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Part . Hand Washing.Keywords. sp of viruses, public restrooms, infectious diseases, the correct method.Vocabulary. organism, cholera, hepatitis, infection.A. Bee you listen to the material, discuss the following questions.1. Do you often wash your hands? When?. Do you think hand washing is a serious issue? Why or Why not?3. How do you wash your hands?B. Now listen to the report, focus on the major points, supply the missing inmation.Health experts say washing your hands reduces the sp of viruses and other organisms that cause disease.This advice may sound simple.However, experts say a lot of people do not follow it.A recent study found that many Americans fail to wash their hands after using public toilets.More than 95% of Americans questioned said they always wash their hands after using public restrooms.However, the study found that only 67% of them actually do so.The study also found that American men are less likely than women to wash their hands after using a public restroom.The American society microbiology announce the findings.Judy Daly works the group.She admits that hand washing may seem an unusual subject to study.But she says hand washing is a very serious issue.Experts say hand washing is the simplest and most effective way to reduce the sp of infectious diseases.Infections can sp by touching surfaces that have harmful organisms on them.Shaking hands with another person also can sp infection.Harmful bacteria may enter your body if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes.Among the most common infections sp by hand are colds, influenza and throat and ear infections.In addition, millions of food poisoning cases each year are blamed on people who prepare food who do not wash their hands.More serious diseases like cholera and hepatitis are sp this way, too.Many patients in hospitals also get infections. Some die from them.The sp of infections often is blamed on health workers who do not wash their hands after treating patients.The American society of microbiology has launched a public inmation campaign to get more people to wash their hands.Experts say following the correct method is important.You should wash your hands with soap and hot water at least seconds. 353618毕业之后,生活扑面而来,梦想流离失所繁华都市,我们就是在生活下面早出晚归、渺茫无措的蚂蚁...比“蜗居”更苍茫,更找不到出路...Armed with their college diplomas, they are expected to become social elites. But because of fierce competition, many can only eke out a hard living and afd slum-like accommodation. What does the future hold members of the ant tribes, groups of -something college graduates, existing on low incomes in big cities throughout China?In today's program, He Fei takes a closer look at the ant tribe lifestyle to bring us more."Where is our hope?Where is our dream?"Singing out their questions in the song, Li Liguo and Bai Wanlong also raise the questions many other members of ant tribes living in the famous suburban slum-like village called Tangjialing on the outskirts of Beijing. With the dream of pursuing their music dreams, the two sing in underground passages during the day and return to their boxy room each evening. The room costs each of them 0 yuan, or about 30 U.S. dollars, per month. Li Liguo came to Beijing after he graduated from a university in northeastern Liaoning Province. He has been struggling in the nation's capital four years. He says the phrase "ant tribe" is a proper description of his life."Just like the ants, we can hide nowhere in this big city. We cannot afd to rent a stable home, not one like this. We have to always move like ants do."The low rent in Tangjialing village is the reason why Li Liguo has decided to stay here. Located in the northern part of the city, the village is laced with dusty roads and crowded with cheap markets and shabby accommodations. It provides a warm home 50 thousand young college graduates.Twenty-seven-year-old Wang Haitao, another member of the Tangjialing village ant tribe, shows us his room."The room I rent is similar to the dormitory at my college. I only need to pay 50 yuan each month. Although it is without an indoor toilet, I am satisfied to have it such low rent."Young people can rent a bed in a dorm-like room less than square meters but crammed with eight beds less than 500 yuan, or about 70 dollars, a month. But even the low rent s a major part of their salaries. 1883Bj(bqYc538d%-)dy6Ew@6l!*Yrwev_t3pIK~SHe looked in the mirror. What were all those red spots on his face? Every morning he had fresh red spots on his face. Were they insect bites? Were insects biting him at night? What were those red spots? They would usually disappear in a few hours. Then his face would look normal. It would look like a normal face. It would have no red spots. But every morning, he had an ugly face. All those red spots! What was happening at night? Was it his pillow? Was something in his pillow? Was something in his pillow making the red spots? He would buy a new pillow. Maybe his pillow was the problem.w*u_t-LX1Hd6wCglH8IZwrbh%k*hFgFUV@jg(5;#XSa.3n.y 399Five Hundred Times五百遍In the traffic court of a large mid-western city, a young lady was brought bee the judge to answer a ticket given her driving through a red light. She explained to his honor that she was a school teacher and requested an immediate disposal of her case in order that she might hasten on to her classes. A wild gleam came into the judge's eye. "You are a school teacher, eh?" said he. "Madam, I shall realize my lifelong ambition. Sit down at that table and write 'I went through a red light' five hundred times."在中西部一个大城市的交通法庭里,一位年轻女士被带到法官面前,她由于开车闯红灯被开了罚单女士向法官解释,她是一名学校老师,请求法官马上处理她的案子,以便可以赶回去上课法官眼中闪过一丝狡黠,说道:“你是学校的老师,对吗?女士,我马上要实现我毕生的愿望了在那张桌子旁坐下,写‘我开车闯了红灯’500遍” 1

Item Four.Vocabulary. mint, San Jose, Ryan Stewart.College graduation brings both the satisfaction of academic achievements and the expection of a well-paying job.But 6,000 graduates at San Jose State this year, there is uncertainty as they enter one of the worst job markets in decades.Ryan Stewart has a freshly minted degree in religious studies, but no job prospects.When the class of entered the college, the future never looked brighter.But in the four years theyve been here, the world outside these gates has changed dramatically.Ryan Stewart may just end up going back to school.Id like to teach college some day and that requires going to more school, which would be great in a bad economy.To some students, a degree may not be the ticket to instant wealth. now, they can only hope that its value will increase over time. 353651

8. to snap sb. up.Liberal arts grads including English, and psychology majors once snapped up by marketing firms and dot coms will now likely have a tougher time finding work.9. to test sb in. nearly 30 years now, the US government has tested nine-, thirteen-, and seventeen-year-olds in ing, math and science.. scores stay flat remain flat.In ing, scores improved during the 1970s and 80s. Then they dropped and stayed flat most of the 1990s.Private school students outpermed public school students, but math and science scores private school students have remained flat since 1980.. on the ground that...Many people whose practical experience and ability would have been enormously useful to their employers have been rejected on the ground that they are insufficiently qualified.. a bolt out of the blue.I went to college almost as a bolt out of the blue.. to zero in on.He zeroed in on me, and he said; Are you going to go to college?;. to have one journalist hat on.And one of the things I talk about often, what annoys me as a journalist, what I have my journalist hat on, is that people will ask the question: What the difference between your brother and you? 50

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