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走进物馆,感受原汁原味的文化,体会中西方文化融合的多种面貌:传统、风俗和文化。Macao has 21 museums, impressive for a a city less than 30 square kilometers. There is no better way to experience and learn about Macao's culture, history and people than to pay a visit to the Museum of Macao.The moment you enter the Museum, you experience a place where East meets West. From religion to philosophy, culture to science, symbolic exhibits from China and 16th century Europe are displayed on both sides of the entrance.Commercial and cultural relationships with different parts of the world is also exhibited in the museum. It's as if visitors travel back in time, to discover Macao's unique development.The Museum of Macao is located at the Monte Fort, facing the ruins of St.Paul's cathedral. It's built inside the ancient Fortress and dates back to the beginning of the 17th century when it was built by Jesuits. 12/92729。

  • 美国第一夫人背后的时尚推手 201301/223296。
  • How Can I Look More Approachable?如何让自己更具亲和力? Here is VideoJug's guide to looking more approachable. Judi James, our body language expert and author of 'Body talk At Home', shows you how to send out the right signals so you come across as approachable and as someone everyone wants to meet.Step 1: Body barriers(身体语言)These signal to people to leave you alone and make you seem extremely unapproachable. Therefore, avoid folded arms or gestures such as holding a drink close to your chin as it implies to the other person you'd rather be left alone.Step 2: Use your eyes(眼神交流)Your eyes can signal approachability. Don't stare or just look at the floor, but scan the room with your eyes as this shows that you are open to approach.Step 3: Smile with your eyes(眼神里的笑意)Soften your eye expression and don't be blank or vacant, as smiling with your eyes really does show that you are friendly.Step 4: Smiling with the mouth(嘴巴也要笑起来)This is an evolutionary aspect, an animal signal of introduction. A nice, genuine smile shows again that you mean to be friendly.Step 5: Intentional gestures(有意识的动作)These make communication easier. When shaking hands, put your hand out at a distance and not at the last minute as this encourages more of a response. When you want to interrupt, raising your hand slightly will signal to people that you want to speak.Step 6: Self-comfort gestures(自我安慰的动作) You do these when feeling anxious or under pressure, and it makes it seem as if you don't want to speak to people. Also beware of metronomic gestures such as foot tapping, as these signal to people that you are impatient and do not have time for them.201107/146266。
  • But Shedao Island has hidden dangers.但是蛇岛亦潜伏着危险Pallas pit vipers trapped here 6,000 years ago by rising sea levels由于海平面上升 蝮蛇已被困在这座岛上6000余年have evolved a sinister lifestyle.这已演化成一种险恶的生存方式For 10 months of the year每年有10个月there is nothing substantial to eat on the island,岛上没有任何食物so the reptiles conserve their energy by barely moving at all.因此爬行类动物保持静止以保存体力As the sun warms their rocky home,当阳光使它们的岩石家园变暖the snakes climb up into the bushes and trees.这些蛇便爬进灌木树丛But they arent here to sunbathe.但是它们不是来这晒日光浴的More and more vipers appear越来越多的毒蛇出现了until virtually every perch where a bird might land事实上毒蛇占据了几乎所有栖息地has been booby-trapped.等着鸟们上钩Then the waiting game begins.“守猎”游戏开始了The serpents camouflage is remarkable,蛇隐藏得很好but so are the birds reactions,但是蛇攻击鸟的时候as this high-speed shot reveals.鸟的反应同样迅速 /201209/202050。
  • TEXT:once smallpox arrives at Valley Forge, it sps through the cramped huts like wildfire.Washington survived smallpox as a child. Now he decides to take a gamble...with one of the most daring experiments in US military history.Surgeons have learned about inoculation from African slaves. They harvest pus from a smallpox victim...and smear the live virus into cuts on the skin of a healthy patient. The inoculation sps the infection, but at a slower rate. A week after exposure, the victims white blood cells create antibodies. These attack and kill the virus that causes smallpox before the disease can sp. But its a dangerous race against time. To survive, the patients immune system has to work faster than the virus, or it will run out of control. One in 50 of those inoculated will die. But Washingtons gamble pays off. New cases of smallpox fall from several thousand to just a few dozen. But to win the war against the British, Washington turns to an unlikely hero who will transform his ragtag militia into a formidable fighting machine.1778. George Washingtons Patriot Army survives a hard winter and an outbreak of smallpox at Valley Forge. Now Washington introduces a new recruit who will change the course of the war. Baron von Steuben is an ex-Prussian Army officer, an elite soldier whose career is said to have been ruined by his homosexuality. But Washington makes him one of th e most powerful men in his command. Washington was a genius in taking people in who didnt seem like they could achieve great things, but under him, they rose to the challenge, they rose to the occasion. And thats what great leaders do.Von Steubens task : Reinvent the demoralized Patriot Army so they can take on the British in aclose fight.译文:天花刚一出现在佛吉谷就迅速在拥挤的营帐中传播开来。华盛顿小时候得过天花,这次他决定冒险一搏,做一个美军历史上最大胆的试验。军医从非洲奴隶那里学到了接种的技术,他们从天花病人身上采集脓液,然后把活病毒抹在健康人伤口上接种使得感染扩散,但扩散速度慢一些。感染一周后患者的白细胞会分泌出抗体,它们会在病情蔓延之前攻击并且消灭天花病毒,但这是一场与时间的赛跑,生死攸关。要想生存,病人的免疫系统的反应必须快于病毒的扩散,否则病情会一发不可收拾。受接种的人,五十个中会有一个丧命于此,但华盛顿赌赢了,天花的新病例从几千人降到了几十人。但要击败英国人华盛顿还要完成一个壮举,把手下这群乌合之众训练成强大的战争机器。1778年,华盛顿的爱国大军在佛吉谷相继经受了严冬和天花的考验,接下来华盛顿新招募的一名军官将扭转战局。拜伦·冯·施托伊本是名前普鲁士军官,同时也是名杰出的士兵,但据说其因同性恋者身份而前途尽失。华盛顿不拘一格,将他提拔为手下的一员大将。戴维·鲍尔达奇[犯罪推理小说作家]:“华盛顿深谙用人之道,那些看似平庸的人在他领导下却能成为临危受命的贤才良将,伟大的领袖往往如此。冯·施托伊本的任务是重振低落的士气,使他们能够与英军近距离作战。知识百科:天花病毒的历史(下)(接上期内容)到明代以后,人痘接种法盛行起来。1796年,英国乡村医生爱德华·詹纳发现了一种危险性更小的接种方法。他成功地给一个8岁的男孩注射了牛痘。现在的天花疫苗也不是用人的天花病毒,而是用牛痘病毒做的,牛痘病毒与天花病毒的抗原绝大部分相同,而对人体不会致病。  1979年10月26日联合国世界卫生组织在肯尼亚首都内罗毕宣布,全世界已经消灭了天花病,并且为此举行了庆祝仪式。世界卫生组织的检查人员在最近两年里,对最后一批尚未宣布消灭天花病的东非四国——肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚、索马里和吉布提进行了调查,发现这四个国家确实已经消灭了这种疾病,于是发布了这个具有历史意义的消息。天花病是世界上严重危害人们的传染性疾病之一。图:天花病毒几千年来,使千百万人死亡或毁容。一百八十年前,英国发明了预防天花病的牛痘疫苗。天花病患者的死亡率仍高达三分之一。后来,发达国家逐步控制了这种疾病,但非洲农村仍有流行。自一九六七年开始进行最后一次大规模消灭天花的活动。现在,天花病的病毒只保留在以下两个实验室中,以供研究之用。美国亚特兰大的疾病控制和预防中心俄罗斯Koltsovo的国家病毒和生物技术中心被史学家甚至称为“人类史上最大的种族屠杀”事件不是靠炮实现的,而是天花。15世纪末,欧洲人踏上美洲大陆时,这里居住着2000-3000万原住民,约100年后,原住民人口剩下不到100万人。研究者指出,欧洲殖民者把天花患者用过的毯子送给了印第安人。随后,瘟疫肆虐,由欧洲传来的腮腺炎、麻疹、霍乱、淋病和黄热病等病也接踵而至。18世纪70年代,英国医生爱德华·琴纳发现了牛痘,人类终于能够抵御天花病毒。“黑死病”于1347年在西西里群岛爆发后,在3年内横扫欧洲,并在20年间导致2500万欧洲人死亡。患者没有任何治愈的可能,皮肤出现许多黑斑,死亡过程极其痛苦,故称为“黑死病”。此病在随后300年间多次在欧洲卷土重来,后世学者估计,共有多达2亿人死于这场瘟疫。。
  • 7A^wND3ur17]25,,MS1.q;|dRToday in History: Thursday, August 23, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月23日,周四,!a0T3T@a4fI.@AMOn Aug. 23, 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty.1939年8月23日,纳粹德国和苏联签署了一项互不侵犯条约ehFjvVFgnHI7XtX-N。%BtifK5*YU3)4dv|],mdu9jf!#ADNOU3bz.1754 Frances King Louis XVI was born at Versailles.1754年,法国国王路易十六世在凡尔赛出生)o!5Jmx%Oyn#x。uYLUO-YQP2;(]cAEh-xxXW1M8k+NW)zxIt1775 Britains King George III proclaimed the American colonies in a state of open rebellion.1775年,英国国王乔治三世宣称美洲殖民地处于公然叛变的混乱状态8D,4cAHc*50]。(C6%)N~A%r]mcdF)pDZWORMjQ[!X23+f1912 Actor and dancer Gene Kelly was born in Pittsburgh.1912年,演员和舞者吉恩#8226;凯利在美国匹兹堡出生(lgOiVow15|WT。~h.@apyLNT~3]|hv.AZR0e,0ik]4aDIslr^1926 Silent film star Rudolph Valentino died at age 31.1926年,无声电影明星鲁道夫#8226;瓦伦蒂诺去世,年仅31岁A6kY.c3Bf[h%M6#~+。(f+rl4h2K+#|q8)ZDMSNYU~1927 Italian-born anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in Boston for the murders of two men during a 1920 robbery.1927年,出生于意大利的无政府主义者Nicola Sacco和Bartolomeo Vanzetti因1920年谋杀2名男子在波士顿被处死FJWOr%lw%O*A。[UHxCf9qSz~zfa#yNN0fgT4f*V@Vzl1960 Broadway librettist Oscar Hammerstein II died at age 65.1960年,百老汇剧本作者奥斯卡#8226;汉默斯坦二世去世,享年65岁eJ5d39DA0tN5iKvT8U。~l^T9G.OJ@,;5-TIE*,^|B1Gr]Dt|1979 Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected while the Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in New York.1979年,莫斯科芭蕾舞在纽约巡演时舞者亚历山大#8226;戈东诺夫叛逃0Xb,w8c8+,5V#,jmt。By^+^Z!UDPM_GR;~W0_SaFWNum*aD%0iL%%1989 Yusuf Hawkins, an African-American teenager, was shot dead by white youths in Brooklyn.1989年,非裔美国青年Yusuf Hawkins在布鲁克林遭白人青年杀jC3T,gd,kg。eJ)x;wDY.]DDS%1Q7]t-N(z](Lo|2000 The first season finale of the reality show ;Survivor; aired on CBS, with contestant Richard Hatch winning the million prize.2000年,真人秀《幸存者》第一季在CBS播出,选手理查德#8226;哈奇赢得100万美元的奖励N%G[xkud+aGyJ.Q。xFT8,#+7L_T7t_a[Z;~|xaA*i.T32003 Former Roman Catholic priest John Geoghan, a convicted child molester, was killed by a fellow inmate in a Massachusetts prison.2003年,被判性侵犯儿童罪的前罗马天主教牧师John Geoghan在麻萨诸塞州监狱被同伙囚犯杀害k!5sBvP9SL,3xzr@ja8。4RmlLYuf0cjj~L6*qz2nF2005 Israeli forces evicted militant holdouts from two Jewish settlements, completing a historic withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank.2005年,以色列军队在两个犹太人定居点驱逐武装残余分子,完成了在加沙地带和西岸部分地区历史性撤离xGxzXdidF6853.oW。j,!qx[6WZn!r!4bJq40~gm~7IrP2008 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama introduced his choice of running mate, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.2008年,民主党总统候选人巴拉克#8226;奥巴马介绍他选择的竞选伙伴---特拉华州参议员乔#8226;拜登RSN.vr28a;7iU。ul@He[A9g,bOKg8Hmfxe8Uw]C6jW2010 Golfer Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, divorced.2010年,高尔夫名将“老虎”伍兹和他的妻子艾琳离婚;L;ZtWwWKh。%w31S^*-Lx[kET5xEpyEAP]w2011 Judges in New York put an end to the sensational sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, setting him free after prosecutors questioned the credibility of the hotel housekeeper whod accused the French diplomat.2011年,在原告被质疑酒店管家控告法国外交官的可信度后,纽约法官结束了多米尼克#8226;斯特劳斯#8226;卡恩耸人听闻的性侵犯案件GNhM-@gS@t。aB0pMLq4n..PAKZpKQBQZndtnO98K1YWGqO0rBEuK /201208/196399。
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