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Profits at the British handbag maker Mulberry have recovered after it cut prices and spruced up its ranges to win back customers.英国玛百莉制造商的手提包利润在降价后及外观焕然一新后,已获得收益利润并赢回顾客。Mulberry#39;s efforts to become a more affordable luxury brand appear to be paying off, following a disastrous move upmarket in recent years. It now intends to open more factories in the UK as revenues rise.随着近几年进军高端商品的惨重代价,玛百莉致力于成为平价奢侈品似乎已经奏效,现在为增加收益打算在英国开设更多的商场。Profits before tax rose to ?6.2m in the year to 31 March, from ?1.9m the previous year. Retail sales climbed 8% to ?118.7m while wholesale revenues dipped slightly to ?37.2m from ?38.8m.税前利润从去年的190万英镑增加到今年3月31号的620万英镑, 零售额1.187亿英镑上升了8个百分点,然而大规模的批发收入从3880万英镑稍稍下降至3720万英镑。Like-for-like sales were up 8% last year but growth has slowed in the 11 weeks to 11 June, to 4%. Many luxury retailers are struggling, such as Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss, as demand has suffered as a result of the economic slowdown in China.同比去年的销售额增加了8%,但截止6月11号的11周内,增幅4%有所缓慢。许多奢侈品牌都在竞争,像柏利、乔治· 阿玛尼、雨果·波士等的需求在中国已经出现了经济衰退。Mulberry said the first collection from its new creative director, Johnny Coca, who was recruited from Céline, at London fashion week in February had been well received by the press and the company#39;s partners. It started arriving in shops in April and the whole collection will be in stores by August.玛百莉说,在二月的伦敦时尚周,从赛琳招募过来的新任创意总监-约翰尼可可,报刊和公司合伙人已经接纳了他的第一个作品集。四月将出现在商店和全部作品集将于8月供应。The Somerset-based firm said 70% of its handbags were priced between ?500 and ?995, compared with less than half in 2014. They include the bestselling Bayswater and the Lily, named after model Lily Cole. Mulberry has brought the style and pricing of shoes and y-to-wear collections into line with bags.萨默塞特公司发言说,70%的手提包都将以500-995英镑的价格出售,低于2014的半价价格。畅销的贝斯沃特和百合(以模特百合-科尔的名字命名)。鞋的样式和价位及成衣系列符合玛百莉包的风格。译文属 /201607/456982Joshua Fisher and his wife, Bee, have three little boys. That may sound like a full house to some, but they were looking to expand their family.约书亚·费希尔和妻子碧有三个儿子。对有些人来说已经是个大家庭了,但他们却还想再添几员。Joshua was hoping to get a horse, but they settled on getting two dogs instead. After doing some research, the couple decided they wanted a breed that was known for getting along well with young children.约书亚一直想养一匹马,但最后还是决定养两只。经过一番调查之后,他们决定要养能跟孩子好好相处的品种。Ralphie and Boss joined their family soon after. They are both Newfoundlands. The family#39;s three little boys have developed an adorable, brotherly bond with the two pups.不久后,拉尔菲和波斯就加入了这个大家庭,都是纽芬兰犬,和家里的三个孩子相处得非常好,亲如兄弟。Ralphie and Boss are no ordinary dogs. Not only are they great babysitters for their human brothers, but they also have another amazing trait. They can grow to be six feet from nose to tail! Fortunately, the Fishers have documented their gentle giants#39; bond with the young boys.拉尔菲和波斯不是普通的。它们不仅是称职的保姆,还有一个惊人的特点——从鼻子到尾巴,它们可以长到六英尺(约一米八)!还好它们性情温和,和家里的小家伙感情非常好,约书亚一直都在拍照记录它们的一点一滴。When the couple first saw a full-grown Newfoundland, they were shocked.夫妻俩第一次看到成年纽芬兰犬的时候都吓了一跳。;We didn#39;t realize how big they were in-person until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders,; said Bee Fisher.“在哺育员把拉尔菲给我们之前,我们都不知道纽芬兰犬实际上有这么大,”碧说道。The kids, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, are absolutely fascinated with their furry brothers#39; sizes. Ralphie tips the scale at 125 pounds, and Boss is a whopping 160 pounds.两个毛茸茸的兄弟身形庞大,三个孩子(伦诺克斯、克鲁兹和泰根)喜欢得不得了。拉尔菲大约重125磅(约57公斤),波斯则接近160磅(约73公斤)了。The dogs allow the kids to poke, prod, and lay all over them.不管孩子们怎么折腾自己,两只大都没有意见。;They are sweet and loving,; Joshua Fisher said. ;It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.;约书亚说:“它们很有爱心,是真正的宠物,温柔的大个子,带它们到哪里都不会惹麻烦。”No matter where the family goes, crowds of people typically approach them to check out their giant pets. They#39;re like local celebrities!不管这一家去哪里,他们的巨型宠物总会引人围观,就像当地的明星一样!The Fishers say the only downside to having such huge dogs? The drool!不过他们说这样的大有一个不好的地方,就是流口水!;They slobber on work clothes — they shake their heads and it goes flying everywhere,; said Joshua. ;We have to keep emergency towels around the house and their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy, but it is worth it.;“它们的口水总流到我的工作装上,它们头一甩马上飞沫漫天,”约书亚说,“我们在家里到处都放着应急用的毛巾。它们的毛也掉得到处都是,真是让人抓狂,不过都是值得的。”Ralphie and Boss love their little human brothers and their lovable nature makes them the best furry babysitters around!拉尔菲和波斯很疼爱它们的人类兄弟,它们温顺的天性让它们成为了最称职的保姆! /201607/456243

In May, two members of the Australian Paralympic sailing squad were robbed at gunpoint, Australia#39;s Olympic team leader is urging Brazilian authorities to implement Olympic-scale security now in Rio de Janeiro ;before an athlete gets hurt.;5月,澳大利亚残奥会帆船队的两名队员被人持抢劫了。澳大利亚奥运代表团的领导敦促巴西官方,要他们在有运动员受伤之前加强奥运期间里约的安保。The head of Australia#39;s delegation at the Rio Olympics says a laptop and team shirts were stolen from the team#39;s accommodation at the athletes#39; village on Friday while the building was being evacuatedbecause of a small fire.澳大利亚代表团的领队声称:周五时,当他们所在的奥运村宿舍楼因为一场小型火灾而被疏散的时候,一台笔记本电脑和一些队被从他们所住的房间偷走了。Just days ahead of the Olympic Games the waterways of Rio de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria, according to a 16-month-long study commissioned by The Associated Press.根据由美联社委任的一项长达16个月的研究,就在离奥运开幕还有几天的现在,里约的水道依旧一如既往地肮脏,这些水道被未经处理的生活污水污染着,这些污水里充满了危险的病毒和细菌。Olympic organisers had pledged that the pollution would be cleared up at Rio#39;s Guanabara Bay but it has not proved to be the case.奥运会主办方承诺过会清理掉里约瓜纳巴拉湾的污染,但事实明并没有。As if reports of sewage in the water in which the Olympic sailing competition will be held weren’t bad enough, the main ramp of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics sailing venue partially collapsed Saturday, a little over a week before it is to be used for competition.似乎是觉得“即将用来举办奥运帆船赛的水体里有污水”这件事还不够糟一样,里约帆船赛场的主坡道的一部分在周六坍塌了,而离这个坡道被用来比赛已经只有一个星期多一点了。Just days before the start of the 2016 Olympic games, Brazilians took to the streets of the country’s two largest cities Sunday for protests amid the deepest political crisis the country has faced in decades.巴西正在面临几十年来最严重的一次政治危机,而就在2016年奥运会开赛前的几天,巴西人周日在最大的两个城市展开了街头抗议。Olympic athletes are complaining they can#39;t play Pokémon Go and it#39;s so sad.奥运会运动员们抱怨不能玩Pokemon Go,这真是个悲伤的故事啊。Rio was in trouble. Out of all the improvements they could’ve made to prepare the city for the Summer Olympics, or the care they could’ve put into ensuring that the Athletes’ Village met safety requirements, they still couldn’t get Pokémon Go available for competitors.里约有麻烦了。它不光没能为夏季奥运会建设好各种改善工程,也没能投入足够的精力来确保奥运村的安保,而现在又没能为参赛者们提供Pokemon Go。So yes, the city has a massive crime problem and the whole affair was just a horrible idea to begin with, but now athletes don’t even have the luxury of catching Pikachus in their downtime (if they can find a Pikachu anyway). This successful augmented reality app has been released in at least 28 countries so far, but not in Brazil. Thanks for that.是的,这座城市有严重的犯罪问题,所以,“想在这里玩Pokemon Go”从一开始就是个馊主意,不过,现在运动员们即使想在闲暇时间去抓皮卡丘也没法抓了(当然前提是他们真能找到一只皮卡丘);因为,虽然这个成功的增强现实游戏至今已经在至少28个国家开放了,但这并不包括巴西。真是谢天谢地。 It#39;s a lonely job, being a Pokemon trainer at Rio#39;s Olympic Park.在里约奥运公园做个口袋妖怪训练师是个孤独的工作。 /201608/458113China#39;s average annual rise in sea level from 1980 to 2015 was 3 millimeters, higher than the global average, according to a report released by the State Oceanic Administration on Tuesday.国家海洋局周二发布的一份报告显示,自1980至2015年,中国沿海海平面上升速率为平均每年3毫米,高于全球平均水平。The decade between 2006 and 2015 saw the fastest rise of the past 30 years, with the mean sea level increasing by 32 millimeters and 66 millimeters, respectively, compared with the figures from the 1996-2005 period and 1986-1995 period, said the report.该报告称,在2006年到2015年期间,中国沿海平均海平面较1996年至2005年和1986年至1995年分别高了32毫米和66毫米,为近30年来上升速率最快的10年。The report stated that thermal expansion of seawater and the melting of glaciers and ice sheets on land due to global warming contribute to the accelerated rise in global sea level.该报告指出,全球海平面上升加速是由全球变暖导致的海水增温膨胀、陆源冰川和极地冰盖融化等因素造成的。China has seen its air and seawater temperatures increase due to climate change, along with lower air pressure in coastal regions, resulting in rising sea levels, according to the report.报告称,中国目前已经注意到了由于气候变化引起的空气及海水温度的升高,伴随着沿海地区的气压较低,进而导致了海平面上升。Statistics showed that China#39;s sea level drops during El Nino weather patterns. The sea level in 2015 was down by 21 millimeters from 2014 due to a strong El Nino that affected the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.统计数据显示,在埃尔尼诺现象出现期间,中国海平面有所下降。由于影响赤道中东太平洋的强烈厄尔尼诺现象,2015年的海平面相比2014年下降了21毫米。The report also suggested authorities take sea-level rises into consideration when planning coastal cities to ensure safety and effective disaster prevention and relief efforts.该报告还建议,在进行沿海城市规划时应考虑海平面上升的影响,以保安全、有效防灾减灾。 /201603/433505

3 Reasons to Buy Lemons购买柠檬的3大原因The Ancient Egyptians believed that drinking lemon juice or eating lemons could protect them from many types of poison. Although several recent studies proved this fact, lemons have other powerful health benefits. They’re fortified with citric acid, magnesium, calcium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, and limonene, and have potent immune-boosting, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Lemons provide nutrients essential for your health and good maintenance of your body. Here’s why you should keep loving lemons:古埃及人认为喝柠檬汁或者吃柠檬可以保护他们免受多种毒药之害。虽然最近有些研究实了这一事实,但柠檬还能带来其它有用的健康好处。柠檬中含有柠檬酸、镁、钙、生物类黄酮、维生素C、果胶和柠檬烯,并且还含有有效增强免疫力、抗菌和抗病毒的特质。柠檬为身体健康提供了必不可少的营养,并且对身体有很好的保养效果。以下就是为什么你应该一直爱柠檬的原因。Improve your skin改善你的皮肤Thanks to their high antioxidant content, lemons help to protect your skin from the sun and pollution damage, prevent and reduce wrinkles, combat acne and maintain a healthy complexion. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C that plays a significant role in the production of collagen, providing a skin-rejuvenating effect. Adding lemons to your diet is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin as well as body young and fresh.由于柠檬的抗氧化含量高,所以它可以使你的皮肤免受太阳和污染的伤害,防止和减少皱纹,治疗痤疮并保持健康的肤色。柠檬含有丰富的维生素C,维生素C 在胶原蛋白的产生中起着十分重要的作用,而胶原蛋白有使皮肤重新焕发活力的效果。将柠檬添加到饮食中是使你的皮肤以及身体保持年轻活力的最有效方法之一。Keep your teeth clean and healthy使你的牙齿保持洁净、健康Lemons are often used in dental care. While lemon juice may be too acidic, lemon water is perfect for your teeth. Add a drop of lemon juice to your toothpaste or use lemon water (without sugar, of course) as a mouthwash to get rid of bad breath instantly. To create a quick homemade mouthwash, mix a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Never rub your teeth with lemon juice. I know many people do it to prevent gum disease and tooth pain, but this method can do more harm than good.牙医护理中经常用到柠檬。虽然柠檬汁会特别酸,但柠檬水却是使牙齿健康的绝佳选择。在牙膏上滴一滴柠檬汁或把柠檬水(当然不加糖)当作漱口水漱口,就可以立马摆脱口腔异味了。要想快速自制漱口水,在一杯温水中加入一勺新鲜的柠檬汁即可。永远都不要用柠檬汁直接刷牙。我知道很多人都这样做,以防止牙龈疾病和牙痛,但这种做法带来的坏处比好处要多。Promote weight loss促进减肥Lemon juice contains a soluble fiber, pectin that has been shown to promote weight loss. Drinking lemon water (I don’t recommend drinking fresh lemon juice as it is, because it’s highly acidic) in the morning helps to speed up your metabolism, cleanse your body and promote weight loss. It also helps to eliminate waste from your body.柠檬汁含有一种可溶纤维——果胶,已有据明果胶能促进减肥。早晨喝杯柠檬水(实际上我并不建议喝新鲜的柠檬汁,因为含酸量太高了)能够帮助加快新陈代谢,净化身体并促进减肥。而且,它还有助于排出身体中的废物。译文属 /201607/452853

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