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文本:On a rocky beach in Iceland, two youngsters are on a mission of mercy. Inside their cardboard box, they have two orphans, fledglings plucked from the streets of town, baby puffins. The children of Heimaey have been saving young puffins called pufflings for generations. In fact, at the end of the summer, releasing them by the hundreds to the safety of the sea has become a local tradition."They have to save the birds, well, if they don't do it, they'll die. They find it very exciting."Exciting obviously for the kids who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away. But no doubt it's a little nerve-racking for the recently born pufflings. The problem for the pufflings is that when they are old enough, they leave their burrows in the cliffs and head out to sea. But the lights of the town confuse them. Instead of flying out to sea, they fly into town where they crash land and end up on the streets. That's where the puffling patrols come in. Each night, during the month of August, Moms and Dads lead troops of kids through town looking for wayward pufflings. They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and street lights. The piers are particularly popular place."Oh hey guys, look it's there, it's there!"When a bird is spotted, the kids rush to scoop it up, and bring it in off the mean streets of Heimaey for the night. It's hard work. The following day all the birds that landed in friendly hands are transported to the seashore, pointed in the right direction, and given their flying orders. The kids seem to be having a great time. Apparently there is a proper way to release the pufflings. First, the proper grip, then, the right technique. With its wings free and flapping, the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback, and throw a short path. Whether they swim to safety or fly off over the North Atlantic, one wonders what kind of impact all this has on this species as a whole. The world's largest Atlantic puffin colonies are found in Iceland, containing some 8 to 10 million birds. They are still flourishing with a little help from some strong arms and big hearts.200810/51923quick as a wink ——— 一眨眼英文释义 Very quickly.例句 Every day at closing time, my coworkers leave our store quick as a wink.每天到了关门时,我的同事一眨眼就离开了商店。 /201607/453213

Three out of four Americans do have cell phones. But new research from Britain has found that they could be well breeding grounds for germs and A's Heather Nauert right here with us back from the news desk this morning. I gotta tell you, I'm gonna be making calls, like this: hello, can you hear me now?Totally speaker phone.Ohh!This is a gross one. Of course we all expect certain places where we would find germs and bacteria, in kitchens and bathrooms, for instance. But now we learn that when you put your cell phone up to your ear, you may be getting a lot more than a ringtone.Hello mom. We've seen George Bush chat away, not to mention Paris Hilton and don't forget Maxwell Smart, the secret agent who used a shoe for a phone. It may sound like a dirty proposition, but actually his shoe phone could be cleaner than your cell phone. That's disgusting.What do you think is dirtier, the sole of your shoe, a doorknob, or a toilet seat, or your cell phone?Definitely, toilet seat.Actually he is wrong, your cell phone is filthier.So what's your reaction when I tell you that?Er, a little disturbing, I think I'm gonna be, er, doing a little more of this.New research out of the UK found mobile phones are technological Petri dish for tens of thousands of germs. Germs multiply in warm places. Between the heat the phones generate and the germs on your face and hands, you've got a breeding ground.You put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I have to do, it's nice and warm. Bacteria like that. They can grow under those conditions.Believe it or not, the filthiest phones can sp the ded staph bacteria which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis. And where do these germs come from? Your hands and face.Usually right down here, coz the mouth comes here in this area too, and so you usually find more there.Microbiologist Chuck Gerba recently tested 25 mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half. So we brought some of our own phones in for testing, the results were shocking, especially the one from our soundman.Sony has the dirtiest phone I have ever tested. He has somewhere between 10 and 15 million bacteria on, on this phone. If there's ever a new life form that's gonna evolve on this planet, it's gonna be on your phone.If you're worried about germs roaming on your cell, Motorola has come up with a clever tactic. Some of their phones have an anti-microbial coating, which prevents bacteria from growing, in the meantime, keep your phone to yourself.You're not only sharing the phone, you're sharing germs at the same time. So, anything that becomes mobile you take with you or you share with other people is a way germs get move from one person to another.So everybody wants to know what on earth do you do to keep this clean, they just say take this anti-mi..er, this wipes, wipe it off , (Antimicrobial) that's the best you can do. As for this new Motorola phone that comes out, we can't verify that the technology actually works. But the company says it does.All right, so it doesn't it hurt your phone to do this?It doesn't hurt your phone, but if you spray it, of course, with a Windex or something,(Oh, yeah) you are gonna ruin your phone.It can get into the little holes. /You can get the little hopesOkay, thank you...I mean, you think about it, nobody really ever cleans their phones, so…No, no one would ever do it.No? We have one more thing to worry about.Okay, thanks, Heather, I think...200810/52210

Anchor: Today's reaching for more focuses on the love shared by older women and younger men. Some of Hollywood's top leading ladies are paving the way when it comes to these unconventional relationships. But older women everywhere are following suit, like Lynn Snowden Picket, who is 13 years older than her husband Bronson, and they're here along with Peggy Northrop, the editor-in-chief of More magazine, good morning to you all. Bronson: Good morning. (Morning.)Anchor: You guys, first of all, I think you guys are so great together. When I first met you, I thought: Oh, look, they look like they fit. You fit well together. Yeah! Now is that true that you met, met at a black- tie, (yes) event of New York city?Lynn: Well, love at first sight. I didn't know very much about him at all.Anchor: But you did think: Oh, gosh, I hope he's at least thirty.Lynn: Yeah, yeah, I did. Well, I'd just been with a guy who was 24, and, that lasted about a year and we had broken up, then I thought, well...Anchor: Wait a minute, you had dated an older man who's twenty.., I mean a younger man who's 24? (yeah) Really? OK!Lynn: uh-huh! And it turned out Bronson was 6 months younger than the guy I just broke up with. So, uh, it was, you know...Anchor: I see what happened to you.Lynn: Yeah! Well, really, I was going for people who were more in sync with what I like to do. You know, I don't want a guy who's in a rut, who's going to look at my CD collection and go: Wow, you like this band, woo,(Right.) You're so a little crazy. You know, I just want somebody who is active, athletic, who wanted to go out, who had fun, who was interesting, and..Anchor: And Bronson, what was your first reaction when you saw Lynn? Bronson: Wow. Basically Well,May while I was sitting at a table, at this black- tie, unfortunately because at that moment I was in a tuxedo, look to girls terribly good. And my head was just like this on the table, so / my eyes were cast down, lower just little bit, and I just saw these legs coming toward the table. And I looked up the legs, kept going, and they went up to this.Lynn: I'm so glad I wore a dress like that. (yes) It wasn't a long black tie thing as it was.Bronson: So, yeah, it was definitely love at the first sight for both of us, it's still a small world, we are going to admit it later.Anchor: Now, now, Peggy, what's going on here? Because of course, I think the couple that we talked a lot about, Demy Moor and Ashton Kutcher, other, there's also Goldie Hawn. You guys, you have a whole list of More magazine this month, why is it becoming more acceptive for an older woman to be with a younger man?Peggy: I think that, really women are catching up to men. I admit, now we have all of this economic independence. There's, like, a kind of confidence that comes when you're in your forties and in your fifties, and men find that incredibly attractive. I know a lot of women who say: I'm not seeking a relationship like this. I'm not like I'm on the prowl of younger guys, but younger guys are, all of a sudden, interested in me, and you know, they, because these women feel so good about where they are, and they have economic independence, they can make these choices. And also we're no longer tied as much to fertility issues. So the issue of, you know, are you young enough to have kids with this guy is less of a, of a fraud issue, I think.Anchor: Uh, are you guys, you've been married for five years, right? And would you like to have children? (Right.)Lynn: Yes.Bronson: We're actually looking to adopt right now until.... Anchor: Looking to adopt.Lynn: Yes!Anchor: OK. She mentioned, Peggy mentioned the confidence level. Was that big for you, Bronson, the fact that here with Lynn, and she was aly established in her career and really was it looking for a man to, sort of make her complete?Bronson: Yeah. Actually yeah, confidence makes all the difference in the world, and I would imagine that till they respect the life of sex, but it is true is women get older, they do tend to get more confidence, even more so, I think than men. And It does make an extraordinary difference because a lot of sexiness come out of confidence.Anchor: You got a lot of flak from other men , / like, (Oh, yes, yes, yes) about this. When they fed up you were seeing a younger guy, what? What is that settled about?Lynn: Well, they don't like to think that a fancy car and a salary at some boring old jobs is going to impress. You know, they like to think that's what's going to allure in anyone they choose. Interestingly enough, I know they wouldn't consider me as a dating material, because I'm too old. So, but they don't wanna hear that someone they don't wanna date is dating someone who's younger, because that sort of means: Oh my gosh! she mean looks count. And you know, it's just not the norm.Anchor: Are there potential pitfalls in a pairing like this though?Peggy: Well, I think that there are pitfalls in any relationships. (that's true) look at that divorce rate. So, you know, the fact that, and in fact, it's women over 40 who are driving the divorce rate, that's the only place where the divorce rating is going up. I think the pitfall as always, you know, are the couple going to be in sync, and I think anybody can experience that. And what I hear from our ers is that women in their forties are with men who're about their age, and they're really on this trajectory of you know feeling ever more confident and more adventurous, and the guys become more and more in that rut you're talking about. Somebody said to me once that, you know, find a guy a rut, he'll lie down in it, (yeah) so, I mean, I would say, It wasn't me who said it. (it's true) but I would say that is, that's the pitfall for any relationship. The guy's gonna keep up.Anchor: OK. Wait. I hav...Before I go, I have to say that's one question, because every older woman out there is thinking: The sex must be great. So, I mean, I have to, as a journalist, I have to ask, I mean, is, is, can you in a nice way, in this morning television, tell me..., you know.Lynn: In a nice way, yes. How's that? But I think chemistry is what makes any relationship great, sexual, anything else. And...Bronson: Actually I was gonna tell you a thing before about being in sync, one of the great things is about a couple that is in sync is that, despite the age disparity, when you all are so in touch with one another, the disparity just disappears. (Yeah.)Lynn: Yeah, that's true.Bronson: Like the disparity was never there before.Lynn: You know what? Anchor: Yeah, well. I said it before, I really do feel you guys, you look like you fit. That so does.Bronson: Oh, that's nice. We look so good for the pictures.Anchor: Yeah. Lynn and Bronson Picket, thanks a lot you guys for sharing this story. Peggy, good to see you as always. I appreciate it. To more about today's topic, log on to the early show website at cbsnews.com. 200807/43963to bum someone out ------ 使……懊恼英文释义To annoy or disappoint someone.例句It bummed me out when I missed my flight to my brothers wedding.错过了前去参加我兄弟婚礼的航班让我很懊恼。 /201611/471238Well, dont call him Attila the Hun!不要叫他匈奴王阿提拉!Think before you call him: Its good news – youve closed the deal and the contract is signed.给他打电话前先想想:这是好消息,你达成了交易并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们需要尽快继续推进订单。And say, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time.并且说,我已经承诺按时发送订单了。But if you need help, ask for it.但如果你需要帮助,尽管说。OK I will.好,我会的。Its ringing…通了。Hello?你好?Hi Paul. Its Anna.你好,保罗,我是安娜。Ive got some good news!我带来了好消息!Hold on. Sorry, Im just munching some new crumbly cream biscuits.稍等。抱歉,我正在吃新款劲脆的奶油饼干。Now, whats the good news?什么好消息?Is it about the contract?关于合同的吗?Yes! Ive closed the deal with Fruit Traders International and the contract is signed.是的!我和Fruit Traders International达成了协议,并且签了合同。Excellent news.大好消息。To keep them happy, we need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.为了让他们满意,我们要尽快推进订单。Of course, of course. So what are you planning to do?当然,当然。那么你计划怎么做?Well, obviously, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time but I might need some help.显然我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我可能需要帮助。I wonder if Tom could…我在想是否汤姆能……Yes, Tom can help you.是的,汤姆可以帮你。Denise tells me you have a… special chemistry!丹尼斯跟我说你们有特殊的默契!Actually, where is Tom now?事实上,现在汤姆在哪呢?Is he home yet?他到家了吗?Hes not. Actually Paul, Tom and I are going to stay in a hotel tonight…他不在,事实上,保罗,汤姆和我今晚将住酒店…… /201705/507585

That must have been very inconvenient for you.这对你来说肯定很不方便。And then promise to fix the problem.然后保解决这个问题。Say: You have my word that we will sort this out.比如说:我们保把这件事解决好。We can do something to make up for the inconvenience.我们可以弥补给您带来的不便。It wont happen again.绝不会再发生。800,000 plastic pineapples! Thats totally unacceptable.80万个塑料菠萝! 太难以让人接受了。I didnt even have anywhere to put them and pineapples are so much bigger than grapefruit!我甚至没有地方搁它们,而且菠萝比葡萄大那么多!It must have been very inconvenient for you. It certainly was!这对您来说一定很不方便。 当然了!When he took my order, your colleague Tom told me that Tip Top Trading was the most reliable firm in the industry!你的同事汤姆在接受我的订单时说Tip Top Trading是该行业最值得信赖的公司!You have my word that we will sort this out.我们保把这件事解决好。Well remove the pineapples and have your grapefruit sent via express delivery this afternoon.我们将把菠萝弄走,今天下午就通过快递把葡萄送给你。Good. Thank you.很好,谢谢你。And we could include some of our latest edition imitation oranges to make up for the inconvenience.我们还可以送一些最新版本的仿真橘子来弥补给您带来的不便。Oh! Well, that would be nice!好的,那太好了!Tip top Anna! Excellent work and excellent words.做得好,安娜!出色的工作和出色的语言。Theyre made with revolutionary premium faux orange, laser curve definition technology...you will be the first to have them!它们由革命性优质的人造橘子制成,含有激光曲线定义技术……你将是第一个拥有他们的人!Wow, now thats good customer service!这才是好的客户务! /201612/483608Hello! Youre joining us again after Annas call from Mr Lime – he asked her to lunch, remember.你们好!在安娜接到Lime先生的电话后,我们又见面了。记得他邀请安娜共进午餐吗?Now Anna and Denise are flapping.现在安娜和丹尼斯都感到很慌张。...Hell be asking you to marry him!……他会让你嫁给他的!Trust me Anna, this has happened to me dozens of times!相信我,安娜。这种事在我身上已经发生过几十次了!But I thought he was only interested in the lemons!但我以为他只是对柠檬感兴趣!Please promise me you won’t mention this to anyone.拜托保不要对任何人讲这件事。OK, I promise.好的,我保。Good morning. Whats going on?早上好,女士们,出什么事了?Mr Lime has asked Anna to lunch! Please…Lime先生约安娜吃午饭! 拜托……And? And its not to talk business!然后呢? 这次可不是商务谈话哦!I saw him looking at her with big eyes, from the moment he first saw her!从他第一次见到她,我就看出他对她有意思!Denise!丹尼斯!Old Slimy Limey eh? Lucky Anna!谄媚的老Limey?好运的安娜!Hes not slimy, its just…他不是谄媚,只是……Dont tell me you said yes? !Well I didnt know what to say.You didnt?别跟我说你同意了?!我不知道该说什么好。你不知道?No, no, I said I was busy and would call back.不,不,我说我很忙,我会回电。I wanted to just say no, but with everyone complaining that Im not polite on the phone...I just...I didnt know how to say it politely.我想说不,但是大家都抱怨我在打电话时不礼貌,我只是……我不知道如何礼貌的回话了。Alright.Ill tell you what to say.好吧。我告诉你怎么说。Hang on, let me write it down...why do all the pens keep disappearing?稍等,让我记下。为什么所有的笔总是都不见了? /201701/483842

国家地理:Attack of the Killer Bees 杀人蜂 Costa Rica, 1986.30 years after Doctor Cur's fateful African trip, graduate students from the University of Miami are on a field trip exploring caves.Moving ahead of the group, 24-year-old Inn-Saing Ooi climbs into a deep crevasse. He's not alone. As he sweeps his flashlight around the interior of the cave, he startles a huge hive of Killer Bees. And these guys don't like surprises. They quickly retaliate. Stingers pierce his flesh, injecting venom into his bloodstream. As the bees try to fly away, their stingers are ripped from their abdomen. Defending the hive means certain death. But even without the bee, the stinger keeps pumping venom for as long as a minute. Inn-Saing Ooi quickly slides into a life-threatening condition known as anaphylactic shock. Like all victims, just how quickly depends on the dose of venom and his own sensitivity. Blood pressure plummets to a dangerously low level, his airways constrict. Inn-Saing Ooi's heart rate slows dramatically. In most cases, a shot of adrenalin will jump-start the heart, elevating his blood pressure, saving his life. But in an extreme case like this one, there is simply too much toxin for his immune system to handle. Tissue and body functions break down. His kidneys fail. Inn-Saing Ooi has nowhere to run, each sting sending out a chemical signal to the rest of the hive to keep up the assault. The young student suffers cardiac arrest and dies. He was stung over 8 thousand times, nearly 8 times the number of stings required to kill a man his size. Tragedies like this have earned these creatures the nickname---- Killer Bees. Despite its fearsome reputation, the killer bee is just a honeybee, a hard-working honeybee that produces some of the sweetest nectar in the world, but a honeybee that will sting its victim 10 times more frequently than its more docile cousin, and it will defend an area nearly 3 times as large. So just how do you tell these bees apart? It turns out you can't. They look almost exactly the same. Even the sting of the Africanized bee is virtually identical to an ordinary bee. It's just the number of Killer Bees who join the fight that makes their attacks so dangerous.New Words:field trip: (n.) A group excursion for the purpose of firsthand observation, as to a museum, the woods, or a historic place. 旅行考察crevasse: (n.) A deep fissure, as in a glacier; a chasm. 裂隙anaphylactic shock: (n.) A sudden, severe allergic reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, urticaria, and breathing difficulties that is caused by the injection of a foreign substance, such as a drug or bee venom, into the body after a preliminary or sensitizing injection. The reaction may be fatal if emergency treatment, including the administration of epinephrine injections, is not given immediately. 过敏性休克adrenalin: (n.) [生化]肾上腺素cardiac arrest: (n.) Sudden cessation of heartbeat and cardiac function, resulting in the loss of effective circulation. 心搏停止nectar: (n.) A sweet liquid secreted by flowers of various plants, consumed by pollinators, such as hummingbirds and insects, and gathered by bees for making honey. 花蜜Africanize: (v.) To make African, as in culture. 非洲化200708/16991U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is back in the Middle East this week, meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in a bid to try and prevent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks from collapsing. Three months after a U.S. brokered Mideast Peace Conference, the issue of Gaza has now intruded into the talks, complicating the negotiations.  美国国务卿赖斯本星期重返中东,会见以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人,试图防止以色列和巴勒斯坦的和平谈判破裂。美国斡旋的中东和平会议结束3个月后,加沙问题又成为和谈议题,使得谈判复杂化。Secretary Rice's most immediate task will be to restart the peace talks, which have been suspended by the Palestinians. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pulled out of the talks this week, after more than 100 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip -- during operations to stop Palestinian militants from firing rockets at southern Israel.  赖斯国务卿最紧迫的任务就是重新启动和平谈判,因为和谈被巴勒斯坦方面停止。在以色列制止巴勒斯坦军事组织向以色列南部发射火箭的行动中,一百多名巴勒斯坦人被以色列军队在加沙地带打死,在此之后,巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯这个星期退出了和谈。Yossi Alpher, the co-editor of Bitterlemons.org, a web-based periodical devoted to Mideast conflict resolution issues says Secretary Rice might be able to achieve that limited goal - but the question remains, are Israelis and Palestinians making any real progress aimed at resolving their conflict.  探讨中东冲突解决方案的网上杂志--苦瓜的编辑埃尔弗尔说,赖斯国务卿可能会达到有限的目标,但是问题仍然没有解决,那就是,以色列和巴勒斯坦在结束冲突方面是否真正取得了任何进展。"If the only purpose of her visit is to get the peace talks happening again, and assuming as I do that we will probably be witnessing a de-escalation in and around Gaza in the coming days then she may be able before she leaves to say she has succeeded in doing that," said Alpher. "But that is to my mind not a particularly triumphant accomplishment. The real question is, are these peace talks capable of leading to a viable agreement, and where are we heading with Gaza." 埃尔弗尔说:“如果她访问的唯一目的是让和谈重新开始,我估计我们可能会看到几天之内加沙局势有所缓和,那么她在离开前可能会说,她在这方面成功了。然而,这在我的心目中算不上一个特别值得庆贺的成果。真正的问题是,这些和谈能不能带来一个可行的协议,同时还有加沙向何处去的问题。”Since they met last year at Annapolis, Maryland and pledged to reach a peace deal by the end of this year, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas have held several rounds of talks. By all accounts the meetings are warm and cordial. But Palestinians are becoming increasingly vocal in their complaints that Israel is stalling on key issues that need to be resolved if any progress is to be made.  以巴领导人自从去年11月在马里兰首府安纳波利斯的和平会议上保在今年年底前达成一个和平协议以来,以色列总理奥尔默特和巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯举行了数轮谈判。这些谈判不论怎么说都是热烈和诚挚的。但是巴勒斯坦方面越来越大声地发出他们的抱怨,说以色列在一些关键问题上拖延,如果要取得任何进展,这些问题都需要得到解决。Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki recently noted that so far the talks have not changed anything on the ground for Palestinians in the West Bank.  巴勒斯坦外长利亚德.马勒基最近注意到,谈判到迄今为之没有给约旦河西岸的巴勒斯坦人的处境带来任何改变。 "Not one single roadblock was lifted. The Israeli settlement policies did not stop," he said. "Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian land and continue its settlement projects; continues to destroy Palestinian homes; and the killing of Palestinian individuals - that did not stop."  马勒基说:“没有一个路障被清除,以色列人的定居政策没有停止。以色列继续夺取巴勒斯坦土地,并继续建立定居点,继续破坏巴勒斯坦人的家园,杀害巴勒斯坦人的个案也从没有停止过。”For their part, Israeli officials say there has been progress but the talks are secret and little can be divulged. Aryeh Mekel of Israel's Foreign Ministry cautions patience, but also says Israel too has reasons to complain.  以色列官员说,他们认为已经取得了一些进展,但是谈判是秘密进行的,因此不能向外透露什么信息。以色列外交部发言人梅克尔说,要有耐心,但是他表示,以色列也有理由抱怨。 "The core issues of the conflict have not been dealt with for eight years, now these issues are being revisited and we are starting to make progress," said Mekel. "So a lot has been done. You know the Palestinians really have to decide - you can sit there and complain all the time and be unhappy about everything, but doing that will there ever be a Palestinian state? No. We could have stopped the negotiations when the Qassam rockets did not stop but we did not do that. We are continuing and we think both sides should try and make progress - otherwise we will never solve the conflict."  梅克尔说:“冲突的核心问题8年来从来都没有触及到,现在这些问题又出现了,我们开始取得进展。有很多问题得到了解决。问题是巴勒斯坦人真的需要做出决定,因为你可以坐在那里整天抱怨,对什么都不满,但是那么做就会冒出一个巴勒斯坦国吗?不会的。我们可以在卡桑火箭继续袭击的时候停止谈判,但是我们没有那样做。我们还是继续努力,我们认为双方都应该努力促成进展,否则我们永远也不能解决冲突。” Hanging over the talks is the issue of Gaza. Even if progress is eventually made between Mr. Olmert and Mr. Abbas, both men will still have to deal with Hamas militants who control the Gaza Strip.  和平谈判悬而未决的就是加沙问题。既使奥尔默特和阿巴斯之间最终取得进展,双方仍然要面对控制加沙地带的哈马斯军事组织的问题。 Yossi Alpher of Bitterlemons.org says the issue of Gaza could still derail the talks, and for now there is little Israeli officials can do about it, except to hope that Mr. Abbas might be able to bring Gaza along in any eventual peace deal with Israel. "The Olmert government understands that if we move into Gaza, if we reoccupy Gaza, it could be the end of the peace process," said Alpher. "It does not want that to happen. It does not have a solid exact strategy and it does not want to negotiate a long term cease-fire with Hamas.""So it [Olmert government] does what is necessary in order to strike back and try and deter Hamas, but it does not appear to have any long term strategy for dealing with Hamas in Gaza -- other than the hope that somehow the negotiations with the Palestinians in the West Bank will succeed, and that will take care of everybody's Gaza problem. That I say is a real long shot," he added. Even if the problems in Gaza do not derail the current talks between Mr. Olmert and Mr. Abbas, Yossi Alpher says both men have yet to prove they are capable of taking the risks or making the sacrifices necessary for the peace process to be a success. He says now both men have a limited amount of time to show progress before the violence in Gaza overwhelms the fragile peace process begun last year at the Annapolis conference.  中东问题网上杂志编辑埃尔弗尔说,既使奥尔默特和阿巴斯之间的谈判没有被加沙问题拖垮,这两位领导人尚未明他们有能力甘冒风险,或者愿意为和平进程的最终成功做出必要的牺牲。他说,在加沙的暴力摧毁去年安纳波利斯会议开始的脆弱和平进程之前,他们两人只有有限的时间来取得进展。200803/28571Thats okay, Ill try again later.没问题,我过会儿再打来。Okay. Thank you for calling, goodbye.好的,谢谢你的来电,再见。Excellent! Oh!太棒了。How did you call me without dialling?你是怎么不拨号就能给我打电话的?I didnt, thats a real call!我没有,那是真的来电!Oh no, Im all nervous now.不,我现在好紧张。Hello? Tip Top Trading. This is Anna speaking.你好,这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安娜。Hello Anna, this is Seb Lime. Sublime?你好,安娜,我是Seb Lime。 崇高?Mr Lime from Citrus Ventures. But I think we should be on first name terms now, so call me Seb.Citrus Ventures的Lime先生,但是我想我们现在可以称呼对方的名字了,所以就叫我Seb吧。Okay, er, Seb. How can I help you?好的,Seb,我能帮你做什么吗?I just wanted to say again that your Imperial Lemon is fantastic...and I was wondering if youd like to do lunch with me sometime?我只是想再说一次你的皇家柠檬太棒了,而且我想知道你是否愿意和我改天吃个午饭?Lunch? Er...午饭?I knew it! Mr Lime is interested in more than just your lemons!我早就知道!Lime先生不只是对你的柠檬感兴趣!Would you like to discuss the Imperial Lemon?你想要讨论皇家柠檬吗?Forget the lemons Anna! The reason I want to see you is more of a personal nature.别管那些柠檬了,安娜!我更是因为私事才想见你的。Personnel? Er...Can I call you back? Im afraid Im a bit busy at the moment... But…人事部?我能过会儿回你电话吗?恐怕我现在有点忙。 但是…… /201701/483840

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