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淮安清河区做人流哪家医院最好的江苏省洪泽县中医院流产多少钱Two welcome new biographies of Charles Dickens whose birth 200 years ago will be celebrated next February两本查尔斯·狄更斯新传记,喜迎明年二月狄更斯诞辰200周年。Becoming Dickens: The Invention of a Novelist. By Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. 《成为狄更斯:一个小说家的创造力》作者 罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特Charles Dickens: A Life. By Claire Tomalin《查尔斯·狄更斯:一生》克莱尔·托玛琳THERE is an immediacy about Charles Dickens’s life, just as there is about his novels, a kind of bursting physicality. “If I couldn’t walk fast and far”, he once said, “I think I should explode and perish.” He exhilarated and exhausted himself. Both these biographies, timed for the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth next February, bring out the mad energy of the man.回顾查尔斯·狄更斯的一生跟阅读他小说一样,有一种实实在在的冲劲扑面而来。他曾经说,“如果步伐不再轻盈脚力不再充沛,我想我宁愿自爆死去。”他忘情宣泄,直到耗尽自我。在狄更斯200周年祭这个节点,这两本传记展示了这作家疯狂的精力。 Robert Douglas-Fairhurst sets out to counter what he sees as the literary man-of-destiny version of Dickens, to recover the uncertainty, muddle and loose ends. He concentrates therefore on the early unsettled years, up to 1838 when, at 26, Dickens decided to sign himself “Charles Dickens”. Until then he had just been “Boz”, a sketch writer and the hugely popular author of “The Pickwick Papers”.有人认为狄更斯命中注定成为作家,罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特提出了异议,并还原了狄更斯摇摆不定、浑浑噩噩和信马由缰的一面。为此,他把目光放在狄更斯早年不安稳的日子上,1838年之前。那一年狄更斯26岁,最终选定以“查尔斯·狄更斯”作为笔名。此前,他还只是一个叫“兹”的札记作家和写过一部热销小说《匹克威克外传》。But writing was hardly a proper job. Since the age of 15, he had been racing through more plausible alternatives: from legal clerk, to courtroom and parliamentary shorthand reporter, then on to journalism and ambitions in the theatre. Mr Douglas-Fairhurst’s early cut-off date enables him to slow these years down, to listen for the echoes between the life and the writings and to draw on a broad range of contemporary references.但是对狄更斯来说,作家几乎不算是正式工作。15岁起,他在其他更靠谱的职业中频频跳槽:从法务学徒到法院及议院速写记录员,后来又当过记者还跃跃欲试戏剧表演。道格拉斯·菲赫斯特截取狄更斯的早年时期,使得他能够从容分析,细听当时社会和狄更斯作品之间的回响,广泛参阅了当时的文献。As he shows, the question of alternatives, of the road taken or not taken, fascinated Dickens. “See how near I may have been to another sort of life,” he wrote of himself at 20 when he had been on the point of auditioning as an actor. Or, more fearfully, he wrote of his 12-year-old self: “I might easily have been…a little robber or a little vagabond.” He came that close, he believed, when his father (the model for Mr Micawber in “David Copperfield”) was imprisoned for debt and, as was customary, the family joined him—except for young Charles who took lodgings and was set to work in a blacking factory.他指出,狄更斯曾乐此不疲地从事待选行业,追问自己该走哪条路不该走哪条路。他在20岁作为演员在试镜前曾写道:“看,我极有可能就要过上另一种生活了”。又比如,他心有余悸地回忆12岁时,“我极有可能成为小流氓或者小游民。”他确信无疑,尤其在他父亲(《大卫科帕菲尔》中米考伯的原型)负债入狱,举家依惯例连坐时,这种可能性极即将成为现实。幸好当时政府把少年狄更斯遣送到鞋油厂寄宿,责为学徒。It was the defining trauma of his life. It opened the crack in his imagination through which he saw, a hair’s bth away, a whole world of other sorts of life: from the man next to him in the library, in his Boz sketch “Shabby-genteel People”, who blacked his clothes to hide the frays, to the terrified criminal in the condemned cell in “A Visit to Newgate”, just feet away from a whistling passer-by.这一创伤对他的人生起了决定性影响,狄更斯创作思路被它敲开了裂缝,从中看到了一线之外全然不同的人生百态:那其中有图书馆中坐他旁边的斯文人,把身上的衣染成黑色,由此遮掩上面的屡屡破绽(《兹札记》中《穷摆架子的高雅人》);也有关在死牢中惶恐的死囚,与一名吹着口哨的路人仅咫尺之隔。(《参观纽盖特监狱》)。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst covers much ground, but one of his central ideas is Dickens’s pervasive sense of what might have been. He sees it in the false trails and shadow plots (take “Great Expectations”, where Pip imagines himself in one story though is really in another), in his doublings among characters and in his jostling possibilities and competing outcomes (for instance in “A Christmas Carol”).道格拉斯·菲赫斯特用了不少篇幅讨论这一点,但是书中另一个主要观点是狄更斯时时刻刻感觉到事物本应如此却奈何那样。这一点可以在以下方面体现:一些错误的线索以及缥缈的剧情(以《远大前程》为例,皮普觉得自己知晓一段往事,岂料往事中还有故事,真相出人意表);人物双面性格以及冲突的可能性和矛盾的大结局(例如《圣诞颂歌》)。“Becoming Dickens” is an ingenious, playful and often brilliant analysis as much as it is a narrative. In a sense, Claire Tomalin’s enormous task is more straightforward. She tells a story. Clear-eyed, sympathetic and scholarly, she sps the whole canvas, alive with incident and detail, with places and people. She writes of publishers, illustrators, collaborators and all Dickens’s intersecting circles of friends and family. It is wonderfully done.《成为狄更斯》是原创性作品,作为一本传记依然不乏幽默与深刻的议论。在这个意义上,克莱尔·托玛琳的大作可谓更直接。她讲述狄更斯一生的故事。作为一个传记作家,她思维敏锐,富有同情心而且治学严谨。她利用鲜活的事件和细节,地方和人物,展示狄更斯的生活全景。她谈及了狄更斯的出版商、插图者,合作者以及所有与狄更斯有关的朋友和家族。故事讲得十分出色。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst observes that almost nothing can be said of Dickens of which the opposite is not also true. Ms Tomalin richly bears that out. Here is the loyal friend and philanthropist, the champion of the poor—and also the bully. Here too is the man who could light up a room, the clown, the mimic and dancer of hornpipes—but also the obsessive who prowled the streets unable to “get rid of my spectres unless I can lose them in crowds”.道格拉斯#8226;菲赫斯特发现,几乎所有对狄更斯的,反过来说也同样成立。托玛琳的书充分地实了这一点。狄更斯是忠实的朋友、慈善家、穷人的救星,但同样是名霸道者。他能扮小丑、口技者和角笛舞者,让观众开怀大乐,却也是偏执狂,逡巡于街道之间,“只有在人群中,我才能摆脱心中的恶灵”。After his death, Dickens’s daughter Katey (shown above, with her sister Mamie, being to by their father) said that she had loved him immeasurably, but that he was “a wicked man”. She was thinking of her mother Catherine, so passive, so overlooked and so constantly pregnant (they had ten children). Having decided she was the wrong wife for him, Dickens literally partitioned off her bed, then forced her into a separation while mocking her to their friends. Ms Tomalin takes care to notice Catherine and the other women in Dickens’s life. Power was vital to him, the power to make his public laugh and cry and love him for it—better still, to see them do it at his famous public ings. But a brutal streak went with it.狄更斯死后,他的女儿凯特(上图,狄更斯给她和她梅蜜念书)说她虽然无比热爱父亲,但他却是“一个坏蛋”。她念及母亲卡洛琳,如此消极被动,如此备受冷落还饱遭生育之苦(她为狄更斯生了十个孩子)。狄更斯认为卡洛琳不适合做他妻子,居然马上在床上用隔板隔开她,逼她分居还不忘在共同朋友面前揶揄她。托玛琳特别为卡洛琳和另一个女人着墨。狄更斯醉心影响力,那种使大众发笑和哭泣并迷恋他的影响力,他更希望这种情况出现在他著名的公开朗诵中现场。但是这种影响力也让他多少有点冷酷无情。Ms Tomalin ends with an exhausted Dickens splashing his head in a bucket of water, and writing on. After all, it is the writer she is interested in, his range, invention and universality. Everyone him in his lifetime, high and low. Speaking of Pickwick, she remarks that Dickens seemed to feed his story “directly into the bloodstream of the nation…making his ers feel he was a personal friend to each of them.” When he died, among the flowers at his graveside in Westminster Abbey were small bunches tied with rags.在托玛琳一书结尾,劳累的狄更斯将一桶水浇在自己身上,继续写作。毕竟她关心的是作为作家的狄更斯,他作品的范围、他创造人物的能力而且其雅俗共赏。在狄更斯的时代,有井水的地方就有他的作品。谈到匹克威克,托玛琳指出,狄更斯似乎将这个故事“融入大众血肉……让读者感到狄更斯是他们每个人的朋友”。当其逝世,一束束用旧布扎起的鲜花献在他西斯特敏斯特教堂墓地前。201110/156891淮安第四人民医院预约挂号 Here we are on the Serengeti Plain in Africa, where an ostrich has abandoned an egg and a hungry jackal means to make a meal out of it. What we’ve got here is a highly motivated animal trying and failing to figure out this culinary conundrum. It’s just a little too big, a little too slippery, a little too everything for the jackal. There’s three pounds of food in there, and it’s gonna stay in there, right? Not if this Egyptian vulture has anything to do with it. These birds are always on the lookout for edible orbs in jackal-proof packaging. Ostrich eggs are an important source of protein, and this vulture has a strategy to get at its contents. The Egyptian vulture is one of the few birds in the world that figure out how to use a stone as a tool. Some scientists feel that this isn’t intelligence so much as highly evolved instinct. Whatever it is, it works. The vulture finally cracks a hole big enough for its beak. The vulture is one step closer to mealtime than the jackal, but it’s not home free yet. You see, here on the Serengeti, the sound of a cracked eggshell is like a newsflash. The word is out, and other diners are y to line up. A tawny eagle shows up to share in the bounty. But an even bigger customer is about to appear. Check out this lappet-faced vulture. Would you wanna mess with this bird? At nearly four feet tall, it’s the largest, most aggressive vulture on the Serengeti. When it comes to a food find like this, pecking order is strictly observed. The biggest bird gets the booty.200812/58737The disruption to manufacturers worldwide from Japan’s disasters will force a rethink of how they manage production 日本地震灾难所造成的世界范围内制造商的崩溃迫使人们重新思考管理生产的方法LAST year Iceland’s volcanic ash disrupted air transport across Europe and gave the world’s manufacturing supply chain one of its biggest tests since the advent of the low-inventory, just-in-time era. Now, Japan’s quadruple disaster—earthquake, tsunami, nuclear alert and power shortages—has put the supply chain under far greater stress. Three weeks after the massive quake, the extent and likely duration of the disruption are still unclear. 去年冰岛的火山灰扰乱了整个欧洲的航空运输,为世界制造供应链自低库存和及时成产时代以来提供一个最大的考验。 现在,日本的四个灾害——地震,海啸,核警报和电力短缺已使供应链处在更大的压力下。 在大地震发生三星期后,破坏的范围和可能的持续时间海不清楚。There are some enlightening similarities between the shocks that manufacturers are now suffering and those that buffeted the banking system in the 2008 financial crisis. In both cases two of the biggest surprises were the unexpected connections the crisis uncovered, and the extent of the contagion. The problems began in a seemingly well-contained part of the system—subprime mortgages in the case of finance, in manufacturing’s case a natural disaster in an economic backwater—but quickly sp.在制造厂家所遭遇的冲击和2008年金融危机中系统中连受打击的人之间是有一些受人启发的相似之处的。 在这两种情况下,最让人惊讶的是未保险的危机和污染范围的意想不到的联系。 这些问题始于系统中一个看似完全包含的部分—— 金融中的次级抵押贷款,在经济停滞中的制造商所经历的自然灾害,但很快蔓延开。 Like the sudden evaporation of liquidity that the banks experienced, factories are finding that parts that had always turned up reliably have stopped coming. As with financial regulators’ discovery of how poorly they understood the “shadow banking” system and arcane derivatives contracts, manufacturers are discovering how little they know about their suppliers’ suppliers and those even farther down the chain. When Lehman went bust, other banks struggled to measure their exposure because Lehman turned out to be not a single institution but a tangle of many entities. Assembly firms are now finding that their supply chain looks much the same. 资金如液体挥发般突然不见,工厂发现一只稳定到货的零部件竟然停止供应。 至于金融监管机构,他们发现他们对于“影子”系统和晦涩难懂的衍生品金融品合同的理解是如此肤浅,制造商们发现他们对供应商的供应商及下边的供应链知之甚少。 当雷曼破产,其他努力衡量他们的暴露出的问题,因为雷曼兄弟不是一个单独的机构,而是许多缠绕的实体。组装公司现在发现他们的供应链看起来是一样的。 201104/133263淮安做流产手术一般需要花多少钱

淮安中山医院龟头炎Consumer goods消费品The mystery of the Chinese consumer揭秘中国消费者 In the first of a two-part series on Asian consumers, we ask what makes the Middle Kingdom’s shoppers tickJul 7th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition LILY LI wears a lanyard with a little plastic card around her neck, even at weekends. It is a badge of honour: it shows that she has a white-collar job. (She is a secretary at Access Asia, a retail-research company in Shanghai.) She uses Apple earphones for the cheap Chinese mobile phone in her pocket, so it looks as if she owns an iPhone. And she drives to work, though it takes four times longer than public transport, just to show off her little car.李周末也佩戴者一张小塑料卡片。这是荣耀的象征:白领。(李是通亚公司Access Asia一位秘书,通亚公司是上海一家零售市场调研公司。)李包里装着便宜的国产手机,耳上却戴着苹果的耳机,看起来就像用的是苹果iPhone手机。李驾车上班,尽管耗时是公交车4倍,但是她就是想显摆她的小车。After decades of deprivation and conformism, Chinese consumers regard expensive consumer goods as trophies of success. In public, they show off. In private, they pinch pennies. The owner of a gleaming new BMW will drive around for half an hour to avoid a 50 cent parking fee. And she will hesitate to spend much on interior decoration, because only her family sees the inside of her flat.过了几十年的清苦日子,循规蹈矩。中国消费者们现在觉得昂贵的消费品昭示着成功。在外就炫耀不已,私下,锱铢必较。拥有一辆闪耀的新款宝马车就得四处转悠半个小时避免交那点停车费。购买房屋内部装饰则很犹豫,因为只有家人才看得到房子内。By some forecasts China will be the second-largest consumer market in the world by 2015, not far behind America. Chinese people aly buy more cars than people in any other country: 13.5m last year to Americans’ 11.6m. China is on its way to becoming the biggest luxury-goods market. The central government made an increase in domestic consumption one of the priorities of its latest five-year plan.一些人预测中国会在2015年成为世界第二大消费市场,据美国不远。中国人已经比任何国家买的车都多:去年1350万辆车,美国则为1160万辆车.中国正在成为世界最大奢侈品消费市场。中央政府将加大国内消费作为未来5年计划重点。201107/143932淮安市第一人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱 Carried by the female anopheles mosquito, malaria is a disease of the poor. In rural Africa, it is killing the young and the vulnerable. The need for a vaccine which would dramatically reduce mortality has never been greater. Dedicated teams of scientists all over the world at universities, at commercial laboratories, and in small front-line labs buried deep in malaria infested forests, search for answers to the malaria enigma. One such laboratory is the Tropical Diseases Research at Lambaréné in Gabon on the west coast of central Africa. The research unit is part of the famous hospital built on the banks of the Ogooué River in 1913 by Doctor Albert Schweitzer. Very much an outpost in the jungle, Lambaréné is on the forefront of malaria research. Its team includes people from Gabon, other African nations, Europe and the Middle East. And it's headed up by parasitology professor Peter Kermsner of the University of Tübingen in Germany. “Malaria is a serious problem in the whole of the tropical world, especially in Africa, or here in Gabon. About 400 million cases are seen every year, and about one to two million, especially children in Africa, die because of malaria. We see around ten cases a day, sometimes twenty, thirty malaria cases a day. A year round we see 5000-8000 malaria cases in our unit.” Staffers from the research unit regularly visit villages throughout Gabon, they also investigate ways to control the sp of malaria in these villages. When they find suspected cases, they bring the patient back to the Schweitzer hospital. But patients also find their own way here, sometimes from far away. The hospital treats thousands of Gabonese every year, saving lives and doing continuous research into the causes and prevention of malaria. An important part of Schweitzer’s village hospital concept is the accommodation of patients and their relatives. For about $ 13, a patient receives a package that includes a doctor's consultation, medical tests and medication. Hospitalized patients may also bring along their family or friends. The pediatric ward is filled with children, 1/4 to 1/3 of them malaria cases. In the shadow of malaria's many fatalities, the doctors of the research unit sometimes take turns working around the clock and hoping that one day soon, a vaccine will be found.参考中文翻译:疟疾由雌性疟蚊传播,是穷人的疾病。在非洲的农村地区,疟疾带走了幼儿和弱者的生命。对于急剧降低死亡率的疫苗的需求非常大。来自世界各地大学,商业性实验室和小的前沿实验室的科学家们深入疟疾密布的森林,研究疟疾之谜的。其中一个这样的实验室是位于非洲中部西海岸的加蓬的热带疾病研究中心。该研究中心是1912年由Albert Schweitzer医生在Ogooué河岸创立的著名的医院的一部分。Lambaréné位于丛林的前沿,所以该研究中心是疟疾研究的最前线。该研究团队的人员来自加蓬,其他非洲国家,欧洲和中东地区,由德国Tübingen大学的寄生虫学教授Peter Kermsner 领导。“疟疾在整个热带地区,尤其是非洲和加蓬,是非常严重的问题。每年大约有4亿个病例,非洲每年有一两百万儿童死于疟疾。我们每天能看到大约10个病例,有时候每天有20甚至30个。我们中心每年见到5000至8000个疟疾病人。”该研究中心的采访记者经常出入于加蓬的村庄,他们同时也会调查控制疟疾在这些村庄之间传播的方法。当他们发现疑似病例时,会将病人带回Schweitzer医院。但是病人在这里也找到了自己的方法。该医院每年治疗数千名加蓬人,拯救他们的生命,并且不断的研究疟疾的病因和防治方法。Schweitzer乡村医院理念的一个重要部分就是对病人和他们亲属的适应。大约花费13美元,病人就可以得到包括医生咨询,医疗测试和药物在内的一系列务。就医的病人也可以带他们的家人或朋友一起来。儿科病房里住满了孩子,四分之一到三分之一是疟疾病人。在疟疾仪器的影子下,研究中心的医生经常轮班工作,希望有一天可以发现疟疾疫苗。单词注解:anopheles n. 疟蚊mosquito n. 蚊子vulnerable a. 易受伤害的,有弱点的mortality n. 必死的命运,死亡数目,死亡率vaccine n. 疫苗 v. 疫苗的,牛痘的infested v. 骚扰,群居于,大批出没pediatric a. 儿科的200811/57390淮安男科医院是私立医院

涟水县人民医院在线咨询Transporter of delight传递快乐的使者Happiness is in your DNA; and different races may have different propensities for it基因决定幸福;而不同种族的幸福倾向不尽相同 Born smiling? 天生会笑?THE idea that the human personality is a blank slate, to be written upon only by experience, prevailed for most of the second half of the 20th century. Over the past two decades, however, that notion has been undermined. Studies comparing identical with non-identical twins have helped to establish the heritability of many aspects of behaviour, and examination of DNA has uncovered some of the genes responsible. Recent work on both these fronts suggests that happiness is highly heritable.人的性格有如一张白纸,唯有经历才能在上面挥毫泼墨——这个观点几乎在整个二十世纪下半叶都十分流行。然而近二十年来,此观点的说力已逐渐减弱。同卵及异卵双胞胎的对比研究为明行为的许多方面的遗传性带来了许多帮助,DNA检查也发现了与此相关的部分基因。最近,对这两个前沿问题的研究表明幸福感在很大程度上是遗传的。As any human being knows, many factors govern whether people are happy or unhappy. External circumstances are important: employed people are happier than unemployed ones and better-off people than poor ones. Age has a role, too: the young and the old are happier than the middle-aged. But personality is the single biggest determinant: extroverts are happier than introverts, and confident people happier than anxious ones.众所周知,决定一个人幸福与否的因素有很多。外部环境就十分重要:就业人群比失业人士更幸福,富裕阶层比家境贫寒的人更幸福。年龄也是一个因素:年轻人与老年人比中年人更幸福。但是,性格是唯一一个最大的决定性因素:性格外向的人比性格内向的人更幸福,自信的人比性格焦虑的人更幸福。That personality, along with intelligence, is at least partly heritable is becoming increasingly clear; so, presumably, the tendency to be happy or miserable is, to some extent, passed on through DNA. To try to establish just what that extent is, a group of scientists from University College, London; Harvard Medical School; the University of California, San Diego; and the University of Zurich examined over 1,000 pairs of twins from a huge study on the health of American adolescents. In “Genes, Economics and Happiness”, a working paper from the University of Zurich’s Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, they conclude that about a third of the variation in people’s happiness is heritable. That is along the lines of, though a little lower than, previous estimates on the subject.性格与智力至少在某种程度上是遗传的,这个观点正变得越来越明确;所以,在某种程度上,一个人感到幸福还是悲伤的倾向可能是由基因传递的。为了确定基因到底在多大程度上决定幸福,来自伦敦大学学院、哈佛大学医学院、圣地亚哥的加利福尼亚大学及苏黎世大学的一组科学家在一个针对美国青少年的大型健康研究中对1000对双胞胎进行了测试。在苏黎世大学经济学实研究院的一篇工作论文《基因、经济学与快乐》中,这些科学家们提出了以下结论:人的幸福感约有三分之一是遗传的。这个结论与之前的估计相一致,只是在程度上稍微低了一点。But while twin studies are useful for establishing the extent to which a characteristic is heritable, they do not finger the particular genes at work. One of the researchers, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, of University College, London, and the London School of Economics, has tried to do just that, by picking a popular suspect—the gene that encodes the serotonin-transporter protein, a molecule that shuffles a brain messenger called serotonin through cell membranes—and examining how variants of that gene affect levels of happiness.虽然关于双胞胎的研究有助于确定一个性格特征在多大程度上能被遗传,但是这项研究并未指出到底是哪个基因起到了遗传作用。伦敦大学学院及伦敦经济学院的一位研究人员简-以内马利·德·内弗已选出一个被认为最有可能起作用的基因,即编码血清素转运体蛋白质(这个蛋白质分子将名为血清素的大脑信使带入细胞膜中)的基因,并尝试检验这个基因的各种变异对幸福感的影响有多大。Serotonin is involved in mood regulation. Serotonin transporters are crucial to this job. The serotonin-transporter gene comes in two functional variants—long and short. The long one produces more transporter-protein molecules than the short one. People have two versions (known as alleles) of each gene, one from each parent. So some have two short alleles, some have two long ones, and the rest have one of each.血清素与情绪调节有关,而血清素转运体在其中的作用至关重要。从功能角度上区分,血清素转运提基因有两种变体:长型和短型,长型能比短型制造出更多的转运体蛋白质分子。人类拥有分别来自父亲与母亲的两个血清素转运体基因,每个基因有两种版本(被称为等位基因)。所以,有些人拥有两个短型等位基因,有些人拥有两个长型等位基因,剩下的则长型短型各一个。The adolescents in Dr De Neve’s study were asked to grade themselves from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. Dr De Neve found that those with one long allele were 8% more likely than those with none to describe themselves as very satisfied; those with two long alleles were 17% more likely.德#8226;内弗士在研究中要求青少年在“非常满意”到“非常不满”之间对自己作出评价。德#8226;内弗士发现,拥有一个长型基因的人对自身评价“非常满意”的比例比没有长型基因的人多8%;而拥有两个长型基因的人则多17%。Which is interesting. Where the story could become controversial is when the ethnic origins of the volunteers are taken into account. All were Americans, but they were asked to classify themselves by race as well. On average, the Asian Americans in the sample had 0.69 long genes, the black Americans had 1.47 and the white Americans had 1.12.以上现象相当有趣。而研究有争议之处在于,志愿者的种族也被考虑了进去。所有志愿者都是美国人,但他们同样被要求区分自己属于哪个种族。在样本中,平均而言,亚裔美国人拥有0.69个长型基因,黑人美国人拥有1.47个,白人美国人有1.2个。That result sits comfortably with other studies showing that, on average, Asian countries report lower levels of happiness than their GDP per head would suggest. African countries, however, are all over the place, happinesswise. But that is not surprising, either. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent, because that is where humanity evolved (Asians, Europeans, Aboriginal Australians and Amerindians are all descended from a few adventurers who left Africa about 60,000 years ago). Black Americans, mostly the descendants of slaves carried away from a few places in west Africa, cannot possibly be representative of the whole continent.毫无疑问,以上结果与另一些研究的结果相符。这些研究表明,亚洲国家人民的平均幸福程度比其人均GDP所预示的要低。然而,在非洲,不论哪国的人民都感到很幸福。不过这也并不出乎意料。非洲是基因最多样化的大洲,因为那里是人类进化的地方(亚洲人、欧洲人、澳大利亚原住民以及美洲印第安人都是大约六万年前离开非洲的一些探险家们的后代)。美国黑人则大多是被人从非洲西部某些地区带来的奴隶的后代,因此他们不可能代表整个大洲。That some populations have more of the long version of the serotonin-transporter gene has been noticed before, though the association has previously been made at a national, rather than a racial, level. In a paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, published in , Joan Chiao and Katherine Blizinsky of Northwestern University, in Illinois, found a positive correlation between higher levels of the short version of the gene and mood disorders (China and Japan have lots of both) and with collectivist political systems. Their hypothesis is that cultures prone to anxiety tend towards systems that emphasise social harmony and away from ones that emphasise individuals’ independence of each other.之前也有人注意到一些人拥有更多的长型血清素转运体基因,不过研究角度是国家而非种族。伊利诺斯州西北大学的约翰#8226;乔和凯瑟林#8226;Blizinsky于年在英国皇家学院学报发表了一篇论文,他们在文中指出,拥有短型基因及情绪障碍症(中国和日本的这两种人群都数目庞大)与实行集体主义的政治制度呈正相关关系。他们的假设是:有焦虑倾向的文化趋于实行强调社会和谐的制度,而远离强调个人独立的制度。This latter study may be a few steps too far along the road to genetic determinism for some people. But there is growing interest in the study of happiness, not just among geneticists but also among economists and policymakers dissatisfied with current ways of measuring humanity’s achievements. Future work in this field will be avidly in those circles.对某些人而言,后一个研究可能在基因决定论这条路上走得有点远了。不过,不仅是遗传学家,就连经济学家、政治决策者也对研究幸福越来越感兴趣。因为政治决策者们对现在衡量人类成就的方式不甚满意。所以以上各界人士将会十分关注这个领域的未来研究成果。201110/158149 Let me see that thong... lawsuit A California woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong. Willie Geist has the story on today's News You Can't Use. (Oh, is that time?) It's time for a quick version of (Oh, Willie.) News You Can't Use. We only have time for one story. So, Mica, (Oh, dear.) I have to give you the one I promise you. You asked for filth, I give you filth. (Oh, dear.) A Californian woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong underwear. (That'll do it?) (Okay.) Seeking unspecified damage, the 52-year-old woman (Come on.) says she was injured by a defective, low-rise, V-string from the "Sexy Little Thing" collection of Victoria's Secret. She says a design problem cause a decorative metal piece on that throng to strike her in the eye as she was putting on the underwear, so she's damaged her cornea, and she wants Victoria's Secret to pay. Again, recapping our top story, "Woman suing Victoria's Secret after she was injured by her own underpants." Uh, Mica what do you think of that story. Um, I'm, I`m good, that's fine, thank you Willie, haha. You know, Willie, (yeah, yeah.) sometimes, the cable guys smile upon you in a way that makes me think that though you are not Irish, you do have a luck of the Irish, (Well I'm gonna be following the story very closely for us to have an update tomorrow.) that, is great, that is a good example of the glass half-full for Willie guys all the time. (seriously, ) And the , (Don't you hate those defective thongs.) and Willie, where did you, where did you select ah, (I thought the product was all right) the for that, because some of that really didn`t even go along with the story. Well, that's hardly the point, is it? It's uh, you get the, you get the idea, thongs like, thongs you're seeing here. (Ok, thank you.) File, it's file footage, file thongs footage, we've dug it up. (You know.) (Stop it) You know, (You got, ah…) Oh, Jesus, oh, I'll tell you what, you know the thing that we only, we only gave Willie 35 seconds this entire hour, (Yes, I make the most of it), we, we, we, we try to save the Earth, we try to solve the immigration, (you did) we try to talk politics, (But he can save people from thongs, that's okay, too.) but in 35 seconds, you`ve taken it so far off the ditch, that Mica is feeling a little dirty. That's why I'm here, well Mica you asked for it, you got it.200812/58993淮安人流那里好江苏淮安中山医院子宫肌瘤多少钱



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