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CancerCancer is a feeler first and a thinker second. They are creative, intuitive and bubbling with initiative, and their emotional approach means they accurately catch the mood of the moment. They almost don#39;t need words at times, since in their watery way they#39;re able to create images that have lasting impact.巨蟹座巨蟹座的人创造力强,直觉性强,有很强的主动力。 /201209/202098


  I am constantly ing thoughtful opinion pieces urging people to turn off their electronic devices and retake control of their lives. Let your email pile up. Deep-six all social media. Turn off your phone. Stop tweeting. Cut off the outside world, get in touch with your inner self, release your mind from all that tension. Just chill. 我常常会读到一些颇有见地的观点文章,呼吁人们关掉电子设备,重新掌控自己的生活。这些文章说,不要理会堆积成山的电子邮件,也不要去管社交媒体上所有信息。关掉手机。不要再上Twitter。切断与外界的联系,与内在的自我交流,把心灵从重重压力中释放出来。放松一下。 True, these Don#39;t Worry, Be Happy suggestions are almost always issued by out-of-the-loop baby boomers who do not text, are not on Facebook, hate email and would never dream of owning a smartphone. But just because a baby boomer suggests something doesn#39;t automatically mean it is wrong. And since I am a baby boomer, and since I deeply resent the all-pervasive intrusion of electronic media into my life, I have started to take these suggestions to heart. Last week, my wife and I went to the Connecticut shore for a brief vacation, and before I left I turned off my phone and stuffed my laptop in the closet. For the next four days I would refrain from ing my email, checking my phone messages or eyeballing any incoming texts. (I am not on Facebook, because I d to find out what my kids are up to in Virginia Beach.) For the next four days, I would seal myself off from the world. 没错,这种“别担心,开心点”之类的建议几乎都是出自耳目闭塞的婴儿潮一代人之口,他们不发文本信息,不上Facebook,讨厌电子邮件,也从没想过要拥有智能手机。不过,不能仅仅因为某个建议是婴儿潮一代人提出的就说它是错的。鉴于我本人也属于婴儿潮一代,再加上我痛恨电子媒体对我生活的全方位渗透,我已经开始认真考虑这些建议了。前段时间,我和妻子到康涅狄格州的海边度了个短假,在我离家之前,我把手机关了,还把笔记本电脑收进了壁橱里。在接下来的四天里,我决定不读电子邮件,不查手机短信,也不看我收到的任何文本信息(我也不上Facebook,因为我害怕发现孩子们在弗吉尼亚比奇(Virginia Beach)都做了些什么)。在接下来的四天里,我会让自己与世隔绝。The initial results were fantastic. I enjoyed every second on the beach, which gave me time to clear my head and four books and wax philosophical about the meaning of life. By the time our sojourn was over, I felt relaxed and refreshed, y to go home and take on the world. Abstaining from electronic interfacing had eased the tension in my neck, packed up all my cares and woes, turned me into a new man. The Luddites were right: Life was not only possible, but was actually better, without email, smartphones, texts. The whole experience made me realize how foolish I was to succumb to the tyranny of technology. iStock短信没有及时查看会有什么样的后果?一开始简直是妙极了。我享受着海滩上的分分秒秒,我终于有时间理清思绪,我读了四本书,并且从哲学角度思索了人生的意义。到假期结束的时候,我感到很放松,感觉神清气爽,为回到家里重新面对世界做好了准备。禁用电子产品减轻了我脖子的压力,把我所有忧虑烦恼都打包带走了,让我整个人面貌焕然一新。反对科技的卢德主义者(Luddites)是对的:如果没有电子邮件、智能手机和文本信息,我们不仅能够生活下去,而且会过得更好。这整个一段经历让我认识到,自己一度屈从于科技的暴政是多么愚蠢啊。 Then things turned sour. When I got back home Sunday night I found out that the police had been trying to reach me all day Saturday because someone had broken into my home and stolen my car. The thieves stole all my art, my wife#39;s jewelry, two priceless Martin guitars and most of my Los Lobos CDs. It took hours for the cops to get the alarm system turned off because nobody knew the code. The neighbors were really steamed. 不过之后情况就开始变得不妙了。周日晚上回到家的时候,我发现警察周六一整天都在试图与我联系,因为有人闯进我家,偷走了我的车。小偷偷走了我所有的艺术品,我妻子的珠宝,还偷走了两把贵重的马丁(Martin)吉他和我收藏的大多数“灰狼一族”乐队(Los Lobos)CD。警察们花了好几个小时才把警报系统关掉,因为没人知道密码。邻居们都很恼。 That wasn#39;t all. One of my oldest friends emailed from London to say that he was stopping by New York on his way home to Australia but would only be in town Sunday afternoon. I hadn#39;t seen him since 1989. But I wasn#39;t checking my email so I never found out that he was in town till I got home Sunday evening. By that time he was gone. Maybe I#39;ll catch up with him on his next visit in 2035. 这还没完。我的一个铁杆老友从伦敦给我发来一封电子邮件,说他返回澳大利亚时会在纽约短暂逗留,但只有周日下午在纽约。我俩1989年以来就从没见过面。但由于我一直没有查看电子邮件,所以我直到周日晚上到家时才知道他来纽约了。而那时他已经走了。下次他再来的话就得到2035年了,或许到那时我们能有机会见上一面。 My broker left a phone message Thursday morning saying that Apple was going to win its lawsuit over Samsung on Friday, so I could make a killing by going long on Apple and shorting Samsung. Particularly if I tapped into the home-equity loan and leveraged up. But I had to do it right away or miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately, I had my phone shut off. My dreams of retiring to Aix-en-Provence are gone. Now I#39;ll have to retire to Aix-en-Poughkeepsie. 我的股票经纪人周四早晨给我电话留言,说苹果公司(Apple)周五将赢得与三星电子(Samsung)的诉讼,如果我做多苹果,做空三星电子,就可以大赚一笔。要是我动用物业套现贷款,增加杠杆比率的话,恐怕能赚得更多。但我必须立即下手,否则就会失去这千载难逢的机会。不幸的是,我把手机给关了。我退休后到法国普罗旺斯地区艾克斯(Aix-en-Provence)居住的梦想破灭了,现在我退休后只好去纽约州“波基普西市艾克斯”(Aix-en-Poughkeepsie)了。 Friday afternoon, a local radio station emailed that I had won 16 VIP tickets to see Springsteen in September. Plus backstage passes. But I had to respond within 24 hours. No dice. Running through my remaining texts, phone messages and emails, I found out that I had been asked to appear on #39;The Tonight Show#39; but had to fly out Friday morning, and had been invited to attend a fantasy rock #39;n#39; roll camp hosted by Prince, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton, but needed to confirm my attendance within 12 hours. 周五下午,本地一家广播电台给我发来邮件,通知我赢得了16张9月份斯普林斯汀(Springsteen)演唱会的VIP入场券,外加后台通行,但我必须在24小时之内回复。可我没法回复。在翻看余下的文本信息、手机短信和电子邮件时,我发现自己曾受邀参加“今夜秀”(The Tonight Show),但必须在周五早晨乘飞机出发,我还受邀参加由王子(Prince)、佩奇(Jimmy Page)和克莱普顿(Eric Clapton)主持的梦幻摇滚营,但我必须在12小时之内确认参加。 Last but not least, Prince Harry texted over the weekend to invite me and my wife to a party in Manhattan. Somehow, the royal family found out that my wife was a British C.P.A., and Prince Harry was having a costume party where everybody had to dress up as a British expat C.P.A. Pippa was going to be there, too, as she had once considered a career in accountancy. But I wasn#39;t checking texts or emails or phone messages while I was on vacation, because I was trying to relax, unwind, get in touch with my inner self. Now I am in touch with my inner self. And my inner self is an idiot.最后,哈里王子(Prince Harry)周末期间发来信息,邀请我和妻子参加在曼哈顿举行的一场社交聚会。英国皇室不知怎么发现我妻子是英国注册会计师,而哈里王子准备开一场化妆晚会,每个人都得穿成驻外英国注册会计师的样子。皮帕(Pippa)也会到场,因为她曾考虑在会计行业工作。但我度假时没有查看文本信息、电子邮件或手机短信,因为我想放松放松,减减压,与自己的内心进行交流。现在我接触到了内在的自我,但我发现内在的自我是个大笨蛋。 /201209/202112。

  Being attracted to friends of the opposite sex is a burden and can harm relationships, researchers have claimed.研究人员认为,异性友谊是一种负担,并可能会伤害到恋爱关系。The new study, which reignites the debate over whether men and women can be just friends, found that the majority of people believe that opposite sex friends are actually a burden.最近的一项研究重新引起了“男人和女人能不能做朋友”的这场争论。该研究发现,大部分人相信异性友谊其实是负担。They say the problem is that attraction is common between people in opposite-sex friendships.研究人员表示,问题在于异性朋友之间普遍互相吸引。When participants were asked to list benefits and drawbacks of having opposite-sex friends, 32 per cent listed feelings of attraction as a cost, while just 6 percent listed these feelings as a benefit.当要求受试者们列出拥有异性朋友的优势和劣势时,32%的人认为互相吸引的感觉是负担,而只有6%的人表示这种感觉有好处。Women were more likely than men to say attraction was a drawback: 47 percent of women ages 18 to 23 listed attraction as a cost of an opposite-sex friendship, while 22 percent of men said the same.女性比男性更可能把互相吸引看成是负担:研究中有47%年龄在18岁到23岁之间的女性,把吸引力列为异性友谊的负担,而只有22%的男性持相同的观点。Opposite-sex friendships may also harm romantic relationships. In the study, 38 percent of women and 25 percent of men ages 27 to 50 said jealousy from their romantic partners was one cost of maintaining an opposite-sex friendship.异性友谊也可能伤害到恋爱关系。在研究中,有38%的女性和25%的男性(年龄都在27岁和50岁之间)说导致恋人嫉妒是维持异性友谊的代价之一。In addition, the more attraction that people felt in an opposite-sex friendship, the less satisfied they were with their current romantic relationship, the researchers told MyHealthNewsDaily.另外,人们在异性友谊中感觉到的吸引力越大,他们对当前的恋爱关系越不满意,研究人员对《每日健康新闻》这样说。;Our findings implicate attraction in cross-sex friendship as both common and of potential negative consequence for individuals#39; long-term mateships,; the researchers, from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, write in the August issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.“我们的研究表明,异性友谊中的双方普遍彼此互相吸引,这种关系会对个人长期的伴偶关系有着潜在的负面影响。” 来自威斯康星大学的研究人员欧-克莱尔在八月刊的《社会与个体关系》中发表了这一内容。In a separate study, 88 college-age men and women came to the laboratory with an opposite-sex friend, and the pairs were surveyed about that particular friendship.在一项单独的调查中,88名大学年龄段的男生和女生和他们的异性朋友一起来到实验室,研究人员对他们之间的这种异性友谊关系进行了研究。Participants rated their level of attraction toward their friend on a scale of one to nine. On average, men rated their level of attraction toward their female friends as a five, while women rated their level of attraction to their male friends as a four.受试者对异性朋友给他们的吸引力感觉进行了评分,分数的范围从1到9。平均来看,男性对女性朋友带来的吸引力感觉评分的分数是5,而女性对男性朋友的吸引力评分是4。Men and women reported about the same level of attraction toward their friends regardless of whether they currently involved in a romantic relationship.无论受试者有没有在恋爱中,他们在异性友谊中感受到的异性朋友吸引力的水平都不相上下。The researchers hypothesized that interacting with a member of the opposite sex instinctually triggers mating strategies that evolved tens of thousands of years ago.研究人员推测,和异性朋友交往,会本能地触发人类几万年前就已存在并不断演变的择偶策略。;Mating strategies may influence people#39;s involvement in cross-sex friendships to begin with, as well as unintentionally color people#39;s feelings toward members of the opposite sex with whom their conscious intent is platonic,; the researchers said.研究人员解释道,“首先,择偶策略可能会影响人们去找异性朋友;其次,择偶策略可能会无意识地渲染异性之间的感觉,而他们本身觉得彼此之间的关系是柏拉图式的。”However, researchers found that some people did list attraction as a benefit to an opposite-sex friendship.然而,研究人员也发现有些人确实把异性朋友之间的吸引力列为一项优势。;Perhaps attraction can be both benefit and burden for the same individual in different friendships, or be both benefit and burden for the same friendship at different points in time,; the researchers said.研究人员说:“也许对个人而言,在不同的朋友关系中,吸引力有的是好事儿,有的是坏事儿;或者对同一个朋友在不同的时间来说,吸引力有时是优势,有时又会是负担。” /201209/199896

  The tradition of an Olympic Trucebegan in ancient times to allow safe passage for athletes travelling to the Games. This resulted in an environment where the true spirit of the Olympic Games was on display: peaceful competition among nations, feats of individual excellence.奥林匹克休战传统始自远古时代,意在让运动员安全前往奥运会。这创造了显示出奥运会真正精神的环境:国与国之间和平竞争,个人的卓越表现。Today, sports and events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games break down barriers by bringing together people from all around the world and all walks of life. The participants may carry the flags of many nations, but they come together under the shared banner of equality and fair play, understanding and mutual respect.今天,体育赛事,如奥运会和残奥会,打破障碍,让世界各地和各行各业的人们聚会一堂。参赛者举着许多国家的国旗,但他们走到一起,高举平等和公平竞争、理解和相互尊重的大旗。We give meaning to these values through the Olympic Truce, the call for warring parties everywhere to lay down their weapons during the Games. These pauses in fighting save lives. They help humanitarian workers reach people in need. And they open diplomaticspace to negotiate lasting solutions.通过奥林匹克休战,我们赋予这些价值以意义,呼吁各地交战各方在奥运会期间放下武器。战事暂停,能拯救生命,也有助于让人道主义工作人员帮助有需求的人,并为开展谈判,找到持久解决办法打开外交空间。The Olympic Truce - and more broadly the Olympic ideal - carries a powerful message: that people and nations can set aside their differences and live and work together in harmony. And if they can do it for one day, or for one event, they can do it forever. This is the dream on which the ed Nations is built, and the goal of our daily work.奥林匹克休战——以及更大的奥林匹克理想——有其强大的含义:各族人民和各个国家能抛开彼此分歧,和睦相处。如果一天可以做到,为一件赛事可以做到,那就能永远做到。这是联合国赖以建立的梦想,是我们日常工作的目标。I call on all those engaged in hostilities to respect the Truce - which has been endorsedby all 193 UN Member States. This is an uphillbattle - but we must persist in proclaiming the Truce and do our utmost to win adherence to it. For these next few weeks, may the torch of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London serve as a beacon of peace around the world.我呼吁所有从事敌对行动者尊重休战——休战得到联合国所有193个会员国的赞同。这是一场艰苦的战斗——但我们必须鼎力宣布休战,竭尽所能,争取遵守休战。未来几周内,愿伦敦奥运会和残奥会的火炬,成为世界各地和平的明灯。 /201208/193448



  The turning of the calendar is both arbitrary and powerful. Each day is just another day, but when the year resets we feel like the slate is cleaned and we can begin anew.日历牌的翻页既随意又意义重大。日子一天天地过去,但新的一年到来时,我们的感觉却是翻开了全新的一页,生活可以重新开始。Here are five ideas to help you get a good start for 2012 ; not just for a new year, but also for the start of a new decade.以下五点建议可以帮助你2012年有个良好的开端,不仅仅为了新的一年,而且是为了下一个新的十年。1. Set up a savings plan.制定攒钱计划Ever since the financial tsunami swept all before it in September 2008, many people have saved furiously. That#39;s a good thing, but there#39;s a temptation to lose that discipline once the storm clouds start to break.自2008年9月金融海啸将一切席卷一空以来,很多人都在疯狂地攒钱。这是好事,不过一旦风暴的阴云开始消散,这样的自律就可能丧失。While the economy remains fragile and many people are still out of work, signs of recovery are becoming more and more apparent. Among your New Year#39;s resolutions include a savings goal that is a function of your regular income, even if it#39;s not a large amount of money. Maintaining the discipline is crucial. The amount of savings can grow over time.尽管经济依然脆弱,很多人仍待业家中,复苏的迹象却变得越来越清晰。在你的新年决心中,制定一个攒钱的目标,与你的固定收入挂钩,即使攒下的每笔钱并不很多。保持自律非常重要。攒下的钱能随着时间的推移而增长。2. Build a rainy-day fund.建立应急基金Advice on how to save for retirement or your kids#39; college is plentiful. Less plentiful is guidance on what kind of rainy-day fund you should have.有关如何为退休和孩子上大学攒钱有很多的建议,但说的较少的是应该建立哪种应急基金。A rainy-day fund, which your savings plan can feed, should cover about six months of income. It#39;s a form of personal insurance, valuable in these rapidly changing times.应急基金的钱可以来自你的攒钱计划。它应该相当于约六个月的收入。这是个人保险的一种形式,在眼下这种迅速变化的时代非常重要。This fund should be kept in safe and easy-to-tap assets. Laddering certificates of deposit out six months is one way.这笔钱应该放在安全且容易变现的资产中。存入六个月的阶梯式定期存款是一种方法。That means buying CDs of one month, two months, etc. to six months. As each CD matures you buy another six-month CD to keep the ladder in place.也就是说存入一个月、两个月,直到六个月的定期存款。每笔定期存款到期的时候,你就再买一笔六个月的定期存款,以便保持阶梯式存款的延续。3. Migrate to a debit card or to plastic that must be paid each month.改用每个月必须还款的借记卡或其他卡。Cutting up credit cards makes a lot of sense and eliminating all credit-card debt makes even more sense. The interest rates associated with credit-card debt can easily overwhelm the returns you can get elsewhere.剪碎信用卡很有道理,消灭全部信用卡债务就更有道理了。信用卡利率能轻易地抹消你在其他地方获得的收益回报。But the world is moving away from cash at a rapid clip. The notion of having no plastic is barely feasible. Try buying a plane ticket with cash and see what that sparks in the government computers.不过,现在世界正在迅速摆脱使用现金的年代。不用信用卡的想法几乎是行不通的。试试用现金买机票,看看这会在政府的电脑里引起什么样的反应。So what kind of card to have? A debit card acts just like cash, which makes it the best option. You can spend only what you have.那么应该拥有什么样的信用卡呢?借记卡就像现金一样,因此是最佳之选。用借记卡,你就只能量入为出。Second best are charge cards that require payment in full each month. Ever since I paid off my last credit-card debt in 1996, I have only used a charge card or a debit card. It gets tough, especially around big events such as Christmas. But it#39;s nice to not have a tempting and expensive option in the wallet.第二个最佳选择是每个月需要全额还款的签帐卡。从1996年我把最后一笔信用卡帐单付清之后,就只用签帐卡或借记卡了。虽然不容易,特别是在圣诞节这样的大日子前后。不过钱包里没有诱人而用价不菲的信用卡,也不错。4. Rebalance your investments.平衡投资Last year, rebalancing meant adding to stock exposure after a year of steep stock losses. That notion felt mildly crazy at the time, but it proved wise.在去年,平衡投资就意味着在一年的股市投资巨亏之后增加股市敞口。当时这种想法感觉有些疯狂,不过事实明是明智之举。That#39;s because stocks rallied from the March lows and put in a remarkably strong year. Now, most of us are probably too heavy on the stock side of the equation. Moving some of the money into bonds or even cash to regain balance would be prudent.这是因为股市从3月份低点大幅上涨,一年的涨势都非常强劲。如今,我们大部分人的投资或许都过于偏重股票。把投资股市的一部分钱用于债市甚至是持有现金,以恢复投资平衡,这会是一种谨慎的做法。5. Plan to reward yourself.奖励自己New Year#39;s resolutions usually don#39;t stick and a big reason is that it#39;s all like eating sawdust. Go on a diet, save money, don#39;t spend. We start the year like ascetic monks and by February we discover that the monastic life isn#39;t for us.新年决心常常无法坚持下去,一个主要原因是这个过程味如嚼。节食、攒钱、不花钱。我们以苦行僧的姿态开始了新的一年,而到2月份之前,却发现这种生活并不适合我们。Therefore, it#39;s important to have one resolution that is fun. A little sugar with the vinegar.因此,制定一个有趣的新年决心很重要。要学会苦中作乐。For myself, it means saving up money for a special family trip later this year. This saving is in addition to the savings plan established in the first resolution.对我自己来说,这意味着为今年晚些时候的家人特别出游攒钱。这是在第一个决心中的攒钱计划之外的。 /201201/168321。

  The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart ; and here#39;s why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary ; to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship.感情最重信任;;但事实是,男女之间往往充满谎言。不过,很多人也认为,谎言是避免无谓的争论、缓和人际关系的必要手段。以下就是男人最常说的七个慌1. ;Me? I graduated top of my class.;;我读书的时候,成绩顶呱呱!;This is a classic case of the runaway male ego, designed to present a man in the best light and impress a woman. When the lies continue into marriage, it#39;s not long before the truth will out.这句经典谎言恰恰诠释了潜在的大男子主义,为男人在女人心中留下了完美形象。不过,一旦结婚,真相不久便会水落石出。2. ;Of course I like your friends!;;我当然喜欢你的朋友!;A man I know told his girlfriend, ;You#39;re a great cook ; much better than my mother.; In fact, his mother is a chef at a well-known New York restaurant. Fortunately for him, by the time his girlfriend discovered the truth ; when they dined at his mother#39;s restaurant ; she was so in love that she forgave his overzealous compliment.我的某个朋友跟他的女友说:;你的厨艺真了不得,连我妈都赶不上你。;其实,他老妈是纽约某家著名餐厅的大厨。幸运的是,当他们在那家餐厅吃饭一切真相大白的时候,女孩已经深深爱上了他,原谅了他的溢美之词。3. ;Honey, you#39;re the best.;;亲爱的,你是最棒的。;In the first rush of romance it makes sense for a man to engage in exaggerated praise of a woman#39;s beauty and sexuality. But ;you#39;re the best; lies can paralyze a relationship.在恋爱初期,男人有必要刻意夸赞女人的美貌和性感。但是,;你最棒;这样的言辞有时候也会引起麻烦。4. ;No, I can#39;t call you. I don#39;t even know where I#39;ll be.;;我都不知道会在哪儿,没法给你打电话。;These are the sad lies, the ones he tells because he#39;s falling out of love. The more quickly a woman seeks the truth behind these lies, the sooner she can remedy the relationship ; or, if necessary, end it.男人如果跟你讲这种丧气的谎言,那就意味着他不再爱你了。女人趁早识破这种谎言,才有望弥补彼此的关系;;要么,就干脆了断吧。 /201203/173891



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