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Are you turning men off? It may not be how you look, but it may be something that you are totally unaware of. Hi, I'm Marie Forleo, life coach and author. And today I wanna talk to you about the perfect man checklist and why you need to burn that, girl. Most women have something called the perfect man checklist. It's an idea in their head about what the perfect man looks like and unknowingly, every time they meet a new guy, you're kind of scanning around, trying to see whether or not he fits that perfect man checklist. Well, here's what I recommend - burn the perfect man checklist. That's right, lady, set it to fire. Here's why. That perfect man checklist was put together when you were a much younger version of yourself. It's probably put together from people in your family, things that you learned in school, and it may not be appropriate to the beautiful and irresistible woman you are today. When you have a perfect man checklist, it's cutting you off from boatloads of men that are out there that can be single, available, but they may not fit your pictures. I know for me, I used to think that I used to have to be married to some Italian, very strong, masculine-looking guy, and I happened to be from Jersey, so we had that look. You know what happened when I burned my perfect man checklist? I absolutely met the man in my dreams. So ladies, go ahead and burn that perfect man checklist. You're gonna be so surprised at who you meet. You never know, it could be your Mr. Right. For more advice on dating and relationships, check out my new book. Make every man want you, or make yours want you more. How to be so damn irresistible you will barely keep from dating yourself. You can learn more at makeeverymanwantyou.com. Thanks for clicking on imag. For more original lifestyle s, log on to fncimag.com200810/52856Last post for disabled people? A disabled woman from Hastings says she's being discriminated against because her local post office is earmarked for closure.The Channel 4 News has learned that the government amended legislation which would have forced it to take account the needs of disabled people just weeks before announcing that thousands of post offices were closed. The department of work and pensions haven't offered an explanation for this change. But campaigners say it is illegal, and they are taking the government to court. Katie Razzall has the exclusive report from the battlefield in Hastings.107.8 Arrow FM, news for Hastings and 1066 Country.A Hastings' couple will learn next week if their legal challenge against post office closures could lead to a U-turn.Jonathan Coe's wife is disabled. She is too distressed about her condition to appear on television. But on Monday London's High Court will hear her lawyer's argue that closing her local post office is against the law."I thought it was an absolutely incomprehensible decision and that made me quite cross on behalf of my wife and indeed my mother-in-law."The Disability Discrimination Act includes a list of organizations that have a duty to promote quality for the disabled. Just a month before the Royal Mail announced it planned to shut 2500 branches, it was removed from that list--the only organization ever to be taken off."It's very difficult for groups of disabled people to bring this kind of legislation to the Statute book. But then to suddenly discover that on a whim, a minister has decided that no longer will this particular law apply to the Royal Mail is, frankly, an outrage."Mr. Coe's wife can't walk or stand for long periods, having a post office close by ensures she doesn't have to. Her lawyer argues that the then-secretary of state for Work and Pensions John Harten was wrong to exempt the Royal Mail."And it's outside of his powers given to him by Parliament. He was allowed to pass regulations to promote disability quality. He was not allowed to pass regulations to relax the obligations on public authorities, to do just that.""And there's no seats, you have to stand."Royal Mail is more than halfway through its national closure program. It loses four million pounds a week and says many of the services it used to provide are now offered online in three banks. 49 branches have aly shut in Sussex in the attempt to make Royal Mail more sustainable, including this former sub post office on the seafront. There're many locals still don't realize it.These pensioners combined age of 1023 rely on that branch for paying bills, getting money and benefits, more than just a place to buy stamps. For them, the post office is a public service. Their new branch is too far for many of them to attempt."Because I can't cope with it anymore, and I get a bit frightened when you carry money, you know, too far.""It's taken away independence from a large number of elderly and disabled people in this area, and it seems to me that the government is always wanting elderly people to remain independent, to stay in their own homes, and that's what's happened, it's taken away the independence of people.""Well I thought I'll test how long it takes me to get to the new post office, 9 minutes past 4......Hastings' post office, I've made at it, in 7 minutes, and I was walking pretty fast."Royal Mail says it may provide a reduced service nearby when Mr. Coe's post office shuts. If the couple win their case, its plan to close more branches across the country will be in doubt. The government told Channel 4 News it doesn't believe it.200811/55308

"No English, no job" for some Japanese office workersIn a bid to plug dwindling domestic consumption by tapping into overseas markets, some of Japan's big-name retailers are telling their employees to start speaking English -- or find another job.As Japan's population shrinks, the country's retailers are increasingly looking to boost sales by expanding abroad and some firms are waking up to the necessity of being able to speak the global language of business in order to succeed overseas.Rakuten, Japan's biggest online retailer, plans to make English the firm's official language, while Fast Retailing, operator of the Uniqlo apparel chain, wants to make English more common in its offices by 2012 and plans to test its employees for proficiency."It's about stopping being a Japanese company. We will become a world company," Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said last week at a news conference in Tokyo -- conducted almost entirely in English.Employees at Rakuten, which hopes overseas sales will eventually account for 70 percent of all transactions made through its websites, will need to master English by 2012 to avoid facing the sack."No English, no job," Mikitani told the Asahi newspaper.Other high-profile Japanese companies, including automakers Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor, have announced moves to make the use of English more common in the workplace.Some experts say the switch to English is healthy but just one of the changes companies need to make to go global."What's interesting is that these companies really stand out as pioneers," Jeff Kingston, director of Asian Studies at Temple University's Japan campus."They have a relatively new outlook. They realize that Japan is going to need to strike into foreign markets given the dormant state of its economy," he said.Vocabulary:plug: to fill a hole with a substance or piece of material that fits tightly into it 堵塞;封堵dwindle: to become gradually less or smaller (逐渐)减少,变小,缩小tap into: 打入(市场),开拓生意wake up to: become aware of 意识到;认识到apparel: clothing, when it is being sold in shops/stores (商店出售的)衣,装proficiency: skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity 精通;熟练get the sack: 被解雇;被开除dormant: not active or growing now but able to become active or to grow in the future 休眠的;蛰伏的;暂停活动的背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108875

Love or looksA surprising new study suggests that less attractive men may actually make better mates. Experts Jim McNulty and Robi Ludwig offer perspective.This morning on Today's Relationships, love and looks, ladies if you are smoking hot, well, guess what? You might want to think or you think you should have a hubby who is just as good looking as you are. But turns out a striking new study is turning conventional wisdom upside down. Whether you think you're a nerd or not, why don’t you just come down here n’ join us, ok? Hollywood has been poking fun at the phenomena for decades, the ugly guy who wins over the beautiful woman from Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (~we might have a baby by and by~) to Sex and the City, where stunning Charlotte falls into an unlikely romance with Harry.( “Believe me. I never thought a shecksay goddess like you would fall for a pups like me. )So ladies, if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, should you ditch the good-looking guys and go for the geeks? (“Stop Harry.”) Maybe. Jim McNulty is a social psychologist who conducted the study, and Ruby Ludwig is a psychotherapist, good morning. Nice to have you both here. Good morning (Nice to be here). So Jimmy did the study involved some 82 newly-wed couples and you found that the more unattractive the man, I guess in the relationship, then the happier the relationship was. But these are newly-weds, right? Aren't they supposed to be happy anyway? They are newly-weds. They were happy anyway. Certainly, and they behaved positively. And so we are just interested to know what role physical attractiveness actually plays in marriage. We know it matters in the beginning of relationships what about in marriage? Certainly it is the draw, yeah, in that physical attraction. Certainly, but once I know you does your physical attractiveness still matter? So what we did was we took some tapes we had where people were discussing a personal goal. These newly-wed couples. And we recorded. We had the recordings, went back and watched them for the positivity and the negativity in their behavior and also rated the physical attractiveness of the husband and of the wife and found out the way he.....(you rated them, not for the spouses rate them, OK ). We had a team, no, it was the spouses, did not do the ratings. We had a team of objective raters. (Right!) And surprisingly, they are actually agreed fairly well, and that is kind of consistent with the literature. People… (So something most scientific study is what you are saying. But I guess there is some psychology though behind that.)No, It’s definitely a scientific study in the sense that the objective raters all agreed about who was attractive, and when they agreed that the husband was the more attractive person in the relationship, the behaviors that other people saw when they watched the tapes tended to be more negative both the husband and the wife. So the flip side was also true when the wife was more attractive both people behaved more smoothly. And they would support the discussions. So they were discussing a personal goal. If you have a personal goal, does your husband help you meet that goal? So the husband is basically trying harder. I guess, in a sense(exactly. That’s…) trying harder to maintain the relationship. (That’s exactly what is going on. )He’s gonna do more if his wife or, you know, his girlfriend is more attractive.Ruby, does this kind of add up to what you actually see, in your, being an expert of relationships?Not necessarily. I mean, there are also studies that show that people are kind of drawn to other people who match their attractiveness level. But having said that, certainly a partner is an extension of who we are, and how we wanna present ourselves. So if we feel that our partner is not living up to what's important to us, then that can somehow impact our marital satisfaction. Is there some evolutionary concept that place into this? Yes, yeah. First of all, beauty feels good, (Yeah) and it also signifies health. I mean, women are looking for a little bit different things too.(We are more pragmatic) I think in a relationship, they are gonna...he is gonna be a good father to your children.(That’s right) I mean you probably are influenced by power and intelligence. Sure, because that signifies being taken care of, having children who could be safe. So women are more pragmatic and men, I think, think more biologically. Who can I have these many children with? And also, you know, that if someone who is really good-looking and you are a woman that they can feel like I’m with somebody who is very youthful who makes me look successful. So our partners certainly do help us to feel a certain way. What's the bottom line of this Jim, because this is not to say then though, if I am ing you or taking this study correctly that if you are a woman and you are single, and you are looking for a mate, then you’re better off looking for a frog than looking for a prince charming? No, the headlines that are out there have taken a little bit too far. You know, this is an average finding. And there are many factors that matter to marriages. It’s surprising/ that this one does matter. But certainly there are other things and I think to take a message then is if you meet your partner's goals, that partner is gonna work harder to maintain the relationship. That’s kind of what we saw here. Everybody should be working harder to maintain the relationship. I think that’s the bottom line. Jim McNulty and Ruby Ludwig, thank you so much. Thank you very much. 01/61589

Britain being "overrun" by street signsThe British government has declared war on the profusion of unnecessary road traffic signs, railings and advertising boards, saying they blight towns' English character.Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has written to local council leaders in England, calling on them to cut the number of unsightly signs and other "street clutter."Even traffic lights are in the firing line.Ministers want the public to inform local authorities of particularly bad examples of excess signage, to clean up the national landscape."Our streets are losing their English character," Pickles said. "We are being overrun by scruffy signs, bossy bollards, patchwork paving and railed-off roads -- wasting taxpayers' money that could be better spent on fixing potholes."The government says that in some cases traffic signs are installed by councils in the mistaken belief they are legally required, when they are not.Hammond said the abundance of so-called street furniture often makes towns resemble "scrapyards," confusing motorists and obstructing pedestrians.For signs to be most effective, ministers say, they should be kept to a minimum.When busy Kensington High Street in central London was stripped of excess road furniture, for example, it helped reduce accidents by 47 percent.The Department for Transport is reviewing traffic signs policy and new advice on how to reduce clutter will be published later this year.For more Bilingual News, please log on to our website at language.chinadaily.com.cn. For now, this has been Nelly Min.Vocabulary:profusion: the property of being extremely abundant(丰富;大量)unsightly:unpleasant to look(难看的)overrun: invade in great numbers(蔓延;占领)scruffy:shabby and untidy(肮脏的;不整洁的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112505

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