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5.Cheese5.奶酪People around the world have long mocked the bland palates of Americans, who happily consume things like Wonder B and spaghetti out of cans. Nowhere is this more obvious than their taste cheese. One of the more popular variants in the US is ;American; cheese, often sold in packets of individually wrapped slices. Very nearly a counterfeit in its own right, this product is so heavily diluted that it cannot even be legally sold as cheese, but as ;cheese food,; which is just about as appetizing as it sounds. However, in Europe, cheese is taken with deadly seriousness.全世界的人都在嘲笑美国人口味单调,后者总是很乐意消费像惊奇面包,和罐装意式细面条这类食品没有比这更能显示出他们对奶酪的口味会是怎样了在美国更受欢迎的变体食品之一就是美式奶酪,常常单独地切片包装成一捆出售这近乎是一种假冒伪劣产品了,其中包含的奶酪非常稀,它甚至不能作为奶酪合法出售,只能冠名为;奶酪食品;,好让人听上去有食欲些然而在欧洲,奶酪的使用是件极其严肃的事Switzerland is famed their many variants of cheese, including Emmental and Gruyere. Like champagne, which can only call itself that if the grapes are grown within a very specific geographical area, the Swiss have exacting rules on how their cheeses can be produced. Untunately, fakes began to appear on the market, particularly in Italy, leading to a decline in sales. To protect this lucrative industry, the federal government has established a bank of ,000 strains of milk bacteria DNA, a project that took scientists a decade to complete. The bacteria is kept frozen in a facility in the city of Bern. These samples are used to test against suspected geries, and spot checks are often conducted in markets.瑞士以奶酪种类繁多而闻名,包括多孔干酪和格鲁耶尔干酪但是就和香槟一样,只有原料即葡萄是产于特定的地区的时候,它才能被称作;香槟;,瑞士人对于奶酪如何生产也有着严格规定不幸的是,假奶酪开始在市场上出现,导致奶酪售量减少,这种情况在意大利尤其严重为了保护这个高利润行业,联邦政府建立了一个储库,储存了一万个牛奶细菌DNA菌株,这个项目花费了科学家们十年时间这些细菌冷藏在伯尔尼的设备中这些样品用作测试疑似伪劣的产品,奶酪市场上经常会有抽查.Cars.汽车The global masters of fakery, the Chinese even peddle such sophisticated counterfeits as complete cars. Around 00, a rash of Volkswagen lookalikes began to make the scene. Then, the storied Chery QQ (based on the Chevy Spark) was released. At one point, the Chery QQ was one of the cheapest cars in the world, available under ,000 brand new. Today, Daimler Chrysler Mini is the du jour counterfeit, with at least three different Chinese firms pushing their own versions.全球的造假大师,中国人,甚至兜售像一辆完整的汽车这样复杂的假货大批大众汽车的仿品开始面世,约有00辆紧接着,著名的奇瑞QQ(以雪佛兰spark为原型)就出现了奇瑞QQ曾经一度是世界上最便宜的汽车,一辆全新的只要不到5000美元就能买到今天,戴姆勒-克莱斯勒公司的Mini小型两厢车才是如今风靡的假货,至少有三家不同的中国公司发售了他们自己的型号Legal actions against the Chinese firms pushing knockoffs have proven largely fruitless. The real mystery is how the Chinese can peddle these cars less than half the price of those made by legitimate manufacturers. While they would certainly escape the costs of research and development by using hijacked blueprints, that they continue to make a profit despite the costs of construction and raw materials indicates that there might be something even darker at play.诉讼反对中国公司制造并销售名牌仿制品已经被实是毫无用处的真正的谜团其实是,中国人是怎么把合法制造商制造的汽车以低于一半的价格售卖出去的他们肯定有自己不可告人的办法来降低产品研究及开发的成本尽管用在产品制造和原材料上的资金表明这其中确实还有更多不为人知的古怪,但这也并不妨碍造假的人继续从中获利3.Stradivarius Violins3.斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴Like expensive wine and Beats by Dre headphones, Stradivarius violins are probably overrated. Various tests have been conducted which prove that music experts cannot distinguish between their sound and that of other quality violins. Nevertheless, violins constructed by the family, particularly Antonio Stradivari, an Italian luthier who lived from to 37, command outrageous prices. In , Sotheby put a viola made by Stradivari up auction— million (buyers failed to meet the minimum asking price). In , Tarisio auction house sold a 1 Stradivarius violin called the Lady Blunt an eye-popping $.9 million. And anywhere such outrageous sums can be generated, counterfeiting is sure to follow.就像昂贵的红酒和Beats耳机一样,人们对斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴或许有些过誉了各种测试表明音乐专家也不能辨别斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴的音色与其他小提琴有什么区别不过小提琴制作一般都是家族产业,特别是安东尼奥·斯特拉迪瓦里(-37),他是一位意大利拨弦乐器制作匠,他制作的小提琴价位也不是一般的高年,苏富比拍卖行拍卖了一把由斯特拉瓦迪里制作的小提琴,价格达到了500万美元(买家需要付的最低要价)早在年的时候,塔里西奥拍卖公司就以惊人的90万美元的价格卖出了一把1年制作的斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴,它的名字是;布朗特夫人;任何地方都能出现这样的高价,,斯特拉迪瓦里小提琴仿制品无疑会随之产生Unlike many other knockoffs, counterfeit violins are often extremely sophisticated. Experts have to be extremely skilled to detect the subtle differences. Besides blaring inconsistencies, the first line of defense against fakes is to determine if the instrument is old enough to have been made by Stradivari. This is accomplished through a process called dendrochronology—studying the tree rings to put an age on the wood used to build the instrument. The varnish on the violin can also be analyzed to test chemicals that Stradivari would not have used. As you might imagine, neither of these processes is exactly clear-cut. The best defense against counterfeit violins is technology—networks of people who can archive their expertise and collect photographs. Of course, all this knowledge is also available to the counterfeiters, who only refine their technique more.跟许多其他的名牌仿制品不一样的是,即使是仿造的小提琴,通常也是相当精致只有经验丰富专家们才能查出仿品与真品之间的细微差别除了音色不同,测定小提琴的年代和斯特拉迪瓦里本人生活的年代是否一致是检测其真伪的第一步这需要使用树木年代学的方法——通过研究用来制作小提琴的树木年轮特性来判定其生产年代另外,检测乐器表面的清漆的化学成分,看是不是斯特拉迪瓦里用过的种类,这样也能辨出真伪也许正如你所想,这两种方法的过程都不是很清楚最好的辨别假货的方式就是利用网络技术,将真品的专业鉴别信息及照片存档当然,这些知识都是对造假者也是有用的——知道了这些对他们提高造假技术可是很有帮助的.Ketchup.番茄酱Ketchup isnt a big-ticket item. In the ed States, nearly every restaurant offers it free. But as weve seen, there is no limit, no scant profit, that counterfeiters will not strive toward. In October , a bizarre story emerged from a private warehouse in Dover, New Jersey. People leasing space in the building reported exploding containers of ketchup, which in return attracted hordes of flies. The ketchup in question was ;Simply Heinz,; a premium version which uses sugar in its recipe instead of high fructose corn syrup.番茄酱是日常用品在美国,几乎每家餐馆都会免费提供番茄酱如我们所知,对于没有使用限制和足够利润的商品,造假者们是不会趋之若鹜的但是,在年月,美国新泽西州多佛市的一个私人仓库中传出一则离奇新闻大楼的租住户反应,装着番茄酱的容器突然爆炸,并引来了成群的苍蝇蚊子这些番茄酱的问题出在有人假借;亨氏;之名,用普通糖代替了高果糖玉米糖浆It is believed that regular ketchup was added to the Simply Heinz bottles with fake labels. Exposed to the air and possible adulterants, fermentation began, and the sugar in the ketchup reacted with the acidic tomatoes and vinegar to release gases that caused the bottles to detonate. An investigation was conducted by Heinz, whose spokeswoman claimed that the company ;has not discovered any inmation that leads us to believe the illegally repackaged product is on the market.; According to Michael Mullen, Heinz vice president of corporate and government affairs, ;The site of this operation was abandoned and had produced only a small quantity of bottles, much of which was still on site.;造假者们把普通番茄酱装进;亨氏;瓶中,并贴上假标签当这些番茄酱暴露在空气和可能存在的杂质中,发酵就开始了,番茄酱中的糖和酸反应,产生大量气体,最终撑爆了瓶子亨氏集团做了相关调查,其发言人称;目前还未发现非法重新包装的番茄酱流入市场;据亨氏公司副总裁迈克尔·马伦称;造假厂已被摧毁,他们只生产了少量瓶子,大部分瓶子都在事发现场;1.Apple Store1.苹果专卖店Dubbed by some as the world most valuable brand, it will come as no surprise that Apple products—which range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars—are frequently counterfeited. Often, they arent even particularly good fakes—just weighted glass frames designed to replicate iPads. In a typical street transaction, by the time the buyer recognizes that he been defrauded, the seller is blocks away and picking up speed.苹果被认为是世界上最有价值的品牌,所以苹果产品——价值几百至几千美元不等——经常被仿制也不足为奇苹果公司的仿制品通常都不好——它们只是在玻璃框架的重量和外型上追求与IPad一致典型的街头交易中,当买方意识到自己被骗后,卖方就会越过街区快速逃离In fact, Apple is so popular that entire fake stores have sprung up in China. In , a shocking counterfeit Apple stores were discovered in Kunming, some with incredibly elaborate detail, from the trademark company unim of blue shirts and lanyards down to architectural trademarks like Apple winding staircases. However, like most fakes, there were subtle differences, such as misspelled signage advertising the ;Apple Stoer.; After an American posted photos of this ruse on a blog, Chinese authorities swept in to shut the stores down. Of course, this did little to stem the tide; merchants began offering knockoff Apple watches in March , even bee the official version release date.事实上,苹果公司的产品太流行了,这就导致了山寨苹果专卖店如雨后春笋般出现在中国大地上年,昆明惊现家山寨苹果店,有些甚至很难分辨得出来——不管是从印有苹果商标的蓝色T恤及铭牌还是从店内的旋转扶梯上尽管如此,它们和大多数假货一样,和真店相比还是有细微的差别,比如拼写错误的招牌;Apple Stoer;在美国人将这组山寨苹果店的照片放到客上后,中国政府勒令山寨店关闭当然,这并不能阻止造假潮流年3月,在官方版本出来之前,商家们就已经开始提供山寨苹果手表了审校:梅子九 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 1991望花妇幼保健院治疗内分泌多少钱抚顺市新宾县妇幼保健院人民医院地址A: This is Manager Liang's office, what can I do you? B: This is Wang Xiao from AB company speaking. Our CEO Mr. Green has an appointment with Mr. Liang tomorrow morning. But there is a minor change in tomorrow's schedule. Mr. Green has an abrupt urgent case tomorrow and he has to go abroad today. He wanted me to convey his apology to Mr. Wang.A: OK. I'll tell him.B: And Mr. Green will make another appointment when Mr. Wang comes back.A: OK. Thanks calling.B: Bye!A: Bye!重点知识讲解:CEO Chief Executive Officer 执行总裁,首席执行官Minor 最小的,少量的其反义词是major,意为“较多的,主要的”Abrupt 突然的,突发的Urgent 紧急的Convey 传达“convey sht. to sb.” 的意思是“向某人传达某事”,比如在对话中“convey one’s apology to sb.” 的意思就是“向某人传达歉意” 77抚顺割包皮多少钱啊

抚顺市铝厂职工医院男科医生东洲男科最好的医院A: I heard that you’re looking an apartment.B: Yes. Who told you that?A: A friend of ours told me.B: Why are you asking?A: I was asking because I found an apartment.B: Why are you telling me this?A: I was wondering if you wanted to sublease with me.B: I sure would!A: Since we’re subleasing, we can each pay half of the rent.B: How much is the rent each month?A: It’s a month.B: That’s wonderful. 内容来自: 33抚顺曙光医院皮肤科医生<牛人_句子>抚顺东洲区搭连地区医院治疗阳痿早泄

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