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On 30th September, a report of the kings renunciation was to parliament,在9月30日 国王放弃王位的报告 在议会被宣读gathered under the angels of Richards magnificent roof.众人齐聚在理查那用天使装饰的宏伟屋顶下The lords were asked to acclaim Henry Bolingbroke,贵族们被要求承认亨利·林布鲁克Earl of Hereford, Duke of Lancaster, as King Henry IV,which they did to cries of, ;Yes, yes, yes.;赫里福德郡伯爵 兰开斯特公爵为国王亨利四世 他们只好呼喊 ;遵命 遵命;Richard, the divine prince no longer, was spirited away and imprisoned in Pontefract Castle.理查脱去神圣君王的光环 被悄悄带走 并监禁于庞蒂弗拉克特城堡Most likely he was starved to death,a horrible way to end, but one which ensured no compromising marks of assault on his body when it was given a public burial.他很可能由于饥饿而死 生命终结得很惨烈 但在公开下葬之时 身体上并没有被虐待的痕迹Now, oddly enough, it was Henry who orchestrated this big funeral,讽刺的是 正是亨利国王 精心策划了他的盛大葬礼a pre-emptive strike against any conspirators out there who might imagine that Richard could be rescued and restored to the throne.对于那些认为他会获救 并且重登王位的反叛者来说 是先发制人的一击It was Bolingbrokes son, Henry V,who had the body of King Richard buried in Westminster Abbey.林布鲁克的儿子 即亨利五世 将理查国王的遗体 埋葬于威斯敏斯特教堂Perhaps Henry wanted to put the charge of murder,as well as its victim, to rest.也许亨利想将弑君的罪行 与受害者的创伤 慢慢平息He must have hoped somehow that in his reign,the wounds of the contending parties might be healed,but it was not to be.他希望于自己在位期间 抚平敌对双方的伤口 但实则不然 /201612/482647栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/452060Im Bear Grylls.Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天Ive got to make it through a week of challenges,短短一周时间内 我将身涉险境 面临生死考验in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im on an island south of Papua New Guinea,where Ill be climbing crumbling volcanic cliffs.我现在身处巴布亚新几内亚南部的某个小岛 我将在那 徒手攀爬火山峭壁Getting to the crux of it now.windsurfing ocean waves.最关键的时刻到了 驾着帆船 乘风破浪Im struggling now.and squaring up to some serious sharks.我必须努力拼搏 时刻警惕 鲨鱼来袭Two of them.Okay, its coming straight this way.Stay still. Stay still.那边有两条 它们径直朝这边游过来了 别动 别动This is gonna be my ultimate island adventure.Shot passed my legs there.我的终极岛屿冒险 将在这里拉开序幕 从我的腿边游了过去This is the Torres Strait a strip of ocean between the northernmost tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea.这里是托雷斯海峡 将澳大利亚最北端和巴布亚新几内亚 分隔开来Its over 25,000 square miles of treacherous currents, sandbanks, and coral reefs.六万五千平方公里的海域中 暗流涌动 沙洲影绰 珊瑚礁林立These are dangerous waters down here.这里危机四伏Theyre full of tiger sharks, hammerheads, and bull sharks,虎鲨 槌头双髻鲨 牛鲨在海中称王称霸not to mention the stingrays, moray eels,and deadly jellyfish.Got to love it, eh?更别提黄貂鱼 海鳗 以及致命的水母也藏身其中 很是刺激吧201703/498615

But this was now the age of the World Wide Web.但现在是万维网的时代The Navy wanted to develop海军研究实验室想发明anonymous communications for this new era.适用于这个新时代的匿名通讯系统So Syverson and his colleagues set to work on building a system因此赛福森和他的同事致力于建立一个系统that could be used by operatives across the world.供在世界各地的特工人员使用You have enough of a network with enough distribution你有足够大的网络 足够广的分布that its going to be very hard for an adversary to be对于对手来说 想要关注所有的信息来源in all the places and to see all the traffic wherever it is.关注所有的通讯 会非常难Syversons system was called the Tor network.赛福森的系统叫做洋葱网络Tor stands for ;The onion router;.洋葱是洋葱路由器的缩写It works like this.它的工作原理就像洋葱一样A user wants to visit a website用户想要浏览网页but doesnt want to reveal that IP address,但不想泄露互联网协议地址the mark that identifies their computer.这个地址能让他人识别他的计算机As they send the request, three layers of encryption在他发送指令的同时 三层加密are placed around it like the layers of an onion.像洋葱一样将其包裹起来重点解释:1.work on 忙于例句:This medicine will work on the affected part.这种药能对患部起作用。2.hard for 为...努力例句:You must study hard for the benefit of your own.为了你自己的利益你必须努力学习。3.enough of 对 ... 厌烦的例句:Ive had just about enough of that.这个我真受够了。201701/489910

Its like walking on ball bearings.感觉就像走在滚珠轴承上A real hazard is falling rocks,真正的危险物是落石and a small rock falling at 50 miles an hour is gonna take you out.一块以时速50英里落下的小石头 就足以致命I was almost killed in the Yukon我在育空时one exactly like that going down scree like this.有一块像这样的落石差点把我送回老家Got to the bottom, turned round,and one went ;Whoosh!; straight past my head,到底部时 转过身 一块石头;嗖;的一声径直飞过我的头顶You know, so weve got to be really cautious on this.所以我们在此必须要谨慎行事This moraine is now getting too dangerous.现在这里的冰碛太危险了Cutting through this undergrowth will be hard going, but it will reduce our risk.抄近路走矮树林 虽然难走 但会降低风险Man, its like being back in the jungle.老兄 我们好像又回到丛林里了I feel like Im engulfed, you know, in the environment and wilderness.我觉得自己已经被 吞没在荒野之中了The trees are so tall and so thick, I dont,I cant even see what direction were going.树丛又高又密 我都不知道我们在朝哪个方向走Is this gonna end, ever?能走到头吗After over a mile battling in the dense brush wood,we finally hit the river.在与密林进行1英里的斗争后 我们终于到达了河边Do you know what? Just stay here.Let me have a look.你们待在这儿 我去看看This is looking too dangerous to cross.过河看起来很危险The glacial meltwater charges down over 300 foot of boulder and sheer rock face to the base of the waterfall.冰川融水飞流直下 向300多英尺的岩壁巨石冲去 一直到瀑布底部I want nothing to do with rappelling off a waterfall.Yeah, its too slippery.我可不想沿瀑布索降 是 太滑了Theres no way he would ask us to do something crazy.Would he? Yeah.他是不会让我们做这种傻事的 他会吗 会The waterfall looks way too dangerous to go down this side.沿这边瀑布下去看似非常危险Try and look for a place to cross.Seans greatest fear is water.找找能穿越的地方 肖恩最怕水了This is gonna be a nightmare for him,and its starting to show.这对他来说就是个恶梦 惧水症开始发作了300-foot drop, and I dont like water.I know, I know.But that way is way more dangerous.这有300英尺的落差 我怕水 知道 知道 但是那边更危险201706/515086

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