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Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce group, replaced its chief executive yesterday after shares dipped below this week, the lowest since September’s record-breaking initial public offering.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)昨日宣布将更换首席执行官。本周这家中国电商集团的股价跌破80美元,这是去年9月该集团创纪录规模首次公开发行(IPO)以来的最低水平。The group said Daniel Zhang, chief operating officer, would replace Jonathan Luas chief executive from Sunday as it reported that sales in the first three months of the year rose to Rmb17.42bn (.8bn) from Rmb12bn, eclipsing Wall Street’s forecasts of Rmb16.8bn. Revenues for the quarter increased 45 per cent year on year. But net profit fell 49 per cent to 3m, hit by a share-based compensation expense. That was 3 per cent higher than analysts’ estimates.阿里巴巴表示,现任首席运营官张勇(Daniel Zhang)将从周日起接替陆兆禧(Jonathan Lu)出任首席执行官。该集团公布,今年首季度销售额从120亿元人民币增长至174.2亿元人民币(合28亿美元),超出了华尔街预测的168亿元人民币。季度营收同比增长45%,但净利润下降49%,至4.63亿美元,受股票激励出的影响。这比分析师的预期高出3%。The move to replace Mr Lu, who will remain a vice-chairman, follows a steady decline in Alibaba’s share price since November, when it touched a post-IPO high of 9.15. The move appeared designed to bolster confidence, and the stock was up 7.7 per cent in early afternoon New York trading.陆兆禧仍将担任阿里巴巴董事局副主席。此次换帅是在阿里巴巴股价11月触及IPO后119.15美元的高点后一路走低后发生的。此举似乎是为了增强信心,该集团股价在纽约时间午后上涨7.7%。Retail gross merchandise value on Alibaba’s platforms was bn. Gross merchandise value, the value of sales on Alibaba’s retail marketplaces Taobao and Tmall, rose 40 per cent year on year, compared with 49 per cent in December.今年第1季度,阿里巴巴旗下零售平台的商品交易额(GMV)达970亿美元,同比增长40%,而2014年第4季度的GMV同比增长49%。商品交易额指的是阿里巴巴零售交易网站天猫(Tmall)和淘宝上的商品销售总额。Jack Ma, chairman and founder, predicted in a letter to employees that annual gross merchandise volume would exceed tn in five years. Analysts had expected revenues to slow and margins to come under pressure as online shoppers switch from desktop ecommerce to mobile. Charging for mobile shopping is harder because merchants are unwilling to pay as much for advertising on smartphones. Still, mobile gross merchandise value grew 157 per cent year on year to bn, reaching more the half of the total for the first time.阿里巴巴的创始人和董事长马云(Jack Ma)在一封给员工的信件中称,年商品交易额将在5年后超过1万亿美元。分析师此前预测,随着网购用户从桌面端电商转至移动端,阿里巴巴的收入将放缓,利润率将面临压力。向移动端网购收费更为困难,因为商家不愿在智能手机上付同样多的广告费。尽管如此,今年第1季度,移动端的商品交易额同比增长157%,至490亿美元,占比首次达到商品交易总额的一半以上。In a conference call with investors, Maggie Wu, chief financial officer, stopped short of predicting that mobile GMV would exceed 70 per cent by the end of the year but said the growth last quarter “exceeded everybody’s expectations, and that trend is continuing”.在与投资者举行的电话会议上,首席财务官武卫(Maggie Wu)表示,公司难以预测移动端的GMV占比会不会在年底超过70%,但她表示上一个季度的移动端GMV占比“超乎所有人的预料,而这一趋势仍在持续”。Alibaba billed the management reshuffle as making way for a new generation. “Today, Jonathan Lu and I are very proud to announce that through our efforts in the past years, Alibaba Group is y to completely hand over management leadership to those of you who were born in the 70s,” Mr Ma said in his letter to staff.阿里巴巴称,此次管理层洗牌是为新一代管理者让路。马云在给员工的信件中写道:“今天,我和陆兆禧非常骄傲的宣布,经过多年的努力,阿里巴巴集团已经可以把领导权全面移交给70后。”Mr Zhang joined Alibaba in 2007, some years after Mr Ma founded it. It was aly a successful export-focused business-to-business website, and Mr Zhang was tasked with building projects for domestic consumers.张勇在2007年(即马云创建阿里巴巴数年后)加入阿里巴巴,那时阿里巴巴已是一家专注于出口的企业对企业(B2B)的成功网站。张勇的任务是打造瞄准国内消费者的项目。In 2008 he was appointed chief operating officer of Taobao Marketplace and general manager of Taobao Mall, which became one of Alibaba’s most important businesses. In 2011 he was named president of Tmall.com.2008年张勇出任淘宝网首席运营官兼淘宝商城总经理,后来这成为了阿里巴巴最重要的业务之一。2011年他被任命为天猫的总裁。Mr Zhang is described by Alibaba as “a key architect” of Singles Day, the company’s signature shopping event on November 11 that is the world’s biggest online shopping event.阿里巴巴将张勇称为光棍节的一位“关键缔造者”。光棍节是该公司在11月11日这天推出的标志性购物活动,也是全世界规模最大的网购活动。 /201505/374173。

  • Artificial intelligence will spur economic growth and create new wealth. Machines that “think” like humans will help solve huge problems, from curing cancer to climate change. Yet millions of human workers will need to retrain, as robots make their existing jobs redundant.人工智能将刺激经济增长和创造新的财富。从治疗癌症到气候变化,像人类一样“思考”的机器将帮助解决巨大问题。然而,随着机器人使大量现有工作岗位变得多余,数以百万计的工作者将需要重新培训。These are the contrasting messages provided by the world’s leading technologists during the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, as political and business leaders ponder how best to respond to the rise of smart machines.这些是世界领先的技术专家本周在达沃斯传递的一些反差鲜明的信息。在这里举行的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)上,政治和商界领袖思索如何最好地回应智能机器的兴起。Sebastian Thrun, the inventor of Google’s self-driving cars and an honorary professor at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, said “almost every established industry is not moving fast enough” to adapt their businesses to this change.谷歌(Google)自动驾驶汽车发明者、荷兰代尔夫特理工大学(Delft University of Technology)名誉教授塞巴斯蒂安史朗(Sebastian Thrun)表示,在推动企业适应这种变化方面,“几乎每一个老牌行业的动作都不够快”。He suggested self-driving cars would make millions of taxi drivers redundant and planes running solely on autopilot would remove the need for thousands of human pilots.他提出,自动驾驶汽车将使数以百万计的出租车司机失去工作,只靠自动驾驶仪运行的飞机将使成千上万人类飞行员变得多余。One of the central themes of this year’s conference is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” referring to how technological breakthroughs are expected to transform industries across the world. Delegates argued that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence would have the transformative effect that steam power, electricity and ubiquitous computing achieved in previous centuries.今年世界经济论坛的中心主题之一是“第四次工业革命”,它指的是技术突破预计将在世界各地转变各行各业的面貌。与会代表们提出,机器人和人工智能技术的进步将产生变革性的影响,就像过去几个世纪的蒸汽动力、电力以及无处不在的电脑运算能力那样。“[Artificially-intelligent machines] can look at a brainscan better than most radiologists, but they can also weld better than any human,” said Illah Nourbakhsh is a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, the institution partnering with taxi app group Uber to build driverless cars. “It’s affecting white collar and blue collar jobs. Nobody is inherently safe.”“(人工智能机器)能够比多数放射科医生更擅长看懂脑部扫描,它们也能够比任何人类焊接工更好地焊接,”卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)机器人学教授伊拉蘒巴卡西(Illah Nourbakhsh)表示。该校正与打车应用优步(Uber)合作研制无人驾驶汽车。“这影响到白领和蓝领的工作。没有人是绝对安全的。”But Prof Thrun was optimistic that redundant roles would quickly be replaced.但史朗教授乐观地认为,多余的角色将很快被替换。“With the advent of new technologies, we’ve always created new jobs,” he said. “I don’t know what these jobs will be, but I’m confident we will find them”“随着新技术的出现,我们总是在创造新的就业机会,”他表示。“我不知道这些工作具体会是什么,但我相信我们会找到它们。”Not all are convinced. According to a study released by WEF this week, increased automation and artificial intelligence in the workforce will lead to the loss of 7.1m jobs over the next 5 years in 15 leading economies, while helping create just 2m new jobs over the same period.并非所有人都深信这一点。根据世界经济论坛本周发布的一份研究报告,提高自动化程度和在劳动力队伍中引入人工智能,未来5年期间将使15个主要经济体失去710万个就业岗位,而同期技术进步将仅带来200万个新工作岗位。Across industries, leading executives worried about the effect of job displacement.在各行各业,领先高管们纷纷表示担心工作替代的影响。Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman at Nestlé, warned some countries would become unstable if businesses could not replace jobs taken by machines.雀巢(Nestlé)董事长包必达(Peter Brabeck-Letmathe)警告,如果企业不能帮助被机器取代的工人找到新工作,一些国家将变得不稳定。“Other industrial revolutions cost a lot of people their heads,” he said. “I’m not sure we have the time for the wonderful markets to fix all these problems.”“过去几次工业革命使很多人失去了生计,”他说。“我不肯定我们有时间让神奇的市场力量来解决所有这些问题。”Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, said: “This challenge of displacement is a real one, [but] I feel the right emphasis is on skills, rather than worrying too much about the jobs [which] will be lost. We will have to spend the money to educate our people, not just children but also people mid-career so they can find new jobs.”微软(Microsoft)首席执行官萨提亚纳德拉(Satya Nadella,见上图)表示:“人被机器取代的这种挑战是真实的,但我认为正确的重点是技能,而不是过于担心那些将会失去的工作。我们将不得不花钱来教育人们,不只是孩子,也包括职业生涯中途的人们,使他们能够找到新的工作。”For workers to adapt, Prof Thrun argued that the way people approach their professional lives would require change.史朗教授主张,要让工作者适应,人们对待自己职业生涯的态度将需要改变。The robotics pioneer is also the founder of Udacity, a Silicon Valley start-up that enrols high-earning professionals into six-month online courses, retraining them in order to switch jobs. Due to growing automation, he predicted it would become the norm for workers to change jobs every few years.这位机器人领域的先驱还创立了Udacity,这是一家硅谷初创企业,招收高收入专业人士参加六个月的网上课程,对他们进行再培训,使他们能够换工作。他预测,随着自动化越来越普及,工作者每隔几年更换工作将成为常态。“In the ed States, in 2012, figures from Department of Labour Statistics show the average tenure [in a job] was 4.6 years and it’s shrinking,” he said.“美国劳工部劳动统计局(Department of Labour Statistics) 2012年数据显示,美国一份工作的平均任期为4.6年,而且还在缩短,”他表示。Erik Brynjolfsson, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and co-author of The Second Machine Age said: “We’re moving to a world where there will be vastly more wealth and vastly less work. That shouldn’t be a bad a thing, and shame on us if we turn it into a bad thing.”麻省理工学院(MIT)教授、《第二个机器时代》(The Second Machine Age)合著者埃里克布林约尔松(Erik Brynjolfsson)表示:“我们正进入一个财富大幅增加、而工作大幅减少的世界。这不应该是一件坏事;如果我们把它变成一件坏事,那将是我们的耻辱。” /201602/424094。
  • Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?创业者之间竞争的本质在于效率。好消息是,如今市面上已经有了好几千种优秀的应用软件,能令我们的生活变得更加轻松,但是你不可能有足够的时间把这几千种应用都试上一遍。那么,哪些应用值得你花时间试用一下呢?In this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that I use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.本文列举了16种我本人几乎每天都会使用的应用软件,我还将在本文中讨论为什么你也应该使用它们。Project management.项目管理类1. Asana.1.AsanaYou’re a busy person. At times, it all can feel overwhelming. Asana is a cloud-based project management software that helps you keep it together. (Trust me, I’ve tried them all.) Flexibility is built into Asana’s architecture. Each “task”, or “subtask”, can be associated with a larger “project” and “department.” In addition, you can even assign recurring tasks to yourself or team, which makes life so much easier. Stop trying to remember all the things you’re supposed to do and let Asana structure your life.你是个大忙人,经常会觉得事情多得忙不过来。而Asana是一款基于云计算的项目管理软件,它能够帮你把各项工作统筹起来。(相信我,我试用过所有类似软件。)灵活性是Asana软件架构的一大特点,每个“任务”或“子任务”都可以与一个更大的“项目”和“部门”联系起来。另外,你还可以为自己或你的团队设置周期性任务,从而使你的工作生活更加轻松。因为你不必再去记住所有要做的事,大可放心让Asana安排你的生活。2. Google Docs2. 谷歌文档Many entrepreneurs aly have a Gmail address, but not every ‘trep knows about the power of Google Docs. By utilizing Google Docs, you can instantly create shareable documents, spsheets and presentations that can be updated by any team member with an Internet connection. Take that “track changes”!很多企业家已经有了Gmail邮箱地址,但并不是每个企业家都知道谷歌文档(Google Docs)的强大用途。利用谷歌文档,你可以即时创建可分享的文档、工作表和演示文稿。更重要的是,团队的每名成员都可以通过网络更新这些文档。好好使用它的“修订”功能吧!Staffing人事工作类3. oDeskamp;Elance3. oDeskamp;ElanceoDesk and Elance (now in the process of merging) are freelance marketplaces, which allow you to quickly identify, engage and hire freelancers from all over the globe. Need a website developer or content writer? Don’t hire an employee; instead, work with a freelancer. At last count, there were more than 1 million freelance contractors available via these marketplaces.oDesk和Elance(两家公司正处于并购流程)是两个自由职业者市场,你可以在上面迅速找到、联系并聘请到全球各地的自由职业者。需要一个网站开发员或内容写手?不必雇佣一名全职员工,招募一名自由职业者就可搞定。活跃在这两个市场上的自由职业者多达100余万人。4. Outsourcing placement services.4. 外包就业务If you do much hiring of freelancers, you’ve probably considered outsourcing the outsourcing. There are several great services that can help, each with varying business models. For example, Bolton Remotewill build your team with vetted, offshore contractors. Another provider,Hubstaff, starts with your project in mind and then matches you with project specialists. Using an outsourcing placement service will save time instead of trying to do the recruiting yourself. These firms typically offer free recruiting and placement services but take a cut of the hourly rate.如果你的确需要招募很多自由职业者来为你打短工,那么你或许考虑过,干脆把务外包流程也外包出去。市面上有好几家不错的公司从事这样的务,每家都有不同的业务模式。比如,Bolton Remote公司能为你组织起一经过审查的离岸承包商队伍。另一家提供商Hubstaff会评估你的项目,然后为你匹配合适的项目专家。使用就业外包务可以节省你的时间,从而让你不必自己从事招募这一套流程。这些公司一般提供免费的招聘和就业外包务,但是会从计时工资中抽取一定提成。Sales amp; Marketing销售与市场类5. Google Webmaster Tools.5.谷歌网站管理员工具Everyone knows about Google Analytics, but are you using Google Webmaster Tools? As a marketer, I view Webmaster Tools as one of the most important free tools at my disposal. You want to get found on Google, right? Why not listen to what Google is telling you via Webmaster Tools?差不多人人都知道谷歌的分析工具Google Analytics,但是你是否用过谷歌的网站管理员工具(Google Webmaster Tools)?作为一名营销人员,我认为谷歌的网站管理工具是我用过的最重要的免费工具之一。你肯定想让自己公司的名字出现在谷歌搜索结果之中,对吧?那么为什么不听听谷歌网站管理员工具教给你的诀窍呢?6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner6. 谷歌搜索广告关键词规划工具How are your competitors getting found online? Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps you answer this question. The word “Adwords” may give some ‘treps pause, as it sounds like you will have to purchase advertising. Not true. Google has made its Keyword Planner tool available to anyone with a Google account (you must first click through the Adwords entry portal). Use the Adwords Keyword Planner to see what keywords are generating the most search volume in your niche and identify opportunities to capture traffic.竞争对手在网上的表现如何?谷歌的搜索广告关键词规划工具会帮助你解答这个问题。“搜索广告”这个词可能会令有些企业家望而却步,因为它似乎会要求你买广告位。但事实并非如此,只要有谷歌账号,任何人都能使用这个关键词规划工具(不过你首先必须点击Adwords的进入端口)。然后你可以使用关键词规划工具来看看在你从事的领域中,哪些关键词会吸引最多的搜索量,然后找出吸引流量的机会。7. WordPress CMS7. WordPress CMSSure, all of the hosting companies offer a basic CMS (content management system). But do they offer the flexibility that you need to get found online? Probably not. WordPress is an open-source CMS that you can install, customize and continuously optimize. You will likely need someone with development experience to help with set up, but once the template is installed, you’re probably smart enough to publish content without any assistance.的确,所有的托管公司都提供了一个基本的CMS系统(内容管理系统),但它们是否具有足够的灵活性,确保你的顾客能在网络上找到你?大概不能。WordPress是一个开源的CMS系统,你还可以选择定制或持续优化。你可能需要某个有开发经验的人帮你安装,但一旦安装完毕,你八成不需要任何帮助就能自己发布内容了。8. Amazon’s Self-Publishing Tools8. 亚马逊的自助出版工具Always wanted to be an author but not sure where to start? Have you considered self-publishing? Thanks to Amazon, you can. Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to get the word out via e-books, CreateSpacehelps you develop a print edition and ACX is the audio publishing division. I’ve used all three to develop my book.你是否一直有一个作家梦,但又不知道从何着手?那么你是否考虑过自助出版呢?感谢亚马逊,这种想法已经成为可能。亚马逊的Kindle Direct Publishing工具可以让你自行制作电子书,CreateSpace能够帮助制作纸质书籍,而ACX则是有声电子书的制作部门。我在出书时曾使用过这三款软件。9. HitTail9. HitTailDeciding what to blog about can become time consuming. HitTailanalyzes the data in your Google Webmaster Tools account and makes recommendations for long-tail words to write about. In addition, HitTail has a network of skilled writers who can create the content for you.写客有时也很浪费时间。HitTail会分析你的谷歌网站管理员工具里的数据,然后推荐你写一些“热门词”。另外,HitTail还有一个熟练写手组成的网络,可以帮助创建客内容。10. Copyscape10. CopyscapeIf you outsource any or all of your content writing, you need to make sure your content is original. Paste content into Copyscape’s analyzer tool, and you’ll instantly know whether the content is original.如果你想把内容写作工作的一部分或全部外包出去,那么你首先要确保你获得的内容是原创的。你可以把内容粘贴到CopyScape的分析工具,然后就能立刻知道这些内容是否为原创。11. MailChimp11. MailChimpEffective email marketing involves more than occasionally blasting out a newsletter. To build an effective email marketing strategy, you need a tool packed with functionality. MailChimp seems to be the best system out there, offering elegant, intuitive newsletter templates, advanced list segmentation features and marketing automation capabilities.要实现有效的电子邮件营销,可不只是偶尔发一封电子文宣邮件那么简单。要想构建一套有效的电子邮件营销战略,你需要一个功能齐全的工具。MailChimp似乎是市面上最佳的此类系统,它提供了各种典雅直观的电邮广告模板、先进的分段功能和营销自动化功能。12. Zoho CRM12. Zoho CRMIf you’re looking for a free CRM system, Zoho is probably the one for you. Why? It comes down to the integration possibilities. For example, Zoho integrates with JotForm and Unbounce simply by adding your API key. This means that within seconds, web leads will automatically be sent to your CRM. Pretty powerful for being free.如果你在寻找一个免费的客户关系管理系统,Zoho或许正适合你。为什么呢?因为它提供了集成的可能性。比如只需添加你的API密钥,就可以轻松与JotForm和Unbounce集成。这意味着只需要几秒钟的时间,销售线索就可以自动发送到你的CRM系统。对于一款免费软件来说,这已经非常强大了。Time Management时间管理类13. iPhone Reminders13. iPhone 提醒I formerly had an Android device (even though I have had a MacBook since 2009 – weird, I know). After switching this summer, I quickly realized the power of iPhone “Reminders.” Each time a reminder is due, your iPhone buzzes and displays a pop-up. You can snooze it or mark as completed. In addition, you can set up recurring reminders, which are perfect for remembering to mail estimated quarterly tax payments, renewing subscriptions, running payroll and other things you tend to forget.我以前曾有过一款安卓手机(尽管2009年以来我一直用的是MacBook笔记本电脑,这种搭配挺诡异的,我知道)。自从今年夏天换了iPhone以后,我马上意识到了iPhone“提醒”的力量。每次有提醒事项时,iPhone就会振动起来,然后显示一个弹出窗口,你可以暂停它,或者把它标记为已完成。另外你还可以设置重复提醒,用来提醒你邮寄每个季度的税单、更新订阅、领薪水等容易忘记的事再好不过了。14. Google Calendar14. 谷歌日历You may aly use Google Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your Google Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use iPhone Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.你可能已经在使用谷歌日历了,但你使用的方式是否正确呢?告诉你一个秘诀:只要把在那个日子和那个时候会真正发生的事情记录在谷歌日历上就行。同时利用iPhone提醒记住那些时间敏感性不太强的事情(即不是那些精确到小时和分钟的事情)。遵循这一战略有助于你保持更清醒的状态。Everything Else其它15. WeTransfer15. WeTransferNeed to send gigantic files (up to 2gb) quickly? Try WeTransfer.com. You don’t even have to create an account. I use it almost every day.需要快速发送大到2GB的大型文件?不妨试试WeTransfer.com。你甚至不需要建立账户,我几乎每天都用它传文件。16. Zapier16. ZapierThe average entrepreneur uses dozens of cloud-based software and apps. Zapier connects your online life and helps you build new functionality. The best part about Zapier is that you don’t have to be an API wizard to use it.每个企业家平均会使用十几个云软件和应用。Zapier可以把你的网络生活联系起来,帮助你构建新的功能。Zapier最好的一点就是,你甚至不需要懂API就可以使用它。With the right tools in place, you’ll find yourself more productive and efficient.有了正确的工具,你就会发现自己的工作生活变得更加高效。(财富中文网) /201501/355693。
  • Why Crafty Crocodiles May Be Sleeping With One Eye Open为什么鳄鱼睁一只眼睡觉?While for humans the expression ;sleep with one eye open; is just a metaphor to keep alert, for some animals it is a way of life. Called unihemispheric sleep, it is the ability to snooze with one eye open and the corresponding half of the brain awake, while the other half rests.对人类来说,“睡觉睁一只眼”只是对要“提高警惕”的一个比喻;但是对某些动物来说却是一种习性。一半大脑处于休息状态,另一半大脑时刻保持警惕,这种现象被称为“半脑睡眠”。Researchers believe that this talent that has been observed in marine mammals like dolphins and seals as well as numerous bird species, serves many purposes. Birds use it to keep an eye out (literally) for predators while dolphins do it to keep track of their pods and young ones. Many social animals are also believed to use the technique to keep track of any interesting activities going on around them.科学家相信,这种在海豚海狮等海洋哺乳动物和多数鸟类身上存在的天赋,实际上有很多用途。鸟儿睡眠时一只眼保持警惕是为了免受捕食者伤害,海豚却是为了看护自己的幼崽。很多群居动物也用此技能来保持对身边任何有趣活动的关注。Now researchers from Australia#39;s La Trobe University have discovered that crocodiles may have also evolved this capability. The scientists began by placing three juvenile saltwater crocodiles inside a large enclosure at the University#39;s aquarium and filming their behavior. They noticed that when left undisturbed, the reptiles spent less than an hour with one eye open. The crocodiles instead seemed to prefer snoozing with both eyes shut just like the rest of us.澳大利亚La Trobe大学的研究者发现,鳄鱼似乎也进化了出此技能。他们在大学水族馆腾出地方,圈禁了3条幼年咸水鳄并监控它们的表现。他们发现,在无外界打扰的情况下,这些爬行动物只有不到一小时睁一只眼闭一只眼。似乎大多数时间里,它们跟人类一样,是紧闭双眼睡觉的。However, things changed drastically when the researchers introduced an external stimulus. They began by bringing a new young crocodile to the enclosure. Though it was one of their own, the other reptiles immediately appeared to perk up. The researchers noticed that the crocodiles slept with one open eye directly aimed at the newcomer, for longer amounts of time.然而,当研究者们加入了干扰,情况立刻转变了。他们加了一只新鳄鱼进入围栏。虽然都是同类,其他鳄鱼还是立刻进入警戒状态。它们开始针对这个新来的鳄鱼,更久地保持一只眼睁着。If the tests are positive, it would indicate that birds, mammals and reptiles all display this behavior. The only ones that don#39;t? Land-based animals and humans that need to fully shut down the brain and eyes for a snooze. Lesku says that while we have always called the one-eyed napping animals odd it may be that they are perfectly normal!如果实验有效,我们可能会获得鸟类、哺乳动物和爬行动物都有此行为的结论。什么动物例外呢?陆地动物和人类睡觉时,才需要双眼紧闭。Lesku表示,虽然我们认为睁一只眼闭一只眼睡觉的动物奇怪,但其实这种行为才最正常不过。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/413422。
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