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1. He waved with a big cheesy grin。他朝我挥了挥手,脸上带着那种假假的笑容。adj. 干酪质的;下等的;漂亮的[俚语]质次的;下等的;低级的;蹩脚的[亦作 cheesey] 2. Stop being a chicken and try the rollercoaster ride!别那么胆小,来玩过山车啊!a chicken:胆小鬼3. You have to drive all the way uptown to get him? Man, that's a drag。你要开车到郊区接他?那真不容易。vt. 拖累;拖拉;缓慢而吃力地行进vi. 拖曳;缓慢而吃力地行进4. A: Where did you buy that pen?B: Oh this? It's a freebie I got at the carnival。A: 你在哪买的那笔?B: 这啊?这是我在嘉年华得的免费赠品。freebie: 免费赠品5. Love is making you go bananas。恋爱把你变得疯疯癫癫的。go bananas: [美国俚语]神魂颠倒;发狂   /201109/155146。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:到此为止,告一段落Im so tired. Lets finish up.我太累了,今天就到这里吧。讲解:Lets finish up 表达的意思就是;(工作等事)告一段落;、;到此为止;。finish up的英文解释:1. finish a task completely2. finally be or do somethingWe can now finish up.我们现在可以收场了。I have some paperwork to finish up.我有些文案工作要做完。 /201210/205638。

French window  落地窗  典故:其实“French window”这个词语跟法国关系不大,由于以前欧洲各国错综复杂的历史关系,所以有许多类似的名字,如“French kissing”估计大家都知道,所以在很多从心中,“French”已经是浪漫的代名词,而“French windows”代表“落地窗”,也许这就是所谓的“法国情调”吧。  例句:Hook the French window when you come in.你进来的时候把落地窗关好。 French leave  不告而别  典故:法国人都喜欢不告而别?并非如此,但是在18世纪,法国人性格随便,性情浪漫,在参加宴会等一切社交聚会时,养成了不向主人告别就擅自离去的习惯。  French leave is ;Leave of absence without permission or without announcing ones departure;, including leaving a party without bidding farewell to the host. The phrase was born at a time when the English and French cultures were heavily interlinked. (wikipedia)  在《牛津字典》中的解释,to take French leave is to go away, or do anything, without permission or notice。所以我们把French leave翻译成不告而别。有趣的是,英法两国的文化还真的有种争锋相对的味道,连语言也不例外。在法语中,同样有个短语fileràlanglaise(take English leave)表达相同的概念。French leave特别用于表达“擅离职守”的概念(the act of leisurely absence from a military unit),这同样与17-18世纪的英法战争史有关。  例句:Many of the boys at the school took French leave to go to the football match。学校里很多孩子旷课去看足球比赛。   Greek gift  害人的礼物  典故:据《奥德赛》卷8记述:许多特洛伊人对如何处置希腊人留下的大木马展开了辩论,“他们有三种主张:有的主张用铜矛刺透中空的木马;有的主张把它仍到岩石上;有的主张让它留在那里作为景观,来取悦天神”。结果是后一说占优势,他们把那匹木马拖进城里,而终于遭到了亡国之灾。史诗第2卷便是伊尼斯关于特洛伊城陷落经过的叙述:当特洛伊人要把大木马拖进城的时候,祭司拉奥孔(Laocoon)劝说不要接受希腊人留下的东西。他说:“我怕希腊人,即使他们来送礼。”这句话后来成了一句拉丁谚语:;Timeo Danaos,et dona ferenteso.;(原文的达奈人Danaos,即泛指希腊各部族人)译成英语就是:I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts.其简化形式就是Greek gifts.可惜特洛伊人不听拉奥孔的警告,把木马作为战利品拖进城里。木马里藏着希腊的精锐部队,给特洛伊人带来了屠杀和灭亡。  由此,Greek gift成为一个成语,表示a gift with some sinister purposes of the enemy; one given with intent to harm; a gift sent inorder to murder sb等意思,按其形象意义,这个成语相当与另一句谚语:When the fox preaches, take care of your geese;也与汉语“黄鼠狼给鸡拜年——不安好心”十分类似。  例句:  He is always buying you expensive clothes, Im afraid they are Greek gifts for you.他总给你买很贵的衣,我怀疑他没安好心。  Be on guard against the Greek gifts!小心黄鼠狼给鸡拜年!    /201210/206561。

第一, 迷你对话A: Let’s play a game.咱们下盘棋吧。B: Sorry, I have no time now.对不起,我这会儿没有时间。A: I know that you can knock the spots off me, so you don’t like to play a game with me.我知道你比我高明得多,不愿意和我下棋。B: How can there be things as such.你说的是哪儿的话呀?第二, 地道表达knock the spots off somebody1. 解词释义Knock the spots off somebody的意思是“比某人高明甚多,轻易胜过某人,远远超过某人”。2. 拓展范例e.g. In learning foreign languages, the girls knock spots off the boys every time.学习外语女孩总是比男孩强。e.g. She has put several days of careful research into her report, which explains why it knocks the spots off everyone elses.她这份报告,是花了好几天仔细查考的成果,自然远远胜过别人的了。第三, 咬文嚼字as such:就此而论As such, evolution did not come out of zero.照这么说来,进化就不是无中生有。She was a slave, and salable as such.她是个奴隶,既然是奴隶,也就可以出卖。第四, 口语短句中文:哪会有这种事?英文:How can there be things as such? /201702/492843。

Happy Fathers Day父亲节快乐On this special day, I want to say Im proud of you, appreciate all youve done for me and I love you.在这特别的一天,我想说我为您感到骄傲,爸爸,谢谢您为我做的一切,我爱你,Youve been my father, friend, adviser, all of these and more.您不仅是我的父亲,您还是我的朋友,顾问甚至更多。Thank you for everything you have done, you are one in a million. Happy Fathers Day to you.谢谢老爸所做的一切,您是百里挑一的,祝您节日快乐。Lily 爸爸说,中国人常说:Money is power! (有钱能使鬼推磨)美国人说:Knowledge is power! (知识就是力量)所以为什么美国建国两百年成为了第一强国! 中国人加油!(本栏目主播为:Lily.Wong 微信账号:贵旅特) /201506/381982。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:谢谢 感恩节刚过去,不知道大家在感恩节当天有没有跟身边的一些亲人或者朋友说声:“谢谢”呢?其实非常简单的两个字“谢谢”在英文当中也分很多场合。热情洋溢的;谢谢;:  I really appreciate it.我很感谢。  Youre one in a million.你真是个大好人。  Youre the greatest.你最棒了。 称赞对方功劳的;谢谢;:  Thanks to you (we made it on time.)都要多谢你(我们才能准时完成)。  I couldnt have done it without you.若是没有你,我不可能做到。 非常正式的;谢谢;:  Im truly grateful for your help.我非常感激你的帮助。  Your help is greatly appreciated.非常感激您的帮助。  Id like to express my gratitude.我要表达我诚挚的谢意。 /201211/210652。

第一, 迷你对话A: What did you do last night?你上周干啥呢?B: I watched a performance. But I don’t know why I bothered going to it.我去看了一场表演,但是我不知道我为何去看。A: What is the matter?发生什么事情啦?B: Well, it wasn’t up too much. A complete waste of time. What about you?嗯,演出真差劲,完全是浪费时间。你觉得了?A: I stayed at home and watched TV. I also watched it on TV, but I change the channel soon.我在家看电视,我也看了那场演出,但是我很快就换频道了。B: You are cleverer. Next time I should watch the relay of such performance.还是你聪明,下次我也在电视上,看这种演出。第二, 地道表达not up too much1. 解词释义Not up too much的意思是“不怎么好”“不怎么符合标准”“不怎么令人满意”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Her health was not up too much, even at the best of times.她就是在健康状况最佳时身体也不怎么好。e.g. As a writer, she is wonderful, but as a teacher not up too much.作为作家,她很出色,但当老师却做得不怎么好。e.g. Let me be quite candid with you: your work is not up to much.不瞒你说, 你的工作不怎么好。第三, 咬文嚼字bother doing something:不在乎做某事,懒得做某事e.g. I dont bother turning off the lights.我懒得关灯。e.g. We’re wired to listen; we just don’t bother doing it all the time.其实我们也乐意听,只是懒得一直听。第四, 口语短句1. 完全是浪费时间。It is completely waste of time.2. 我在看电视,绯闻女孩。I watch Gossip Girl on TV.3. 你呢?What about you.4. 我是看电视转播的。I watched the relay. /201705/509224。