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英语口语1+1:Great minds think alike【1+1英文】Angela: "I was just thinking to call you, then the phone rang and it was you calling me." Andy: "Great minds think alike."【1+1中文】安吉拉:我正要打电话给你,然后电话就响了,结果竟然是你。安 迪:英雄的观点总是一样的嘛!【1+1】"Great minds think alike" means that great people think about things in similar ways. 中文意思:英雄所见略同。 /200605/7005

Hi. I#39;m Rebecca from engvid, in today#39;s lesson, I#39;ll give you 10 important tips to do well and to get a higher score on the speaking section of your IELTS exam.嗨,我是engvid的Rebecca,在今天的课上,我会跟你们分享10个重要的技巧,帮助你们在雅思考试的口语部分表现出色,取得高分。Or actually on any oral speaking test where you#39;re sitting with a live examiner.或者实际上,这些技巧适用于任何与考官面对面交流的口语考试。Okay? So these tips don#39;t apply actually to the TOEFL where your answers are recorded, but it#39;s for any English exam where you#39;re sitting with a real examiner, okay?所以这些技巧对就不适用了,因为在那种考试中你的是被录下来的,但是这些是为所有和考官本人坐在一起的英语考试准备的,听懂了吗?Now, the IELTS, of course, the speaking section of the IELTS test is about 11 or 14 minutes long, has three different sections, and so on.雅思考试......雅思考试的口语部分大约持续11或14分钟,有三个不同的部分,等等。And the IELTS is an exam which is a...it#39;s an English proficiency exam, it#39;s used for immigration purposes, for example, to Canada and Australia.雅思是一个测试英语精通程度的考试,用于移民目的,比如移民到加拿大和澳大利亚。It#39;s used for admission to universities where English is the medium of instruction, and it#39;s also used for professional certification purposes.用于申请进入教学语言为英语的大学学习,还被用作专业资。So lots and lots of people, millions of people do the IELTS exam, and if you#39;re one of them, these speaking tips will really help you.所以很多很多人,数百万人参加雅思考试,如果你是其中之一,那么这些口语建议将对你大有裨益。They#39;re general tips; they#39;re not about the specific sections, they apply to all sections of the speaking test, okay? Let#39;s get started.这些是很笼统的建议,不是关于具体部分的,它们适用于口语考试的所有部分,知道了吗?我们开始吧。So, the first point is: during your speaking test, be formal.第一条建议是:在口语考试期间,请保持正式。By that, I mean treat it like a job interview, and just as in a job interview, you#39;ll be on your best behavior and so on, behave that way, don#39;t take it very casually. Okay?意思就是把它当成一次工作面试来对待,而且就像在工作面试中一样,你要拿出自己的最佳表现,按照那种方式行事,不要太随意了。Take it seriously and be formal.Next, give a full answer whenever possible.请认真对待并保持正式。下一点:尽可能给出完整的回答。Now, remember and just think about it: you have about 11 to 15 minutes to use the best English that you know and that you#39;ve studied all your life. Okay?别忘了,你可以这么想:你有11到15分钟左右的时间来使用你所知道的并且一直都在学习的最好的英语。So, obviously, you want to try to show off during your English test.所以显然,在英语考试期间你要尽可能把它们展示出来。So, when I say give a full answer, I mean, in the first section when they ask you some questions about you,我说给出完整的的意思是,在第一部分他们问你一些关于你自己情况的问题时,about your family, about your background, if they say, for example: ;Where are you from?; Don#39;t just say: ;Tokyo;, because that#39;s just a one word answer.关于你的家庭、背景之类的问题时,比如如果他们问:“你从哪里来?”不要只是说“东京”,因为那个只有一个单词。Try, as much as possible, to give sentences, give full sentences, all right, full answer,尽可能用句子,完整的句子来作答,也就是完整的,so that you can show when you use the full sentence that you know grammar, you know vocabulary, and all these other things.这样在使用完整的句子时,你就能显示出你是懂语法的,你是懂词汇和所有其他内容的。So, instead of just saying: ;Tokyo.; Say: ;I#39;m from Tokyo, the capital of Japan; or: ;I#39;m from the capital of Japan, Tokyo.;所以,用来替代“东京”这个回答,你可以说“我来自东京,日本的首都。”或者说“我来自日本的首都东京。”Now, you#39;ve given a lot more information, so, obviously, you get much more marks if you kept doing that throughout.这样你就给出了更多信息,所以显然你就会得到更高的分数,如果你整场考试都保持这么做的话。Right? Give full answers, using sentences, not just words.Next: be polite, what we mean by that?记住了吗?给出完整的,使用句子而不只是单词。下一点:要有礼貌,什么意思呢?For example, if the examiner asks you something and you didn#39;t understand, it#39;s okay, just ask for the explanation in a polite way.比如说,如果考官问了你某个问题,而你没听懂,没关系,礼貌地请他(她)解释一下就是了。Don#39;t just say: ;What?; Or: ;Sorry?; Say: ;Excuse me? Could you please repeat that?;不要直接说“什么?”或者“你说什么?”,而要说“不好意思?请问您能再说一遍吗?”Because that#39;s also using English, and that#39;s what they want to know: can you use English?因为这也是在使用英语,而那正是他们想知道的:你会不会使用英语?And by being polite, you#39;re not just showing that you know the language, but also that you know the culture of the language, which is being polite.而且通过保持礼貌,你不仅显示了你了解这门语言,还了解这门语言背后的文化,也就是礼貌。Okay? So remember to do that.Next, maintain good posture.Why do I put that? Nobody#39;s filming you. Right?懂了吗?记住要这么做哦。下一点:保持姿势端正。为什么要这么说?没人在拍你,对吧?So, why do you have to maintain good posture?Because your posture actually affects your...the way you speak.那为什么要保持姿势端正呢?因为你的姿势实际上会影响你的......你讲话的方式。It affects your confidence, the confidence with which you speak, it affects the way your voice is projected.它会影响你的自信,你讲话时候的自信,会影响你发出声音的方式。So you want to make sure that you don#39;t, for example, lean on your hand when you#39;re speaking or anything like that. Okay?所以你要确保你在讲话的时候不会靠在手上,或者做类似的动作。Make sure that you sit straight and don#39;t put your hand anywhere near your face, even if you#39;re nervous,确保你的坐姿端正,不要把手放在靠近脸的任何位置,即使你很紧张也不要这么做,because that will affect the quality of your voice and the way it#39;s projected. Okay?因为那会影响你声音的质量和发声的方式。Next, number five: speak clearly.Now, what I mean by this is: don#39;t worry too much about your accent.下一点,第五点:讲话清晰。这么说的意思是:不要过于担心你的口音。Everyone has an accent, and as long as you do your best to enunciate the words clearly, that#39;s all you can do.每个人都有口音,只要你竭尽所能在讲话的时候保持清晰就行了,你能做的也只有这一点。If you need to improve your pronunciation, work on that before your exam.如果你需要改善自己的发音,在参加考试之前解决它。If there are some very specific pronunciation errors that you tend to make or that people from your country tend to make, then obviously, work on those beforehand.如果你或者你国家的人经常会犯一些特别具体的发音错误,那么你显然要提前解决那些错误。For example, if you are a Spanish speaker and you say: ;Jess;, instead of: ;Yes;, then that#39;s a big mistake that you want to correct well before you come to the exam.举个例子来说,如果你的母语是西班牙语,你作肯定回答时说;Jess;,而不是;Yes;,那这就是你需要在参加考试之前就纠正好的一个大错误。So, work on those pronunciation issues before, and then afterwards, don#39;t worry about your accent, just speak as clearly as you can. Okay?所以事先解决好这些发音问题,之后就不要再担心你的口音了,只要尽可能保持讲话清晰就行了。Next: use descriptive words.By that, I mean, again, remember, we were supposed to show off, use the best English you have.下一点:使用描述性词汇。我的意思是,还是一样别忘了,我们应该好好炫耀一番,使用自己掌握的最好的英语。So, don#39;t use boring words, don#39;t use overly used words, like: ;good;, ;bad;, ;okay;, ;nice;.所以不要用很单调的词汇,不要使用被过度使用的单词,比如;good;, ;bad;, ;okay;, ;nice;。Use exciting words, use dynamic words to show that you have a rich vocabulary to express yourself in English.使用能让人兴奋起来的词汇,使用充满活力的单词来显示你有丰富的词汇量能够很好地用英语表达自己。Don#39;t just say: ;Good;, say...or don#39;t just say: ;happy;, say: ;thrilled;, don#39;t just say: ;sad;, you can say: ;depressed;.不要只说“Good”,不要只说“happy”,说“thrilled”,不要只说;sad;, 你还可以说 ;depressed;啊。Use a more advanced word if you know it and if you#39;re sure of the meaning.如果你认识并确定它的意思,那就大可以使用更高级的单词嘛。But most of all, try to stay away from the overly used words like: ;good;, ;bad;, ;okay;, ;nice;. All right?但是最重要的是尽量避免使用被过度使用的单词,比如;good;, ;bad;, ;okay;, ;nice;,好吗?Next: speak up, speak up means make sure you speak loudly enough to be heard and also recorded.下一点:讲话大声一些,意思是请确保你讲话的声音足够大到对方能听清楚,而且能被清楚地录下来。Because during the IELTS, for example, you are judged by that examiner, and also you are recorded so that another examiner is going to listen to what you said during your English test.因为在雅思考试中,给你评分的不仅是当场的考官,他们还会把你的回答录下来,这样另一位考官就能听到你在英语考试期间说了什么。So speak clearly enough that the recording will allow you to be heard properly. Okay?所以讲话要足够清晰,这样别人才能好好听到你录音里的声音。Next: keep a steady pace.That means don#39;t speak too fast, and don#39;t speak too slowly.下一点:保持语速稳定。也就是不要讲得太快,也不要讲得太慢。If you#39;re not sure how fast you should speak, speak slower than you think is necessary because that way it#39;s much more likely that you will be understood. Okay?如果你不确定自己的语速应该有多快,那就讲得比你认为合适的更慢一些,因为这样别人更可能听懂你说的话。Next: explain any foreign words that you use as part of your answer.What do I mean by that, and why should you be using foreign words?下一点:解释你在作答时用到的所有外语词。我说的是什么意思?还有为什么你要使用外语词?Well, foreign words can also be the names of cities, for example, so if they ask you where you#39;re from, right?因为外语词也可能是城市的名字,比如,如果他们问你来自哪里。And you need to use the name of a city or a town, which is not common knowledge like London or Paris, it may be not as common and it may not be so easy to understand.你需要回答一个城市或城镇的名字,而这可能不如伦敦或巴黎那么为人熟知,可能没那么常见,可能不太容易听懂。So, instead of saying...for example, suppose you came...suppose you#39;re from India and you come from a city called Hyderabad.所以与其说......比如,假设你来自印度一个叫做Hyderabad的城市。Now, Hyderabad is a bit of a mouthful, it#39;s an unfamiliar word, so, what you could do to make it easier and to get higher marks is instead of just sayingHyderabad挺绕口的,不是个很常见的单词,所以要使它更容易听懂,让你得到更高的分数,你可以......与其直接说;I come from Hyderabad;, and the examiner might think: ;What did he say? What does that mean? I don#39;t understand.;“我来自Hyderabad”,然后考官可能会想“他说了什么?那是什么意思?我听不懂。”So, they...another...a way to get around that is to say: ;I come from a city in the southern part of India called Hyderabad.;解决这种情况的一个方法就是说“我来自印度南部一个叫做Hyderabad的城市。”Now, what you#39;ve done is you#39;ve given an explanation of what you#39;re going to say so the listener knows that there is a word coming,按照这种方法,你所做的是解释了你要说的内容,这样听的人就知道有个单词要出现,and even if I don#39;t know it, I know what it means or what it refers to.甚至即使我不认识这个单词,我也知道它是什么意思,或者它指的是什么。So it will sound, in fact, like you speak better English, because you have taken the listener into account. Okay?实际上这听起来就像你的英语说得很好一样,因为你考虑到了听的人。Next: stay on topic.So, even though I said speak in sentences, don#39;t use too many sentences to answer any one question.下一点:不要跑题。虽然我说过要用句子作答,但也不要用太多句子来回答一个问题。So that...because if you do that, then the examiner will think that you don#39;t understand the question.因为如果你那么做,考官会觉得你没听懂问题。You want to make sure that you answer the question and don#39;t go way beyond that.Okay? They always have enough questions to ask you, don#39;t worry.你要确保自己回答了问题,而且不要扯得太远。听懂了吗?他们永远都有足够的问题问你的,别担心。Next: don#39;t use slang.Again, you want to use your best English, and slang can even be things like: ;kids;.下一点:不要使用俚语。还是一样,你要用上自己最棒的英语,而俚语甚至可能是像;kids;这样的单词。A lot of my students don#39;t realize that you should be using the word: ;children; instead of ;kids;.我的很多学生都没意识到他们应该使用;children;这个单词来代替;kids;。Or you should use the word: ;items; instead of ;things;, ;stuff;, this is all slang.或者应该使用;items;来代替;things;或;stuff;,这些全都是俚语。Okay? Slang is not just bad language, but also this kind of casual language. Right?知道了吗?俚语不只是粗话,也是一种很随意的语言。You don#39;t want to use that kind of language in your English test or on your IELTS speaking test, use the best English that you know.不要在你的英语考试或者雅思口语考试中使用那种语言,用你知道的最好的英语。And last of all: don#39;t memorize answers.A lot of students model answers, and it#39;s good to do that, it gives you an idea of how to answer.最后一点:不要死记硬背。很多学生会看参考,这么做很好,能让你知道该怎么作答。But what you should do from that is to take ideas about how to structure your answer, take some vocabulary, take some expressions,但是你应该做的是学习组织的概念,采用其中的一些词汇,摘用一些表达,but don#39;t try to memorize the answer because it#39;s going to sound very artificial.而不是试着背下整篇,因为这听起来会很不自然。And if you forget, it#39;s going to completely fall apart, and also, the examiners can...are quite experienced; they can usually tell if you#39;re suddenly giving like a little speech.而且如果你中途忘词,整场考试就完蛋了,还有,考官都是经验很丰富的,他们一般都能看出来你是不是突然一下就变得慷慨陈词了。They#39;ll know that#39;s not you, because you also answered, you know, 15 other questions, and you didn#39;t sound like that.他们会发现那不是你自己的,因为你还回答了另外15道问题,而你那些时候听起来并不是这样的。And all of a sudden, you give this little mini speech, and it doesn#39;t sound good, and they might not give you marks for that at all because it#39;s not you speaking; you just memorized something.然后突然一下你就能发表一个迷你演讲了,这听起来并不好,他们可能根本不会给你分,因为你讲的内容并不是你自己的,你只是背了一些东西而已。They don#39;t want to know what you can memorize, they want to know what you can say when you#39;re using the language by itself in a natural way. Okay?他们不想知道你能死记硬背什么,他们想知道你自然而然使用这门语言时能说些什么。So learn how to benefit from those kind of model answers, but don#39;t memorize. Okay?所以学会如何从那些参考中受益,但是不要死记硬背。And I assure you that if you do, a lot of these things or all of these things,我向你保,如果你按照我给出的这些建议做,you#39;re definitely going to get a much higher score on your IELTS speaking test, and also on any oral English exam. Okay?你的雅思口语考试和其他任何的英语口语考试都绝对会得到一个更高的分数。If you#39;d like to do a quiz on these points, please go to our website: www. engvid. com.如果你想做关于这些建议的小测验,请登陆www. engvid. com网站。Thanks for watching, and good luck with your IELTS or any English exam.Bye for now.谢谢观看,祝你们雅思和所有英语考试好运。下次见啦。By the way, go to my website: www.goodluckielts.com for lots more information on how to do well on your IELTS exam. Bye.顺便说一下,想要获得更多关于完胜雅思考试的信息,请登陆我的网站www.goodluckielts.com,再见。 Article/201707/517008

See, it#39;s starting to wobble a little bit out here.树干有点晃啊A dead, full branch brought down by the typhoon is wedged in the fork of the tree trunk.That#39;s my next move.对岸的粗枝被台风折断 架在我所在的树上 我准备靠它过河Okay.Moment of truth to commit to this branch.There#39;s a lot of bend in this.好 看这树枝撑不撑得住 被我拉弯了This monkey-climb is tough on the shoulders,and it#39;s a long drop down.悬挂攀爬需要极大臂力 高度亦令人胆寒But even when I#39;m across,it#39;s a struggle to get any kind of footing on the sheer rock wall of the gorge.即使成功过河 对岸岩壁光滑 依然难以落脚And Chinese tribal women used to do that and monkey-climb as a way to impress the men,they would show off their strength and agility.中国原始部落的女人 就像泰山一样在这爬来爬去 展示体力 吸引男人Tell you what, that would#39;ve impressed the men if they#39;d done that one.Strong women.其实男人爬过来都挺费劲 真够壮的Still need to be heading this way, really.We need to get across this.我们要往那边走 那就得过河了You can see this river is in full flood with all the rains.下过大雨 这河水暴涨And I know these jungle rivers.They can be deceptively fast-flowing and also deceptively wide.丛林里的河很危险 看似平静 却暗流汹涌 这河还特别地宽There#39;s a load of debris coming down the river.Okay, we need to stick together in this.漂下来的残骸也特别多 你跟紧我You can feel there#39;s actually a strong current in here,whipping me down.河水冰凉 水流很强 想把我冲到下游去But as I get out to the middle of the river,Typhoon Parma catches up with me.然而游至半途 帕尔马台风袭来Where the hell did that come from?怎么回事The downpour is a reminder of the dangers in this river.大雨倾盆 事态不妙It#39;s full of fallen trees and logs.I want to get across this and fast.身旁全是断树 我得尽快过河 Article/201607/454687

零起点英语口语之三字通 第2讲这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/56662

So 200 episodes, that#39;s amazing. Thank you.200集,真是太神奇了 谢谢I cannot believe that it#39;s been, we turned 200, we#39;re very old.我不敢相信这我们拍到200集 我们变得很老了It#39;s been a lot of years. The fans have been amazing. We had a blast.已经过了很多年了 粉丝数惊人 我们曾经名声大噪We just shot the episode and it was incredible.我们刚拍完那一集 真的是难以置信And Johnny and I actually, every week we go into the audience and其实约翰尼和我 每周我们都会走到观众旁边然后talk to the audience, and on the 200th we went up there and we both started crying.我们和观众聊天 在200集那天我们走过去然后我们俩都哭了Just kind of thinking about how special it was and what it meant to us.只是想到这一集有多特别 对我们多有意义Yeah well very few shows go that long That#39;s really a big deal.是的 真的很好 很少有电视剧能拍那么多集 真的很了不起I would think you#39;re at that point. We#39;re at 13 years.我想你也拍了很多了对吧 艾伦秀已经拍了13年了And we shoot every day as opposed to one day a week, but that#39;s okay.而且我们每天都有 而不是每周一集 但是没关系So if I did the math right that#39;s like twice as many. It#39;s two thousand episodes, it#39;s okay. I cry every day too所以如果我算数没错 应该就是两倍之多 我们拍了2000集 还行吧 我也每天都哭Because I#39;m so happy. But that really is. And when you see, like cuz it#39;s on everywhere, in syndication.喜极而泣 但是真的是这样 当你看到…就像生活大爆炸随处可见同步放映When you see early episodes, how do you feel about that? Well, like you just said I cry.当你看到之前的剧情 你会有什么感觉 这个么 就像你刚才说的 我会想哭Because I cry for the memories, but I cry at some of the decisions on my hair.因为这些回忆会让我感动 但是我也想对我的一些发型选择大哭And some questionable clothes, and ten years, nine, ten years, it#39;s a long time.还有那些有问题的装 和十年了 九 不 十年 真的是很长的时间Styles change, hair changes, size, body. Everything#39;s just been going down hill.时尚在变 我的发型在变 当然还有我的身材也变了 所有的一切感觉都走下坡了No, but the good news is you just keep getting better and better.哦不 但是好消息是 你在努力变得更好Thank you. You look better than you looked before. I#39;m trying, it#39;s hard.谢谢 你比之前看上去好多了 我有努力 挺困难的That#39;s young Kailey right there. Yes that#39;s many many moons ago. Wow.这是年轻的凯利 是的 这是很久很久之前了 哇哦I mean look how high my boobs are. So much better. They#39;re sinking now. That is not true.我是说 你看那时候我的胸多挺 比现在好太多 现在都下垂了 没有啦That is not true. But I never would have recognized you in that picture though.并没有 但是这张照片我真的认不出是你Isn#39;t that weird? Yeah. Yeah, that#39;s weird. Yeah, it#39;s amazing, but congratulations.很奇怪对吧 是的 嗯 挺奇怪的 是的 很神奇 但是恭喜Thank you. And I know that you#39;ve gone through a little bit of a hard time.谢谢 然后我得知 你最近日子不太好I don#39;t know if you wanna talk about it or not.我不知道你是否愿意谈一下You are divorced or getting divorced? I#39;m, yes, I#39;m getting divorced.你是已经离婚还是正在办手续 是的 我正在办离婚You know, last year was very bizarre.你懂的 去年对我来说挺离奇And we all go through really weird ups and downs, and sometimes you#39;re,我们经过了一段很奇怪的起伏 然后有时候你会I#39;m a little bit more seen, and everyone goes through that stuff. Yeah.这段时间感觉自己经历了太多 所有人都会有这种时候 是的So, I aly feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015.所以 我已经觉得2016比2015年好太多了And you know, it#39;s been rough, but things are going good, and你要知道 这挺难的 但是现在越来越好I#39;m much much better now and I#39;m in a much better place than I was.我现在真的是好很多 我现在的状态也比以前好很多I#39;m glad. Yeah. Great. Yeah. How long were you married Not that long.我很高兴 是的 很好 嗯 你结婚了多久?并没有很久I was married for a year and a half. A year and a half, yeah.我结婚一年半 一年半 嗯I know, I know, It such a, I know. No. It is,我知道 我知道 这太 我知道 不是吧 是的I had a date tattooed on my back and everything to remind me,我背上有一个纪念日纹身 所有一切都不断提醒我then I had to- Maybe you should put it on your front. Yeah.然后我只能 或许你应该把纹身纹在胸前 是的I know, I know. Don#39;t tattoo wedding date. I know, I know.我知道 我知道 不要把结婚纪念日纹在身上 我知道 知道Wait, so you had your wedding date tattooed on your back? Yeah.等等 你把结婚纪念日纹在了背上?是的没错I saw you getting a tattoo, is that why, to cover it? Yeah.我看见你又去纹身了 是因为这个么 把它覆盖掉?没错Cuz you posted a picture, and it was a really cool picture of you getting tattooed.因为你发表了一张照片 是张很酷的你在纹身的照片Yeah, I looked real happy. Yeah.是的 我看上去很开心 是的Was like streaming tears down, yeah, I just, I made a mistake.就像泪流成河 是的 我只是 我犯了个错误The tattoo was yeah, a mistake. Had to cover it, had to cover it.这纹身是 嗯 一个错误 需要盖掉 必须盖掉How big were the numbers? They were big, they were big.那些数字有多大 很大 它们很大So then I had to cover it with the wings. Which I think turned out okay.所以我只能用翅膀来盖掉 所以就变成了这样What did you get put on your back? My little moth on the back.你在背上纹了个什么?我的背上有个小飞蛾What is it? It#39;s a moth. A moth? Yeah. And what made you?什么东西?飞蛾 飞蛾?是啊 为什么?Look it#39;s a smattering of applause, a moth, okay.你看 这是无法理解的掌声 一个飞蛾 嗯A moth, yes, it was like, yes a moth. It was like two people.飞蛾 是 这就像 就是个飞蛾 就像分裂成了两个人The rest are crying for me right now.另一个人在为我哭泣No, no, no. But, why, I mean, people do butterflies, but, why a moth, you know?没有 没有没有 但是 为什么 我是说 正常人会纹蝴蝶 但是 为什么是个飞蛾?What#39;s the significance? Because, the significance is it was big enough to cover the numbers.有什么意义么?因为 意义就是 飞蛾足够大 能盖掉那些数字So, the wings. You know, they, big wings, silent, quiet. Yeah, but, you, anything, if you put.你看 翅膀 你懂么 它们有很大的翅膀 沉默 安静 是的 但是你 其他任何东西 你也可以纹上On a wall. Yeah they do that, we#39;re just like stationary, it#39;s just what i picked out when i was there.停在墙上 是的 飞蛾就是这样 它们就像静止一样 我就是在纹身店选择了这个I picture a moth like, cause a moth is drawn to the light all the time, so maybe-我觉得飞蛾就像 因为飞蛾总是停在灯上 所以也许That too, that#39;s exactly what I was thinking.也停在数字上 我也是这么想的 Article/201706/513777

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