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襄阳不孕不育那个医院比较好襄阳治疗男性早泄医院哪家好谈恋爱成大学生最大消费Students spend more on love than books, according to a survey conducted this summer.A survey conducted this summer suggests students in Shenyang lavish most of their money on the opposite sex.The survey, conducted by Lixinfang, a student mental health centre at Shenyang Normal University, shows almost half of all undergraduates' daily spending goes on their girlfriends or boyfriends.The rest is spent on their lodgings, 30 per cent, hairdressing and clothes, 5 per cent, and study fees, 3 per cent.This means money spent on their partners comes in at No 1, while money spent on study comes last.The surveyors interviewed 1,000 college students in Shenyang, Liaoning Province."This result is astonishing. We never knew that they spent so much on their partners rather than on their studies," said Zou Rulian, director of the centre."It is their own business as they are all over 18 years old, but the point is that they live on their parents, not themselves," said Zou.According to the survey, 69 per cent of students spent over 10,000 yuan (US,250) a year, a figure that included tuition fees and daily expenditure.Statistics from the Shenyang Statistics Bureau show last year the average monthly salary in Shenyang was 1,366 yuan (US1), 134 yuan (US) less than the national average."One undergraduate costs more than half the annual income of average families in Shenyang. But students do not spend on study, they spend on something else," added Zou.Wang Dan, at the local Dongbei University, spends around 1,000 yuan (US0) every month, with over half going on dating.He receives 700 yuan (US) from his family each month. In addition, Wang has part-time jobs, like tutoring a high school student, to bring in extra income."It is my duty to buy my girlfriend food, clothes and other things. I'd like to do more part-time work to afford this," he said.(Agencies)今年暑期的一项调查表明,沈阳大学生将大部分的生活费花在了自己的女友或男友身上。这项由沈阳师范大学“理心坊”学生心理健康中心开展的调查显示,本科生每天近一半的开销都花在了女友或男友身上。剩下的生活费中,30%用于住宿,5%用于美发和买衣,而只有3%用在学习上。由此看出,大学生的“恋爱”开在几项开中位居第一,而学习开却最少。调查者们对辽宁省沈阳市的1000名大学生进行了访问。“理心坊”心理健康中心主任邹如莲说:“调查结果让人很惊讶。我们以前根本不知道大学生将这么多的钱花在了自己的女友或男友身上,而不是用来学习。”邹主任说:“这是他们自己的事,因为他们都是超过18岁的成年人了,但关键是他们现在还是靠父母供养,自己还没有经济来源。”据调查,69%的大学生一年的学费和生活费达到1万元以上。沈阳统计局的有关数据显示,去年,沈阳市居民的平均月工资为1366元,比全国平均水平低134元。邹主任说:“在沈阳,供养一个大学生的年开销占普通家庭年收入的一半以上。但是大学生没把钱花在学习上,而是花在了谈恋爱上。”东北大学学生王丹每月花销1000月左右,其中有一半多用于谈恋爱。王丹父母每月给他700元生活费。此外,他自己还做一些兼职赚外快,如,当家教。他说:“给女朋友买吃的、穿的和用的是我的义务。为此,我愿意做更多的兼职。” /200803/32398襄阳襄城区治疗男性不育多少钱 Just ask any one of the 300,000 Americans who develop kidney stones: What if the excruciating pain of passing one of those little devils could be prevented by strapping yourself into a make-believe runaway mine train, throwing your hands in the air and enduring G-forces as high as 2.5 for about three minutes? Would you do it?从30万患肾结石的美国人中去随便找个患者问问:若乘坐一辆越矿飞车,飞车如逃离般飞驰而过时手在空中乱舞,还要承受高达2.5G的重力三分钟,就能免去排出那些小个恶魔时的剧痛,你会去做吗?Hell yeah, they’d do it.废话,他们会的。In a bit of medical research inspired by strange and remarkable patient accounts, a Michigan State University urologist reports that, yes, riding a medium-intensity roller coaster such as the Disney theme parks’ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can result in the painless passing of small, and even a few large, kidney stones.密歇根州立大学的泌尿专家注意到了一些罕见病例,受其启发进行了医学研究。他们得出报告说,是的,玩一趟中等刺激的过山车,比如迪士尼乐园的巨雷山过山车,能无痛排出小粒甚至是一些大颗肾结石。For best results, ride in the back, where — roller coaster afficionados all seem to agree — the thrills are greatest. 坐在过山车尾部效果最佳,过山车爱好者都知道坐在后面的座位是最刺激的。Independent of kidney stone volume and location, findings reported Sunday in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Assn. showed that sitting in the back of the roller coaster resulted in an average passage rate of 63.89%.周日发表在《美国骨科协会杂志》上的调查报告表示,坐在过山车尾部平均排石率能达到63.89%。Front-seat rides resulted in a far more modest passage rate of 16.67%.而坐在头部,排石率要低得多,只有16.67%。In what magical kingdom, you may well ask, does someone think to conduct such research?你完全可以问,得在什么魔法王国才做得出这种实验呢?Dr David D. Wartinger, a professor emeritus at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, initiated the study after a series of patients reported something almost too strange to believe: In the wake of riding Big Thunder at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., these patients said their kidney stones passed painlessly from the kidney through the narrow duct of the ureter and into the bladder. 密歇根大学骨科医学退休教授大卫#8226;沃汀格尔是研究发起者,之前有肾结石患者向他讲述了桩桩难以置信的怪事:他们在佛罗里达州奥兰多的迪士尼乐园玩了巨雷山过山车后,体内的肾结石就毫无痛感地从肾脏经由狭窄尿管排到了膀胱内。In one case, a patient told Wartinger that he passed one kidney stone after each of three consecutive rides on the roller coaster.有一个案例的病人告诉沃汀格尔,他连着坐了三次过山车,每次都有一颗结石排出。Using a 3-D printed model of that patient’s kidney, Wartinger and his colleagues implanted three kidney stones of various sizes into the upper, middle or lower passageways of the clear silicone model. 沃汀格尔和同事用3D打印机制造了这位患者肾脏的透明硅胶模型,并把三个大小不一的肾结石放入模型上中下的管道中。Two of those mineral clusters, which can form as the kidney filters waste from the bloodstream, were small-to-moderate size — 4.5 millmeters and 13.5 mm. 肾结石是肾脏在过滤血流垃圾时形成的矿物质群。其中两颗结石小的4.5mm,中等大小的13.5mm。Those might pass through the duct leading to the bladder without incident but could also cause considerable pain and discomfort as they passed unaided. 这等大小的结石在经由尿管向膀胱自然移动时,可以平安无事,但也能引起剧痛和不适感。But a third measured 64.6 mm, a size that would rarely pass without treatment — the administration of ultrasound shock waves, called lithotripsy, designed to break up the deposit and allow it to pass.第三颗结石64.6mm大,这种大小的结石只有借助超声冲击波治疗,也即碎石术打碎结石,才能排出体外。The researchers received permission from Walt Disney World first, then concealed the kidney model in a backpack and rode Big Thunder 20 times, varying their seat position between front and back.实验前,研究人员先征得了迪士尼乐园同意,然后把肾模型藏到背包中坐了20次巨雷山过山车,期间还变换位置,从头部换到尾部。After analyzing the location of those three kidney stones at the end of each ride, the researchers concluded that findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones, Wartinger said. 研究人员在每次坐完过山车后都会检查三颗肾结石的位置,得出了如下结论。When the kidney stone was large, the initial position of the kidney stone affected the likelihood of its passing during the ride. 沃汀格尔说,我们实验所得验了病人所述情况,坐中等刺激的过山车可以帮助一些患者排出小块结石。But even those passed two in three times while the silicone model rode the thrill ride.大颗肾结石所处位置会影响坐过山车时结石排出的可能性,但排出结石时三次有两次是在硅胶模型经过刺激车程的时候。Many people in the ed States probably live within a few hours’ drive of an amusement park containing a roller coaster with features capable of dislodging calyceal renal calculi, wrote Wartinger and co-author Dr Marc A. 很多美国人住在一家游乐园几小时车程内,这家游乐园有一辆过山车可以帮助人们排掉肾盏结石,沃汀格尔和来自华盛顿州波尔斯波医生诊所的马克#8226;米切尔一同写道。Mitchell of the Doctor’s Clinic in Poulsbo, Wash.Roller coaster therapy might be a good preventive treatment for people who are high risk of developing obstructive kidney stones, wrote Wartinger and Mitchell. 过山车疗法对梗阻性肾结石易患人群可能是个很好的预防疗法,沃汀格尔和米切尔在报告中说。They suggested that patients who have had kidney stones in the past, or women who have had kidney stones and are thinking of becoming pregnant, consider a thrill ride or two in a bid to clear tiny stones before the deposits grow larger. 他们建议过去长过肾结石的患者和有肾结石、正在准备开始妊娠的女性,考虑放开胆子坐一两次过山车来把微小结石清出,以防长得更大。Kidney stone sufferers who have had their deposits broken up by lithotripsy might also consider a roller-coaster ride to finish the job, they said.他们还说,已接受过碎石术治疗的肾结石患者也可以考虑坐过山车,以把结石彻底排出体外。 /201610/469777墨西哥成全球第二大肥胖国Fueled by the rising popularity of soft drinks and fast-food restaurants, Mexico has become the second fattest nation in the world. Mexican health officials say it could surpass the US as the most obese country within 10 years if trends continue.More than 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are overweight, according to the latest national surveys.With diabetes now Mexico's leading cause of death, activists and leaders hope to renew efforts to crack down on junk food and other fatty-food consumption and encourage citizens to exercise more. But it will be a tough battle, as industry groups are expected to put up a fight.No one knows better the country's affection for fattening foods than Lidia Garcia Garduno , who's run a fruit stand in central Mexico City for the past 10 years."People don't eat right anymore," said Garcia Garduno "Instead of coming here and purchasing a fruit drink, they prefer to walk across the street and buy fried pork chops. That's why so many Mexicans are obese."In 1989, fewer than 10 percent of Mexican adults were overweight. No one in the country even talked about obesity back then, said Barry Popkin , a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill professor who studies global weight gain. Experts were too concerned with poverty and hunger."It certainly snuck up on them," said Popkin, who's working with the Mexican health ministry to develop strategies to address obesity throughout the country. " Mexico has probably had the most rapid increase of obesity in the last 15 years."Mexican Health Secretary Jose Cordova , who launched a new health campaign Feb. 25 , agrees: "We have to put the brakes on this obesity problem." 由于软饮料和快餐厅越来越受欢迎,墨西哥目前已成为全球第二大肥胖国家。墨西哥的卫生官员们称,如果这一趋势持续下去,墨西哥将在十年内赶超美国,成为第一大肥胖国。据墨西哥全国范围内的最新调查结果显示,超过71%的女性和66%的男性体重超标。目前,糖尿病是墨西哥的第一大死亡原因。社会活动家和权威人士希望相关部门能继续努力,抵制垃圾食品和其它高脂肪食品,并鼓励人们多锻炼身体。但由于一些行业组织会出面抗议,这注定是一场“攻坚战”。说到墨西哥人对于增肥食品的喜爱,没有人比利迪娅#8226;加西娅#8226;加杜诺体会更深。利迪娅在墨西哥中部的墨西哥城经营一家水果店已有十年之久。加西娅#8226;加杜诺说:“人们的饮食越来越不健康。现在到我这来买果汁饮料的人越来越少,都跑到街对面的快餐店去买炸猪排去了。这就是为什么这么多墨西哥人面临肥胖问题的原因了。”据北卡罗莱那大学查伯尔山分校全球肥胖问题专家巴里#8226;波普金教授介绍,1989年,墨西哥仅有不到10%的成年人体重超标。那时甚至没人谈论肥胖问题。专家们都一门心思地去想如何解决贫穷和饥饿问题。“他们没想到肥胖问题也随即而来。”波普金教授目前正与墨西哥卫生部合作,制订解决全国范围肥胖问题的战略。他说:“在过去15年中,墨西哥可能是肥胖率增长最快的国家。”墨西哥卫生部部长约塞#8226;科多瓦于上月25日启动了一项新的健康计划。他也认为,“控制肥胖势在必行。” /200803/32582襄阳市四院药流多少钱

襄阳市哪家腋臭医院能治疗生殖疱疹WhatsApp has joined Apple in defying the US government’s efforts to gain access to mobile phone users’ private messages by rolling out tough encryption protections that will prevent law enforcement agencies from snooping on its more than 1bn users. WhatsApp推出高强度加密保护技术,将阻止执法部门监视其超过10亿用户,从而加入苹果(Apple)的行列,违抗美国政府试图获取手机用户私人信息的努力。 The Facebook-owned chat app expanded its end-to-end encryption just weeks after Apple narrowly avoided a legal showdown with the FBI over access to the iPhone owned by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terrorist attacks that killed 14 people. Facebook旗下的这款聊天应用扩大端到端加密的几周前,苹果侥幸避免了与美国联邦调查局(FBI)就解锁加州圣贝纳迪诺恐怖袭击案中一名手的iPhone手机的法律诉讼。那场击案导致14人死亡。 Like the iPhone’s messaging software, WhatsApp will hold no keys to users’ private communication — whether one-on-one or group messages, photos or calls — and so could not grant agencies access even if they had a warrant. 与iPhone的即时信息软件一样,WhatsApp将不持有用户私人通信的钥匙(不管是一对一的信息或群发信息、图片还是通话),因此即使执法部门持有法庭的搜查令也无法让它们解锁设备。 Law enforcement agencies have warned that increasingly sophisticated encryption on digital communications could hinder their ability to track terrorists and criminals. Tech groups argue that weakening encryption would make it easier for cyber criminals to attack their customers, at a time of a growing number of cyber attacks. 执法部门警告称,针对数字通信的愈发复杂的加密技术可能会阻碍其追踪恐怖分子和犯罪分子的能力。科技公司辩称,在网络攻击日益增加之际,削弱加密技术将令网络犯罪分子更容易攻击其客户。 Jan Koum, WhatsApp co-founder, said protecting private communication was a core value at WhatsApp, partly because of his own experience growing up in the Soviet Union. WhatsApp联合创始人简#8226;库姆(Jan Koum)表示,保护私人通信是WhatsApp的核心价值观之一,部分原因是他在苏联长大的经历。 “The idea is simple: when you send a message, the only person who can it is the person or group chat that you send that message to. No one can see inside that message. Not cybercriminals#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Not oppressive regimes. Not even us,” he wrote in a blog post. 他在一篇文中写道:“这个想法很简单:当你发送信息时,唯一能读取这条信息的人是作为这条信息收件人的人或者群。没有人能看到这条信息。网络犯罪分子不能……专制政权不能。甚至我们也不能。” Apple has been the most prominent defender of the tech industry’s right to protect consumers from government snooping, refusing to aid the FBI with accessing an iPhone belonging to Syed Farook, who with his wife committed the San Bernardino shooting last year. 苹果一直是科技行业保护消费者不受政府监视的权利的最知名捍卫者,该公司拒绝帮助FBI解锁赛义德#8226;法鲁克(Syed Farook)的iPhone,法鲁克和他的妻子去年实施了圣贝纳迪诺击案。 Facebook was one of several tech companies to support Apple in the fight, signing a letter that said the government’s order “exceeds the bounds of existing law and, when applied more broadly, will harm Americans’ security in the long run”. However, none of Facebook’s other apps has the same high level of encryption as WhatsApp. Facebook是在这场争斗中持苹果的几家科技公司之一,该公司在一封信上签名,信中称,美国政府的命令“超出了现有法律的界限,若更广泛应用,将损害美国人的长期安全”。然而,Facebook的其他应用都没有像WhatsApp这么高强度的加密。 /201604/436074襄樊第四人民医院流产打胎多少钱 襄阳中医院有人在那做过割包皮吗

襄樊市第二人民医院几点开门“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”- AnonymousFrom childhood we are sold on an ideal image of beauty, one few of us ever see reflected when we look in the mirror. This article will show you how you can look in the mirror and despite the ideal, see only a beautiful you.When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you notice, and how does it make you feel? If you’re like most people, the first thing that catches your eye is probably your least favorite asset. If so, don’t worry you’re not alone. Here’s why. Can you guess how much money is spent in just one year by advertisers to sell us on the concept of the “ideal” image of beauty? Well, I can’t either but I do know this — it’s a lot of money, certainly somewhere in the billions of dollars!So, technically, you can consider yourself brainwashed. From your earliest childhood days — whether you played with Action Man or Barbie — you’ve been receiving constant, consistent images telling you what beauty is supposed to look like. Never mind that these images are for the most part, anatomically impossible!And, would you really want to look like Fabio anyway? Or Pam Anderson? Honestly? I’m guessing probably not.So, here’s how you can build your confidence with the body nature gave you:1. Look in the mirror.2. This time, really look at yourself. Reflect on the compliments you have received. Do people tell you how great your hair is? How beautiful your eyes are? That you have a nice smile? Try to see what they see.3. Take it all in. Stand far enough away from the mirror so that you can take it all in. What do you see? Find at least three positive things.4. Now, get up close. Really close. Look at your eyes — the irises. What color are they? Are they all one color or are there flecks of various colors? How would you describe them using positive analogies or adjectives?5. Now, smile. What does your smile convey? Warmth? Happiness?6. Find at least three characteristics you like best about yourself. Then accentuate them as you dress to go out. If you love your eyes, make sure your hair doesn’t cover them up. Love your lips? Make sure to keep them soft and moisturized. Your hair? Get a flattering cut and condition it regularly to keep it shiny and healthy. In short, amplify what you like, and don’t worry about the parts you don’t.Here are some ways to do just that:Go shopping and bring a good friend. Ask them to help you pick out colors and clothes they think flatter you. Don’t worry if your first reaction is “that’s not me!” Experiment!Feel better about whatever it is you don’t like about yourself by picturing the absolute worst-case scenario. Exaggerate whatever it is you’re hung up on and blow it up in you mind until it’s comical. Then look in the mirror — not so bad anymore is it?Accept yourself for who you are, how you look, and focus on what really matters — the things about you that can’t be seen — your heart, mind and soul!What do you want people to praise you for? Is it really how you look? Probably not. You probably want people to think you’re funny, smart, nice, or generous — something along those lines right?Make a list of your positive personal qualities and characteristics. Then ask yourself, what’s more important? Get involved in activities that build on your personal characteristics — volunteer, join a club, take a class to sharpen a talent. These will help you emphasize and focus more on the more important qualities that get you through life successfully and with more fun.Live life, love fully and laugh often! “希望你是别人等于浪费你本人” 。--无名氏童年起,当我们照镜子时,我们只看到一个美丽的形象,却很少有人它所反映的东西。本文将教您如何照镜子,只看到一个美丽的你,虽然是理想化了。当你照镜子时,你最想注意的是什么?它给你的感觉如何?如果你和常人一样,最先引起你注意的可能是你最不喜欢的部分。如果是的话,别担心,您并不孤单。为什么呢?你能猜出在短短的一年时间里,广告商要花多少钱向我们出售“理想”的美丽形象这个概念的吗?嗯,我猜不出,但我知道是要花很多钱的,肯定要上几十亿美元!因此,技巧上,您可以考虑自己洗脑。从你的童年,不管你是否玩过玩具或芭比娃娃,你一直保持着不变的你期望的美丽形象。永远记住,这些形象是在很大程度上及解剖学上是不可能的!还有,你会真的要看起来像法比奥吗?或帕姆.安德森?真诚地吗?我猜大概不会。所以,以下教你如何树立你对与生俱来的身材的信心:1. 看看镜子里。2. 这次,确实要看看你自己。思考别人对你的称赞。有人告诉过你你的头发有多好吗?你的眼睛是多么的漂亮吗?你的微笑很好看吗?尝试看看他们所看到的。3. 看全身。站得离镜子远些,直到你能看到你全身。你看到什么呢?找出至少有三个好的地方。4. 现在,照近一点。确确实实地靠近。看看你的眼睛-虹膜。他们是什么颜色?他们都是一个颜色,还是各种各样颜色的雀斑?你会如何用积极的比喻或形容词来描述他们?5. 现在,请微笑。你的微笑传达的是什么?温暖?幸福?6. 找出至少三个你最喜欢的特点。你打扮出门时强调一下这些特点。如果您爱您的眼睛,那就不要让你的头发把他们遮住了。爱护你的嘴唇呢?请务必让它们柔软和保湿。爱你的头发呢?就剪一个讨人喜欢的发型,再把它梳得整齐,保其光泽和健康。简而言之,完善你喜欢的,不必担心你不喜欢的部分。以下的一些方法让你做到这一点:带一个好朋友和你去购物。请他们帮你挑选他们觉得令你满意的颜色和衣。如果您的第一反应是“这不是我”,也不用担心!实验!想象绝对最坏的情况会让你对你不喜欢自己的部分感觉更好。夸大所有令你心神不安并让它充满你哦的脑海,直到很滑稽。然后再照镜子,没有那么差,是吧?接受你自己是谁,你长得怎样,把重点放在你真正在乎的东西—那些你看不到的--你的心,思想和灵魂!你想要人们称赞你什么呢?是你的长相?大概不是。你也许希望人们能认为您搞笑、聪明、友好、或慷慨—伴随这些的正义感?列出你积极的个人素质和优点。然后问问自己,什么更重要?参一些能塑造你个人特点的活动,如义工;加入一个俱乐部,选择一门能磨砺人才的课程。这些将有助于你强调和更专注于更重要的让您的人生成功且带来更多乐趣的素质。生活,应该全身心的投入、笑口常开! /200806/41634 I was at my brother's house this week with his 2 kids and I noticed something disturbing. 90% of what this family eats comes from a box or a restaurant. There's nothing wrong with convenience per se, but it seems so unnecessary, expensive and simply unhealthy.In 15 minutes per week, you could prepare most of these things at half the cost. Making them yourself also allows you near-total control of what you and your children eat. Have you ever looked at the sodium content of snacks out there today? Kids get 3 times the recommended daily allowance of sodium before noon!The true cost of packing up these snacks yourself seems to be in the time and effort, which many people treat like a very precious commodity. If you can spare a few minutes each day in an effort to push some healthy foods down your kids throats, you can be on your way to saving money at the grocery store and at the doctor's office as little Johnny becomes healthier.Here are 5 easy ways that you can get moving in the right direction and I challenge you to open your pantry or cabinets and identify other ways you can whip up some Do-it-Yourself magic and come up with healthy alternatives to your snacks.Kids SnacksI've priced it out and buying a tub of pretzels and parceling them into snack bags is literally 3 times cheaper than buying the individual bags. No coupon in the world will save you what 20 minutes will.If that weren't enough of an incentive, this also allows you to customize your kids snacks too. Make Chex Mix without the sugar, take the raisins out of the trail mix since your kid doesn't eat them, etc. Perhaps the best part is these snacks last just as long when you pack them up yourself as they do in their individual packs.Rice Crispy TreatsYes I know pre-made rice crispy bars are awesome and while no one eats them for their health benefits, have you looked at sodium content? Wow.If you make them yourself and keep them in Ziploc bags, they taste better, last just as long, and have much less sodium. As a bonus you can substitute brown puffed rice so you actually get a little fiber.Microwave PopcornRegular microwave popcorn costs about a bag. Bulk popcorn costs about a nickel a bag. There isn't even a choice here. All you have to do is drop a 1/4 cup of kernels in a paper bag with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Then staple the bag shut and microwave it just the same as you would any other bag of popcorn (no, the staples will not cause sparks if your microwave was built after 1986). Cheap, fast, and 0 cholesterol or artificial flavors.Fruit CupTupperware and similar sealed container companies have been striding forward at a remarkable pace; especially in the area of smaller containers. There's no reason you have to buy pre-fab fruit cups anymore. Dicing your own fruit means your kid isn't drinking down the high fructose syrup that most fruit is packed in.DIY fruit cups last about a week so you can do up a batch Sunday night and you're good for school. If you're using apples or some fruit that browns, just sprinkle in a little lime juice.YogurtHave you seen how much sugar is in yogurt these days? My nephew's literally, I'm not making this up, had Mamp;Ms in it. I found that interesting since my sister-in-law is one of those semi-self-righteous moms who would never let her kid eat a candy bar.The same little Tupperware that worked for fruit cups can be filled from a tub of vanilla yogurt with the exact amount of fresh fruit, jam and honey you want your kid to eat (yogurt, strawberries and honey is the best thing ever). If not, you may as well give the kid a candy bar - the sugar levels are nearly the same!Packing your own food for your family has a ton of advantages. It's cheaper, healthier and it gives you total control over what you eat. As I showed here, it's also pretty easy. A hidden value to all of this is that your kids will actually see what you're doing and learn healthy habits early in life.If everything they eat comes shrink-wrapped, zip-topped and in individually wrapped portions, how will they ever learn to cook for themselves? How will they even understand the concept? 这星期在我哥哥家里,和他两个孩子在一起的时候,我发现了一件令人担心的事情。他们家吃的东西,90%不是包装食品,就是餐馆的外卖。没错,这很方便,但我觉得很没有必要,而且也很贵,还很不健康。每星期,你只要花上15分钟,就能够用一半的价钱做好平时所吃的大部分食物。自己做,还能让你基本掌控你和孩子们的饮食。你注意到今天孩子所吃快餐的钠含量了吗?孩子们一个上午的钠摄入量就已是专家建议的三倍。自己动手做这些吃的只需花费你一点点时间和精力,但很多人却惜之如金。如果你每天能花上几分钟,让你的孩子吃上些健康的食品,那你就省了买药看病的钱,小强尼也能变得更健康了。以下五个简单方法能帮助你朝正确方向转变。我也持你大胆动手,打开橱柜,看你自己是否也能弄出一些取代快餐的健康食品来。孩子的零食我算过,买一桶椒盐卷饼,再把它们分袋装要比单独一袋袋买便宜3倍。也就是说,20分钟的功夫能比任何优惠券都省钱。如果这还不够吸引人,那么请想想,它还能帮你管理你孩子的零食。比如,你可以做不含糖的Chex Mix玉米片,还能把Trail Mix什锦杂果里的葡萄干都挑出来,反正你的孩子也不喜欢吃…..也许,最大的好处是,如果你自己把它们装起来,它们能和在单独成品包装里保存的时间一样长。全谷物小点心我知道商店里卖的小米棒味道很棒,也知道没有几个人吃它是出于健康原因。但你了解过这里面的钠含量吗?如果你知道了,肯定会大吃一惊。如果你能自己动手,并把做好的小米棒放在密封袋里,那它们不仅更好吃,而且保存时间一样长,并且钠含量还能少很多。还有一个好处就是,它能代替食用膨松糙米,能让你获得少许纤维的补充。微波爆米花通常,微波爆米花的售价是1美元1袋。大批量购买的话,价格还可降到5美分一袋。在这件事情上,你几乎没什么选择。你所要做的就是把1/4杯的谷物装入一个纸袋,再放入1/4勺的盐和两勺橄榄油。用订书机把袋口钉紧后,放入微波炉里去微波,就像你平时用微波炉来做其他爆米花一样。(不用担心,如果你的微波炉是1986年以后生产的,订书钉就不会引起火花)。这样做出来的爆米花,不仅便宜、快速,还没有胆固醇和其他人工人造香味添加剂。什锦水果特百惠和其他密封容器制造商又有了长足进步,尤其是在更小容器方面。利用这些容器,你就没必要去买现成的什锦水果。自己切水果能让孩子不喝下太多的果糖。自己动手做的什锦水果能保存一个星期。你能周日晚上做一批,然后周一孩子上学就有得吃了。如果你是用苹果或其他变褐色了的水果,那你只需在里边撒上一些酸橙汁就行了。酸奶你知道时下的酸奶所含糖分有多少吗?不夸张地说,我侄子喝的酸奶里所含的糖跟牛奶巧克力豆里含的差不多。而有趣的是,我嫂子是那种半自以为是的人,从不让她的孩子吃一根糖果棒。你同样可以用特百惠的密封盒来做一些酸奶。先往里面倒入一些香草酸奶,然后再放入等量的新鲜水果、果酱。如果你愿意的话,还可以加入一些蜂蜜。(酸奶、草莓、蜂蜜是最好的东西)。如果你不打算自己动手做这样的酸奶的话,那你就完全可以给孩子吃糖果棒了,因为它里面含的糖分跟普通酸奶差不了多少。自己给家人做吃的有许多好处。不仅更健康、更便宜,也能让你很好地掌握你的饮食。如上所述,这做起来也很容易。还有一个你看不到的好处就是,看到你做这些,孩子可以从小养成健康生活的习惯。如果他们吃的都是薄膜包装好的、或密封罐内的现成的食品,他们又怎么会知道自己做饭呢,更不要说理解健康饮食的概念了。 /200808/45584枣阳市第一人民医院在哪里襄阳市第一人民医院官网专家在线咨询



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