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I think jewelry is stupid. What’s the point? I can understand it was popular a couple of thousand years ago, but not today. It all belongs to when we lived in caves. Why do people feel the need to wear necklaces and bracelets? It seems that jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays people are wearing rings on their toes and piercing their tongues and bodies. I’ve never really understood why men wear jewelry, especially thick gold chains. A lot of jewelry is dangerous. I often think if ear-rings catch on something, they’ll rip your ears. Some rings that women wear are also dangerous. They could cause serious damage to someone’s face. The only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring. Just a simple one. Article/201105/136831有声名著之远大前程 Chapter5 远大前程Great Expectations英语原版下载 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Article/200809/48720The Pub 01酒吧 01  I worked in my local pub and over the weekends and some times during the week I would stay over there with the other bar manager. We shared a room. It wasn't strange to us to hear things at night. Sometimes the juke box would come on; sometimes you could hear voices and laughter coming from the bar. I used to like hearing that, as if those people who had really enjoyed coming to the pub still liked to pop in for a late drink!   Every morning, no matter how much you had scrubbed and polished the bar top the night before, you would find three water marks, as if the landlord and two regulars had stayed and had a drink together. Then other things started happening.  When I was in the bathroom there would be knocks on the door. I would call out but get no answer, and sometimes find there had been no one upstairs but me. I would hear running footsteps and a child's laughter. The sash window in the room I stayed in would never close fully and condensation used to build up on my full length mirror. In the morning you could see two small hand prints at the bottom of the mirror. Again, these occurrences didn't bother me; in fact it was quite comforting.   我和朋友在本地开了家酒吧,周末的时候,并和朋友一起住在酒吧里,偶尔工作日也会住在那儿。我俩共用一个房间,晚上听到动静对我们来说并不是什么新鲜事。有时候是唱片点唱机,有时是从酒吧传来的谈笑声。我曾经是很喜欢听到这种声音的,就像那些非常喜欢泡吧的人大晚上也要来喝一杯一样。  不管我们头天晚上是如何认真仔细得擦洗吧台,第二天早上,总能在上面发现三个水印,看起来就像是酒吧老板和俩位老主顾呆到很晚,一起喝了酒似的。还有其他奇怪的事情发生。  我上洗手间时,会听到敲门声,但当我大声的问是谁时,却没人回答。有几次我从洗手间出来,却发现二楼只有我一个人。我还会听到人跑动的脚步声和一个小孩的笑声。我房间的上下推拉窗总关不严,所以夜里我的大穿衣镜上会凝结水汽,第二天早上,就会在镜子下方看到两个小手印。这些事情并没有让我感到烦恼,实际上,我还觉得挺欣慰的。 Article/200811/56482

Recently we were told by a student that setting aside time for improving his physical fitness would be a total misuse of his working hours. He assured us that he would be no better served by a fitness program than by learning to play bridge. College and his preparation for a career were his only priorities.This student has seen being physically fit as an end rather than the means we know it to be. His opinion is one of the many feelings, pro or con, that people hold about their personal involvement in a physical fitness program.Many people, including college students of all ages, spend little time in pursuit of physical fitness. Certainly some of these individuals may have physical limitations that make activity extremely difficult, and others are engaged in time-consuming activities that until finished do not permit opportunities for recreation. However, what about the majority who could do much more but do so little? Does one of the following statements sound like you?"I know it's important, but I just don't have time right now.""I'm aly fit, and with my schedule, I'll have no difficulty staying that way.""I should do more than I do, but I just don't have facilities and I don't get much support from others.""Exercise makes me feel terrible. Even when I shower, I get to my next class wet, and probably smelling like a locker room."Unlike these people who have made no commitment to fitness, you may have made a commitment to a physical fitness program that might be rather narrow in scope. If one of the following comments fits you, perhaps you are failing to see the broader values of maintaining a high level of physical fitness."Everyone in the dorm runs at night. That's why I run.""For every 3,500 calories I can 'burn' during exercise, I'll lose a pound of fat. I have only 10 pounds more to drop before Christmas.""This weekend will be cool and nice. Saturday looks like a good day for a personal record.""Some would say I have a fear of death. Heck, I just want to live a long time."If you see your own attitude represented by one of thee comments, might you be shortsighted in your reason for valuing fitness? We would suggest that you reexamine your approach to fitness and its ability to positively influence other aspects of your life. Ask yourself, "What could I achieve if I were really in top physical condition?" Because fitness levels are easily observed and can be measured, you can quickly start to see the emerging person you are capable of becoming. Almost daily you can see progress and accomplishment. Keep in mind, however, that all people are different and some may progress faster than others. In the final analysis, we think that although fitness will not guarantee that you will live longer, it can help you enjoy the years you do live.最近,有个学生告诉我说,分出一部分时间去提高身体健康的水平,纯粹是挤占了他的学习时间。他想让我相信,假如让他参加健身培训班和让他学打桥牌同样都是对他没有好处的。他把上大学和准备干一番事业摆在了比一切都重要的位置。另一位学生把有个健康的身体看作是最终目标,而不像我们那样把身体健康当作工作学习的一种手段或工具。许多参加健身培训班的人都有着各种不同的感受,有的说好有的说坏,这位学生的意见是各种感受之一。很多人,包括各种年龄的大学生,几乎不花时间去追求身体健康。当然,这些人中有些因为受到生理上的限制以致参加活动极为困难,还有些人从事着耗费时间的事务活动,以致只能等到忙完了这些事务才有可能去参加消遣活动锻炼锻炼。但是,大多数人,本来可以多参加些锻炼活动,可是实际上却参加得很少。这些人又怎么样呢?下面这些论调中有哪一种听起来像是你说的呢?"我倒是知道身体健康很重要,不过我现在就是没有时间。""我的身体已经很健康了,虽然我的时间表安排得很紧,但我要保持现在的健康还是没问题的。""我本来应该比我现在参加锻炼的次数更多一些,可是我没有那些健身设备,也没有别人多加赞助我。""锻炼使我觉得很不愉快。甚至淋浴以后赶到下一堂的课室中身上还是湿淋淋的,也许会让人闻到我身上的汗腥味好像是在更衣裳室里一样臭。"你跟这些没有参加健身活动的人不同。你可能已经参加了健身培训班,也许这个培训班的培训范围相当狭窄。如果下列这些说法中有一种正适合你的情况,那也许你还不懂参加高水平的健身活动会对你有更大的价值。"我们宿舍里大家晚上都在跑步。所以我也跑步。""在我锻炼期间,我每'烧'掉3500卡路里,我就减少了一磅脂肪。在圣诞节前我还要再减掉10磅重的脂肪。""这个周末天气将会又凉又快又舒适。星期六看起来像是个创造个人记录的好日子。""有人会说我怕死。见他的鬼去吧。我只是想长寿。"如果上面的说法之一你觉得正是代表了你自己的态度,也许你参加健身运动的理由会有点儿目光短浅吧?我们建议您重新检查一下你对待健康的态度、重新检查一下身体健康对您生活的其他一些方面能有哪些好的影响。扪心自问:"倘若我的身体真的达到了最棒的状态,那么我能取得什么成就呢"?因为身体健康的水平是很容易观察到的、也能测出来的,那么你很快就能看出来,你能够成为一个脱颖而出的人。几乎每天你都看到你的进步和成就。但要记住,所有的人都是不同的,有些人可能比另外一些人进行得快一些。归根结底,虽然健康的体魄不会保你一定会延长寿命,但是健康的体魄有助于你享受有生之年的欢乐。 Article/200802/27995

Inspector Walsh put his hands behind his head.#39;What time is it?I#39;m hungry.We#39;re learning a lot,but I need some coffee.#39;沃尔什探长把手放在脑后。;几点了?我饿了。我们了解了不少东西,但我需要点咖啡。;#39;Shall I go to the kitchen?#39;Sergeant Foster asked.;要我去厨房吗?;福斯特警官问。#39;Oh,no.Later.Let#39;s see Jackie Clarkson next.#39;;哦,不,呆会儿。咱们接下来见见杰基;克拉克森。;Jackie came in and sat down.She looked down at her hands and said nothing.杰基走进来坐下,她低头看着手没说话。#39;We found the empty bottle of your mother#39;s sleeping tablets in Diane#39;s room,#39;the Inspector said suddenly.Then he waited.Jackie#39;s face did not change and she said nothing.;我们在黛安娜的房间发现了你妈妈安眠药的空瓶子。;探长突然说,然后他等着。杰基脸色没变,她一言不发。#39;Tell me,did your mother get her tablets from the shop in the village?#39;;告诉我,你的妈妈是从村里的商店买到药的吗?;#39;Yes.My mother usually took a sleeping tablet every night so she needed a lot of tablets.Sometimes she got them from the shop,sometimes I did.On Thursday,I asked Peter Hobbs to get them.He lives in the house across the road,and he of-ten goes to the village on his bicycle.#39;;对。妈妈通常每晚都要一片安眠药,所以她要许多药片。有时她去商店买,有时是我去。周四我请彼特;霍布斯去买。他住在马路对面的那幢房子,他经常骑自行车去村里。;#39;I see.Your mother wanted to stay in this house.How about you?Did you want to move?#39;;明白了。你母亲想留在这幢房子里。你呢?你想搬家吗?;Jackie looked up for a minute and then down at her hands a-gain.#39;This is Mother#39;s house.I loved my mother.She was good to me.#39;杰基抬头看了会然后又低下头看着她的手。;这是我妈妈的房子。我爱我的妈妈,她对我很好。;#39;Did you see your mother in her room last night?#39;;昨晚你去她的房间见她了吗?;#39;Yes,everyone did.Diane made hot milk and took it to Mother.She usually drank a cup of hot milk before she slept.#39;;去了,每人都去了。黛安娜煮了热牛奶并端给了妈妈。她通常在睡前要喝杯热牛奶。; Article/201202/172982

说正经话,你千万要小心。跟这种没有财产作为基础的人谈恋爱,实在非常莽撞,你千万别让自己堕上情网,也不要费尽心机使他堕入情网。Mrs. Gardiner#39;s caution to Elizabeth was punctually and kindly given on the first favourable opportunity of speaking to her alone; after honestly telling her what she thought, she thus went on:;You are too sensible a girl, Lizzy, to fall in love merely because you are warned against it; and, therefore, I am not afraid of speaking openly. Seriously, I would have you be on your guard. Do not involve yourself or endeavour to involve him in an affection which the want of fortune would make so very imprudent. I have nothing to say against HIM; he is a most interesting young man; and if he had the fortune he ought to have, I should think you could not do better. But as it is, you must not let your fancy run away with you. You have sense, and we all expect you to use it. Your father would depend on YOUR resolution and good conduct, I am sure. You must not disappoint your father. ;;My dear aunt, this is being serious indeed. ;;Yes, and I hope to engage you to be serious likewise. ;;Well, then, you need not be under any alarm. I will take care of myself, and of Mr. Wickham too. He shall not be in love with me, if I can prevent it. ;;Elizabeth, you are not serious now. ;;I beg your pardon, I will try again. At present I am not in love with Mr. Wickham; no, I certainly am not. But he is, beyond all comparison, the most agreeable man I ever saw--and if he becomes really attached to me--I believe it will be better that he should not. I see the imprudence of it. Oh! THAT abominable Mr. Darcy! My father#39;s opinion of me does me the greatest honour, and I should be miserable to forfeit it. My father, however, is partial to Mr. Wickham. In short, my dear aunt, I should be very sorry to be the means of making any of you unhappy; but since we see every day that where there is affection, young people are seldom withheld by immediate want of fortune from entering into engagements with each other, how can I promise to be wiser than so many of my fellow-creatures if I am tempted, or how am I even to know that it would be wisdom to resist? All that I can promise you, therefore, is not to be in a hurry. I will not be in a hurry to believe myself his first object. When I am in company with him, I will not be wishing. In short, I will do my best. ;;Perhaps it will be as well if you discourage his coming here so very often. At least, you should not REMIND you mother of inviting him. ;;As I did the other day, ; said Elizabeth with a conscious smile: ;very true, it will be wise in me to refrain from THAT. But do not imagine that he is always here so often. It is on your account that he has been so frequently invited this week. You know my mother#39;s ideas as to the necessity of constant company for her friends. But really, and upon my honour, I will try to do what I think to be the wisest; and now I hope you are satisfied. ; Article/201109/155576

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