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Swimmers are tidy and make the best lovers while cyclists vote Liberal Democrat: What your favourite sport says about you?喜欢游泳的人都爱整洁,是最佳爱侣,自行车爱好者可能会投票给自由民主党,你喜欢的运动能透露你的什么个性呢?Unless your name is Rebecca Adlington, Victoria Pendleton or Mo Farah, sport is probably nothing more than an enjoyable hobby.除非你是瑞贝卡·阿德林顿(英国游泳健将)、维多利亚·彭德尔顿(英国最出色的场地自行车女车手),或者法拉赫(英国长跑运动员),不然,运动对你来说只是一个有趣的爱好而已。Now a new study has revealed that your choice of sport says more about you than you could possibly have imagined.一项最新的研究显示,你选择的运动方式透露出来的个性特征比你想象的要多。According researchers, cyclists are more likely to be emotionally stable, runners the most extrovert and swimmers the happiest, while walkers are the least materialistic.研究人员认为,骑自行车的人通常情绪稳定,跑步的人最开朗,游泳的人最开心,而喜欢走路的人最不看重物质。The psychological study, which was carried out by experts Mindlab, also revealed that sport can also offer clues to a person#39;s attitude to charity, ing habits and even their voting intentions.思想实验室的专家们展开的这项心理研究同时表明,运动能够透露人们对慈善事业的态度、阅读习惯,甚至选举意向。Cyclists, for instance, are most likely to vote Liberal Democrat and tend to be laid back and calm, if keen on acquiring material possessions.比如,骑自行车的人通常会给自由民主党的人投票,对待获取物质财富比较淡泊。Meanwhile runners tend to be Labour-voting extroverts who love being the centre of attention and have a penchant for upbeat dance music.而跑步的人却更倾向于投工党的票,他们性格外向,喜欢成为焦点,并且酷爱正能量的舞曲。Those who swim tend to make the best lovers, are tidy and are also the most charitable, although according to Mindlab, 61 per cent of adults are fond of charity regardless of their choice of sport.游泳的人通常是最好的情侣,他们爱整洁,而且热衷慈善。不过思想实验室也指出,不论爱好何种运动,61%的成人都是爱好慈善事业的。Walkers, a category that includes those who enjoy rambling, orienteering and trekking, are least concerned about material possessions and like their own company.这些喜欢漫步的、野外定向运动的和徒步旅行的人,对物质财富都最不在意,喜欢独来独往。#39;It has long been known that exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind,#39; comments neuropsychologist, Dr David Lewis.神经心理学家大卫·路易斯士说:“一直以来我们都知道运动不仅有助于身体健康,而且有利于心理健康。”#39;Past research has shown that exercising can act as a mood-enhancer, can be used to treat and possibly even prevent anxiety and generally has a positive effect on mental health.“过去的调查研究显示,运动有提振情绪的功能,不仅可以用来治疗甚至尽可能的预防焦虑,而且对于心理健康还有积极的效果。”#39;The results from this study show that no matter what kind of person you are, there is the right kind of exercise for everyone.#39;“从这项研究结果来看,无论你属于哪种类型的人,总会有一项运动适合你。” /201506/382670Google has invested in taxi firms, smart thermostats and even artificial intelligence but it is also setting its sights on immortality - or at least increasing our lives five-fold。谷歌的投资项目不但囊括出租车公司、智能恒温器甚至人工智能程序,他们还开始研究“长生不老”,或者说,如何能让我们的寿命至少延长五倍。In an interview with Bloomberg, Google Ventures#39; president Bill Maris said he thinks it#39;s possible to live to 500 years old。谷歌风投的执行董事比尔·马里斯在接受彭通讯社的采访时说:“人类是有可能活到500岁的。”And this will be helped by medical breakthroughs as well as a rise in biomechanics。这一目标的实现将借助于医学方面的突破和生物力学的崛起。He has aly ploughed money into genetics firms and cancer diagnostic startups and said: #39;We have the tools in the life sciences to achieve anything that you have the audacity to envision. I just hope to live long enough not to die.#39;马里斯已经投资了研究基因遗传的公司和肿瘤诊断公司,他说:“我们能通过生命科学的方法实现任何你能想象到的事情。我只希望能活得更久,不想死去。”Mr Maris founded Google Ventures in 2009 and oversees all of the fund’s global activities。2009年,马里斯建立了谷歌风投,并监管着全球的投资活动。He studied neuroscience at Middlebury College and conducted neurobiology research at Duke University。马里斯曾在米德尔伯利学院学习神经科学专业,并在杜克大学进行神经生物学研究。Elsewhere he has advised Aurolab in the development of a hydrophobic acrylic lens for cataract blindness, and helped develop Google’s Calico project。马里斯还在Aurolab公司为白内障盲开发防水丙烯酸眼球水晶体的过程中提供建议,同时推动谷歌Calico项目的发展。Calico is a research and development company set up in 2013 by Google and Apple to tackle #39;ageing and associated diseases.#39;2013年,谷歌和苹果公司建立了Calico研究与开发公司,致力于研究“衰老与相关疾病”。Google co-founder Larry Page said the project would focus on #39;health, wellbeing and longevity#39; and last September Calico partnered with AbbVie to open a research centre into neurodegeneration and cancer。谷歌的共同创始人拉里·佩奇 说,这个项目专注于“健康、幸福与长寿”。去年9月,Calico与艾维公司合作开办了一个神经退化与癌症研究中心。Although these firms are focused on extending life naturally, there is also a group that believes machines will be the key to extending out lives beyond 120 - an age that has been ed as the #39;real absolute limit to human lifespan#39;。这些公司专注于用自然的方式延长人类寿命,但还有一群人相信机械是将寿命延长至120岁以上的关键,因为120岁可以说是“人类最长寿命的绝对极限”。Google#39;s director of engineering, and colleague of Mr Maris, Ray Kurzweil has previously said that in just over 30 years humans will be able to upload their entire minds to computers and become digitally immortal - an event called singularity。谷歌技术总监雷·库兹韦尔曾预言,在未来30年,人类能够把他们的大脑上传至电脑从而实现永生,这个过程称为“奇点”。At the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York last year, Mr Kurzweil claimed that the biological parts of our body will be replaced with mechanical parts and this could happen as early as 2100.去年,在纽约举行的全球未来2045国际会议上,库兹韦尔称,最快在2100年,机械肢体将代替人类的生物肢体。 /201503/363759

A blushing bride had plenty of help organising her big day - after recruiting 44 bridesmaids to make sure it went without a hitch.婚礼那天,英国一位新娘有44名伴娘同她在婚礼上作伴。Jayne Blakeway could not decide which friends and family to choose to lead her down theaisle for her special day - so picked all of them.杰尼·布莱克韦由于无法决定选择哪位朋友和家人在她婚礼那天陪伴她走过婚礼红地毯,所以带上了所有人。The 50-year-old broke the UK record for the biggest number of bridesmaids - but she would have needed nearly three times that to better the Guinness World Record.这名50岁的新娘打破了英国伴娘人数最多的记录,不过如果她想打破吉尼斯世界纪录需要这个人数的三倍才行。Last year a couple married in Negombo, Sri Lanka, got 126 involved in their ceremony.去年斯里兰卡的尼甘布一对夫妻结婚时邀请了126名伴娘。 Nevertheless, Jayne#39;s efforts guaranteed a giant scramble for her bouquet.尽管如此,Jayne 仍尽量让自己在丢花束时,不引起混乱的哄抢。Her wedding to Shaun Lawrence, 53, last Saturday was so huge that police had to be drafted in to keep nearby streets clear.11月15日,她同53岁的肖恩·劳伦斯的这场婚礼如此盛大,以至于警察不得不过来维持附近街道的秩序。She had 44 bridesmaids - including seven chief bridesmaids - along with 12 page boys and seven ushers.杰尼的这44个伴娘包括7个主要伴娘,12个花童和7个招待员。They included friends, nieces, great-nieces and great-great nieces ranging in age from a ten-month-old baby to a 71-year-old pensioner.其中有杰尼的朋友、侄女、侄孙女和曾侄女,这些人的年龄从10个月到70岁不等。Council worker Jayne, one of nine children, said: ;We don#39;t do things by halves and I just wanted it to be as special as possible.杰尼是一名参议会工作人员,有八个兄弟,她说:“我们不想半途而废,我只想让婚礼尽可能特别。”;I couldn#39;t decide which people to pick and I didn#39;t want to leave any of them out - so I chose all of them.“我没法决定选择哪些人,又不想漏掉她们任何人--所以我把她们所有人都叫上了。”;I come from a really big family and I had always wanted to get everyone involved in my wedding. It just so happens that I ended up with 44 wonderful women to help me.“我有一个大家族,我想让大家都参与到我的婚礼中,所以最后我就有了这44个非常棒的伴娘。”;They all mean so much to me, I thought why not have them all? There was certainly a scramble for the bouquet, that#39;s for sure.“对我而言她们意义重大,为何不把她们都叫上呢?只是抢夺花束时毫无疑问是一片混乱。”;I#39;d always said that if I got married I wanted everyone in my family involved.“我以前总说我结婚时希望每个人都来参加我的婚礼。”;Obviously I didn#39;t think I#39;d get married at 50 but I wasn#39;t going to change what I#39;d always said, and now, my family is even bigger so everyone got involved.“很明显我没想到自己会在50岁结婚,但我不打算改口。现在,我的亲人更多了所以参与的人也更多。”;After we got engaged I started contacting all my nieces, and their children, and my close family friends.“订婚后我就开始联系我的侄女及她们的孩子,还有一些亲近的朋友。”;It was a really special day and we certainly haven#39;t heard of any wedding party larger than ours.;“这天太特别了,我们还没听过有什么婚礼聚会比我们家的更庞大。”Jayne, from Blackheath, West Mids, was walked down the aisle by her youngest brother Stuart Blakeway, 48, sister Yvonne Hobbs, 71, and brother-in-law Glyn, 70.杰尼来自中西部的布莱克希思,她由48岁的弟弟斯图尔特、71岁的伊冯·霍布斯以及70岁的内兄格林陪伴着走过了红地毯。The bridesmaids were divided into teams and each group had a leader who arranged their shoes, accessories and matching dresses in varying shades of pink and purple.伴娘被分成了几个小组,每个小组有个组长负责安排鞋子、配饰和不同颜色的礼。The 44 bridesmaids needed an entire coach to transport them from St Paul#39;s Church to a local social club for the 260-strong reception.一整节旅客车厢才能将这44名伴娘从圣保罗教堂运送到当地一家能接待260人的俱乐部。Delighted Shaun added: ;It was a great day and I was just happy to leave the organising up to my wife.肖恩高兴地说:“这天真是太棒了,很高兴这一切都由我的妻子来操办。”;All I organised was for the cars to be picked up and come out and then I said whatever you want, you can have.“而我需要做的就是把车组织过来就行了,然后我说无论你想要什么,只要说一声就行。”;I think that sort of logic is going to be the secret for a long and happy marriage.;“我觉得这样的分工能让我们的婚姻长久又快乐。”Shaun proposed to Jayne on her 50th birthday in May this year and they decided to get married on the groom#39;s 53rd birthday.肖恩在今年5月杰尼50岁生日的那天向她求了婚,他们决定在新郎53岁生日这天结婚。Reverend Mike Sermon, who conducted the service, said afterwards: ;I thought it was quite overwhelming.牧师迈克·瑟蒙主持了这场婚礼,之后他说:“这真是一场壮观的婚礼。”;But it#39;s lovely that Jane wanted them involved and wanted their support. Then really it was just a logistical exercise.“但是杰尼希望所有人都参与进来并得到她们的祝福,这一想法真可爱。当然这对后勤要求很高。”;The bridal procession was a bit of a personal best for me. It#39;s a very happy occasion and we were delighted to accommodate Jane and Shaun.“这是我主持过的最盛大的婚礼。令人非常愉快,我们很高兴能参与其中。”;It was a little unusual but it was great.;“虽然有点不同寻常,但感觉很棒。”The couple, who met as teenagers but only recently got together, plan to go on honeymoon to Cancun in Mexico.这对夫妻十几岁的时候就认识但最近才在一起,他们决定去墨西哥坎昆度蜜月。 /201411/345153



  The Oversized Turtleneck sweater: If the piece you own is oversized and could be worn as a tunic, why not do it the 60#39;s way and wear a pair of tight over the knee boots with it?大尺寸(宽松)高领毛衣:如果你的毛衣是大尺寸的,而且能当作长袍穿,那为什么不穿出60年代的味儿,配上一双紧身的长统靴呢?However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing an oversized jumper on its own, then why not step out of your comfort zone by choosing a knit pencil skirt like this Shakuhachi Gradient one and finish the outfit off with a pair of high ankle Mercer Bootie?不过,如果你觉得只穿宽大的套头衫不舒的话,那么为什么不选一条针织铅笔裙(就像这条Shakuhachi Gradient裙)并且搭一双高脚踝的美世毛线鞋完成整套搭配,又不失舒适呢?Skinny Pants or Boyfriend Jeans? If you’re feeling the casual vibes - then a pair of skinny pants or faux leather leggings are what you should be going for. Swap the high heels with a pair of military Boots.紧身裤/男盆友牛仔裤?如果你喜欢随意休闲风——那么一条紧身裤,或是人造皮紧身裤就是你的不二选择。把高跟鞋换掉,配一双军靴。The boyfriend pants then? An outfit like this is much more appropriate for people with tall and slender figures that won#39;t be overwhelmed by the outfit. Anyway, if you#39;re lucky enough to be able to wear such a combo - a pair of chic Jimmy Choo#39;s is purely a must.男盆友裤子哈?像这样的一套饰更适合高个子和苗条的身材,又不会被整套饰宣兵夺主。无论怎样,如果你足够幸运能够穿上这样一套组合——一双时髦的Jimmy Choo鞋完全是必须的。Accessories: What about the accessories you wonder? Well, even though you could still wear an oversized necklace (if the turtleneck allows), personally I’m not very keen on that. I prefer accessorising my hands instead with some bracelets, a watch, and a couple of rings. On my face I#39;d wear some retro-shaped #39;cat eye#39; sunglasses and a pair of cute little earrings if I#39;m going for a dressier option. Just remember: the turtleneck is enough of an accessory so just keep it simple!配饰:你在犹豫的配饰方面呢?嗯哼,虽然你仍然可以配上大号的项链(如果你的高领毛衣允许的话),我个人不是很热衷于这个。我更倾向于手链,手表还有手环这样的手上配饰。脸部配饰,如果我穿着考究的话,我会带上复古型“猫眼”太阳眼镜,和一对可爱的小耳环。只需牢记:高领毛衣配饰有限,简洁至上!Outerwear: Depending on the occasion you have a few options to choose among. If you’re off to a work meeting – then this Waterfall Trench Coat is certainly the perfect option. You#39;re about to grab a coffee with your mates or take a flight? Then a leather jacket or a sleeveless gilet ‘Olivia Palermo’ style is certainly what you need. No matter the type of jacket you choose just make sure that it#39;s loose enough around the neck so that it#39;s not clashing with the turtleneck below.外套:不同情境不同选择。如果你要去开会——那么这件Waterfall Trench大衣当然是最完美的选择。你要和搭档买一杯咖啡或是坐飞机?那么一件皮夹克或是一件Olivia Palermo风的无袖马甲就正是你所需要的。无论你选什么样的夹克,要确保领子宽松,这样和内搭高领毛衣才不会冲突。The Mini: Here it is - my all time favourite winter look: cosy sweater combined with a mini skirt (or a pair of shorts) and high heel ankle boots. Just make sure to wear dark thick tights if you don#39;t want everyone to think that you#39;ve somehow woken up in the wrong season.迷你裙:这就是——我一直最喜欢的冬季打扮:舒适的毛衣配上一条迷你裙(或是短裤),和高跟短靴。如果你不想让大伙儿认为你莫名其妙的不在一个季节时区的话,只需要确保穿上暗色的,厚厚的紧身裤。The Hair: Messy, messy, messy! The turtleneck covers the neck, so tucking your hair up is a great idea if you wanna reveal your face a little more, while letting the turtleneck become the focal point of your look. I#39;d simply go for the messy sexy bun. If you prefer to keep your hair down - then just leave it air dry or curl it into some loose waves. That#39;s certainly a must if you have a square face and wanna soften your features.发型:凌乱美凌乱美凌乱美!高领毛衣包裹住了脖子,所以如果你想要多暴露脸部一点,就把你的头发扎起来,要让你的高领毛衣成为你打扮的重点。我喜欢简简单单的扎个凌乱又性感的小圆髻。如果你喜欢把头发放下来——那么就让头发自然风干,或是卷成浪。如果你有张大方脸,并想让轮廓显得柔和,这是必须的。 /201501/356821

  Millions of us reach for a coffee at least once a day to boost our alertness and counter flagging energy levels。我们中有很多人每天都至少需要一杯咖啡来提神醒脑,来增加我们消耗的能量。But what if there was a free alternative that worked even better?但要是有免费甚至效果更好的法子呢?Writer Gregory Ferenstein believes he has the answer - 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise such as push-ups whenever he feels drowsy。作家格雷戈里·弗兰斯坦觉得他就有这样的方法——当感到昏昏欲睡的时候,他通常会选择做30秒的高强度锻炼,比如做俯卧撑等。He discovered that the exercises gave him double the energy boost of his daily Starbucks - and saved him a considerable amount of cash in the process。他发现锻炼的提神效果是每日一杯星巴克咖啡的双倍,而且锻炼还能给他省掉一大笔咖啡钱。He explained: #39;Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I find a quiet corner and perform some form of body-weight exercise that jolts my heart up to at last 70 percent of the maximal beats per minute (for me, that#39;s about 170)。他说:“当我需要提神了,我会去找一个安静的角落来做一些负重锻炼,来使我的心跳达到最快速度的70%(对我来说大约是每分钟170次)。”He added: #39;I#39;ve found that 30 seconds of high-intensity body-weight exercise gives me the same mental boost as a shot of caffeine.#39;他补充说:“我发现,30秒高强度的负重锻炼和咖啡因一样,可以给人同样的精神刺激。 ”For reference, a Starbucks Grande Cafe Americano has 225mg of caffeine. He found that his overall cognitive performance increased by six per cent after caffeine - but 12 per cent after exercise。参考数据显示,星巴克一杯大杯美式咖啡中含有咖啡因225毫克。弗兰斯坦发现,咖啡因使他的整体认知能力上升了6%;而进行锻炼后,他的整体认知能力上升了12%。The only benefit caffeine gave him was when it came to short-term memory, which improved by 26 per cent compared to 16 per cent with exercise。咖啡因带来的唯一好处是增强了26%的短期,比锻炼的效果高出10个百分点。A wealth of research backs up his findings. Last year researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute found that high-intensity exercise boosts mental and physical health。充分的研究也实了弗兰斯坦的发现。去年蒙特利尔心脏研究所的研究人员发现,高强度的运动能增强身心的健康。Previously sedentary adults were put through four months of high-intensity interval training。在此之前,一些长期处于久坐状态中的人们接受了持续四个月的高强度的间歇训练。At the end, their cognitive functions - the ability to think, recall and make quick decisions - had improved significantly, the researchers found。在这项训练结束后,研究人员发现他们的认知能力,包括思考能力、以及迅速做事决定的能力等,都得到了大大的提升。Last year researchers from the University of South Carolina found that regular tmill sessions also give a boost to the cell#39;s powerhouses in the brain。去年南卡罗来纳大学的研究人员发现,定期在跑步机上进行跑步锻炼也能极大地促进脑细胞的生命力。 /201507/387407The folks who successfully bid .3m for lunch with Warren Buffett can expect a convivial event filled with jokes, investment wisdom and life advice, according to those who have won in previous years — but they had better keep an eye on their soft drinks.成功投标230万美元与沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)共进午餐的人们,可以期待一段欢乐的时光,充满了笑料、投资智慧和人生建议,但他们最好盯紧自己的软饮料——这是往年的中标者介绍的“经验”。This year’s annual auction was won by a Chinese online games development company called Dalian Zeus Entertainment, which can take up to eight people to meet the legendary investor.中国网游开发公司大连天神(Dalian Zeus Entertainment)赢得今年的年度拍卖,中标者可以带至多8人会晤巴菲特这位具有传奇色的投资者。Since Mr Buffett began the tradition in 2000, his lunches have raised m for Glide, a San Francisco charity supporting the city’s poor and homeless.自巴菲特在2000年开启这一传统以来,这些年来他的“拍卖”午餐已为Glide(一家旧金山慈善机构,持该市的穷人和无家可归者)筹集了2000万美元。Monsoon Pabrai’s most vivid memory from her lunch was that Mr Buffett pinched her Cherry Coke, thinking it was his. She was 12 at the time. Her hedge fund manager father, Mohnish Pabrai, took his two daughters along after he and a friend won with their 0,100 bid in 2007.梦松#8226;帕波莱(Monsoon Pabrai)对那顿午餐的最生动记忆是,巴菲特拿起她的樱桃可乐(Cherry Coke)喝了起来,以为那是他自己的。那年她才12岁。当时,身为对冲基金经理的父亲莫尼什#8226;帕波莱(Mohnish Pabrai)和一个朋友在2007年以65.01万美元中标后,带上自己的两个女儿与巴菲特共进午餐。Now, partly inspired by that lunch, Ms Pabrai is doing an internship at the investment office at University of California, Los Angeles, and hoping to go into the world of endowments, but she also remembers Mr Buffett’s advice outside the sphere of investments.部分是在那顿午餐的激励下,如今帕波莱女士正在美国加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的投资办公室实习,并希望进入捐赠基金的世界,但她也记得巴菲特在投资范畴以外的建议。“He said the greatest decision we would make is who to marry,” she recalls. “Now every time my sister and I go on dates, that echoes in our heads.”“他说,我们一生中将要做出的最大决定是与谁结婚。”她回忆道,“现在,每当我和出去跟别人约会,那条建议就会在我们的脑海里产生回音。”Guy Spier, who bid with Mr Pabrai, recalls “the way the air vibrates” around Mr Buffett. Mr Spier has since written a book on what he has learnt from Mr Buffett, both personally and through following his value investment principles, and he puts some of his professional success down to the lunch.当年与帕波莱联合投标的盖伊#8226;施皮尔(Guy Spier)对巴菲特周围的气场记忆犹新。施皮尔后来写了一本书,介绍他从巴菲特那里学到的东西——无论是个人层面的哲理,还是因遵循巴菲特价值投资原则而得到的收获。他将自己的一部分职业成功归功于那顿午餐。“The world is not a fair place,” he said. “Who you hang out with counts. Hanging out with people better than you counts. Somebody knows that I had lunch with Warren Buffett, at the margin that makes it more likely that they will want to hang out with me.”“世界不是一个公平的地方,”他表示,“你跟谁打交道是重要的。与比你更优秀的人打交道很重要。有人听说了我曾与巴菲特共进午餐,至少这使得他们更有可能想要与我打交道。”The price of breaking b with Mr Buffett began rising dramatically after the auction switched to eBay in 2003, opening it up to fans from all over the world. This year’s winning bid is 838 per cent higher than that paid in 2003 by David Einhorn, the famed short seller, and the highest bid ever was .5m in 2012.自拍卖活动在2003年转至eBay进行、让世界各地的粉丝都能投标以来,与巴菲特一起吃饭的价格就开始戏剧性上涨。今年的中标价格比2003年知名卖空者戴维#8226;艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)付出的价格高838%。历年来的最高出价是2012年的350万美元。The cost of the meal itself, now donated by steakhouse chain Smith amp; Wollensky, has risen more modestly. Restaurant food prices are up 41 per cent over the same period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But even at the highest price tag, winning the auction can be worth every cent.午餐——如今由牛排连锁餐厅“史密斯与沃伦斯基”(Smith amp; Wollensky)捐赠——本身的开销上涨更为温和。根据美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)的数据,同期餐厅食品价格上涨了41%。但是,即使以最高的价码中标,赢得这场拍卖也可能物超所值。Mr Buffett surprised a two-time winning bidder — a hedge fund manager from Virginia named Ted Weschler — by offering him a job at the end of their second meal. Mr Weschler is now in line to take over some investment duties at Berkshire Hathaway when Mr Buffett retires as chief executive.巴菲特曾给两度中标的弗吉尼亚州对冲基金经理泰德#8226;韦施勒(Ted Weschler)一个惊喜:在他们的第二顿午餐结束时向他提供了一个职位。如今,韦施勒将在巴菲特从首席执行官职位上退休之后,接手伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的一部分投资职责。Duan Yongping, the Chinese electronics entrepreneur turned investor, has stayed away from airline stocks after discussing Mr Buffett’s own disastrous foray into the sector with him at lunch in 2006. “I love to talk to him,” Mr Duan said. “He uses the most simple words to explain the most complicated things.”从中国电子行业企业家转型为投资者的段永平,在2006年与巴菲特共进午餐时,讨论了巴菲特自己投资航空公司的灾难性经历,自那以来段永平一直避开航空公司股票。“我爱与他交谈,”段永平表示,“他能用最简单的语言来解释最复杂的事情。”Glide’s co-founder Janice Mirikitani said at the launch of the auction last week: “The divides are getting bigger between the haves and have-nots. Mr Buffett inspires others who have the means to help bridge that divide.”Glide联合创始人贾尼丝#8226;美里木谷(Janice Mirikitani)上周在发起拍卖时表示:“富人与穷人之间的差距越来越大了。巴菲特激励其他有能力的人士帮助弥合这一鸿沟。”Mr Spier declined to put a figure on the return on investment from his winning bid, but he is certain of its value. “We could give that money to Harvard or Yale,” he said, “but it would not even buy you a plaque. It would only buy you lunch with the Dean.”施皮尔拒绝量化与巴菲特共进午餐的投资回报,但他对这个机会的价值确信无疑。“我们可以把那笔钱捐给哈佛(Harvard)或耶鲁(Yale),”他说,“但它连一块牌匾都买不到,只够你与院长共进午餐。” /201506/379805Faithful Cat忠实的猫Once upon a time ,a woman had a faithful cat.从前有 个妇人有一只忠实的猫。And one day,a guy ran over the cat with his horse drawn carriage.有一天,有个人用他的马车将猫辗死。So,the man went to the old woman and said,因此,这个人就去找这位老妇人说:;I am terribly sorry about your cat.I#39;d like to replace him.;“我对你的猫感到非常抱歉,我愿意代替它。”;That#39;s so nice of you!; said the old woman,deeply touched.这位老妇人深深地感动说:“你真好心呀!”;So how good are you at catching mice?;“你抓老鼠的功夫很棒吗?” /201503/361449

  A new service has launched which promises to transform undomesticated grooms into perfect husbands-to-be, yours for only #163;199.一项新的务项目横空出世,声称可以让从未染指家务的新郎,摇身一变成为完美的准老公,而你只要花费199英镑。Edinburgh#39;s Double Tree by Hilton hotel has dubbed its concept The Groom Academy, and teaches hapless fiancés how to hone their skills at ironing, bed-making, cooking and even cocktail making.爱丁堡(Edinburgh)的希尔顿逸林酒店推出了“新郎学院”的概念,教倒霉的未婚夫们学习熨衣、铺床、烹饪,甚至是调鸡尾酒的技巧。Jennifer Hutchinson, 28, from Falkirk, may aly have agreed to marry Nick Hogarth, her boyfriend of eight years, but still felt he was in dire need of a crash course in general housekeeping.28岁的詹尼弗·哈钦森(Jennifer Hutchinson),来自英国福尔柯克(Falkirk),她本已打算嫁给交往八年的男友尼克·荷加斯(Nick Hogarth),但她仍觉得对方急需恶补一下如何做家务。She said: #39;Nick has always put football, Playstation, work and his mates before me and he#39;s awful with dates!她说:“尼克老是把足球、游戏机和他的狐朋友看得比我重要,而且他的时间观念还很差!”#39;He never helps with the washing up, never tidies up after himself and his time management is awful. He#39;s got tons of bad habits and I#39;ve still not got it through to him that leaving the toilet seat up just isn#39;t on.“他从不帮忙洗衣,从不自己做卫生,时间观念还很差。他有一堆的坏习惯。直到现在,他还不能按照我说的在如厕后把马桶盖掀起来。”#39;Sometimes I feel more like his mother than his fiancée, so I decided I#39;d had enough, it was time for the Groom Academy.#39;“有时我觉得自己更像是他的妈妈,而不是未婚妻。我受够了,是时候把他送去‘新郎学院#39;了。”From her point of view, at least, it was a resounding success.至少在她看来,这个决定很成功。#39;It was great fun,#39; she said. #39;Nick clearly learned a lot and he#39;s definitely more aware of cleaning up after himself.#39;“太有意思了,”她说道,“尼克显然学到不少,他更加注重个人卫生。”#39;I normally have to iron his shirts but hopefully he#39;ll be able to do that for himself now. It was great fun seeing him learning the things I#39;ve had to do for him for year.“往常总是我帮他熨衬衫,但现在他能独立完成。看他学做这些原本我帮他做了多年的家务,这真是太有趣了。”#39;He looked quite confused a lot of the time but now he#39;s got all the skills he needs to be a great husband.“一开始他很迷茫,但现在他已经全部掌握当一名好丈夫的技能了。”#39;I love him to bits and I think he#39;ll be a great father one day but he needed whipping into shape and hopefully this experience has done that.#39;“我很爱他,我认为将来他会成为一名好爸爸。但他需要打造,希望这次的经历能帮助他成长。”The couple first met while Jennifer was working as a waitress at Nick#39;s hotel during her time at university.这对情侣第一次邂逅时,还是在校大学生的詹妮弗在尼克所在的酒店兼职当务员。Nick, who proposed to Jennifer last year, said: #39;It wasn#39;t my decision to come to Groom Academy, and I can#39;t say I was looking forward to it - but I#39;ve really enjoyed the experience.尼克去年向詹妮弗求婚了,他说:“不是我自己决定去‘新郎学院#39;的,也不能说我对此很期待,但我得承认我还蛮享受这个过程的。”#39;I#39;ve never been a domestic god - not by any stretch. I could throw a sheet and make a vodka and coke but that#39;s about as far as it goes.“我从来不是家务能手,一点也算不上。我会把床单一扔,来一杯伏尔加酒加可乐。但这样的日子离现在可远了。”#39;I play football regularly. Monday to Friday I#39;m at work, I play football two to three times a week and I go out drinking with my friends at weekends.“我常踢足球,周一至周五上班,每周踢个两三次,周末和朋友出去喝点酒。”#39;With all that in mind, I think it#39;s fair to say I don#39;t spend enough time with Jen so Groom Academy has taught me a lot of valuable lessons.“有这堆事情在脑子里,确实和詹妮弗待在一起的时间不多,‘新郎学院#39;给我上了不少宝贵的课。”#39;Learning how to iron properly was really interesting and, now that I know how to make the bed like a professional, I can#39;t really get away with leaving it in a mess again!“学着如何正确熨衣还真有趣,现在我也知道怎么专业地铺床了。我再也不会让房间一团糟就离开!”#39;I#39;ve learnt an awful lot and I#39;m looking forward to being a better husband and being able to help a bit more.#39;“我学了很多,希望将来能成为一个更好的丈夫,能为家里帮点忙。”Nick and Jennifer are due to be married at Rothesay Castle on the Isle of Bute in August and they plan to spend their honeymoon touring the ed States.尼克和詹妮弗定下今年八月在布特(Bute)岛的罗思塞(Rothesay)城堡举行婚礼,他们准备去美国度蜜月。 /201505/377594The latest app that#39;s sweeping the web is the fiendishly addictive, and surprisingly difficult, Kuku Kube.最新颜色辨识应用程序Kuku Kube正在席卷网络,它像恶魔般使人上瘾,并且难度惊人。It has been designed to put your colour vision and eyesight to the test by showing boards of coloured squares.这个游戏在测试中展示由色色块组成的多个板块,是一个测试色觉和视力的游戏。On each board, one of the squares is a slightly different shade of the same colour and the aim is to find this odd square by tapping it with your finger or clicking it with the mouse.在每个同色的板块中,有一个色块相比其他相同的色块颜色略微浅,而游戏的目标就是用手指敲击或者用鼠标点击去找出这个不一样的方块。Although the game appears relatively simple, and starts with a board of just four coloured squares, it quickly grows to a board of up to 81 squares.尽管这个游戏看起来相对简单,而且在开始仅仅有四个色色块,但是很快,它就增长到高达八十一个的色块。And the differentiation between the shades becomes more subtle over time.而颜色间细微的差别也随着时间的推移变得更加微妙。Players get a point for every correct square identified, but if they click or tap the wrong square they lose a point.玩家识别出一个正确色块,就可得到一分,但如果点击了错误的色块,就会失去一分。Plus, players get just 60 seconds to find the odd square on each board before the timer runs out and the game ends.另外,玩家只有60秒的时间,玩家需要在计时器停止、游戏结束之前找到每个不一样的色块。It was created by Canada-based Network365 and is available for free on Facebook, Android, iOS and on desktop browsers.它是由加拿大Network365公司创建,Facebook、安卓、iOS和桌面浏览器上免费提供此游戏。There are eight levels, and as a player progresses the squares change orientation or add borders to make it harder.它设有八级,且伴随着玩家的升级,它的色块会改变方位并增多板块以加大难度。On the desktop version the game lets you continue until the timer runs out, but on mobile apps players can#39;t progress until they have scored more than 20 points on each level.桌面版本的游戏可以让你在计时器停止前继续玩下去,但手机应用程序的玩家,在每个级别超过二十分之前,不能玩下一关。The app makers said scores lower than 11 are poor, scores between 15 and 20 is #39;lower than average#39;, 21 to 30 is considered normal or average, and a score higher than 31 means your eyesight is #39;great.#39;该应用程序创造者表示,分数低于十一的人色觉比较差,分数介于十五至二十分的玩家则“低于平均水平”,二十一至三十的玩家被认为是正常或一般,而得分比三十一高意味着你的视力“非常好”。#39;This puzzle is designed to evaluate the quality of your colour vision,#39; said the developers.“这个游戏是为了评估你的色觉,”开发者称。#39;You should identify the difference, if possible, and share your result with your friends.#39;“你应该找出差异,如果可能的话,还可与你的朋友分享你的结果。”But they stressed: #39;Even though this test can be very accurate, it should never be used to replace a doctor#39;s visit.但他们强调:“虽然这个测试非常准确,但是它不应该被用来代替医生的问诊。”#39;[It] provides basic information and guideline for your eyesight and colour test, and is not intended to replace a full or partial eye examination.#39;“它为你的视力和色测试提供基本的信息和指南,但不是为了取代全面或部分的眼科检查。”Eyesight and colour was recently linked to how we perceive the world by Michael Abrash, chief scientist from Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) experts Oculus.Facebook旗下的虚拟现实(VR)专家Oculus公司的首席科学家Michael Abrash,提出了视觉与色近来被联系到我们如何感知世界。He explained that humans only have three colour sensors, we can’t see infrared or ultraviolet and we have a blind spot in each eye.他解释说,人类只有三种颜色感应器官,我们无法看到的红外线或紫外线,而且我们的每只眼睛都有盲点。#39;Our visual data is actually astonishingly sparse and even if we were able to accurately record and process every photon that reaches our eyes, we’d still have too little data to be able to reconstruct the world accurately,#39; he said.“实际上,我们的视觉数据的不足是惊人的,即使我们能够准确地记录和处理每一个到达我们眼睛的光子,能够准确地复原世界的数据对我们来说还是太少。”他说。He used the recent black and blue/white and gold dress as an example.他用了最近裙子是蓝黑还是白金的问题作为例子。#39;Our visual system takes its best guess and sends that to the conscious mind,’ he continued.“我们的视觉系统选用并发送最佳猜测至我们的意识,”他继续说。#39;The way that the brain compensates for the limited data it receives is by maintaining a model of the real world that it constantly updates as new data comes in.“大脑为了补偿其接收信息的有限,在每次有新的数据输入时,不断更新以维护在脑中反应现实世界的模型。”#39;And it is that model, not the real world, that you experience and trust implicitly. We are inference machines, not objective observers.“而这只是你所感受到的和完全信任的模型,而不是真正的现实世界。我们是一个干预机器,而不是客观的观察者。 ”He then showed a red and blue pill on hands that were shown on a yellow background to give an example of how this inference model breaks down.为了举出一个能够明这个推论模型是如何失效的实例,他随即在手上展示了一个之前被展示在一个黄色的背景下的“红色和蓝色”的药片。The colours of the pills are the same shade of grey, and the red and blue colours that people see are simply what their brains perceive, based on the rest of the information around them.这两个药片都是一样的灰色,而人们看到的红色和蓝色仅仅是他们的大脑感知,这基于他们周围其余的信息。And even when a person knows that the pills are grey, they still see them as red or blue.而且甚至当一个人知道药丸是灰色的时候,他们仍然认为他们看见的是红色或蓝色。#39;Your visual system isn’t interested in whether the photon coming from a tile on a random image are red or blue or grey,#39; Mr Abrash continued.“你的视觉系统对一个来自随机图像的光子到底是红色或蓝色或灰色的并不感兴趣,”Abrash先生继续说道。#39;Knowing that didn’t keep anyone from being eaten by lions on the Savannah. What it is interested in is identifying potentially relevant features, in the real world, under a variety of conditions.“知道这一事实并不会让人们幸免于萨凡纳狮子之口。人们关注的是,在各种条件下的现实世界中,去鉴别潜在的相关特征。”#39;Your visual system constantly corrects for the colours in the scene. It is reverse engineering reality rather than just recording it. The colours seen are your brain’s “best guess.”’“你的视觉系统不断更正出现在视线里的色。这不是单纯的记录,而是对事实的逆向工程,你看到的颜色是你的大脑的#39;最佳猜测’。” /201504/372815



  How To Make Friends: This Will Subtly Help People Open Up怎样交朋友:无形之中帮你变外向When people tell each other something intimate, it deepens the relationship.当人们告诉彼此很亲密的一些事情的时候,能够加深相互之间的感情。Laughter encourages people to open up and this is the secret to how to make friends, a new study finds.一项新研究发现,笑声能鼓励人们变得外向起来,这就是交朋友的秘诀。People in the study were more likely to disclose something personal about themselves after laughing together, although they didn#39;t realise it.这项研究中的人更能在一起大笑过后更能说一些私人的话题,尽管他们并没有意识到这一点。;Self-disclosure has long been regarded as critical to relationship development and is typically considered as an exchange, where intimacies are traded as a means of deepening and developing relationships.;自我公开好久以来就被认为是人际关系发展的至关重要的因素,通常会被当做交换,亲密是用来被交换的加深和发展人家关系的手段。;Indeed, people tend to like those to whom they disclose as well as those who disclose to them, and disclosure intimacy typically increases as relationships develop.;确实,人们往往喜欢那些开诚布公的或者对自己讲很多的人,通常将亲密讲出来人际关系会更加牢固。So the study may explain one way that laughter can help people connect.因此,这项研究或许解释笑声帮助人们加强联系的一种方式。How to make friends如何交朋友?For the research, published in the journal Human Nature, 112 people watched one of three s in groups of four (Gray et al., 2015).在《人类自然》杂志中刊登的这项研究,112人分四组观看了三部影像之中的一部(Gray et al., 2015)。The researchers were careful to make sure people in the groups were strangers to each other.研究者确保这些人都是彼此不认识的人。Some groups watched a comedian, another a boring golf and a third a nature documentary.一组观看了一个喜剧演员,另一组看了一部令人厌烦的高尔夫视频,第三组看了一部自然纪录片。The results showed that when the groups laughed together more, they also shared more intimate information with each other.结果显示当人们在一起笑的越多,他们彼此分享的亲密的信息也越多。Alan Gray, who led the study, thinks the effect is about more than just feeling good.领导这项研究的Alan Gray,认为结果再好不过了。Laughter releases the #39;happy hormones#39; endorphins, which are what may encourage people to share intimate details of their lives.大笑能够减轻;开心的荷尔蒙;内啡肽,这或许能鼓励人们分享生活中亲密的细节。The authors write:作者写道:;Given laughter#39;s ability to trigger endorphin activation and the role of endorphins in the formation of social bonds, laughter may increase willingness to disclose intimate information because the opioid effect of endorphins makes individuals more relaxed about what they communicate.;;笑声能够触发内啡肽的活性和内啡肽在社交联系形成汇中的作用。大笑能够增加公开个人亲密信息的意愿,因为医内啡肽的类鸦片作用使得个人对他们交流的内容更加放松。;One of the fascinating findings of the study was that people did not seem aware they had shared more with others.这项研究的一个大有吸引力的发现就是人们似乎没有意识到他们跟别人分享了很多。Although objective observers rated the disclosures of people who#39;d been laughing as more intimate, people themselves did not.尽管客观的观察者责骂人们公开大笑时泄露的秘密,但是当事人自己不这么认为。Mr Gray said:Gray 先生说:;This seems to be in line with the notion that laughter is linked specifically to fostering behaviors that encourage relationship development, since observer ratings of disclosure may be more important for relationship development than how much one feels one is disclosing.;似乎这跟笑声与培养鼓励人际关系发展行为的理念是一致的,因为比起人们觉得他们在泄密,观察者对于泄密的控诉或许对于人际关系发展更重要。;These results suggest that laughter should be a serious topic for those interested in the development of social relationships.;这些结论表明那些对社交关系发展感兴趣的人,对他们而言,笑声应该成为一个严肃的话题。 /201506/382151

  Crossing-over Bridge Rice Noodles 过桥米线 In the early years of the Qing Dynasty,Nanhu Lake of Mengzi county in Yunnan Province is a scenic wonderland. There are always men of letters ing poems.相传清朝初年,云南蒙自县城的南湖风景优美,常有文人墨客攻读诗书于此。In order to get an official rank through passing exams , a scholar named Yang builds a hut on an island in the middle of a lake, with one bridge linked to the bank. He studies assiduously on the island every day. His wife is so virtuous and laborious that she sends meals to him back and forth and works the fields from dawn to dusk.Because of the great distance,when she gets there, the food has become cold and unappetizing. The scholar is wasting away with the passing time, so his wife is much worried about it.有位姓杨的书生为考取功名,在湖中小岛筑了一间茅屋,与湖岸一桥相连,每日在岛上用功苦读。其妻勤劳贤惠,每日往返送食,因路途稍远,每次送到后,饭菜已凉,书生食之无味,天长日久日渐消瘦,妻子甚是着急。One day, she kills a chicken and cooks chicken soup in a heated earthen pot, adding some rice noodles and slicing meat and vegetables. Unfortunately when she crosses the stone bridge on the way to the island, she falls senseless to the ground for working too hard every day.一日妻将家养的鸡宰杀,把砂锅烧热,煨汤一罐,配上米线、肉片、蔬菜往岛上送去,过石桥的时候,因终日辛劳昏倒在地。It has been a long time before she came to life. She is so surprised to find the earthen pot still hot. Her husband is surprised too. After a careful examination, He finds two secrets: there is thick chicken oil on the surface of the soup and the earthen vessel does not ily conduct heat. As a result, the heat of the soup is well preserved. He rains praises on it after eating it up.良久醒来,妻摸砂锅发现还很烫手,妻子很是惊喜,急忙过桥向丈夫奉上鸡汤米线,丈夫感到汤很烫手,甚为惊奇,仔细查看,原来汤表面覆盖着一层鸡油,加之陶制器皿不易传热,把热量封存于汤内,丈夫食罢连声称赞。Since then, the scholar has a balanced diet, becoming healthier and more hardworking. Finally he succeeds in a government examination. When his fellow scholars come to congratulate him, he asks his wife to treat them with the rice noodles with chicken soup. They praise it repeatedly and ask what the splendid meal is. Thinking of the bridge she crosses every day, she blurts out “crossing-over bridge rice noodles”. Therefore, crossing-over bridge rice noodles become famous and sp widely.从此以后,书生饮食调匀,身体日益康健,越发用功读书,终获金榜题名。同窗前来贺喜,丈夫让妻子如法用鸡汤配制米线招待客人,大家食罢连连称绝,纷纷询问是何佳肴,妻子想到每天走过的小桥顺口说“过桥米线”,从此,“过桥米线”名声鹊起在民间广为流传。 /201505/373810

  Downton Abbey#39;s Lady Mary is now the most in-demand British voice in America, new research has revealed.有新研究指出,《唐顿庄园》里大玛丽的声音已经成为在美国最受欢迎的英国声音。Actress Michelle Dockery#39;s cut glass English tones beat the likes of quintessential English actor Hugh Grant and current James Bond Daniel Craig, to become the most requested UK accent for the US voiceover industry.女演员米歇尔#8226;道克瑞那精致的英音击败标杆人物英国演员休#8226;格兰特和新晋邦德演员丹尼尔#8226;克雷格,成为美国配音行业最受欢迎的英国口音。Voiceovers are big business in America covering everything from TV ads to recorded birthday greetings and at the moment famous British - and Irish - voices are particularly popular.配音在美国是一个非常庞大的行业,包括电视广告到生日祝福录音等领域。现在英国和爱尔兰名人的口音尤其受欢迎。From Nigella Lawson#39;s sultry tones to Liam Neeson#39;s Ulster brogue and even Gordon Ramsay#39;s angry rants, demand has more than doubled in the past year.去年,妮格拉#8226;罗森性感的声音和连姆#8226;尼森的爱尔兰口音,甚至是戈登#8226;拉姆齐的愤怒咆哮,这些声音的需求量都成倍增长。Copycat versions of these, and others from Hugh Grant to Keith Lemon, are used for all kinds of things including online guides, training s and even automated voicemails.这些声音的模仿版本,以及模仿休#8226;格兰特,基思#8226;柠檬的声音被用于多个方面,包括在线指引,训练视频和自动语音邮箱。And Lady Mary#39;s cut-glass upper-class accent is the most popular of the lot, according to PPH#39;s analysis of 5,000 job adverts requesting British-sounding voices in the USA.根据全球自由职业者市场网站PeoplePerHour(PPH)在美国对5000份英音招聘启事的分析报告显示,玛丽精致高贵的口音在众多声音中最受欢迎。It does not even mean using the real voice of Ms Dockery who plays the aristocrat in the successful series, said PPH boss Xenios Thrasyvoulou.这并不意味着要使用大玛丽扮演者道克瑞女士的真实声音,PPH的老板Xenios Thrasyvoulou如是说。Instead, a good impression will do as it will for others on the top 20 list including Daniel Craig and Helen Mirren - familiar to Americans for playing James Bond and The Queen.相反,一个好的印象非常重要,比如其他位列前20名的人,包括丹尼尔#8226;克雷格和海伦#8226;米伦,这两位因扮演詹姆斯#8226;邦德和女王而被美国观众所熟知。All the Americans want is an English-speaking voice that sounds like the star or, sometimes, more generically they will ask for a #39;B News#39; or a #39;Downton Abbey#39; accent, according to research by global freelance marketplace PeoplePerHour (PPH).PPH研究发现,美国人想要的是一个听起来像玛丽说英语的声音,或者,有时是想要一种“B新闻”或者“唐顿庄园”那样的口音。Colin Farrell, the Irish actor who is a Hollywood A-lister is high in the list alongside Scot James McAvoy, who has also had success in American movies.好莱坞一线演员、来自爱尔兰的科林#8226;法瑞尔与在电影方面有极大成就的苏格兰演员詹姆斯#8226;麦卡沃伊都在英国腔热门榜上名列前茅。Surprisingly, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini#39;s Geordie accent is often requested, even though her failure as a US X-Factor judge was attributed to US audiences unable to understand her.出乎预料的是,谢丽尔#8226;费尔南德兹-维西尼的口音需求也很旺盛,虽然她在美国X音素(X-Factor)中担任评审的失败被归咎于美国观众听不懂她说话。Americans request British and Irish voiceovers more often than that of any other nation, said Xenios Thrasyvoulou and it is fast becoming a major UK export across the Atlantic.美国人对英音和爱尔兰口音的配音需求比对其他国家的都要大,Xenios Thrasyvoulou说。这也迅速成为英国跨越大西洋的主要出口业务。Often they will request a #39;Downton accent#39; or a #39;Hugh Grant#39; or even a #39;B News accent#39; when advertising for the service, said PeoplePerHour#39;s research.PeoplePerHour研究报告显示,在需求广告中,他们通常会提出想要一种“唐顿庄园”、“休#8226;格兰特”或者一种“B新闻”的口音。It may be for promotional or training s made by private companies or even for novelty purposes like a #39;celebrity#39; voicemail on a mobile or landline telephone.这些声音可以被私人公司用于推广或者训练视频,甚至可以由一些新奇的用途,比如给手机或固定电话的语音信箱加一段“名人”语音。Around 10.4 million Americans regularly tuned in to watch the last series of Downton Abbey shown over there and similar numbers enjoy Sherlock and Doctor Who.大概有1040万美国人会定期追看《唐顿庄园》,以及《神探夏洛克》和《神秘士》。But it is not just America. PPH found requests for British voices from countries as far afield as Australia and India to Mexico, Egypt and even Germany.这个现象不仅仅发生在美国。PPH发现对英音的需求还来自澳大利亚,印度,墨西哥,埃及甚至德国等国家。Xenios Thrasyvoulou said: #39;The original British export was manufacturing then it was financial services now it seems to be the British accent.Xenios Thrasyvoulou说:“英国起初的出口是制造业,随后是金融业,现在是英式口音。”#39;With more companies than ever across the world utilising s for promotional purposes, voiceover artists from the UK are cashing in on the popularity of their accents.“随着世界各国各个公司更多地使用视频资料来做宣传推广,英国配音演员也因他们的口音而获益颇丰。”#39;It#39;s not just companies either, it seems that people from America, Australia and the UAE are also hiring voiceovers for novelty projects like birthday messages.“而且不仅仅是公司方面的需求,美国,澳大利亚和阿拉伯联合国酋长国的人们都在用新奇的方式使用英国腔,例如录制生日祝福语等。#39;The is potentially driven by a new wave of British programmes that are becoming hugely popular in the US and other countries across the world.#39;“英国的电视节目在美国和其他各国都越来越受欢迎,而这种对英音的需求正是其内在驱动的结果。”TOP TWENTY MOST IN DEMAND BRITISH ACCENTS IN AMERICA美国最受欢迎的英音前20位1. Lady Mary (Downton Abbey)1.大玛丽(唐顿庄园)2. Hugh Grant2.休#8226;格兰特3. Daniel Craig3.丹尼尔#8226;克雷格4. Colin Farrell4.科林#8226;法瑞尔5. James McAvoy5.詹姆斯#8226;麦卡沃伊6. Helen Mirren6.海伦#8226;米伦7. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini7.谢丽尔#8226;费尔南德兹-维西尼8. Hugh Laurie8.休#8226;劳瑞9. Idris Elba9.伊德瑞斯#8226;艾尔巴10. Sean Connery10.肖恩#8226;康纳利11. Liam Neeson11.连姆#8226;尼森12. Simon Cowell12.西蒙#8226;考威尔13. Keira Knightley13.凯拉#8226;奈特莉14. Gordon Ramsay14.戈登#8226;拉姆齐15. Benedict Cumberbatch15.本尼迪克特#8226;康伯巴奇16. Matt Smith16.马特#8226;史密斯17. David Beckham17.大卫#8226;贝克汉姆18. Nigella Lawson18.妮格拉#8226;罗森19. Jason Statham19.杰森#8226;斯坦森20. Keith Lemon.20.基思#8226;柠檬 /201505/374408

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