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The most beautiful and important fountain in Rome is also one of the most romantic, and we all know the legend of the Trevi Fountain: making a wish by throwing a coin over your shoulder will bring you back to Rome.意大利罗马最美丽的,最有名的,同时也是最浪漫的喷泉是特莱维喷泉,(少女喷泉)这个喷泉为世人所知除了它的美丽还有那个古老的传说:转身从你肩上方投币如喷泉里,然后许一个愿,你就可以重新回到罗马But the Fontana di Trevi, or Trevi Fountain, hides other myths and legends in Rome, developed in over two hundred years of history (the fountain was inaugurated in 61). One legend regards Nicola Salvi, who is the architect behind the fountain’s design, and a large vase that dresses a corner of the fountain on via della Stamperia.当然,关于特莱维喷泉的美丽传说不止这一个其中还有有一个传说,可以追溯到0多年以前的61年,当时喷泉正开工修建,建筑师尼科拉#86;萨尔维设计了一个大花瓶堵在去della Stamperia的路上The story goes that the architect didn’t get along with a barber in the area, who continued to criticise the fountain and the work. In theory, Salvi put the vase right in front of the Barber shop so the barber could no longer look at the construction. The vase was renamed after an ace of playing cards, “asso di coppe”, due to its similar m.传说,建筑师Nicola Salvi和当地的理发师不和,因为理发师老是对尼科拉#86;萨尔维的喷泉设计指手画脚,各种不满意于是,被烦透了的尼科拉#86;萨尔维干脆设计了一个大花瓶,挡住了从理发店看到喷泉的视线这个花瓶后来变成了扑克牌里的一个符号,因为两者的样子很像 Other Trevi Fountain legends regard lovers and couples. Girls whose lover leaves military service or work, are guaranteed eternal love if they make their boyfriend drink a glass of water from the fountain, then subsequently break the glass. In this way the man will never get the girl.还有一个特莱维喷泉的传说是关于爱情的,女孩的恋人如果因为从军或工作要远行,她就要从喷泉里取一杯水,让恋人喝下,从此她的恋人无论身在那里都会永远爱她,永远不已忘记她A more hygienic way of guaranteeing eternal love, and more suggestive in its name, is to drink from the “Fontanina degli innamorati” or the lovers fountain, which is to the side of the Trevi Fountain. The lovers must drink together to be faithful life.要想爱永恒,但要保喝下去的水很卫生,还是喝来自特莱维喷泉旁边小喷泉“Fontanina degli innamorati”的泉水更保险恋人们双双喝下泉水就意味着你们爱对方一辈子了The Fountain contains a curiosity on its name. It’s called the Fontana di Trevi, or Trevi Fountain due to the trivium, or crossroads that med in the place in medieval times. Here there was the Acque Vergine, or virgin water, the place where the Trevi Fountain now stands. Medieval characteristics still exist in the area.特莱维喷泉的名字得来也很有意思,之所以被叫做特莱维,因为在意大利语中“特莱维”是三岔路口的意思,前面有三条道路延伸出去trevi亦作trivium,意谓“三条道路集中的地方”Acque Vergine 意谓“少女泉”中世纪的特点在这个建筑立面表现的淋漓尽致 56

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have ended their acrimonious divorce battle, reaching a settlement Heard to receive million and drop her case.约翰尼·德普和艾梅柏·希尔德终于结束了这场腥风血雨的离婚战,他们达成离婚协议,希尔德将获得700万美元的赡养费并撤回诉讼Amber Heard is giving away every penny from the million divorce settlement she got from Johnny Depp to charities that help battered women and sick children.艾梅柏·希尔德将700万赡养费全部捐献给了帮助受虐待妇女和患病儿童的慈善机构Heard, 30, told TMZ she is donating the money to both the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children Hospital of Los Angeles, where she says she has worked as a volunteer years. The money will divided equally between the two charities.30岁的艾梅柏·希尔德告诉新闻网站TMZ,她将把赡养费捐给美国公民自由联盟和洛杉矶儿童医院,她说自己曾为这家医院当了年志愿者赡养费将平分给两家机构 It seems that a buoyant Amber Heard was y to put the acrimonious end of her marriage behind her, as she joined her A-List pals Margot Robbie and Cara Delevinge a fun-filled evening out in London,on Friday, August .艾梅柏·希尔德似乎已经将她这场腥风血雨的离婚战抛之脑后,8月日周五,她和她的好朋友玛歌特·罗比和卡拉·迪瓦伊在伦敦度过了充满乐趣一晚A weight off her shoulders? Laughing and japing around with her girl friends after dinner, the Driver Angry star didnt bother to make a Hollywood exit from the popular eatery; choosing instead to mingle with her friends on the pavement如释重负?晚饭过后她的女性朋友不停的说笑,这名《狂暴飞车明星从餐馆出来并没有用好莱坞的退场方式,而是选择在人行道上和她的朋友打成一片The stars were all smiles as they said goodbye to some of their friends after the meal, with Margot looking particularly up-beat.用餐后明星们都满脸笑容的跟他们的朋友们告别,玛歌特·罗比看起来特别开心 6599

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. "Twister"There are going to be people who scoff at my choice of "Twister" but this is one of those movies that when it's on cable, I always end up watching. Not the best acting ever in a film, but the tornado action is pretty darn fun. 也许很多人会对《龙卷风不屑一顾,毕竟表演一般特效也很陈旧了但是每次电视台放还是会忍不住看…… 185

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