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吉大四院妇产中心梅河口人民医院门诊部地址Barack Obama: Hello, everybody. After eight years in the White House, Michelle and I now rejoin all of you as private citizens. We want to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the incredible privilege of serving this country that we love. We also want to tell you a little about what well be up to next. Michelle Obama: First, were gonna take a little break. Were finally going to get some sleep and take some time to be with our family, and just be still for a little bit. So, we might not be online quite as much as youre used to seeing us. Barack Obama: But before that, we want to invite you to help us with just one of the projects were excited to work on when we get back. Check out this website for our future Presidential Center. The Center will be based on the south side of Chicago, but it will have projects all over the city, the country, and the world. More than a library or museum, it will be a living, working center for citizenship. Thats why we want to hear from you. Tell us what you want this project to be and tell us whats on your mind. Michelle Obama: Send us your ideas, your hopes, your beliefs about what we can achieve together. Tell us about the young leaders and companies and organizations that inspire you. This will be your Presidential Center just as much as it is ours. So, we want you to tell us what we should be thinking about as we get to work. Barack Obama: Its going to take all of you and your ideas to make it a reality. As Ive said many times before, true democracy is a project thats much bigger than any one of us. Its bigger than any one person, any one president, any one government. Its a job for all of us. It requires everyday sustained effort from all of us. The work of perfecting our unions never finish and we look forward to joining you in that effort as fellow citizens. Thank you, and we will see all of you again soon. Bye bye.201702/490825吉大三院体检 62. If I were you... 如果我是你······ 用法透视 这是一个假设句,用来给别人提建议。 持范例 1. I wouldn't wear a sweater in such hot weather if I were you. 换做我是你,我不会在这样的大热天穿毛衣。 2. If I were you, I would explain to Harry what happened. 如果我是你,我会去向哈利解释事情的经过。 3. If you were me, would you study English or go to the movie? 如果你是我,你会去学英语还是去看电影? 会话记忆 A: I can't decide what I should do. 我无法决定该怎么做。 B: What's the problem? 什么事啊? A: Should I date Tom or should I date Harry? 我到底该和汤姆约会还是跟大卫约会? B: That's easy. If I were you, I'd date me! 这很简单,如果我是你,我会跟我约会 /200705/13453So Im banging out my story and I know its good, and then I start to make it --我大声说出我的故事,我知道很好笑,为了让故事...Suddenly, you can see that the responses in all of the subjects lock to the story,突然间,所有人的脑波响应都随着故事的进展and now they are going up and down in a very similar way across all listeners.而上上下下,波型都很类似。And in fact, this is exactly what is happening now in your brains when you listen to my sound speaking.事实上,各位听我讲话的时候,这种现象也正在你的大脑里发生;We call this effect ;neural entrainment.;我们把这种现象称为神经震荡同步化效应。And to explain to you what is neural entrainment, let me first explain what is physical entrainment.为了要解释什么是神经震荡同步化,让我先解释什么是物理震荡同步化。So, well look and see five metronomes. Think of these five metronomes as five brains.我们来看看这五个节拍器,把这五个节拍器想象成五个大脑。And similar to the listeners before the story starts, these metronomes are going to click, but theyre going to click out of phase.如同故事开始前的五位听者一样,这五个节拍器会开始打拍子,但并不同步。Now see what will happen when I connect them together by placing them on these two cylinders.现在来看一下,当我把它们放在这两个圆筒上,会发生什么事,Now these two cylinders start to rotate.两个圆筒开始滚动了。This rotation vibration is going through the wood and is going to couple all the metronomes together. And now listen to the click.圆筒滚动的振动,透过木板,把所有节拍器同步在一起,听听看现在的滴答声。This is what you call physical entrainment.这就是物理震荡同步化。Now lets go back to the brain and ask: Whats driving this neural entrainment?现在让我们回到大脑,问一个问题:是什么在驱动神经震荡同步化呢?Is it simply the sounds that the speaker is producing?是讲者发出的声音?Or maybe its the words. Or maybe its the meaning that the speaker is trying to convey.还是所说的字汇?还是讲者想要表达的意思呢?201609/468913长春省人民医院人流多少钱

宽城区治疗妇科疾病多少钱From the point of view of the experiencing self, clearly, B had a worse time.从经验自我的角度来看,病人B显然是比较难受的。Now, what you could do with Patient A, and we actually ran clinical experiments,那么病人A的情况该如何解释,我们实际做了一个临床试验,and it has been done, and it does work当实验完成时,我们也得到了预期的结果,you could actually extend the colonoscopy of Patient A事实上我们可以延长病人A的检查时间by just keeping the tube in without jiggling it too much.从而减缓导管的震动程度。That will cause the patient to suffer, but just a little and much less than before.虽然病人还是会疼,但已减轻许多了。And if you do that for a couple of minutes,假如继续这样下去,you have made the experiencing self of Patient A worse off,你将会使病人A的经验自我的感觉更糟,and you have the remembering self of Patient A a lot better off,但病人A的记忆自我则会感觉好多了,because now you have endowed Patient A with a better story about his experience.因为你给了病人A一个好一点的故事,一个好一点记忆他病痛经历的故事。What defines a story?怎样给故事定义好坏?And that is true of the stories that memory delivers for us,并且记忆告诉我们的故事是真实的,and its also true of the stories that we make up.我们讲述的故事也是真的。What defines a story are changes, significant moments and endings.故事的好坏取决于高潮时分及结尾时刻。Endings are very, very important and, in this case, the ending dominated.结尾是非常重要的,上面的这个故事就是由结尾所主导的。Now, the experiencing self lives its life continuously.现在,经验自我延续这个生活经验。It has moments of experience, one after the other.他也拥有片刻的经验,一个接一个。And you can ask: What happens to these moments?你会问:“这些片刻怎么了?”And the answer is really straightforward: They are lost forever.很简单:他们永远消失了。201610/473196吉林妇幼医院体检多少钱 Because for 2 of my years I lived with undergraduates in Pierson College. 因为我有两年和皮尔逊学院的本科生们住在一起As a yes and yes. 作为 好而且 好The P is for the P in Pierson College So I just cannot take this is an opportunity to say thank you to. P是皮尔逊学院的首字母所以我必须利用这个机会 感谢One of the more extraordinary men ive met in my academic journey who is the master of Pierson College. 我大学生涯中遇到的这位杰出人物也就是皮尔逊学院院长Harvey Goldblatt. Thank you Harvey for your incredible love and decency. 哈维.戈德布拉特 谢谢你 哈维谢谢你难以置信的爱和正直品质Where? There he is. Stand up, Harvey So I have a strange approach to my remarks today. 你在哪 在那里 站起来 哈维我今天讲话的方式有些奇特And it has a lot to do with Pierson College Now I am confident. 这很大程度上同皮尔逊学院有关我敢说That nobody at Pierson College knows what Im about to tell you about Pierson College. 皮尔逊学院没有人会知道接下来关于皮尔逊学院我要讲什么Pierson College was named for this is what you do know was named for Abraham Pierson, who was. 皮尔逊学院这个名字来自于 这个你们知道来自于亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊The first rector of Yale university known as really the first president of this great college. 他是首任耶鲁大学校长他以这所伟大学校的首位校长闻名于世But Pierson Abraham Pierson actually spent his time before he came to Yale. 但皮尔逊亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊在来到耶鲁之前 一直身处In Newark, New Jersey His father. 新泽西州纽瓦克市他父亲Was one of the founders of the great city of Newark and for me this was a powerful revelation as I began. 是伟大纽瓦克市的建立者之一这对我而言是一个强大的启示 让我明白To get clarity about what my life purpose was was to join this incredible city in a course that I thought was far greater than myself. 我的人生目的就是要加入到这个不可思议的城市这是我要为之奋斗的事业 重要性远大于我自己As I more about Abraham Pierson while living at Pierson College I saw one weird similarity to his life and to mine. 我在皮尔逊学院期间 对亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊的了解也越来越深我认识到我和他历程有一个奇妙的相似点His father helped found Newark But really what he helped to found was a religious institution. 他父亲帮助建立了纽瓦克实际上他所建立的是一个宗教组织201611/476790长春协和做白带常规检查多少钱

绿园区妇女医院周末有上班吗VOA流行美语 107: Whatchamacallit/mooch今天Larry和李华在一家电脑商店买东西,李华会学到两个常用语:whatchamacallit和mooch。(Computer Store SFX)LH: Larry, 你想买什么呀?LL: I need to get one of those whatchamacallits that add memory. The memory on my laptop computer is almost full. What do you need to get?LH: 我想买一些磁盘。Larry, 什么是whatchamacallit?这个词听起来好怪啊!它能帮你增加laptop的内存?那是电脑的部件吗?LL: No, no, it's not a part of the computer. Whatchamacallit actually, it is the combination of the words "what you might call it" joined together and said very fast.LH: 噢,原来whatchamacallit是what-you-might-call-it这几个词合在一起的啊。那whatchamacallit这又是什么意思呢?LL:When you don't remember the real name of the thing you are talking about, you might say whatchamacallit. I forget what the thing I need is called, so I just call it a whatchamacallit.LH: Oh, 原来是你叫不出一样东西的名字时候你就可以说它是whatchamacallit。哎,在这种情况下,不就像我们在中文里说的“那个叫什么来啦”?LL: Exactly. But you cannot tell a shop clerk "I want to buy whatchamacallit".LH: 那当然哟,要是你对店员说你想买那个叫什么来啦,他怎么知道你要什么呢?Hey, Larry, 你看这是什么?Look at this whatchamacallit!LL: That's a zip drive. You can use it to save things on disks.LH: 噢,原来这就是我们平时常说的zip drive啊!What about that whatchamacallit?LL: That's a digital music player. Li Hua, you can't just start calling everything a whatchamacallit!LL: 怎么啦?我不知道这个东西叫digital music player,所以我就用你教我的这个词whatchamacallit 。LL: I guess you're right, but don't use that as an excuse not to learn the real names of things.LH: 你放心,你没看见吗?我学了就用啊,每次都是你教什么我就用什么!******LH: Larry, 我今天能不能借你的电脑用几个小时?LL: Last week, you borrowed my CD player. Yesterday, you ate half of my pizza and, today, you want to borrow my computer. You're becoming a mooch, Li Hua!LH: 哎哟,借用一下你的CD player,吃一点儿你的pizza你都记这么清楚呀?你还说我变成什么啦?A mooch?LL: A mooch, that's someone who, instead of getting things for herself, borrows or takes things from others. You always come to my apartment and get free food out of my refrigerator. That makes you a mooch.LH: A mooch就是指那种喜欢借别人或者是拿别人东西的人。哎,Larry, 我有的时候是到你的冰箱里拿东西吃,可是我有时候不是也请你吃晚饭吗?LL: Yeah well, the next time you come over, you should bring me a pizza.LH: 没问题,下次我给你带个pizza不就行了吗?可是Larry, 咱们得先说清楚,你以后再也不能叫我是 mooch, 我可不是那种喜欢白吃白喝、占人便宜的人呢。LL: Alright, alright. Let's forget about us for a second. Can you think of another person who is a mooch?LH: 嗯, 让我想想 - 哎,对了,我在学校食堂吃饭的时候,有个女生老是凑到我桌上来吃我的炸薯条。更气人的是,她还以为我没注意到呢!LL: Yes, that is a mooch. You should slap her hand next time she does that.LH: 啊!你说她下次再这么做就打她的手?哎哟,那也用不着吧?我啊!学会了mooch这个词,下次就可以对她说 - Stop being a mooch!今天李华从Larry那儿学到了两个常用语。一个是whatchamacallit, 就相当于中文里所说的“那个叫什么来啦”。李华学到的另一个常用语是mooch, 意思是“喜欢白吃白拿的人!” /200602/3327 8. Believe it or not... 信不信由你······ 用法透视 该句用来引出让人惊讶的事情,其字面意义和用法都与中文"信不信由你"一致。 持范例 1. Believe it or not, I didn't get into trouble for being late for class today. 信不信由你,我今天上课迟到了,但没受罚。 2. Believe it or not, I saw your house on fire on my way here. 信不信由你,我来这里的路上看到你家失火了。 3. Believe it or not, I'm going to America tomorrow! 信不信由你,我明天就要去美国了。 会话记忆 A: Believe it or not, one of the narrowest street in the world is only 49cm wide. 信不信由你,世界上最窄的街道中有一条只有49厘米宽。 B: Unbelievable! How do people go through it? 难以置信!人怎么走啊? A: That's what I'm wondering, too. 是啊,我也正为此纳闷呢。 B: I wish I had a chance to see it with my own eyes. 真希望我能去亲眼看看 /200705/13030公主岭市妇幼保健院妇科检查多少钱宽城区儿童医院联系电话




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