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Im in the arctic circle battling through deep forest.我正在北极圈 在莽莽森林中奋战The temperatures currently a biting minus-26.现在的温度是刺骨的零下二十六度And if thats not enough,theres now a river in my path.如果这还不够刺激 现在一条河横在我的前行途中You know, I cant say enough just how careful youve got to be with water this cold.我要说的是 通过如此寒冷的冰水要特别地谨小慎微You know, it can be such a killer.Youve got to be prepared for something like this.可能会葬身于此 之前必须有类似的训练Im actually gonna get some materials for making a fire this side and take it across with me.我要在这边找些易燃物 然后带到对岸Cause once Im in that cold water and out, were talking minutes before因为一旦我从冰水中出来 就没多少时间everything starts to shut down.So lets get some tinder up here.采取取暖措施了 在附近找些易燃物吧Birch bark is full of flammable sap.It will help me start a fire as soon as Im out.桦树皮富含可燃物质 当我上岸后能够用它快速生火Okay.Good preparation is rarely wasted.准备好了 充分的准备总是有用的If you get your clothes wet, theyll freeze on you and be useless for insulation,如果衣弄湿 就会冻结在身体上 那样就不会起到保暖作用了so theyre going in my pack with my portable fire.我要将衣物打包和我的救命火放在一起Its funny, as soon as you start to get in this stage,有趣的是 一旦准备跳下去you just feel your heart rate aly increase,and the majority of that is actually just fear.只感到心速加快 其实 这主要来自于 恐惧But you want to use that, make it work for you.但是你需要利用这些I know as soon as that adrenaline is going,it gives me, like,what I call the golden 10 minutes,我立刻能感觉到肾上腺素分泌了 它就像 我所谓的宝贵十分钟which is adrenaline for 10 minutes to get me in, get me across,and get a fire built.肾上腺素分泌十分钟 在这时间里 我要过河 并生火Snow down the back!Okay, lets get into this.脊梁发冷 好了 要下水了 201601/423152栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201601/419773


Cheryl Hayashi研究的是自然界的高性能材料之一:蜘蛛丝。每种蜘蛛最多可吐出7种截然不同的蛛丝。它们是如何做到的呢?Hayashi从DNA层面作了解释,并展示这种超级牢固又极度柔韧的材料能为我们带来怎样的启示。201503/362129

Surrounded by unhealthy friends and family? Skip the nagging and practice the ancient art of psychological jujitsu. Theyll never see you coming.周围都是不健康的朋友和家人?不要发牢骚,不着痕迹地使用最古老的心理战术。他们永远不会感觉到你的目的。You Will Need你需要Care and concern关心爱护Commitment坚持Cleverness聪明Confident cunning有信心的诡计Lack of scruples (optional)无所顾忌(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,但是并不代表医疗意见。一定要向医生咨询更确切的医疗建议。Step 1 Pretend theyre in charge1.假装他们说了算Let them think its their idea. Ask rhetorical questions theyll answer yes to, like, ;Wouldnt it be great to be fabulously thin?; Then,casually mention a number of different options that could help. By making a choice, theyll feel in control and empowered.让他们认为这是他们自己的想法。问一些他们肯定会回答“是”的问题,例如“拥有苗条的身材是不是很好呢?”然后,随意提起几个能够起到帮助的不同选择。通过做选择,他们会感到自己掌握了控制权。Phrase your questioning as if its pertinent to you, not them. They might be likelier to do something for your sake than for their own.问问题的时候,让他们感觉好像和你有关。相对自己,他们更有可能为你做某些事。Step 2 Fool them into a checkup2.哄他们体检Fool them into getting a checkup by turning it into sport. Arrange a scavenger hunt with items like ;your cholesterol levels; or ;proof of a flu shot.;通过运动的方式哄他们进行体检。安排寻宝活动,不知不觉哄他们检测胆固醇水平或注射流感疫苗。Step 3 Send them on errands3.派遣任务Send them on meaningless errands to get their heart rate up. Your knee is aching – surely they wouldnt mind getting the book you left upstairs? Oops, sorry, the other book. Thanks … oh, also your ing glasses?给他们安排一些没有意义的任务,增加他们的心律。假装膝盖疼痛,他们肯定不介意上楼为你拿书。唉呦,还有一本书!谢谢!对了,还要拿一下眼镜!Give the fake errands some fake urgency; claim theyre giving away free ice cream on the other side of the mall.派遣任务的时候假装紧急一点。声称免费冰激凌忘在商场的另一端了。Step 4 Use mind tricks4.使用心理战术Play mind tricks. Because most people tend to believe whats said about them, if you refer to someone as energetic and active, theyll begin to feel – and then act – that way.玩一点心理战术。因为大部分人相信别人说的关于他的话,如果你赞美某个人精力充沛,充满活力,他们会开始感觉确实这样,也会开始这样做。Step 5 Throw down the gauntlet5.挑战Challenge them to a little healthy competition, whether its running laps or lifting weights. The thrill of victory can be a powerful motivator, so do what you can to make the contest believably close … but always in their favor.用一点有益健康的比赛挑战他们,无论是高抬腿跑还是举重。胜利的喜悦是一种非常有效的动力,所以,尽最大可能让竞争尽可能接近,但是最终却让他们获胜。One study found that rats that ran regularly created new brain cells that were protected from stress.一项研究发现,经常奔跑的老鼠会产生抗压的大脑细胞。视频听力译文由。201504/368450

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