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永泰县做人流那个医院最好宁德输卵管复通术那家医院最好福州检查男性不育价格 Imagine a future where your furniture flies, reacting and responding to your everyday needs. You could have an almost-sentient desk that jets off when it feels you’re over-working, or a remote control that floats over when you think you’ve lost it.想象一下,未来你的家具会飞,还能满足与回应日常需求。当你工作过量时,智能书桌会自动飞离;当你以为遥控器丢了,它会自动浮现在你眼前。In an interactive project dubbed ;L#39;evolved,; Harshit Agrawal and Sang-Won Leigh, two researchers from the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group, are exploring how to make everyday objects transform into “flying smart agents.”来自MIT媒介流界面小组的两位研究者哈什特·阿格拉瓦尔与桑王·利,正探究如何让日常用品转变为“会飞的智能物件”。;We really look at this as a way of making the objects around us kind of speak with us,; Agrawal said. “In the sense that they somehow know what they are doing, so they might prevent you from doing something wrong or light up your path in a dark environment.”阿格拉瓦尔说:“事实上,我们希望能让身边的物品与自己对话,即物品从某种程度上了解你的需求,因此它们能避免你做出不当举动,或者懂得在黑暗中为你亮起一盏灯。”So far, their project features drones acting as flying tables that adjust to your height, fly away once you’re done, or auto-eject if you start using the wrong pen on your homework. They also have a lampshade drone that hovers above you, focusing light on where you need it when you’re ing a book in the dark.到目前为止,这项以智能飞翔为特点的家具计划中,有会飞的桌子能自动适应你的身高,一旦工作完成,它会自动飞离;有当你做作业时拿错了会自动弹开的钢笔;还有悬浮在你身边的灯罩,它会自动在黑暗中为你提供光亮。To power their flying furniture, the pair used a motion capture system where a camera tracks everything in the room—including the person and the drone, which receives commands from the computer.为了快速推动飞翔家具,两位研究者使用了动态捕捉技术,让摄像机对房间的每一个角落进行追踪,包括主人和该家具,然后通过电脑接受指令。;The computer knows where the drone wants to go by tracking where the person is,; explained Leigh. “We are feeding that data from the computer to the drone so that it can move smoothly to the required position.”利解释道:“电脑通过追踪人的位置,就能知晓飞翔的家具应去往何处。我们将电脑中的数据传输给家具,使其准确移动到指定位置。”Currently, the duo faces two main challenges: stabilizing the drone, and feeding it a regular power supply (at the moment, it’s connected to a power socket).如今,两位研究者面临着两大挑战:增强飞翔家具的稳定型,并实现充电功能(现在它们仍依赖电源插座)。Drones can’t support much weight yet, so the team opted for a paper tabletop. They soon found, however, that if they placed the tabletop directly on top of the drone, it blocked airflow. To solve this problem, they made the distance between the drone base and its paper tabletop greater so it could keep flying.飞翔家具还无法承受过多的重量,因此研究团队选用了纸质台面。然而他们很快发现,如果直接将台面搁到飞翔家具上,会阻碍飞行。为了解决这个问题,他们加大了飞翔家具底座和纸质台面的距离,以保它能飞行。Agrawal said that in the future, they could optimize stability by replacing a hovering desk with one that parks in front of users when they need it, then clears off when the user has finished their task.阿格拉瓦尔认为,在未来,他们将优化飞翔家具的性能,用飞翔的桌子代替用户面前静态的桌子,当使用者工作完成后,桌子能自动离开。Ultimately, the researchers are set on enchanting everyday appliances so that they surpass their limitations as static objects, and have a more socially collaborative relationship with their human owners.最终,研究者将让日常家电也魔力四射,它们将超越传统静态物品的局限,与人类建立更好的协作关系。 /201510/403780Vaping may harm the lungs电子烟会损害你的肺You’ve seen them on television, in celebrity photos and in magazine ads — cool superstars vaping on electronic cigarettes. Their high-tech gadgets seem to be available everywhere, from shopping malls to the 24-hour convenience mart. Is it any wonder that teens are being tempted to try out the vaping craze?他们出现在电视上,在名人照片中,甚至在杂志广告上。一些明星在电子烟里吞云吐雾,这种高科技工具似乎在哪都可以买到个,从购物中心到24小时便利务店。但如果说现在很多青少年正被这种蒸汽烟引诱并为之狂热,那么你被惊到了吗?Yet scientists are disturbed by the fascination teens have with this nicotine-dispensing alternative to smoking. And with good reason. Data from a growing number of studies indicate that electronic cigarettes are not harmless.青少年对于这种含尼古丁可供选择的吸物尤为入迷。科学家对此表示很担忧,并且有充分的理由。越来越多的研究数据表明电子烟并不是无害的。Chemicals in e-cigarettes can damage lung tissue, provoking inflammation. That damage can reduce the ability of the lungs to keep out germs and other harmful substances, new studies show.电子烟中的化学成分会破坏肺组织,进而诱发炎。新研究表明这种破坏会降低肺阻止细菌及其他有害物质进入体内的能力。Evidence of vaping’s growing appeal can be seen everywhere — from urban storefronts (as here) to kiosks in suburban shopping malls.从城市的贸易商铺到郊区购物中心的小报摊,电子烟逐渐增加的吸引力随处可见,有据可循。Yet teens seem largely unaware of — or unconcerned by — the emerging data on these risks. Their use of e-cigarettes has now surpassed that of conventional cigarettes. In the past year alone, e-cigarette use by U.S. middle-school and high-school teens has tripled. That’s the finding of a new government survey released last month.但是青少年对这些逐渐浮出水面的危险数据并没有意识,或者说他们不是很关心。他们现在使用的电子烟的数量已经超过了传统烟。仅在过去的一年中,美国初中或高中青少年里使用电子烟的数量就已翻了3倍。这是上个月一项政府新调查发现的数据。Mitch Zeller directs the Center for Tobacco Products in Silver Spring, Md. It’s part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. “I can say definitively,” Zeller says, “that nicotine is harmful to the developing teenage brain. And no teenager, no young person, should be using any tobacco or nicotine-containing products.” These include e-cigarettes, he adds.Mitch Zeller对马里兰州银泉市烟草产品中心进行指导,该中心是美国食品和药品的一部分。“我可以很肯定地说,尼古丁对青少年的脑部发育有很大危害”,他表示,“因此,无论是青少年还是未成年人都不应该再继续适用任何含尼古丁产品,其中包括电子烟”,他补充道。译文属 /201506/378290福州晋安博爱医院检查怀孕好不好费用多少

南平检查精液到哪里好Bill Gates has pulled together a multinational band of investors to put billions into clean energy.比尔·盖茨联合了多国投资者,将向清洁能源领域投资数十亿美元。The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist is set to announce his latest endeavor, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, at the climate change summit in Paris alongside President Obama and French President Francois Hollande.这位微软联合创始人、慈善家将于巴黎气候变化大会上宣布他的最新举措——创建“能源突破发展联盟”。届时,美国总统奥巴马、法国总统奥朗德也将在场。The fund will be fed by a group that spans more than two dozen public and private entities -- including national governments, billionaire philanthropists, investment fund managers and tech CEOs.项目出资方来自20多个公共和私人实体,包括国家政府、身家上亿的慈善家、投资基金经理以及科技公司的首席执行官。;The renewable technologies we have today, like wind and solar, have made a lot of progress and could be one path to a zero-carbon energy future. But given the scale of the challenge, we need to be exploring many different paths -- and that means we also need to invent new approaches,; Gates said in a statement.盖茨在声明中说:“风能和太阳能等人类所具备的可再生能源技术已经得到了显著发展,这些能源很有可能是未来二氧化碳零排放的一条出路。但这项挑战极为艰巨,我们还需探索其它出路,也就是说,我们需要投资新领域。”Among the list of backers are Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg ofFacebook, Meg Whitman of HP and Virgin Group#39;s Richard Branson.该项目的赞助者名单上,包括阿里巴巴集团CEO马云、脸书CEO马克·扎克伯格、惠普的梅格·惠特曼以及维珍集团的理查德·布兰森。More than a dozen governments have also committed to double their spending on carbon-free energy development over the next five years.此外,还有十多个国家的政府已承诺,将在未来五年内加倍投资无碳能源的发展。;Private companies will ultimately develop these energy breakthroughs, but their work will rely on the kind of basic research that only governments can fund,; Gates added.盖茨补充道:“最终在能源研发上取得突破的将会是私营企业,但他们研发所依赖的基础研究只有政府才负担得起。“According to government data, the U.S. spends about billion on energy Ramp;D compared to billion on health care research and nearly billion on defense research.美国政府发布的数据显示,该国在能源研发领域的投资约为50亿美元。相比之下,医疗研究的投资为310亿美元,国防研究的投资则接近700亿美元。There is no fund raising goal for private investors in the Gates initiative. But the fund represents billions in money to seed promising ideas in large-scale clean energy production.盖茨的此项计划没有对私人投资者设定募资目标,但项目募资总额高达数十亿美元,这些资金将为清洁能源未来的大规模生产创造可能性。The fund says it will invest broadly and focus on five key areas: electricity generation and storage, transportation, industrial uses, agriculture and projects that make energy systems more efficient.该基金的投资范围很广,主要关注五个领域:发电与储电、交通运输、工业应用、农业生产以及那些能提高能源系统效率的项目。For example, Gates says more research is needed in new kinds of batteries -- ;flow batteries; -- that he says hold more promise than current battery technology.盖茨表示,比如新型电池领域就需要进行更多的研究。他认为“液流电池”要比现在的电池技术更有前途。According to Gates, the goal is to spur new clean energy tech while combating climate change by ;keeping global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees.;盖茨认为,项目的目的是“将全球升温幅度控制在2摄氏度以内”,以应对气候变化,与此同时,该项目还会促进新型清洁能源技术的发展。Reducing global reliance on fossil fuels also holds the potential for massive economic benefits, Gates added.他补充道,降低全球对化石燃料的依赖也能带来巨大的经济效益。;It would help millions more people escape poverty and become more self-sufficient,; Gates wrote. ;And it would stabilize energy prices, which will have an even bigger impact on the global economy as more people come to rely on energy in their daily lives.;盖茨写道:“这能帮数百万人脱离贫困、自给自足,还能稳定能源价格——在人们日常生活越来越依赖能源的今天,能源价格稳定对全球经济的影响愈发重要。 /201512/413393三明市看不育费用 LONDON — In another roadblock to Uber’s global expansion, the authorities in South Korea have indicted Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of the ride-booking company, on charges that Uber violated local licensing laws.伦敦——韩国当局指控共乘租车务Uber违反了当地的许可法规,对该公司首席执行官特拉维斯·卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)提起了诉讼。这是Uber在其全球扩张进程中遭遇的又一路障。While Uber has faced a growing number of legal challenges across the globe, this is believed to be the first time the company’s chief executive has been charged with violating transportation laws.虽然Uber在世界各地面临着越来越多的法律挑战,但其首席执行官被指控违反了交管法规,这应该还是第一次。It also is part of an increasingly tough approach taken by the South Korean authorities against the ride-booking service after other lawmakers worldwide have struggled to rein in Uber.这也是韩国当局对Uber采取的日益严厉的行动之一。全球各地的很多其他立法者已经在竭力遏制Uber的发展。“Some countries are taking a harsh line because they don’t agree with how Uber goes about its business,” said Thilo Koslowski, head of the automotive practice at the technology research company Gartner Research in California. “Uber has a tendency to punch its way into new markets, but they will have to start working more with authorities when they enter a new country.”“一些国家正在采取严厉举措,因为他们不认可Uber的经营方式,”科技调研企业加州高德纳咨询公司(Gartner Research)汽车业首席分析师蒂洛·科斯洛夫斯基(Thilo Koslowski)说。“Uber喜欢横冲直闯地进入新市场,但现在当他们进入一个新国家时,将不得不更多地与当局进行合作。”Prosecutors in Seoul indicted Mr. Kalanick, as well as the head of the company’s South Korean car-rental partner, MK Korea, in connection with licensing laws that forbid rental car companies from operating taxi services, the South Korean news agency Yonhap said on Wednesday. The charges have a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of about ,000.韩国联合通讯社(Yonhap)本周三表示,因为许可法规禁止汽车租赁公司经营出租车业务,首尔的检察官对卡兰尼克及其韩国汽车租赁合作伙伴MK Korea的负责人提起了诉讼。该项罪名面临最高两年的监禁和约1.8万美元(约合人民币11万元)的罚款。On Wednesday, Uber said it had not violated South Korean law, adding that its services had been well-received in that market.本周三,Uber表示自己没有违反韩国法律,并称其务在韩国市场受到了欢迎。“We are confident that the Korean court will uphold a fair and sensible judgment on this case,” the company said in a statement. “Uber does not believe it is appropriate for authorities to seek to punish drivers who are trying to make a living through this service.”“我们有信心,韩国法院会对此案做出公平合理的裁决,”该公司的声明称。“当局试图惩罚靠这个务来谋生的司机,Uber认为此举不妥。”A spokesman for the company said he could not confirm the specific charges because it had not received the indictment. The prosecutors in Seoul could not be reached.该公司发言人表示,他无法对这一起诉予以实,因为公司还没有收到起诉书。首尔的检察官则是无法联络到。Uber will continue to operate in South Korea despite the charges against its chief executive, Yonhap reported. In previous legal disputes with cities in which Uber faced bans and fines, the company has also kept its operations going while it appealed those decisions据韩联社报道,尽管Uber首席执行官遭到起诉,该公司仍将在韩国继续经营业务。Uber之前也在一些城市面临禁令和罚款,但它在对这些决定进行上诉的同时,仍在这些城市继续运营。Founded in 2009, the San Francisco-based company now operates in almost 250 cities on five continents. It has a value of roughly billion, almost the same as General Motors.该公司成立于2009年,总部位于旧金山,目前在五大洲近250个城市开展业务。公司估值约为400亿美元,与通用汽车公司(General Motors)大致相当。Yet Uber’s aggressive plans for expansion have been plagued by opposition from policy makers — and taxi drivers — in a number of countries who say it operates without the appropriate licenses and is unfair competition for local taxi associations. The opposition is becoming a major headache, and potential financial risk, for the fast-growing company.然而,Uber积极进取的扩张计划遭遇了阻碍,因为很多国家的政策制定者和出租车司机都反对它,说它没有相应的经营许可,与本地出租车务开展竞争是不公平的。反对者给这家快速成长的公司制造了一大难题,而且还可能带来财务风险。In the ed States, two California district attorneys have filed a civil suit against the company, charging that Uber misled consumers about the methods it uses to screen its drivers. Prosecutors in Massachusetts recently charged an Uber driver with the sexual assault of a woman who had been seeking a ride.在美国,加州的两名地方检察官对Uber提起了民事诉讼,指控该公司在司机筛选方法上对消费者进行误导。马萨诸塞州的检察官日前指控一名Uber司机性侵一名想打车的女子。This month, Uber reached an agreement with the authorities in Portland, Ore., to temporarily suspend its operations there while local officials considered legislation that would allow the company to operate legally.本月,Uber与俄勒冈州波特兰市政府达成协议:Uber暂停其业务,当地官员则考虑立法来让该公司合法经营。In Europe, several cities, including Berlin and Amsterdam, have banned Uber’s low-cost service, UberPop, and have levied fines against some Uber drivers who continue to pick up passengers. More than 10,000 taxi drivers in cities including London and Milan also took to the streets to protest the company’s services.在欧洲,柏林和阿姆斯特丹等城市已禁止了Uber的低成本务UberPop,并对一些继续载客的Uber司机处以罚款。在伦敦和米兰等城市,上万名出租车司机走上街头抗议Uber务。Uber says it will appeal any legal rulings against it.Uber表示,将对任何限制它的法律裁决提起上诉。“All the episodes across Europe show that Uber is taking on one of the most regulated industries out there,” Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s regional general manager for Western Europe, said before the South Korean indictment was made public. “Uber should be embraced; it’s good for consumers.”“欧洲各地发生的所有这些事件表明,Uber进军的是欧洲监管最严格的行业之一,”在韩国起诉书公布之前,Uber西欧地区总经理皮埃尔-迪米特利·戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)在采访中说。“大家应该接受Uber;它对消费者是有益的。”The company’s background checks of drivers have also come under scrutiny after an Uber driver in India was accused this month of sexual assault. The authorities in the Delhi region subsequently banned Uber’s operations there.印度的一名Uber司机本月被控性侵之后,该公司对司机背景的调查工作也受到了人们的严密审视。德里当局随后禁止Uber在当地经营业务。“If there are safety concerns for either passenger or drivers, that could lead to a strong backlash against the company,” said Mr. Koslowski of Gartner.“如果乘客或司机方面存在安全担忧,该公司可能会遭受沉重打击,”高德纳的科斯洛夫斯基说。This week, the authorities in the Chinese city of Chongqing said they were investigating whether Uber could operate there legally, and Taiwan’s Transportation Ministry said it was weighing whether to block the company’s website and mobile applications. 本周,中国重庆市政府表示正在调查Uber是否可以在当地合法经营。台湾交通运输部称,正在考虑是否要屏蔽该公司的网站和移动应用。This is not the first time the South Korean authorities have taken aim at Uber. The local government in Seoul has said it was considering outlawing services like Uber because they did not have the licenses required to operate there.这不是韩国当局第一次把矛头指向Uber了。首尔政府表示,它正在考虑取缔Uber这样的务,因为它们没有在当地经营业务所需的许可。As part of the clampdown, city officials approved a reward equivalent to roughly 0 for those who provide the local authorities with information about potential illegal activities in the sector.市政府官员已经同意,对那些向当局提供该行业潜在非法活动信息的爆料者,提供约值900美元的奖励。这是取缔行动的措施之一。The new pushback against Uber comes a week after the Chinese search engine Baidu said it had invested in the American company. That deal is said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.在Uber本次遇挫的一周之前,中国搜索引擎百度表示已对这家美国公司进行了投资。一位知情人士称,这宗交易涉及的美元金额数以亿元计。该知情人士没有获得公开发言的授权,因此不愿具名。 /201412/351174福州检查尖锐湿疣那家好

莆田检查胎停医院Artificial intelligence will spur economic growth and create new wealth. Machines that “think” like humans will help solve huge problems, from curing cancer to climate change. Yet millions of human workers will need to retrain, as robots make their existing jobs redundant.人工智能将刺激经济增长和创造新的财富。从治疗癌症到气候变化,像人类一样“思考”的机器将帮助解决巨大问题。然而,随着机器人使大量现有工作岗位变得多余,数以百万计的工作者将需要重新培训。These are the contrasting messages provided by the world’s leading technologists during the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, as political and business leaders ponder how best to respond to the rise of smart machines.这些是世界领先的技术专家本周在达沃斯传递的一些反差鲜明的信息。在这里举行的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)上,政治和商界领袖思索如何最好地回应智能机器的兴起。Sebastian Thrun, the inventor of Google’s self-driving cars and an honorary professor at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, said “almost every established industry is not moving fast enough” to adapt their businesses to this change.谷歌(Google)自动驾驶汽车发明者、荷兰代尔夫特理工大学(Delft University of Technology)名誉教授塞巴斯蒂安史朗(Sebastian Thrun)表示,在推动企业适应这种变化方面,“几乎每一个老牌行业的动作都不够快”。He suggested self-driving cars would make millions of taxi drivers redundant and planes running solely on autopilot would remove the need for thousands of human pilots.他提出,自动驾驶汽车将使数以百万计的出租车司机失去工作,只靠自动驾驶仪运行的飞机将使成千上万人类飞行员变得多余。One of the central themes of this year’s conference is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” referring to how technological breakthroughs are expected to transform industries across the world. Delegates argued that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence would have the transformative effect that steam power, electricity and ubiquitous computing achieved in previous centuries.今年世界经济论坛的中心主题之一是“第四次工业革命”,它指的是技术突破预计将在世界各地转变各行各业的面貌。与会代表们提出,机器人和人工智能技术的进步将产生变革性的影响,就像过去几个世纪的蒸汽动力、电力以及无处不在的电脑运算能力那样。“[Artificially-intelligent machines] can look at a brainscan better than most radiologists, but they can also weld better than any human,” said Illah Nourbakhsh is a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, the institution partnering with taxi app group Uber to build driverless cars. “It’s affecting white collar and blue collar jobs. Nobody is inherently safe.”“(人工智能机器)能够比多数放射科医生更擅长看懂脑部扫描,它们也能够比任何人类焊接工更好地焊接,”卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)机器人学教授伊拉蘒巴卡西(Illah Nourbakhsh)表示。该校正与打车应用优步(Uber)合作研制无人驾驶汽车。“这影响到白领和蓝领的工作。没有人是绝对安全的。”But Prof Thrun was optimistic that redundant roles would quickly be replaced.但史朗教授乐观地认为,多余的角色将很快被替换。“With the advent of new technologies, we’ve always created new jobs,” he said. “I don’t know what these jobs will be, but I’m confident we will find them”“随着新技术的出现,我们总是在创造新的就业机会,”他表示。“我不知道这些工作具体会是什么,但我相信我们会找到它们。”Not all are convinced. According to a study released by WEF this week, increased automation and artificial intelligence in the workforce will lead to the loss of 7.1m jobs over the next 5 years in 15 leading economies, while helping create just 2m new jobs over the same period.并非所有人都深信这一点。根据世界经济论坛本周发布的一份研究报告,提高自动化程度和在劳动力队伍中引入人工智能,未来5年期间将使15个主要经济体失去710万个就业岗位,而同期技术进步将仅带来200万个新工作岗位。Across industries, leading executives worried about the effect of job displacement.在各行各业,领先高管们纷纷表示担心工作替代的影响。Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman at Nestlé, warned some countries would become unstable if businesses could not replace jobs taken by machines.雀巢(Nestlé)董事长包必达(Peter Brabeck-Letmathe)警告,如果企业不能帮助被机器取代的工人找到新工作,一些国家将变得不稳定。“Other industrial revolutions cost a lot of people their heads,” he said. “I’m not sure we have the time for the wonderful markets to fix all these problems.”“过去几次工业革命使很多人失去了生计,”他说。“我不肯定我们有时间让神奇的市场力量来解决所有这些问题。”Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, said: “This challenge of displacement is a real one, [but] I feel the right emphasis is on skills, rather than worrying too much about the jobs [which] will be lost. We will have to spend the money to educate our people, not just children but also people mid-career so they can find new jobs.”微软(Microsoft)首席执行官萨提亚纳德拉(Satya Nadella,见上图)表示:“人被机器取代的这种挑战是真实的,但我认为正确的重点是技能,而不是过于担心那些将会失去的工作。我们将不得不花钱来教育人们,不只是孩子,也包括职业生涯中途的人们,使他们能够找到新的工作。”For workers to adapt, Prof Thrun argued that the way people approach their professional lives would require change.史朗教授主张,要让工作者适应,人们对待自己职业生涯的态度将需要改变。The robotics pioneer is also the founder of Udacity, a Silicon Valley start-up that enrols high-earning professionals into six-month online courses, retraining them in order to switch jobs. Due to growing automation, he predicted it would become the norm for workers to change jobs every few years.这位机器人领域的先驱还创立了Udacity,这是一家硅谷初创企业,招收高收入专业人士参加六个月的网上课程,对他们进行再培训,使他们能够换工作。他预测,随着自动化越来越普及,工作者每隔几年更换工作将成为常态。“In the ed States, in 2012, figures from Department of Labour Statistics show the average tenure [in a job] was 4.6 years and it’s shrinking,” he said.“美国劳工部劳动统计局(Department of Labour Statistics) 2012年数据显示,美国一份工作的平均任期为4.6年,而且还在缩短,”他表示。Erik Brynjolfsson, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and co-author of The Second Machine Age said: “We’re moving to a world where there will be vastly more wealth and vastly less work. That shouldn’t be a bad a thing, and shame on us if we turn it into a bad thing.”麻省理工学院(MIT)教授、《第二个机器时代》(The Second Machine Age)合著者埃里克布林约尔松(Erik Brynjolfsson)表示:“我们正进入一个财富大幅增加、而工作大幅减少的世界。这不应该是一件坏事;如果我们把它变成一件坏事,那将是我们的耻辱。” /201602/424094 IBM reported a decline in revenues for the 11th consecutive quarter on Tuesday, as it tries to divest unprofitable businesses and focus on cloud computing, big data and cyber security.IBM周二称,在继续重组业务之际,其营收连续第11个季度下降。该公司正在努力剥离盈利较差的业务,并将主要精力放在云计算、大数据和网络安全上。The New York-listed company said revenue had fallen 12 per cent to .1bn in the fourth quarter, compared to the same period the year before, lower than the average analyst estimate of .8bn.这家在纽约上市的企业表示,2014年第四季度,该公司营收同比下降12%,跌至241亿美元,也低于248亿美元的分析师平均预期。Fourth-quarter earnings were down 6 per cent to .81 per share on a non-GAAP basis, beating the average prediction of .41 per share. Earnings per share on a GAAP basis were .54 and net income was .5bn, down 17 per cent.按非公认会计准则(GAAP)计,该公司第四季度盈利下跌6%,降至每股5.81美元,高于每股5.41美元的平均预期。按公认会计准则计算,该公司净收入为55亿美元,每股盈利5.54美元,下降17%。For 2015, the company forecast a rise in earnings per share to between .75 and .50, slightly below the average analyst forecast of .51 because of investment costs and currency headwinds.IBM预计,2015年该公司每股盈利将升至15.75美元到16.5美元之间。由于投资成本及汇率方面的不利因素,上述预期略低于16.51美元的分析师平均预期。Despite the overall decline last year, Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman and chief executive, said the company’s “strategic” businesses of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security grew 16 per cent in 2014 to represent 27 per cent of revenue. These businesses are forecast to grow in double digits next year, the company said.不过,尽管去年IBM总体营收出现下滑,该公司董事长兼首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)表示,去年它的云计算业务、分析业务、移动业务、社交网络业务及安全业务等“战略性”业务增长了16%,占全部营收的27%。该公司预计明年这部分业务将出现两位数增长。“We are making significant progress in our transformation, continuing to shift IBM’s business to higher value, and investing and positioning ourselves for the longer term,” she said.罗睿兰表示:“我们在转型方面取得了巨大进步。我们继续令IBM转向价值更高的业务,并在投资和定位上更着眼于长期。”Revenue from its mobile business was up over 200 per cent, cloud computing rose 60 per cent, security added 19 per cent and analytics increased by 7 per cent.IBM移动业务的营收增长了两倍以上,云计算业务增长60%,网络安全增长19%,分析业务则增长7%。The hardware business led the declines, down 39 per cent, or 12 per cent excluding a divestment and on a constant currency basis.在营收下滑的业务中,硬件业务首当其冲,下跌39%。在刨除资产剥离因素之后,以不变汇率计算,该部门营收下跌12%。 /201501/355985南平去那间医院精子检查福州检查染色体费用怎么样




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