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Fees Included询问所包含的费用Is there anything I can do?需要帮忙吗?Yes. I am thinking of a tour to Australia.是的,我们在考虑去澳大利亚游玩May I recommend the popular route? It a seven days trip and cost 0.需要我给您介绍个热门的旅游线路吗?七日游只要500美元That really cheap. What are the fees included?确实很便宜,都包括些什么费用呢?Everything sir, including the air tickets, accommodation and gate tickets.包括所有,先生,这500美元包括机票、住宿和门票OK, I will take the tour.好的,我就选这个 9753Out on the Town畅游第凡尼Kathy and Evan decide to visit the famous Tivoli Gardens. 凯西和艾凡决定参观著名的第凡尼乐园Kathy stops at a sidewalk cafe to ask a local directions.凯西停在路边一家小餐馆,向一名当地人问路K:Excuse me, sir, but is this the way to Tivoli Gardens?凯西:先生,打扰一下,这是到第凡尼乐园的路吗?L:That right, miss. Just keep on this street about four blocks and you cant miss it.路人:没错,只要沿这条街继续走四个街区左右就到了,你一定找得到的K:Thanks. Youre so lucky to live in such a lovely city, sir.凯西:谢谢先生,你能住在这么迷人的城市里真是幸运L:Thank you! All we Danes love the Tivoli Gardens and our way of life here in Denmark.路人:谢谢!我们丹麦人都很喜爱第凡尼乐园和丹麦的生活方式K:I notice how happy everyone seems here, and how well dressed everyone is.凯西:我注意到这里每个人好象都很快乐,而且衣着也很体面L:We Danes work hard, but we also know when to play. 路人:我们丹麦人工作勤奋,但也知道何时该玩乐That why there are so many parks in this city.这就是本市有这么多公园的原因K:My boyfriend and I just have to visit Tivoli while here.凯西:我和我男朋友在这里时一定得参观第凡尼L:Tivoli is the most famous, but you can find plenty of other parks and interesting sites to visit here.路人:第凡尼是最著名的地方,但在哥本哈根,你们仍可以发现许多其它的公园和有趣的地方可以参观K:Maybe well visit them. May I ask what youre eating?凯西:也许我们都会去参观一下可以请问你在吃什么吗?L:This is a Danish sausage. And this is Carlsberg, our famous beer.路人:这是丹麦香肠这是我们丹麦著名的卡尔斯堡啤酒K:By the way, your English is excellent.凯西:哦,对了,你的英语说得很棒L:Most Danes know two or three languages. English is very popular here. 路人:大多数的丹麦人都懂两、三种语言英语在这里很普遍Have a nice stay, young lady!希望你在这里玩得很愉快,!K:Thanks very much, sir. I aly am.凯西:非常谢谢你,先生我已经很愉快了 58773

North Korea is preparing its ceremonial farewell Wednesday to late leader Kim Jong Il, as the world watches for clues to future power brokers in the secretive, nuclear-armed nation. Pyongyangs state media have, so far, given no details of the planned event, and foreigners are barred. But analysts expect the ceremony to be similar to that of Mr. Kims father and founding president Kim Il Sung, which highlighted the hallmarks of his rule and strengthened loyalty to his dynastic successor.朝鲜正在准备已故领导人金正日星期三的葬礼。与此同时,全世界正在关注这个行迹隐秘、拥有核武器的国家未来实权人物的蛛丝马迹。平壤国营媒体迄今没有公布葬礼的任何细节。朝鲜禁止外国人参加葬礼。但是分析人士预计,金正日的葬礼会类似于他的父亲、朝鲜开国领导人金日成的葬礼,即强调他统治的丰功伟绩,并加强对他世袭接班人的忠诚。North Korean official media continued to establish newly-anointed leader Kim Jong Uns leadership credentials, announcing Monday that Mr. Kim had been appointed to the top post in the Communist Party. The young leader met Monday in Pyongyang with a private delegation of prominent South Koreans, in his first public encounter with foreign visitors since the death of his father was announced last week. Foreign governments are watching events in Pyongyang closely because of concerns over the young Mr. Kims rise in a country with a nuclear program, a large army and a history of deep animosity towards its neighbors.朝鲜官方媒体继续确立新领导人金正恩的领导权威。星期一,朝鲜媒体宣布他被任命为朝鲜劳动党的最高领导人。这位年轻的领导人星期一在平壤会见了一个由韩国知名人士组成的民间代表团。这是朝鲜上星期宣布金正日去世后,金正恩首次会见外国访客。其他国家的政府正在密切关注平壤的事态,因为年轻的金正恩执掌这个有核项目、庞大军队和对邻国长期怀有强烈敌意的国家使外界感到担忧。来 /166217

Opening a Savings 开立储蓄帐户Henry Samson is asking a clerk at the First National Bank about opening a regular savings .亨利·萨姆森在第一国民向一个职员询问有关开立普通储蓄帐户事宜Clerk:May I help you ,sir?职员:我能为您做些什么吗?先生?Samson:Yes,please .Id like to open a savings .Can you give me some inmation?萨姆森:谢谢,我想开立一个储蓄帐户请您和我谈谈这方面的事,好吗?C:Yes,Id be happy to help you .We call our regular savings plan passbook savings.职员:好的,我很乐意为您务我们把我们的的普通储蓄帐户称为存折储蓄You may open an in your name only ,or a joint with your wife.您可以只用您自己的名字开立帐户,也可以与您的妻子开立共同帐户There is no minimum balance ,and you may make deposits or withdrawals at any time .我们这里没存款最小余额的限制,而且可随时存款或取款S:Do I earn interest on the ?萨姆森:我能从帐户上得到利息吗?C:Yes,we pay the highest interest rate permitted commercial banks .职员:可以的我们这里付商业所允许的最高利率We credit the earned interest to your automatically every quarter.每个季度,我们会自动地把利息划入您的帐户的贷方S:Is it difficult to open an ?I mean ,do I have to be a regular customer of the bank?萨姆森:开立一个帐户难吗?我是说,我必须是的老客户吗?C:No ,sir.not at all.All that necessary is to fill out this signature card and make your initial deposit .职员:不,先生,完全不必您所需要做的只是填写一下这张签名卡,并进行首次储蓄,Even a dollar is enough to open the .甚至一美元就可开立一个帐户S:Let see .You want my name,address,occupation ,date of birth and Social Security number .萨姆森:让我看看这张卡片你要我填上姓名、住址、职业、出生日期和社会保险号码What this item here,;Mother Maiden Name;?母亲婚前姓名这一项是怎么回事?C:We ask that identification purposes ,sir .It a code word we use to positively identify you in case you lose your passbook or there is some other need positive identification .职员:我们要求这一姓名是为人便于辨别身份,先生这是一个暗语,万一您丢失了您的存折,我们可以用它来确切地辨别您的身份,或者由于某种需要,用以准确地辨认身份S:I see.Well,let me fill this out and Ill open an .萨姆森:我明白了,那我就填写这张卡片,然后开立一个帐户

1.惯用口语句子:Id like to cancel my reservation to London.我想取消我预订的去伦敦的航班cancel v. 取消What if I want to put off my flight?如果我想推迟我的航班怎么办?I putoff“推迟,拖延”“what if...”意为“假使…将会怎样”Id like to change my reservation if possible.如果可能的话,我想改一下我预订的机票How about changing my flight to tomorrow noon?把我的航班改到明天中午可以吗?You can put me on standby.我可以等退票put sb. on standby“把某人加入排队等待(票)的行列”How many hours in advance should I return the ticket?我应该提前几个小时退票?in advance“提前”Are these tickets non-refundable?这些机票退不了吗?non-refundable a. 不可退的Is there a penalty returning the ticket?我若退票的话有罚款吗?penalty n.罚款,罚金,处罚I just missed my flight and need to reschedule it.我刚刚错过了航班,需要重新确定航班时间Can I change my flight schedule?我可以更改航班吗?reschedule v. 重新计划,重订…的时间表When does the next flight leave?下一个航班何时起飞?Can I get onto the next flight?我可以乘下一班飞机走吗?Which flight shall I take then?那我该乘哪一个航班呢?Are there seats still available?还有座位吗?Are there seats available?有座位吗?Please check it again me.请帮我再查一查Are you sure that there no ticket on the flight?你确定那个航班上没有票了吗? 6596

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