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Speaking at his confirmation hearing held late last month by the Senate eign Relations Committee, the Senator pledged to work hard to strengthen USChina relationship, which he called " one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world," and vowed to get the ChinaUS relationship right, because it will shape global affairs generations to come.A tour of Rio in an amphibian 'duck' vehicle 19:1: Rio de Janeiro is preparing an influx of soccer fans, keen to take in the sights and enjoy the city's attractions. The latest tour of the seaside city is by 'duck', or an old bus that's been transmed into an amphibian vehicle, offering views of the city from land and sea.Named Duck Copacabana, the vehicle carries passengers a ride along the Botafogo and Flamengo coastal avenues, bee entering the waters of Guanabara Bay.With its cable car, Sugarloaf Mountain is one of Rio’s main tourist attractions. And this is also the starting point a novel tour: a bus that thinks it’s a boat! Named Duck Copacabana, the vehicle carries passengers a ride along the Botafogo and Flamengo coastal avenues, bee entering the waters of Guanabara Bay. After passing the beaches, the vehicle gets to the Gloria Marina, where the bus driver is replaced by an authorised marine pilot. When the bus enters the water, the main diesel engine is turned off and the vehicle is controlled by a directional hydraulic propeller."It’s a technology that’s old some, but is very new to us, because this is the first amphibian bus in Brazil. So it’s an honour and a great pleasure to work here, because we work while having fun." Tour guide Luciana Morosini said.Inaugurated in earlier this year, the vehicle was inspired by similar tours in Boston, London and other cities. On weekends, many different kinds of boats can be seen from this viewpoint, and both Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains, Rio’s landmarks, are in the background."Very nice, I loved it, the tourist part, the structure and a different point of view of the city, it is very good."The tour operates four times a day except on Mondays, and costs 5 U.S. dollars per person. So football fans looking a unique experience while in Rio, it might just be time to get a duck’s eye view.

  The action, or lack of action, on the U.S. government’s funding crisis is in Washington, but concern about it spans the globe. One financial market indicator known as the "fear index" jumped % on Monday alone.

CCTV9英语新闻:《阮玲玉19年来首次回归 31 :6: CCTV9英语新闻:《阮玲玉19年来首次回归Tragic tale "Ruan Lingyu" hits the stage first time in 19 yearsThe Beijing People’s Art Theater is bringing the play "Ruan Lingyu" back to the stage after its debut 19 years ago. The show began its run on Christmas night, and is based on the tragic life of a famous movie actress. The return of Ruan Lingyu, after 19 years, as the curtain lifts, the story begins with narratives of two characters walking together with Ruan Lingyu. The time line of the story is broken into fragments as the tension mounts, building up to a tragic ending.The Beijing People’s Art Theater is bringing the play "Ruan Lingyu" back to the stage after its debut 19 years ago. The lead role is played by Xu Fan, who also played the role when the play debuted in 199. The actress says the span of 19 years has deepened her understanding of the character."It’s very significant that I have played her bee. I don’t have to get into the character from scratch again, because Ruan Lingyu is aly in me." said Xu Fan, Actress.The life of Ruan Lingyu is a haunting tragedy in China’s film history. Crushed by the gossip of newspapers, the star poisoned her at the young age of . The lead character Tang Wenshan is played by famous actor Pu Cunxin."I think Tang Wenshan is not that vicious, but he is selfish. He breaks Ruan Lingyu’s heart, so I think this role is hard me to relate to." said Pu Cunxin, Actor.The longawaited return of Ruan Lingyu runs until January th.


  He said that remarks and provocation from the Abe administration have caused severe difficulties ChinaJapan relations.。


  He said the Cabinet resigned en masse as Sisi did not want to appear to be acting alone.;We want to keep this last remaining brewery in Bruges, and theree we need a pipeline,; Vanneste said.中国月消费价格上涨1.8% ::6 中国月消费价格上涨1.8%BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhua) China's consumer prices increased at a slower pace in April as the cost of fresh vegetables and pork both declined, official data showed on Friday.The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, increased 1.8 percent year on year in April, down from . percent in the previous month, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).Slower increases in food prices were the main contributor to the lower CPI figure. Food prices increased .3 percent year on year, down from .1 percent in March.Prices of pork, a staple of the Chinese diet, fell 7. percent, dragging down the CPI by 0.1 percentage points. Prices the whole meat and poultry category dipped 0.7 percent, dragging down the CPI by 0. percentage points.Fresh vegetable prices went down 7.9 percent, pulling down the CPI figure by 0. percentage points, the NBS said.

  . 人们用闪闪发光的方式庆祝她的到来  这可是多少年都没出过的西洋景儿

  most of his campaign, simply repeated that he and his administration would

    A passenger plane has crashed at an airport in the Russian city of Kazan, killing all 50 people on board.。

  But he will have to govern with the same crossparty alliance that hampered his predecessor's efts. Six of his ministers were part of Letta's cabinet, three of them from the small centreright NCD party on which his parliamentary majority depends, suggesting that he may have to t cautiously at times to keep his coalition together.

  stressed that Barron, , is her focus staying at home during the campaign to

  We won the battle, now we need to go win the war, Coombs said later, outside the courtroom. "Today is a good day, but Bradley is by no means out of the fire."

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