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朝鲜喜欢向世界展示一种强大的形象,但其国内却正在上演一场严重的经济危机。这场危机可能会产生深远的影响,将来历史学家回过头来看时,或许会将它视为一个重要的转折点。  North Korea likes to project an image of strength to the world. But back home, there is a serious economic crisis playing out that could have long-term repercussions. Historians may look back and see this as a tipping point.  危机始于去年11月,当时朝鲜政府向公众强制推出一场掠夺式的货币改革,家庭储蓄、商人和企业家的流动资金一扫而光。随着人们抛掉朝鲜圆、买入外币甚至是实物──不管什么,只要能够储值就行──朝鲜圆的币值不出所料地大幅下跌。一个月后,朝鲜政府又扩大了它对私人持有资金发起的战争,即禁止使用外国货币。  The crisis originated in November, when the government sprang upon the public a confiscatory currency reform that wiped out household saving and the working capital of traders and entrepreneurs. The value of the North Korean won predictably plunged as people abandoned it for foreign currencies and even physical goods-anything that could preserve value. The second shoe dropped a month later when the state extended its war on privately held capital, banning the use of foreign currencies.  政府的意图是恢复正统的共产主义。再往前溯009月,朝鲜领导人金正日的金敬姬(Kim Kyong Hui)在一篇电文中播发了这项政策,称赞中央计划经济相对于散漫市场的优越性。她甚至强烈批评在社会主义经济制度下给企业经理人更大自主权的想法。央行在改革开始后不久发布的声明更是说明,朝鲜当局的基本动机在于摧毁市场,强化国家的直接控制。  The government's intent was to reconstitute orthodox communism. Earlier in August, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's sister, Kim Kyong Hui, telegraphed the move in an essay extolling the superiority of central planning over the decentralized market-even trashing the notion of giving enterprise managers greater autonomy in the context of a socialist economy. The regime's basic motive-to crush the market and strengthen direct state control-was confirmed by central bank statements immediately after the reform.  这项政策被认为是迎接金正日第三个儿子、也是最小的儿子金正云在政坛上露面。货币改革引起了零星但非同寻常的抗议。政府做了退步,允许市场重新开放,并在今年2月份进行了史无前例的道歉7岁的技术型官员朴南基在成为党的经济负责人时,据称还声言要结束“资本家的幻想”,但他成了货币改革失败的替罪羊,据称已被处决。  But the policy, which was supposed to constitute the political coming out of expected heir Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il's third and youngest son, unleashed extraordinary, though sporadic, protests. The government backtracked, allowed markets to reopen and in February issued an unprecedented apology. Park Nam Ki, a 77-year-old technocrat who upon becoming the Party's economics chief allegedly vowed to end the 'capitalist fantasy,' was scapegoated and reportedly executed.  事实或许明,经济在撕开一道口子后就很难恢复。货币改革过后,大米、玉米和美元价格上涨,000%或以上。由于政府放宽了一些限制,物价已从最高水平回落,但相比改革前的水平仍然上涨了600%或以上──这还是货币供应收缩过后的情况。  Once broken, the economy may prove difficult to repair. Prices for goods such as rice, corn and the dollar rose 6,000% or more after the reform. And while prices have come down from their peak as the government has relaxed some of its strictures, they are currently still 600% or more above their prereform levels-in spite of the money-supply contraction. /201004/101547福州去那里不孕不育最好1.What kind of insurance could the company provide its employees?公司为员工提供什么保险?.Is there any insurance the company could cover its staff?公司能不能为我们员工提供什么保险?3.Am I eligible unemployment insurance?我能享受失业保险吗?.What if an employee was injured due to work-related job?如果一个员工因公受伤怎么办?5.All staff can enjoy the health insurance program.所有员工都享有健康保险6.Employees are covered by worker compensation insurance.员工有工伤赔偿保险7.I wonder whether I can enjoy the life insurance and health insurance.我想知道我能否享有人寿保险和健康保险8.We will issue an insurance policy.我们将开一个保险单9.Employees will receive unemployment compensation when they are laid off.员工有失业保险,就会在下岗时获得失业赔偿金.You can have medical expense insurance.你还享有医疗保险Dialogue 1对话1A: What kind of insurance could the company provide its employees?A:公司为员工提供了哪些保险?B:All staff can enjoy the health insurance program.B:所有员工都享有健康保险A: What if an employee was injured due to work-related job?A:如果一个员工因公受伤怎么办?B:Employees are covered by worker compensation insurance.B:员工有工伤赔偿保险Dialogue 对话A:Would you mind if I ask the insurance policy of our company?A:你介意我问下我们公司的保险政策吗?B: No, I dont. Please.B:不介意请讲A:I wonder whether I can enjoy the life insurance and health insurance.A:我想知道我能否享有人寿保险和健康保险B: Of course. And -week paid; vacation a year, a 5-day workweek.B:当然还有一年为期两周的带薪假期,每周工作5天 6886福州第二医院做人工授精要多少钱Federal officials at the National Security Agency (NSA) collected almost 200 million text messages a day, according to a report based on material provided by former agency contractor Edward Snowden.据英囀?卫报6日报道,爱德斯诺登提供的文件显示,美国国家安全局(NSA)每天截取大亿条短信,从中搜集地点、联系人和信用卡等细节信息。The Guardian reported on Thursday that the spy agency’s collection of information from phones around the world in a program known as Dishfire allowed it to extract credit card, location and contact data about people without a warrant.NSA搜集行为并非针对某一团体,而是广泛截取短信。英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)也因此获利,擅自调查英国民众通信。据英国广播公司报道,NSA官方表示“合法收集了短信数据,有关NSA武断、放肆收集信息的暗示是错误的。”GCHQ也表示“严格按照法律和政策框架行事”。In a 2011 top-secret NSA document, the agency called SMS text messages a “goldmine to exploit.A similar document referred to content about text messages combined with automatic alerts for international network roaming or missed calls as “analytic gems.After the texts and other content were collected, an NSA program called Prefer conducted automatic analyses of the millions of messages to dig up details about people’s travel plans, financial transactions and other data.美国总统奥巴马已经参考了评估团对监控项目的报告,将于17日发表讲话,宣布改革措施。奥巴马16日已经把讲话的主要内容告知给英国首相卡梅伦。有知情人士透露,奥巴马不大可能大力改革NSA,而是会撒手不管,把担子交给国会和法庭。The ed Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters has also accessed the database of information obtained through the collection effort to search the communications of people in the U.K. Information about texts and other messages retrieved from American phones were deleted from the records database, The Guardian reported. The report comes just a day before President Obama is scheduled to outline which measures he supports to reform the NSA.本次曝光的NSA监控项目名叫“碟火”(Dishfire),至少012年起投入使用。“碟火”能够从手机中获取未接来电、所在位置、旅行提示等信息;另外,包括提示,付款信息和电子名片也尽在监控之下。Obama is expected to propose a series of changes to the spy agencys surveillance efforts in a speech at the Justice Department on Friday. He will likely call for increased privacy protections for foreign citizens, among other provisions. But the president is also expected to give Congress the ultimate say on some of the more controversial surveillance efforts, such as the collection of information about almost all Americansphone calls. The Guardian report was part of a joint investigation with the UKs Channel 4 News.“碟火”并非针对性地监控可疑的个人或集团,而是广泛搜集大众信息。GCHQ的文件显示,“碟火”在搜集情报基本上是“能搜就搜”。但NSA发言人瓦因斯曾说:“NSA根据情报需求,专门特别针对——并且只针对——外国情报目标。”来 /201401/273851宁德做人工受精大概多少钱

福建做宫腔镜哪家医院最好福州市精液检查需要多少钱Part 3 Conversations第三部分 会话练习1.Ive got a...1.我患了...Peggy: Ive got a headache and sore throat.佩琪:我头痛、喉咙痛Doctor: How long have you had it?医生:有多久了?Peggy: It all started the day bee yesterday.佩琪:前天开始的Doctor: I think youve got the flu. There a lot of it about.医生:我想你是得了流行性感冒,最近正在流行Peggy: What should I do?佩琪:那该怎么办?Doctor: Take some medicine and stay in bed a day or two.医生:吃些药,卧床休息一两天.At a drugstore.到药房买药Vincent: Have you got anything diarrhea?文森:有没有拉肚子的药?Pharmacist: Yes, here you are. These tablets are very effective.药师:有,这是你的药这种药非常有效Vincent: How should I take this medicine?文森:这药该怎么吃?Pharmacist: Take two tablets every six hours.药师:每6小时吃粒Vincent: I see. Ill follow your instructions.文森:我知道了,我会照你的指示吃Pharmacist: And take a good rest a few days.药师:记住要好好休息几天Vincent: Thank you.文森:谢谢 173福州市解扎手术费用怎么样连江县医院治疗胎停育

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