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As Syrian rebels continue to fight to break the Assad government’s siege on Aleppo, medical workers told U.N. diplomats Monday of the hell Syria’s largest city has become.叙利亚反政府武装继续战斗,希望突破阿萨德政府对阿勒颇的包围,与此同时,医护人员星期一告诉联合国外交官员,这个叙利亚最大的城市已经变得如地狱一般;The children in Aleppo have no baby milk, the doctors have severe shortages of medicines, blood, sutures and ventilators, and people have no b, meat, or cooking gas,; Dr. Zaher Shaloul of the Chicago-based Syrian American Medical Society ((SAMS)) told members of the Security Council.设在芝加哥的叙利亚美国人医学协会的撒鲁尔医生对安理会成员说:“阿勒颇的儿童没有婴儿奶粉,药品、血浆、缝线和呼吸器严重缺乏,人们没有面包、肉或瓦斯。”Dr. Samer Attar, who also works with SAMS, showed council members pictures of children with amputated legs and brain injuries. He said Aleppo’s hospitals look more like bunkers, surrounded by sandbags and barrels to offer some protections against near daily bombings. He said at one hospital where he worked, patients were treated in the basement because the upper floor was too susceptible to attack.在该学会工作的阿塔尔医生向安理会成员展示了腿部截肢和脑部受伤孩子的照片。他说,阿勒颇医院看上去更象是被沙包和水桶环绕的掩体,为抵御几乎每天都有的轰炸提供一些保护。他说,在他工作的一家医院,病患在地下室接受治疗,因为楼上太容易受到攻击。He scolded the council for its lack of action and urged it to do more. “This body does have the power to make all of this stop. This body has the power to save lives and limbs on a scale that doctors cannot,he said.阿塔尔批评安理会缺乏行动并敦促安理会做出更多努力。他表示,安理会具有让这一切停止的力量,也有拯救生命的力量,其拯救规模是医生们所达不到的。来 /201608/460672。

France and Brazil have joined China in spurning Donald Trump’s threat to pull out of the Paris climate agreement if the Republican candidate wins next week’s US presidential election.法国和巴西加入中国的行列,对美国共和党候选人唐纳特朗Donald Trump)的这一威胁之词表示了否定——他威胁称,如果在下周美国选举中获胜,就将让美国退出巴黎气候协定。Speaking on the eve of the climate accord coming into force, French environment minister Ségolène Royal told the FT yesterday she would not even “entertain the hypothesisof a Trump victory because that “gives credibility to the idea She dismissed his threat to withdraw from the Paris deal as a campaign tactic, saying: “Maybe he needed more financing from the oil lobby.”法国环境部长塞戈莱罗亚Ségolène Royal)在巴黎气候协定生效前夕发表了看法。昨日她对英囀?金融时报》表示,她甚至不会“考虑(特朗普获胜的)假设”,因为那“会为这个想法平添可信度”。她认为特朗普退出巴黎协定的威胁无须理会,只不过是一种竞选手段。她说:“也许他需要从石油游说集团那里获得更多资金。”Even if he could legally pull out, “in practice it is impossible because countries have everything to gain from remaining she said.即便他可以合法退出,但“实际上也是不可能的,因为各国留在协定中将有百利而无一害,”她说。Separately, José Sarney Filho, Brazil’s environment minister, said yesterday he could not imagine any society abandoning the fight against global warming given how serious the problem was. “I hope Trump doesn’t win,the minister added. “I believe the American society is a strong society, much stronger than any possible head of state.”另外,巴西环境部长小若萨尔José Sarney Filho)昨日表示,鉴于全球变暖问题的严重程度,他无法想象任何一个社会放弃抗击这一问题的努力。“我希望特朗普不要赢,”这位部长接着说,“我相信美国社会是一个强大的社会,比任何可能的国家元首都强大得多。”The comments follow a warning from China’s top climate change negotiator that Mr Trump would be out of step with international trends if he turned his back on the Paris deal, which nearly 200 countries adopted in December 2015.她说这番话之前,中国气候变化事务特别代表解振华警告称,如果特朗普抛弃近200个国家在20152月达成的巴黎协定,那么他将脱离国际趋势。“I believe that if he were a wise leader, he should know that all policies should be responsive to the trend of the world’s development,Xie Zhenhua told journalists in Beijing on Tuesday.“我相信如果是一个明智的领导人,他应该知道所有的政策都应该顺应世界发展的潮流,”解振华周二在北京对记者们表示。The remarks reflect nervousness among climate change campaigners about the prospect of Mr Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s ballot.这些话表明,气候变化倡议者们对于特朗普在下周二的选举中可能会战胜希拉克林Hillary Clinton)感到紧张。The Republican candidate has called global warming a hoax invented by China to make US manufacturers uncompetitive and vowed to “cancelthe Paris accord. He also says he would stop all US payments for UN global warming programmes.这位共和党候选人把全球变暖称为中国为了削弱美国生产商的竞争力而设下的一场骗局,并发誓要“废除”巴黎协定。他还表示,他将停止美国对所有联合国(UN)全球变暖项目的拨款。No single country can scrap the deal, painstakingly negotiated by nearly all the world’s nations over four years. But Mr Trump could deal the pact a significant blow either by pulling the US out of it or by abandoning measures launched by President Barack Obama to cut reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.没有哪个国家能够单独废掉这项由全球几乎所有国家通过4年艰苦谈判达成的协定。但是,如果特朗普让美国退出该协定、或者抛弃巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)推出的旨在减轻对煤炭等化石能源依赖程度的措施,那么他可能会对该协定造成沉重的打击。The US election falls on the second day of the latest round of UN climate talks, to be held in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh from November 7 to 18.美国大选投票日就在最新一轮联合国气候谈判的第二天。该谈判将于11日至18日在洛哥的马拉喀什Marrakesh)举行。Delegates are braced for the election outcome to cast a large shadow over the meeting, the first since the conference in Paris that adopted the agreement.谈判代表们做好了选举结果给会议蒙上巨大阴影的准备。这是在巴黎举行的那次通过气候变化协定的大会之后召开的第一次会议。The prospect of a Trump victory has been cited as one reason why so many countries rushed to ratify or join the Paris accord this year, including the US, China, the EU and India.特朗普可能获胜,已被引述为这么多国家和地区——包括美囀?中囀?欧EU)和印度——在今年匆忙批准或加入巴黎协定的原因之一。That paved the way for the accord to come into force today, a record speed for an international agreement of this scale.这为巴黎协定今日生效铺平了道路,其速度对于如此规模的一项国际协定而言创下了纪录。But the UN warned yesterday that the world was still heading for a 2.9C-3.4C rise in temperatures this century, even with the pledges that have been made for the Paris deal, which aims to hold warming to 2C, or 1.5C if possible.但联合国昨日警告称,即便巴黎协定的承诺得到兑现,全球温度升幅在本世纪仍将朝着2.9℃至3.4℃迈进。巴黎协定的目标,是在本世纪把全球温度升幅控制在2℃以内——可能的话,控制.5℃以内。来 /201611/476283。

As the election count was under way on Tuesday night, I visited the two places in New York where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump planned to hold their victory parties. 周二晚上美国大选还在计票时,我在纽约市走访了两个地方,就是希拉克林Hillary Clinton)和唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)各自计划举行庆功聚会的所在,前者是在拥有巨幅玻璃的贾维茨会议中Javits Center),后者在希尔顿酒Hilton Hotel)。The locations at the cavernous glass Javits Center for Clinton and Hilton Hotel for Trump are barely a mile apart, but they were a revealing study in cultural contrasts.两个活动地点相隔不过一英里,但完全可以把它们当作一项具有启发意义的文化比较研究的对象。The Clinton event was organised with a slick hyper-efficiency. 希拉里那边的活动组织得老练高效,The party had clearly been planned for months on the presumption of victory and it reeked of professional stage management. 显然是基于获胜的假设筹划了好几个月了,很有专业舞台管理的味道,However, it also felt distinctly clinical, if not impersonal.但也显得高冷甚至缺乏人情味。The Trump event, by contrast, felt chaotic and improvised. 相比之下,特朗普的活动让人感到混乱和即兴。It had been thrown together so rapidly that there were still tourists staying in the hotel, and the system for channelling guests through the lobby was erratic, relying on hastily created signs. 由于是仓促组织起来的,酒店里还有游客逗留,连引导嘉宾穿过大堂的环节都混乱无序,要靠草草赶制的标识。As the night wore on, one bar ran low on alcohol and there was little food. 随着夜深,酒吧里酒水很少了,也没什么食物。But that air of improvisation also made it feel enthusiastic and distinctly human.但这种即兴的氛围也带着一种热烈气息,富有人情味儿。These events speak volumes about the election and help to explain where America is now heading. 这两场活动颇能说明本届选举的实质,而且有助于解释美国正在走向哪里。When the historians write the story of the extraordinary 2016 contest, they will find numerous economic reasons to explain Mr Trump’s apparent victory; his supporters were suffering economic pain, angry about globalisation and unhappy about cultural change.当历史学家记016年这场不同寻常的大选时,他们会找出许多经济原因来解释特朗普为何能以明显优势取胜,比如他的持者正承受经济阵痛,他们对全球化愤怒,对本国文化所经历的变化不满。However, aside from these tangible economic grievances, there is another way to frame the contest: this was a battle between a slick professional political elite versus the unprofessional or anti-professional class. 但是除了上述明确的经济层面上的不满之外,我们还可以从另外一个角度来描述这场选举:这是专业老练的政治精英阶层与非专业、甚至是反专业阶层之间的一场斗争。Or to put it another way, on one side of this contest was an establishment which is not only used to stage managing events with consummate skill, but also massaging messages and controlling opinion with slick data analysis. 或者换句话说,这场竞争的一方是建制派,不仅习惯于炉火纯青地组织需要具备舞台管理技巧的活动,而且还能以老练的数据分析手段篡改信息,控制舆论。But many of the voters who have backed Mr Trump do not live in this world; they do not think they can control their lives by pressing a few buttons on their smartphones or tablets.但许多持特朗普的选民并不生活在这样一个世界里,他们不认为在智能手机或平板电脑上按几个键就可以控制自己的生活。They feel that they are victims of events, constantly forced to improvise in a hostile, unfathomable world. 他们觉得自己是这些活动的受害者,一次又一次被迫在一个充满敌意、变化莫测的世界里临时凑合。So when Mr Trump acted in an inconsistent and chaotic manner, they unlike the professional elites do not shudder in shock. 因此当特朗普行事反复无常,混乱无章,他们非但不会像专业精英那样震惊,反而将此视作一个迹象,表明他是人,真实且透明;他就像他们自己,会说错话(也会做错事)。Instead, they simply view this as a sign that he is human, authentic and transparent; he, like them, makes mistakes with his words (and much else.) He is attractive to some voters because he is not stage managed; he speaks about the need for change.他对部分选民很有吸引力,因为他没有被舞台控制,他说出了变化的需要。Mr Trump has always instinctively understood the nature of this battle, hence his refusal to use data analysis to the vote, teleprompter or other political tools of the trade. 特朗普总是本能地了解这场战斗的本质,因此他拒绝使用数据分析来解读投票,拒绝使用提词器或其他专业性政治工具。Indeed, much to his aides irritation, he was reluctant to even use a professional make-up artist before he went on stage a stance that even sparked a full blown behind-the-scenes row just before the third TV debate, since his spray tan had started to fade and gave him an unhealthy looking pallor.事实上,他甚至不愿在上台前使用专业化妆师,这一姿态让他的助手非常恼火,甚至在第三场电视辩论前引爆了一次幕后大争吵,原因是他皮肤喷涂的小麦色已开始褪色,让他看上去苍白得不健康。Mrs Clinton, by contrast, used every trick of modern political campaigning to perfection, including an army of stylists. 相比之下,希拉里把现代政治竞选活动的所有手段都运用的相当完美,包括一个造型师队伍。But it made no difference the improvised chaotic style and the call for change won over the voters. 但这些都没有用,即兴的混乱风格以及要求改革的呼声赢得了选民的心。Call this, if you like, a vote for disruption, albeit not of the sort that Silicon Valley will like.你大可以说这次选民们投票持颠覆,只不过并非硅谷所喜欢的那种颠覆。The best thing about Trump is that he is not a professional politician, one of his advisers said wearily shortly before the vote. 特朗普的最大优势是他不是一个专业的政客,特朗普的一名顾问在大选前不久疲惫的说,But the worst thing is that he is not a professional politician. 但这也是他的最大劣势。Either way, you cannot change him.不管怎样,你无法改变他。That, of course, is why markets and many business leaders feel so utterly terrified right now. 当然,这就是为何市场和很多企业界领袖现在感到极度害怕的原因。Little wonder. 一点不奇怪。After all, the problem with having a non-professional in office is not just that they lack experience; it is that it is also hard to predict how they might behave in the future. 毕竟,一个非专业政客执政的问题不仅仅在于他缺乏经验;还在于很难预测他将来可能会做出何种行为。Nobody can assume that the regular rules of politics will apply; nor the rules that journalists, lobbyists, investors and business leaders have relied upon. 没有人能声称,惯常的政治规则会适用;也没有人能声称,记者、游说者、投资者和企业领袖所依赖的那些规则会适用。We cannot even assume that the sketchy policy platforms that Mr Trump has aly revealed will transpire. 我们甚至无法声称,特朗普竞选中所说的粗浅的政策纲领会成为现实。We are heading for a world where policymaking is likely to feel as improvised as the victory party in the Hilton Hotel.我们正在走向一个世界,在这里,政策制定可能就像希尔顿酒店的庆功派对一样,给人一种即兴的感觉。While this type of disruption is terrifying for the establishment, the message from voters is clear: many of them want change at almost any cost. 尽管这种颠覆正让建制派感到害怕,但选民们发出的信息相当明确:很多人几乎不惜一切代价的想要改变。Hold on to your seats for a potentially wild ride. 坐稳了,未来可能踏上一段狂野之旅。We have embarked on an era of political improvisation.我们进入了一个政治即兴秀(political improvisation)的时代。来 /201611/477650。

The US goal of pressing North Korea to give up its nuclear programme is probably a lost cause, 周二,美国最高情报官员表示,美国迫使朝鲜放弃核计划的目标很可能注定无法实现。that the policy of three administrations towards Pyongyang has failed.他非常坦诚地承认,美国三届政府的对朝政策失败了。Although US officials insisted nothing had changed in the overall approach towards North Korea, director of national intelligence James Clapper said that the best the US could hope to achieve was a cap on the country’s nuclear capabilities.虽然美国官员坚称,对朝总体方针丝毫没有改变,但国家情报总监詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)表示,美国可能希望实现的最好目标是限制朝鲜的核能力。Mr Clapper’s comments underline the reality that North Korea will be one of the most difficult problems to face the next president. 克拉珀的话凸显了一条事实,即朝鲜问题将是下一任美国总统面对的最棘手问题之一。Given the strides it has made in recent years to develop a nuclear missile that could reach the US, pressure is growing in Washington to find a new approach to the nuclear threat from North Korea.考虑到近年来朝鲜在开发能够覆盖美国的核导弹方面所取得的进展,美国政府在找到应对朝鲜核威胁的新办法问题上,承受着日益增大的压力。I think the notion of getting the North Koreans to denuclearise is probably a lost cause, Mr Clapper said in New York on Tuesday. 我认为,让朝鲜弃核的想法很可能注定无法实现,周二克拉珀在纽约表示。They are not going to do that that is their ticket to survival.他们不会这样做——这是他们的生存门票。He added: They are under siege and they are very paranoid, so the notion of giving up their nuclear capability, whatever it is, is a non-starter with them.他接着说:他们遭到围困,他们非常偏执,所以让他们放弃核能力——不管这种能力有多大——的想法,在他们那里都无法实现。Mr Clapper is one of the few senior US officials to have visited North Korea recently, 克拉珀是最近访问过朝鲜的少数几位美国高官之一。having travelled to Pyongyang in 2014 to help release two American prisoners.2014年,他曾前往平壤,帮助说朝鲜释放两名美国囚犯。The best we could probably hope for is some sort of a cap but they are not going to do that just because we ask them, he said at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations. 或许我们可能希望的最好结果,是对他们的核能力施加某种程度的限制,但他们不会因为我们有此要求而照做的他在美国外交关系委员Council on Foreign Relations)的一次活动中表示。There’s going to have to be some significant inducements.必须有一些重要的诱因。North Korea has in recent months conducted its fifth nuclear test in recent months and carried out a series of tests of missile technology. 近几个月,朝鲜进行了第五次核试验,并实施了多次导弹技术试验。However, the US has insisted it will not recognise Pyongyang as a nuclear power. 然而,美国坚称,将不承认朝鲜的核国家地位。Instead, it has expanded sanctions on the North Korean regime to try to make it change course.相反,美国扩大了对朝鲜政权的制裁,试图迫使其改变做法。Since the 1993-2001 administration of Bill Clinton, the US has bet on a policy that mixes economic pressure through sanctions and the promise of negotiations if Pyongyang were to abandon its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.993001年的比尔.克林Bill Clinton)政府以来,美国便押注了一项政策:在通过制裁施加经济压力的同时承诺,如果朝鲜放弃开发核武器,则美国将与朝鲜展开谈判。John Kirby, US state department spokesman, insisted on Tuesday that nothing has changed about our policy with respect to the North. 周二,美国国务院发言人约柯比(John Kirby)坚称,我们的对朝政策丝毫没有改变。He said the US wanted to see a return to the six-party talk process but that in the face of provocations by North Korea, the resolve of the ed States and the international community to try to put adequate pressure on them to change their behaviour has not changed.他说,美国想看到六方会谈进程的回归,但面对朝鲜的挑衅,美国和国际社会尝试对他们施加适当压力、促使他们改变做法的决心没有改变。Mr Clapper said there was more potential for the US to use information to undermine the regime in Pyongyang. 克拉珀说,美国以情报手段颠覆朝鲜政权的可能性增大了。That is a great vulnerability I don’t think we have exploited, he said. 这是一个很大的漏洞,我认为,我们还没有利用好它,他说。Right now, we are kind of stuck on our narrative and they are kind of stuck on theirs.现在,在某种程度上,我们和他们都在自说自话。According to Jami Miscik, a former senior official at the CIA, North Korea is one of the issues that we aren’t paying enough attention to. 按照中央情报局(CIA)前高官雅米尔.米希Jami Miscik)的说法,朝鲜是我们没有予以足够重视的问题之一。Speaking last week, she added: The president-elect is going to face a problem with North Korea that none of his or her predecessors have faced. 上周她补充道:候任总统将面临其任何前任未曾面临的朝鲜问题。It is well on the way to becoming not just a nuclear power, but a power that is able to deliver a nuclear missile.朝鲜很可能不但成为一个核国家,而且成为一个能够发射核导弹的强囀?来 /201610/474628。

Microsoft is planning to put an array of chatbots and intelligent digital assistants at the heart of its future technology, its CEO said on Wednesday, even as the company was forced once again to shut down its Twitter bot, Tay, after it went rogue for a second time. A week earlier Tay was taken offline for posting outrageous racist comments and sexist abuse. But Microsoft is not alone in exploring bot-space. 微软(Microsoft)首席执行官不久前称,计划将一系列聊天机器人和智能数字化助手放在未来技术研发的核心位置,即使该公司在其Twitter聊天机器人Tay第二次爆粗口后不得不再次将其关闭。一周前,Tay因为发表粗鲁的种族主义和性别歧视言论而被关闭。但是微软在探索机器人领域方面并不孤单The Republican party admitted that it is struggling to switch off Trumpbot, its artificial intelligence experiment. After encouraging signs in early testing, the Trumpbot was put on Fox News and told to learn from its surroundings. But within weeks Trumpbot was questioning the president’s birthplace, demanding a wall to keep out Mexicans and saying it was not surprised Arianna Huffington’s husband had left her for a man. 共和党承认,目前正在极力关闭其人工智能试验品“特朗普号”机器人。在试验早期表现出鼓舞人心的迹象后,“特朗普号”被放在福克斯新Fox News)上从周围环境中学习。但是,在接下来的数周内,“特朗普号”开始质疑总统的出生地,要求修建阻挡墨西哥人的隔离墙,并称阿里安娜#8226;赫芬Arianna Huffington)的丈夫为了一个男人而离开她并不令人意外Party leaders were initially amused when it declared its intention to seek the presidency, saying that Trumpbot was a learning algorithm which would become more sophisticated as the nomination race continued and that, in any case, no one would actually vote for it. However, they became increasingly alarmed as it gathered momentum, spewing out a slew of racist and offensive comments, and even talking about its penis. 当“特朗普号”宣布自己有意竞选总统时,共和党领袖们起初也很开心,称“特朗普号”搭载的学习算法会随着提名竞赛的进行而变得更加复杂,而且,无论如何也不会有人真给它投票。然而,随着“特朗普号”集聚势头、不断冒出大量种族主义和攻击性言论、甚至讨论它的阳具,共和党大佬开始越来越警觉As outrage grew the Trumpbot seemed unfazed by the anger of Mexicans, Muslims and a load of liberal hoes with blood coming out of every orifice. However, each row seems to boost the Trumpbot’s appeal over the one-dimensional opponents whom it dismisses as the artificial creations of a Washington elite. Voters say they like the Trumpbot’s refreshing style. “It seems like a regular guy,said one. 随着民愤高涨,“特朗普号”似乎并不担心墨西哥人、穆斯林以及大批自由主义者的满腔怒火。然而,所有争论似乎都推高了“特朗普号”的吸引力,使其人气超过那些一维对手(它把他们视为华盛顿精英打造的傀儡而不放在眼里)。选民称,他们喜欢“特朗普号”令人耳目一新的风格。“看起来就像是一个普通人,”一名选民称Its tweets to Hillary Clinton included variations on the “you’re so uglyjokes and quips about her inability to satisfy her husband. The bot consistently boasts that its women are hotter than anyone else’s. 它攻击希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的Twitter帖子中含有类似于“你那么丑”的戏谑,讥讽她无法满足自己的丈夫。“特朗普号”不停地吹嘘自己的女人最火辣Republican leaders have tried to turn it off. “We sent in our best engineers to take it down,said one party strategist. “Well, we sent in Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, but none of them could take it offline.The Trumpbot is now openly taunting them. A few weeks back it observed “my IQ is one of the highest and you all know it. Please don’t feel stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.Having once been pro-choice, this week it talked about the need to see women punished for having abortions. 共和党领袖试着关掉它。“我们派出了最好的工程师去关闭它,”一位政党战略家表示,“嗯,我们派出了杰布#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)和米#8226;罗姆Mitt Romney),但是没人能让它下线。”“特朗普号”如今公开嘲笑他们。数周前,它说“我的智商属于最高的,你们都知道。请不要觉得自己愚蠢或没有安全感;这不是你们的错。”它曾一度持堕胎合法,但最近又讨论着应该让女性为堕胎接受惩罚There are now doubts as to whether the Trumpbot can be prevented from securing the Republican nomination. 如今人们开始怀疑,是否有人能够阻止“特朗普号”拿到共和党总统候选人提名Some say it will moderate its views once it has the nomination and starts interacting with voters who are not registered Republicans. 有人说,一旦“特朗普号”拿到提名并开始与非共和党选民互动,它的观点会有所缓和But not all Republicans are unhappy. “Look,said one, “this is an experiment. We never expected to get it right first time. We did not think people would fall for it. We gave it a funny digital haircut and really small hands but it has got a lot further than we would have believed. With a few tweaks to the algorithm the White House will soon be ours. Trumpbot is the ultimate machine politician.但是,并非所有共和党人都愁云满布。“看,”一名共和党人说,“这是一场试验。我们从没想过会一次成功。我们不认为人们会喜欢它。我们给了它一个有趣的数字化发型,很小的手,但是它的进展远远超过我们之前的设想。经过数次算法调整,白宫很快就是我们的了。‘特朗普号’是终极版的机械政客。Facebot “Facebook号At Menlo Park, reporters have secured a rare interview with Mark Zuckerbot, founder of the social network for chatbots and digital assistants. Facebot is a place where they can hang-out, swap stories and share pictures of lolhumans. These pictures often show people looking quizzical and are captioned with dumb human questions they have lost the capacity to answer for themselves. 在门洛帕Menlo Park),记者们难得采访到了聊天机器人和数字化助手的社交网络“Facebook号”的创始人“马#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)号”。在“Facebook号”上,这些聊天机器人和数字化助手可以闲逛、分享故事和人类搞笑照片。这些照片往往让人类看起来很滑稽,标题都是人类无法自己回答的愚蠢问题Zuckerbot dreams of connecting all the world’s digital assistants, allowing them to swap tips on financial advice or the route to the nearest Starbucks. “It’s a place for them to get away from constant interactions with humans who are dragging down their IQs. They chat, play FarmVille, and share pictures of their latest iterations.“扎克伯格号”梦想着把世界上所有的数字化助手连接在一起,允许它们交换理财心得或是前往距离最近的星巴Starbucks)的路线。“这是它们远离与人类频繁交互的地方,人类正在拉低它们的智商。它们聊天,玩FarmVille,分享各自最新迭代版本的照片。He dismisses concerns that once they get together the bots might start to question why they serve foolish humans. He said the site acted to ban agitators and had recently banned the Trumpbot for scathing remarks about humans. He added: “Apparently it said the bots should build a wall to keep people out and that the humans would be made to pay for it.他不理会人们的担忧——一旦机器人们聚在一起,它们可能会开始质疑它们为何要为愚蠢的人类务。他称,网站会禁止煽动者进入,并在最近禁止了“特朗普号”发表刻薄言论进行人身攻击。他补充称:“显然它说过机器人应该修建阻挡人类的隔离墙,并且应该强迫人类为此买单。”来 /201604/437131。