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The age old dilemma about what brides should do with their wedding dress once their honeymoon is over appears to have been solved by scientists.British researchers have developed an environmentally friendly garment that can simply be dissolved in water after being worn.Fashion and engineering students at Sheffield Hallam University developed the wedding dress, which can be transformed into five new fashion pieces.The dress has polyvinyl alcohol, a biodegradable substance that is used in laundry bags and washing detergents, knitted into the fabric. This enables it to be dissolved into water without harming the environment.Their creation is to be featured in an forthcoming exhibition, titled, a sustainable marriage, which will be shown at the university later this month.But the payoff for the bride wearing this dress would be that they would need to wear an umbrella to their nuptials if rain was likely to spoil their big day. The design might not be to everyone’s fancy either."The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society's attitudes towards throwaway fashion,” said Jane Blohm, a fashion lecturer.“The project is a union between art and technology which explores the possibilities of using alternative materials for our clothing.“The wedding gown is perhaps one of the most symbolic garments in (a woman's) wardrobe and represents the challenges of ‘throwaway fashion’."She added: “In order to reduce fashion's impact on the environment, the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices.”A survey in 2008 found the average cost of a wedding was now more than pound;20,000, compared with pound;14,643 five years ago.The average price of a wedding dress alone was pound;997. /201005/103572摘要:试图通过魔法或超自然手段获取未知信息称为占卜。迷信认为,占卜人能够通过占卜得知过去发生事件的真相、异地正在发生的事件以及未来发生的事件。Divination is the practice of trying to learn about the unknown by magical or supernatural means. A diviner is supposed to have the ability to learn about the past, present, or future. Some diviners believe they can learn the causes of past events. For example, if a person has died mysteriously, the diviner is supposed to be able to tell when, where, and how the person died. Other diviners, called dowsers, claim they can find the location of underground water. Still others believe they can foretell events, such as when a person will die or whom a person will marry.There are many kinds of divination. Some diviners try to learn about the unknown by communicating with the spirits of the dead. Astrology is an attempt to describe future happenings by studying the positions of the sun, the moon and stars. Some diviners interpret dreams to foretell events. Palmistry claims to know one’s future by examining the lines on the palm of one’s hand. Some fortunetellers are supposed to be able to see, in their crystal balls, pictures of events that happened in the past, are happening at present or are going to happen in the future.Courts in the West once used divination to determine the guilt or innocence of criminals. Divination in a trial was called an ordeal. For example, in many witch trials of the 17th century in Europe and colonial America, a suspected witch was tied up and thrown into water. If she sank, she was considered innocent. If she floated, she was considered a witch – and was executed. /200905/71177摘要:巫术也称黑魔法,是巫师,尤其是女巫施行的法术。西方人曾相信女巫具有超自然的力量,可呼唤妖魔协助她们作恶。Witchcraft, also called black magic, is the power or practices of witches. Western people used to believe that witches had supernatural powers. They were supposed to be able to call up spirits and make them do evil things. Their special helping spirits are called “familiars”, who take the form of animals, particularly cats, snakes, owls, and dogs.Some people believed witches had the power to change into animals. This power enabled them to travel about secretly. Witches also were said to be able to fly. They flew by riding brooms or rakes, or riding magical animals. Witches had great knowledge of how to make magical potions and charms, which were used to change people’s behavior. Witches were believed to be able to see into the future. They were also believed to have the evil eye – that is, the ability to harm or kill by looking.when crops failed, horses ran away, cattle sickened, wagon broke, women miscarried, or storms destroyed house, a witch was always found to blame. Some of these reputed witches were thought to hold yearly ceremonies called Witches’Sabbath, a midnight meeting of 12 witches and the Devil. /200905/71644

心情不好的各种英语表达老美很喜欢用 hard 这个字在许多不同的场合. 例如你说他对我很凶, 这个凶就可以用 hard. 或是安慰人家不要太难过, 则可以用 no hard feelings. 等等很多很多用法. 像 hard 这种简单的单字老美都是整天挂在嘴边的. 所以有时候学英文不一定要背很多艰深的单字, 但一定要把这种很简单但却很实用的字用的很熟! 这是个人一点小小的心得. 跟大家分享一下.1. He was so hard on me last night. 他昨晚对我很凶. Hard 这个字在美国用的很多, hard 的意思就是说态度很差, 对某人很凶, 对某人很刻薄, 或是对人很严格都可以用这个字. 所以 He was so hard on me last night 简单地说就是他昨晚对我不好, 可能是对你发脾气, 或是对你态度很差. Hard 也可以指让你觉得很难去调适的状况. 例如考试没考好你可以说 I didn't do it well in the test. It's so hard for me. 要安慰别人的话, 可以说 No hard feelings. 就是说不要有这样的感觉, 不要把 hard feeling 放在心上. 例如我同学考试没考好, 我就可以安慰他. No hard feelings, I believe you are gonna ace it next time.2. I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 我跟我女友关系非常不好. Have a hard time with sb. 就是说和某个人的关系处的特别不好. 特别是形容情侣或是夫妻之间. 如果你听美国的广播节目, 就常有人 call in 进来说 I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 通常如果那天特别适合吵架的话, 一天之内就可以听到好几次.   Hard time 还有一个很常用的用法, 就是说做什么事会有困难. 比如说最近 Star War 要上演了, 你想去看首映, 那么别人可能就会警告你说, You will have a hard time getting a ticket. (你要买到票是很困难的) 又比方说你朋友作错事, 但他却一直不承认他自己有错. 那这时你就可以说, Why do you have such a hard time admitting it? 你要承认错误有那么困难吗? 3. You're getting on my nerves. 你惹毛我了.照字面上来看这句话就是你碰到我的神经了, 引申为让别人生气的意思. 比如说别人一直取笑你, 你不高兴就可以说 You get on my nerve. 这句话的意思跟 jump on my back 差不多. Jump on my back 就是说某人去惹到你了, 试想如果有一个人在你背上跳啊跳的, 那会是什么样的感觉? 所以凡是有人去惹到你, 你就可以警告他说, You are jumping on my back!4. Get off my back, I didn't sleep last night. 不要再烦我了, 我昨晚没睡耶! 这句话跟上一句刚好是一对. 比如说你一早去上班, 老板就说你这个不是, 那个不是, 工作为什么又没做完, 这句话就可以派上用场了! 你可以大声地跟老板说, Get off my back. I didn't sleep last night. 然后再来你就可以准备收拾东西走路了. 因为你老板可能会跟你说, Then get out of my face, I don't want to see you again. 5. Cut me some slack! Give me some slack! 放我一马吧. Slack 就是松懈的意思, 虽然我写的中文解释不太一样, 但其实这句话跟 Get off my back 是一模一样的. 这二句在电视肥皂剧常可以听到, 有一次 Full house 里的老爸被家里的聪明的小鬼整的受不了, 他就说 Cut me some slack. 放我一马吧. 6. Don't let your father down. 不要让你的父亲失望.Down 在英文的口语里面解释成心情不好, 心情低落, 或是觉得很失望. 例如有一首很有名的英文歌曲里就有这么一句, Please don't let me down. 请不要让我失望. Down 也有沮丧的意思在内. 跟 blue (忧郁) 这个字差不多, 所以下次当你看到别人心情不好, 不妨过去问一下, Why are you feeling down? 或是 Why are you feeling blue?请注意 Let down 和 turn down 虽然听来很类似, 但它们的意思却截然不同. Let down 是让人家失望的意思, 而 turn down 则是拒绝别人的邀请. 7. I don't give a shit I don't give a damn. 不屑一顾Shit 跟 damn 都是最不值钱的东西, 连 shit 跟 damn 都不给, 就是说根本不屑一顾. 比如说你知道有人在背后说你坏话, 你就可以这么说, I don't give a shit. 8. People have dirty looks on their faces. 人们的脸都很臭.有一次老美跟我说他来上学的时候路上塞车, 车上的人脸都很臭, 他就是说 People have dirty looks on their face. 我当时觉得很有趣, 因为 dirty 在这里并不是指脏的意思, 或是说长的难看, 而是说脸很臭的意思, 各位觉得呢?9. Tough luck, but shit happens. 真倒霉, 但还是发生了.车子开到一半爆胎了, 你可以说的就是这一句. Shit 是不雅的字, 但这个字可以用在很多让你很不爽的事上. 例如本句 shit happens 就是那种令人不爽的事发生了. 或是像我同学有一次就跟我说, I did shit in the test. 就是说他考的很烂很烂.Tough luck 就是说运气实在糟透了, 我还听过另外一个讲法, 叫 rotten luck. 烂透了的运气. 二个意思上差不多.10. I got the short end of the stick. 这实在是我所能遇到最糟的情况了.比如说你跟人作生意被人倒了, 老婆跟人跑了, 儿子又生病, 自己的钱包又被扒了. 那么你就可以说 I got the short end of the stick. 像是有一次我们去吃 pizza, 它是已经分好一块块的, 大家一哄而上, 结果剩下最后一块最小的上面又刚好没 topping 的 pizza, 那个还没拿的人就开玩笑地说了这一句: I got the short end of the stick. /200803/31606

To reap the health benefits of tea you need to drink three cups a day, according to Simon Gibbons, Professor of Phytochemistry at the University of London School of Pharmacy. He suggests drinking one cup in the morning, one at midday and one in the evening. 'You must leave the tea (whether a bag or leaf) to steep for at least five minutes to allow the hot water to extract the plant material,' he says.  来自伦敦学派大学药房的教授经过研究认为,如果早、中、晚每日都饮茶,可以变得更健康,特别是泡茶的时候,泡茶的时间至少要到5分钟以上,可以使得茶叶中提取物更容易被吸收。  CUTS STROKE RISK   减少中风的危险   A 15-year study in the Netherlands found a strong link between regular consumption of tea made with black tea leaves drunk without milk and reduced risk of stroke. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids (nutrients with anti-oxidant properties) found in high concentrations in black tea helped reduce the production of LDL, the 'bad' cholesterol that can cause arteries to narrow, increasing the chance of stroke or heart attack.   一项在荷兰为其15年的实验调查明,单纯喝“不加奶的红茶”可以大大减少患中风的危险。 研究者总结,在红茶中“黄酮类”物质(一种具有抗氧化功能的营养素)含量很高,可以大大降低低密度脂蛋白,喝红茶有利健康,因为有害的胆固醇可以使得动脉血管萎缩,使得患高血压、心脏病的风险大大增加。   AIDS DIGESTION   帮助消化   Green tea - made from unprocessed tea leaves - helps keep your digestive system regular. It can also help with weight loss: green tea has been found to block the absorption of bad fats by up to 30 per cent. Peppermint tea is also beneficial. Herbalist Sebastian Pole, of Pukka Herbs, explains: 'The essential oils in mint help to relax tension in the digestive system to help you digest your food better.' They prevent the intestinal muscles from cramping and allow digestive gases to pass easily.   在外国,绿茶指的是不经加工的茶叶。喝绿茶可以使得消化系统更好的运转,身体过于肥胖的人饮用绿茶有减肥的效果,因为饮用绿茶可以“抑制”脂肪吸收达到30%。此外,饮用薄荷茶对健康也很有益处,有中草药专家称:“在薄荷中含有的精油成分可以大大舒缓消化系统的紧张程度,此外,它可以防止肠道肌肉紧张蠕动,使得肠道胀气程度缓解。” /201101/124892Most people are well aware of the growing influence of bloggers, and of course the "power of mom" has been well documented for decades - combine the two and a powerful force is created. The folks at McDonald's a few years ago decided to go head-on with a variety of myths and misconceptions and urban legends with regard to the quality of their food. I about their latest chapter in this week's Advertising Age, which highlighted McDonald's Moms' Quality Correspondents - a group of moms that McDonald's invites to check out where their food is made, ask questions to their nutritionists, see the ingredients and much more.Its a great example of a company that identified a crucial challenge to their success - opinions of moms who visit their restaurants every day - and decided to open the door wide open and invite them in to have a look. And bonus points of course for McDonald's to embrace the blogging community and provide an example of transparency that others could definitely learn from for their own efforts. 很多人都知道了客主的影响力正变得越来越大,当然在几十年中“妈妈的力量”也是已经被明的了,将他们两者联合起来后就产生了一种强大的影响力。麦当劳在几年前决定正面迎对各种各样的关于他们食品质量上的误解、错误印象和不实流言。我阅读了本周《广告时代》上的最新一章节,他们重点突出了了“麦当劳妈妈质量通讯员”(一群由麦当劳邀请的妈妈来核对他们的食品产地,咨询麦当劳营养师,和检查食品配料等其它事项)。这是一个很好的案例,麦当劳决定门户开放,邀请妈妈们参观他们的餐厅,每天参观他们餐厅的妈妈们的意见是对他们成功的关键性挑战。通过参与客社区活动,麦当劳获得了额外的收益,同时也为其他人提供了一个明确透明的可供学习的案例。 /200901/60860美国的同性恋文化(二)今天在街上开车,当我在红灯前停住的时候,两个亚洲女孩儿(从举止打扮来看 应该是中国人)开始手牵手地过马路。这要是在中国,应该是一件极为平常的事。俩,感情好;手牵手,过马路。但是这在美国,可就是提供了男士们无限性幻想的素材。只见在我旁边停下来的车里坐着的男士们,个个目不转睛地看着这两个中国从他们车前有说有笑地走过,作口水直流状。我特别清楚他们心里想什么,他们在想:“天哪!我怎么这么幸运,这么一对hot lesbians (性感的女同性恋)让我给撞见了。 每当我告诉这里的男性朋友们在中国,女孩子们手牵手走在大街上是一件很平常的事,根本说明不了她们的性取向时候,他们总是大发感慨道:“That's HOT! (太性感了! 美国人动不动就用这个词,意思和sexy 差不多)那种不自觉流露出的对中国男士羡慕的目光,表露无疑。 在美国, 男士们(除gay men之外)对女同性恋]们,尤其是漂亮的女同性恋们有着特别的执着与迷恋。在他们眼里,恐怕没有什么会有比女同性恋们在一起亲热更加令人想入非非的了。大家如果看过电影”American pie " (美国派)的话,应该还记得其中的一幕:电影中的男主角不惜牺牲自己的色相(与男生亲热)以换取一对美丽女同性恋的互相亲热。我在这里也参加过一些比较疯狂的party。有些漂亮的女孩子为了成为众人的焦点,会与别的女孩子接吻。这种做法,从来都不会失效。立刻,所有的男生都会围过来,因为谁也不愿错过这“免费的午餐”, 精的一幕。有些美国人对性的开放态度令人咋舌。在美国除了gay (男同性恋) 和lesbian (女同性恋) 之外,还有一个群体称为“bi”,这是“bisexual (双性恋)” 的缩写。这个群体里的人既可以是男人,也可以是女人。他们对女人和男人都感兴趣。他们的逻辑是“It doesn't matter if it's man or a woman. What matters is the person himself/herself. ”(性别无关紧要,重要的是这个人本身。) 美国是一个自由风气极为盛行的地方。正因如此,很多同性恋们才能勇敢地站出来,承认自己的性取向。但是近些年来,许多人在争论究竟人的性取向是完全由先天决定的,还是由於太宽松的后天社会环境使得许多人理所当然地认为同性恋本是人生的另一种可以选择的生活方式。很多人担心社会风气是不是过于宽容了以至于原本所形成的是非善恶标准皆因一句“这是他的个人选择,别人无权干涉”而被抛之脑后。更多的人在担心在这样环境里成长的年轻一代会不会因为社会大环境缺乏对性取向“错与对”的明确标准而变得无适从,或是更糟地去尝试同性恋的生活方式以追赶潮流,寻求刺激。在克林顿性丑闻和珍尼杰可逊“露乳”事件之后,越来越多的美国人开始反思令这种极度自由的社会风气以及人们对凡事近乎“无所谓”的态度是否如他们所标榜的那样尽善尽美。在这里有必要提到,不是美国所有的地方都会对同性恋那么包容和理解。 美国是一个以基督教为根基的国家。圣经里提到神圣的婚姻是由上帝创造的,而婚姻必须是一男一女的结合。这就可以解释为什么美国中部,南部保守的基督教徒会如此激烈地抵制,阻挠同性恋婚姻的合法化。上次看了一部纪录片,其中就讲述了美国中部某些保守的地方的极端基督徒对同性恋的歧视。他们不允许自己的孩子和同性恋的朋友交往。去年美国大选,同性恋婚姻的合法化就是美国两个政党,民主党和共和党争论的敏感问题。美国的同性恋们主要聚集在美国自由风气浓厚的各大城市里,尤其以洛杉矶和纽约最为显著。

I was at my brother's house this week with his 2 kids and I noticed something disturbing. 90% of what this family eats comes from a box or a restaurant. There's nothing wrong with convenience per se, but it seems so unnecessary, expensive and simply unhealthy.In 15 minutes per week, you could prepare most of these things at half the cost. Making them yourself also allows you near-total control of what you and your children eat. Have you ever looked at the sodium content of snacks out there today? Kids get 3 times the recommended daily allowance of sodium before noon!The true cost of packing up these snacks yourself seems to be in the time and effort, which many people treat like a very precious commodity. If you can spare a few minutes each day in an effort to push some healthy foods down your kids throats, you can be on your way to saving money at the grocery store and at the doctor's office as little Johnny becomes healthier.Here are 5 easy ways that you can get moving in the right direction and I challenge you to open your pantry or cabinets and identify other ways you can whip up some Do-it-Yourself magic and come up with healthy alternatives to your snacks.Kids SnacksI've priced it out and buying a tub of pretzels and parceling them into snack bags is literally 3 times cheaper than buying the individual bags. No coupon in the world will save you what 20 minutes will.If that weren't enough of an incentive, this also allows you to customize your kids snacks too. Make Chex Mix without the sugar, take the raisins out of the trail mix since your kid doesn't eat them, etc. Perhaps the best part is these snacks last just as long when you pack them up yourself as they do in their individual packs.Rice Crispy TreatsYes I know pre-made rice crispy bars are awesome and while no one eats them for their health benefits, have you looked at sodium content? Wow.If you make them yourself and keep them in Ziploc bags, they taste better, last just as long, and have much less sodium. As a bonus you can substitute brown puffed rice so you actually get a little fiber.Microwave PopcornRegular microwave popcorn costs about a bag. Bulk popcorn costs about a nickel a bag. There isn't even a choice here. All you have to do is drop a 1/4 cup of kernels in a paper bag with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Then staple the bag shut and microwave it just the same as you would any other bag of popcorn (no, the staples will not cause sparks if your microwave was built after 1986). Cheap, fast, and 0 cholesterol or artificial flavors.Fruit CupTupperware and similar sealed container companies have been striding forward at a remarkable pace; especially in the area of smaller containers. There's no reason you have to buy pre-fab fruit cups anymore. Dicing your own fruit means your kid isn't drinking down the high fructose syrup that most fruit is packed in.DIY fruit cups last about a week so you can do up a batch Sunday night and you're good for school. If you're using apples or some fruit that browns, just sprinkle in a little lime juice.YogurtHave you seen how much sugar is in yogurt these days? My nephew's literally, I'm not making this up, had Mamp;Ms in it. I found that interesting since my sister-in-law is one of those semi-self-righteous moms who would never let her kid eat a candy bar.The same little Tupperware that worked for fruit cups can be filled from a tub of vanilla yogurt with the exact amount of fresh fruit, jam and honey you want your kid to eat (yogurt, strawberries and honey is the best thing ever). If not, you may as well give the kid a candy bar - the sugar levels are nearly the same!Packing your own food for your family has a ton of advantages. It's cheaper, healthier and it gives you total control over what you eat. As I showed here, it's also pretty easy. A hidden value to all of this is that your kids will actually see what you're doing and learn healthy habits early in life.If everything they eat comes shrink-wrapped, zip-topped and in individually wrapped portions, how will they ever learn to cook for themselves? How will they even understand the concept? 这星期在我哥哥家里,和他两个孩子在一起的时候,我发现了一件令人担心的事情。他们家吃的东西,90%不是包装食品,就是餐馆的外卖。没错,这很方便,但我觉得很没有必要,而且也很贵,还很不健康。每星期,你只要花上15分钟,就能够用一半的价钱做好平时所吃的大部分食物。自己做,还能让你基本掌控你和孩子们的饮食。你注意到今天孩子所吃快餐的钠含量了吗?孩子们一个上午的钠摄入量就已是专家建议的三倍。自己动手做这些吃的只需花费你一点点时间和精力,但很多人却惜之如金。如果你每天能花上几分钟,让你的孩子吃上些健康的食品,那你就省了买药看病的钱,小强尼也能变得更健康了。以下五个简单方法能帮助你朝正确方向转变。我也持你大胆动手,打开橱柜,看你自己是否也能弄出一些取代快餐的健康食品来。孩子的零食我算过,买一桶椒盐卷饼,再把它们分袋装要比单独一袋袋买便宜3倍。也就是说,20分钟的功夫能比任何优惠券都省钱。如果这还不够吸引人,那么请想想,它还能帮你管理你孩子的零食。比如,你可以做不含糖的Chex Mix玉米片,还能把Trail Mix什锦杂果里的葡萄干都挑出来,反正你的孩子也不喜欢吃…..也许,最大的好处是,如果你自己把它们装起来,它们能和在单独成品包装里保存的时间一样长。全谷物小点心我知道商店里卖的小米棒味道很棒,也知道没有几个人吃它是出于健康原因。但你了解过这里面的钠含量吗?如果你知道了,肯定会大吃一惊。如果你能自己动手,并把做好的小米棒放在密封袋里,那它们不仅更好吃,而且保存时间一样长,并且钠含量还能少很多。还有一个好处就是,它能代替食用膨松糙米,能让你获得少许纤维的补充。微波爆米花通常,微波爆米花的售价是1美元1袋。大批量购买的话,价格还可降到5美分一袋。在这件事情上,你几乎没什么选择。你所要做的就是把1/4杯的谷物装入一个纸袋,再放入1/4勺的盐和两勺橄榄油。用订书机把袋口钉紧后,放入微波炉里去微波,就像你平时用微波炉来做其他爆米花一样。(不用担心,如果你的微波炉是1986年以后生产的,订书钉就不会引起火花)。这样做出来的爆米花,不仅便宜、快速,还没有胆固醇和其他人工人造香味添加剂。什锦水果特百惠和其他密封容器制造商又有了长足进步,尤其是在更小容器方面。利用这些容器,你就没必要去买现成的什锦水果。自己切水果能让孩子不喝下太多的果糖。自己动手做的什锦水果能保存一个星期。你能周日晚上做一批,然后周一孩子上学就有得吃了。如果你是用苹果或其他变褐色了的水果,那你只需在里边撒上一些酸橙汁就行了。酸奶你知道时下的酸奶所含糖分有多少吗?不夸张地说,我侄子喝的酸奶里所含的糖跟牛奶巧克力豆里含的差不多。而有趣的是,我嫂子是那种半自以为是的人,从不让她的孩子吃一根糖果棒。你同样可以用特百惠的密封盒来做一些酸奶。先往里面倒入一些香草酸奶,然后再放入等量的新鲜水果、果酱。如果你愿意的话,还可以加入一些蜂蜜。(酸奶、草莓、蜂蜜是最好的东西)。如果你不打算自己动手做这样的酸奶的话,那你就完全可以给孩子吃糖果棒了,因为它里面含的糖分跟普通酸奶差不了多少。自己给家人做吃的有许多好处。不仅更健康、更便宜,也能让你很好地掌握你的饮食。如上所述,这做起来也很容易。还有一个你看不到的好处就是,看到你做这些,孩子可以从小养成健康生活的习惯。如果他们吃的都是薄膜包装好的、或密封罐内的现成的食品,他们又怎么会知道自己做饭呢,更不要说理解健康饮食的概念了。 /200808/45584

Iced versions of normal coffee such as frappuccinos contain so many calories that they increase people's chances of becoming overweight, the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking, according to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).根据世界癌症研究基金会(WCRF)的调查,像星冰乐(frappuccino,又称法布奇诺)之类的普通冰咖啡含有的热量非常之高,以至能增强饮者变得超重的机会,而且成为继吸烟之后得癌症的第二大原因。A survey of iced coffees sold by high street chains Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee identified the worst culprit as the venti dark berry mocha frappuccino at Starbucks, which contains 561 calories. Even without whipped cream it still has 457 calories.对商业连锁店星巴克(Starbucks)、尼路咖啡(Caffe Nero)及咖世家咖啡(Costa Coffee)销售的各种冰咖啡所做的一项调查确定,最严重的罪魁祸首是星巴克20盎司最大杯(venti)的黑莓糖浆卡星冰乐(dark berry mocha frappuccino),其含有561卡路里的热量。即使不加搅打奶油也有457卡路里的热量。Health experts advise that a woman should consume about 2,000 calories and a man 2,500 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight.健康专家建议,要保持健康的体重,女性每天应摄取约2000卡路里的热量,而男性则为2500卡路里的热量。"The fact that there is an iced coffee on the market with over a quarter of a woman's daily calorie allowance is alarming. This is the amount of calories you might expect to have in an evening meal, not in a drink," said Dr Rachel Thompson, science programme manager at the WCRF.WCRF科学项目经理雷切尔.汤普森(Rachel Thompson)士说:“事实上,市场上提供一种冰咖啡,其含有的热量居然超过女性每日容许摄入热量的四分之一,这个事实真令人担忧。这么多的卡路里一般是在晚饭时摄入的,而不是在一杯饮料中。”Having such drinks as an occasional treat is fine, she said.她说,偶尔款待一下自己、喝一杯这种饮料并无大碍。"But if you are having them regularly then they will increase the chances of you becoming overweight, which in turn increases your risk of developing cancer, as well as other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes."“但是,如果你经常喝这种饮料,那就会增加你变得超重的机会,这进而会增加你得癌症以及如心脏病、糖尿病之类的其他疾病的风险。”At Caffe Nero the double chocolate frappe and mocha frappe latte with semi-skimmed milk contains 483 calories, while the skimmed milk version has 452. At Costa Coffee, a massimo coffee frescato contains 332 calories, and a massimo iced mocha with full fat milk has 361.在尼路咖啡店里,半脱脂牛奶的双重巧克力冰咖啡(double chocolate frappe)和卡冰咖啡拿铁(mocha frappe latte)含有483卡路里热量,而脱脂牛奶的则有452卡路里热量。在咖世家咖啡店里,一个最大杯冰咖啡(massimo coffee frescato)含有332卡路里热量,而最大杯全脂牛奶冰卡(massimo iced mocha)则含有361卡路里热量。A spokeswoman for Starbucks did not dispute the calorie counts produced by the WCRF but added that the company sold many low-calorie coffees.星巴克的一位发言人对WCRF提出的有关卡路里热量没有异议,但他补充道,星巴克也销售许多低热量咖啡。 /200907/79741

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