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Burma Admits US Aid Coordinator, But Still Bars Team Members美缅甸灾难评估小组负责人获签    The State Department said Thursday Burma has granted a visa to the head of the U.S. assessment team assigned for duty in that country's cyclone disaster. But other members of the U.S. Agency for International Development - USAID - team continue to stand by in Bangkok as they have since shortly after the May 3 storm. 美国国务院星期四表示,美国国际开发署缅甸热带风暴灾难评估小组的负责人已经得到缅甸政府的入境签。但是,国际开发署的其他成员继续在泰国曼谷等候。5月3号强热带风暴后,他们很快就到了曼谷。Officials here say Burmese authorities granted a visa to USAID disaster expert William Berger for a two-day government-conducted tour Thursday and Friday of the country's hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta region. 美国国务院官员说,缅甸当局已经签发给美国国际开发署灾难评估专家威廉.伯格入境签,由缅甸政府安排,于星期四和星期五前往受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。However, they caution that the move does not appear to indicate that the military government is prepared to admit the several other members of Berger's disaster assessment team who have been waiting to enter for more than two weeks. 但是,国务院官员警告说,这项举动并不表示缅甸军政府准备准许伯格的灾难评估小组其他成员入境。这个灾难评估小组等候进入缅甸灾区已经超过两个星期。The Bush administration has pressed Burma to admit the USAID team for a first-hand appraisal of needs and logistics in the cyclone-ravaged area, and says that without a report from the experts it cannot make an informed decision on further U.S. contributions. 布什政府一直对缅甸施压,要求准许美国国际开发署小组对灾区的需要和补给做第一手评估。布什政府表示,如果没有这些专家的评估,美国就无法进一步做出可靠的救灾决定。At a press briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said Berger was chosen to be the U.S. representative on the tour, instead of a member of the American embassy staff in Rangoon, because of his expertise: 国务院副发言人凯西在记者会上说,选择伯格、而不是美国驻仰光大使馆成员做评估小组负责人,是因为他的专业知识。"The rest of the team hasn't been given visas and he's not been given permission to conduct his own assessment or the kind of things he'd do as team leader," he said. "He's just the person that will be representing the U.S. government on this tour for foreign governments that the regime is sponsoring."  凯西说:“评估小组的其他成员还没有得到签,而伯格本人也没有获准去进行他自己的评估,或者去做他身为评估小组组长应当做的事。他只是缅甸政府为外国政府所组织的一次考察中的美国代表而已。”"We thought it was important though to have him be the representative rather than someone else from the [U.S.] mission simply because it will at least give someone with real expertise at least some kind of overview of some of the area and what's going on," he added. “但我们还是认为让伯格、而不是美国大使馆其他人员作为代表进入灾区是很重要的,因为这至少能让一位真正有专业知识的人对灾区至少能够有一些总体观察。”Under normal circumstances, a U.S. assessment team precedes large-scale American aid in a disaster zone, coordinating deliveries and assuring that items provided actually reach those in need. 正常情况下,美国的评估队伍都是先进入灾区,然后才开始大规模的美国援助,协调救灾工作,并确保救灾物资确实送到需要者手上。Despite the lack of direct access, and press reports of some diversion of supplies, the ed States is continuing an airlift of basic relief items to Rangoon. 尽管不能直接进入灾区,而且有新闻报导说,一些救援物资被挪作他用,但美国还是继续向仰光空运基本的救灾物品。Spokesman Casey said U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes made five flights Thursday carrying bottled water, plastic sheeting, mosquito netting and other items.  国务院发言人凯西说,美国空军c-130运输机星期四飞了五个架次,为缅甸送去瓶装水,塑胶布,蚊帐,和其他物品。He said in three of the flights, the supplies were handed over directly to non-governmental groups - the preferred procedure in the absence of U.S. personnel on the ground. 凯西说,其中三个架次的救灾物品被直接交给非政府组织, 这是在没有美国救灾人员在场的情况下,比较好的一种作法。Casey said the U.S. charge d'affaires in Rangoon, Shari Villarosa, will be the U.S. representative Sunday at the donors conference there organized by the ed Nations and ASEAN to be attended by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 凯西说,美国驻仰光代办维拉罗萨星期天将代表美国参加在仰光由联合国和东盟举办的捐助国会议。联合国秘书长潘基文也将参加这次会议。 200805/39935As you can imagine with the biggest Chinese holiday of the year, food's gonna play a great part of its sander/sender. In China, food is never simply food, it's always invested with heavy symbolic meanings especially at a holiday like. This is my guide that navigates me through is Belinda Wang here.What is it that Chinese people everyone eats at a time like this? Well this is what every Chinese family has for New Year. It's "go" (糕). And the name "go" means "bo bo go sing" (步步高升) which means (for) everything rises in the New Year and advancement in your career, in your wealth, and in your health. Ok, well, let's get a shopping bag and you can lead me through it, see what I need for the New Year. Sure, my pleasure. Nuts and seeds are very important for New Year. Now we have this black melon seeds which is very nice. (Oh, yeah.)Try one. And the action of you picking them up and eating them constantly is like picking up money all the time and eating them. So that I'll put one in the basket. Ok. What about these ones? These are really happy-happy-nuts because pistachios in Cantonese is happy-happy.So this ensures a happy year of the dog. Yes, yes. What about? What's that?Peanuts.You know peanuts stand for longevity. So you'll have a long life in the New Year. And, and this? And this is, this means lots of sons. Lots of sons? What are they? Lotus seeds. You can use them for sweets and also for soups. So if you want to have lots of sons in this year. You'd better have more of them. Yeah, thank you. This is called "yuyi" (如意) which the literal meaning is everything as you wish in the New Year. It looks disgusting. No, if cooked properly, it's really delicious. Really? I'll take your offer, but I'll check that all in the basket. Now those two are, are our New Year's favorites. This one is black moss, hair vegetable. Hairy vegetable? Yes. It looks like our hair. Ok,what~and what's good luck about this? Now this ,it it~sounds exactly the same as "gung hei fat choi" (恭喜发财), "fat choi" (发菜). So it means prosperity and making lots of wealth. And what you do, make soup out of it or something? You you make stews, you make conjee, you make soups out of it. Alrighty, you would do your recommendation.Highly recommended. So ... and what's er..? And this is dried oysters which is "hao shi" (好市) is good market. Good market....doing well in the market in the New Year. Yes, yes. Well, both in terms of my belly, and in terms of my good luck, I'm gonna have many children, long life, I'm gona be very happy and everything's gonna rise in the New Year. Exactly.So. Thank you very much. Gung hei fat choi. Gung hei fat choi. 200808/46990

South Korean Military Chief Says North Seeks Nuclear Warhead韩国称北韩希望发展导弹携带核武 South Korean military officials say they believe North Korea is hoping to develop a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by missile. The unusually frank public statement was made amid reports North Korea has conducted a routine test of its short range missiles along its western coast.韩国的军事官员表示,他们相信北韩希望发展能够用导弹携带的核武器。就在韩国官员做出这项不寻常公开声明的同时,有报导说,北韩在其西部海岸试射短程导弹。South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Kim Tae-young, says he believes North Korea is trying to produce a nuclear warhead small enough to be carried on a missile.韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣表示,他相信北韩正试图发展体积小到能够用导弹携带的核弹头。Kim made the comment Wednesday in a parliamentary hearing. Such a direct statement is rare, because senior South Korean officials usually keep quiet about North Korean security matters in public. Kim added, he believes North Korea has enough plutonium to produce as many as seven nuclear weapons.金泰荣是星期三在国会作时发表这项的。这样率直的说法十分罕见,因为韩国官员通常在公开场合对北韩的安全事务保持缄默。金泰荣还补充说,他相信北韩已经有足够的金属钸能够生产多达7枚的核武器。Despite being impoverished, North Korea has invested heavily for decades in ballistic missile technology. It has hundreds of short and medium range missiles capable of reaching all of South Korea and most of Japan. North Korea test-fired a medium range missile directly over Japanese territory in 1998. In 2006 - just months before it tested a nuclear explosive underground - the North conducted a failed test of a long range missile hypothetically capable of reaching the ed States.北韩现在拥有几百枚能够打到整个韩国和大部分日本的短程和中程导弹。1998年,北韩试射了一枚中程导弹直接飞越日本领土。2006年,就在北韩试爆地下核装置前几个月,北韩还进行了一次失败的远程导弹试射。那枚远程导弹的假设目标是美国本土。South Korean media ed Seoul defense officials Wednesday as saying the North has conducted a test firing of at least two short range missiles. The missiles were apparently fired Tuesday afternoon off North Korea's western coast.韩国媒体星期三引述首尔国防官员的话说,北韩已经进行了至少两次短程导弹试射。这些导弹显然是星期二下午的时候在北韩西海岸以外发射的。South Korean Unification Ministry Spokesman Kim Ho-nyoun did not confirm the launch Wednesday, but said the test was probably not cause for alarm.韩国统一部发言人金浩庸星期三没有对导弹发射作出实,但是表示,没有必要对这样的试射赶到惊慌。He says if it was in fact short range missiles North Korea launched, it is probably part of a routine drill. He says North Korea is known to conduct two sets of routine missile tests each year.他说,如果北韩真的发射了短程导弹,那可能只是常规演习的一部分。他说,北韩据悉每年进行两次常规性的导弹试射。Even small military movements by North Korea attract attention here in the South - perhaps especially at this point in time. It remains unconfirmed whether leader Kim Jong Il, believed to be recovering from a stroke, is actually in control of the country. Pyongyang threatened earlier this month to resume reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel into material useable in weapons. And, this week marks several key anniversaries in the North - including that of the country's communist-party founding, and of its nuclear test two years ago.即便是小规模的北韩军事动作,尤其在这个时间,都会在韩国引发关注。目前还无法实据信在中风后恢复阶段的北韩领导人金正日是否在亲自掌权。平壤本月早些时候威胁说,要恢复将核废料处理成可用于武器的材料。此外,这个星期在北韩有几个重要的纪念日,其中包括北韩共产党成立纪念日和北韩进行核试验两周年等。200810/52434

South Korea Says North's Nuclear Compromise May Be Near韩国就北韩核问题提出妥协方案 South Korean officials are suggesting a compromise aimed at reviving efforts to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons may not be far off. The ed States and North Korea have been negotiating intensively on a means of confirming the accuracy of the nuclear declaration Pyongyang made earlier this year. The potential breakthrough comes at a moment of brinksmanship by the North.韩国官员提出妥协性方案,目的是不让恢复解除北韩核武器的努力落空。美国和北韩一直在进行密集的谈判,以核实北韩今年早些时候公开的核活动清单的准确性。在北韩采取边缘外交政策的同时,这个问题有可能取得突破。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan told reporters in Seoul Friday the ed States will probably announce soon whether it intends to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism.韩国外长柳明桓星期五在首尔对记者说,美国有可能很快宣布是否把北韩从美国国务院涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上删除。Washington promised last year to take the North off that list, as part of a broader international deal that committed Pyongyang to declare and disable its main nuclear programs.华盛顿去年承诺把北韩从这个名单上除名,作为一项广泛的国际协议的一部分。根据这项协议,平壤宣布废弃其主要的核设施。President Bush delayed the scheduled removal in August, because North Korea refused to agree on steps for verifying the declaration it submitted earlier in the year was accurate. The North responded by ejecting international inspectors from the reprocessing facility at its main nuclear plant in Yongbyon. The ed Nations said Friday Pyongyang had informed inspectors they will now be denied access to any part of the Yongbyon complex. North Korea threatened earlier this month to resume deriving material useable for weapons from spent nuclear fuel.今年8月,布什总统推迟了原定的除名计划,因为北韩不同意采取措施,核实它今年早些时候提交的核清单是准确的。对此,北韩作出的回应是把国际核查员从它在宁边的主要核工厂驱赶出去。联合国星期五表示,平壤通知核查人员,他们现在不得进入宁边设施的任何地方。本月早些时候,北韩还威胁将恢复从废弃的核燃料中提取制造武器所需的材料。The South's Minister Yu says diplomacy may produce some movement on the stalemate soon.韩国外长柳明桓表示,外交手段对解决目前的僵持局面有可能起到某种促进作用。He says the US government is expected to make a decision on the terrorism list in the near future, and that discussions on a verification protocol are still under way.柳明桓说,美国政府预计在不久的将来会决定是否把北韩从涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,而核实核清单的讨论仍在进行之中。Yu pointed out that even though international inspectors have been denied access to Yongbyon, they are still being housed in North Korean dormitories near the complex and not expelled from the country. He says a compromise deal would focus narrowly on the North's plutonium-related nuclear activities.柳明桓指出,尽管国际核查员被拒绝进入宁边核工厂,但是他们仍然住在靠近核工厂附近的宿舍里,并没有被赶出北韩。他说,妥协性协议的涉及面很窄,将主要集中在北韩与金属钸有关的核活动上面。He says other issues, particularly that of a suspected North Korean uranium enrichment program, will be handled later on, as it is impossible to deal with every issue at once.他说,其它议题,特别是北韩涉嫌提炼浓缩铀的计划将在以后处理,因为一次不可能解决所有的问题。Washington's chief envoy on the nuclear issue, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, met with senior North Korean officials last week in Pyongyang and is still conferring with his superiors in Washington. The Bush administration has not made any substantial details of the latest negotiations public.华盛顿核武器谈判特使,助理国务卿希尔上个星期同北韩官员在平壤举行了会晤,他仍在和华盛顿的上级进行商议。布什政府还没有把最新几轮谈判的实质性细节公布于众。Dan Pinkston, a Seoul-based analyst with the International Crisis Group, speculates Washington and Pyongyang may soon reach a verification compromise.平克斯顿是“国际危机组织”驻首尔的分析人士。他推测,华盛顿和平壤很快会就核实核清单的问题达成一项妥协性协议。"And that gets very technical and very detailed as far as environmental samples, and when and where they can take those samples, access to individual scientists and engineers for interviews, and records, and which kind of sites are available," Pinkston said. "And the technical people will have to work that out, and I'm sure there's been some lengthy discussions about that."“这是一个技术性很强的问题,而且就环境样品而言,内容也非常繁琐,例如什么时候以及在什么地方可以得到这些样片,能否接触到科学家和工程师本人进行访问并查看记录,以及哪一类设施可以接受核查等。这些都是技术人员要解决的问题。我相信,双方已经就这些问题进行了长时间的谈判。”Pinkston believes it makes sense to delay issues unrelated to North Korea's plutonium programs like the one at Yongbyon. He says other matters can be handled after next month's U.S. presidential election."Wrapping up this second phase, disablement, would be a positive step - and we could move toward the dismantlement phase with the new administration in the U.S.," he said.North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion in 2006. Several international media reports have reported possible suspicious activity at the site of that test, suggesting Pyongyang may be planning a followup.北韩在2006年进行过一次核试验。几家国际媒体的报道暗示,平壤有可能计划再进行一次核试验,因为那个试验场地发现有可疑活动。200810/52538

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