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湖北化学纤维厂职工医院不孕不育医院预约挂号襄阳市中医院治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好枣阳市第二人民医院男科电话 第7期:Looking sb 找人Y:I just called Mr.Smith in Room 1,but there was no reply.Would you find out if he’s still staying there?Y:我刚才打电话给住在1号房的史密斯先生,但没有人接电话请你查一下他是否还住在这儿好吗?X:All right.One moment,please.…No,Mr.Smith checked out this morning.X:好的,请等一下……没有,史密斯先生今天早上退房了Y:Oh,he did?May I have his warding address,please?Y:哦,是吗?请把他转寄信件的地址给我好吗?X:I’m afraid he didn’t leave one.X:恐怕他没留下地址哦 68The young boy who shielded his best friend from a spray of bullets earlier this week said he wouldnt hesitate to take the same action again.美国芝加哥一位年轻男孩近日“英雄救美”,用身体挡住了射向好友的数发子弹。他表示如果再遇到类似情况,自己还会挺身而出;Shes kind of like a sister to me, so I would do anything if its part of my family,; Rony Monzon said from his home Friday.罗尼-蒙松上周五在家中说:“她就像我的,所以为了家人我愿意做任何事。”Two days earlier, the 13-year-old was sitting on a porch and eating pizza with Deneysi Valdovinos, a girl hes known his whole life, when a gunman walked up and started shooting.两天前,这个13岁的男孩正和发小好友丹妮#8226;瓦尔德文斯坐在门廊吃披萨,这时有个持歹徒走进来开始射击。He is back at home recovering, his right arm in a sling, and a bandage on top of his left hand.蒙松现在住在家里,逐渐康复,他的右手臂吊着绷带,左手上部也包扎了起来;I dont know where they started shooting from the side and I was like very scared and I ran inside. And then her dad told me that I was bleeding. I checked myself and I was bleeding from my chest, my arm; and I saw the little holes and I was very scared,; he said.他说:“我不知道他们是从哪边开始射击的,我怕极了,跑了进去。丹妮斯的父亲告诉我我在流血。我看了看自己的伤势,发现胸口和手臂都在流血,我看到了身上小的弹孔,害怕极了。”Despite being scared, he said he didnt feel any pain and tried to remain calm, even trying ease the fears of his own mother, whod been called to the home.尽管受到惊吓,但他说自己没有感到疼痛,还试着保持平静,甚至尝试安慰母亲。人们给他的母亲打电话,把她叫了过来;I just remember that I hold him and he just said, Mom, calm down. Im OK. Im OK,; ... that was his only concern in the moment,; recalled the boys mother, Diana Monzon.蒙松的母亲戴安娜-蒙松回忆说:“我只记得自己抱着他,他说,‘妈妈,别着急,我没事,我没事。这就是他当时唯一担心的事情。”Doctors said the teen was hit three times; in the arm, chest and hip. All of the bullets passed completely through his young body.医生说蒙松身上有三处伤,分别在手臂、胸部和臀部。所有的子弹都打穿了他年轻的身体。Monzon said Valdovinos visited him in the hospital before his release late Thursday evening.蒙松说,上周四晚上出院前,丹妮斯去医院看望了他;She was very thankful; very, very thankful because I saved her life,; he said.他说:“她非常感激我,非常非常感激,因为我救了她的呀?”Doctors said they expect the Ronys recovery to take about six weeks.医生表示他们估计蒙松需要大约六周时间恢复。He said his faith has kept him strong, and he and his mother said they hope the shooter learns the error of his ways.;I forgive him. I forgive him for what he has done to my son,; said Diana Monzon. ;I feel sorry for this guy. I dont know what past through his mind, and I hope that he realized that it was a big mistake what he did.;蒙松说,是信念让自己保持强大。他和母亲表示,希望持歹徒认识到自己的错误。戴安娜-蒙松说:“我原谅他,原谅他对我儿子犯下的罪行。我为他感到可惜,我不知道他当时在想什么,希望他认识到自己犯下了大错。;You never prepare for something like this because today it was my son. Tomorrow itll be someone else,; she said.她说:“人们从不会想到自己会遇到这种事情,今天是我儿子,明天就可能是别人。”Rony wants to see the shooter brought to justice. ;I know they didnt mean it for me; they meant it for the other people,; he said. ;But I would like to know if they could catch them and then give them their sentence to know what they had done to me, because this isnt fair for me.;蒙松想看到罪犯绳之以法。他说:“我知道他们不是针对我,他们是想击别人。但我希望知道能不能抓住罪犯,对他们进行宣判,让他们知道对我犯下了什么罪行,因为这对我来说太不公平了。”来 /201207/190935老河口男科医院

襄阳有名的秘尿医院第期:Changing a ReservationY:Hello.I’d like to change my reservation March 19.My name is Mary Chang.Y:哈啰,我想更改预订在3月19日来住的房间,我叫张玛丽X:Ah,yes,Miss Chang .What seems to be the problem?X:哦,张有什么问题吗?Y:Well,I’d like to change the date to March ,and make that two singles,not one.Y:我想把3月19日改为3月日,并且要两间单人房,而不是一间X:Very well .That can be arranged.X:没问题,这件事就交给我办好了其他出国旅游英语句型:What seems to be the problem?What seems to be the trouble?你有什么问题吗?例:A:What seems to be the problem?B:I lost my purse.A:Was there anything valuable in it?B:Yes,a picture of my boyfriend in it.甲:你有什么问题吗?乙:我的钱包掉了甲:钱包里有什么值钱的东西吗?乙:有啊,里面有一张我男友的相片!purse n.钱包 3937襄阳治疗前列腺囊肿男性医院 Personal Belongings Stolen私人物品失窃Good arftemoon.madam.How can l help you?下午好,夫人,我能帮您吗?Someone has stolen my cell phone.有人偷了我的手机I am sorry to hear that.Would you mind coming with me to my coffice and tell me what exactly happoned there?很抱歉,您能跟我到我的办公窒告诉我到底发生了什么事吗?OK.I left my cell phone in my room this morning bee I want out.When l come back it was gone.l have looked every where in my room and I cant find it. 好的早晨在我出去之前,我把手机留在了房间里当我回来的时候手机就不见了我找遣了房间可是仍没找到Well,in that case.I will call the manger,you can talk directht with him.嗯,那样的话,我会给经理打电话的您可以直接和他谈 38573襄樊妇幼保健中医院治疗阳痿早泄

襄阳治疗慢性尖锐湿疣最好的医院.May I ask who is calling, please?.请问您是哪一位?.This is Peggy from Classic Books..这是善本出版社的佩琪18.It James here.18.我是詹姆斯19.Just a moment, please.19.请稍等.Hold on..稍等1.Hang on.1.稍等.I am afraid he is not in right now..很抱歉,她现在不在3.He just gone out. Would you like to call him back later?3.他刚出去你可不可以待会再打来.Would you like to leave a message?.他刚出去你可不可以待会再打来5.May I leave a message?5.我可以留话吗?6.Will he be in the office tomorrow morning?6.他明天上午会在办公室吗?7.What time could I reach him?7.我什么时候才可以联络上他?.Ill try and get him on his cellphone..我会用手机和他联络看看9.I must have the wrong number, sorry bothering you.9.我一定是打错电话了对不起打搅您了30.Im afraid youve got the wrong number.30.你可能打错了31.Could I check the number? Isnt it 658-90?31.我可以确定一下号码吗?是不是 658-90? 19 Go to the stable去马场I would like to go to the stable in the northeast.我想去东北部的马场Sure. Let drive there today.好的,我们今天就开车过去吧Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么吗?Is there any special tour?有什么特别的旅游项目吗?Yes, we have ride about on pony. It much more interesting than walking.是的,我们有骑马旅游项目,比走路看风景有趣多了That what I am looking .那正是我所期望的 88襄阳一院有看不育不孕吗宜城市人民医院割包皮



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