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襄州区人民医院泌尿科咨询襄阳市中医院男科电话襄阳男性不育挂那科 China Selling Oil Equipment to Africa非洲石油展销会中国厂家引人注目China depends on Africa for roughly one-third of its imported oil. And, many Chinese companies also see Africa as a lucrative market to sell oil drilling equipment. Several Chinese firms are attending this year's oil industry convention, underway in South Africa.  中国大约三分之一的进口石油来自非洲,与此同时,很多中国公司也把非洲作为销售石油设备的丰厚市场。在会议期间举行的展销会上,来自中国的厂家格外引人注目。There are roughly 200 vendors at this year's Oil Africa conference and trade show. On the exhibit floor, you can buy everything from oil-proof work boots to off-shore oil rigs. Nestled between the established companies from Texas and the Middle East, are some newcomers. 大约有200家参展商参加今年的非洲石油大会和贸易展销会。在展览大厅,从石油工人穿的工作靴到海上石油钻塔,各种产品琳琅满目,不胜枚举。在那些历史悠久、名声远扬的跨国公司展台之间,还有一些新的厂家,其中不少是来自中国的公司。Tina Zheng: "My company name is Xi'an Fengyang Petroleum Equipments, which is located in the center of China."  蒂娜.郑说:“我们公司是位于中国中部的西安凤阳石油设备有限公司。”Amy Zhang: "Our company name is Hilong Group. We sell the drill pipe."  艾米.张说,“我们是海隆石油工业集团,我们经营钻杆。”About a dozen Chinese companies are competing here to sell oil field equipment. Sales representative Pang Ling says her company has found quick success.  大约十几家中国公司在这里竞售他们的石油开采设备。销售人员庞玲说,她的公司收获不小。" Africa is a good market for us, because we have just entered into this market and we have many rigs now," Pang said.  庞玲说:“非洲是我们的一个好市场,因为我们刚进入非洲市场,我们现在可以提供很多钻井平台。”Sales representative James Yan says China 's share of the African market is small but growing.  销售代表詹姆斯.阎说,中国在非洲市场的占有率还不大,但正在不断增长。"At this moment it's not big enough, but in the future we have the confidence," Yan said. 他说:“目前我们占有的市场份额还不大,但我们对未来充满信心。”The surging demand for oil is creating a growing market for drilling and production equipment. And, according to Zhao Zhiming, president of China 's petrochemical industry association, Chinese vendors offer something others cannot.  国际市场对石油的需求剧增,钻井和生产设备市场也跟着水涨船高。中国石油和石油化工设备工业协会秘书长赵志明说,中国厂商出售的产品填补了其它厂商的不足。"China can provide a very good price which is very competitive in all of Africa," Zhao said.  赵志明说:“中国能给买家提供很好的价格,在整个非洲地区,这方面的竞争都很激烈。”Cost is a key component in developing Africa 's oil resources. Eduardo Lopez of the International Energy Agency told delegates at this conference that competition in the oil business is fueling a spike in equipment prices.  开发非洲石油资源,成本是个关键因素。国际能源机构的洛佩兹对出席会议的代表们说,石油行业的竞争引发了石油设备价格的窜升。"It has become so difficult to get access to engineers, to platforms to drilling rigs and whatnot. That's a considerable challenge across the industry," Lopez said. "It's really difficult to deal with these ever-rising costs."  洛佩兹说:“雇用工程师、购买钻井平台等已经变得非常困难。这对整个石油开采行业都是一个巨大挑战,应对这些日益上涨的成本的确非常困难。”But not everyone thinks cheaper Chinese imports are the best solution. South Africa Minister of Minerals and Energy Buyelwa Sonjica would like Africa rely on its own oil equipment industry.  但是,并非所有的人都认为中国的廉价产品是最佳的解决办法。南非矿产和能源部长松吉卡希望非洲能依靠自己的石油设备工业。"I would like to encourage all the oil and gas producing countries to endeavor to promote locally owned and controlled companies," Sonjica said. "The second wave of development should now focus on the growth and development of small and medium enterprises that support the oil companies operating on the continent."  松吉卡说:“我希望鼓励所有生产石油和天然气的国家努力推广当地人经营和掌控的公司。下一波开发的重点要放在中小企业的成长和发展上,让他们来持那些在非洲大陆上运营的石油公司。”Still, the Chinese industry is growing fast. In 2005, it supplied 0 million of oil field equipment to more than 50 countries, worldwide. 不过,中国工业正在迅速发展。2005年,中国向世界50多个国家提供了8亿美元的石油开采设备。200803/31229Who says all the good guys are taken? Well according to People Magazine, they are not the upcoming issue features, it's a list of this year's hottest bachelors and Galena Espinoza is a senior editor of People Magazine, Galina, good morning!Good morning!You chose your cover, Taylor Hicks. Now some people might say he's the most popular choice. Is he the hottest choice? Galina.We think so. I mean this is a guy who's really in the right place at the right time. He's a fresh face. Everyone's been buzzing about him for months, given his amazing run at American Idol, and he is available. Very available, and that you've actually interviewed one of his old girlfriends who talks about what was like to date him.Yeah, and he is really a great guy. He is down-to-earth. A lot of people thought he may have come across a little cheesy on the show, a little bit like a goofy wedding singer, but in person he is actually a very serious guy. He is down-to-earth. He drinks Budweiser. He's never paid more than 40 dollars for a haircut. This is a real guy. You could actually walk into a bar and meet a guy like that.This is that we met him here just a few days ago. He seemed to give that impression as well(Yeah).Um so, you , you also have a category, you don't count to call it a category, but I'd call it a category. If guys went out newly available, er,they are Matt McConaughey.Who just broke up with Penelope Cruz, (Nick Lachey) of course Nick Lacheyis back on the block, (Kenny Chesney) looking very vulnerable, Kenny Chesney, his marriage to Rene Zellweger didn't work out, but he says he still believes in love and people love to get married again. So what don't we know about these guys?These guys are a lot more interesting than you might think. Nick Lachey, for example, you know, he is a superstar. He sells records. He says it's more important to him to have kids than to sell a million records, who loves being an uncle. His brother Drew just had a baby a couple of months ago, and that's the thing that he wants most in his life at this point.You also have on your list Allan Wilson who is so incredibly funny, Jamie Fox, and Jake Gyllenhaal, those last two especially incredibly good actors.Good actors and very sensitive types. Jake Gyllenhaal loves to cook and he's another guy who can't wait to be a dad. He wants at least 4 kids!Really?Yeah!Ha, ok, good to know for somebody out there. Ok, Wentworth Miller. He's kinda a breakout guy. I mean I~I find him to be a fascinating young actor (and what's..) he was in this movie, in this TV show (in Prison Break, which is one of the breakout success stories from the past. (Very good-looking, very talented). and not only that, he's got brain. He graduated from Princeton.Er, ok, all right. He is a young man, what, 30 something years old.Yeah, he is young, tall, dark, and handsome.Oh, ok, you also have look alike, you got the sort of, wow I can't believe...when did you get this idea? Will you have people who look like, people who a lot women wish they could date,for example, er, instead of going after Brad Pitt, who is actually taken now(yeah), you suggest Chris Pine?Chris Pine, who starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in the movie Just My Luck. The movie didn't do so well but keep your eye on this guy because just like Brat Pitt, he's got the,er,great piercing eyes and this eerie mystery about him that we think it's gonna make him a big star.Tom Cruise is taken but Brandon Routh?Routh, yes, he is starring in the upcoming Superman movie and unlike Tom Cruise, he is actually pretty tall. He is 6 foot 3!OK, that was kind of a little bit out of date, but ok Johnny Depp isn't, because he's taken, you've got Kevin Zegers?Zegers, he was in Transamerica, he played Felicity Huffman, as Felicity Huffman's son, and you wanna talk about versatility. Everyone know he says that Johnny Depp can play anything, well this guy, went to playing a hustler in Transamerica from the Air Bud movies in which he co-starred with the golden retriever.Now comes my favorite part of the magazine. Did you actually talk about people who are not celebrities, who are every-day guys who actually we can meet?Real men, yes, (real men), they are out there. And this guy named Josh Miller Montash (right) and actually he is a member of, he's a rescue swimmer. (Yeah), with the coast guard in San Diego and actually the..when you titled this part of the magazine, er you rescue me ,Yes. I mean, 'cause work at this sector, that a guy who's strong and brave and Josh Miller Montash is someone, who is actually, he goes down in a helicopter in those water rescues, and he told us this is a great story of rescuing a premature baby who'd been born on a cruise ship in Mexico, and he brought her back to San Diego by a helicopter which was working on her the whole way back and she survived. How do you find this guy? I mean WOWYeah, there are amazing guys. Everyway you look, all parts of the country and they're all in this issue.And you have actually,er,not put in a lot of the men here on the today show. I, I actually have a.. But there are a lot of guys available here behind the scenes.Nextyou ought to camping out on the set, I think.All right. That will make a lot more popular. Galina Espinoza. Thank you so muchThank youAnd we should've told everybody the issue of People gets new stance this Friday. 200809/50117襄阳樊城区男科

保康县妇幼保健中医院男科挂号枣阳妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 We’d believe to be literally an international cyber crime gang that stole millions of pounds from people’s bank accounts. But now a 18 year old who’s known by the alias Akill or Akill has been questioned in New Zealand part of net being led a crack down on a high-tech crime. The FBI estimates more that a million computers were targeted and more that 12 million pounds stolen. Cathy R reports.Could a teenage from New Zealand be the linchpin of international crime network? Accused of stealing 20 million dollars from people’s bank accounts known only by his online name Akill, he said to be very bright and very skilled. It’s alleged of cyber criminals to control more than a million computers and run them using Botnets, a term even the police officers in charge he admitted having to get his head around.We executed him of warrants with spoken to Akill. He is assisting as we are inquiries. He has been charged we solve to release the nature of this inquiry n this stage but the inquiries are ongoing we got to analyze computer equipment which we have seized.The 18-year-old comes from New Zealand’s northwest island, the town of Hamilton the allegedly bot master. He is arrested for his investigation by the FBI operation botros too in which 8 people have so far been condemned to be guilty or convicted. The Akill and contacted New Zealand police.So what is a Botnet? It’s a global network of hijacked PCs. The malicious software acts as a virus installing itself on computers around the world. Once it’s in it, it communicates with central location individual computer affected by the zombie which allows hackers to collect people’s personal bank details, credit card numbers and login names.\The key thing is to get anti-virus software updating continually used to be the case people send antivirus update every year or every month. Now you regularly do it everyday to assure you got at least a measure of protection. Akill allegedly invented complex software that invaded computers spy ware systems. He said to be cooperating with police but if he is charged of convicted he could face 10 years in prison. 200805/40057襄阳淋性尿道炎

襄樊妇幼保健中医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱I'd like to make an announcement, Hogwarts Castle will not only be your home this year, but home of some very special guests as well. Please welcome our friends from the North, the proud sons of Durmstrang, and now the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons. Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): I was more sort of excited about it than nervous, I mean there's always sort of notes about doing...I...I suppose you get notes about specific things like I was nervous about the Voldermort and then about taking Cedric's body back, and that's, cause that's more...more enchanting than I have ever had to do before.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): I have to say I was brain nervous acutaly ...em...more so than I have been in any other film. Em...I had a new challenge. Em...you know, before, I never really had to...I mean, this whole introduction of romance.Rupert Grint(Ron Wesley): Yes. It's good acts, someone, something so solved of Halix or growing up. It's like sort of teenagers now and we'll see Ron, he has this sort of, sort of moody moments like a really...has a few arguments and the...yeh, he's good at control. Yeah. he's so different..Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event-the Tri-Wizard/ Tournament. And now the champion selection! Viktor Krum! Fleur Delacour! Cedric Diggory!...Harry Potter!!!How did you do it? I didn't put my name in that cup. I don't want eternal glory!Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): I think it's partly , the...cause it is quite an escapist thing, the magic. But I mean in this one...that doesn't apply so much because it shows you what evil things magic can lead to. So I mean, I...simply I just I don't know, I think they're just great stories.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): It's amazing you think that after four years you'll kind of get a bit complacent, a bit bored thing, OK, now the Harry Potter film. Here we go again. Let's get get up. But no. No no no. em...there's a new director and there's always, always new challenges.I was just wondering if maybe you want to go to the ball with me...Mr. Weasley, place your right hand on my waist.Where?Rupert Grint(Ron Wesley): I...I actually got out for the proper safe pool and a choreographer to take Cheff(可能是个人名) around and set to dance and I got out that somehow, cause er...cause Ron throughout the ball always is supposed to be sort of pit off and I'm not dance till so, you know, hope pleased with that. Is that Hermione Granger? With Viktor Krum?No, absolutely not.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): It's meant to be em...in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts kind of turns around in a store, and you see her. Or like, well dress-up everything, I think,( She looks beautiful.) (Yes, she does.)the way that she's bring in the way that Mike sees Dase that...it is... you know, a really magical moment where she's barely recoganizable from what she was before and what she is now.Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): The dancing you see, my parents were both fantastic competition winning dancers, the genes, however, have skipped a generation: I am not blessed with the dance.Eeverything is going to change in Ausenten) 200807/45045 鱼梁洲开发区男性专科襄阳精液稀,和水一样



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