoption of renewable energy mean previous projections of China’s emissions peak are far too pessimistic. 根据一项新的研究报告,中国的二氧化碳排放很可能在2025年之前达到峰值——甚至有可能已经见顶。该报告称,中国经济放缓以及快速采用可再生能源意味着,此前其排放峰值的预测过于悲观。 “The major problem with current models of China’s emissions is that most of them do not pay attention to change in the structure and growth of China’s economic output,” said Fergus Green of the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute, co-author with Lord Stern of the LSE paper to be published this week in the journal Climate Policy. 伦敦政治经济学院(LSE)格兰瑟姆研究所(Grantham Research Institute)的弗格斯#8226;格林(Fergus Green)表示:“现有研究中国碳排放的模型的主要问题在于,它们大多数没有注意到中国的经济产出的结构和增长的变化。”这份报告由格林与斯特恩勋爵(Lord Stern)共同完成,将于本周发表在《气候政策》(Climate Policy)刊物上。 The study assumes that under a “high growth scenario”, annual economic growth will be just 6 per cent rate for the coming decade — compared with an average of more than 10 per cent in the first decade of this century. 这项研究假设,在“高速增长的前景”下,未来10年中国年度经济增速将仅有6%——相比之下,本世纪头10年的年均增速超过了10%。 With the slowdown accompanied by a government-planned economic transition from carbon-intensive heavy industry to services, the authors expect this structural shift means a decline of at least 4 per cent in the country’s energy intensity over the next decade. 伴随中国政府推进经济转型,从碳密集型重工业转向务业,中国出现了增长放缓。在此背景下,两位作者预期,这种结构性变化意味着中国的能源密集度在未来10年将下降至少4%。 They believe this means primary energy consumption growth will slow to only 1.8 per cent a year or less between now and 2025, compared with an annual rate of more than 8 per cent between 2000 and 2013. 他们认为,这意味着从现在到2025年,一次能源消费增速将放缓至1.8%或更低,相比之下,2000年至2013年期间的年增速超过了8%。 At the same time, China’s energy will increasingly come from non-fossil sources, the report says. The researchers believe the government‘s target to derive 15 per cent of primary energy from non-fossil sources by 2020 “is likely to be significantly beaten”. 与此同时,该报告称,中国的能源将越来越多地来自非化石来源。两位研究人员相信,中国政府的目标——到2020年非化石能源占一次能源比重达到15%——“很可能明显提前实现”。 The study is not the first to suggest carbon cuts are happening aly. Last month the government released figures suggesting emissions from fossil fuels and cement had fallen in 2015, according to analysis from Greenpeace. 这份报告并非第一个预测中国碳排放下降的研究。根据绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)的分析,中国政府上月发布的数据似乎表明,2015年,来自化石燃料与水泥的碳排放已经出现下降。 Sector-specific targets for renewable energy generation are set as absolute outputs, rather than as shares of total energy consumption. This means coal could be squeezed out faster if total energy consumption is lower than expected. China’s energy planning agencies aim to produce 200-300 gigawatts of wind and 150 gigawatts of solar energy by 2020. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that coal consumption stayed flat in 2014, and the National Bureau of Statistics states production fell by 3.3 per cent last year. 可再生能源发电的行业目标被设定为绝对产出,而非作为总能耗的一部分。这意味着,如果总能耗低于预期,煤炭将会被更快地挤出能源结构。中国能源规划机构的目标是,到2020年,使风电产能达到200至300千兆瓦,太阳能发电达到150千兆瓦。据美国能源情报署(Energy Information Administration)估计,2014年中国煤炭消费量未出现增长,而中国国家统计局(NBS)的数据显示,去年中国的煤炭产量下降了3.3%。 There are risks on the path to lower emissions. Provincial governments may be tempted by the short-term growth boons of building new coal plants. Coal plant building accelerated in 2014-15 “despite aly enormous amounts of excess capacity”, says the report. 中国减排的道路上也存在风险。省级政府可能会因贪图短期增长而建设新的燃煤电厂。该报告称,“虽然已经出现大量产能过剩”,但在2014至2015年燃煤电厂建设仍出现加速。 Whether such risks will be realised depends on the political clout of the coal enterprises and local governments dependent on coal. Last week the government estimated that 1.3m coal workers could be laid off due to reforms to shut unprofitable mines. 此类风险会不会成真,取决于煤炭企业以及依赖煤炭的地方政府的政治影响力。上周,中国政府估计,关闭不赚钱煤矿的改革举措将导致130万煤炭工人下岗。 At its annual parliamentary session this weekend, China for the first time announced a cap on its projected energy consumption by 2020. It also set a new target of reducing energy intensity, or the amount of energy consumed per unit of gross dometic product, by 18 per cent in that period. 在周末召开的全国人大会议上,中国首次宣布2020年预期能源消耗上限。中国还设定了将能源密集度(即单位GDP的能耗量)在此期间降低18%的新目标。 Many climate change researchers believe China’s emissions are aly far lower than official estimates. The country surpassed its targets for reducing emissions intensity over the past five years, thanks to the economic slowdown and massive construction of hydropower dams. 许多气候变化研究者认为,中国的碳排放量已经远低于官方估计。过去5年,得益于经济放缓以及大规模建设水电站,中国已超额完成削减碳排放强度的目标。 The world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter said last year its emissions would peak around 2030. It had previously stood firm on not cutting its carbon emissions while its economy was still developing. 世界最大二氧化碳排放国去年表示,其碳排放将在2030年前后达到峰值。中国此前曾坚持在经济发展阶段不进行减排。 /201603/430546

“Hello kind people! When you see this child, you will doubtless criticise the parents for being immoral. But we have no way out — please help us, we don’t know what to do.”“好心人您好!当你们看到这个小孩的时候肯定会骂他的父母不道德。我们也是实在没有办法——请帮帮我们,我们也是不知道怎么办。”Thus begins that very rare thing: a letter from a father, forced to abandon his disabled infant on the streets of Ningbo — a city near Shanghai that is one of the richest in China — explaining why he did it. And, no, he had not lost a packet in the stock market slump that has rattled the rest of the world. The financial calamity that befell this father was to bear two sons, both of them deaf. Raising one son had taught him how hard it is to care for a disabled child, even today, in the age of the Chinese dream. Raising a second deaf child was simply out of the question.这是一件稀罕事的开头:一位父亲迫不得已,将身有残疾的孩子遗弃在宁波(离上海很近,是中国最富裕的城市之一)街头,并留下一封信,解释自己这么做的原因。哦,不,他并不是在令全世界惊慌失措的中国股灾中遭受了损失。降临在这位父亲头上的经济灾难是抚养两个失聪的儿子。抚养一个儿子已经让他明白照顾残疾儿童有多么艰难,即使是在追寻中国梦的今天。根本谈不上抚养第二个失聪的孩子。So the father abandoned his six-week-old son — for his own good. And, remarkably, he felt moved to explain his reasons. “We don’t own a house, or even a place to live. I thought I could make life gradually better by being diligent: but God has had no mercy on us,” the father wrote in May 2012. “In 2004 my wife gave birth to a boy, but when he was two years old we found he couldn’t hear or talk.”于是,这位父亲遗弃了出生6周的儿子——为了他好。不同寻常的是,他觉得有必要解释自己这样做的原因。“家里连老房子也没有,连住的地方也没有。本以为靠自己勤劳的双手可以让日子慢慢地好过一点。可是老天太作弄人了,”这位父亲在2012年5月写道,“2004年我老婆生下了一个男孩,在两岁的时候才发现耳朵听不到、不会讲话。”The family could not afford proper treatment so by the age of nine the child was still mute. “This year we had another child — but God is so unfair, he has the same condition as my elder boy,” the father wrote. “We beg you to save this poor thing.”这个家庭无力让孩子接受妥当的治疗,所以大儿子9岁时仍然不会说话。“今年又生了一个——可是老天太不公平了,他居然跟我大儿子一样,“这位父亲写道,“求求你们救救这可怜的小生命吧。”So far, so sad. But this is not a sob story. It is the tale of Bennett Sano, now aged nearly four, adopted by an American family and living in Seattle. He was recently diagnosed with Usher syndrome — a genetic disorder that will leave him not just deaf, but blind as well by adulthood.到这里,这个故事还是悲伤的。但这并不是一个悲剧。这是如今快满4岁的贝内特萨诺(Bennett Sano,中文名龙淼——译者注)的故事,他被一个美国家庭收养,如今住在西雅图。他最近被诊断出患有乌谢尔综合症(Usher)——这种遗传病不仅会使他耳聋,而且会使他在成年后失明。It may not sound like it, but Bennett is lucky. First, it’s rare in cases such as this for a birth parent to leave a note at all, and far rarer for the note to include anything but time and date of birth. The note was preserved in Bennett’s orphanage file (another rarity). And last week fate conspired to deliver another remarkably joyful twist to the story, when Bennett’s adoptive mother managed to find the father who wrote that letter.贝内特是幸运的,尽管听起来不太像。第一,在类似情况中,很少有亲生父母会留下信,而信中除了准确出生日期以外所有信息都有的情况更是少之又少。这封信被保存在贝内特在孤儿院的档案里(另一件罕见事)。命运再次给这个故事带来了一个非常令人欢喜的转折,贝内特的养母成功找到了写这封信的那位父亲。Molly Sano, a Seattle sign language interpreter, appeared on local television in Ningbo, and scarcely three days later she’d met the boy’s mother, father, brother, six-year-old sister and a healthy boy born after Bennett was abandoned (proving yet again that China’s one-child policy is often a misnomer).莫莉萨诺(Molly Sano)是西雅图一名手语翻译,她上了宁波当地的电视台,三天后,她就见到了贝内特的亲生父母、哥哥、6岁的以及一个在贝内特被遗弃后出生的健康的弟弟(再次明中国的独生子女政策往往形同虚设)。“So many things had to go just right for this to happen,” Ms Sano said: the doctor who diagnosed Bennett as a baby saw the TV report, the parents had not changed their phone number and they resisted the urge to ignore a call from one they didn’t know.“太多的巧合促成了这个结果,”莫莉称。这些巧合包括:在贝内特还是婴儿时给他看过病的医生看到了电视报道、贝内特的亲生父母没有更换手机号、他们没有忽视那通陌生来电。Frightened that she might be in trouble, the mother at first denied who she was. But she quickly had second thoughts and called back. Within hours, this extraordinary extended family was united — and Bennett’s two mothers could hardly stop hugging and crying. They did have one touchy subject to tackle: the birth father’s letter makes clear that he abandoned the baby because a doctor told him the child needed a cochlear implant and the birth family could not afford one.因为担心会惹上麻烦,那位母亲起初否认了自己的身份。但是她转念一想,又把电话打了过来。数小时后,这个特别的大家庭聚在一起——贝内特的两位妈妈情不自禁地拥抱在一起,痛哭不止。他们需要处理一个敏感问题:亲生父亲的信清楚地表明,他遗弃了这个孩子,因为医生告诉他孩子需要植入人工耳蜗,而他们一家无力承担。But Ms Sano and her husband, Chris — who is deaf — plan to let Bennett decide later if he wants an implant. They have taught him to sign. “To us, he is perfect,” says Ms Sano. “This isn’t a sad story of a deaf boy who will lose his vision, it’s a joyful, powerful story of a boy who happened to land in a family and a location that are a perfect fit for him,” she says. “There is no limit to our dreams for our son.”但是,莫莉和她的丈夫克里斯(Chris)——他也是失聪人士——计划以后让贝内特自己决定是否想要植入人工耳蜗。他们已经教会他打手语。“对我们来说,他是完美的,”莫莉称,“这并不是一个终将失明的失聪男孩的悲惨故事,而是一个快乐、感人的故事,一个男孩碰巧进入了一个非常适合他的家庭和地方,”她说,“我们对儿子的梦想没有任何界限。”Back in China, the birth family’s financial situation has improved; the father now has an iPhone 6s. But they think Bennett is lucky, too. “The birth mother said, over and over, now that we have seen your family, we can see that he has a better life there than here,” Ms Sano says.贝内特亲生父母的经济状况有所改善:这位父亲如今用的手机是iPhone 6s。但是他们也认为贝内特是幸运的。“他亲生妈妈反复说,既然我们已经见过你们一家了,我们看得出他在那里生活得更好,”莫莉说。So Bennett is where he needs to be. But as the adoptive mother of two abandoned Chinese daughters myself, I can’t wait for the day when birth parents can nurture dreams for their deaf toddlers without having to discard them in the street to make that happen. Gross domestic product is one thing, but I’ll be looking for a different measure of Chinese success: the day the last father writes a letter like that before leaving his disabled baby in the shadow of skyscrapers.因此,贝内特就在他应该呆的地方。但是作为一名收养了两个被遗弃的中国女孩的妈妈,我期待有一天失聪儿童的亲生父母可以亲自为孩子培育梦想,而不需要把孩子遗弃在街头。GDP是一回事,但是我期待看到另外一种衡量中国成功的方式:有那么一天,再也没有一位父亲会写下这样一封信,然后把身有残疾的孩子遗弃在天大楼的阴影之下。 /201602/424121

  AMATRICE, Italy — The rescuers worked tirelessly under a scorching sun. 意大利阿马特里切——救援人员在烈日下不知疲倦地工作。Wearing white masks to fight off the dust, they formed a human chain, passing from hand to hand all they could salvage from the gravelly destruction of the earthquake that struck this region in August. They had to work quickly, fearing the precariousness of an adjacent building splintered by wide fissures.为防止吸入尘土而戴着白色口罩的他们组成了一条人链,传递着能从8月那场地震留下的瓦砾中抢救出来的所有东西。由于担心旁边一栋楼不安全——楼体出现了多条很宽的裂缝——他们必须抓紧时间。It was not lives they were saving on this recent day, nor corpses they were retrieving from the mounds of stone ruins, but the history of Amatrice itself. 在最近几天,他们不是在抢救生命,也不是从石头堆里挖掘遗体。他们是在抢救阿马特里切本身的历史。Working alongside firefighters, the team included a specialized art squad of Italy’s carabinieri police that had been deployed specifically to vacate the city’s municipal archives — 300 years in the making.和消防员并肩作战的这队伍中,包括意大利宪兵警卫队派来的一个专业的艺术小组。他们是专门来搜救阿马特里切市的市政档案的。相关档案有300年的历史。At least 296 people died in the violent shaking on Aug 24. Many more were left homeless and injured. But those few, fraught and devastating minutes also placed at risk thousands of books, dossiers and folders amassed since past earthquakes destroyed this town in 1639 and 1703.在8月24日那场强地震中,至少296人死亡。无家可归者和受伤者更多。但那令人担忧并造成了毁灭性影响的几分钟也让大量书籍、档案、卷宗处境危险。它们是从1639年和1703年那两场地震之后积累起来的。There were also countless pieces of art and artifacts in churches and museums across the earthquake zone, which touches towns in four Italian regions.此外,分布在地震灾区的多家教堂和物馆里还有不计其数的艺术品和手工艺品。此次地震的受灾区包括意大利四个地区的城镇。“For now, we have secured a trace of Amatrice’s past — that’s the principal thing, that the community has preserved its history,” said Maria Letizia Sebastiani, the Culture Ministry official who oversaw that afternoon’s recovery.“目前,我们找到了阿马特里切的过去的痕迹,这个地区保留了自己的历史,这是主要的,”负责那天下午的抢救工作的意大利文化部官员玛丽亚#8226;莱蒂齐娅#8226;塞巴斯蒂安(Maria Letizia Sebastiani)说。The crisis unit of the Culture Ministry was created after an earthquake engulfed central Italy in 1997, severely damaging a number of monuments, including the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. It has since been deployed in dozens of disasters, both natural and man-made, in Italy and abroad, and last year was formally instituted via a ministerial decree.1997年,意大利中部发生地震,导致大量历史遗址,包括阿西西的圣方济各宗主教圣殿(Basilica of St. Francis)严重受损。之后,意大利文化部成立危机应对小组。自那时以来,该小组参与了意大利国内外数十场灾难的救灾行动,既有自然灾害,也有人为灾难。去年,文化部下令,该小组正式成为一个机构。This year, the Culture Ministry even created a task force that works with UNESCO to carry Italy’s long-standing restoration expertise to war-torn corners of the world.今年,意大利文化部甚至还成立了一个工作组,与联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)合作,将意大利历史悠久的修复技术带给全世界遭受战争破坏的角落。ed Nations officials had hoped to send it to Syria, where the monumental ruins in Palmyra were badly damaged after the Islamic State entered the ancient city in 2015. But the Syrian conflict has remained too intense for the team to enter.联合国官员本希望将其派往叙利亚。伊斯兰国(Islamic State)在2015年进入叙利亚古城巴尔米拉后,那里的历史遗迹受到了严重的破坏。但叙利亚冲突的局势太紧张,不适合工作组前往。“We’re operative, y to go at a moment’s notice,” said Capt. Michelange Stefàno, an official with the carabinieri art squad and a member of the UNESCO-trained task force.“我们一直在行动,做好了一得到通知就出发的准备,”宪兵队艺术小组的官员、接受联合国科教文组织培训的工作组成员米凯兰杰#8226;斯特凡诺(Michelange Stefàno)说。For now, in any case, there is work to be done in Italy.至少目前在意大利国内有工作要做。The crisis unit was dispatched in the first hours after the earthquake. As emergency operations were winding down, trained experts began inspecting buildings to assess the damage to the area’s cultural patrimony.地震发生几小时后,上述危机应对小组便被派往灾区。随着急救行动逐渐减少,训练有素的专家开始检查各建筑,并初步评估该地区文化遗产遭受的损失。Since then, squads of rescuers and Culture Ministry officials have entered churches, museums and town halls, all with an eye to saving the territory’s heritage, and its very memory of its past.自那时以来,救援人员和文化部官员组成多个分队进入教堂、物馆和市政厅,一心想抢救该地区的文化遗产及其对过往历史的记忆。Paintings, statues and ecclesiastical objects, like crucifixes and processional crosses, have been bundled and sent to what amount to field hospitals for art and artifacts, for preservation and an early evaluation of the damage.绘画、雕像以及耶稣十字架受难像和十字架等宗教物品被捆起来,送往特定的地方,接受保护和初步定损。那些地方相当于艺术品和手工艺品的战地医院。The work has been risky and painstaking. Many buildings in Amatrice and elsewhere are still in danger of collapse, and weeks after the quake, aftershocks continued to strain aly-weakened structures.这项工作有风险,也很艰苦。阿马特里切和其他地方的不少建筑仍有倒塌的风险。尽管离地震发生已经过去了数周,但余震仍威胁着本就遭到削弱的建筑结构。The teams photograph and document artifacts, and recover what can be easily removed from some sites — “those that we can enter; many are still in a bad state,” Stefàno said — with the assistance of firefighters and civil protection rescuers.各队伍会对手工艺品进行拍照和记录,并在消防员和民事保护救援人员的帮助下拿走容易取下的部分。“我们能进入的建筑,很多仍处在危险状态,”斯特凡诺说。The crisis unit’s immediate task was to safeguard monuments as best as possible, “to halt any further deterioration,” said Prefect Fabio Carapezza Guttuso, the unit’s leader, who acts as a liaison between art experts and firefighters and civil protection officials.上述危机应对小组的首要任务是尽可能让历史遗迹得到最好的保护,“防止受损情况进一步恶化,”该小组的组长法比奥#8226;卡拉佩扎#8226;古图索(Fabio Carapezza Guttuso)说。他也是艺术专家、消防员和民事保护官员之间的联络人。He described it as a complex but harmonious synergy of individual expertise. Experience gained in every disaster that the unit has dealt with “has improved our capacity to intervene,” he said.他称这项工作是各种专业技能复杂却又和谐的融合。该小组从之前参加的每一场灾难中获取的经验,“都提升了我们参与救援的能力,”他说。In the weeks since the quake, the crisis unit has emptied Amatrice’s municipal museum, as well as some churches here and in towns including Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto, which were also badly hit.地震发生后的这几周里,危机应对小组清空了阿马特里切市物馆,还有这里以及同样受灾严重的阿库莫利(Accumoli)和阿尔夸塔德尔特龙托(Arquata del Tronto)等城镇的一些教堂。But thousands of artifacts still need to be salvaged from unsteady churches and palazzos, many in remote areas. “One by one, we will get to them all,” the prefect said.但仍有成千上万件手工艺品需要从不稳定的教堂和宫殿里转移出来。它们很多地处偏远地区。“我们会一件一件地把它们都转移出来,”古图索说。Though each operation is being carried out with every possible precaution, an element of urgency prevails. “We’re at 1,000 meters altitude,” Carapezza Guttuso said. “There will be snow in a month.”每次执行任务时都会尽可能地做足防范措施,但紧迫性依然存在。“我们处于海拔1000米的地方,”卡拉佩扎#8226;古图索说,“再过一个月就要下雪了。”Some priorities were identified, the prefect said, like an 18th-century replica of the Shroud of Turin, the linen that faithful believe wrapped the body of Jesus. It was removed from a church in Arquata del Tronto and placed in the Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno.古图索说,他们确定了一些优先事项,譬如都灵裹尸布(Shroud of Turin)——据信曾包裹过耶稣尸身的亚麻布——的一件18世纪的复制品。他们把它从阿尔夸塔德尔特龙托村的一座教堂里转移出来,放进了阿斯科利皮切诺大教堂(Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno)。“It was important for the population,” he said. “It had the value of a relic.”“它对民众而言非常重要,”他说。“它具有文物价值。”Restorers with the crisis unit have also begun to pick out ancient stones and bricks from the rubble, which will be reused when possible in a reconstruction.此外,危机小组的修复人员已经开始从废墟中挑拣古代砖石,重建工作一启动就可以派上用场。“As much as possible, the idea is to build as it was, where it was,” the prefect said. “We want to render the idea that we are salvaging artifacts and construction materials” so that the towns will be as authentic as possible, he added. “That is the profound sense of what we’re doing.”“我们的理念是尽可能在原地按原貌重建,”古图索说。“我们想要表达这样的想法:我们正抢救文物和建筑材料”,好让这些城镇尽可能地恢复原来的样子,他补充道。“这正是我们所做之事的深刻意义所在。” /201609/467298

  Left with taste of bile in their mouth after losing out in the race to be declared an open defection free (ODF) district to Panchkula and Sirsa, Yamunanagar officials have decided to deploy drones to police the open fields near villages. 由于在无随地大小便(ODF)区域评选活动中输给了潘切库拉区和西尔萨区,亚穆纳讷格尔区的官员十分生气,决定启用无人机监督附近村民,防止他们在空地大小便。With much fanfare, CM Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday had declared Panchkula and Sirsa districts ODF.周六,哈里亚纳邦首席部长马诺哈尔#8226;拉尔#8226;哈塔尔大张旗鼓地宣布潘切库拉区和西尔萨区被评为ODF区。Yamunanagar was at third position on the list.亚穆纳讷格尔位列第三。The district officials#39; decision to monitor certain fields using drones came after the discovery that people were defecating in open despite having functional toilets at home. 地区行政长官在发现有些人家里明明有厕所却非要出门大小便后,决定动用无人机对一些地区进行监督。As a pilot project, six villages of Bilaspur block of the district are now under the gaze of flying cameras.作为试点项目,比拉斯布尔县的6座村庄将处于无人机天眼监控之下。Those caught in the action will be dealt with sternly, promise local authorities.当局称,一旦发现有人随地大小便,将予以严厉处罚。To make the plan work, a committee has been set up that has residents of the six villages and officials from various departments as members. 为使该计划奏效,六个村庄的村民和各政府部门官员组成了一个委员会。The panel would ensure proper functioning of the drone and analyze the details gathered by it, says assistant coordinator of Swach Bharat Abhiyan Bhupender Singh. 全国性卫生运动净化印度助理协调员辛格表示,该委员会会确保无人机正常工作,并对它拍摄内容进行细节分析。;We have paid Rs 3,000 for renting the drone for use in seven panchayats. 我们花了3000卢比(约合300元人民币)租来无人机,供七个村务委员会使用。Now the trial report will be submitted to the top officials of district administration, who will decide whether to continue,; he added.试验报告将提交给当地行政的最高长官,由他们决定计划是否进行下去,他补充说。The drone will fly between 5 am and 9 am over six villages.无人机会在上午五点至九点之间,在亚穆纳讷格尔地区的六座村庄内飞行。;If it really helps make the area ODF, we will go ahead and buy some drones of our own,; Singh adds. 如果真的能够帮助这一地区成为‘无随地大小便区’,我们会买下几架遥控飞机,辛格补充说。There are 1.47 lakh households in the district, out of which 43 thousands households have functioning toilets, according to district officials. More are being added every day, they say.据当地官员称,这片地区住着14.7万人家,其中4.3万户装有马桶,且这一数字每天都在增加。;This solution was suggested when we found that people from the households having toilets go to answer the nature#39;s call in open. 这个方案的提出是因为我们发现有些人,家中有厕所还出来露天大小便。We have to break this habit but we will have to take into confidence the locals residents to go further,; says deputy commissioner of Yamunanagar S SPhoolia.我们必须改掉这个习惯,但又必须确保当地居民不会跑得更远去上厕所,地区副行政长官普利亚指出。 /201610/469308。


  Xie Qiujun, a 26-year-old woman in Chengdu, Sichuan province, lost both her hands in a fire when she was just 4 years old.来自四川成都的谢秋君,今年26岁,在4岁时,由于一场火灾,她失去了双手。After about 40 surgeries, 10 new ;fingers; were eventually sculpted from her wrist.在40余次分指手术后,她的手腕上“长”出了“新手指”。Despite subsequent challenges, Xie has successfully opened more than 100 fast food restaurants.尽管之后出现了许多困难,谢秋君已经成功地开了百余家快餐店。;I am able to do things just like other people,; Xie insisted, explaining that she never considered herself special.谢秋君坚称:“我能像其他人一样做事情。”并解释称她从不认为自己特殊。However, from all appearances, Xie is quite special.不过,从各种迹象看来,她确实很特殊。She attended school and distinguished herself as a top student; she studied 3-D animation and earned several prizes; she worked in sales and became a champion seller among her 6,000 co-workers. Finally, she chose to start her own business.进入学校读书,她的成绩名列前茅;学习3D动漫,作品屡屡获奖;她从事销售行业,从6千人中脱颖而出,成为销售冠军。最终,她决定自己创业。Xie was born in 1990. Her happy childhood came to a screeching halt after her accident, which cost 10,000 yuan in medical expenses every three days. She almost died several times.谢秋君出生于1990年。她快乐的童年在她发生事故后戛然而止。每三天就要花费10000元的医疗费用。有好几次她几乎殒命。Doctors told her parents to give up, and Xie maintains that it was only her parents#39; love and persistence that made her miraculous recovery possible.医生告知其父母选择放弃,谢秋君认为,是她父母的爱和坚持,才让她有可能奇迹般的恢复。Despite Xie#39;s lack of hands and severe burns, her mother encouraged the young girl to face the public and make friends.尽管谢秋君失去了双手,并且严重烧伤,她的母亲鼓励这位年轻的女孩面对公众,多交朋友。She also taught Xie to do housework so she could live independently. Under her parents#39; patient guidance, Xie developed an exceptionally strong will.她的母亲还教她做家务,这样她才可以独立生活。在她父母的耐心指导下,谢秋君培养了异常坚强的意志。Xie faced another obstacle when she was in high school and failed the university entrance exam.谢秋君面临的另一个困难是她在高中时,高考落榜。However, she remained confident that there was always a way out. And her optimism paid off: she was given a free 3-D animation training course by the Disabled Persons#39; Federation.但是她仍然相信总有一条出路。她的积极乐观得到了回报: 她可以上残联的免费3D动画培训课程。One day, Xie heard a speech about entrepreneurship, which ignited her own dreams. She found a job with a sales company to gain experience.一天,谢秋君听了关于创业的演讲,也是这次演讲点燃了她的梦想。她在一家销售公司找到了一份工作,目的是为了积累经验。Later, in 2014, Xie met her husband. They got to know each other through WeChat, and the young fast food restaurant owner was touched by Xie#39;s passion and spirit. They shared the same entrepreneurship dream.之后,谢秋君在2014年邂逅了她的丈夫。他们通过微信彼此相识,这位年轻的快餐店老板被谢秋君的热情和心灵打动了。他们有着共同的创业梦想。Together, they opened a new fast food restaurant three month later. Now they own more than 100 restaurants.三个月后,他们一起开了一家新的快餐店。如今他们已拥有100多家快餐店。The couple obtained a marriage license this year and is planning a wedding ceremony in 2017.这对夫妻今年领了结婚,并计划于2017年举办婚礼。 /201609/467851Hong Kong’s fortunes are believed to rise and fall with those of China. Yet the link between “Asia’s World City” and its northern engine of growth is becoming tenuous.香港的命运被认为与中国内地休戚相关。然而,“亚洲国际都会”(Asia’s World City)和其北方的增长引擎之间的联系正变得薄弱。On Thursday, Burberry and Richemont said sales in China were better than expected. The glow did not extend to Hong Kong. Burberry’s sales there and in Macau were down a fifth; Richemont’s revenues in the southern city fell “significantly”. Hong Kong jeweller Chow Tai Fook had bad numbers, too. Worse, the bad news extends beyond luxury — a victim of China’s war against corruption. Also on Thursday Bossini, an apparel retailer, said second-half profits fell between 80 and 90 per cent. It blamed fewer mainland visitors to Hong Kong and weak local sentiment. November tourist arrivals from China fell 16 per cent on the year, the fastest pace in 12 months; retail sales were down 8 per cent for the month.上周四,柏利(Burberry)和历峰(Richemont)报告中国内地销售好于预期。这一好景象没有延伸至香港。柏利在香港和的销售下降五分之一;历峰的香港营收“显著”下降。香港珠宝商周大福(Chow Tai Fook)的业绩也不好。更糟的是,坏消息还不只限于奢侈品——中国反腐败斗争的受害者。同样在上周四,装零售商堡狮龙(Bossini)表示,去年下半年利润下降80%至90%。该公司将糟糕业绩归咎于内地来港游客减少和本地情绪低迷。去年11月,内地来港游客人数同比下降16%,这是12个月以来的最大降幅;该月零售销售下降了8%。Negative sentiment is likely to persist. This month’s disappearance of a seller of books about China’s Communist Party has resurrected antipathy towards the mainland. With that constituency accounting for more than three-quarters of all visitors, its alienation is significant.负面情绪可能会持续。本月,某书店(该书店销售关于中国共产党的图书)的一名员工失踪,重燃了港人对内地的反感。鉴于内地游客占香港游客总数的四分之三以上,这种反感举足轻重。Of course, Hong Kong’s economy is more than tourism and shopping. It has also benefited as the conduit for international services to China. Yet, even in these traditional strongholds, China may be pulling ahead. UBS said it would double its staff in China. Much of that headcount will be north of the border. Hong Kong’s economy has more dark days ahead.当然,香港经济不只限于旅游和购物。这个特别行政区还是境外机构向中国提供务的管道,它也得益于此。然而,即使是在这些传统的香港强项上,内地也可能正在赶超。瑞银(UBS)表示,将把在华员工增加一倍。新增人员将有很大一部分在内地。香港经济将迎来更多黯淡日子。 /201601/423730

  Bangkok#39;s back!曼谷王者归来!The Thai capital has bounced to the top of an annual list of the world#39;s most popular travel destinations after spending several years in the wilderness (of second place).在最新发布的年度最受欢迎旅游目的地榜单上,泰国首都曼谷重回首位。此前数年曼谷一直徘徊在榜单第二名。Its return to the throne came at a cost to London which, after occupying pole position for two years, is trading places with its Asian rival.曼谷重回首位,而付出代价的是伦敦。伦敦在连续两年占据榜首后,与其亚洲对手城市交换了位置。Bangkok is projected to host 21.47 million ;international overnight visitors; this year, according to the 2016 report by financial services corporation MasterCard.万事达金融务公司公布的2016年度报告显示,据预测,曼谷今年将接待2147万国际游客。That figure is more than two times the city#39;s population of about 10 million.这一数字是曼谷市人口(1000万)的两倍多。Bangkok#39;s 2014-15 fall from the top was largely put down to political instability in recent years.曼谷在2014-15年排行下降主要是由于近年来的政治不稳定。But there#39;s no escaping Bangkok#39;s allure: a vibrant urban and culinary scene and proximity to some of the world#39;s most beautiful beaches and islands.但曼谷的吸引力也显而易见:充满生机、食物美味、毗邻一些世界上最美的海滩和岛屿。London, meanwhile, is expected to welcome 18.88 million visitors this year.而伦敦预计今年将接待1888名游客。Paris is in third place with 18.03 million forecast visitors.巴黎排行第三,预计接待游客1803万人。MasterCard says its index reflects the interconnectedness of major global cities and tracks the ways in which business and leisure jet-setters spend their money.万事达公司表示,其数据反映出世界主要大城市的互联性,并追踪了商务和休闲飞机乘客的消费方式。Ranked fourth with 15.27 million visitors, Dubai ;made a quantum leap to become the global top-ranked; in visitor spending, the report says.报告称,迪拜排名第四,预计接待游客1527万人,“突飞猛进,成为全球旅游消费最高的城市”。Based on a new estimate provided by the government of Dubai, its visitor spending of .3 billion this year far exceeds London#39;s estimated .8 billion, which comes second.根据迪拜政府的最新预测,在迪拜旅游的游客今年将消费313亿美元,远远超过伦敦游客消费的198亿美元。伦敦在游客消费榜单中排名第二。According to the index, tourists are ;spending overwhelmingly; to shop -- and not to dine -- in the top 20 destinations outside of Europe, despite many of them being world-famous cuisine capitals.数据显示,在欧洲外的最受游客欢迎20大目的地中,游客的消费主要用于购物,而非就餐。尽管其中很多是世界著名的美食之都。 /201609/468729





  In the last century, the US homeland suffered a terrible foreign attack at Pearl Harbor, and again on 9/11. 在过去一个世纪里,美国本土两次遭受了可怕的外国攻击,第一次是在珍珠港,还有一次是9/11恐怖袭击。Each time, the American response changed the world order. 每次美国的回应都改变了世界秩序。But that’s about it. 但也就这么多了。Add on a few smaller terrorist atrocities, and the total death toll from foreign action on US soil these past 100 years is somewhere under 6,000. 再加上寥寥几次规模较小的恐怖袭击事件,美国本土过去100年死于外国袭击活动的人数不足6000人。The Bosnian town of Srebrenica lost more people in a single Serb massacre in 1995.1995年波斯尼亚斯雷布雷尼察市(Srebrenica)被塞族人一次屠杀的人就不止这么多。The US inhabits a gated mansion in the safest neighbourhood in geopolitics. 从地缘政治角度来说,美国居住在最安全地段的封闭式豪宅。Even if the Red Army had rolled across western Europe, life in Alabama or Ohio would have been almost undisturbed. 即便俄罗斯军队长驱直入西欧,阿拉巴马州或俄亥俄州的生活也几乎不会受到影响。It’s telling that when Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign, he had to invent a foreign bogeyman, the Mexican rapist. 颇能说明问题的是,当唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)发起总统竞选活动的时候,他不得不发明一个外国魔鬼——来自墨西哥的强奸犯。The US is immune to the world in a way that British Brexiters can only fantasise about. 美国与世界隔绝的程度,英国退欧派人士只能幻想。This means that the American election probably matters more to foreigners than it does to most Americans. 这意味着,美国选举对外国人的影响很可能比它对大多数美国人的影响更大。The US president has the power to protect the rest of the world, mess us up or simply ignore us.美国总统有实力保护全球其他国家,把别国搞得一团糟,或者干脆忽视我们。No country can exist in glorious isolation, but the US very nearly can. 任何国家都不能完全与世隔绝,但美国非常接近这种境界。Long before this election campaign, it was aly retreating from a pesky world. 早在此次总统大选之前,美国就已经从麻烦不断的世界抽身。Barack Obama has spent eight years trying to ditch the global policeman’s baton – although, as Xenia Wickett of Chatham House notes, he didn’t bother to explain his policy and therefore this was often interpreted simply as weakness. 巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)花了8年时间努力扔掉世界警察的警棍——尽管正如英国皇家国际事务研究所(Chatham House)的克塞尼娅.维克特(Xenia Wickett)所指出的,他没有花费精力解释自己的政策,因此往往被解读为只是出于软弱。Trump offers a grotesque caricature of American isolationism, but even presuming Hillary Clinton wins, the US has lost its urge to meddle in faraway countries of which it knows nothing.特朗普描绘了一幅美国孤立主义的荒诞漫画,但即便假设希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)赢得大选,美国也失去了对自己一无所知的遥远国家进行干预的冲动。Scarier for us foreigners than American isolationism is American irresponsibility. 对我们外国人来说,比美国孤立主义更可怕的是美国的不负责任。This too is a luxury that only an extraordinarily safe country can afford. 这也是只有极度安全的国家才能负担得起的奢侈品。Donald Trump is such an impulse-driven ignoramus that in one poll for the Lincoln Leadership Initiative, his own supporters thought there was a 22 per cent chance that he would start a nuclear war. 唐纳德.特朗普极为冲动且无知,以至于在林肯领导倡议(Lincoln Leadership Initiative)进行的一项民调中,他自己的持者都认为,他发动核战争的可能性达到22%。Nonetheless, just six weeks before the election he had a 50:50 shot at becoming president. 然而,就在大选投票的6周前,特朗普还有一半的几率当选总统。He might still win.他仍有可能赢得大选。His astonishing run could probably happen only in a country that feels secure enough to subsume its politics into TV entertainment and culture war. 他的令人错愕的人气很可能只会发生在一个自认为足够安全、可以将政治融入电视和文化战争的国家里。Europe produces xenophobic populists too, but they tend to be better-informed xenophobic populists such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, and anyway, they cannot destroy the world.欧洲也涌现仇外的民粹主义者,但他们往往是马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)和海尔特.维尔德斯(Geert Wilders)等更接地气的仇外民粹主义者,再说无论如何,他们不可能毁掉世界。Abroad seems tiny to most American voters — and yet it’s the only place where their presidents can have much impact. 在大多数美国选民眼里,国外是个小地方,然而这是他们的总统唯一可以产生巨大影响的地方。At home, a president is usually stymied by Congress. 在国内,总统通常受到国会的掣肘。Obama probably did less than the iPhone to change most Americans’ lives.要说改变大多数美国人的生活,奥巴马的影响很可能还没有iPhone大。But if a president suddenly feels an itch to transform some foreign country, he can do it. 但如果一位总统突然心痒难耐地想要改变某个国家,他是可以做到的。Foreigners therefore swing between two fears about the US: either that it will hurt us or, at times like now, that it will forget us.外国人因此在对美国的两种担忧中摇摆:既怕它伤害我们,又怕它像现在这样忘掉我们。Europe is a pretty good neighbourhood nowadays but compared with the US it remains uncomfortably close to the action. 如今欧洲是相当宜居的地段,但与美国相比,它依然令人不安地靠近战乱。A French foreign minister once used a rare tête-à-tête in the back of a limousine with his president, Jacques Chirac, to ask why he was always so friendly to Russia. 一位法国外长曾经利用在豪车后座与时任总统雅克.希拉克(Jacques Chirac)密谈的难得机会,质问他为何总是对俄罗斯那么友好。Because, said Chirac, when I look at the map of Europe, I see a lot of sweet little countries, and right next to them, this massive great bear. 希拉克说道:因为,当我查看欧洲地图的时候,我看到许多可爱的小国家,而就在它们旁边是这个庞大的熊。So I’m nice to the bear. 因此我对这只熊客客气气。To Europe’s south-east is a violent ghetto with 24-hour shooting, while just south of the stream there are people dying of hunger.欧洲东南方向是一块暴力贫民区,24小时随时可能听到声,而更靠南的地方则有人因饥饿而死亡。And as the current French president Fran#231;ois Hollande says, The US will ask Europeans to defend themselves. 正如法国现任总统弗朗索瓦.奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)所说的那样,美国将会要求欧洲人自己保护自己。That’s a problem, because merely creating our own neighbourhood watch committee will probably always be beyond us. 这是一个问题,因为仅仅组建欧洲自己的邻里守望委员会就很可能超出了我们的能力范围。The UK is now consumed with Brexit (making it even less useful as an American ally), the French army is busy patrolling French streets and, in military terms, the other European states are what the French disdainfully call vegetarians. 英国正忙着处理退欧事宜(这让它作为美国盟友的有用程度进一步减弱),法国军队忙着巡逻法国街道,而从军事上说,其他欧洲国家被法国人轻蔑地称为素食主义者。Most European foreign action is now led by Angela Merkel. 欧洲的大部分海外行动由安格拉.默克尔(Angela Merkel)主导。Though Americans and even Germans are expending lots of energy trying to work out what kind of power Germany is becoming, it definitely won’t be a hard power.尽管美国人(甚至德国人)投入大量精力研究德国会成为哪类强国,但它肯定不会是一个施展硬实力的国家。Vladimir Putin has just sent nuclear weapons into Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania. 弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)刚刚在位于波兰和立陶宛之间的加里宁格勒(Kaliningrad)部署了核武器。All of Europe risks ending up where eastern Europe used to be: inside Russia’s sphere of influence. 整个欧洲最终可能沦落到当年东欧的处境:处于俄罗斯的势力范围内。Still, that might not turn out disastrously. 话虽如此,最终这可能不是灾难性的。Putin is not stupid, says Daniel Keohane of the Centre for Security Studies in Zurich. 苏黎世安全研究中心(Centre for Security Studies)的丹尼尔.基奥恩(Daniel Keohane)表示:普京并不蠢。I’m not sure he is keen to have an actual war with a Nato member state. 我确信他不会渴望真的与北约成员国打一仗。Putin probably prefers just to make a big nuisance of himself, thinks Keohane. 基奥恩认为,普京很可能只是想制造些大麻烦。The worst consequences of American isolation would therefore fall on the Middle East: what happens there if the US can no longer maintain the delicate Iranian-Saudi balance?因此,美国孤立主义的最糟糕后果将落在中东:如果美国不再能够保持伊朗与沙特之间的微妙平衡,那里将会发生什么?Whatever happens, it probably won’t be felt on American main streets. 无论发生什么,美国普通人很可能感觉不到。As this election shows, the world’s most powerful country isn’t very interested in the world.正如此次选举表明的那样,这个世界上最强大的国家对世界没多大兴趣。 /201611/475775

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