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贵池人民医院早上几点开门青阳县人民医院属于几级In Turkey, the plan was to land high in the mountains.It quickly went wrong.在土耳其时 计划降落在山区的高地上 很快就失控了Two thousands foot,time to deploy.Oh, mountains just true.两千英尺高 该开伞了 真实的高山with boulders and big rocks.Below there is a lake,just down beneath me.巨砾 大岩石 底下还有一条河 就在我下面Thats where Im going land for Say taking a diving and getting wet or probably break an ankle.我打算降落到那 我可能掉到水里变成落汤鸡 或者可能会摔断脚踝This is gonna be tight.Jumping into water is full with potential risk.情况紧急 跳到水里也有很多隐患But the main one being the rigging lines can just wrap around you,lug and lock the persistence cords and in fact to ground you.主要的原因是绳子会将人给缠住 螺帽 锁线 这些会把人给困住Quite a hairy that, look In Sumatra, I was heading for a desert island.真是惊险万分 看 在苏门答腊岛 我正朝着一个沙漠岛屿前进This time with all the dry land covered in weage vegetation.My only option was to land in sea.沙漠一圈 有着稀疏的植被 我唯一的选择就是跳进水里Facing strong rip tides and big surf,going with chute attached could be disastrous.面对这些翻滚的潮涌和大浪 身上绑着降落伞入水很危险I had to ditch the canopy before I hit the water.But release in too high,and the fall would be just dangerous.进水前我得卸掉降落伞 但是卸掉得太早了 跳下去也很危险Luckily this time,I got it just right.Wherever I go, cameraman Simon is closed behind.但是这次很走运 我拿捏得刚刚好 无论去哪里 摄影师西蒙总是紧随其后I like to push it to the limit,but sometimes it has concerns.我喜欢挑战极限 但有时候情况特殊Hovering over 40 foot up just out of the skeleton coast of Namibia,I was about to jump.But Simon wasnt so sure.盘旋于40尺高空 在纳米比亚的骷髅海岸外 我准备要跳了 但是西蒙有所疑虑Everytime when he jumped out the helicopter into, into any kind of water,Ive always had a gulp and gone.每次当他从直升机跳入水里 我都会先深吸口气再跳And Bear rehearse the signal be high, be high. I dont think it... I really wanna jump that.But ok, if hes gonna go, Ive got go.贝尔会示意 拉高高度 但我真不想从这么高跳 但是没啥 他跳我就跳201605/446283池州市妇幼保健医院做人流 Ive gotten a few questions recently about the word are.我最近收到一些关于单词“are”的问题。Specifically someone recently asked if they were hearing correctly “What you doing?” instead of “What are you doing?”有人特别指出他们所听到的“What you doing?” 而不是“What are you doing?”是否正确。That is not grammatically correct, and a native speaker would not say “What you doing?”这在语法上是错误的。母语者也不会说“What you doing?”However, a native speaker may reduce the word are so much that a non-native speaker would have problems hearing it.然后,母语者可能会略读单词“are”以至于非英语母语者会听不出来。The word are can be reduced simply to the schwa R sound, er (loop three times).单词“are”可以略读为简单的弱元音R,“er”(循环三次)。So in this sentence, “What are you doing?” you may very well hear whater [x2], whater you doing? (loop two times) with the “er” very low in pitch and very fast.所以“What are you doing?” 这句话中,你可能会听到“whater”(循环两次),“whater you doing”(循环两次),其中“er”音调低沉迅速。What are you doing? What are (loop two times), it sounds like the word butter. Butter, what are, what are you doing?What are you doing?“what are”(循环两次),听起来就像单词“butter”。Butter,what are,what are you doing?Now that you know what youre listening for, see if you can hear it in this sentence: What are you doing? (loop three times)现在你知道你听的是什么了,试试看你能否在这个句子里听出来。What are you doing?(循环三次)The word are is often shortened in writing as well, as a contraction with you, we, or they. Theyre, for example.单词“are”在书写时也经常和“you”,“we”或者“they”这些词进行缩写,例如“They’re”。But it doesnt have to be written as a contraction for it to be pronounced with this short er sound.但并不是因为它发音时变成“er”所以书写时才进行缩写。Lets look at a few more sentences where the word are can be reduced.我们再来看一些句子中的“are”略读的例子。My cousins are coming tomorrow. My cousins are (loop two times), My cousins are coming tomorrow. (loop two times)My cousins are coming tomorrow. “My cousins are”(循环两次)My cousins are coming tomorrow. (循环两次)The cookies are good. The cookies are, are, the cookies are good.饼干好吃。饼干好吃。Where are the girls? Now here the word before ends in the schwa R sound, er, where er the girls? I would explain it as a re-emphasizing of the er sound: Where er the girls?Where are the girls?这里的单词以弱音R结尾,er,where er the girls?我把这称为对“er”音的再次强调。Where er the girls?But in fast speech, it actually all blends together. Where are the girls? (loop two times)但是在快速语音中,实际上两个单词都是连在一起的。Where are the girls?(循环两次)So it sounds like the word R is being dropped. Where are the girls?所以听起来就像是省略了R。Where are the girls?And someone else asked about the word are and the word were – about them sounding the same when theyre both reduced.还有人问到单词“are”和“were”在略读时发音一样的问题。The word were will always have that W sound at the beginning, so there is a difference in the pronunciation of these words.单词“were”开头永远都有w的音,所以这两个单词在发音上是有区别的。Lets look at an example sentence.我们来看一些例子。The kids are there. The kids er, er, er, just the R sound, the kids are there.The kids are there. The kids er,er,er,只有R的音,the kids are there.The kids were there. The kids ww, ww, were, were, the kids were there.孩子们在那里。孩子们在那里。The second one has that W sound in it. The kids are there, the kids were there. (loop two times) Can you hear the difference?第二种里面有W的音在。The kids are there,the kids were there. (循环两次)你能听出区别吗?Now that you know this concept of the reduced word are, try it out in your speech.现在你知道了略读单词“are”的原理,在你讲话中试着运用一下。And listen for it when youre listening to native speakers.当你听英语母语者讲话时也注意听一下。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/515266Now, ladies and gentlemen, you aly know this, but we face—we face some pretty big threats in this country.女士们先生们,大家都知道,我们这个国家面临着一些巨大的威胁。You know, Isis, Iran, the looming specter of a Deez Nutz presidency. All very real.比如ISIS恐怖组织,伊朗核问题,和可能会成功当选总统的演员。这都是真实存在的。But for one neighborhood in New York, a recent threat has overshadowed them all. Take a look.但是在纽约的一条街,最近出现了一样东西威胁着所有人的生活。一起来看看。Everyones got problems, of course. But this one is a bit unusual.每个人在生活中都会遇到困难。但是这个有点不寻常Some people in a neighborhood are having to worry about a cat.有条街上的居民的正常生活就受到了一只猫的威胁Yes, a house pat. Apparently it is ferocious.对,家养的宠物猫。很明显这只猫很凶It has got so scary that police are sending out reverse 911 calls telling people to be on the lookout.它看起来很可怕,甚至911开始给市民打电话提醒大家注意安全Is there a part of the story were missing? Did the cat learn how to use a gun?这个事情里我们是不是漏掉了一些信息?比如说这只猫会开之类的?They said theyre making reverse 911 calls.新闻中说911都给市民打电话了The police are calling people to warn them about a cat! Thats not how emergencies work.警察给市民打电话让他们小心一只猫!紧急求助电话可不是这么用的!If theres a problem, send cops. Send firemen. Dont just call me.如果真出了什么事儿,找警察啊,或者找消防啊,别光给我打电话啊Hey, theres a killer loose in your neighborhood so keep your head on a swivel and dont get murdered. OK. Bye-bye.听着,现在有个逃犯跑到了你们街上,小心点儿,别被杀了,好了挂了Ive moved to Los Angeles, and Ive never once gotten a phone call from the police.我搬到洛杉矶去住了,可我从来没接到过警察给我打的电话And this is the city that invented the bloods and the crips.这可是一个发明了臭名昭著的bloods and crips这种黑帮说唱的城市啊Apparently it has gotten so bad, some people are taking drastic measures.很明显事态恶化的很严重,有些人已经开始采取极端措施Some people say they are so scared they are not even leaving their homes. Others say they only feel safe in the pool.一些人说他们很害怕,所以决定不再出家门半步。其他人说只有待在泳池里才会让他们觉得比较安心He came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he just leaped a at me and I kicked him and he came again.那只猫无处不在。它突然出现在我面前,我就一脚把它踢开了,结果它又来了I mean, you know the old sayings, a cat has nine lives.你们都听过这个说法吧,猫有九条命A cat always lands on its feet.它们被从空中扔下的时候永远是四脚着地。If a cat scratches you, move into your pool.如果猫挠了你一下,赶紧躲到水池里Are they going to sleep in the pool?他们要在泳池里睡觉吗?All right, everyone take turns on the pool noodle.好了,泡沫浮条大家轮流着用You know well take shifts. Danny, youve got first watch. Grab your flashlight and slingshot. OK?中间会换人。丹尼,你先看。拿好手电筒和弹弓But dad, my skin is so pruney! Just do it! And you would do it too.可是爸,我的皮肤都泡胀了。照我说的做!然后你就按他说的做了Because lets not forget, this is a man who admitted to kicking a cat on television,大家可别忘了这个人甚至敢于在电视上公开承认他踢过猫,so when that dad asks you to move into the pool, you move into that pool.那么,他叫你躲到泳池里去,你就得去But it is a problem, and if you dont want to live in your pool, theres only one solution for a problem like this.还有个问题,如果你不想一直住在泳池里,就只有一个办法可以解决这个难题This guy says he got into his house and his cat sat on the welcome mat waiting for him to come out.这个人说他进屋了,猫就坐在他家门口的软垫上等他出来He said he was so scared he took his family to stay at a relatives house. The cat is still out there.他说他实在是很害怕,于是就带上家人躲到亲戚家去了。然而那只猫还在那This is a cat, and all of these people are acting like they owe Tony Soprano ,000.不过是只猫而已,然而所有人都表现得好像他们欠了托尼·色谱拉诺四万美元一样That family had to go and stay with their relatives. How desperate was that phone call?那家人不得不搬去亲戚家。那通电话该有多绝望啊?Hey, Dave, listen. Were in a bit of a bind.嗨,戴夫,是这样的,我们碰上了点儿小麻烦Can we come and stay with you for a couple of months?我们能搬来你们家住几个月吗?Theres a house cat outside our front door and we cant leave!因为有只宠物猫一直在我家大门口守着不让我们出去!OK, all right. Guys, grab everything you need.好的,大家把能带的都带上Socks, underwear, passports, because we dont know when were coming back.鞋子,内衣,护照之类的都要,鬼知道我们什么时候才能回来I mean from the way I see it, weve got one shot from the door to the car. And kids, some of us might not make it.我觉得,有个机会可以让我们从门口跑到车里。孩子们,我们中可能会有人跑不过去Here is the plan. Im going to roll a ball of yarn, and when I do, run for your life! Go! Go! Go!以下是我的计划。我会扔一团毛线去吸引它的注意,我一扔,你们就赶紧逃命去吧!快!快!快!201706/512880池州治皮肤科

石台县中医院医生的电话多少Wolves. Packs of them, eight to ten strong, shadow the migration. And they are hungry.狼。8~10只狼组成的小股部队,悄悄地尾随着迁徙的大军。它们已是饥肠辘辘Its the newly born calves that they are after.它们的目标就是新生的小鹿Running directly at the herd is a ploy to generate panic.直冲向鹿群是一种制造恐慌的战术The herd breaks up and now its easier to target an individual.鹿群奔散开来,狼群便更容易锁定单个目标In the chaos a calf is separated from its mother.混乱中一只小鹿与它的母亲失散了The calf is young, but it can outrun the wolf if only it manages to keep its footing.小鹿虽然很小,但如果全速奔跑起来,它仍可以比狼跑得更快At this stage the odds are even -这种情况下一般有两种可能either the caribou will make a mistake or after a mile the wolf will give up.一是驯鹿自己犯下错误,否则就是狼追出1英里之后选择放弃201612/485610池州市哪家医院做人流手术好 Its an old ventilation shaft, this.It might be the best way down into the building.这是一根旧的通风管道 可能是进入建筑的最佳通道With no other obvious access points into the building,this ventilation shaft could provide you a route in.由于没有其他更显而易见的入口 这个通风管道可能可以给你提供一个入口Find it rusty,but it might well get through this stuff. Look.它有点生锈 但可能很容易穿过这东西 看This old steel shaft hasnt functioned for a long time and has suffered from severe weather damage.这根旧的钢制管道已经很久没用了 并且被恶劣气候侵蚀得厉害You see its completely rusted, this bit.你看到它完全锈了 这里It makes you feel pretty vulnerable, what were standing on.Also, quite high up.这使得我们站在这上面感觉很不安全 并且也很高But this could be a way down and into the building,so its well worth investigating.这里或许可以成为一条通路 所以格外值得探索一下I reckon we can do this.And it is pitch black down there.我觉得我们可以从这里走 下面伸手不见五指We need to make some sort of torch first.Okay. Lets go get something.因此需要一个火炬 先要找些原材料Wet rooftops are not the ideal place to find torch-building materials,but with a keen eye, you can usually find something.潮湿的屋顶也许并非 寻找火炬材料的理想场所 但是只要用心寻找 你总会发现些什么I can use this roof felt-- felt, as well.我想我找到了 我们可以用这些屋顶的油毡And this is gonna be good,cause its flammable and it burns for a long time.这种材料很不错 易燃 而且火焰相对持久201609/468517石台县妇幼保健站是公立医院吗

石台县人民医院做人流好不Though Shakespeares tragedy starts years after the Peasants Revolt,通过数年后莎翁悲剧作品的描述its hard not to believe that in his portrait of a petulant, self-admiring Richard II,不难相信 他所描述的这位易怒 自恋的查理二世there is the sense of someone trapped in an adolescent fantasy of indestructibility.沉浸在青春期 不可毁灭的幻想中Theres no denying that, especially at times of crisis,he was subject to unpredictable mood swings,无可否认 尤其在紧要关头 他的情绪极易反复无常between adrenaline-rush feelings of omnipotence and abject fatalism.忽而认为自己全知全能 忽然陷入悲观的宿命论But it is easy to exaggerate his unfitness to rule,as though he were somehow suspiciously unsound.当这种特质越发明显 他便更不适合统治 因为他似乎不能保持理智He was built the usual Plantagenet way,six foot tall, with long, flowing, blond hair.他是标准的金雀花王朝的王室后裔 六英尺高 一头飘逸的金色长发But unlike his grandfather, he failed to keep mistresses and seemed, oddly enough,to want to be faithful to his wife Anne.但不同于他的祖父 他没有情妇 近乎诡异的 保持对妻子安妮的忠诚Real Plantagenets tore at their meat and slurped the drippings.金花雀王朝的历代国王吃相极为不雅Richard not only insisted on using a spoon,but inflicted it on the rest of the court.理查不单坚持使用汤匙 要求其它贵族也要使用Real Plantagenets brought you blood-soaked victories over the ancestral enemies in France and Scotland,历代国王带来的是充满血腥的 对于法国和英格兰的征史Richard brought England the pocket handkerchief.理查给英国带来的是手帕Real Plantagenets built fortresses.历代国王兴建堡垒Richard instead wanted a great ceremonial space in Westminster Hall with a spectacular hammer beam roof.理查则想在威斯敏斯特宫建造一处 带有壮观托臂梁屋顶的庆典场所The rows of angels symbolised the kings divine right to rule.成排的天使 象征着神圣的皇权 /201612/481461 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464448池州人民医院属于几级池州治疗软下疳多少钱



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