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重庆隆鼻专家African Pentecostalism非洲五旬节派The power of prayer祈祷的力量African churches are leaving a mark on British Christianity非洲教会在英国基督教上留下的印记“WE BELIEVE in you for better jobs, raises and bonuses, finding money, money finding us, incomes, royalties, real estates, dividends, inheritances…We pray to Jesus and there shall be a turnaround.” So ends the service at the Walthamstow branch of the Kingsway International Christian Centre. Dancers in long white skirts carrying red umbrellas leap onto the stage. Perhaps 1,000 smartly dressed worshippers chant along while ushers collect hefty “tithes”.“我们信奉您会帮助我们得到更好的工作、加薪和奖金,寻得生财之道,财运自来,收入、稿酬、地产、分红、遗产……我们向耶稣祷告,愿有转折之日。”这是在金斯威国际基督教中心沃尔瑟姆斯托分会举行的仪式的尾声。身着白色长衫的舞者手拿红色雨伞跃上舞台。约1,000名穿着得体的信徒共同吟唱着圣歌,与此同时接待人员在收取着高额的“什一税”。Between 2008 and 2013 the membership of Pentecostal churches grew by 25%,to 430,000, reckons Peter Brierley, who tracks church attendance. Not all are west African—Brazilian Pentecostal churches are also buzzing—and not all west African churches are Pentecostal. But African churches of all sorts do seem to be thriving. Whether as materialistic as the KICC or more traditional in their gospel, they are all entrepreneurial. Increasingly, they are reaching out to suburbs and to whites as well.记录教会信徒数的彼得·布赖尔利估算,在2008年到2013年间,五旬节派教会的信徒数增长了25%,达到了430,000人。并不是所有的都在西非——巴西的五旬节派教会也在蒸蒸日上——而且并不是所有的西非教会都是五旬节派的。但各种各样的非洲教会都看起来在蓬勃发展。无论是像KICC一样唯物主义,还是信条更为保守,这些教会都如同企业一般。他们也逐渐将枝桠伸向郊区和白人。The Redeemed Christian Church of God, a particularly successful Nigerian organisation, now has 670 churches in Britain, including branches in Basingstoke and Guildford. The KICC was based in Hackney, but when it lost its building to the 2012 London Olympics it opened a new megachurch near Chatham, a poorish part of Kent.基督教救赎会是一个相当成功的尼日利亚组织,如今在英国已拥有了670个教堂,包括在贝辛斯托克和吉尔福德的分。KICC原位于哈克尼,但为了给2012年伦敦奥运会让位它搬离了原有的建筑,在肯特一个名为查塔姆的不发达地区建立了新的大教会。Some preachers see themselves as reverse missionaries, bringing back Christianity to Britain, suggests Babatunde Abedibu, the RCCGs chief policy officer in Britain. They set up new branches of churches and relentlessly seek converts. To get them, RCCG churches are increasingly doing the sorts of things Anglican churches do:running food banks, creches and Sunday schools.RCCG在英国的首席政策专员巴巴通德·阿伯迪布表示,一些传教士认为自己是反向传教士,将基督教重新带回英国。他们建立新的教会分并不断寻求皈依者。为了赢得信徒,RCCG教会越来越频繁地效仿国教教会的做法:运营食物,托儿所和主日学校。And African churches may be encouraging change in Anglican ones. Under the current Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, it is not unusual to see full outdoor adult baptisms, notes David Goodhew of Durham University. That is perfectly compatible with Anglican theology—but also rather new. He thinks “happy-clappy” charismatic worship is also becoming more common, even in some quite fuddy-duddy churches. Some Africans now go to two services each Sunday, one Pentecostal, one Anglican. The most popular churches are those that run good primary schools.非洲教会也许也在鼓励着国教教会进行变革。英国杜伦大学的大卫·古德休说,在当前约克大主教约翰·森塔穆的带领下,不难见到完整的户外成人洗礼。这与英国国教神学完全兼容——但更创新。他认为“狂热、自发的”灵恩式礼拜也越来越稀松平常,甚至在一些守旧的教堂里也是如此。一些非洲人如今每周日都去参加两个仪式,一个五旬节的,一个国教的。最受欢迎的教会是运营优秀小学的教会。 /201407/311126重庆星宸整形美容医院做隆胸手术好吗 重庆哪家医院治胎记好

重庆市星宸美容医院收费标准 Crashing exchanges交易所崩溃Code blue蓝色警报A new type of market crash proliferates新一类的市场崩溃频发Aug 31st 2013 | NEW YORK |From the print editionTIME was it took a war to close a financial exchange. Now all it needs is a glitch in technology. On August 26th trading on Eurex, the main German derivatives exchange, opened as usual; 20 minutes later it shut down for about an hour. Four days earlier the shares of every company listed on NASDAQ, an American stock exchange, ceased trading for three hours. The direct impact of these computer crashes was small. But, given that global markets and financial firms are all hooked up through complex trading programs, the indirect impact could be significant.曾几何时,发生战争时金融交易才会中止;但现在,技术上的一点故障就能导致相同的结果。8月26日,德国衍生品交易的主要场所——欧洲期货交易所,照常开市;但在20分钟后却临时关停1个小时。四天前,在美国股票交易所——纳斯达克上市的公司股票全部暂停交易两小时。这些计算机故障导致的直接影响很小,但考虑到全球市场和金融公司都通过复杂的交易程序联系在一起,间接的影响简直不可估量。In these two cases there was no news of big losses. So there was no panic. All concerned also appear to be making a genuine effort to understand and disclose what went wrong. NASDAQ’s reputation and revenues are still suffering from the disastrous public offering of Facebook in May of 2012, when computer glitches produced an estimated 0m-worth of errant trades. Knight Capital, a securities firm, never recovered from a 0m trading glitch last year. On August 20th a flurry of misdirected trades by Goldman Sachs, a bank, caused embarrassment and as yet unspecified losses. Even the most robust seem vulnerable.在两次关停事件中,都未出现重大损失的报道,因而也没有恐慌。所有关心此事的人都发挥着自己的聪明才智理解、揭示出错的原因。2012年5月脸书的灾难性公开发行对纳斯达克的名誉和交易额影响尚未褪去,彼时计算机的小错误引发了一笔价值近5亿美元错误交易。券公司——游侠资本也尚未从去年价值4.6亿美元的错误中恢复过来。在8月20日,高盛的误操作同样导致一系列错误交易并引发恐慌,相关损失的数额时至今日依然未能确定。即使最为稳健的公司也如此不堪一击。But the frequency of such failures may actually make them less disturbing. Amazon and Google, generally reckoned to be capable and resilient operators on the web, each had blackouts in recent weeks. Systems were reset, business resumed, small losses were absorbed. Zero tolerance of failure, which applies to airlines, bridges and tunnels is not so vital for electronic operators and financial firms.但这类错误出现的如此频繁也可能导致人们对其的不安程度降低。亚马逊和谷歌,两家被认为有能力有余地的互联网运营商都在近几周出现了业务突然中断。系统很快被重设,业务恢复,重大程度较小的损失被化解。空乘、路桥和隧道领域应用的失误零容忍原则对于电子操作和财务公司来说反而不是那么重要。Especially if the problems are laid bare and addressed. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ordered a post-mortem from the New York Stock Exchange’s Arca division, which electronically trades non-NYSE stocks and where the problems tied to the NASDAQ outage began. And it has asked for an account of what unfolded in a system operated by NASDAQ which consolidates trading at America’s 17 exchanges. The system was overwhelmed while trying to reconnect with Arca, triggering a “code blue” alert (a term used in hospital emergencies) and the cessation of trading.尤其是,如果问题直接暴露出来而且能够得到解决。券交易委员会已经要求纽约券交易所对Arca系统进行事后调查,该系统以电子方式完成纳斯达克以外的股票交易,并与导致纳斯达克交易中止的问题相关。委员会还要求了解由纳斯达克运营、用于整合全美17家交易所的系统下还隐藏了什么。该系统在尝试重连到Arca时发生了宕机,进而导致“蓝色警报”(医院急诊中使用的术语),以及交易的中止。Oddly, nowhere near as much attention is being applied to Goldman, which has been secretive about what went wrong. It has said only that “immaterial losses” occurred from trading problems during a system upgrade and that a review is under way.奇怪的是,高盛对错误表现出遮遮掩掩的态度后获得了前所未有的关注。它只表示此次“微不足道的错误”是由系统升级后导致的交易错误引发的,相关调查正在进行中。It is widely believed that Goldman’s losses stemmed from a “dark pool”—designed to gather and match trading interest unobtrusively—which inadvertently spat out prices onto public exchanges. Reports put the losses anywhere between tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.普遍的观点是,高盛的损失来自于“暗池”——设计用于谨慎的获得、匹配交易利益的系统——无意中将价格信息发布到了公开交易市场上。报告认为损失的程度在100亿到1000亿美元之间。Even before the glitches, the SEC was taking increased interest in potential trading problems and how they might be disclosed. In March it published a proposal known as Regulation SCI (systems compliance and integrity). Exchanges and banks are resisting one of its requirements, which is to report blackouts even if they do not lead to anything as severe as trading halts.即使在故障之前,券交易委员会也对潜在存在的交易问题和如何发现它们投以越来越大的兴趣。在三月份,它发布了被称为SCI(系统法规遵从性和完整性)监管条例的提议。券和对其中一条要求持抵制态度——对每次宕机进行报告,即使并未引发类似于交易终止这样严重的后果。America’s regulators are often accused of being heavy-handed. But forcing more transparency on the black boxes that have replaced screaming humans on Wall Street must be a good thing.美国的监管者常被指责为手段粗暴。但是华尔街那些尖声喊叫的人被黑箱替换掉后,强迫让这黑箱拥有更多的透明度,一定是件不错的事。 /201309/255451重庆双眼皮修复哪里好重庆第三附属医院是私立医院吗



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