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Turning someone down can be an awful business, so VideoJug have pioneered a guide for everyone who has ever been chatted up by that someone they#39;d rather avoid. Learn how to turn someone down appropriately, the VideoJug way.拒绝某人是一项比较困难的任务。VideoJug这段视频教给人们了解怎样避免与自己讨厌的人接触。根据VideoJug的指引,你可以以恰当的方式拒绝别人。Step 1: Make yourself unattractive1.让自己不那么有吸引力If you haven#39;t the heart to reject someone outright, you may be able to put them off before they have the chance to ask. Find a dance floor and get down with it- incredibly badly. Or develop some disgusting habits when they#39;re certainly looking. If you#39;ve been trapped in a corner, create some distance or erect a barrier between the two of you, so they can#39;t get near enough to make physical contact. Pretend to be drunk as this is not only unattractive, but it can also be used as an excuse for being confused when they try to ask you out, or as a reason to run to the toilets. If they#39;re still there when you come back, pretend you#39;ve been sick, rendering you unkissable.如果你不想直截了当地拒绝某人,你或许可以在他们提出要求之前就疏远他们。找一个舞池,然后开始热舞,这看上去非常糟糕。或者在他们看你的时候假装一些令人恶心的习惯。如果你被困在角落里,制造一些距离或者在两人之间设置一些障碍,这样他们就不能靠近你,不会发生身体接触。假装醉酒,因为这不仅看上去没有吸引力,他们试图约你出去的时候还可以装糊涂,或者作为假装跑去厕所的理由。如果你回来的时候他们仍然等待哪里,假装恶心,使他们不能吻你。Step 2: The white lie2.善意的谎言Despite your efforts they#39;re still looking keen. Now might be the time to tell a few untruths. Claim you have a boyfriend,grab your nearest male friend and drape yourself all over him. If there are no useful men nearby, find a female friend to introduce him to, or ask for some advice on how to chat up that sexy looking man at the bar. Perhaps you#39;re just coming out of a long-term relationship and aren#39;t yet y for another. WARNING - Saying #39;I#39;m not y for a relationship#39; may just encourage the other person to wait for you, so avoid this excuse if you think they#39;ve got the potential to become a stalker.尽管你已经做出努力,他们仍然穷追不舍。那么这时就可以告诉他一些谎言。声称你有男朋友,把离你最近的男性朋友拉过来,假装很亲密的样子。如果附近没有可用的男子,也可以找一个女性朋友,并介绍给他,或者咨询他怎样跟酒吧里那位性感的男士搭讪。或许你刚刚结束一段持续了很长时间的恋情,还没做好展开新的恋情的准备。警告!如果你告诉对方“我还没做好开始恋情的准备”可能只会鼓励对方等你,所以,如果你认为对方可能死缠烂打的话,千万不要用这个借口。Step 3: The big lie3.弥天大谎If you still haven#39;t convinced them or found a way out, you might need to get more creative with your excuses. You didn#39;t mean to be misleading, but you don#39;t like boys that way. You also only go out with people of the same religious denomination... which is a very rare one. Still not working?如果你还没能说他们或者摆脱他们,你的借口或许应该更加有创意。你不想误导他,但是你不喜欢那种类型的男子。你只想和宗教信仰相同的男子约会,而这种宗教信仰的人很少。仍然没有效果?Step 4: Be direct4.直接拒绝Nothing you say is getting through. You#39;re about to start a stretch in jail, but they want to visit. You#39;re dying, but they#39;re an undertaker.你说的任何话都不管用。你准备去监狱了,但是他们想去探视。你快死了,他也做好了埋葬的准备。At this point, you#39;re probably trying to leave the building.Get your message across by being as honest as possible, without being too blunt about how unattractive, boring or unhygienic they are. Don#39;t prolong their agony by saying yes and giving them the wrong number, or giving them your number and ignoring all calls and texts.这样的话,你可能试图离开这里。尽量诚恳的传达你的信息,但是不要太莽撞地告诉对方他们多么令人不愉快,令人讨厌,多么不卫生。不要假装同意,然后给他错误的电话号码,或者给了对方你的电话号码后却忽视他的任何电话或短信,这只会延长他们的痛苦。Thanks for watching How To Turn Someone Down感谢收看“怎样拒绝别人”视频节目。 Article/201209/201121一位肯尼亚的企业家克非洲时尚业的挑战,在网络上开了一家时尚小店,并希望成为非洲大陆顶尖的时尚零售出口商。Interest in African fashion is growing around the world. But designers and artisans on the continent often have a hard time setting up the marketing, distribution and payment systems that would help them capitalize on the popularity of their pieces abroad. Our correspondent Okwi Okoh tells us how one Kenyan entrepreneur could be holding the key to overcoming those challenges.Beverly Lwenya is checking in on what she hopes will eventually become one of the top fashion retail outlets on the continent.Her boutique - which is exclusively located online - is called The Afropolitan Shop, and when Beverly isn#39;t meeting with designers and artisans to stock its virtual shelves with jewelry, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories; she#39;s updating the site#39;s blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.Through the internet, she mostly targets Africans in the Diaspora and non-Africans who are looking for affordable yet trendy, high-quality products from the continent.The venture began after Beverly started a blog to chronicle her experiences as an African living outside the continent. Those experiences not only gave her the idea for her business, but its name as well.Beverly Lwenya said, ;I would go back and forth between Kenya and the States and people would always ask for earrings I was wearing or necklaces or bracelets or sandals - the Maasai sandals - so you know it got to the point where I was like maybe I should try and make the things available that I can get when I am in Kenya so the idea for the Afropolitan Shop was born shortly after the blog actually in 2008, 2009.;Beverly says that one of the biggest problems facing budding entrepreneurs - especially those in Africa#39;s fashion industry - is access to affordable but highly visible places to stock their wares.Beverly Lwenya said, ;What I see Afropolitan Shop doing in this space is creating retail space online so shifting the focus from store front to online what this does is still move products for the designers, they are still able to sell and not only are they able to sell locally but abroad as well.;CCTV#39;s Okwi Okoh said, ;When it comes to fashionable clothing and accessories and the creative people who make them, Africa - and Kenya in particular - is not in short supply. But the problem comes in when you want to get these trendy items into the hands of people around the world who want them, and that#39;s where Beverly Lwenya and the Afropolitan Shop come in. She wants to fill that gap but its not just about payment, deliveries and marketing, it#39;s also about meeting the designers one on one, face to face?The Afropolitan Shop officially launched last year and is yet to break even, but Beverly says she#39;s encouraged by the inquiries and consequent attention the designers on her site have gotten from all over the world.Rachel Njoki and her partners have been running Nini#39;s Afrique Boutique since 2009. They specialize in designing bags and beaded sandals and were among the first to list on the Afropolitan Shop.Rachel Njoki said, ;We want to really grow, we want to open our workshop and for that to happen it#39;s for Beverly to succeed and bring in more business, but things grow gradually.;Beverly knows there are many tough miles ahead before she can achieve the kind of international recognition and success she dreams of for the Afropolitan Shop and its partners. But hard work and creativity aren#39;t going out of style anytime soon in Africa, so she might just get her wish one day soon. Article/201205/181126

Louis was now a husband,路易虽已为人夫but he had yet to trulybecomea ruler.但还没有成为真正的统治者So, he set out to copy his great-grandfather.因此他开始效仿自己的曾祖父Louis XIV had begun his reign by becoming his own Prime Minister.路易十四的执政生涯开始于自立为首相So, now, number 15 decided to do exactly the same.所以现在路易十五准备效仿前任It would have been very simple for Louis XV如果路易十五直接委任一位首相to choose a prime minister,事情就会简单许多which would have been a much better solution for him,对他来说也是更好的选择because he could have then had someone因为这样他便能任命picked and appointed for the job.一位合适之人来担此重任He#39;s got this sense of,他深深感到he has tofollowin the footsteps of自己要循着曾祖父his great grandfather, Louis XIV,路易十四的脚步and to be a real king,要成为真正的国王he has to be a new Louis XIV.就要成为新的路易十四 Article/201205/180685

Step 1: DON'T ‘GO ON A DIET' : CHANGE YOUR DIET 不要节食,改变你的饮食This may seem like surprising advice in a about dieting, but it's well known that when you cut down your normal food intake, your body goes into famine mode, and your metabolism slows down. That means that, when you start eating normally again, you store fat more rapidly than before, and put on the weight you worked so hard to lose.Many diets insist on a restrictive regime or an unusual combination of foods. There is no way that you can keep this up for long – so when you get fed up you start eating all the wrong foods and the weight goes back on again.Step 2: THINK POSITIVE – THINK HEALTHY 积极思考——想些健康的方面Visualise yourself as you want to be, slimmer and healthier. Dieting doesn't have to mean deprivation when you focus on what you really want. Change how you think about food, remembering that image of you as you want to be, and focus on all the foods you CAN eat while losing weight and CAN keep on eating for the rest of your life. Don't focus on what you CAN'T eat. At least three times a day, concentrate on how you see yourself in future, as permanently healthier and slimmer; then think about what you will be eating today.Step 3: QUICK FIX DIETS ONLY WORK SHORT-TERM 快速节食只会在短期内有效Immediate results are guaranteed with quick fix diets.But most of us can't keep them up for long, and it could be that the first few pounds you lose are not fat, just excess water. Beware the diets that cut out a major food group, or invite you to eat one type of food in isolation. You will lose weight, but to keep it off you need to find a sustainable diet.Step 4: KEEP A FOOD DIARY 记录所吃的食物Eat as you normally do for one week, and keep a note of EVERYTHING that you eat, WHEN you eat it and WHY you eat it.This will help you understand what triggers your desire for food. Your diary will help you become aware of these triggers so you can choose to avoid themStep 5: LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 学会你需要知道的Throw away the faddist diet books - but do books that advocate healthy eating combined with reasonable exercise.There's plenty of information on the web, including the UK's Food Standards Agency website.Did you know that there's a healthy weight for YOU? It's different for everyone and the eat well website shows you how to work out yours.The B website's Healthy Living section is also useful, with pages on weight and nutrition, giving information on sensible slimming, how to stay motivated, and how to stay at your ideal weight.Step 6: CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOP 改变购物方式Don't go shopping when you're hungry or tired – that's when you buy the wrong foods for losing weight, the so-called comfort foods .When you are shopping, notice how you do it.. Do you do it on automatic, buying all the usual things? Now's the time to do it differently.Only buy the foods that will support your desire to lose weight. Give yourself a bit more time to explore healthy alternatives to your usual diet.Fresh, home-made food beats prepared meals hands down when it comes to dieting– no hidden fats and sugars to put weight on you. Also, keep some things to hand in the cupboard or in the freezer, so that if you don't have time to get to the shops, you can still eat healthily. Article/201110/158789

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