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Science and technology科学技术Beer drinking啤酒的饮用Shape up!形状改变一切!What sort of glass you drink from predicts how fast you drink喝酒有多快?看杯子就知道WOULD you like that in a straight or a jug, sir? was once a common response to British pubgoers request for a pint.在过去,泡吧的英国佬如果要来杯一品脱的啤酒,通常都要回答这样一个问题,“先生,你要哪一种杯子乘啤酒,净饮杯还是扎啤杯?Like the Lilliputians inGullivers Travels, who argued whether a boiled egg should be opened at the pointed or the rounded end, beer drinkers were adamant that only from their preferred shape of glass did their tipple taste best.正如《格列佛游记》中小人国里的人对于吃鸡蛋应该先从哪端打破而争论不休一样,喝啤酒的人同样固执的认为,只有用他们喜欢的杯型喝酒,味道才带劲。Straight-sided glasses—sometimes with a bulge a little below the lip—have largely won the day.净饮杯在今天广受欢迎,这种杯子的杯口有时会凸出稍低的一小块来。Jugs—squat cylinders of dimpled glass equipped with handles—are now rare.而扎啤杯,圆柱形的杯身短浅,且被修饰成一个个小酒窝,还带有把手,但这种杯子在今天已经很少见了。But that is probably because straight glasses are easier for bar staff to collect and stack, rather than because straight-glass lovers have persuaded their fellow-drinkers of the virtue of their view.这可能是因为,对于酒保来说,净饮杯更容易堆积和摆放,而不是因为净饮杯爱好者明了他们观点的正确,以让酒友们信以为真。The shape of a beer glass does, nevertheless, matter.尽管如此,啤酒杯的外形的确很重要。For a group of researchers at the University of Bristol have shown that it can regulate how quickly someone drinks.布里斯托尔大学的一组研究者已经实,酒杯的形状能够决定人喝酒的快慢。Angela Attwood and her colleagues asked 160 undergraduates—80 women and 80 men—to do one of four things: drink beer out of a straight glass; drink beer out of a flute; or drink lemonade from one of these two sorts of glass.安吉拉阿特伍德和她的同事们曾要求160名大学生—男女各80人,从四件事中选择一件来做,它们分别是:用净饮杯喝啤酒,用笛型杯喝啤酒;或者选用这两种杯子之一盛柠檬汁喝。To complicate matters further, some of the glasses were full whereas others were half-full.为了让事情变得更加复杂,其中的一些杯子是满的,而另一些只盛有一半饮品。Though, as is common practice in studies of this sort, participants were misled about its true nature, and were shown films and asked to do a language test afterwards, to support this misdirection, what Dr Attwood and her team were really interested in was how quickly the various drinks would be drunk.虽然和做这类研究所惯用的手法一样,实验过程掩盖了本质,对参与者进行了误导,之后他们被带去看电影,做语言测试;而进行这种误导是因为,阿特伍德教授和她的团队真正感兴趣的是不同杯子里的饮品被喝光的速度。The answer was that a full straight glass of beer was polished off in 11 minutes, on average.实验得出的是:满满一杯用净饮杯乘的啤酒,平均11分钟就被喝完了。A full flute, by contrast, was down the hatch in seven, which was also the amount of time it took to drink a full glass of lemonade, regardless of the type of vessel.相比之下,用笛型杯盛满的一杯酒,7分钟就见底了。而不管用哪种杯子,同样7分钟,一满杯子的柠檬汁就会能被喝光。If a glass started half-full, however, neither its shape nor its contents mattered.然而,如果一个杯子开始只倒满了一半,不管杯型如何,装的是什么饮品,It was drunk in an average of five minutes.喝完它平均只要5分钟。Dr Attwoods hypothesis is that a beer drinker, wishing to pace himself through an evening, is monitoring the volume remaining in the glass, probably with reference to the halfway mark.阿特伍德士提出的假设是:一位喝啤酒的人,想要一晚上自始自终控制自己喝多少酒的话,就会时刻关注杯子里剩余的酒量,可能他就是以杯子的中间点作为基准的。A curved-sided glass, though, makes exercising such judgment hard—as she demonstrated by calling her volunteers back a week later and asking them to estimate from pictures how full various glasses were.然而一个杯身倾斜的杯子,就让这种判断变得困难起来—正如阿特伍德所明的那样,让参与她实验的志愿者在一个星期后回来,并且让他们仅凭图片来估计各种杯子倒满是个什么情况。Most volunteers thought the halfway mark in the flute was lower than its true value, and if a volunteer had drunk from such a glass originally, the degree of misestimation correlated with how fast he had drunk.大多数志愿者认为在笛型杯中,杯子所显示的中点要比它真实的中点要低,而如果一位志愿者一开始就用这种杯子喝酒,他对酒量的误判和他喝酒的速度将会一一对应。If a glass is half-full to start with, however, this reference point is lost from the beginning.但是如果一开始杯子只倒满了一半的话,这一参照点从最初就失去了意义。The upshot, as Dr Attwood reports in the Public Library of Science, is that straight glasses have it.正如艾特伍德在《公共科学图书馆》杂志中所做的报告一样,结果显示净饮杯可以明这种假设。Though beer flutes are not common in British pubs, her observation that the shape of a glass can affect how fast it is drunk from bears investigation.虽然用笛型杯喝啤酒在英国的酒吧里并不常见,而从她的观察报告中可以看出,一个杯子的形状能够影响喝啤酒的速度。Both health campaigners and breweries would be interested in the results, though they would probably draw opposite conclusions about what is the best-shaped glass in which to serve a bevvy.健康活动者和各啤酒厂都会对研究的结果感兴趣,不过关于用什么形状的杯子乘酒最好,两者可能会得出截然相反的结论。 /201402/275814Buzzfeed and online newsBuzzfeed与在线新闻Which media company are you?你是哪种媒体公司?How a young company plans to take on the news Leviathans一家年轻的公司该如何计划成为新闻业霸主WHEN Arianna Huffington sold her online-news firm for 5m in 2011, people gawked at the price tag. Now BuzzFeed, a hipper digital news firm co-founded by Jonah Peretti, a Huffington Post alumnus, has one-upped her. On August 10th Andreessen Horowitz, a venture-capital firm, said it was investing m in BuzzFeed, reportedly valuing the eight-year-old website at 0m, half the market value of the New York Times.当Arianna Huffington在2011年以3.15亿美元的价格卖掉她的在线新闻公司时,人们被这个价签惊呆了。如今,BuzzFeed—家由赫芬顿邮报员工Jonah Peretti联合创立的新潮的数字新闻公司,比她更胜一筹。8月10日,一家风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz称其正拿出5000万美元对BuzzFeed公司进行投资,据报道,成立八年的BuzzFeed网站的估价为8.5亿美元,约为纽约时报市值的一半。Perhaps the investment is not so extraordinary. According to comScore, a research firm, BuzzFeed had around 75m unique visitors in June—more than the websites of the Times and other bigdailies. It makes money through “sponsored content”—which often looks remarkably and deliberately like a normal article, but is commissioned by advertisers. “Which Barbie Doll Are You?” was one of Buzzfeeds quizzes earlier this year . It was paid for by Mattel, Barbies maker.或许这一投资并非如此令人意外。根据一家研究公司comScore的数据,BuzzFeed 在6月拥有约7500万独立访问者,这个数字超过了时报等其他大型日报网站的独立访问量。它通过发布“赞助内容”来赚钱,这些“赞助内容”通常很引人注目且看起来很像普通的文章,但是实际上是由广告方委托发布的。BuzzFeed 今年年初的一个调查问卷—“你是哪种芭比娃娃?”就是由芭比娃娃的制造商—美泰花钱委托发布的。BuzzFeed is only one of several new-media firms making headlines. Others include Business Insider, Quartz and Vice. These firms know how to present stories slickly on screens and to create a buzz for their wares on social media.在这些新型媒体公司中,BuzzFeed 是唯一一家上头条的。这些新型媒体公司还包括Business Insider, Quartz 和Vice。这些公司熟知如何将故事巧妙的呈现在屏幕上,并在社交媒体上为其商品制造话题。ItsSilicon Valley. They say were toast这里是硅谷。他们说:我们完蛋了。It is rare for venture capitalists to invest in the news business, especially at a time when many owners of newspapers are selling them, from Gannett (publisher of USA Today) to Tribune Company (the Los Angeles Times). Perhaps Silicon Valley has so much cash that money is flooding all the way toNew York. But venture capitalists also seem to see an opportunity for new firms in a business mostly controlled by veterans.风险投资者鲜少投资新闻业,尤其是在这个众多报业拥有者纷纷出售其报纸产业的时期,从Gannett报业集团到论坛报业集团。Surprisingly, BuzzFeed is starting to look a bit like an old-media organisation itself. It plans to hire more journalists, opening outposts around the world this year. But Mr Peretti does not see any tension. “What you see in the history of media is that companies start out doing small, lower-cost ways of content and then move up the chain,” he says. BuzzFeed could yet go from producing “listicles” to listing on the stockmarket. But it still needs to answer the question, “Which Media Company Are You?”令人惊奇的是,BuzzFeed正开始看起来有点像一家传统媒体机构。它计划今年雇佣更多的记者,在全世界部署前哨。但Peretti先生没有感到任何压力。他说“你们在媒体历史中看到的是媒体公司一开始使用低档的低成本的方法从事媒体工作以及随后升级产业链”。 BuzzFeed 还能通过开发listicles功能进而使公司上市。但是“你是哪种媒体公司?”—这个问题依然需要解答。 /201408/321926

Tsering recons these caves could have stored food and supplies to last a year.这些洞穴在最后一年曾用于储存食物和物资。So in theory, Guge could have held out for a while.所以在理论上,古格可以坚持一段时间。Apparently, these secret passages also allowed the besieged people of Guge access to water.显然,这些秘密通道也让被围困的古格人有可获取的水源。Some passages led to an exit near the River.还有一些道路可以通向河边的一个出口。With food and water available, Tsaparang held out for close to a month before the Ladahkis stepped out the offensive.有了食物和水源,拉达哈尼斯的攻势来犯前特萨帕曾抵抗了一个月。By now, the invaders had taken over the unprotected lower sections of the citadel,现在,侵略者已经接管了城堡未受保护地势较低的部分and have gained a crucial bargaining chip in the process:并在这一过程中获得了一个至关重要用于讨价还价的筹码。thousands of Guge prisoners.那就是成千上万的古格囚犯。Halfway up the citadel stands a very peculiar stone partition,城堡的半山腰是一种非常奇特的石头区域,unlike anything else found in Tsaparang.不像在特萨帕中所发现的。201403/281288

South Africa is a country that always creates an impression.南非是一个总是为人营造一种印象的国家。We know all of its diverse population, the trouble history of apartheid and its rebirth as a global travel destination.我们熟知这个国家的多样化人口,争议的历史及其作为全球旅游目的地的重生。I’ve been a fan of this country for many years.多年来我一直是这个国家的粉丝。But this is my chance to go beyond the obvious South Africa,但这次是我探寻超越显而易见的南非的一次机会,to explore on foot and take time to see how life and stunning landscape work today in the new South Africa.徒步探索并花时间了解今天在新南非生命及惊人的景象。A country thats now keen to invite the world.一个现在热衷于邀请世界的国家。Hello and welcome to one of the most famous wildlife reserves in the world, the Kruger national park.你好,欢迎来到其中一个最著名野生动物保护区世界,克鲁格国家公园。201306/244802

Science and technology科学技术Medical devices医疗设备Inhaling information有关吸入器的吸入信息How to collect data on asthma while, at the same time, treating it在处置哮喘的同时如何收集哮喘数据IN 1985 and 1986 an epidemic of asthma hit Barcelona.1985年和1986年巴塞罗那哮喘病流行。The citys researchers first turned to the usual suspects,这个城市的研究人员首先调查了一般的怀疑对象,such as air pollution, pollen and mould.如空气污染、花粉和霉菌等。But a series of telephone interviews with the sufferers pointed to a much more precise cause.但从一连串对患者的电话随访中得出了一个更为确切原因。All the attacks had occurred by the harbour, and at times when ships were unloading soya beans.所有的哮喘发作都发生在港口,且都在货船卸大豆的时候。The cause was clear: soya-bean dust.原因很清楚:大豆灰尘。So was the solution: the installation of filters on the harbours silos.所以解决办法就是:在港口的筒仓上安装过滤器。Asthma is one of the worlds most common chronic diseases.哮喘是世界上最常见的慢性病之一。It affects about 300m people.大约有3亿人患有哮喘。Yet what triggers any given asthma attack is often unclear and,然而,人们往往并不清楚是什么诱发了任何特定哮喘的发作,as a consequence, most asthmatics are not properly treated. Stories of success, like that of Barcelona, are rare.其结果,大多数哮喘患者得不到妥善处置。象巴塞罗那这样成功的故事是很罕见的。Part of the reason for that lack of clarity is inadequate data on where and when attacks happen.缺乏确切了解的部分原因在于对哮喘在何时何地发作没有足够的数据。But David Van Sickle, an epidemiologist and medical anthropologist who once worked for Americas Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, has come up with a solution.但是曾在美国疾病控制和预防中工作过的流行病学家和医学人类学家大卫·凡·西科勒想出了一个解决方案。This is to use the asthma inhalers carried around routinely by patients to record the time and location of symptoms as they happen.这个解决方案就是利用患者例行性随身携带的哮喘吸入器来记录他们的哮喘症状出现时的时间和位置。To develop his idea, Dr Van Sickle left CDC and founded a company, Asthmapolis, which is based in Madison, Wisconsin.为了开发他的想法,凡·西克尔士离开美国疾病控制和预防中心并成立了一家公司,公司名为Asthmapolis,总部设在威斯康星州的麦迪逊市。The result is Spiroscout, an inhaler with a built-in Global Positioning System locator and a wireless link to the internet.其结果就是一款名为肺量测定法侦察员的吸入器问世,这款吸入器带有内置的全球定位系统定位和联到互联网的无线连接。Whenever someone uses the inhaler, it broadcasts the location and time to a central computer.每当有人使用吸入器时,吸入器就把位置和时间播报到中央计算机。Asthmapolis plots and analyses the data, and sends weekly reports to participating patients and their doctors summarising the observations and making recommendations.这家公司把播报来的数据绘制成图并加以分析,每周向参与播报的患者以及他们的医生发送报告,以便他们的医生总结观察并提出建议。That is useful for the individuals involved, since it may illuminate patterns of which they were unaware.这对有关个人很有用,因为它可以阐释未明的诱发哮喘模式。It could also help doctors identify those patients whose asthma is not under proper control.它还可以帮助医生确定那些哮喘无法适当控制的病人。Use of the inhaler more than a couple of times a month suggests there is something wrong, and that the patients medication may need to be changed.每月使用吸入器超过了一两次的情况说明有问题存在,而病人的药物可能需要更换了。Patients do not, however, always report such problems, and so do not get the right drugs.然而,如果患者一直不报告这种问题,那么就无法得到正确的药物。The big public gain, though, will come from pooling all the data from the inhalers, once they have been suitably anonymised.不过,最大公共收益将出自汇集所有吸入器播报的数据,这些数据从前被适当地隐藏了。That will open the way for a much more detailed analysis of what is going on, and may allow the triggers to be identified and ranked in order of importance.这将开辟一种对发生的事情进行更详细分析的方法,而且也可能让哮喘的诱因得以识别并按照重要性的顺序加以排列。Over the past three years Dr Van Sickle has run two pilot studies to test the new tool.过去三年来,凡·西克尔士已经完成了两次试点研究,以测试新的工具。Both of these showed useful improvements in patients management and understanding of their disease.两次试点研究都显示了对患者管理及疾病认识的有益改进。They have also resulted in him questioning some longstanding theories about asthma,这两次试点研究也让凡·西克尔士质疑一些长期存在的哮喘理论,including the ideas that symptoms occur primarily at home and that the affliction is more prevalent in urban areas than rural ones.包括症状主要发生在家里以及在城市地区比农村地区感染更盛行这样的观念。If those insights are confirmed, they will change the way asthma is managed.如果这些质疑结果得到实,它们将改变控制哮喘的方法。The next step, commercialisation, is planned for the autumn.下一步的商业化计划在秋季进行。With nearly 500,000 asthma-related hospital admissions every year in America alone, the market could be large.鉴于仅在美国每年就有近50万与哮喘有关的病人入院治疗,市场可能很大。Alternatively, Dr Van Sickles old friends at the CDC or some other medical-research agency might think the data sufficiently valuable to buy and distribute the things themselves.另外,在美国疾病控制和预防中心或其它医疗研究机构工作的凡·西克尔士的老朋友们可能会觉得这些数据有足够的购买价值,并把它们用到自身的研究上。Either way, the upshot would be better lives for patients in the short term and,无论哪种方式,其结果都将会在短期内让患者的生活更好,if all went well, a true understanding of the triggers of this debilitating and occasionally life-threatening condition.且一切顺利的话,人们就会真正了解这种令人衰弱、有时危及生命的病症的诱因。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/244318

Argentina and YPF阿根廷与YPFFlogging a Dead Cow抽一头死牛The recently nationalised oil company agrees on a big foreign investment最经刚刚国有化的油企接受了一项大型外国投资。Jul 27th 2013 | BUENOS AIRES |From the print editionOut of gasLITTLE more than a year ago President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced the nationalisation of YPF, an oil company owned by Spain’s Repsol. Ms Fernández called it a victory for “energy sovereignty”, claiming that Repsol had plundered its Argentine holding for quick profits without investing in exploration or development. But on July 16th, after a year in which YPF’s oil and gas production continued to disappoint, the government announced that it had agreed on a big joint venture between YPF and a different foreign oil giant, Chevron.在一年多一点之前,阿根廷总统克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·德基什内尔宣布西班牙Repsol公司所有的石油公司YPF的国有化。费尔南德斯总统称这是能源主权的胜利,她表示Repsol公司没有投资探测开发却坐收渔翁之利。但是一年过去了,YPF的石油天然气生产仍然令人失望。7月16日,阿政府宣布接受YPF与另一家外国石油巨头雪佛兰组成合资企业。Argentina’s energy industry is in a sad state. In 2011 the country became a net importer of energy for the first time since 1984, further eroding its foreign-currency reserves, now at their lowest in six years. Nationalisation has not helped: in the first quarter of this year YPF’s output of crude oil fell by 0.7% and of natural gas by 3.7%. April saw a fire at a refinery. Energy imports are expected to reach billion this year, up from .2 billion in 2012.阿根廷的能源产业处境艰难。2011年该国自1984年之后再次成为能源净进口国家,这进一步吞噬了其外汇储备,达到了六年来的最低值。国有化一点作用都没有,今年第一季度YPF的原油产量下跌了0.7%,天然气产量则下跌了3.7%。四月份的时候炼油厂还发生了大火。预计今年的能源进口会达到140亿美元,相比去年的92亿大幅上涨。The great hope is vast shale-oil and gas reserves in Neuquén province, which Repsol discovered shortly before the government expropriated YPF. The Vaca Muerta (“Dead Cow”) field is estimated to hold 16 billion barrels of shale oil and 308 trillion cubic feet (8.7 trillion cubic metres) of shale gas, which would give Argentina the world’s fourth-largest reserves of shale oil and second-largest of shale gas.最大的希望是内乌肯省页岩层油气田的大量储备,这是由Repsol在YPF国有化前不久发现的。Vaca Muerta油气田估计具有160亿桶石油和308万亿立方英尺的天然气(8.7万亿立方米)这会让阿根廷一举成为世界上第四大页岩石油储备国和第二大页岩天然气储备国。Extracting the deeply buried spoils is complicated, costly work. Jorge Ferioli of the World Energy Council, an industry research group, estimates that developing Vaca Muerta will require billion-89 billion. YPF lacks such funds, and Argentina’s borrowing costs in effect bar it from seeking international financing.开发这些资源很复杂,且花费巨大。世界能源委员会的Jorge Ferioli估计开发Vaca Muerta需要680亿到890亿美元(世界能源委员会是一个工业研究组织)。YPF没有足够的资金,并且阿根廷现有的借贷成本使得它也无法进行国际融资。As well as bringing expertise, Chevron has promised an initial investment of .24 billion in Vaca Muerta as part of its joint venture with YPF. The deal was announced after Ms Fernández issued a decree seemingly tailor-made for Chevron, which states that energy companies that invest over billion will, after five years, be allowed to sell 20% of their production abroad without paying export taxes or being forced to repatriate profits.雪佛兰已经承诺首轮投资金额会达到12.4亿美元,并且会带来专业技术。这笔交易在费尔南德斯总统发布了一项看起来是给雪佛兰量身定做的法令之后宣布的,法令的内容是任何投资过10亿美元的能源公司,五年之后,允许他们将其20%的产品出口到国外,不征收出口税或者强制返利。Opposition parties, which backed the expropriation, have labelled the Chevron deal a “re-privatisation” and challenged the legality of the decree. They will make the most of the controversy in the run-up to congressional elections due in October. “A year ago the government considered energy sovereignty to mean ‘Spanish, get out’, whereas now it seems to mean ‘Yankees, come in’,” says Daniel Montamat, a former energy secretary and former head of YPF (under opposition governments).持国有化得反对派称这次的雪佛兰交易是重新私有化,他们也质问此法令的合法性。他们会为了即将在十月举行的国会选举将此事放大。反对党执政时的前能源部长兼YPF前老板Daniel Montamat表示:“一年前,政府认为能源主权是‘滚蛋,西班牙人!’,而现在则变成了‘快来啊,美国人’。”YPF faces obstacles to attracting more collaborators. For one thing there is runaway inflation and a distorted exchange rate. More pressing is the government’s unfinished business with Repsol. Argentina has yet to compensate the company a peso for the .5 billion it claims it is owed. Last year, anticipating its deal with YPF, Repsol sued Chevron in Spain and the ed States; on July 24th it sought an injunction to halt the deal. Keeping the lights on in Argentina is not getting any easier.YPF在吸引更多合作者时面临阻碍。其一是恶性通货膨胀和混乱的汇率。更重要的是政府尚未完成于Repsol的交易。阿根廷政府尚未向此次交易付一比索,他们达成的交易金额是105亿美元。去年,预见到雪佛兰跟YPF的交易,Repsol在西班牙和美国都起诉了雪佛兰。7月24日Repsol公司寻求禁令企图终止这项交易。阿根廷的能源问题仍然棘手。 /201307/250382

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