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Vietnam has quietly extended a runway on Spratly Island to enable the deployment of maritime spy planes as Hanoi bolsters its defences against China in the disputed South China Sea.越南悄悄延长了其在斯普拉特利岛(Spratly Island,中国称南威岛)的一条飞机跑道,以便有能力部署海上侦察机。目前越南正在有争议的南中国海加强对中国的防御。Satellite images obtained by the Financial Times show Vietnam has expanded the runway from less than 2,500ft to about 3,300ft. 英国《金融时报》获得的卫星图片显示,越南将这条跑道从不500英尺延长到了3300英尺左右。The extension allows the deployment of maritime surveillance aircraft from Spratly for the first time, a move that comes as China builds up its own military facilities on and around nearby islands.这令越南得以首次从斯普拉特利岛部署海上侦察机,目前中国在邻近岛屿以及周边海域兴建了自己的军事设施。This is a familiar pattern for Hanoi, said Gregory Poling, director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, who supplied the images, taken over the past 22 months. 对于越南而言,这是一种司空见惯的做法,亚洲海事透明倡议(Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative)主任格雷波林(Greg Poling)表示,越南正继续推进军事现代化,并寻求与日本、美国和印度建立更密切安全联系,以应对中国未来在争议海域的强势行为。Vietnam continues to modernise its military and seek closer security ties with Japan, the US and India in preparation for future Chinese assertiveness in disputed waters.该组织提供了上述卫星图片,图片是在过2个月期间拍摄的。The revelation comes as the US pivot to Asia faces severe strain following the election of Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines president who has burnt bridges with Washington while moving towards rapprochement with China. 在菲律宾总统罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)当选后,美国转向亚洲的战略面临巨大压力,杜特尔特与美国分道扬镳,转而与中国修好。American allies in Asia, including Japan and South Korea, are also nervous about the election of Donald Trump, who campaigned on an isolationist foreign policy, talked about walking away from trade deals and suggested he might downgrade the US role in key alliances.此外,美国在亚洲的盟友(包括日本和韩国)对唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)当选感到担忧,特朗普在竞选中曾打出孤立主义外交政策的旗号,谈论退出贸易协议,并暗示他可能会降低美国在重要同盟中的作用。The satellite images show that Vietnam is also building two large hangars on Spratly, one of 14 islands that along with more than 100 reefs make up the Spratly chain, which is claimed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.卫星图片显示,越南还正在斯普拉特利岛建造两个大型飞机库,斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)是4个这样的岛屿再加00多个岛礁构成的。中囀?越南、台湾、马来西亚、文莱和菲律宾都宣称拥有该群岛主权。来 /201611/479234

The strategically critical U.S.-Turkey relationship is coming under increasing strain as authorities in Ankara crack down on alleged coup plotters and sympathizers.土耳其当局对被指称为军事政变策划者与同情者进行镇压之际,美国与土耳其之间极为重要的战略关系日益紧张。Washington is caught between expressing alarm about increasingly authoritarian measures being taken under Turkeys state of emergency and showing support for a democratically elected government that fought off a military putsch.美国一方面对土耳其进入国家紧急状态后所采取的日益专制的措施表示震惊,一方面对民选政府战胜一场军事政变的努力表示持,在这两者间左右为难。A further source of irritation is persistent rumors in Turkey that the ed States played a role in the attempted coup, something State Department spokesman John Kirby characterized on Thursday as “ludicrous.”另外,更令人恼火的是,一直有传言说美国在未遂政变中起了作用。美国国务院发言人柯比星期四将这种传言称为“荒唐可笑”。Turkey’s government has ordered more than 130 media outlets - TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and news agencies - to close, and approximately 90 journalists have either been arrested or ordered detained.土耳其政府下令关闭130多个包括电视频道、电台、报纸和新闻机构在内的媒体。大0名记者不是被逮捕,就是被拘押。“We’re obviously deeply concerned,said Kirby, who continued to stress that “Turkey matters to us as a friend and ally, and their democracy matters to us.”柯比说:“我们显然极为担忧”,他强调说:“土耳其作为朋友和盟国对我们十分重要,他们的民主制度对我们十分重要。”About 1,700 military personnel have been dismissed, including 150 generals and admirals suspected of ties to the unsuccessful putsch.大约700名军人被解职,其中包50名被怀疑跟未遂政变有关联的将军。Ankara is a critical American ally in the fight against the so-called Islamic State group operating in Iraq and Syria, both of which border Turkey, a NATO member.土耳其是北约成员国,与伊拉克和叙利亚接壤。在抗击伊拉克和叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国的战斗中,土耳其是美国的重要盟国。来 /201608/457590

SINGAPORE June 30 (Reuters) - Japan will launch a tender for fighter jets as soon as mid-July the Ministry of Defence said in a deal seen worth up to billion as Tokyo seeks to bolster its air defences amid creeping tension with China over disputed maritime borders.新加0日(路透社---国防部表示,日本将最快于七月中旬启动一项价值高00亿美元的战斗机投标,由于和中国存在争议的海上边界的紧张气氛日益攀升,东京将以此加强其空中防御。In one of the biggest fighter jet contracts up for grabs in years a ministry spokesman said Japan will contact foreign and domestic defence contractors soon after a July 5 deadline for expressions of interest in the tender for about 100 warplanes.这是近年来供人竞价的最大标的的战斗机合同之一,国防部发言人指出,日本将在六月五日其标的大约为100架战斗机的投标意向书截止日后,很快就与国内外制造商签订合同。People familiar with the matter said U.S. firms Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp have been invited to take part in the project dubbed the F-3 fighter jet programme alongside Japans Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) the prime domestic contractor.知情人士透露,美国的波音公司和马洛克希德公司被邀请参加代号为F-3的战斗机投标,日本三菱重工作为国内主要承包商,也在被邀标行列。A final decision is likely in summer 2018 the people said with deployment due at the end of the 2020s at the earliest. They declined to be identified because the matter was confidential.知情人士说,最终决定可能将018年夏天做出,也可能最早在本世0年代末部署。因为保密的原因,他们拒绝给出明确的时间。With a value seen by these people at up to billion the F-3 programme will dwarf most recent fighter jet deals in value likely attracting global contractor interest. But analysts say Japans preference for an aircraft that can operate closely with the U.S. military given close Washington-Tokyo ties makes a non-U.S. option a long-shot.知情人士估算的价值高00亿美元的F-3项目,将使得近年来绝大部分战斗机合同的价值都相形见绌,很容易引起全球战斗机制造商的兴趣。但是分析人士称,日本为了拉近华盛顿和东京的关系,更倾向于采用能和美军飞机协同操控的战斗机,这使得美国以外的公司胜算极小。来 /201607/453122

PHILADELPHIA The Democratic National Convention kicks off at Wells Fargo Center on Monday, promising a “ed Togethertheme even as leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee forced the party’s chairwoman to resign. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will get a prime-time spot to push his platform, and Michelle Obama will lend a bit of White House glamour to the night.费城——民主党全国代表大会周一在以富国冠名会议中心拉开序幕,会议的主题是“团结在一起”,尽管民主党全国委员会电子邮件的泄露已迫使该党的全国委员主席辞职。佛蒙特州参议员伯尼·桑德斯将在当晚的一个黄金时段推动他的纲领,米歇尔·奥巴马也将为这个夜晚增添一点白宫的魅力。The leaked emails threaten to undermine unity at the Democratic convention.泄露的电子邮件对民主党全国代表大会上的全党统一构成威胁。If there was one thing Hillary Clinton didn’t need as she prepared to accept her party’s presidential nomination this week, it was another email scandal.希拉釷克林顿在为接受本党此周提名她成为总统候选人做准备时,如果说有一件没必要发生的事情的话,那就是又一个电子邮件丑闻。But the release of about 20,000 leaked emails which suggested the party had worked to undermine the Sanders campaign and forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the party’s chairwoman, to announce her resignation on Sunday is likely to continue fueling resentment among many of Mr. Sanders’s delegates at the convention.然而,万封被盗电子邮件的泄露,很可能会在出席大会的持桑德斯的许多代表中,增添他们的不满。泄露的邮件暗示民主党曾试图破坏桑德斯的竞选活动,这迫使民主党全国委员简称DNC)主席黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨于周日宣布辞职。Mrs. Clinton’s campaign had hoped that the convention would showcase unity in the party after a bruising and divisive nomination contest whose outcome left many young and liberal Democrats less than satisfied. Instead, the emails which reveal snarky, blunt criticism of Mr. Sanders by top Democratic National Committee officials could amplify the frustration felt by his delegates about what they consider a rigged process.克林顿夫人的竞选班子曾希望,在经历了党内艰巨的、引起分歧的提名人初选竞争之后,代表大会将展示全党的团结,初选的结果令许多年轻人和自由派民主党人不满意。然而,泄露的电子邮件揭示,民主党全国委员会的党内高层官员曾讽刺挖苦、并毫无掩饰地批评桑德斯,这可能会加大持他的代表们对他们认为是控的初选过程的不满。A large crowd of demonstrators expressed that frustration on Sunday in downtown Philadelphia, with chants of “hell, no, D.N.C., we won’t vote for Hillary.”一大群示威者周日在费城市中心表达了这种不满,他们高呼着,“DNC去见鬼,让我们投票希拉里,没门。”Sanders will get his last chance to push his agenda on the big stage.桑德斯将在这个大舞台上获得推动自己日程的最后机会。His supporters may not like it, but Mr. Sanders has acknowledged defeat and endorsed Mrs. Clinton. Even so, on Monday, he will get one last chance to push his agenda in front of an audience of millions.虽然桑德斯的持者们可能不喜欢,但他已经承认了失败,并已公开表示持克林顿夫人。即管如此,他在周一仍将得到在数百万观众面前推动自己议程的最后一次机会。In appearances on news programs on Sunday morning, Mr. Sanders made it clear that he will use his speech to continue pressing for an ideological revolution that advances party priorities like a higher minimum wage, government health care, breaking up big banks and rebuilding infrastructure.桑德斯在周日上午的新闻节目中明确表示,他将利用发表演讲的机会,继续推动一场意识形态的革命,这场革命旨在把提高最低工资标准、全民医疗卫生务、分解大,以及重建基础设施等议题推上共和党议事日程的优先地位。“We have got to continue bringing people in, fighting for an agenda that works for working families and having the courage to take on the big-money people who today control our economic and political life,he said on A’s “This Week.Expect Mr. Sanders to have a similar message on Monday night.桑德斯对美国广播公司的《本周》节目说:“我们必须继续让人们参与进来,为争取有益于工薪家庭的议事日程而奋斗,敢于挑战大资本的代言人,这些人如今在控制着我们的经济和政治生活。”预计桑德斯在周一晚上将传递类似的信息。And though Mr. Sanders, who called for a broad overhaul of the party’s nominating process, was Mrs. Clinton’s chief rival during the primaries, his appearance at the convention is unlikely to produce controversy like that of Senator Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland. Mr. Sanders has aly been clear that he hopes Mrs. Clinton will win in November.虽然桑德斯曾呼吁全面改革民主党的提名程序,并在初选期间是克林顿夫人的主要竞争对手,但他出席共和党全国代表大会不大可能会制造争议,比如参议员特德·克鲁兹上周在克利夫兰的共和党全国代表大会上制造的那种。桑德斯已经明确表示,他希望克林顿在11月的大选中获胜。“Right now, we have got to defeat Trump; we have to elect Hillary Clinton,he said on “This Week,referring to the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.“此刻,我们要做的事情是必须击败特朗普;我们必须要让希拉釷克林顿获胜,”他在《本周》节目中提到共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普时说。One last time: Michelle Obama begins the handoff from the Obama era.最后一次:米歇尔·奥巴马为奥巴马时代开启交接班过程。Mrs. Obama may cherish the idea of receding from the spotlight, but on Monday night she will make one last appearance on the big stage. Her speech will serve partly to begin the transition of the Democratic Party from her husband to Mrs. Clinton.虽然奥巴马夫人也许会珍爱从聚光灯下引退的想法,但她将在周一晚的大舞台上最后一次亮相。她的演讲将成为民主党从她的丈夫向克林顿夫人过渡的开端。Mrs. Obama, who remains among the most popular figures in the party, may be one of the most effective advocates for Mrs. Clinton when it comes to the Obama coalition: young people, African-Americans and Latinos. Her convention speech will be an opportunity to argue that her husband’s constituency should be Mrs. Clinton’s, as well.作为民主党中仍最受人喜爱的人之一,奥巴马夫人也许是克林顿夫人最有效的持者,特别是在奥巴马阵营中:年轻人、非洲裔和拉美裔美国人。她在大会的演讲中会提出论据表示,她丈夫的持者也应该是克林顿夫人的持者。The first lady has championed children’s issues and healthy eating during her time in the White House, and it’s likely that her speech will focus on both. Less clear is how much Mrs. Obama will touch on the racial tensions that have gripped the country in the past several months after police shootings in several major cities. She has occasionally talked about race, most notably during a commencement speech in 2015 at Tuskegee University, a historically black college in Alabama.她在白宫做第一夫人期间,一直倡导儿童问题和健康饮食,她的演讲很可能会关注这两个问题。奥巴马夫人的演讲在多大程度上会触及种族关系紧张问题尚不可知,几个城市发生了警察开打死人、以及袭警察事件后,种族问题几个月来一直在困扰着美国。奥巴马夫人曾在演讲中偶然提及种族问题,最引人注目的一次是2015年在阿拉巴马州历史上的黑人学院塔斯基吉大学。Either way, Mrs. Obama will probably get a rousing response from conventiongoers, for many of whom the speech is likely to be the last time they see her in person.无论如何,奥巴马夫人很可能会得到大会代表的热烈响应,对许多人来说,这次演讲很可能是他们最后一次亲身见到她。来 /201607/456446

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