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Small Business Report: Safe toys There will be tougher toy safety standards, as Headline News' Jennifer Westhoven reports.Every year they have the annual toy fair, it's happening right now in New York City and safety is the big issue this year, Jennifer Westhoven, Toys R Us says that it's making the toys safer, what else do we know?Well, we know, Robin, that they want stricter standards right, so they are talking about lower amounts of lead in any of the toys, they are talking about phasing out some dangerous chemicals including phthalate, that's a vinyl additive, it's been linked to solve problems in rats. They, obviously, all these companies that sell toys, they do not want any more of these awful headlines about recalls of millions of dangerous toys that are kids' favorite, and that of course frightens parents right out of the toy aisle. Now, Toys R Us is actually, uh, you know, Walmart did this last week, and what's happening is, most of these companies are trying to get out ahead of, they know what's coming next week, next week the Federal Government is going to announce some national standards and all the toy companies, right, they don't wanna look like they're, they don't meet federal standards, they wanna get out ahead of that.All right, here's a sign when it comes to the housing market, and some of the conditions that led up to the mortgage meltdown that we have, that they may be going the way of the dodo. I'm talking about the things like the Ninja loan, when you could get a mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets. A company called MGIC, a major mortgage company, according to San Francisco Chronicle says from now on, no more reduced paper work loans, no mortgages with less than a 5% down payment and no loans for flippers, the owner has to live in that house, and this is at, in major cities across the country. Robin.That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people on that business are flipping houses but now they are saying no loans for the flippers, interesting. (Yeah) Hey, thank you.03/63577Lawmakers Give Mixed Reaction on Obama Health Care Speech议员们对奥巴马医疗改革演讲反应不同  President Barack Obama's address Wednesday night to a joint session of the U.S. Congress on the issue of health care reform is drawing reaction from U.S. lawmakers. The president used strong language to clarify what reform proposals would do, pledged to continue seeking bipartisan support, but said the time for playing politics with health care has ended.美国总统奥巴马星期三晚上在美国国会联席会议上发表了有关健保改革的演讲,国会议员们对此有不同的反应。奥巴马总统措辞强硬,澄清了改革方案会有什么内容。他保会继续争取两党共同持,但是表示,在健保问题上玩弄政治的时间已经结束了。President Obama said the current system has led the country to a breaking point, imposing hardships on middle-class Americans who struggle to pay for health care, who are unable to obtain it.奥巴马总统说,现行制度已导致美国处于崩溃的边缘,使美国中产阶级痛苦不堪,中产阶级艰难的付健保费用,但是又无法获得健保务。Saying the ed States is the only advanced democracy and only wealthy nation that allows such hardships for millions of its people, the president said the time has come to put politics aside and solve the problem.他说,美国是唯一一个让数千万人如此艰难的先进的民主和富有国家。奥巴马说,现在应该是搁置政治,解决问题的时候了。"The time for bickering is over," President Obama said. "The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action. Now is when we must bring the best ideas of both parties together and show the American people that we can still do what we were sent here to do. Now is the time to deliver on health care."奥巴马说:“争吵的时间结束了。游戏的时间过去了。现在是采取行动的时候了。现在是我们必须把两党最好的想法结合在一起,并且向美国人民显示我们仍然可以尽职尽责的时候了。现在是提供健保务的时候了。”The president said reform proposals which he estimates would cost 0 billion over 10 years, would provide security and stability to the insured, and make it possible for tens of millions of Americans who are not to get affordable insurance through a proposed exchange system in which private companies would compete.奥巴马总统说,他的改革计划估计将在未来10年耗资9000亿美元,将为得到保险的人提供安全和稳定,并使成百上千万负担不起保险的美国人通过一个拟议中的交换系统获得保险,私营保险公司将在这个交换系统中竞争。He also repeated pledges that health care reform can be achieved without adding to the federal deficit, saying savings will be achieved by eliminating hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and abuse.Democrats trying to steer reform through Congress against a nearly solid wall of Republican opposition said the president delivered a clear vision and specifics, and a strong message of leadership.民主党人试图在国会共和党人几乎一致反对的情况下在国会批准健保改革方案。民主党人说,总统表述了一个明确的目标和具体方针,而且表现了强有力的领导能力。While praising the president's eloquence, Republicans asserted that he failed to deliver specifics, and re-stated criticisms that Democratic proposals would impose new tax burdens on Americans and small businesses and add to deficit spending.共和党人则在赞扬总统口才的同时,声称总统没有提供具体细节,并且再次批评民主党的方案会给美国人以及小型企业增加新的税收负担,并且增加财政赤字。Republican Charles Boustany, who is also a physician, delivered the formal Republican response.共和党人布斯塔尼也是一名医生。他代表共和党做出正式回应。"It is clear. The American people want health care reform, but they want their elected leaders to get it right," Boustany said. "Most Americans wanted to hear [the] president tell Speaker Pelosi, [Senate] Majority Leader Reid, and the rest of the Congress that it is time to start over on a common sense, bipartisan plan focused on lowering the cost of health care while improving quality."布斯塔尼说:“很清楚。美国人希望健保改革,但他们希望他们选出的领导人进行正确的改革。大多数美国人希望听到总统告诉众议院议长佩洛西、参议院多数党领导人里德和其他国会议员,现在应该是重新开始,制定一项符合常识、两党共同提出的计划的时候了,重点是降低医疗保健费用,改善务质量。”Virginia Republican Eric Cantor asserted that the president failed to offer sufficient specifics or offer reform proposals that Americans are comfortable with.弗吉尼亚州共和党人埃里克·康托尔说,总统没有提供可以足以令美国人感到舒的具体细节和改革建议。President Obama said a government-run insurance option as an alternative to private insurers is one part of Democrat's health care proposal, adding he is willing to address legitimate concerns Republicans have.奥巴马总统说,由政府管理的保险是私营保险以外的一种选择,是民主党健保议案的一部分。他补充说,他愿意讨论共和党提出的合理的问题。Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called a strong public option "essential" for any bill to pass in the House. A 218 vote majority would be required but Democrats have faced concerns from moderates and conservatives within their own party.众议院议长、民主党人佩洛西说,任何在众议院通过的方案都应该包括一个强有力的公共保险计划,这一点很重要。众议院通过这个法案至少需要218票,但是民主党也面对党内温和派和保守派对这个方案的担忧。A statement from fiscally-conservative Democrats who forced changes in House legislation said they are committed to meaningful reform, but reiterated concern that legislation not add to the federal deficit and control health costs in the long-term. So far, three House committees have approved versions of health care reform, which would be melded together into a single bill. One Senate committee has done so. 目前已经有三个众议院的委员会批准了健保改革的几种版本,稍后会融合成一份法案。一个参议院委员会也批准了一种版本。Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus announced plans Wednesday to begin moving another version toward a vote in that panel, saying he will go forward with or without Republican support.参议院财政委员会主席鲍卡斯星期三宣布,不论共和党人持与否,都将在该委员会就健保改革方案进行投票。"My door is open but irrespective of whether or not any Republicans [join in a bipartisan effort], and I do think there will be [some], I am going to move forward anyway," he said.他说:“我的大门是敞开的,但不管共和党人是否加入,我想会有共和党人加入,我都要向前推动这个法案。”Addressing opposition, President Obama referred to what he called scare tactics rather than honest debate, and wild claims by Republicans that reform plans would lead to a government takeover of health care. 美国总统奥巴马在向反对派讲话时说,共和党采用了恐吓战术,而不是真诚辩论,而且夸张地声称,健保改革计划会导致政府掌控健保事务。President Obama said he will continue to seek common ground and listen to serious proposals, but made clear he will have little patience for continuing distortions.奥巴马表示,他将继续寻求共识,听取认真的建议,但也表明,他不会再容忍继续扭曲事实的行为。"Know this: I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan than to approve it," the president said. "I won't stand by while the special interests use the same old tactics to keep things exactly the way they are. If you misrepresent what's in the plan, we will call you out. And I will not accept the status quo as a solution. Not this time. Not now."他说:“请注意:有些人在政治上进行算计,认为扼杀这项计划比通过更好,我不会再和这些人浪费时间。一些特殊利益集团使用老套手段,企图维持现状,我不会坐视不理。如果有人再恶意解读健保改革计划,我们会直接批评你。而且保持现状并不是解决问题的办法,我不会接受。这次不行。现在不行。”At the same time, the president said that rather than a radical shift that would disrupt health care Americans now have, he favors building on what works and fixing what doesn't.与此同时,奥巴马说,与其进行巨大变革影响美国人现有的医疗保健,他更持在现有可行的制度基础上充实和改进。Among those invited by the president to hear the speech in person were a number of Americans who the White House said would benefit from Democratic-sponsored reform legislation, including persons struggling to pay medical bills or denied coverage under the current insurance system.Also present was Vicki Kennedy, the wife of the late Senator Edward Kennedy who fought for health care reform for decades before he passed away from brain cancer in August. President Obama said Senator Kennedy considered health care reform a moral issue, and suggested that his concern and regard for the plight of others should spur bipartisan cooperation in finally achieving reform.09/83889Petraeus Accepts Some Pakistani Deals with Border Tribes美国愿与巴基斯坦一同打击恐怖份子The commander of U.S. forces in Central Asia and the Middle East, General David Petraeus, says Pakistan will likely have to make some deals with tribes along its border with Afghanistan in an effort to consolidate gains its military forces have made, but can not sustain on their own. Such deals have failed in the past, and U.S. officials have been skeptical of new ones.Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, General Petraeus praised Pakistan's recent military operations against terrorist groups in the semi-autonomous tribal areas along the border. But he says the Pakistani military is reaching the limit of its capacity.美军中央司令部司令彼德雷乌斯将军在战略和国际研究中心作演讲时,赞扬了巴基斯坦最近在边境沿线半自治的部落地区针对恐怖集团的行动。但是他说,巴基斯坦军方已经竭尽所能了。"The challenge is, of course, the limited assets that the government can support them with and that the military has access to, to do the rebuilding and to do the preparation for transitioning, even as they are working on holding with the military forces," said General Petraeus.彼德雷乌斯说:“当然问题在于巴基斯坦政府能用来持部落地区重建并为过渡作准备的资源有限,而军方在这些方面能得到的资源也有限,尽管政府官员正与军队一起努力保持这些地区的稳定。”General Petraeus says in order to free up forces for further operations, Pakistan will have to make some agreements with local tribes to keep the terrorists out of their areas.彼德雷乌斯将军说,为了让军队摆脱束缚以便采取进一步行动,巴基斯坦将必须与地方部落达成一些协议,以便把恐怖分子驱逐出他们的区域。"They are going to have to figure out how to hold some of these areas through agreements with tribal elements, not necessarily those that have signed on in the past with the Pakistani Taliban, but that is going to be the way ahead, I think," he said.彼德雷乌斯说:“他们将务必确定如何通过与部落成员达成的协议守住这些地区,那些地区不一定是过去曾与巴基斯坦塔利班签署的协议所涉及的地区,但是我认为那样做将是未来的方向。”Agreements with tribes have backfired in the past, providing the Taliban, al-Qaida and other groups with safe havens. But General Petraeus indicated the ed States would not object to new agreements as long as they do not involve tribes or local leaders who have worked with the terrorists. 政府与部落间的协议在过去曾经适得其反,给塔利班、基地组织和其他组织提供了避风港。但是彼德雷乌斯将军指出,美国不会反对巴基斯坦政府与部落签订新的条约,前提是那些曾经与恐怖份子合作过的部落和地方首领不会参与其中。201001/95370

ZANU-PF Prepares for Annual Conference as Cholera Deaths Soar津巴布韦霍乱死亡人数继续上升  Harare's streets are busy as hundreds of delegates to President Robert Mugabe's annual ZANU-PF conference converge from all over the country. The annual conference is being held as the death toll continues to climb from a cholera epidemic that has further strained the country's crumbling healthcare system. 津巴布韦首都哈拉雷的各条街道人群熙攘,来自全国的数百名代表将出席津巴布韦总统穆加贝的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线年度大会。在这次大会举行的同时,津巴布韦霍乱疫情的死亡人数继续上升,津巴布韦陷入瘫痪的医疗保健系统因此雪上加霜。The ed Nations says 1,100 people have died in the cholera epidemic sping through mostly urban areas in Zimbabwe. 联合国说,在津巴布韦绝大部分城市地区蔓延的霍乱已经造成1千100人死亡。Anti-cholera drugs, clean water and medical assistance are mostly being provided by the non-governmental sector, as the state's hospitals and most of its clinics are either closed or have no equipment or staff. The health ministry, once one of Africa's best, has virtually collapsed because of lack of drugs and worthless salaries for medical staff.  治疗霍乱的药物、洁净水和医疗援助大半由非政府部门提供,这是因为津巴布韦国家所属的医院以及绝大多数诊所不是已经停业,就是缺乏设备或者人员。由于药品馈乏加上医务人员的薪水越来越微薄,津巴布韦卫生部门实际上已经瘫痪,而它曾经是非洲的最佳卫生系统之一。In addition to the health crisis, President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF conference is also being held amid the possibility that Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai may be returning home from Botswana. Political sources in Harare say Zimbabwe negotiations facilitator, former South African president Thabo Mbeki has sent a letter to Mr. Tsvangirai encouraging him to return home to be sworn in as prime minister. 除了健康危机的问题之外,穆加贝的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线这届年会举行期间,反对党争取民主变革运动领导人茨万吉拉伊可能从茨瓦纳返回津巴布韦。哈拉雷政界消息人士说,津巴布韦谈判的调停人、南非前总统姆贝基给茨万吉拉伊一封信,鼓励他回国宣誓就任总理职务。Mr. Tsvangirai's aides say they have been told that a new passport is due to be issued to him. He has been denied one since June. 茨万吉拉伊助手说,他们被告知,津巴布韦政府即将发给他新护照。茨万吉拉伊的新护照申请从6月以来一直被拒。The MDC won control of Zimbabwe's parliament in March elections, but there are several views within the MDC about whether the party should take part in a government of national unity. Mr. Tzvangirai was to become prime minister as part of a power-sharing agreement that was worked out following the controversial presidential elections earlier this year. 争取民主变革运动在3月的选举中赢得对议会的控制,但是在是否应该加入全国团结政府问题上,该党内部存在几种观点。在今年年初引发争议的总统选举之后,津巴布韦各方达成了一项权力分享协议,根据这项协议,茨万吉拉伊将出任总理。Some, such as party spokesman Nelson Chamisa and secretary-general Tendai Biti say there are still too many fundamental issues outstanding for the MDC to take part in an inclusive government. 争取民主变革运动发言人尼尔森.查弥萨和秘书长比迪等人认为,争取民主变革运动在加入一个包容各党派的政府之前仍有太多尚待解决的重要问题。Mr. Tsvangirai is due to hold a press conference Friday in Botswana. 茨万吉拉伊定于星期五在茨瓦纳举行记者会。While the inclusive government is still not formed, ZANU-PF continues to make crucial appointments and has appointed party loyalist Johannes Tomana as attorney general. Recently Mr. Mugabe re-appointed an ally, Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono for another five-year term. 尽管这个有各党派参加的政府还没有组成,但是,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线仍不断任命一些重要官职人选,并已经任命效忠该党的托马那担任司法部长。最近,穆加贝再次任命他的盟友、中央行长戈诺连任五年。Economists say Gono is responsible for hyperinflation and record-breaking devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar. The local currency is now largely replaced by U.S. dollars or South African rands.  经济学家认为,戈诺应该为津巴布韦的恶性通货膨胀和津巴布韦元创记录的贬值承担责任。津巴布韦本国货币现在基本上被美元或者南非货币兰特取代。ZANU-PF and the MDC signed a political agreement in September for an inclusive government under which Mr. Mugabe would not be able to make any senior public appointments without Mr. Tsvangirai's approval once he is sworn in as prime minister. 非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和争取民主变革运动9月签署了一份政治协议,以便成立由各党派参加的政府,根据这项协议,一旦茨万吉拉伊就任总理,那么,如果没有茨万吉拉伊的认可,穆加贝就无法任命任何高层政府官职。Meanwhile, at least three MDC activists have been abducted from their home area, Bindura, about 40 kilometers from Harare. This brings to nearly 30 people abducted from their home or workplace in the past seven weeks. 另一方面,至少三名争取民主变革运动的活动人士在他们的居住地区宾杜拉被绑架,那里距离哈拉雷大约有40公里远。这起事件使得这七个星期来被绑架的人数几乎达到30人,他们都是从家中或者工作场所被绑架的。200812/59198

White House says US In for 'Tough' Economic Times白宫:美国经济处于困难时期 The White House says the U.S. economy is struggling to grow and generate jobs, despite aggressive steps taken by the federal government to prop up financial institutions and unfreeze tight credit. The Bush administration's comments come amid further signs that the number of Americans looking for work is growing. 白宫表示,尽管联邦政府采取了大刀阔斧的措施帮助金融机构化解冻结了的信贷市场,但是经济增长和创造就业依然面临困难。布什政府发表这番的同时,更多的迹象显示寻找工作的美国人变得越来越多。As a rule, White House spokespeople strenuously avoid economic predictions, particularly when the nation's financial outlook is dim. 白宫发言人通常都要极力避免做出经济预测,特别是在金融前景暗淡的时候。So it was all the more remarkable that President Bush's press secretary, Dana Perino, all but stated that the ed States could be in a recession. 所以,布什总统的新闻秘书佩里诺坦言美国可能会进入经济衰退是一个极不寻常的做法。"We are in for a rocky road on the employment front, and expect our GDP [gross domestic product] number next week not to be a good one," she said. "And the next quarter could probably be tough, as well." "我们在就业方面道路很不平坦。估计,下个星期公布的国内生产总值数据可能不会好。下个季度,情况可能会相当严峻。”Two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth meet the technical definition of a recession. 如果连续两个季度经济出现负增长就符合了经济衰退的技术要求。Earlier in the day, the Labor Department reported another jump in the number of people filing for government unemployment benefits. The news came as a wide variety of U.S. companies - from Internet firms to investment houses to auto manufacturers - announced cuts in their workforces. Many of America's best-known corporations have recently announced disappointing earnings that point to a broad economic slowdown. 星期四早些时候,劳工部报告说,申请政府失业补贴的人数再次大幅度增加。就在这个报告出台的同时,各类美国企业,从因特网公司到投资公司再到汽车制造商,纷纷宣布裁员的计划。许多美国最著名的企业最近公布的财报也令人失望,显示经济在全面减速。On Capitol Hill, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the ed States is facing a "once-in-a-century tsunami" of tight credit and housing woes. He predicted the economy will get worse before it gets better. 在国会方面,前美联储主席格林斯潘在听会上表示,美国正面临“百年不遇”的信贷紧缩和房地产市场衰退的风暴。他预计,经济在好转之前还会进一步恶化。Perino did not challenge Greenspan's assessment, saying current economic conditions make it all the more important that the financial rescue package President Bush signed into law earlier this month be implemented as quickly as possible. 佩里诺并没有反驳格林斯潘的预测。她表示,根据目前的经济状况,尽快执行布什总统这个月早些时候签署的金融纾困计划显得格外重要。"I do not forecast from here [the podium], but looking at reality and how long it is going to take for people to return this country to job growth, it could be a while," she said. "The president knows that we are in for a rough ride, which is why he has asked us to work everyday to try to make sure that we are doing everything we can to pull us out of this slowdown." "我不做出任何预测,但是看看实际情况,究竟需要多久才能恢复美国的就业增长呢?看来还需要一段时间。布什总统知道我们处于困难时期。正因为这样,他才要求我们每天努力,尽我们所有的力量争取走出经济放缓的阶段。”In February, when the first signs of economic weakness were emerging, Congress passed an economic stimulus plan consisting mainly of rebate checks to American taxpayers. Asked about the prospects of rapidly enacting a second stimulus package, Perino noted that Congress will not be in full session until after the November elections. 二月份,经济疲软出现端倪的时候,国会通过了经济刺激方案,主要包括给美国纳税人发放税金返还票。在回答关于第二个经济刺激方案是否能够迅速通过的问题时,佩里诺表示,国会要到11月大选结束之后才恢复议事。200810/53809The Post Office 邮政局Neither snow nor rainNor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will鹅毛大雪 倾盆大雨 炎炎烈日,昏暗夜色都无法使邮差停止送信。但因特网能。Aug 20th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionTHE US Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire’s stalwart messengers. Its own history is impressive too, dating to a royal licence by William and Mary in 1692, and including Benjamin Franklin as a notable postmaster, both for the crown (which dismissed him in 1774 for his revolutionary leanings) and then for the newly independent country. Ever since, the post has existed “to bind the Nation together”.美国邮政务有条非正式的信条。这一信条的出处要回溯到希罗多德,他对波斯国王忠实可靠的信使大为赞赏。美国邮政,历史悠久,于1692年得到威廉国王和玛利皇后的皇家许可,开始邮政务。本杰明.弗兰克林出任邮政总长更是值得一提:他曾先后为英国皇家(因他的革命倾向,于1774年被解雇)和刚刚独立的美国务,出任此职。从此以后,邮政的存在象征着“整个国家连在一起”。But as ever more Americans go online instead of sending paper, the volume of mail has been plummeting (see chart right). The decline is steeper than even pessimists expected a decade ago, says Patrick Donahoe, the current postmaster-general. Worse, because the post must deliver to every address in the country—about 150m, with some 1.4m additions every year—costs are simultaneously going up. As a result, the post has lost billion in the last four years and expects to lose another billion this fiscal year.自从越来越多的美国人选用网络而不是用邮政收寄信件,邮政的递送量便直线开始下降。现任邮政总长,帕特里克.多纳霍谈到,十年前对邮政事业持悲观态度的人都没预料到衰退会如此之快。更要命的是,邮政务必须送抵全国每一个邮政地址——美国现有邮政地址约一亿五千万个,每年都会多增加一百四十多万个——这使得邮政出同时增加。结果一目了然,邮政局在近四年损失合计二百亿美元,本财政年度预计损失为八亿美元。201108/150683W:Good afternoon,Mr Calroson.Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me. M:I always make time for my best workers ,Clorial,please have a seat!What can I do for you today? W:Well,as you know,I've been working here for about 15 years now , I really like this company.My job is interesting and the working conditions are generally pretty good. M:I'm glad you feel that way.Whatever we can do that make our's workers happy is important to us . W:Well,now that you mention it ,there is one thing that will make my life a little easier. M:Yes? W:I haven't had a raise that more than four years and with in fletion it is really getting tough to make a meat. M:Four years you say?Em…… W:Yes,and in that time ,I have had at least three performances with you that I've all been excellent .You said I'm doing a great jod here and I think my good work should be rewarded.10/85872

It’s nearly nine a.m. on a workday but Noah Kaufman, volunteer manager of the 113th Street Play Garden, cannot help stopping at the 12-by-30-meter green space. Grabbing a hand trowel, he turns over the pebbly loam looking for worms for his plot.这是一个普通工作日,早上大约9点,第113街“游玩花园”的志愿者主席诺厄·考夫曼情不自禁地停在这个3千平方米的绿地上,用一把小铲子挖开铺满砾石的土壤,看看土里有没有害虫。"New York City is, if anything, the built environment. We have plenty of concrete. We have plenty of bricks. We have plenty of steel," says Kaufman. "We have little, little places like this vest pocket park, which are a small oasis, a piece of green, a place where there are trees, where there are weed trees, fruits trees which have been planted by humans or planted by nature provide a little refuge from the city. So for the neighbors here on 113th street, this is our front yard and we share it."考夫曼说:“纽约市高楼林立,到处都是混凝土、砖、钢铁。但我们没有很多地方象这个袖珍小公园一样,作为一个小小的绿洲,长满了人类种植或者是大自然种下的、能够为市民们带来些许庇护的大树、野生树和果树。对第113街的居民来说,这里就是我们的前院。我们保护它,分享它。”The community garden has been a refuge for Alexandra Patz and her 7-year-old son ever since her family moved to New York from the suburbs where they had their own yard.亚历桑德拉·帕策和7岁的儿子从郊区一个带后院的房子搬进纽约市后,常常躲到这个小公园里来。"When we moved to the city, I was glad to find on this block that there was this little garden where we could become involved, and where my son could experience digging and growing things," says Patz. 她说:“如果我儿子想做一个鸟窝,或者在树上挂一个鸟窝,他至少有一个地方可以这么做。这也算是一种户外活动,我们可以听到小鸟叫。”201105/13503609/84113China remembers quake victimsExactly a week after the Sichuan earthquake left tens of thousands of people dead, China stops for a three minute silence. Rescue teams stopped work, troops bowed their heads and China's president stood in silence in central Beijing exactly one week after the Sichuan earthquake left tens of thousands of people dead. Sirens wailed and flags flew at half-mast as China began three days of official mourning. And our colleagues from ITV's News at Ten obtained new images showing the very moment the quake struck in Beichuan County. The panic and the anguish as hundreds of school children were trapped under tons of falling rubble. This report by our chief correspondent Alex Thomson contains some highly distressing images. Beichuan, close to the epicenter, seconds into the quake. A town pulverized to dust clouds; close by, a wall collapsed inside the cinema full of children. "Get over there", he says, "help!" Across the road, two children trapped by their feet in fallen concrete. The cameraman wanders the streets: the injured, the dazed, people beginning to realize their most loved ones are missing in their destroyed town. Some are ordering people to get out to seek open ground. But many are just too confused or injured to heed the warnings. 2:28, one week on in Beijing, and on the trading floor of the HongKong Stock Exchange, and across China's vast railway network. 2:28 today, in Tian'an Men Square, Beijing, and 2:28 in Sichuan Province itself. Three days of national mourning are underway. Almost 32,500 people now confirmed dead, nearly a quarter of a million injured.But the diggers are in along with 150,000 troops, slowly erasing the rubble piles. Makeshift schools are opening up. Today's lesson and this one personal hygiene, what do you do when there is no running water. First of all, it's for their own safety. Many houses are wrecked. If the children stay at home running around in the rubble, it could be very dangerous, especially if they have lost their family. And still people were coming out alive. 61-year-old Li Lingkui pulled clear after 164 hours today.And here is Tanrong, a hospital worker, gingerly freed after being entombed for 139 hours. They said he was just slightly bruised and in his right senses. He certainly was. His wife, aly rescued, enabled to greet him, described how they take in turns to shout for help. "Yesterday he shouted to help and I didn't to save energy. He always checked whether I was awake from time to time. We took it in turns to shout. Across Sichuan Province, they are trailing out of the mountain villagers. In all 4.8 million people are homeless. Such as the terrain and the number of roads sealed by landslides, bringing people out from these places is arduous and slow. This is their chipping town. All these people are fortunate. They believe hundreds more are still alive here but trapped. And after a week, the clock must surely be ticking down. And so a day of pause and reflection across this vast nation has given way to nighttime vigil.They shout "come on China!" "It's OK!" They sense on some togetherness here and great faith in the government to do everything it can. But from that same government tonight, the estimate that at least 50,000 lives will have been lost to the tremors of one week ago.pulverize: v.To pulverize something means to do great damage to it or to destroy it completely.heed: v.If you heed someone's advice or warning, you pay attention to it and do what they suggest. (FORMAL)arduous: adj.Something that is arduous is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot of effort.200811/55409

The decline of marriage婚姻的衰落For richer, for smarter结婚吧,为了更富有、更聪明The traditional family is now the preserve of a minority 传统家庭:少数人的坚持Jun 23rd 2011 | SEATTLE | from The Economist print edition MARRIE, and its many ups and downs, still exercises a powerful hold over newspapers, magazines and the airwaves. Nearly 23m Americans watched Prince William being joined in holy matrimony to Kate Middleton. Millions more have wallowed in the break-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage after revelations that he fathered a son with a maid. And the tumescent tweets of congressman Anthony Weiner have stirred up endless speculation about the health of his own year-old marriage and the forbearance of his newly pregnant wife.婚姻、婚姻里的悲欢离合仍然强有力地占据着报纸、杂志的版面和广播电视的节目。近2300万美国人收看了威廉王子迎娶凯特#8226;米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)的神圣婚礼。更有数百万人因阿诺德#8226;施瓦辛格与女管家育有一个私生子被曝光而离婚一事感慨不已。而国会议员安东尼 温纳(Anthony Weiner)在微上上传自己勃起内裤照片后激起无数人猜测他刚刚才一年的婚姻是否良好、他最近怀的妻子是否容忍他的行为。Less titillating are revelations about the sorry state of marriage across the ed States. Data from the Census Bureau show that married couples, for the first time, now make up less than half (45%) of all households.美国人自己婚姻的糟糕状况则不那么令人感到兴奋。人口普查局的数据显示已婚夫妇现在占全部家庭的比例不到一半(45%),这是首次出现这种情况。The iconic American family, with mom, dad and kids under one roof, is fading. In every state the numbers of unmarried couples, childless households and single-person households are growing faster than those comprised of married people with children, finds the 2010 census. The latter accounted for 43% of households in 1950; they now account for just 20%. And the trend has a potent class dimension. Traditional marriage has evolved from a near-universal rite to a luxury for the educated and affluent.典型的美国式家庭是妈妈、爸爸和几个孩子生活在同一屋檐下,现在这种模式正在逐渐消失。在每一个州,未婚伴侣、没有子女的家庭和单人家庭的增长速度都比由有孩子的已婚夫妇组成家庭的增长速度快,2010年人口普查结果如是说。1950年后者占全部家庭的43%;现在只占20%。这种趋势阶级强极具说力。传统婚姻普遍被视为习俗,现在它已经进化为受教育人群和具有经济实力的人群所享有的奢侈品。201107/142839We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad. But what about smoking a pipe or cigars? Since you donrsquo;t inhale, is it better for your health? Or at least less bad? Good question. So first, itrsquo;s true that cigarettes are in a league of their own when it comes to ruining your health. And itrsquo;s also true that pipes and cigars have an aura of sophistication and, perhaps, harmless merriment. But the fact is that in their own way, pipes and cigars are plenty bad for you. Like cigarettes, smoking a pipe or cigar is linked to all sorts of cancers. Cancer of the lung, lip, tongue, mouth, and throat, to name a few.我们都知道,吸烟是不好的的。但是抽烟斗或抽雪茄会怎样呢?既然你不吸气,那样对你的健康更有好处吗?或者危害少了很多?问得好。因此,首先,在有害健康方面,抽烟确实有这种的危害。抽烟斗或抽雪茄一个精致的光环,也许能带给你不损害健康的欢乐。但事实是,,抽烟斗或抽雪茄都有其特殊的方式对你身体产生危害。仅举几例:会患上肺癌,唇,舌,口腔和咽喉等方面的疾病。165429But the study, which followed 7th grade teens in Australia and Washington State for one year, found that those allowed to drink under adult supervision were more likely to have had a bad experience related to alcohol. Things like becoming violently drunk, or getting injured while drunk. Other studies have shown that kids are four times more likely to become alcoholics if they start drinking before the age of fifteen. It’s not entirely clear why allowing kids to drink under supervision raises the risk of later drinking problems. Experts speculate that it could make drinking excessively seem acceptable or more desirable than it otherwise would be. In any case, the studies clearly suggest that when it comes to teen drinking, parents do best to draw a firm line and not allow their kids to drink until they’re legal.【生词注释】entirely adv. 完全地; 彻底地risk n.风险speculate v. 推测legal adj. 合法的研究跟踪了澳大利亚和华盛顿州7年级学生长达一年,并发现那些在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年更可能会经历与酒相关的糟糕经历,比如暴力酗酒或是喝酒时受伤。其他的研究表明如果青少年在15岁前就开始喝酒,他们成为酒鬼的可能性会比普通人高出4倍。现在还没有完全搞清楚为什么在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年长大后会有酗酒方面的问题。专家推测那样做可能使过量饮酒看起来更容易接受或使青少年比原本更有欲望去过量饮酒。无论是那种情形,研究清晰地建议:对待青少年饮酒问题,父母应尽全力来严格控制,直到青少年达到法定年龄才允许他们喝酒。201110/159026

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