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上海华东医院去除狐臭多少钱上海玫瑰美容医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱If you want to know what many urban Chinese get up to in their spare time, here’s the answer: they go to the mall.如果你想知道中国城市居民在闲暇之余做什么,那么是,他们去逛商场。According to China Confidential, a research service from the Financial Times, two-thirds of urban consumers regularly visit s hopp ing malls, with 40.9 per cent of mall visitors going to malls at least once a week (see chart below). Based on China Confidential’s demographic analysis, that works out at about 54m visitors to Chinese malls each week, more than the population of England. And most of these visitors are not just window shopping. On average, mall visitors made nine purchases or transactions over the past six months, with total annual spending in excess of Rmb700bn (3bn).英国《金融时报》旗下研究务机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)的数据显示,三分之二的城市消费者定期去逛商场,这些人中有40.9%至少一周去一次(见下表)。按照《中国投资参考》的人口统计分析,这相当于在中国每周有大约5400万人去逛商场,超过英格兰地区总人口。并且这些人大多还不是只逛不买。平均而言,每位消费者在过去6个月在商场进行了9次购买或交易,消费者在商场的年度出总额超过7000亿元人民币(合1130亿美元)。This enormous footfall and spending has unsurprisingly sparked a wave of shopping mall construction across the country in recent years.不难预料,近年来这种巨大的客流和出在中国各地掀起了建造商场的热潮。China accounted for 44 per cent of total global shopping mall completions in 2014, according to real estate consultancy CBRE, with more mall space added in the central city of Wuhan alone (993,000 square metres) than in the whole of the Americas (800,000 sq m).房地产咨询公司世邦魏理仕(CBRE)的数据显示,在2014年全球完工商场总数中,中国占到了44%,仅在中国中部城市武汉,新增商场面积(99.3万平方米)就超过了整个美国的新增商场面积(80万平方米)。While growth in completed mall floorspace in China did moderate slightly on an annual basis last year, the amount of mallspace in the pipeline in China remains enormous. At least 24m sq m of additional mallspace is under construction nationwide, according to CBRE, accounting for over 60 per cent of global mallspace under construction.尽管去年中国商场完工面积同比的确只是略有增长,但中国正在建设中的商场数量依然巨大。世邦魏理仕的数据显示,中国各地至少有2400万平方米的商场正在建设当中,占到全球在建商场面积的逾60%。All of which has raised concerns about a potential overbuild of malls in China, especially as headline retail sales growth slows. This is a concern that even some industry participants share. Thirty-five per cent of mall managers reported an oversupply of malls in their area, with those in lower-tier cities markedly less positive than their counterparts in first and second-tier cities.所有这些令人担忧中国有可能商场建设过度,尤其是在整体零售销售增长放缓之际。甚至一些业内人士也存在这种担忧。有35%的商场经理表示,自己所在区域的商场供应过度,三四线城市的商场经理远没有一二线城市的商场经理乐观。This points to a broader contrast in performance between shopping malls in China’s largest, wealthiest cities, and those in the smaller, mostly inland cities that are the focus of much of the current wave of shopping mall construction. In first-tier cities surveyed by China Confidential, 76.5 per cent of mall managers reported positive revenue growth. By contrast, the proportion was just 62.5 per cent in second-tier cities and 43.8 per cent in third-tier cities.这带出了另一个现象——中国最大、最富裕的城市和在大多位于内陆地区的较小城市,商场的表现有着天壤之别。后者是当前商场建造热潮的主要地点。在《中国投资参考》调查的一线城市,76.5%的商场经理表示商场营收正增长。相比之下,在二线城市和三线城市的这一比例分别只有62.5%和43.8%。Indeed, according to China Confidential’s survey, malls in smaller cities are lagging behind their counterparts in larger cities on almost every metric: foot traffic, occupancy rates and rental yields to name a few. And the sheer volume of mallspace expected to hit the market in these cities in coming years points to rising risks for mall developers in these markets, especially should retail sales continue to slow. Some of these mall developments are likely to be lossmaking, while others may prove to be white elephants.实际上,根据《中国投资参考》的调查,较小城市的商场在几乎所有指标上都落后于较大城市的商场:比如客流量、入驻率和租金收益。预计未来几年在这些城市将会有大量的商场供应冲击市场,这意味着这些市场中的商场开发商面临日益升高的风险,尤其是如果零售销售增长继续放缓的话。其中一些商场开发很可能出现亏损,还有一些商场事实上可能成为华丽的累赘。But as with so many other markets in China, signs of oversupply in some markets should not be confused with a nationwide bubble. In China Confidential’s survey, 64 per cent of mall managers said their malls were profitable. Demand for the wide range of retail, dining and leisure facilities offered by shopping malls continues to grow. Furthermore, most of the slowdown in retail spending over the past year has hit older retail formats, such as department stores, which are being squeezed by the growing popularity of malls and ecommerce.但与中国的其他许多市场一样,一些市场过度供应的迹象不应该被误会为全国都出现了泡沫。在《中国投资参考》的调查中,64%的商场经理表示,他们的商场是盈利的。对商场提供的各种零售、餐饮和设施的需求继续增长。此外,过去一年里零售出放缓已经冲击了旧日的零售模式,比如由于综合购物中心和电子商务日渐流行而受到挤压的百货商店。It may not be quite as simple as ‘if you build it, they will come’. But even the poster child for China’s commercial property bears — the giant New South China Mall in Dongguan, the world’s largest, which for years has been little more than a ghost mall — finally appears to be showing signs of life.事情可能没有那么简单,不是说“建了商场就会自动有客流”。但即便是中国商业地产低迷的典范——位于东莞的全球最大综合购物中心、多年来客流稀少的新华南Mall——似乎也终于出现了复苏的迹象。Oversupply in lower-tier markets in particular is clearly a concern. But Chinese demand for shopping malls as a retail format is strong and growing. In this context, the scale of buildout in China seems rather more rational than the headline numbers may suggest.三四线城市的过度供应尤其令人担忧。但中国人对商场这种购物模式的需求强劲,而且还在不断增长之中。在这种背景下,中国的商场建造热潮似乎远比整体数据所显示的要理性。 /201506/378113上海割双眼皮那里好 It was only two days ago that a Chinese government regulator chastised the Alibaba Group, the e-commerce giant, for failing to curb the sale of fake goods on its sites.仅仅两天之前,一家中国政府监管机构还在批评电商巨头阿里巴巴集团未能遏制其网站的售假行为。Now the two appear to have made up in a hurry.现在,双方似乎匆匆忙忙地进行了和解。The regulator, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said on Friday that its leader, Zhang Mao, had met with Alibaba’s executive chairman, Jack Ma, to discuss cooperating to fight counterfeiting and protect consumers.国家工商行政管理总局周五表示,总局局长张茅会见了阿里巴巴董事局主席马云,讨论了合作打击假货和保护消费者的问题。The agency made its criticism of Alibaba in a report released on Wednesday. But it is now backing away from the findings of that report, calling it a recounting of a July meeting between the two sides and not an official document with legal weight.工商总局在周三发布的一篇报告中批评了阿里巴巴。但现在的立场却与报告的结论背道而驰,称这份报告是双方7月的一次会议的会议记录,而非具有法律效力的正式文件。It is a surprisingly quick turn of events for both Alibaba and the Chinese agency, given the public criticism that the S.A.I.C. delivered to one of its country’s most important Internet players.对于阿里巴巴和工商总局而言,这个转折都快得令人惊讶,毕竟此前工商总局是对这家中国最重要的互联网公司进行了公开指责。The Chinese government stayed quiet about the proliferation of fake goods on Alibaba’s marketplaces for several months, particularly in the period leading to the company’s billion stock market debut last fall.数月以来,中国政府一直对在阿里巴巴网站上泛滥的假货保持沉默,尤其是在公司去年秋天价值250亿美元(约合1540亿元人民币)的IPO前夕。That was despite longstanding accusations of sales of counterfeit goods — fake wine, knockoff handbags and falsely branded electronics — on Alibaba’s platforms. Only in 2012 did the ed States trade representative remove the company’s Taobao online marketplace from a “notorious markets” list of counterfeit goods sellers.而有关阿里巴巴的平台销售假货——假酒、假名牌包和仿冒电子产品——的指责从来都有。美国贸易代理商直到2012年才从销售假货的“恶名市场”名单中去掉了阿里巴巴的淘宝网。Alibaba has publicly criticized the phenomenon as a “cancer” and moved to crack down on it. The company said that it spent about 0 million on anticounterfeiting efforts in 2013 and 2014.阿里巴巴曾公开批判这种现象是“毒瘤”,并采取了打击假货的行动。公司称在2013年和2014年花费了大概1.6亿美元用于打假。Yet the S.A.I.C. moved forward with a prominent, and harshly worded, paper this week. In it, the regulator bluntly described a host of what it said were failures to halt the sales of counterfeit goods on marketplaces like Taobao and Tmall.com.但是,工商总局本周还是发布了一份引人注意的、措辞严厉的报告。工商总局在报告中直白地表示,公司未能在淘宝网和天猫上制止售假行为,而且这种情况十分普遍。That failure to halt the sales of fakes has led Alibaba to face “its biggest credibility crisis since it was founded,” the report said.由于未能采取措施制止售假行为,阿里巴巴“使自身面临成立以来的最大诚信危机”。That move brought a strong response from Alibaba, which acknowledged that it had more to do to halt counterfeit sales, but also contended that its regulator had been less than objective.此举引起了阿里巴巴的强烈反应。阿里巴巴承认,公司还应该采取更多行动来打击假货,但同时也辩称工商总局不够客观。Officials associated with Taobao in particular accused Liu Hongliang, an official at the agency, of using inappropriate procedures in the investigation, and said Taobao would file a formal complaint.与淘宝有关的官员特别指责了工商总局官员刘红亮,称其在调查期间程序失当,并表示淘宝将正式提起投诉。The S.A.I.C.’s blunt tone disappeared in the Friday statement. The agency described Alibaba as “steadfast and resolute” in fighting the sale of counterfeit goods, though it maintained that e-commerce platforms in China still needed to improve their self-policing.在周五的声明中,工商总局直截了当的语气消失了。它表示阿里巴巴在打击售假方面表现得“坚决而果断”,尽管它也声称,中国的电商平台仍然需要改进自我监管。Both sides pledged to work more closely on matters like creating new regulatory mechanisms.双方都承诺会在创建新的管理机制方面开展更紧密的合作。“Both sides believe that the regulators and online platforms share the common interest to promote the healthy development of the online commerce industry and creating an online shopping environment where consumers feel safe and satisfied,” the regulator said, according to an English-language translation of its statement.工商总局称,“双方认为,促进电商产业健康发展、营造消费者放心满意的网购环境,是网监部门与电商平台的共同意愿。”In a post on its corporate blog, Alibaba said it planned to hire 300 people to form an anticounterfeiting task force to bolster its policing staff.阿里巴巴在企业客中表示,公司计划招募300人成立打假团队,以强化监管人员的力量。A representative for Alibaba said in a statement: “The most recent S.A.I.C. posting speaks for itself. We feel vindicated.”一名阿里巴巴代表在声明中称:“工商总局最新公布的信息说明了一切,明了我们的清白。” /201502/358200宝山区中西医结合医院治疗痘痘价格费用

上海纹眼线手术价格The most serious earthquake to hit California’s Bay Area in 25 years struck at 3.20am pacific time on Sunday morning, injuring people and damaging buildings in Napa Valley.美国太平洋时间周日凌晨3点20分,加州湾区遭遇了25年来最严重的地震。地震造成加州纳帕谷多人受伤、建筑受损。The long, rolling magnitude 6.1 quake shook people out of bed across San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Three people, including a child, were said to be in a critical condition and 120 injured but no deaths had been reported.在这场6.1级地震的长时间震动下,旧金山及周边地带的人们从睡梦中惊醒。据传地震造成包括1名儿童在内的3人生命垂危,此外还有120人受伤,尚未有人员死亡的消息。Napa, the county famous for its vineyards, suffered five subsequent aftershocks and the ed States Geological Center warned there was a 54 per cent chance of more earthquakes in the surrounding 10 to 20 miles in the next seven days.纳帕县以其葡萄园闻名于世,在地震后又遭遇了5次余震。美国地质勘探局(ed States Geological Survey,简称USGS)警告说,今后7天,震区周围10到20英里范围内有54%的可能性出现更多地震。“Most likely, the recent mainshock will be the largest in the sequence,” it said in a statement. “However, there is a small chance (approximately 5 to 10 per cent) of an earthquake equal to or larger than this mainshock in the next 7 days.” There are no tsunami warnings in place.该机构在一份声明中表示:“最有可能的情况是,最近发生的主震将是这一系列地震中最大的一次。不过,今后7天内存在一种微小的可能性(大约5%到10%的可能),会发生与主震同级别或更高级别的地震。”除此以外,目前尚无海啸方面的警报。Jerry Brown, Governor of California, declared a state of emergency in the area, warning that aftershocks may continue and that there is still a risk of fires. The order is intended to mobilise all agencies of the state government.为动员加州州政府所有机构,加州州长杰里#8226;布朗(Jerry Brown)已宣布该地区进入紧急状态。他警告说,当地还有可能发生余震,震区仍然存在火灾隐患。“The earthquake has caused structural damage to public and private buildings, and has caused the closure of major highways and roads,” he said in a statement. “The earthquake has also damaged critical infrastructure, including power lines, and caused over 69,000 residents to lose power.”他在一份声明中表示:“地震导致许多公用及民用建筑发生结构性损坏,多条主干道及辅路关闭。此外,地震还破坏了包括输电线路在内的重要基础设施,造成逾6.9万居民遭遇停电。”Corners of buildings and porches crumbled in downtown Napa, while a fire raged at a mobile home park and several wineries reported barrels and bottles had crashed to the floor from shelves. Matthiasson, one family winemaker, tweeted a picture of a room full of barrels: “All of our 2013 red barrels are on the ground, don’t know how much is lost yet.”在纳帕县市中心,许多建筑物的墙角及门廊都被地震损坏。与此同时,一个活动房屋园区发生了一起火灾。此外,还有几家酿酒厂报告说,酒窖里的酒桶和酒瓶从架上跌落。Napa Valley Vintners, an association with 500 members, said it was too early to tell what damage could have been done to the industry. “We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of concern regarding this morning’s earthquake and its impact on our beloved community,” it said on its website.拥有500名成员的纳帕谷葡萄酒商协会(Napa Valley Vintners)表示,目前判断该产业遭遇的损失还为时尚早。该机构在其网站上表示:“对于今早的地震以及它对我们挚爱的社区的影响,人们所表达出的关切令我们极为感激。”The USGS said the earthquake’s epicentre was six miles northwest of the American Canyon, at the northern end of the Bay Area. The quake was the largest since Loma Prieta in 1989, which killed 62 people and damaged a major freeway in San Francisco.USGS表示,地震的震源位于美国大峡谷西北6英里的湾区北端。这次地震是1989年洛马普列塔地震以来规模最大的一次。1989年那次地震曾导致62人丧生,并破坏了旧金山的一条主要高速公路。Officials closed some stretches of highway and there were widesp power outages affecting up to 70,000 people, as well as gas leaks and some flooding. The California Highway Patrol in the area posted on Twitter that it was checking crossings and bridges to ensure the structures were safe and asked residents to report any problems.官方关闭了部分主干道。不断蔓延的停电现象影响了总计7万人,除此以外还发生了多起煤气泄漏,部分地带还遭遇了洪水。当地加州公路巡警(California Highway Patrol)在Twitter上发了消息,称他们正在检查立交桥及桥梁以确保这些设施的安全,并要求当地居民汇报所发现的任何问题。 /201408/324408上海做隆鼻要的价格 Forget the pyramids, Tahrir Square and the Nile. Egypt is y to ditch Cairo and build a shiny new capital if the government has its way.先别想金字塔、解放广场还有尼罗河了。埃及准备抛弃开罗,建造一个闪亮新首都,如果埃及政府这一想法能顺利实施的话。Fed up with pollution, traffic gridlock, a packed population with soaring rents and creaking infrastructure, Egypt is teaming up with a developer in the ed Arab Emirates to build a city in what could be one of the world#39;s most ambitious infrastructure programs。由于原首都污染严重,交通拥堵,人口大爆炸,房屋租金高涨,以及跟不上时代的基础设施等诸多压力,埃及计划与阿拉伯联合酋长国的一个开发商合作,建设一个新首都。这个首都建设计划可能是世界上最宏伟的公共建设项目之一。The yet-to-be-named city will sp out over 150 square miles, or roughly the size of Denver, and could eventually be home to 7 million people, the developers and government announced Friday。开发商和政府周五(3月13日)宣布,这个尚未被命名的城市将占地150平方英里(388平方公里),大概就是丹佛市(美国科罗拉多州最大的城市)的大小,大概能容纳700万名居民。The current capital of Cairo, while full of history and vibrant charm, is home to more than 18 million people, and living in and getting around the city can be maddening and frustrating. The government says the idea is to reduce congestion in Cairo, which is projected to double in population in the coming decades。现在的首都开罗,是一座既有历史底蕴,又富有勃勃生机的城市。开罗市里常住人口超过1800万,不管是住在城市里还是在城市中穿行,都会让人感到烦闷不适。政府称,考虑到开罗在未来十年里可能会增加一倍的人口,此举是为了改善开罗市内的拥堵情况。An exact location was not announced, but the city is expected to be built east of Cairo. It will be closer to the Red Sea -- between two major highways -- the Suez and the Ain Sokhna roads。新首都的具体地址尚未公布,但是应该是建在开罗的东边。新首都会位于两条主要交通干道——苏因士和艾因城市公路——中间,比开罗更靠近红海。The ambitions are big. In addition to the new embassies and government buildings, it plans to have an international airport bigger than Heathrow, solar energy farms, 40,000 hotel rooms, nearly 2,000 schools and 18 hospitals -- all linked together by over 6,000 miles of new roads。这项工程非常宏伟。除了新大使馆和政府大楼以外,还会在新首都建设一个比希斯罗机场(位于英国伦敦)更加大型的国际机场,还有太阳能农场,4万多间酒店住房,将近2000所学校和18所医院,这些建筑会由6000多英里的新公路连接起来。But if the dream is big, the bill will be bigger。但是,梦想如果很宏伟,实现梦想的账单数额,就会更加“宏伟”。The total cost is estimated at U.S. billion, Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouly announced at an economic development conference in Sharm el-Sheikh。住房部长莫斯达#8226;玛德布理在沙姆沙伊赫(的一个经济发展会议上声称,建设新首都的总造价预计将达到450亿美元。The unveiling of the new capital was paired with a glitzy website with renderings showing a lush and technological urban scape of glass towers and pools。新首都的揭幕是通过眩目的网站展现的,网站展现了一片既有城市绿化又有高科技设施的城市景观,有玻璃楼塔,还有游泳池。The plan is backed by a group that describes itself as ;a private real estate investment fund by global investors focused on investment and development partnerships; led by Emirati developer Mohamed Alabbar。这项建设新首都计划的幕后持者是一个自称“专注于全球投资和发展的私人房地产投资基金会”的组织,该组织的领导者是阿联酋的地产开发商穆罕默德#8226;阿拉巴。Alabbar made his name as the founder of Dubai#39;s Emaar Properties, primarily known for developing the world#39;s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa。阿拉巴是迪拜的艾玛哈集团的创始人,他最著名的项目就是建造了世界上最高的建筑——迪拜塔。Egypt is not the first country to plan on moving its capital from established big cities to rural greener pastures. Myanmar has only recently completed its move from crumbling Yangon to the new city of Naypyidaw. Nigeria moved to Abuja in the 1990#39;s, and Brazil carved its capital Brasilia out of the wilderness over 50 years ago。埃及并不是世界上第一个想把首都从成熟的大都市搬迁至乡村绿地的国家。缅甸最近才完成把旧首都从衰败的仰光到新城市内比都的大迁移,尼日利亚在19世纪90年代把首都搬到阿布贾,巴西也在50年前在一片荒蛮之地上建起了首都巴西利亚。And then there was another crazy idea of building a capital on a square of swampland that seemed mainly to be a boondoggle for wealthy land speculators at the time。此外,还有一个疯狂的搬迁首都例子,就是在一片沼泽地上建立一个都城,这在当时看来简直就是有钱的土地投机商的异想天开。 /201503/365026上海复旦大学附属华东医院激光祛痘多少钱

上海长海医院整形科The ranks of immigrants and their children will grow to hit a record share of the US population in the second half of this century, new projections show, with Asian immigration taking over as the major source of population growth.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)一项新的预测显示,本世纪下半叶,外来移民及其子女在美国人口中的占比将升至创纪录水平,亚裔移民将接棒成为美国人口增长的主要来源。The forecasts show the extent to which immigration will reshape the US population in the coming decades, even as politicians including Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump use hostility towards foreigners to appeal to significant parts of the electorate.该预测显示出未来几十年移民将在多大程度上重塑美国人口格局,尽管包括共和党总统候选人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)在内的一些政客正通过敌视外国人来拉拢大量选民持自己。The report from the Pew Research Center finds that foreign-born individuals and their children will comprise no less than 36 per cent of the US population by 2065, higher than the peaks reached at the beginning of the 20th century and up from 26 per cent now. The ranks of foreign-born individuals alone will also rise to a record.这份研究报告发现,到2065年时,海外出生的人及其子女将至少占美国人口的36%,不但比现在的26%要高,而且高于20世纪初达到的峰值。即使只考虑海外出生的人本身,其数量也将升至创纪录水平。The research finds that the largest driver of US population growth over the next five decades will be immigration from Asian countries, with the expansion overtaking arrivals of Hispanics.该研究发现,未来50年美国人口增长的最大驱动因素将是来自亚洲国家的移民,这一移民群体的扩张将超过拉美裔移民。By 2065, Asians are projected to become the largest immigrant group, at 38 per cent of the immigrant population, surpassing Hispanics, at 31 per cent. Overall, the immigrant population will soar to 78m by 2065, compared with 45m today, with a growth rate double that of the US-born population.到2065年时,预计亚裔将成为最大的移民群体,占全部移民人口的38%,而拉美裔占31%。总体来说,到2065年时美国的外来移民人口将飙升至7800万(现在为4500万),增长速度是美国境内出生人口增速的两倍。The outlook comes as controversy over immigration plays a big role in the presidential election debate. Mr Trump’s attacks on Mexicans have raised fears among Republican strategists that the party will alienate Hispanic voters when they are becoming a powerful voice at the ballot box.移民问题引发的争论如今正是美国总统大选辩论的重头戏。特朗普对墨西哥裔移民的抨击引起了共和党内战略家的担忧,他们担心在拉美裔选民成为投票箱前一重要力量之际,共和党会疏远这些选民。His words pander to a belief that illegal immigrants are still flooding into the US. Yet the ranks of unauthorised immigrants in the US stayed static between 2009 and 2014, Pew numbers showed, as illegal arrivals from Mexico slowed.特朗普的言论迎合了某些人的一种看法,即非法移民仍在如潮水般涌入美国。然而皮尤的数据显示,2009年到2014年间,美国非法移民数量没有什么变化,而墨西哥裔非法移民的流入有所减缓。“We are basing our trends on the patterns we have seen over the last 10 years,” said Jeffrey Passel, senior demographer at the research centre.皮尤资深人口统计学家杰弗里帕塞尔(Jeffrey Passel)说:“我们是基于过去10年观察到的模式得出这一发展趋势的。”Pew polling shows Americans deeply divided over benefits of further immigration, with 55 per cent of Democrats saying immigrants make US society better while 53 per cent of Republicans say immigrants make society worse.皮尤的民调显示,对于进一步的移民流入是否有好处,美国人的看法存在严重分歧,55%的民主党人认为外来移民让美国社会变得更好,53%的共和党人认为让社会变得更糟。The US population is expected to reach 441m by 2065, compared with 324m today, with 88 per cent of the increase linked to future immigrants and their descendants, says the report.皮尤的报告显示,预计到2065年时美国人口将达4.41亿(现在为3.24亿),88%的人口增长与未来的移民及其后裔有关。 /201510/401913 I once stayed in a two-bedroom apartment occupied by 45 people for two days to experience the life of those living in illegal shared housing. The dirty toilet and laundry room, the wet floor, smelly air, dim lighting, general household mess and potential safety hazards are still quite fresh in my memory.为了体验生活,我曾住过两天的非法合租房,一间两居室里挤满了45名住户。脏乱的厕所、潮湿的地板、浑浊的空气、昏暗的灯光、凌乱的摆设以及诸多安全隐患至今仍让我记忆犹新。It was the worst living environment I had seen up to that point in my life. However, just recently, I visited the ;home; of Quan Youzhi, a 66-year-old woman from Shangqiu, Henan province.我一直以为这是我有生之年见过的最为脏乱差的生存环境。直到最近,来自河南商丘、66岁老人全友芝的“家”改变了我的看法。Quan`s home is a hole in the ground - a utility compartment three meters below street level providing access to underground heating pipes. When I moved the metal cover on the compartment, all I could see were some dirty quilts on the ground. Full of curiosity, I couldn`t help entering without an invitation.全友芝的“家”是一个洞穴,位于地下3米处的一个热力井通道工具间。打开井盖,我所能看到的只有地上满是尘土的被褥。压抑不住满心好奇,我决定“不请自来”。I had to be quite careful in climbing down with a ladder, which was actually seven pieces of rebar fixed into the wall. Eventually, I reached the final step and dropped the last half-meter to the floor.我小心翼翼地沿着由七根嵌在墙上的钢筋组成的梯子爬下井口。我好不容易才爬到梯子的最后一节,然后从半米高的地方跳到井底。It was dark inside the compartment. The dim light from my cell phone was sufficient to illuminate the entire space, which was revealed to be no more than three square meters.井下漆黑一片。整个空间面积还不到三平方米,仅凭手机发出的微弱光亮便可照亮整个房间。On the ground was a thin mat and on top of that were some quilts with soil on them. Some rusty pipes made the small space even more cramped. Besides the bedding, I found only a few candles and two coats.地上铺着一条薄毯子,上面有几床落满尘土的棉被。而几根生锈的管道则让这处狭小空间变得更加拥挤。除了被褥,我在井下只找到了几根蜡烛和两件大衣。The living conditions in the hole were a lot worse than the illegal shared housing, which, though dirty and crowded, at least had all the necessary facilities for daily life.比起非法合租房,井底的生活条件要糟糕得多。合租房虽然脏乱拥挤,但至少日常生活设施一应俱全。People living in such a hole must have a miserable life. Together with several journalists from other media outlets, we waited outside the compartment. At around 9 pm, she came back.蜗居井底的人一定有着悲惨的人生。我同其他几家媒体的记者们一起在井外守候着。晚上9点多的时候,主人全友芝回来了。Quan told us she has been living in the place for 20 years. I guess she has never had so much attention.全友芝告诉我们,她在这里住了20年的时间。我想她从未像现在这样引起人们的关注。We journalists soon found ourselves sitting in her home, all ears to her miserable life story. She spent a great deal of time telling us of the help she had received from kind-hearted people, though she was frequently led away by questions about her sufferings.很快,我们一行人便坐在了老人的“家”中,听她讲述着悲惨的人生经历。虽然经常被各种提问打断,但是大部分时间里,她讲述的并非生活的艰辛,而是从好心人那里收获的帮助。She told us of her ongoing game with the chengguan, or urban management officers.她跟我们叙说着与城管间的“猫鼠游戏”。;They blocked off the hole by welding the cover shut. … I bought a saw and cut it free after they went away,; she said, suddenly smiling like a naughty child.“他们用电焊封住井盖…我就买了把锯子,他们一走,我便把井盖锯开。”说到这里,她突然笑得像个调皮的孩子。Quan gets up between 4 am and 5 am and spends the whole day collecting plastic bottles, stopping work at 9 pm.全友芝每天凌晨4、5点钟起床,一整天都在街上捡空瓶,直到晚上9点才回家休息。;One hundred bottles can be sold for 8 yuan,; she said, adding that she can usually make about 20 yuan a day.“100个瓶子能卖8元钱,”全友芝说,她一般每天能挣20元钱。Even when she was talking about her troubles, she kept smiling all the time.即使是在述说生活的艰辛时,她也始终保持面带微笑。She pointed to her belongings one after another, the objects of her daily life and the clothes she wore, telling us which kind-hearted person had provided each one.她一件件地向我们展示着好心人接济的物品,其中有日用品,也有她身上的衣物。Despite her sad situation, she still wants to repay one kind-hearted woman who paid her hospital bills when she was seriously ill.尽管生活很艰难,但她还是打算把医疗费还给那位在她病重入院时解囊相助的好心女士。;She paid 10,000 yuan for my medical fees,; she said. ;She`s not my daughter. I have to pay her back.;“她帮我垫付了一万元住院费,”她说,“非亲非故的,我应该把钱还给她”However, while I was moved by the old woman`s thankful heart, I was also shocked by the unethical behavior of some of the journalists in our group.在我被老人家的感恩之心深深打动的同时,却也被同行几位记者的不得体行为所震惊。When Quan was on her way to the washing room in a nearby park, she suddenly bent over to pick something up. It was a plastic bottle. None of us noticed it. She quickly emptied it and put it into another underground compartment that she used as a storeroom. After collecting bottles for 20 years, she was obviously quite skilled at her job.当去附近公园上洗手间的路上,全友芝突然弯腰捡起一个我们都没有注意到的塑料瓶。她迅速地将瓶中水倒出并把它放进另一个作为储存室的井口内。有了20年的经验,她已经很擅长捡废品这份工作了。However, as she did this, a female journalist who was just next to her laughed and even turned to look at me.而在她拾起废瓶时,她身边的一位女记者发出嘲笑的声音,甚至还转过来向我示意。I didn`t know how to respond. I turned my eyes away from her, and thought to myself: ;Can`t you have just a little bit of respect?;我不知该作何反应,只好转移视线,我心中不禁在想:“你就不能表现出最起码的尊重吗?” /201312/268169上海玫瑰女子整形中心上海鼻部修复手术费用



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