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More than 100 vehicles have been trapped more than 24 hours on a highway connecting Beijing and the northwest city of Yinchuan due to snow.受暴风雪影响,北京通往西北城市银川的高速公路上的100多车辆被困超过24小时。Witness said the cars had only moved 10 kilometers forward over the course of 10 hours. The vehicles were stopped on the road 30 kilometers away from Yanqing County in Beijing.目击者称,这些车辆滞留在北京延庆县30公里处,10小时仅前进了10公里。Some even broke down due to the cold. The traffic control department sent the drivers water and b in the early morning. Some drivers said they worried the long wait would ruin perishable goods they were carrying.由于天气寒冷,车辆缺油、缺水。交通部门清晨就给司机送来了水和面包。一些司机担心漫长的等待会使他们运送的货物变质。Others took a lighter attitude, building snowmen to pass the time. Meanwhile, the expressway connecting Beijing and Tibet, closed on Saturday night due to over 12 centimeters of snow on the surface.另一些司机比较乐观,堆雪人来打发时间。同时,由于积雪超过12厘米,京藏高速公路周六晚上关闭。 Article/201211/207869诸如猫王,惠特尼#8226;休斯顿,艾米#8226;怀恩豪斯和迈克尔#8226;杰克逊等特色名人的财产和纪念品在洛杉矶举行的音乐偶像拍卖会上被用于拍卖活动。Top singing stars Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are among the featured celebrities whose possessions and memorabilia that are making up a musical icons auction in Los Angeles.A lock of Elvis Presley#39;s hair or Whitney Houston#39;s passport were just two of the hundreds of items up for grabs in the Music Icons and Sports Legends Auction held at Julien#39;s Auctions in Beverly Hills.A highlight from the auction was a collection of 43 Houston items, including several dresses, which are expected to sell well above their 2,000 dollar starting price. Other legends represented are Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and John Lennon.And in an Olympic year, an item that should attract a lot of interest is the torch from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, signed by boxing great, Muhammad Ali. Elvis Presley#39;s crypt was recently pulled off the auction block after fans requested that the item be kept at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis in memory of the great singer.The Music Icons and Sports Legends Auction took place in Beverly Hills and online over the weekend. Article/201206/188519The zany world of Japanese anime invaded California as hundreds of fans in colorful wigs, elaborate make up and intricate costumes gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for Anime Expo 2012. It#39;s North America#39;s largest gathering for devotees of manga, anime and all forms of J-pop culture.Fans queued around the block, all eager to be among the first to enter the largest Japanese comics and animation convention in the US. While the convention offers enthusiasts the opportunity to speak with their idols and learn more about the anime world, it#39;s also a great chance to network with other fans.While they waited, fans passed the time by taking photos together and role playing their favorite characters.Daniel Joseph, cosplayer, said, ;It#39;s kind of unique and it#39;s also a great way to meet new people who have the same interest as you. And, you know what, out there today, it seems like not many people are really doing that.;Tina Chang, cosplayer, said, ;I think a lot of these people, they#39;re people that are hiding away in little tiny holes and they just need something to just bring them out. This brings them out and allows them to actually socialize and actually feel like they#39;re not alone in this anime world because, this anime world, although it seems big it#39;s still pretty small.;The four day event was organized by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation and is a real annual Mecca for thousands of anime fans and industry professionals.2012美国动漫览会在加利福尼亚举行,成百上千的动漫爱好者戴着五颜六色的假发,画着精致的妆容,穿着各种角色装涌进洛杉矶大会堂参加这场盛会。这是北美最大的一场动漫和流行文化爱好者的盛大集会。动漫迷们排队等在中心周围,都渴望第一个进入会堂。盛会将提供机会给动漫迷们与他们的偶像进行交谈并从中学习更多有关动漫世界的知识,这场盛会也是一个与其他动漫迷交流的大好机会。动漫迷们一边在外面等待,一边一起拍照留影并扮演他们最爱的角色以打发时间。动漫参赛选手Daniel Joseph说:“这是唯一可以认识志同道合朋友的最佳途径。而且,你们知道,今天离开这儿以后,似乎就没有太多人喜欢动漫了。”动漫参赛选手Tina Chang说:“我想很多的动漫爱好者他们都是将自己隐藏在小洞中的,他们只是希望能有某种东西可以将他们带离那里。这场盛会就将他们带离那里并使他们能否够真实地地进行交际,同时也让他们感觉到他们在动漫世界中并不孤单,因为这个动漫世界虽然看起来很大但其实仍然很小。这场为期四天由日本动漫促进协会主办的盛会是千万动漫爱好者和专业人士每年都渴望去的地方。 Article/201207/190677

Here is a great guide showing you how to walk in high heels. A must see for any woman out there who wants to maintain her fabulousness and grace whilst in high heels, VideoJug is here to show you how!本期视频将告诉你如何造在穿高跟鞋的同时保持优雅和气质,真诚告诫,女士必看的时尚之路。Step 1: You will need首先:前提准备High Heels;A fabulous outfit.高跟鞋,时尚外套Step 2: Heel selection第二步:高跟的选择The novice heel wearer should avoid 10 centimetre stilettos. You may want to start by trying wedges or shoes with a thicker heel. Walking in high heels is an art that should be mastered gradually, inch by inch. 初学者应该避免10厘米细高跟鞋,坡跟鞋和松糕鞋可能更容易适应些。穿好高跟鞋是一门艺术,而学习研究这门艺术需要循序渐进。Location is key to heel selection. You may need supporting straps if you are going dancing. 地点也很关键。如果准备去跳舞,那么你需要带上撑带。Find out whether you will be walking or standing for long periods of time and vary your heel height accordingly. Avoid public transport at all costs, it#39;s far too unglamorous.根据你行走的路况,站立的时间选择相应高度的鞋跟。同时谨记:不要在公共交通中穿高跟,因为无论如何表现,都算不上高雅。Step 3: Stand up第三步:站姿When practicing, stand up straight in front of a full length mirror and allow your feet to adapt to the position of the heels. Your body weight should be distributed over the balls of your feet as well as through the heels. This is also a good opportunity to admire your outfit and practice a few poses.练习时选一个落地镜,站直,然后适应鞋的高度。身体的重量应该均匀的分布在脚趾和鞋跟上。同时摆几个姿势还可以检验一下外套的美丽效果。Step 4: The first steps第四:开头几步Try taking small, slow steps at first. Don#39;t bend your knees any more than you would do in flat shoes. Place each foot down heel first, and instantly move your body weight forward so that it transfers over the whole foot. Don#39;t move the other foot until your weight feels secure.以小步、慢拍开始,要跟穿平底鞋时一样:直膝,鞋跟先着地然后身体重心前移,以使全部脚掌均匀分担体重。同时,在站稳之前,不要着急迈出另一只脚。Step 5: Move around第五:走两步Walk back and forth and try changing direction. Try walking on different surfaces but avoid thick carpets and loose rugs. Walking in high heels will cause your hips to sway from side to side. Don#39;t try and stop this happening; work with it. Be confident. Think supermodel glamour and grace.在不同的介质上练习前行、后退和变向。不过不要在厚地毯和松软的毛皮地毯上练习。穿着高跟行走的时候,会造成臀部的左右摇摆,不要拒绝这种惯性,也别强求。要自信,最好像超级模特一样,优雅迷人。Step 6: Stairs第六:楼梯Stairs are a hazard you may encounter before even leaving the house. Point your feet at an angle towards the banister or wall and descend with effortless grace. On the way down, make sure the whole foot lands flat on each stair. On the way up, walk on the balls of your feet. An attractive partner can add a touch of glamour to a descent if you are attempting stairs in public.楼梯有风险,高跟需谨慎。无论上还是下,都要使组建保持同一个方向:朝向楼梯栏杆,或者朝向墙壁。下楼梯的时候,平稳第一,兼顾姿势优雅;上楼梯的时候,使用前脚掌走路。如果在公共场合上下楼梯,有一个伙伴就容易的多,也能更增一份风采。Step 7: Out and about第七:其他情况The outside world contains many hazards for the sophisticated heel wearer. Avoid grass, cobblestones or grates of any description. If you can#39;t avoid these horrors, find a gentleman to lay his coat down for you, or let him carry you to safety.实际情况中有很多需要注意的地方:避免草地,鹅卵石路面和栅格路,如果觉得害怕,可以找一位绅士,让他把外套垫在脚下,或者可以更浪漫一些,让他抱你过去。Thanks for watching How To Walk In High Heels.谢谢收看本期“高跟宝典”我们下期节目再见。 Article/201207/192634

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