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2019年10月18日 03:27:47

Commercial supermodel Liz Fuller explains the proper, safe and healthy way to train to get into the modelling or pageant industry.商业超模Liz Fuller向我们介绍了进入模特或选美行列的恰当,安全,健康的锻炼方法。How to get a supermodels body. Well, if you can approach the modelling industry or the beauty pageant industry, you really need to be quite disciplined. The models that make it to the top actually work very hard.怎样拥有超模一样的身材。如果你想进入模特或选美行业,你需要经过非常严格的训练。顶级模特都要非常刻苦。Models tend to spend a lot of time in the gym, and a lot of time, really making sure that they pamper themselves and go into beauty salons. Ive worked with lots of models over the years and I can tell you that some of the top models spend at least two or three visits a week in a beauty salon. Sometimes, they get a beauty wrap.模特花费很多时间在健身馆,花费很多时间去美容沙龙。多年来我和许多模特一起工作过,我可以告诉大家,一些顶级模特每周去两三次美容沙龙。有时他们订制美容套餐。Sometimes, they get an exfoliated scrub. But I can tell you, if you really want to get the perfect body, train for it, diet for it, look after yourself and make sure youre kind to yourself. So for instance, if you do want to eat something thats a little bit naughty, then do.有时他们也使用磨砂去角质。但是我可以告诉你,如果你想获得完美的身体,锻炼,饮食,照顾自己,确保对自己好一点。例如,如果你想要吃不太好的食物,放纵一下自己吧。But just know that you cant do for a while, maybe three weeks afterwards. If youre approaching a big modelling job, then theres normally a six-week rule. So, what you need to do is start training for it.但是你要知道,你将有一段时间不能这样做,或许是三周以后。如果你将很快获得一项比较重要的模特工作,通常有一个六周规则。你要做的就是开始训练。If you do become a model, you may not have six weeks to kind of get yourself in the best shape. But if you were approaching,say, Miss Great Britain or, you know, next summer, theres going to be a lot more bikini shoots. What you need to do is start preparing in advance.如果你成为模特,通常没有六周的时间来让自己进入最佳状态。但是如果你很有可能获得这项殊荣,例如大不列颠之类,你知道,下一个夏天,你将有许多穿比基尼的镜头。你要做的就是提前准备。So youd look at your diet, youd start cutting out, a lot of people cut out the carbs. Its not healthy to do it all the time. But just make sure youre eating really good food.你要注意自己的饮食,开始节食,许多人不再摄入碳水化合物。如果一直这样做的话对身体健康不利。但是确保自己进食比较健康的食物。So itd be fresh salads, it will be fish. Make sure you grill it. Dont use lots of oils because oil in a pan can turn into carbohydrates, I think, isnt it? So thats not good.可以是新鲜的沙拉,也可以是鱼。确保把这些食物烤熟。不要用太多油,因为平底锅上的油会转化为碳水化合物。所以不太好。So protein, youve got your chicken, your eggs, your fish, lots of meat, and then, either steam vegetables, maybe a little bit of brown rice. King juarez is always good, its not like a couscous, its actually very healthy. Just be good to yourself.可以摄入一些蛋白质,比如鸡肉,鸡蛋,鱼,许多肉,蒸的蔬菜,也可以食用少量棕色大米。尽量对自己好一点,食用一些健康的食品。Dont do any slimming tablets or diet pills, its the wrong way girls, and any other drugs, too. Good luck, be healthy.不要用任何减肥药或节食药物以及其他任何药物。祝你好运,并拥有健康的身体。Thanks for watching How To Get A Supermodel Body感谢收看“怎样拥有超模一般的身材”视频节目。201210/204491重庆妇幼保健院整形价格表重庆星辰医学整形价格Today we will explore the fasinating ancient art of Origami. We take you through some simple steps to get you strarted on your first piece, a Christmas Tree. 今天我们将探讨迷人的古老折纸艺术。通过一些简单的步骤,可以让你制作出一棵精美的圣诞树。 马上跟随我们一起学习吧:Turn the paper over so it is green side down.将纸张翻过来,让绿色一面朝下。 Fold in half on the diagonal.整张纸沿对角线对折。 Unfold and fold the edge to the centre line.展开,把边缘折向中线。Repeat with the opposite edge.另一边也是这样操作。Fold the bottom corner up to meet the other two corners.把底部的角沿上两步对折后产生的边对折。Fold the bottom edges to the centre line.之后把整张纸的两边折向中间。 Fold the bottom section up.把整个底部向顶部对折。Fold the bottom edge back down to form the trunk of the tree.把底部向原有方向对折,这样就产生了圣诞树的树干。 To narrow the trunk fold sideways, part of the section will lift up , encourage it to do so and squash it flat. Repeat with the other side of the trunk.为了缩小树干,将树干底部折向一边,由于部分将被抬起,压扁压平即可。另一边也是这样对折。这样你就做好了一颗只属于你自己的圣诞树!词语解释:1. origami n. 折纸2. trunk n. 树干164750中国经济的快速腾飞提供了诸多机遇,这就吸引了越来越多的外国朋友,他们纷纷来华或深造,或经商。 Foreign chase Chinese dreamThe vast opportunities in China's rapidly-growing economy are attracting an increasing number of young foreigners to pursue MBAs and to start businesses here in China. As Guan Xin reports, they want to be part of the world's fastest growing economy and would like to capitalize on the huge potential of the world's largest market.Each day in Beijing, Laura comes to a children's English teaching center that she built from the ground up. Although she was born in the UK and educated at Oxford University, it wasn't until her MBA studies here that she realized that China is where she would like to build her future. Laura said, "I'm happy to be in China now..."Her business partner, Premy, is from Thailand, and also came to China for the same MBA program. After meeting each other through school, they successfully sought investment for their business plan and built their own multi-million-yuan company together.Norasedth Thienprasiddhi, Marketing Director of Leap Int'l Child Dev'l Center, said, "China has one child policy, and income is increasing..."Just like them, many young people now come to China, believing this is the land of opportunity, a place to build the future. It's a courageous bet, but for many, it has been a bet worth making.Laura said, "China is a good place to do an MBA, a good place to do business..."Thienprasiddhi said, "There is huge development potential..."For those that want to chase start-up dreams in China, MBA programs offered by local universities are undoubtedly a quick springboard for them to enter this vast emerging market. Mark, an MBA student at Peking University, is passionate about the array of business opportunities standing before him.Mark, MBA student in Peking University, said, "There are a lot of possibilities in Chinese market..."Professor Yao Yang, BIMBA in Peking University, said, "More and more foreign students are coming to China for MBA education especially after the financial crisis..."201003/97469重庆市三峡医院地址


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