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“十一”带你走进“西藏江南”Nyingchi becoming first stop for tourists to TibetNyingchi in the southeast of China's Tibet Autonomous Region is becoming the first stop for domestic and overseas tourists to the mysterious autonomous region.With an average altitude of 3,100 meters, Nyingchi has received 199,159, or nearly one third of all the tourists to Tibet, and made a revenue of 79.66 million yuan in the first five months of this year, 20 percent and 24 percent higher than the respective figures for the corresponding period last year, said local tourism bureau.Zhang Yang, a tourist from Southwest China's Yunnan Province, believed that as Nyingchi's altitude is relatively lower than other parts of the region, "tourists can adapt to plateau condition gradually before touring to other areas of Tibet."The Nyingchi airport, which began operation on September 1, 2006, has contributed a lot to the boost of tourism in the prefecture.Surrounded by mountains with average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the Nyingchi airport has handled 53,000 tourists to Tibet by September this year, despite its location that makes flights more difficult and restricts theairworthy time to only 100 days a year.Altitudes of the other two civil airports in Tibet, located in the regional capital Lhasa and Xigaze, were measured at 3,650 meters and 3,836 meters respectively.Nyingchi Prefecture, covering 117,000 square kilometers, is known for its humid and mild climate, charming scenery and rich natural resources.During the upcoming week-long National Day holiday, Nyingchi is expected to receive about 350,000 tourists, according to local tourism bureau.(Xinhua) 位于西藏自治区东南部的林芝县正成为海内外游客进藏的第一站。林芝平均海拔3100米,据当地旅游局介绍,今年1月至5月,林芝共接待游客199159人次,占进藏游客的近三分之一,旅游总收入达7699万元,分别比去年同期增长了20%和24%。一位名叫张杨的云南游客说,与西藏其它地区相比,林芝的海拔相对较低,因此“游客前往其它地区之前,可以在这过渡一下,逐步适应高原环境。”去年9月1日,林芝机场正式通航,极大促进了当地旅游业的发展,林芝机场的周围都是平均海拔达四千多米的高山峻岭,尽管地势险峻、飞行困难,全年的适航时间仅有100天,但截至今年9月,林芝机场已安全运送游客53000人次。西藏其它两个民用机场位于西藏自治区的首府拉萨和日喀则,海拔分别为3650米和3836米。林芝地区总面积为11万7千平方公里,气候宜人、景色优美、自然资源丰富。据当地旅游局介绍,“十一”国庆黄金周期间,林芝预计将接待约35万名游客。 /200803/30011赣州整形医院美容整形科点痣多少钱China#39;s Xiaomi has become the world#39;s fourth smartphone maker to design its own processor, revealing its ;Pinecone; chip yesterday aimed at breaking its reliance on foreign providers such as Qualcomm.中国的小米(Xiaomi)已成为全球第四家自己设计处理器的智能手机制造商。昨日,该公司推出了其松果(Pinecone)芯片,力求打破对高通(Qualcomm)等国外供应商的依赖。The handset maker is leading a wave of Chinese tech groups that are trying to follow Apple, Samsung and Huawei by creating their own internal intellectual property, rather than relying on external sources.这家手机制造商正引领着一波中国科技集团追赶苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)和华为(Huawei)的浪潮,创建自主知识产权,而不是依赖外部资源。;The ability to create its own chip sets is the pinnacle of achievement for any smartphone company. For Xiaomi, the move is an essential next step in our development,; said Lei Jun, chief executive, at the launch.小米首席执行官雷军在发布会上表示:;芯片是手机科技的制高点,小米要成为伟大的公司,必须要掌握核心技术。;Zhang Ziming of Analysys, a tech consultancy, said: ;These Chinese firms want to break the monopoly on chip technology by foreign companies and take part more in upstream competition.;科技咨询公司易观国际(Analysys)的Zhang Ziming表示:;这些中国企业想要打破外国公司对芯片技术的垄断,更多地参与到上游竞争中去。;Like most other smartphone makers, Xiaomi had previously relied on Qualcomm to supply chips. But the US group#39;s global dominance has led to complaints over how it charges smartphone companies to use its designs.像其他大多数智能手机制造商一样,小米以前一直依靠高通提供芯片。但这家美国集团的全球主导地位,使外界对其收费让智能手机公司使用其设计的方式发出抱怨。In December, the company was fined 4m by South Korea for abusing its market position and charging excessive fees. It is now facing two lawsuits over licensing fees, one from US regulators, as well as a bn case involving Apple .去年12月,韩国政府以滥用市场地位和收费过高之由对高通罚款8.54亿美元。目前,高通正面临两起因专利使用费而起的诉讼案--其中一起来自美国监管机构,而另一起跟苹果有关,涉案金额为10亿美元。;Designing chips in-house means that Chinese companies will suffer less from supply-chain disruptions. Xiaomi has previously had to delay the launch of its flagship phone because of problems with Qualcomm#39;s chip set,; said Ding Jie, analyst at tech research group Canalys.;自主设计芯片意味着中国企业受到供应链中断的冲击将会更小。此前,由于高通芯片组出了一些问题,小米曾不得不推迟其旗舰手机的发布,;易观国际的分析师Ding Jie表示。Xiaomi#39;s chip ambitions date to October 2014, when it set up a subsidiary, Beijing Pinecone Electronics.小米开发芯片的抱负可以追溯到2014年10月,当时小米成立了一家名为;北京松果电子有限公司;(Beijing Pinecone Electronics)的子公司。China-based companies#39; share of chip designs in the global market roughly doubled to 11 per cent in the four years to 2015, while US-based companies have more than 60 per cent, according to Christopher Thomas of McKinsey.麦肯锡(McKinsey)的克里斯托弗o托马斯(Christopher Thomas)表示,在截至2015年的4年里,中国企业在全球芯片设计市场的份额达到11%,大约提高了一倍,而美国企业的市场份额超过60%。 /201703/495471赣州祛除褐青色痣价格多少赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗酒糟鼻整形手术怎么样

赣州最好的整形美容医院赣州瘦脸针多少钱一针I think I had my first orgasm at a Beatles concert — then again, how would I have known? When you’re preteen, prepubescent and pretty much pre-everything, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” seems the height of erotic ambition. And that was especially true in 1964, before the sexual revolution and the Internet made that kind of ignorance unimaginable.我想我第一次的高潮是在“披头士”(Beatles)的演唱会上——是啊,那时我怎么知道呢?十一二岁,还不到青春期,什么都不懂的年纪,《我想握住你的手》(I Want to Hold Your Hand)似乎就是爱欲的终极目标。况且当时是1964年,性解放运动和互联网都还没有出现,这样的无知还是有可能的。By the time the Beatles showed up in Glasgow, on the final leg of their second Scottish visit that year, my friends and I were aly fanatically devoted. Transistor radios were hidden in our school desks, earpiece cords accessed through inkwells, and afterschool hours were spent listening to 45s in the home of the one friend who owned a record player.那一年“披头士”在格拉斯哥演出,这是他们第二次苏格兰巡演的最后一站,我和朋友都是他们的狂热歌迷。我们把晶体管收音机藏在课桌底下,用墨水瓶挡着耳机线偷听他们的歌,放学后就去一个家里有唱机的朋友家里,没完没了地听他们的45转唱片。To see our idols in person required sneakiness and elaborate planning. Parental permission, had we asked for it, would not have been forthcoming, and tickets were available only by mail — city authorities being keen to avoid the camping-out chaos that had preceded earlier events.为了亲睹偶像风采,我们得做不少鬼鬼祟祟的周密计划。假如征求父母许可,一定会遭到断然拒绝,演唱会门票也只能靠邮购——市政府竭力想避免他们早先演唱会时发生的那种歌迷彻夜露宿抢票的混乱场面。Before the Internet and Ticketmaster stepped in, big-name tickets were typically purchased one way: by lining up on the street at night alongside throngs of hardy fans and waiting for a box office or a record store to open at 9 a.m. Since most of my early concertgoing took place in Scotland, those streets were almost always damp and the temperatures abysmal.那时候还没有互联网和Ticketmaster订票网站,要买大牌明星的演唱会票子,一般只有一种办法:整晚在街上和大群死忠歌迷一起排队,等着售票处或卖票的唱片店上午9点开门。我小时候大都是在苏格兰看演唱会,街上总是那么阴冷潮湿。Yet some of my fondest memories — and closest friendships — were forged in those lines, as thermoses and joints were shared and singalongs proliferated. Once, sleeping in an alley behind the Edinburgh Playhouse before buying tickets to a Bruce Springsteen show, I awoke to find myself being spooned by a derelict, attracted not by the Boss but by my sandwiches and sleeping bag.但是许多最美好的记忆和最亲密的友谊就是在那一次次的排队时铸成的,大家一起吃烤肉,用保温瓶喝热水, 一起大声唱歌。有一次,我去买布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀(Bruce Springsteen)演出的票,在爱丁堡剧场后面的巷子里睡着了,醒来发现自己被一个露宿街头的流浪汉抱着,他不是受“老板”(斯普林斯汀的绰号——译注)吸引而来,而是看中了我的三明治和睡袋。Nothing so uncivil marred my hours-long wait outside the Odeon to see the Beatles. Around the Odeon, a beautiful old cinema that was demolished in 2013, the line snaked and swelled. Willowy young women in beehive hairdos and bright raincoats, feigning boredom and pretend-smoking Players, flirted with the coppers on horseback who kept a wary eye on us and shooed away nosy drunks. Only afterward did we learn of the riots and vandalism that erupted after we were safely inside, as those without tickets created their own entertainment by overturning vehicles and smashing store windows.但是我在奥丁剧场之外排队几小时,等着看“披头士”的时候,却没发生这么不文明的扫兴事。奥丁是一个漂亮的老电影院,2013年被拆掉了。当晚,剧场外排起了长蛇一样的大队,人潮汹涌。一浪一浪留着蜂窝头,穿着亮色雨衣的女孩们装出百无聊赖的样子,假装抽烟,和骑警们调情;他们一边警惕地望着我们,一边还得忙着赶走臭烘烘的醉汉。事后,我们才知道当我们安全进入剧场之后,外面有暴乱和破坏事件发生——没买到票的人掀翻车辆,砸破商店橱窗,以此自娱自乐。Of the concert itself, I recall almost nothing besides the screaming, a hive hysteria as hard to explain as it is embarrassing to relate. (The Internet tells me the Beatles sang 10 songs that night, and had no fewer than six supporting acts, but I vaguely recall only the incomparable Mary Wells.) From our spots in the balcony, we couldn’t hear a single word. What we saw, when we stood on our seats, was a tsunami of crazed women bearing down on four skinny lads who seemed heartbreakingly vulnerable in their smart little suits and floppy bangs. Unprotected by the slabs of equipment that would later barricade us from groups like Deep Purple and Cream, they looked like prey.至于演出本身,除了尖叫我几乎什么也记不起来了,完全是群体性的歇斯底里,很难解释,想起来也觉得尴尬(网上的资料写着“披头士”当晚唱了10首歌,有至少6个乐队或艺人暖场,但我只能模糊地想起无与伦比的玛丽·威尔斯[Mary Wells])。从我们在楼上的位置,几乎一个字也听不见。我们站在椅子上,只能看见疯狂的女人们,如同海啸一般,不住冲向四个瘦骨如柴的小伙,他们穿着可爱的小衣,留着松松垮垮的发帘,脆弱得让人心疼。后来“深紫”(Deep Purple)、“奶油”(Cream)之类乐队演出时,台上会有厚重的装备,用来把歌迷和乐队隔开,此时却没有这样的东西,他们显得好像猎物一样。They should have been terrified. We were a mob, and had we all chosen to follow the frenzied front-seaters who tried to storm the stage, there’s little that the heavies planted nervously below could have done to stop us. But we were too busy fainting and sobbing to mount an offensive, and too grateful to the stewards who plucked the unconscious to safety. (In the decades that followed, watching bands like Joy Division, the Stranglers and the Sex Pistols electrify venues in London and Manchester — places where hoodlums and toffs happily rubbed shoulders — I would see many superfans pass out, though probably less from romantic yearning than from an excess of head banging.)他们本可能会害怕的。我们就是一群乌合之众,如果我们学着前座那些想冲上舞台的狂热歌迷们的话,台下那些紧张兮兮的大块头保镖们根本拦不住我们。但我们忙着晕倒、抽泣,顾不上发起攻势,也很感激那些把晕倒的人拖到安全处去的警卫们。在接下来的几十年里,看“快乐分裂”(Joy Division)、“扼杀者”(Stranglers)和“性手”(Sex Pistols)在伦敦和曼彻斯特的场地里煽风点火的时候——那里都是流氓阿飞成群结队,勾肩搭背的地方——我也常常看到许多超级歌迷晕倒,不过不是因为满心浪漫渴望,而是因为互相撞脑袋撞得太狠了。That night in 1964 was the start of a journey that consumed most of my free time in my teens and 20s. Music, even more than the movies I made a career reviewing, taught me the joy of collective experience and especially the power of mass seduction. And though Johnny Rotten’s ferrety features and snarling delivery might have seemed a long way from John Lennon’s placid professionalism, their grip on a room — and on our libidos — was identical.从1964年的那天晚上起,一段消耗了我十几岁到二十几岁所有空余时间的旅行开始了。我是专业影评人,但还是音乐带给我更多关于群体经历的快感,特别是让我见识了大众情人的力量。尽管“坏牙强尼”(Johnny Rotten)雪貂般的外表和咆哮般的歌声与约翰·列侬(John Lennon)平静温和的职业主义相去甚远,但他们吸引歌迷——乃至我们的力比多——的力量是一样的。Only much later would I fully appreciate that the intimacy of those long-ago places, from clubs to a former bingo hall, was nurtured less by their size than by the way we used them. No forest of upraised cellphones blocked our view of the stage and one another; no one was tweeting or taping or posting selfies to Facebook.直到很久以后,我才真正懂得欣赏那些以前的演出场地——从那些俱乐部到一个游戏厅改建的场地——它们有一种亲近感,不是因为它们的大小,而是因为我们使用这些场地的方式。没有高高举起的手机挡住我们观看舞台、观看彼此的视线;没有人发推特、拍视频或者在Facebook上发自拍。Without those technological barriers, concerts had an immediacy that’s all but lost today. That’s especially true of stadium events, where we’re pushed farther and farther from our musical heroes, the screens are supersized and the layers of impersonality daunting. With a cellphone in front of me, would I have locked eyes with some of my most memorable lovers-to-be? Would I have rescued, or even noticed, the ratty little dog that someone brought to a packed Buzzcocks show and promptly forgot? (He loved that first set, though.)没有这些科技带来的障碍,演唱会上总有一种亲密的气氛,到如今已经荡然无存。特别是在体育场举办的那些盛会,我们离自己的音乐英雄们愈来愈远,转播屏幕过于巨大,一层层的观众席完全取消了个性,令人沮丧。当我面前摆着一个手机的时候,我还能目不转睛地望着台上那些最难忘的恋慕对象们吗?我还能像当年那样,在“嗡嗡鸡”(Buzzcocks)拥挤的演唱会上,救下一只被主人带来然后又忘到脑后的可怜小吗?(不过它挺喜欢演唱会的第一节的。)现在的我可能根本就不会注意到它。What I treasure most about those vivid, unmediated, sometimes scary days — aside from tickets that often cost no more than the price of a pint — is that they uniquely belong to those who were there. At a time when very little live pop music was televised, most of the really interesting stuff inevitably happened off camera. No Instagram or Tumblr posts memorialized your most idiotic behavior for prospective employers or partners to condemn, giving public events a liberating privacy that’s rapidly evaporating.关于那段历历在目、单刀直入,有时候甚至有点可怕的日子,我最珍惜的除了便宜的票价(通常比一品托酒还便宜),便是那种现场感:它们只属于当时在场的那些人。那时候现场流行音乐会几乎没什么机会上电视,大多数真正有意思的事情都发生在镜头之外。没有Instagram或是Tumblr帖子去记下你那些白痴的行为,好让未来的雇员或者伙伴看了指责你,那个时候,公共活动中有种让人安心的隐私,如今却早就蒸发了。Back then, almost every concert souvenir, from the posters you harvested to the tickets you shivered all night to buy, sparked memories that no outsider could electronically gate-crash. If you wanted to know what happened, you had to listen to my stories or my diaries. Try the one with the Beatles on the cover.在那个时候,几乎所有演唱会的纪念品,从大批拿回来的海报到哆嗦了整夜买回来的票子,都会成为闪亮的回忆,外人是不能靠着电子设备硬闯进来的。如果你想知道演唱会上发生了什么,就得看我写的报道,或者看我写的日记。不妨看看这一段吧,“披头士”就在封面上呢。 /201508/395839开幕前被列为“终极悬念”之一的北京奥运会主题歌,果然以出人预料并且超乎想像的主题和旋律,给全世界带来惊喜,带来感动。没有气壮山河,没有纵横捭阖,《我和你》(You And Me),闪耀着人性与情义的光华,以舒缓而温情的方式,让亿万观众如沐月光清风,在天籁之音中感受“地球村”的和谐之美。《我和你》,北京奥运会这首总共12句歌词的主题歌,传递着和谐世界的人本理念,体现了别具匠心的创作风格,加上世界巨星的完美演绎和简单易唱的词曲节奏,能否成为奥运主题歌中又一首风格迥异却仍传唱不衰的经典?Cheers from the 90,000-strong crowd reverberated through the National Stadium, when Chinese vocalist Liu Huan and British songstress Sarah Brightman presented the theme song for the night, You and Me, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last night.Flashlights and countless camera flashes offered the backdrop to a towering globe on which Liu and Brightman sang their duet, written and composed by France-based Chinese songwriter Chen Qigang. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan sing the theme song during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on August 8, 2008 at the National Stadium in Beijing. [Agencies] "Being up there was one of the biggest thrills in my life," Brightman said.She also performed the theme Amigos para Siempre at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with Spanish tenor Jose Carreras.The 48-year-old soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer wowed Chinese audiences in a concert in Beijing on May 30, 2004, at the Capital Gymnasium.Brightman has also toured other cities in China, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.She gained fame through performances in hit musicals such as Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.Her style of blending classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangement has earned her 150 gold and platinum awards in 34 countries.Similarly, Liu Huan is one of the most popular singers in China.As composer of the One World, One Dream Olympic song, and one of the country's best known musicians, the stocky 45-year-old Tianjin native majored in French and is a self-taught singer-songwriter.Liu first became known for composing music for Chinese TV dramas, including the TV series Beijingers in New York, a huge hit in the early 1990s. /200808/45691赣州整形美容医院塑鼻尖怎么样Qi Jiguang(1528~1587) was born into a military family in Dingyuan County of Anhui; he was a military general and national hero during the Ming Dynasty and was best remembered for his courage and leadership in the fight against Japanese pirates along the east coast of China.戚继光(1528~1587),出生在安徽定远一个军人家庭,中国明朝将军和民族英雄,最突出的贡献是率军勇敢地在中国东海岸与日本倭寇作斗争。In 1553, Qi Jiguang was promoted to Assistant Regional Military Commissioner of defense force against Japanese pirates.1553年,戚继光任署都指挥佥事,抵抗倭寇。The next year he was appointed the Military Commissioner, a rank similar to today#39;s chief of staff in Zhejiang where the Japanese pirates colluded with their Chinese counterparts and expanded their forces.1554年戚继光改佥浙江都司,任参将。倭寇在浙江与当地海盗串通一气,扩大规模。Qi led the Ming soldiers to a decisive victory.戚继光率明军取得了决定性的胜利。In the 40th year of Jiajing#39;s Reign of the Qing Dynasty, his troops continued to deal fatal blows to the pirates at Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.嘉靖四十年,戚继光在台州大胜。The next year Qi Jiguang led his well-trained troops south into Fujian Province where pirate activities surged and had established strongholds along the coast. His army eradicated major lairs of Japanese pirates, including the one at Hengyu.次年戚继光率领他训练有素的军队前去援闽,捣破倭寇在横屿等地的老巢。In 44th year of Jiajing Reign, he exterminated the Japanese pirates in Guangdong Province.嘉靖四十四年戚继光剿平广东倭寇。In order to resist Japanese pirates, he innovated a series of military reforms. From the experience of the maneuver he wrote Records of Military Training and Military Strategy, which became an invaluable reference for military leaders after him.戚继光根据当时抗倭斗争的需要,进行了一系列军事改革,所著《纪效新书》、《练兵实纪》等军事理论著作成为后世军事领导的宝贵资料。 /201508/395781赣州俪人整形美容医院割双眼皮好吗

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