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The ed States is urging North Korea to release an American held prisoner.美国敦促朝鲜释放一名关押的美国囚犯。The State Department also asked that his 15-year sentence of hard labor be pardoned and released as humanitarian gesture.美国国务院还要求赦免他15年的劳役,并以人道主义姿态将其释放。State Department spokesman John Kirby called for Otto Warmbiers release during a daily news briefing on August 31st.美国国务院发言人约翰·柯比在8月31日举行的例行记者会上呼吁释放奥托·瓦姆比尔。The American student received a 15-year sentence in March for trying to steal an item with a propaganda slogan.这名美国学生因试图窃取带有宣传口号的横幅被判15年监禁。He was initially detained in early January.他最初在一月初被关押。译文属。201609/464066We are back.Im sitting here with the legendary Dick Van Dyke.欢迎回来 我身边这位是传奇人物迪克·范·戴克You had a bit of a scare,a while ago.你一段时间之前受了点惊吓Not too long ago you were driving your jaguar right here in Los Angeles on the highway and it burst into flames.在不就前 你在洛杉矶的高速公路上 开着你的捷豹 结果它着火了I love the reaction.Isnt funny when your car burst into flames?我喜欢你的反应 你的车突然着火难道不搞笑吗Your car burst into flames and this is kind of a scary,this is a scary thing.车突然着火 这事很吓人I mean,first of all,you werent injured in anyway,were you?首先 你毫发未伤 对吧No,a guy stopped.A real hero.But is caught on fire and I saw flames对 有个人停下了车 他是个真英雄 但车着火了 我看到了火苗Youre driving the car,right?You saw smoke first?what happened?你当时在开车 对吧 你先看到了烟吗 发生了什么No,it started bumping like I have a flat tire.车刚开始就像爆胎一样颠簸 I pull over then I saw smoke coming out of the thing and then flames,so I started to pick up my stuff.我靠边停车 看到有烟从车里冒出 然后开始着火 我开始收拾我的东西I had some CD and things.All the guy saw.What are you talking about?我车里放了CD什么的 他们只看到 你扯什么呢You could have replaced the CDs.Ill get you another josh Groban.You dont need,CD可以重新买啊 我再送你张乔诗·葛洛班的唱片 你不必But the guy,all the guy saw was an old guy bent over.He thought hes out.他只看到一个老头俯下身去 他以为我晕倒了And they got to the car before I could get my stuff.他在我收拾完之前赶到了车边201610/472263

Seizing this long-awaited opportunity, the Ladakhis marched across the border of Guge, overcoming each fortress and embattlement in their path until they reached the capital Tsaparang.逮住等待已久的好机会,拉达克人挥军越过古格王朝的边界打败所有要塞及士兵抵达首都札布让。By this time, Guges economic and political resources were strained.此时古格王朝的经济及政治资源已经告急。No reinforcements would be coming as Tsaparang would have to face the invaders on its own.没有援军札布让必须孤军奋战。But taking Tsaparang would not be easy.但要拿下札布让并不容易。The capitals western and southern approaches are sheer vertical walls, virtually attack-proof.札布让的西边及东边都是陡峭的城墙,几乎无法攻击。At the summit, the royal palace was protected by a defensive wall running along its parameter.山顶的王宫被一道防御城墙保护着。The only possible approach for the Ladakhi forces was up a gently sloping here on the northeast, but even this route was blocked by a substantial wall.拉达克人只能想办法从东北边的缓坡攻入札布让,但这条路也被一道高墙挡住了。The Ladakhi armies reached Tsaparang.当拉达克大军抵达札布让时。They were flushed with victory.他们可是胜券在握。They had conquered all of the satellite fortresses.当时他们已经征附近所有的卫星城。They were now primed for the final battle.现在正整装发动最后一场战役。How this final battle began is a matter of some uncertainty.这场战役如何开始仍不确定。But scholars believe the entrance to the city was stormed by the Ladakhis.但学者相信拉达克人攻下了札布让的城门。 译文属201605/441047

Oil and gas油气The cruel sea残酷之海The government tries to block a Russian investment in the North Sea政府试图阻止俄罗斯在北海投资THE business climate in Britains oil and gas industry is as daunting as the winter weather in the North Sea. Even before the oil-price fall last year, elderly fields were depleting fast and new finds were scarce. The regulatory regime favours the existing owners of platforms and pipelines and deters newcomers. Now the industry, which employs 450,000 people and pays almost 5 billion (7.7 billion) in taxes a year, faces the worst outlook in 40 years. Exploration has slowed sharply; job losses are rising.英国油气工业的商业环境正如北海的冬日气候一样令人生畏。即使是在去年油价下降之前,老油田的资源也在快速减少,新开发的油田又屈指可数。管理制度对现存油气平台和管道的业主予以厚待,却使新来者望之却步。如今这拥有450,000雇员、每年缴纳近50亿英镑(77亿美元)的行业面临着40年来最糟的前景。油田探寻速度急速放缓,失业率正在上升。So one might think that a wealthy foreign investor would be welcome. LetterOne, a Luxembourg-based investment fund run by Mikhail Fridman, a Russian tycoon, this week paid 5.1 billion (3.6 billion, 5.6 billion) to buy 12 oil- and gasfields belonging to RWE, an ailing German energy conglomerate, with the possibility of more investment to come. But the British government is trying to force Mr Fridman to sell the assets to a third party. Future sanctions imposed by America on Russia could, it fears, stop operations, entailing economic losses or safety risks.因此人们也许认为富有的国外投资者将受到欢迎。俄罗斯大亨米哈伊尔·弗里德曼在卢森堡运营着一个名为LetterOne的投资基金会,该基金会本周出资51亿欧元(36亿英镑,56亿美元)来购买隶属于RWE(一境况不佳的德国能源企业)的12个油气田,并且未来可能还会投入更多资金。但英国政府正在试图迫使弗里德曼先生将这些资产售卖给第三方。政府担心美国未来对俄罗斯做出的制裁可能会中止运营、导致经济损失或带来安全风险。The decision seems odd. Mr Fridman had instituted what someone close to the deal calls “belt and braces” safeguards to protect production in the event of new sanctions. For the first year, ownership reverts automatically to RWE. After that, a Dutch foundation takes over.这个决定看起来莫名其妙。弗里德曼先生创立了被相关人士称为”腰带和背带(双重策略)“的保障措施,万一受到了新的制裁,可以用来保护产品。第一年,所有权自动返回到了RWE那里。在那之后,被一个荷兰基金会接管。Moreover, Mr Fridman is hardly a Kremlin crony. This weekend he flew from London to Moscow to attend the funeral of Boris Nemtsov, the murdered opposition leader (the rest of Russias business elite was mostly notable by its absence). Britains biggest energy company, BP, has a controversial but so far lucrative partnership with Rosneft, the main Russian oil company, which is close to the Kremlin. The risk of that relationship going wrong should be a rather greater worry.另外,弗里德曼先生很难被称为是克林姆宫的密友。本周末,他从伦敦飞往莫斯科参加被谋杀的反对党领导鲍里斯·涅姆佐夫的葬礼(值得注意的是其余俄罗斯商业精英的缺席)。英国最大的能源公司BP与Roseneft有着存在争议但到目前为止还算有利可图的合作关系,Roseneft是俄罗斯主要的油气公司,与克林姆宫关系密切。这段合作关系变质的风险应该是更值得担忧的问题。Another oddity is that the man Mr Fridman has chosen to chair LetterOnes energy division, Lord (John) Browne, is a former boss of BP. He piloted the company through a bruising battle over strategy with its previous Russian partners, TNK, a firm in which Mr Fridman happened to be a leading shareholder. That tussle does not seem to have left lasting scars. Lord Brownes recent memoir describes Mr Fridman as “civil and charming”, “tough and hardworking”, a “superb negotiator” and “extremely focused”.另一个古怪的地方是弗里德曼指定担任LetterOne能源部门主席的人,(约翰)布朗勋爵,他是BP的前总裁。他曾带领公司与前俄罗斯合作伙伴TNK就战略方面的问题进行了一番争斗,而弗里德曼正巧是TNK的主要股东之一。那场争斗似乎没有留下长久的疤痕。布朗勋爵最近的回忆录是这样描写弗里德曼的:“文明且有魅力”、“坚韧且勤奋”,是一名“极好的谈判者”,“极度专注”。Mr Fridman threatened to go to court, calling the governments objections to the deal belated, hurried and irrational. On March 4th the energy minister, Ed Davey, backtracked, giving Mr Fridman a week to make his case.弗里德曼威胁要诉诸法庭,号召政府反对这迟来、仓促且不理智的政策。3月4号,能源大臣爱德·达维松口给弗里德曼一个星期的时间来处理案件。A bigger worry should be the future of the North Sea. Britains regime, unlike Norways, does not encourage oilmen to keep going in lean years. Statoil, the state-owned Norwegian company, has just invested 9 billion in the first phase of the new Johan Sverdrup field, which will by 2025 produce more than all Britains wells. Collapsing confidence now could leave six billion barrels of oil stranded, says Sir Ian Wood, a veteran industry-watcher.北海的未来才应该是更大的担忧。英国海域与挪威不同,不鼓励石油商在歉收年继续开采。挪威国有企业Statoil刚对新的Johan Sverdrup油田第一阶段开采投入了90亿,这片油田到2025年将会产出比英国所有油田更多的资源。经验丰富的产业观察家伊恩·伍德阁下说,如今逐渐崩溃的信心可能让60亿桶原油开采搁浅。True, some of the industrys woes are of its own making, such as grotesquely inflated wage costs (now shrinking fast) and complacency (punctured). But others are the result of haphazard policymaking (14 energy ministers in 17 years) and high, complex taxation, such as a supplementary levy introduced by George Osborne, the chancellor, in 2011. The marginal tax rate on some production is as much as 80%.的确,该工业的某些灾难是咎由自取,比如说荒唐膨胀的工资成本(如今正在快速缩水)还有它的自鸣得意(被深深刺痛)。但其他的灾难就是颟顸决策(17年来换过14任能源大臣)以及高价、繁杂课税的结果了,比如说,财政大臣乔治·奥斯本于2011年出台的一项补充课税。一些产品的边际税率竟高达80%。The government is tweaking the tax regime, offering companies the chance to offset more losses against costs. It is offering to pay part of the multi-billion pound decommissioning bill. Perhaps it should be a bit nicer to foreigners wanting to risk their cash in the North Seas bracing climate.政府正在对税制进行调整,给了公司通过减少出来抵消更多损失的机会。它提出要部分付数万亿英镑的停工账单。也许它应该对那些想在北海透心凉气候中一掷千金的外国人友好一些。译者:王颖 校对:邵夏沁译文属译生译世201506/378814

The world this week-Business本周经济要闻The European Union opened up a new front in its antitrust battle with Google by accusing the company of using the dominant position of its Android operating system in the smartphone market to limit competition.欧盟在针对谷歌的反垄断斗争中开辟了一条新战线,它指控谷歌在智能手机市场上利用对安卓操作系统的配地位来限制竞争。The EU is focused on the strict licensing rules that Google imposes on smartphone-makers—for example, requiring them to pre-install its Chrome browser as a condition of licensing some Google apps.欧盟专注于谷歌针对智能手机生产商实行严厉的安卓许可规则—例如,要求他们预装谷歌的Chrome浏览器,作为允许使用某些谷歌应用的条件。Google, which has a few months to respond, pointed out that apps for Facebook, Amazon and others are also usually pre-installed on phones.谷歌需在数月内作出应对。该公司指出,脸谱、亚马逊及其他公司的应用也通常预装在手机之中。The deadline passed for potential buyers of Yahoo to submit their offers.雅虎的潜在收购方提交出价的最后期限已过。Verizon, Americas biggest wireless telecom firm, is said to be leading the field of contenders.据闻,美国最大的无线电信公司威瑞讯(Vorizon)在竞价者中属于领跑者。Marissa Mayer, Yahoos chief executive, responded to investor criticisms that the process was slow and disorderly by saying that the huge interest shown by the suitors was humbling.雅虎的首席执行官马利沙·梅耶对投资者们批评并购进展缓慢而无序作出回应,声称有意收购方展现的巨大兴趣是令人羞恼的。Intel decided to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide, 11% of its workforce, as it rejects its business to focus more on powering cloud-computing services and less on making chips for PCs, which still account for 60% of its sales.英特尔公司决定在全球削减1.2万个工作岗位,占到其员工总数的11%。该公司正在进行结构调整,将更多精力集中于持云计算务,减少计算机芯片生产方面的投入,而后者仍占其销售额的60%。A mooted freeze in oil output among most of the worlds big producers was scuppered when talks collapsed in Doha, the Qatari capital.在卡塔尔首都多哈的谈判破裂,世界上绝大多数石油生产大国之间有争议的固定产量协议就此崩溃。Saudi Arabia walked away when Iran, which only recently regained full access to international oil markets, refused to attend.伊朗最近才重获国际石油市场的进入权,该国拒绝加入限产计划之后,沙特阿拉伯随即退出谈判。Russia had joined the Saudis to call for a freeze in output in order to ease the current glut and thus boost oil prices, the collapse of which has hammered oil-producing economies.俄罗斯原本联合沙特呼吁固定产量,以缓解当前的过度供应,进而刺激油价上涨。油价暴跌已经使石油生产国的经济遭受打击。Oil workers in Kuwait achieved what the negotiators in Doha could not when they went on strike for three days, which helped lift prices.科威特的石油工人则取得了多哈谈判方未能取得的成就,他们持续罢工三日,已助推油价有所上升。Underscoring the effects of cheaper oil, Saudi Arabia turned to international creditors for the first time since 1991, raising 10 billion in loans over five years to help cover its budget shortfall.沙特阿拉伯自1991年起向国际债权人求助,5年内筹集了100亿美元的贷款来帮助其覆盖预算缺口,这凸现了石油价格下跌的效应。American and Asian banks led the consortium of lenders. See article.美国和亚洲的牵头组成了银团提供这些贷款。A Dutch court approved Russias application to set aside a billion arbitration award to former shareholders of Yukos, a forcibly nationalised oil company.荷兰一家法院批准了俄罗斯的申请,留出500亿美元的仲裁奖励金给尤科斯公司的前任股东们,这家公司已经被强制国有化。The court ruled that the arbitration panel had lacked jurisdiction in the case.该法院裁决,当时负责的仲裁小组在该案中并不具备管辖权限。The dispossessed former owners plan to appeal.被剥夺所有权的前股东们计划上诉。201605/441038

My grandmother told me a long time ago,shes up there, smiling at me.我奶奶很久以前就告诉过我 她现在正在天堂冲着我微笑呢She said, I told you, I told you when you least expect it she would show up out of the blue and bite you on the tush.她说 ;我早就告诉过你 当你觉得没有希望的时候 她会从天而降 咬你的屁股;I guess so, so I get I have a big target.我相信了 所以我要求很高And shes here, shes Shawna, right?Hi, how are you?Good.她就在现场 肖娜 是吗 你好啊 你好She is thrilled to death to hear that you will not stop flirting.你说你会继续和粉丝们调情 她吓了个半死Really smart of you to say that right here.在这种场合说这些 你真是太机智了Id gonna challenge.You should mess around her.人生处处充满挑战嘛 我看你就跟着她混得了Shes a professional soccer player.她可是个职业足球运动员Shes a real deal, shes a professional soccer player.说真的 她球踢得特别专业Shes getting y for Sky Blue, New Jersey.她正准备去新泽西参加比赛Shes leaving in a couple of weeks.过几周就要出发了She has the skills of the Olympic players.她是奥运会水平的运动员Who knows what gonna happen?没准真的会拿奥运会金牌呢But she keeps me on my toes.And how long have you been together?不过她看我看得可紧了 你们在一起多久了We met just under one year ago and sparks flew我们认识不到一年 第一次见面就很有火花and we started asking each other questions and were still here.我们开始搭讪 然后就走到了现在这步Im happy to hear that cause youre a good guy.很高兴听到这些 因为你是个好人So happy, congratulations.You said this was not a cute picture.恭喜恭喜 你说过这张照片一点都不可爱This is a throwback Thursday that you posted.这是你在;复古周四;发的一张照片I think youre adorable, how old are you in this picture.不过我觉得还挺萌的 那时候你几岁 /201511/409554

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