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淮安包茎切除手术要多少钱淮安无痛人流医院多少钱淮安精液检查 David Cameron has blamed fine dining at European summits, including a three-course breakfast, for not being #39;beach body y#39;.英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦指责欧盟峰会的伙食太好,其中包括超量早餐,导致他一点没为“海滩身材”而努力。The Prime Minister admitted he is #39;greedier#39; than toned wife Samantha, who was pictured at the weekend wearing a bikini on holiday in Ibiza.首相承认他比健美的妻子萨曼莎更“贪吃”。萨曼莎周末被拍到穿着比基尼在伊比沙岛度假。Mr Cameron said he was #39;very lucky to have such a wonderful wife#39; but suggested being told to clear his plate as a child made it hard to stay in shape.卡梅伦表示,他“非常幸运能有这么美的妻子”,至于自己,因为从儿时起就一直被教导要“光盘”,所以很难保持体形。While the Prime Minister was touring European capitals to drum up support for his plans for EU reform, Mrs Cameron flew to the Spanish party island with the couple#39;s three children.当卡梅伦周游欧洲各国首都,为自己的欧盟改革计划寻求持时,卡梅伦夫人则带着三个孩子飞往了西班牙狂欢岛。Photographs emerged of her at the upmarket resort of Cala Nova Beach on the south east of the island.照片上的她出现在伊比沙岛东南部的爱新星海滩的高档度假村。Wearing a black bikini and carrying a matching clutch bag, the 44-year-old was praised for her toned figure.身着黑色比基尼,手拿一个搭配的手提包,这位44岁的女人依然保持着健美的身材,令人称赞。Appearing on the This Morning sofa, Mr Cameron was asked how he felt about seeing the photographs of his wife in the papers. #39;I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife,#39; he said.卡梅伦出现在电视节目This Morning 上时,当问及看到报纸上刊登的妻子照片有什么感受。他说:“我觉得很幸运,我有个这么美的妻子。”#39;She took the children off for a nice holiday while I was slogging around Europe trying to get this negotiation right. So I was a bit jealous I have to say.#39;“她和孩子们享受了一个不错的假期,而我在欧洲周旋于各种谈判。我不得不说我有点嫉妒。”Presenter Ruth Langsford asked the Prime Minister if he would be beach body y for this summer.主持人露丝调侃首相是否有为今年夏天拥有一副海滩身材而做准备。But Mr Cameron admitted he struggled to control his diet. #39;I#39;m not as good as Samantha at controlling what goes in. I#39;m a bit greedier. She is very disciplined. I#39;ve probably got some things to learn off her. I try to go for a jog and play a bit of tennis.#39;卡梅伦承认他难以控制自己的饮食。“在控制饮食方面我不如萨曼莎。我有点贪吃。而她很严格。我有一些东西要向她学习,我试着去慢跑和打网球。”#39;But when you do these European tours there#39;s quite a lot of meals. I was always brought up you have got to eat what#39;s in front of you.“但欧洲之行有太多的美食。而我从小所受的教育是吃光你面前所有的东西。”Last week Mr Cameron embarked on a whistlestop tour of European capitals, to discuss his plans to claw back powers from Brussels.上周,卡梅伦开始寻访欧洲国家的首都,游说他的计划——从布鲁塞尔收回权力。In each capital city he was given VIP treatment, including rich and calorific meals which will have swelled the prime minister#39;s waistline.在每个城市他都得到了贵宾待遇,包括各种营养丰富的高热量食物,这无疑会令他腰围大增。In Paris with President Francois Hollande on Thursday night, Mr Cameron was treated to lobster tureen followed by turbot, cheese and sorbet.周四晚上在巴黎,奥朗德总统用龙虾焙盘,大比目鱼、奶酪和果子露招待了卡梅伦。On Friday morning in Warsaw, Poland, he was confronted with what he described as a #39;three course breakfast#39;, including smoked trout, strawberry salad, Polish cheese from the Tatra mountains, asparagus with poached egg and ham, and cheesecake.星期五早上在波兰华沙,他吃了他所形容的“超量早餐”,包括烟熏鳟鱼、草莓沙拉、波兰塔特拉山脉的奶酪、芦笋火腿荷包蛋和芝士蛋糕。The for lunch in Berlin with German chancellor Angela Merkel consisted of shrimp tartar with salad, followed by veal escalope, asparagus and potatoes, and then strawberries.与德国总理默克尔在柏林的午餐菜单包括虾鞑靼沙拉、小牛肉炸块、芦笋和土豆、然后草莓。Aides indicated he may have skipped some courses.助手们暗示,卡梅伦可能还逃了一些饭局。 /201506/379042Jake Browne was seated in a yellow suede chair, carefully rotating a marijuana bud between his fingers. ;I#39;m looking for bugs, mildew, things I wouldn#39;t want to ingest,; he said, leaning forward to hold the nickel-size flower up to the light. He paused, then took a sip of water from a cup with a Miley Cyrus hologram down its side. ;This looks clean,; he concluded.丹佛——杰克·布朗尼(Jake Browne)坐在一张黄色山羊皮椅子上,手指悉心拨弄一大麻花蕾。“我在找虫子、霉斑之类我不想摄入的东西,”他身体前倾,把手上硬币大小的花朵迎向光线,顿了一下,从面前印着麦莉·塞勒斯(Miley Cyrus)全息图的杯子里喝了口水。“它挺干净的,”他总结道。Mr. Browne, 31, held the bud up to his nose and inhaled. Then he opened his computer. ;Faint lemony sweetness,; he typed, before loading the pot into a small glass pipe.31岁的布朗恩把这花蕾举到鼻边,吸了口气。然后打开电脑。“略带柠檬甜香,”他输入,之后把这大麻塞进一个小小玻璃烟斗。;I usually will take one, maybe two hits,; he said as he fired up the bowl. ;I#39;m looking for how it burns, the taste, if it#39;s flushed well — meaning you don#39;t want to taste the fertilizers or chemicals.; He exhaled, waited and then turned to his computer again. ;Head high. No initial body effect,; he wrote.“我一般吸一轮,或者两轮,”他点燃烟斗说。“我在观察它怎样燃烧,品味它的味道,它采摘得好不好——也就是说,你可不想尝到化肥或者化学制品的味道。”他吸了一口气,等了等,然后又转向电脑。“很上头。没有最初的身体效果,”他写道。This is Mr. Browne#39;s job (or, at least, one of his jobs). The longtime resident of Colorado — where marijuana has been legal since January — is a comedian, a producer and a founder (with his fiancée) of a mail-order subscription box for hemp products.这就是布朗的工作(或者说至少是他的部分工作)。他常住科罗拉多州——自一月开始,大麻在这个州实现了合法化——还是喜剧演员兼制作人,同未婚妻一起合开了一家邮购大麻制品公司。He is also the first pot critic for The Denver Post, Colorado#39;s oldest and largest daily newspaper. Which means that, every week, Mr. Browne takes a city bus from his home in Denver#39;s Highland neighborhood, crosses a street called Green Court and lands at one of the city#39;s downtown marijuana dispensaries to choose his product. Yes, he is paid to smoke it — and then write about the high.他也是《丹佛邮报》(The Denver Post)——科罗拉多州历史最悠久、发行量最大的日报——聘请的首位大麻家。也就是说,布朗每星期都要坐着大巴从自己位于丹佛高地的家中出发,穿过一条名叫绿色庭院的街道,来到市中心若干大麻药房中的某一个,挑选自己要鉴定的产品。是的,别人付钱给他吸大麻,然后他写文章,描述药物高潮的感觉。;The thing people say to me most often is, ‘Dude, you must have the best job ever,#39; ; said Mr. Browne, sitting in his living room. ;It#39;s either that, or, if they#39;re from out of state, ‘Can you send me pot?#39; ;“人们最常对我说的是,‘伙计,这可是天下最好的工作了,#39;”布朗尼坐在自己的起居室里说。“根本不明白这回事的人就会说,‘你能给我点大麻吗?#39;”The Post has had two pot critics on its roster since it created a spinoff site, The Cannabist, in December. (The newspaper is searching for a third, as well as a sex columnist to write about pot and intimacy.) While adding the jobs — particularly for a mainstream newspaper — created something of a stir, Ricardo Baca, the newspaper#39;s newly appointed cannabis editor (and a longtime staff member) said it simply made journalistic sense. “We have a restaurant critic and wine reviewers,” he said. “We have an award-winning craft beer blog. From that logic you do need a pot critic — and maybe a few of them.”《邮报》自从12月创办子网站“大麻使用者”(The Cannabist)后聘请了两名大麻家(该报正在寻找第三个,此外还在找专写大麻与亲密关系的性专栏作家)。引进这一职位引起了风波,特别是身为一家主流报纸。 里卡多·贝(Ricardo Baca) 是报纸新上任的大麻编辑(他是一位老员工),他说,这只是出于新闻意识。“我们报纸有餐馆家和品酒家,”他说,“我们还有一个获奖自酿啤酒客。从这个逻辑上说,你确实需要一个大麻家,也许还需要好几个。”Mr. Browne#39;s path into the role was unlikely. He grew up in Iowa, where, after high school, he tried his hand as a male model (Ashton Kutcher, another former model, was from his hometown). When that didn#39;t work out, he moved to Colorado (“I had just ‘On the Road,#39; ” he said) and enrolled in a technical college, but dropped out. For the next few years he waited tables and worked as a bartender.布朗尼走上这条路的过程很不可思议。他在爱荷华州长大,中学毕业后尝试做模特(做模特起家的阿什顿·库[Ashton Kutcher]就来自他的家乡)。但他没有成功,于是就搬来科罗拉多(“我当时刚读完《在路上》[On the Road],”他说),上了一所技术学院,但又退学了。接下来的几年他一直做侍者和酒保的工作。Pot wasn#39;t legal for recreational use when he first got into the business, helping a friend who had opened a medical dispensary keep the books. (;They had been organizing files by first name,; Mr. Browne said, laughing.) He wasn#39;t a big pot smoker, but liked the business side of it. He became the company#39;s marketing director and general manager, started a blog and opened up a pot consulting business on the side.他刚进入这个行业的时候是帮一个开大麻药店的朋友记账,当时用大麻还没有合法化(“他们得按人名来管理档案,”布朗笑着说)。他并不沉迷大麻,但是喜欢其中买卖的部分。他成了这家公司的市场总监和总经理,开了客,还在药店旁边做大麻咨询的生意。He saw the ad for a pot critic on Facebook (;where else?; he joked) and replied with a visual résumé he#39;d designed himself — complete with a giant photo of a piece of bacon (just for fun, he said). But it wasn#39;t the swine that sold his editor (nor was it simply his writing). ;He was an authority on weed aly,; Mr. Baca said. “He had valuable experience working inside the industry.;后来他看到Facebook上征集大麻师的广告(“不然还会是哪儿?”他开玩笑)就递了一份自己设计的平面图像简历——包括一张印着一片培根的大照片(只是为了好玩,他说)。但打动了编辑的不是猪肉(也不仅仅是他的文笔)。“他已经是大麻的权威了,”贝萨说,“他拥有宝贵的业内经验。”Mr. Browne also has a biological gift of sorts: He is a supertaster. That is, somebody who possesses more taste buds than the average person (at least according to an online survey he took).布朗尼还拥有一种生物学上的天赋:他的味觉特别丰富。也就是说,他比普通人更能品尝出大麻花蕾的滋味(至少他参加的一项网络调查是这么说的)。In total so far, Mr. Browne has written 27 reviews. He critiqued a strain called Jack Flash (;it practically jumped through my monitor and into my pipe;); 303 Kush (;almost overwhelming”); and wrote about a Willie Nelson-themed varietal called Red Headed Stranger No. 14 (;a little less mentally racy” but with a ;strong overall high”). And while his taste buds play a role in the critiques, certainly, there is more to it.迄今布朗尼已经写了27篇。他评价过名叫“杰克闪电”的大麻(“它在我的监测仪上跳跃,一直跳进我的烟斗”);“303 库什”(“简直势不可挡”);还有一款以威利·尼尔森(Willie Nelson)为主题的品种,名叫“红发陌生人14号”(“精神上的力度不够”,但是有“综合性的强烈高潮”)。不仅如此,品尝大麻花蕾在他的中自然也有一席之地。;I think people underestimate cannabis,; Mr. Browne said. ;You wouldn#39;t walk into a restaurant and say, ‘I#39;ll have the wine.#39; So why would you assume people would do that for cannabis? In the same way that pinot grigio and pinot noir may sound similar but are completely different, names like Lemon OG and Lemon Skunk are very different strains with very different flavor components and completely different highs.;“我觉得人们低估了大麻,”布朗尼说。“你不会走进饭馆说,‘我要喝葡萄酒#39;。所以为什么大麻就可以这样随便呢?就像灰皮诺葡萄酒和黑皮诺葡萄酒听上去差不多,尝起来却大不一样,‘柠檬OG#39;和‘柠檬斯坎克#39;也是非常不同的品种,有非常不同的气味成分,带给人非常不同的高潮体验。”A typical day for Mr. Browne likely starts by testing a few products. On this particular day, he spent the morning at three dispensaries: LoDo Wellness, on a street called Wazee; Euflora, also known as ;the Apple store for weed; (though, as Mr. Browne pointed out, it actually looked more like a RadioShack); and finally, a shop called Good Chemistry.布朗尼典型的一天以检测集中大麻产品开始。比如今天,他整个上午都在逛三个大麻店:LoDo Wellness(街头俗称“Wazze”);Euflora,别名“大麻的苹果店”(但布朗尼指出,它其实更像RadioShack店);还有一家名叫“好化学”的店。The key to pot criticism, Mr. Browne said, is knowing your audience. While he tries to keep his language basic enough that a nonsmoker could understand it (;I think pot needs smart people to be ambassadors to the masses,; he said), he doesn#39;t want to be condescending to those who do. ;I never want to be that pretentious pot critic,; he said.布朗尼说,大麻的关键就在于了解你的读者。他试着让自己的语言尽量基本,以便不吸大麻的人也能看懂(“我觉得需要让聪明人充当使者,把大麻推广给大众,”他说),他也不想对那些吸大麻的人摆出居高临下的姿态。“我绝不会做那种装腔作势的大麻家,”他说。The reviews themselves have a certain formula. Mr. Browne begins with a physical description of the product (is it moist, with the THC visible, or a drier, less tightly packed bud?) as well as the smell and taste (;rubber and pepper dominate the jar like a bunch of green army men relegated to miniature mess hall duty,; he wrote recently, of an ;unfortunately titled; strain called Alien Napalm).他的有一定套路。先是以对产品的外观描述开始(是否潮湿、四氢大麻酚是否可见、是否经过干燥、花蕾不够紧密?),此外还有气味和味道(“罐子里满是橡胶和胡椒的味道,就像一群军人被罚去清扫食堂,”最近他的一篇文中写道,他所评价的这种大麻有个“不幸的名字”——“异星凝固汽油弹”)。He will find out where the product was harvested (in Napalm#39;s case, a ;veganic grow;) and tell the er where he bought it (because each manufacturer has its own wacky strain names). Sometimes he#39;ll describe the sound of the bud firing up (;snap, crackle, pop”) or what, and how much, he ate after (;apple juice and ants on a log,; he said, referring to the children#39;s snack of raisins and peanut butter on top of celery).他会查出产品的产地(比如“汽油弹”就是“素食者种的”),告诉读者他是在什么地方买的(因为所有制造商都有自己专属的奇怪名字)。有时候他会描述大麻燃烧的声音(“啪、喀喇、砰”)等信息,还有吸过大麻后他吃了多少东西(“苹果汁和一窝蚂蚁”他指的其实是一种儿童点心,是葡萄干和花生酱蘸芹菜)。The most important element of being a pot critic, though, is one that traditional food criticism may lack (at least in this much detail): how the product makes you feel. Seated in his living room testing out the Lemon Kush, Mr. Browne kept detailed notes from the moment he ingested, and observed how it moved through his body. (When writing about Jack Flash, another strain, he once noted that it ;always gets me straight between the temples.;) With the Kush, he observed whether the pot relieved his headache (a little) and tracked, in painstaking detail, how the feeling of the high evolved.不过,大麻中最重要的东西是传统食物里所没有的(至少在大麻里有更多细节):这种东西带给你什么样的感受。布朗尼坐在自己的起居室里测试“柠檬库什”,一边使用一边写下详细的笔记,观察它是如何在自己身体里游走。在写“杰克闪电”的时候,他曾经写道,“它让我太阳穴之间绷得紧紧的”。至于“柠檬库什”,他观察到这种大麻缓解了他的头疼(只有一点),并且非常努力地追溯着细节,记下高潮不断进化的体验是怎样的。布朗尼在测试完大麻后,在家中后院抽烟休息。能在这个历史时刻中扮演一个角色,我感到非常幸运,我觉得这件事无与伦比,”他说。In his accounting, Lemon Kush was relatively mellow, but a few months back, he had a different experience with a different strain. ;After the second hit, I was floored. No thoughts, just pure experience. An instant flow state,; he wrote of the Red Headed Stranger No. 14. Ten minutes later, he observed a sudden shift: ;I#39;m a human coffee, spewing words like dark-roasted drip.;根据他的描述,“柠檬库什”较为柔和,但在几个月前,另一个品种带给他完全不同的体验。“吸第二口的时候,我倒在地板上。没有想法,只是纯粹的体验,一种即时的流状态,”他写的是“红发陌生人14号”。十分钟后,他观察到一个突然的变化:“我是人体咖啡,像深焙滴滤壶一样滴落着语言。”In the spirit of service journalism — and, he said, what is pot criticism if not a service? — each of Mr. Browne#39;s reviews ends with a summary. Alien Napalm, for instance, he concluded is great for sleep, pain or increasing appetite (but ;never use it for an appetizer;). The Red Headed Stranger is good for ;loosening of limbs and muscles.; But if that#39;s the effect you#39;re going for, make sure to stay away from Green Crack. (;I#39;m no physician, but this is as close as I#39;ve come to marijuana-induced A.D.D.,; he wrote.)根据务新闻主义精神——他说,如果大麻不是一种务,那它还能是什么呢——布朗尼的每篇最后都有总结。比如说,他给“异星凝固汽油弹”写的总结是:它有助睡眠、缓解疼痛和增进食欲(但是,“绝对不要作为开胃药使用”);“红发陌生人”对“放松四肢和肌肉”有好处。但如果你想追求身体方面的益处,就千万别碰“绿裂缝”,(“我不是医生,但使用它让我差点得了大麻诱发的注意力缺陷障碍,”他写道。)No, being a pot critic doesn#39;t pay the bills (nor does The Post reimburse him for the pot). But, Mr. Browne said, it beats working in a coffee shop (where, for what it#39;s worth, he#39;d probably have to take a drug test).不,做大麻赚不了多少钱(《邮报》也不报销他买大麻的费用)。但是,布朗尼说,这比在咖啡店工作好(不管怎么说,到那儿去工作他还得先通过药检才行)。;I feel lucky to be this person in the middle of a historical moment, and I don#39;t think we#39;ll see anything really comparable to it,; he said, finishing up his day at a taqueria down the street from his house. ;And, you know, I like pot, I think it#39;s a fun topic. Somebody has to cover it. So why can#39;t I be that guy?;“能在这个历史时刻中扮演一个角色,我感到非常幸运,我觉得这件事无与伦比,”他说,一天的工作结束,他到自家街头的墨西哥小餐馆吃饭。“你知道,我喜欢大麻,我觉得这是个有意思的题材。必须有人为它辩护,为什么我不能成为这个人呢?” /201411/343227金湖县包皮手术怎么样

淮安二院预约;This story about Jack and the Giant...it#39;s really about you and your boss,isn#39;t it?;这个故事写的是关于杰克和镇特的事情,...实际上说的是你和你的老板,对吗? /201507/384543涟水县人民医院阳痿早泄价格 THERE I was, at the height of the great Disco Summer, selling hot dogs in the shadow of a six-story, elephant-shaped building on the shores of Margate, N.J. Most nights, my shift started at midnight. It was June 1977, just after my freshman year at Wesleyan, and I was hard at work at Lenny’s Hot Dogs.那是迪斯科音乐正值流行的夏天,在新泽西州马盖特市的海滩边,我在一座大象形状的六层建筑的阴影下卖热。很多时候,我的班次都是从午夜开始。那是1977年6月,我在卫斯理大学(Wesleyan)刚刚结束了大一的课程,正努力在雷尼热店(Lenny’s Hot Dogs)工作。The big rush came just after 3 a.m., when the disco across the street, The Music Box, unplugged its rotating mirror ball and its denizens spilled out in search of hot dogs, frozen yogurt cones and Lenny’s pepper hash. At that late hour the lines stretched from Lenny’s across the parking lot, past Lucy the Elephant, and toward the rumbling Atlantic beyond.汹涌的客流在刚过凌晨3点时涌来,那时街对面的迪斯科舞厅“音乐盒”(The Music Box)关掉了旋转的水晶球,舞厅里的人群涌出来寻找热、冻酸奶蛋卷和雷尼辣椒碎。在深夜里的那个时刻,顾客的队伍从雷尼热店一直向后排,穿过停车场、经过大象露西(Lucy the Elephant),一直向汹涌的大西洋的方向延伸。Lucy the Elephant is now a National Historic Landmark, but Lenny’s, sadly, has been gone for decades. Still, plenty of freshmen will spend this summer selling hot dogs, waiting tables, tending bar or supervising the archery range at clam shacks, taverns and summer camps from Maine to California.大象露西现在是一处国家历史名胜,但是很遗憾雷尼热店已经关门几十年了。不过,还是有很多大一的学生在暑假卖热、在餐厅当务员、在酒吧当酒保,或者看管靶场,从缅因州到加州各个地方的海鲜餐馆、旅店和度假营地都有他们的工作。One question, of course, is what kind of work is best for college students?当然,有一个问题是,什么样的工作对大学生是最有益的?For many, summer employment means taking whatever job can best reduce the burden of debt, which was more than ,000, on average, for members of the class of 2015.对很多人来说,夏季的工作经历意味着接受一份最能减轻债务负担的随便什么工作。对2015级新生来说,平均债务负担超过3万美元。Other students, both with and without the burden of debt, feel the pressure to take on internships. The fields of politics, media and entertainment, to name three, now virtually demand a period of unpaid work.其他学生,无论有没有债务负担,也都感受到了从事实习工作的紧迫性。试举三例,政治、媒体、领域,现在实际上必须经历一段无薪工作的时间。But there are times, I suspect, when a mind is a terrible thing not to waste.但我猜想,有些时候不让头脑浪费一下,就太糟了。One example of a mind well wasted is that of my friend Richard Russo. Richard, who is now a novelist, worked on a construction crew, not as the guy who worked the jackhammer, but as that guy’s assistant. One day they had to break up a concrete wall, and it was Richard’s job to hold the business end of the jackhammer steady — and horizontal — while the other guy operated it, leaving Richard feeling, for the rest of the summer, as if his brains had actually bounced around the inside of his skull. I had another friend, Billy Warden, who dug graves one summer and learned, on the occasion of some not very deeply buried 19th-century caskets collapsing just beneath the place where he was standing, what it was like to be hip deep in dead guys.完全浪费头脑的一个例子就是我的朋友理查德·罗索(Richard Russo)。现在已经成为小说家的罗索曾经在建筑工地工作,不是操作风钻的那个家伙,而是他的助手。有一天,他们要拆掉一堵混凝土墙,理查德的工作是抓稳风钻钻头的一边,保持稳定,而另一个人操作风钻。这导致理查德一整个夏天都觉得自己的脑子真的在头颅里面弹来弹去。我还有另外一个朋友,比利·沃登(Billy Warden),他有一年夏天挖掘坟墓。有一次在某个埋着19世纪棺椁的坟地,墓穴比较浅,就在他站的地方塌陷了。他由此知道了站在齐腰深的死人堆里是什么感觉。I had a lot of so-called stupid jobs between high school and the time I turned 30. I sold hot dogs. I worked as an office temp. I was a messenger. I sold T-shirts at Grateful Dead concerts. (They sold faster when I hawked them with a British accent.) I cleared brush. I cleaned swimming pools.我在高中毕业到30岁之前,做过很多所谓愚蠢的工作。我卖过热、当过办公室临时工、当过收发员。我在“感恩而死”(Grateful Dead)的演唱会上卖过T恤衫。(我用英国口音兜售的时候,卖得还更快一些。)我清洗过刷子,也清洗过游泳池。And for years and years and years, I mowed lawns.我还割草坪,割过很多很多很多年。There was a lot to like about mowing lawns. For one, the smells: the sharp, green scent of freshly cut grass, the fumes of gasoline, the whiff of exhaust. Then there was the sound: the endless roar that made it impossible to hear anything else, including the voice of the irate homeowner standing less than two feet away, yelling that I’d run right over his tulips. It was dramatic, too: Sometimes I’d plow through a field of fallen apples and applesauce would spew out of the mower in a shocking arc of sweet-smelling goo. Other times, I’d run straight over a rock, and the mower would stop with a tremendous clang, as if the engine itself had just been executed, military-style, by firing squad.割草坪的工作有许多让人喜欢的地方。比如,它的味道:刚刚割过的青草的那强烈而清新的香味、汽油的味道、废气。还有声音:那让你听不见任何其他声音的无休止的轰鸣,包括不到两英尺开外那位愤怒的屋主,大喊着我要踩到他的郁金香了。它也很有戏剧性:有时我会割过一块落满了苹果的草地,苹果泥就会从割草机里喷出来,散发着香甜气味的粘液呈现出一道惊人的弧线。有时,我还会碰到石头,割草机就会停止工作,发出一声巨响,好像发动机自身刚刚被一军人行刑队给处决了。The summer after I worked at Lenny’s, I was a teller at Continental Bank in Philadelphia. I thought it was clever to give my customers their money in bills, or in Eisenhower dollar coins, or in some strange combination of Kennedy half-dollars and bills. My drawer, at the end of day, was always “under” or “over,” and all the other tellers had to stand around as I counted and re-counted the float. One time, I accidentally left ,000 by the coffee maker in the lounge. I had no choice except to tell my boss the truth: I’d been on my way to the safe with the cash when I remembered we were out of creamer.在雷尼热店之后的那个夏天,我在费城的一家大陆(Continental Bank)做柜员。我以为把钱以两美元钞票、艾森豪威尔硬币、或以肯尼迪的0.5美元和50美元钞票等奇怪的面值组合交给顾客是很聪明的。每天下班时,我的抽屉不是“太少”就是“太多”,其他的所有柜员都得站在周围,等着我清点、再清点找零备用金。有一次,我不小心把1万美元落在休息室的咖啡机旁边。我别无选择,只能向老板说明真相:我在拿着钱去保险柜的路上突然想起来,我们没有奶精了。These jobs made me aware of class privilege in a way that my hours in Econ 101 surely did not. I remember getting back to Wesleyan after my summer at the bank and gushing to a teller, “I was a teller this summer, too!” only to realize, as she glowered at me, that what had been a summer lark for me was, for her, the continuing reality of her working life.这些工作让我意识到阶级特权,这是我在经济学基础课程里学不到的 。我还记得在的暑期工作结束后,我回到卫斯理大学,兴冲冲地对一名柜员说,“我今年暑假也去当柜员了!”结果我只是在她沉着脸看着我的时候意识到,我的一份暑期工作,对她而言却是一辈子望不到头的一份生计。My own sons are engaged this summer with work that feels more relevant to their college majors — my older boy, the actor, is a production assistant on a television show; my younger, the astronomer, has an internship at an observatory in California, searching for planetoids and brown dwarfs.我自己的两个儿子今年夏天参加了一些与他们的大学专业更相关的工作——我的大儿子想当演员,目前在一档电视节目中担任制片助理;我的小儿子想成为天文学家,正在加州的一家观象台实习,每天搜寻着小行星和褐矮星。These are very cool jobs, to be sure, and I am insufferably proud of my sons: How could I not be? But I also wonder whether their summer jobs are as likely to build their characters as their résumés. I am hoping, for their sakes, that these opportunities provide them with both.当然了,这些都是很酷的工作,我为我的儿子骄傲得不得了:我怎么可能不骄傲?不过我也好奇,这些暑假工作在为简历增砖添瓦的同时,是否也能影响他们的性格。我希望,这些机会能带给两者兼得的收获,这是为了他们好。One of those mornings after my shift at Lenny’s ended, I walked home along the beach as the constellations of summer — the Scorpion, the Archer — sank in the skies behind the six-story elephant. Later, a flock of sea gulls took wing as I approached, and circled around me as the sun burst over the ocean.在雷尼工作期间,我在一个夜班之后的清晨,沿着海滨往家走,夏日的星辰——天蝎座、人马座——深深地嵌在六层的大象建筑后的天空里。然后,我的脚步惊起了一群海鸥,它们在我周围盘旋,就在这时,太阳在海面上喷薄而出。It was several miles back to the house, but I was in no hurry. I had faith that I’d get there in time, if I just kept walking long enough.#9744;离家还有几英里路,但我一点也不着急。我相信我会按时到达,只要我走得足够久。 /201506/380292淮安中山医院不孕科

淮安清浦区妇科怎么样It happened in the blink of an eye. The waters around Manhattan rose more than three feet. Low-lying areas along the Hudson and East Rivers were swamped. It was Hurricane Sandy all over again, but this time, the high water was here to stay, and it would only continue to rise.眨眼间,曼哈顿周围的河水就涨了三英尺多高,淹没了哈德逊河和东河沿岸的低地。这仿佛又是飓风“桑迪”(Hurricane Sandy)的情景,不过这一次猛涨的河水不仅没有退去,还只会继续上涨。Miranda Massie did what anyone sane person would do in this situation. She fled to New Jersey. Her hand manipulated the virtual reality device at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, and the newly inundated New York City was left behind for the relative dryness of Paramus. Or was it Hackensack?米兰达·马西(Miranda Massie)在此时做了一件任何一个理智的人都会做的事情,那就是逃往新泽西。她在香港赛马会气候变化物馆(Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change),用手操作着虚拟现实仪器,刚刚纽约市洪水泛滥的场景瞬间变成了帕拉默斯(Paramus)相对干燥的场景。还是说,那里其实是哈肯萨克(Hackensack)?Ms. Massie was in Hong Kong to visit what she says is the world’s only museum specifically devoted to an issue that many people, including herself, view as the most pressing one facing humankind. She’s the executive director of the Climate Museum Launch Project, a group based in New York that is seeking to build a similar, but far bigger and more ambitious, museum in Manhattan.按照马西的说法,她来香港参观的这座物馆,是唯一一座专门为气候变化议题建立的物馆,而包括她在内的很多人都认为,这个议题是人类所面临的最紧迫的问题。马西是“气候物馆启动项目”(Climate Museum Launch Project)的执行总监,这个总部位于纽约的团体力图在曼哈顿建立一座类似的物馆,不过规模会更大,目标也会更大。In Hong Kong, she sought ideas and inspiration. The museum, financed by a grant from a club that runs horse racing and other betting activities, had some to offer. One was the enormous projector screen that showed the effects of rising sea levels on cities across the globe. She found another in the photo booths at the end of the tour that offered digital pictures of the visitors in a polar setting — the Chinese research vessel Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, in the background, polar bears and penguins in the foreground. To get the photo, visitors have to make a simple carbon-reducing promise. Choices included “travel less by airplane,” “bring your own shopping bag” and “eat vegetables rather than meat.”她到香港去寻找想法和启发,而这座物馆给了她一些灵感。物馆由一家从事赛马和其他活动的俱乐部提供资金持,馆内有一块用来投影的巨大银幕,向参观者展示海平面上升对全球城市所造成的影响。她还发现了另一个可以借鉴的东西,在参观的末尾处有几个自动照相棚,可以为参观者生成极地场景下的数字图像——照片中远处是中国的雪龙号极地考察船,近处则是北极熊和企鹅。如果想要得到照片,参观者必须做出一个简单的减碳承诺,可以选择“出行少坐飞机”、“自带购物袋”,或者“多吃蔬菜少吃肉”。At the end of the tour, a screen showed the effect of the combined commitments of the more than 27,000 people who have made the pledges: 997.8 million grams of carbon removed from the atmosphere.在参观的末尾处,一个屏幕上显示了超过2.7万人的承诺会起到怎样的影响:大气中的减碳量达到了9.978亿克。“It’s very hard to communicate effectively with a 5-year-old and a 45-year-old,” Ms. Massie said. “So you have to build really sophisticated and interactive displays to do that.”“要想同时与5岁的孩子和45岁的大人进行有效沟通是很难的,”马西说道,“所以需要打造一个很先进,并且具有互动性的展览。”It is the focus on what people can do collectively to reduce carbon emissions that will be the main focus of the New York museum, rather than a scary look at what the future may hold — flooded coastal cities, droughts, storms. Those calamities will not be ignored, but the focus will be on ways to mitigate climate change and to adapt to it.纽约的物馆主要是想让人们了解,如何通过集体的努力来减少碳排放,而不是给他们看可怕的未来,例如洪水泛滥的沿海城市,干旱或暴风雨。不是要无视这些灾难,而是要关注如何缓解和适应气候变化。“There’s research currently that shows the more people learn about climate, the more they tend to emotionally shut down and disengage,” Ms. Massie said. “Not everybody, but most people. Because it’s distressing and because it’s very clear that just changing the light bulbs in your own home doesn’t matter. So you have to make it clear that you’re part of a broader set of efforts and those broader efforts can succeed.”“当前的研究显示,对气候了解得越多,人们就越会情感崩溃并且选择回避,”马西说道,“虽然不是每个人都这样,但大多数人会这样。因为这会让人忧虑,大家也很清楚只是更换自己家里的电灯泡也是不管用的。所以讲清楚,你自己是更宏大的努力中的一员,而这些更广泛的努力可以获得成功。”The Hong Kong museum occupies one floor of a high-rise building on a university campus. Since it opened in December 2013, it has brought in just over 56,000 visitors, more than a third of them students. The museum’s goal, according to its program director, Cecilia Lam, is to raise awareness of climate change in Hong Kong, especially among children.香港的气候变化物馆在一所大学校园的一栋高层建筑里占据了一层。自从2013年12月开放以来,它已经吸引了超过5.6万名参观者,其中超过三分之一是学生。据项目主管杨诗诗称,这座物馆的目的是在香港提升民众对气候变化的认识,特别是在儿童中间。“The major difference between our project and Miranda’s — it seems to me that they focus on the whole world,” Ms. Lam said. “Our main group of targets is people in Hong Kong.”“我们的项目和米兰达的项目之间主要区别是,在我看来他们注重于整个世界,”杨诗诗说。“我们的主要目标人群是香港人。”Ms. Massie, 48, who worked for years as a public-interest lawyer, is looking for donors. She hopes to set up an interim museum, bigger than the one in Hong Kong, in an office building or even on a barge in New York in the next two years, with a permanent site in Manhattan (or possibly Brooklyn) by 2020.作为一个多年来致力于公益诉讼的律师,48岁的马西正在寻求捐助者。她希望在接下来的两年里建立一家临时的物馆,要比香港的这座大,可以在纽约的一栋写字楼里甚至大型游船上,直到2020年在曼哈顿(或者在布鲁克林)找到一座永久性的场所。And Ms. Massie’s goal is far more ambitious. The New York museum would aim to attract at least a million visitors a year and seek to influence the world, including political leaders in the ed States. At the end of the tour, visitors would be encouraged to volunteer their time to help groups that are trying to address climate change: doing anything from making calls on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council to volunteering to help elect a candidate who is determined to reduce carbon emissions.马西的目标还远不止于此。纽约的物馆计划每年吸引至少一百万的游客并企图影响世界,包括美国的政治领袖们。在参观最后,会鼓励游客花一些时间,志愿帮助那些正努力应对气候变化的团体:比如以自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的名义打电话,再比如志愿帮助选举一个有决心减少碳排放的候选人。“We want to be a hub for the world for climate solutions,” Ms. Massie said. “We want to be a beacon for the world.”“我们想要成为全世界气候问题解决方案的一个中心,”马西说。“我们想要成为世界的一座灯塔。”The goals of the Hong Kong museum are far more modest. Absent from the museum is any prominent mention of the fact that Hong Kong is part of a country, China, that is far and away the world’s leading carbon emitter, putting about twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as the No. 2 polluter, the ed States.香港的物馆目标则要谦逊得多。在这座物馆里,看不到任何关于香港是中国一部分的醒目提示,后者向大气中排放的碳大约是第二排放国美国的两倍,碳排放量遥居世界首位。The many schoolchildren coming to the Hong Kong museum on field trips get a very different message. The first part of the museum replicates a trip on the Xue Long, highlighting its polar research, displaying mock-ups of ice cores taken from the polar regions and discussing the dangers climate change poses to polar bears, penguins and seals.很多来到香港的物馆参观的小学生得到了一个不同寻常的信息。物馆的第一部分复制了雪龙号上的一次旅程,突出了它的极地研究,展示了从极低挖出的冰芯的模型,并讨论了气候变化对北极熊、企鹅和海豹产生的危害。“The use of Xue Long is just one way to get the public interested in what the scientists are doing,” Ms. Lam said. “We tried to use a storytelling approach.”“运用雪龙号的例子,只是让公众对科学家所做的事情感兴趣的一种方法,”杨诗诗说。“我们尝试采取了讲故事的手段。”Back in “New York,” the simulator increases the water level. One meter, two meters, three meters, four. Ms. Massie noted that one possible future for New York is for some parts to surrender to the waters, to become a sort of Venice. Charming as that might sound, rising sea levels, she says, will be especially devastating for people living in coastal regions of poor nations, such as Bangladesh. It was the enormity of the problem that led Ms. Massie to shift her focus away from school desegregation and affirmative action and toward the environment.回到“纽约”,模拟器升高了海平面。一米,两米,三米,四米。马西注意到纽约可能的一个未来就是其中一部分要被水淹没,变得有点像。听起来可能很迷人,但她说,不断上涨的海平面,对于住在贫穷国家沿海地区的人们——比如孟加拉国——毁灭性尤其巨大。正是这个问题的严重性,使马西把她的注意从阻止学校的种族隔离和平权措施(affirmative action)转移到了环境问题。“I came to see climate change specifically is going to determine our fate as a species in a way that none of these other things is capable of doing,” she said.“我看到气候变化将会以一种特别的,其他问题所不能的方式,决定我们作为一个物种的命运,”她说。 /201505/376847 淮安市妇幼保健医院治疗直肠炎多少钱淮安中山男科诊疗中心




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