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重庆三军医大整形美容收费标准重庆第四人民医院怎么样!重庆重医附二院能检查怀孕吗 Part III[00:.]The biggest cities in the world[00:.7]Key words:[00:18.60]the biggest cities the top ten[00:3.77]developed countries developing countries[00:9.83]Vocabulary:[00:.87]complex enormous mere[00:1.3]in terms of quadruple treble[00:8.88]Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro Calcutta[00:56.53]Bombay Delhi Seoul[01:.88]A:you are going to hear a conversation between an interviewer[01:.75]and an expert about the biggest cities in the world.[01:.31]While listening,focus on the numbers and complete the two charts below.[:50.95]B:Now listen to the conversation again[:56.3]and try to find out the other seven cities[:00.98]whose population is likely to be in the top ten in 00.[:.6]Part IV[:.51]Language study and language appreciation[:.38]Listen to the following statements.[:1.]Pay special attention to the parts in bold type.[:6.3]Learn to appreciate and use the language.[:30.86]1.the nd(3rd,th...) largest in population[:39.33]The second largest in population is India.[:5.57]Which country is the fourth largest in population?[:51.81]...ranks 1st(nd,3rd...) in its population[:01.66]Brazil ranks the fifth in its population.[:.]Nigeria in Africa ranks the tenth in its population.[:.38]3.The population iswas...[:3.]According to the 1997 census,the total population was 1,,738,000.[:36.]The estimated population was ,0,000 in 1997.[:6.6]According to statistice,its population was 96,00,000 in 1997.[:56.91].with a population of...[:.37]Next comes the Russian Federation,with a population of 7,1,000.[:.5]The seventh in line is Pakistan,with an estimated population of 8,0,000.[:.99]5.The population reached...[:30.]Its population estimated in 1997 reached 5,638,000.[:1.63]6.(A language) has... speakers.[:6.99]Chinese has the largest number of speakers,more than 1,300 million.[:58.3]German has 98 million speakers.[:.57]Nest comes Turkish,the language spoken in Turkey,and it has 59 million speakers.[:.]7.(A language) is spoken by...people.[:.88]Bengali is spoken by 189 million people.[:31.66]Japanese is spoken by 5 million.[:38.79]8....symbolize the passing of the mark[:.95]The ed Nations had declared that the first child to[:51.8]be delivered at the Kosovo Hospital in Sarajevo today[:56.53]would symbolize the passing of the mark.[:00.37]9....as an attempt to...[:.9]The UN Secretary General is visiting the mother and her son as[:.]a UN attempt to draw attention to the social[:.]and ecological problems of rapidly expanding populations. 763Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly.要私下告诫朋友,但是要公开夸奖朋友 Publius Syrus, Syrian Latin writer普布利乌斯·赛勒斯,叙利亚拉丁语作家Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.友谊的深度不取决于认识的时间长度Tagore,India poet泰戈尔,印度诗人Friendship is like earthenware once broken, it can be mended;友谊就像陶器,破了予以修补;love is like a mirroronce broken, that ends it.爱情好比镜子,一旦打破就难重圆Josh Billings, American humorist乔希·比林斯,美国幽默作家Because friendships enhance our lives, it is important to cultivate them.培育友谊非常重要,因为友谊能提高生活的价值Robert L. Stevenson, British novelist and poet罗伯特·L·史蒂文森,英国小说家及诗人He that will not allow his friends to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger.不肯让朋友共享果实的人,不要指望朋友与他共患难Aesop, ancient Greek fabulist伊索,古希腊寓言家 0670重庆市西南医院靠谱吗

重庆星辰医学美容医院地址重庆市三峡中心医院怎么样 重庆市星宸要预约吗

重庆星宸医学检查能用医保卡吗Bungee -- Just the Thrill蹦极—玩得就是心跳Would you pay lots of money to fall off a 0-foot high platm,你愿意花重金,仅在腰部和脚踝上挂着弹性绳索,held only by an elastic cord around your waist or ankles?就从0英尺的高台上跳下去吗?It may sound crazy, but lots of people do it.这虽听起来很疯狂,但很多人都在玩Bungee Jumping, as it is called, is gaining as much popularity蹦极跳,随着它的流行,as it is gaining controversy and criticism.也得到了褒贬不一的评价Bungee has quite an old origin.蹦极起源甚久The idea of this way of jumping comes from the ancient ritual ;Gkol;蹦极跳起源于古老的;Gkol;仪式,permed in the Pentecost Island in the Pacific Archipelago of Vanuatu.这种仪式最早是在太平洋群岛的瓦努阿图的五旬节岛上开展的The legend says that in the village Bunlap a man had a quarrel with his wife,据说Bunlap村落有个男人和妻子吵架后,and she ran away and climbed a tree where she wrapped her ankles with vines.他妻子为逃避丈夫爬上了树,用蔓藤牢牢绑住脚踝When he came up to her, the woman jumped from the tree当那个男人靠近她时,她跳下了树and so did her husband not knowing what his wife had done.男人不知道妻子在干什么,也跟着跳了下去So he died but the woman survived.结果男人命丧黄泉,他妻子却活了下来The men of Bunlap were very impressed by this permance,Bunlap部落的男人对此印象深刻,and they began to practice such jumps in case they got in similar situation.于是,在遇到相同的境遇时,他们也开始这样跳下去This practice transmed into a ritual rich yam harvest and also proving manhood.这个习俗后来转化成了庆祝丰收和明男子气概的仪式Bungee jumping as a sport started in New Zealand, probably in the 1970s.大约在世纪70年代,蹦极才在新西兰开始成为一种运动People attached thick elastic cords, called bungees, to their bodies.人们绑在身上一种叫做;橡皮绳“的结实弹性绳索,Then they jump off bridges or high buildings,然后就从大桥或者高楼上跳下falling fast through the air until the cord caught them,他们在空中急速下落,直到绳索开始反弹,and then bounced back up and down a few times until coming to a stop.然后上下反弹多次直到停止 36756 I arrived at the park a little early our neighborhood baseball game and I needed to kill some time. I decided to take a walk along one of the trails so I could look at the scenery. Suddenly, I came across a woman sitting under a tree. Octavi: What a beautiful day to be at the park! Irene: Oh, hi. Yes, it’s a nice day, isn’t it? Octavi: You look comtable sitting on the grass in the shade ing. Irene: It’s a quiet spot away from the playground. Octavi: Do you come here often? Irene: Not too often. I come here every so often on the weekends. Octavi: This is a great spot a picnic. I saw a lot of people on the other side near the fountain, but this is much more peaceful. Irene: Yeah, that’s why I like it here. Were you looking the baseball field? It’s on the other side of the park. Octavi: Yes, I know. I was just warming up with a little walk around the park. We have a baseball game starting in a half hour. Irene: I saw some people practicing when I walked past the field earlier. I haven’t seen a baseball game in ages. Octavi: Why don’t you come and watch? It should be a good game. Irene: Maybe I will. Thanks the invitation. Octavi: No problem. Take care. Irene: You, too. 3831重庆星宸美容医院专家咨询重庆星辰医学贵不贵



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