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People always ask me how to get clear skin. I bet you never thought about it before, but diet for clear skin is really my secret weapon. Kale, spinach, cucumber; all of those kinds of things are really great for your skin. Not only do they assist in digestion, they really detoxify your body. If youre having trouble with breakouts, thats the first thing Im going to tell you to do. Either drink a green juice every day, or have greens with every meal. Green juices are great because they assimilate into the body so much faster. Youre going to see that your skin is more hydrated. Youre going to breakout less. Your skin is going to really transform from being dull and lifeless to being really clean, clear, and glowing all day long. You want to make sure that whatever youre eating, its nice and clean. Ideally organic, nothing processed. If youre having breakout problems, that just tells me youre having digestive problems. Were going to start with diet first. I hope that helps with your diet and I hope you get clear skin as a result.人们总是问我怎样获得晶莹剔透的肌肤。我猜你以前从未想过,但是用饮食来获得清洁的肌肤是我的秘密武器。羽衣甘蓝,菠菜,黄瓜,所有这些蔬菜对皮肤都非常好。这些蔬菜不仅帮助消化,还可以为身体解毒。如果你为痘痘而烦恼,这是我优先推荐的食品。每天喝一杯绿色果汁,或者每餐食用绿色蔬菜。绿色果汁对皮肤很好,因为更容易被身体消化吸收。你会看到你的皮肤更加湿润,痘痘和痤疮会更少。你的皮肤很快就会从干枯暗哑变得清洁,透明,整天都焕发光。你想要确认无论自己吃什么,你的皮肤都漂亮而清洁。最好食用有机食品,拒绝加工食品。如果你的皮肤不好,这只会告诉我你的消化系统有问题。我们首先就要从饮食开始。我希望你可以改变饮食,从而拥有清洁透明的皮肤。201408/317094In January 2011,2011年1月Steve Jobs announced another leave of absence,乔布斯宣布再次请病假but be appeared at the launch of iCloud in June 2011.不过之后他在2011年6月的iCloud发布会中亮相It was the last product release那次是他作为苹果行政总裁he would attend as CEO.出现的最后一个产品发布会Two months later,两个月后in a short online letter,他透过一封简短的电邮he stepped down as CEO of Apple.宣布他正式辞任行政总裁Here was someone他是那种不工作who seemingly couldnt hold himself back from work.便不自在的人To see this person actually所以看见他决定辞职step down was a bit shocking.我真的有些愕然For four decades,超过40年Steve Jobs has been at the forefront of personal computing.乔布斯一直站在个人电脑发展的前端His enthusiasm, perfectionism,他的热诚,他对完美的追求creativity and entrepreneurial spirit他的创造力和领导企业的能力come together in a career and a life令他的职业生涯和生命发出异that made a huge impact on the technology world.同时为科技世界带来极大影响I have a word,我有个词语想说but I care about this word,但是我要很小心运用cause it s a dangerous word.因为这是个很危险的词语And its called ;visionary;而且经常被滥用and its overused.就是很有远见But thats what he is, a visionary.但乔布斯真是个很有远见的人 /201310/262748

Each one, just seven centimetres long,每一只小海龟都只有7厘米长must make a hundred-metre sprint down the beach.但他们得拿出百米冲刺的速度离开沙滩From the moment they hatch,从他们孵化出来那一刻theyre driven by an instinctive urge to run to the sea.就受着本能的驱使爬向大海Few creatures start life很少有生物刚出生时with the odds for success so heavily stacked against them.就面临如此多的危险 挣扎求生Yellow-billed kites.黄嘴黑鸢Pied crows.非洲白颈鸦But so many of these hatchlings appear together,但是众多刚孵化的小海龟一起出现that predators cant catch them all.捕食者也不能将他们全部抓光201403/282624

And what struck me most, as the red notes were being counted out, was that almost every one of them has on it the portrait of Chairman Mao.现代中国也有着同样的情形:红色的通用货币上印着毛主席的头像。Its ironic isnt it, that this spectacularly successful capitalist economy carries on its currency the portrait of a dead Communist revolutionary?如今,中国经济已是成功的市场经济模式,他们的货币仍使用了已故革命领袖的头像,其原因显而易见。We all know why: Mao reminds the Chinese people of the heroic achievements of the Communist Party, which is still in power.毛泽东的头像提醒着中国人民如今的执政党共产党当年的英雄壮举。He stands for the recovery of Chinese unity at home and prestige abroad, and every Chinese government wants to be seen as the inheritor of his authority.他代表着中国的统一、复兴与国际声望。每一届中国政府都希望能继承他的威信。Of course this kind of appropriation of the past, this kind of exploitation of an image, is nothing new.利用前人的成就及过世领导人的画像不是什么新鲜事。In the world of high politics, its been around for thousands of years, and whats happening today to Maos image on the Chinese currency was happening over two thousand years ago to the image of another great ruler.这样的方式已沿用了几千年。今天毛泽东的头像发挥着与2000多年前亚历山大头像一样的作用。Todays object is one of the earliest coins that we know with the image of a leader on it这枚银币是已知最早的带有领袖头像的硬币。its from around 2,300 years ago and it carries the head of the most glamorised military ruler of his age-and possibly of all time-Alexander the Great.这枚来自于2300年前的银币,上面的亚历山大大帝是当时,甚至是整个人类史上最伟大的军事指挥家。Hes on a coin about an inch and a half (3.8 cm) in diameter, so slightly larger than a two penny piece.银币直径约三厘米,比英国的两便士硬币略大些。201410/336609

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