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At least 30 high school students in Central China Henan Province have been ced to provide sex services since , with a deputy of local people congress also involved in the case, the Beijing-based Legal Mirror reported.据《北京法制晚报报道,自年起,中国中部河南省至少有30名初中生被强迫提供性务,当地一名人大代表也牵涉其中Local police of Weishi county in northern Henan said that they were paying significant attention to a brief report on ;ced sex services; circulating online, and have placed the case on file investigation.针对河南省北部的尉氏县传出的“强迫卖淫简要案情汇报”,尉氏当地警方表示,他们非常重视,并且已立案调查According to the ;brief report,; at least 30 high school students in Weishi, including several under years old, were ced to provide sex services.据该份“简报”显示,尉氏县至少30名中学生被强迫与人发生性关系,包括多名不满岁的幼童Under the current law in China, people who have sex with girls less than years old face a maximum of years in prison while those convicted of raping a child may face death sentence.照中国法律,与未满岁的少女发生性关系,将面临最高长达年的监禁,而强奸幼女者或判死刑The ;brief report; showed that since , a local entrepreneur surnamed Zhao had been asking a man surnamed Li to introduce young virgin girls sex.这份“简报”中称,自年以来,当地一名赵姓企业家要求一名李姓男子为其介绍年龄小的处女与其发生性关系But the newspaper did not mention who wrote the ;brief report.;不过,新闻报道中并没有提及是谁撰写了这则“简报”According to a victim, she was sent to a hotel by Li and saw a naked Zhao on bed in the room. After having sex with Zhao, Li gave 300 yuan (.6) to the girl, which she refused.一位受害人称,她被李某拉到宾馆后,一进门就看见赵某光着身子躺在床上在与其发生性关系后,李某给了女孩三百元钱(折合3.6美金),但被她拒绝了Currently, the Department of Public Security of Henan Province is investigating the case.目前,河南省公安厅正全力侦查此案 5793。

Lesson One To Beijing第一课去北京G:Could I ask your help in arranging a taxi me tomorrow?旅客:请你明天帮我安排一辆出租车好吗?R:Certainly ...Where would you like to go?接待员:当然......您要去哪儿?G:I need to go to Beijing tomorrow.旅客:我明天需要去北京R:Is that just one way or will you be needing the taxi all day?接待员:只是单程呢还是需要用一整天?G:One way.旅客:单程R:Okay.And what time would you like to start out?接待员:好吧,您什么时候动身?G:7:00 in the morning.旅客:明天早上7:00.R:That fine. Ill arrange a taxi you 7:00 a.m.接待员:好的我为您安排一辆明早7:00的出租车then Ill call you to confirm it.并打电话请您确认一下Lesson Two第二课To the Airport去机场G:I need to go to the airport very early tomorrow morning.旅客:我需要明天很早就到机场,Could you arrange a taxi me in advance?你能提前为我安排一辆出租车吗?Im afraid I wont be able to find one on the street at 6:00 in the morning.我怕6:00 的时候在街上找不到出租车R:Certainly.So youd like a taxi 6:00 a.m.?接待员:当然您想在明晨6:00的时候要一辆出租车吗?G:Yes.旅客:是的R:Okay.Ill arrange a taxi you,then call you to confirm it.接待员:好的,我会为您安排一辆出租车,然后给您打电话请您确认一下G:Thanks very much.旅客:非常感谢R:Hello,Mr.Konnor? This is Reception.接待员:您好,Konnor先生吗?这里是前台接待处A taxi will be waiting to take you to the airport at 6:00 tomorrow morning.出租车将在明天早上6:00等着接您去机场G:Great.And how much will it be?旅客:太好了,大约多少钱?R:To the airport it should be about 60 yuan.接待员:去机场大约60元 36。

5.A Copyright Claim Could Have Balkanized The Internet5.一份差点分裂万维网的版权文件Imagine living in a world where ;the; Internet had been replaced by multiple Internets, where competing browsers were completely incompatible, inmation was kept on strict, closed loops, and getting online meant choosing which company vision of the web you wanted to buy into. Thered be no vast, shared experience like Twitter, no popular list-based websites, and no Internet as we know it. In 199, this world nearly happened.想像一下,如果我们生活在这样一个世界——在那里英特网被分散独立,不同的浏览器之间完全不兼容,信息被封锁,而上网也变成选择购买哪间公司的网络版本那儿也没有诸如推特这样的大型分享平台,没有最受欢迎的网站,也不存在我们所知的网络199年,世界差点就变成那样In an interview with Time magazine in 01, Tim Berners-Lee revealed that he seriously considered patenting the web not long after its launch. He and a friend consulted with lawyers about going the money route and setting up their own company, something which potentially could have made them both millions. Ultimately, Berners-Lee rejected the idea, preferring to focus on the tech side of things and keep the web open to all. That decision could have easily gone the other way. Had that happened, you wouldnt be ing this now. In , TechDirt compiled a list of potential differences if the web had been patented, and the results were insane. Youd have no Google. Search would be abysmal. Everyone would be restricted to tiny, walled gardens, only able to communicate and interact with those subscribed to the same company. Smartphones would have probably never come about. Our whole world would be less connected and more technologically backward.《时代杂志01年的一则采访中,蒂姆·伯纳斯·李表示他曾认真的考虑过在创办网络不久后为其申请专利他和一个朋友向律师咨询过融资和创办公司的事这很有可能使他们成为百万富翁最后,伯纳斯·李放弃了这个想法,他更倾向于关注高科技方面的东西,并向大众开放万维网这样的一个决定做得很艰难如果事情真如那样,你现在就不可能读到这个文章在年,TechDirt列出了万维网申请专利可能带来的改变结果令人疯狂!我们没有谷歌,几乎无法搜索每个人被限制在小小的防护墙内,只能够与购买了相同公司网络的人交流智能电话也许永远不会见诸于世整个世界不像现在这样高度连接在一起,并且技术也落后很多.A School Bus Almost Helped Timothy McVeigh Escape Justice.一辆校车差点帮助蒂莫西·麦克维逃脱法律制裁On April 19, 1995, a truck packed with a powerful fertilizer bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The blast killed 8 people, including 18 children. At the time, it was the worst terror attack committed on US soil. By sheer dumb luck, the bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was pulled over 90 minutes later driving without a license and arrested carrying a concealed weapon. But luck nearly swung back in McVeigh favor. Two days later, he came within minutes of being set free.1995年月19日,一辆满载炸药的车在俄克拉荷马城的阿夫尔莱德·默拉·巴尔迪联邦大楼外爆炸8人死于这场爆炸,其中包括18个儿童那是当时美国最严重的一次恐怖袭击但罪犯蒂莫西·麦克维运气太好了,爆炸发生90分钟后,他因无驾驶被逼停,警察搜查出他藏匿的武器并将其拘捕但是幸运再次眷顾了这个罪犯,两天后,他就被释放了At the time, no one thought this that disheveled loner could be connected to the blast. The CIA thought Saddam was responsible, and the FBI was gunning Islamic terrorists. McVeigh was just a guy being held on a concealed carry charge and was due to make bail any minute. The day after he was arrested, he was to go bee a judge, but the hearing was delayed due to an ongoing divorce case. The very next day, he was brought in again. He would have certainly gone free had it not been an unknown bus driver. That morning, the judge son had just missed his school bus. Instead of going to McVeigh hearing, the judge had to drive his son to school. This delay meant that McVeigh was still in the courthouse when the FBI called up, urgently asking the police to detain him. If that bus had been running slightly behind schedule, or if the judge son had gotten y faster, the bomber would have made bail and vanished into the morning heat. How long it would have taken to recapture him, or if he would have killed again, is anyone guess.那时,没人会将这位衣冠凌乱的独居者与这次的爆炸联系在一起美国中央情报局认为萨达姆才是罪魁祸首,而美国联邦调查局则在大肆杀伊斯兰教的恐怖分子麦克维则成了一个虽因携带武器入狱但能分分钟被保释的人拘留的后一天,他本应去法庭,但一场进行中的离婚案件延迟了听会之后,他再次被带入法庭若非因为一名无名巴士司机,他绝对会被早早地释放那天早上,法官的儿子恰好错过了校车,于是他不得不先载他儿子去学校再去审判麦克维这个延迟意味着麦克维在这段时间一直被扣留在法院,所以FBI才有时间调查清楚爆炸事件,并立即致电警察将他逮捕若这辆校车来的稍晚一些,或是法官的儿子赶上了校车,这位罪犯就已经被保释且消失在晨雾中了谁也不知道什么时候才能再次抓到他,也不知道他是否会再次行凶3.A Change Of Weather Could Have Altered European History3.天气的变化可能会改变欧洲历史The Battle of the Teutoburg est in AD 9 is a military engagement that almost nobody has heard of. Fought between three Roman legions and local Germanic tribes, it ended in a blistering defeat the Romans. But it could easily have gone the other way. If it had, the entire course of European history would have changed dramatically.公元前9年的条顿堡林山之战是一场几乎无人知晓的军事战斗罗马的三个军团和当地日耳曼部落发生了战争,且以罗马的迅速惨败告终然而,罗马当时差一点就赢了如果是那样,那么整个欧洲的历史会产生翻天覆地的变化The ambush was a major psychological setback the Romans. Around ,000 legionnaires were slaughtered in the most gruesome way possible, their heads nailed to trees as a warning to the empire. As a direct result, Emperor Augustus halted Rome expansion. A border was set up along the Germanic frontier that lasted 00 years. Subsequent emperors were warned against trying their luck there. the descendants of the Germanic tribes, the battle was just as important. It became known as the ;big bang; that started the German nation. This myth would eventually become an important part of German nationalism. It would even be used by Adolf Hitler to inspire hatred against the Jews. However, victory the tribes was not a egone conclusion that day. In his phenomenal essay ;What If?; Lewis H. Lapham argued that any number of things from tiredness to slightly drier weather could have thrown the battle to the Romans. In that case, world history would have changed completely. Germany would have come under Roman rule, Germanic languages would be replaced by Romance ones, and the Remation would likely never have happened, nor would the Thirty Years War or World War I. The modern world wouldnt just be different; itd be completely unrecognizable.因为曾被伏击,所以这种战术给罗马人造成巨大心理创伤约000的军团队员被以最残忍的方式屠杀了,且头还被敌人钉在树上来作为对罗马帝国的警告而直接导致的结果是,罗马君主奥古斯丁停止了扩张罗马边境划定了持续00年的国界,来警示后代君主别在那试运气对日耳曼部落后代而言,这场战争也是极其重要的日耳曼民族从那时开始兴盛这个传说最后成了日耳曼民族的重要部分它甚至被阿道夫·希特勒用于激起人民对犹太人的怨恨然而,那天部落的战争并非定局在刘易斯拉帕姆的著名论文《如果当时是这样中,他说道,如果德国人疲倦一些或者是天气稍干一点,都有可能令罗马获胜那样的话,世界历史就会完全改变德国会臣于罗马,德语也将被罗马语替代,新政改革很可能不会发生,更不用说三十年战争或一战了世界格局将会重新;大洗牌;.A Piece Of Advice Could Have Killed One Million People.小小建议可能杀害数百万人In politics, what you dont say can frequently have even more impact than what you do. US Secretary of Defense William Perry, this point was cibly rammed home in the summer of 199. At the time, tensions on the Korean Peninsula were about to boil over. North Korea was rushing to get a nuclear bomb at its Yongbyon facility. South Korea wanted to stop them. As the guarantor of South Korean integrity, the US was duty-bound to get involved.政坛上,没说出口的话更有影响力这句话充分体现在美国国防部长威廉·佩里身上199年夏,朝鲜半岛核武器问题岌岌可危,一边是朝鲜着急在宁边制造核弹,一边是韩国又想阻止邻国大哥这样做作为韩国的强大后盾,美国注定要来插一脚On June , Perry and Joint Chiefs Chairman John Shalikashvili were called in to brief President Clinton. Clinton wanted to discuss the possibility of bombing Yongbyon. The main sticking point was the potential nuclear contamination that could result. Perry himself was certain that the US could take out Yongbyon without washing the peninsula in radiation. However, he was equally certain telling the president that this would result in the bombing being green-lit. This would in turn ignite a catastrophic war. At the last minute, Perry chose to keep silent. The bombing was delayed. It turned out to be the right decision. Two days later, Jimmy Carter flew to Pyongyang as a private citizen and brokered a peace deal. The crisis ended without a shot fired. The Pentagon later released its scenarios what would have happened if war had come that fateful day. They predicted a minimum of one million dead Koreans, the total destruction of Pyongyang and Seoul, and the deaths of at least 50,000 American servicemen.同年6月日,克林顿总统召集佩里和美军参谋长联席会议主席约翰·沙利卡什维利展开小型作战会议若朝鲜发射核弹则会造成全球大范围的核污染,克林顿当即提出轰炸宁边核设施的想法佩里本人确信美军能够拿下宁边,同时不会让核辐射危及整个半岛,相当于默许了轰炸的行动一旦开战,后果可不是闹着玩的,美韩两国肆无忌惮地拼武器,遭遇灭顶的可是咱小老百姓但佩里在最后一刻选择了沉默,轰炸行动也就此无限期推延我们今时今日的美好生活印了佩里的选择是正确的两天后美国前总统吉米·卡特以自己独特的;私人;身份飞往平壤斡旋,与朝鲜政府签订了《朝核问题框架协定,不损一兵一卒,危机就此化解五角大楼后来预言:假如这场战役打起来,仅平壤和首尔两个城市的伤亡人数就达到一百万,而美国也至少损失5万名士兵这简直是在拍灾难片啊!1.One Man Death Nearly Reignited World War II1.二战差点因为一个美国兵的死重燃战火Anthony Marchione has a dubious distinction. While flying over Japan, he became the last American serviceman to be killed during World War II. His legacy could have been far, far worse. Marchione death very nearly reignited World War II.安东尼·马尔基奥内的死让人煞费脑筋飞越日本上空执行任务时,他成为了二战最后一个被杀害的美国士兵,他去世的后果可是很严重很严重的,二战差点没结束!At the time, Japan had aly surrendered. The bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima had brought Hirohito to the table, and the emperor had aly survived a palace coup attempt by his warmongering generals. Standard history tells us that the war in Asia was over, but not all of Japan got the message. South of Tokyo, the 3nd and Yokosuka air groups vowed to fight on. If any Allied aircraft tried to fly over Tokyo, they would shoot them down. Care to guess what happened next? On August , General Douglas MacArthur decided to test the Japanese commitment to the surrender by sending four bombers over Tokyo. Although the group flew out and returned unscathed, MacArthur sent them out again. On August , the planes flew over the 3nd and Yokosuka groups, who took potshots at them. Worried that his peace was now unraveling, MacArthur sent the planes out one last time. If the Japanese attacked, he decided it would show that the ceasefire had aly broken down. They did. The rebel Japanese groups overwhelmed the Allied bombers. In the ensuing firefight, Staff Sergeant Joseph Lacharite was severely wounded, and Anthony Marchione was killed. MacArthur now seemingly had evidence that the Japanese were preparing to fight on. Logically, he should restart aerial bombing immediately. Such an act would have certainly reignited the war. Luckily, a peace delegation was scheduled to meet MacArthur the next day. The general decided that if they showed up, the Tokyo attack must be due to disloyal rebels. If they didnt, the war was back on. The delegation showed up. Had MacArthur restarted the war after Marchione death, it would have led to a protracted battle in the Pacific. Millions more would have died. A third atomic bomb would probably have been dropped. World War II would have dragged on months or years to come.日本政府当时已经投降美军在长崎和广岛投下的原子弹迫使天皇举了白旗,而他那好战的将军还在投降前发动了宫廷政变正史告诉我们此时二战在亚洲战区已结束,然而这个消息却没有传达到整个日本帝国南边的3和横须贺空军战队仍浴血奋战,对敌机是看到一架打一架后果可想而知8月日美国将领道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟为确保日本已经投降派了架轰炸机飞往东京上空,尽管全员平安返航,麦帅还是让他们第二天再飞了一趟日轰炸机再次光临日本,飞越3和横须贺空战部队上空时遭到袭击麦帅惊呆了:日本人这是诈降吗?!于是轰炸机的第三次日本之旅开始了,麦帅认为这次行动若仍遇到袭击则说明美国与日本的战斗仍未结束不过轰炸机最后还是挨了子弹;诈降;的日本军队对到来的轰炸机火力大开,参谋官约瑟夫·朗沙西堤身负重伤,安东尼·马尔基奥内更是被直接击毙,麦帅这下总算抓到小日本想重燃战火的把柄了照理说他应该马上部署空军展开有力的回击,若此情节发展,二战恐怕就无法结束了吧好险呐,麦帅的日程表显示翌日会有日本和平使节前来拜访他就琢磨着,小日本如期而至吧,这肯定是叛乱军的责任;没出现的话就继续开战!使节如约前来,二战以此告终假使麦帅真的在马尔基奥内身亡后立马反击,太平洋的战火势必蔓延,世界又将生灵涂炭!很可能还会迎来第三、第四颗原子弹……战争又要持续到何年何月啊!审校:suyiee 来源:前十网 535。

The German word ;Fluechtlinge,; which means ;refugees; in English, was named ;Word of the Year ; in the German language, the Society the German Language (GfdS) announced Friday.德国语言协会于星期五公布,德语词汇“Fluechtling”,在英语中意思是“难民”,被评为“年度词汇”As an annual tradition, linguists of the GfdS Friday released the top ten words and phrases in news reports in Germany this year, choosing from around ,500 proposals.作为一年一度的传统, GFDs语言学家于星期五公布了年排名前十的单词和短语,他们是从当年的新闻报道中大约500个备选词汇里脱颖而出的;Fluechtlinge; won the title not only because it was the dominant theme of the year, but also because the word is linguistically interesting, the linguists said.据语言学家解释,;Fluechtlinge;登上年度词汇榜首,不仅仅是因为它是年德国社会的主旋律,还因为这个单词在语言学角度也是有趣的The phrase ;Je suis Charlie; (;Im Charlie;), a slogan chanted by the public after the January terror attack targeting the editorial offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which killed people, ranked number two on the list.词组;Je suis Charlie; 在英语中意为“我是沙尔利”,名列热词榜第二它讲的是1月份法国讽刺杂志《沙尔利周刊办公室遭遇恐怖袭击,人遇难的事件,“我是沙尔利”成了一个被公众吟唱来表示抗议恐怖暴行的口号;Grexit; came in third. A combination of the English word ;Greek; and ;exit,; it reminded people of the severity of Greece sovereign debt crisis during the first half of , as whether the country would exit the eurozone remained a pressing question then.;Grexit; 排在第三它是英语单词“Greek”希腊和“exit”退出的合成词希腊最终是否退出欧元区仍然是一个紧迫的问题,这个词让人们记住年上半年希腊的主权债务危机的严重程度This is the 0th time that the GfdS has announced ;Words of the Year.; Instead of frequency, the main criteria choosing the words are the significance and popularity of the words, the GfdS said.这是GFDs第四十次公布“年度热词”,据GFDS介绍,年度词汇评选最看重的并不是词汇在当年使用的频繁程度,主要的评选标准是词汇的重要性和普及性 8。

导购口语:The value of this item is beyond its price.这东西物超所值It is above the price in value.物超所值It is beyond the price in value物超所值语句:abovebeyond the price in value 物超所值,当顾客对所买的产品不知道是否实惠是,你就可以用上这个短语情景再现:The price of jewellery is beyond its price in value.那件首饰是物超所值It really a worth and special price.这真是物超所值的优惠价格 1876。

The father from Adelaide was last Wednesday jailed his abhorrent crimes but could be released in less than three years.上周三,一名来自阿德莱德的“父亲”因自己的骇人罪行而入狱,但是还有不到三年的时间,他就可以出狱了Most of the abuse was against his stepdaughter while she was asleep, A reported.据澳大利亚广播公司报道,该名男子的主要罪行是趁继女睡觉时对其实施强奸He also abused his three-year-old daughter, committed penetrative sex acts with chickens and attempted penetrative sex acts with the family dog, the court heard.此外,法官获悉,该男子还性侵了自己三岁的女儿,猥亵了一群鸡,另外还试图与宠物发生性关系The 7-year-old had himself been abused as a child and had sexual contact with dogs as a child.这名7岁的男子在童年时遭受过性侵,而且小时候就喜欢和发生性关系A psychologist report found he had distorted attitudes and began to feel aroused by the wrongfulness of his sexual behaviour.心理学家在一份报告中指出,该男子有变态的性癖好,任何违法的性行为都会让他非常兴奋He had confessed to abusing his daughter and stepdaughter in a letter to his then-wife, who notified police.他给自己当时的妻子写了一封信,信中坦白了自己侵犯亲生女儿和继女的事实,妻子当即就报了警The devastated mother said in her victim impact statement that her children had never done anything wrong.这位几近崩溃的母亲在被害人影响陈述中表示,她的孩子们从来没有做错任何事情My beautiful, innocent children certainly never, ever deserved such terrible violations of their bodies and hearts, she said.她说:“我美丽的孩子们是那么的天真,她们的身心绝不应该承受如此可怕的侵犯”But he was given a non-parole period of three-and-a-half years, after reductions a full confession.不过在男子坦白交代之后,法官竟然酌情为他减刑,最终将他的非假释期缩短为三年半His non-parole period is backdated to December when he was taken into custody, meaning he could be released in less than three years.由于去年月该男子已经被收监,他的非假释期要从那时算起,这意味着还有不到三年的时间,他就能刑满释放了 37。

《巧嘴英语做导游1 带队之前 7 Reservation Assistance 代人订票文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 635。