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黛拉.高登与她的学生一起,拿着一把日产标记笔和一台满是尘土的挖土机,挖开了亚利桑那州荒漠地区的蚁群,试图研究复杂系统(是如何运作的)。201505/375904赣州整形美容医院丰下巴怎么样I actually realized once in Kosovo,有一次我去了科索沃when I watched a man break down,看到一个男人倒下that bullets are actually hardened tears,忽然间想到,原来子弹就是硬化的泪珠啊that when we dont allow men to have their girl self当我们不允许男人怀有女孩细胞and have their vulnerability, and have their compassion,不允许他们任何的脆弱或同情and have their hearts, that they become hardened and hurtful不允许发自内心的情感。这时候,他们就会变得冷漠、容易伤害别人and violent.甚至是走向暴力And I think we have taught men to be secure我们知道,男人往往在不安全时when they are insecure,说他们自己是安全的to pretend they know things when they dont know things,不知道的时候假装自己知道or why would we be where we are?或者假装知道为什么弄到这步天地?To pretend theyre not a mess when they are a mess.即便事情一团乱麻也装得井井有条And I will tell you a very funny story.告诉你们一件很好笑的事。On my way here on the airplane, I was walking up and down the aisle of the plane.我是坐飞机过来的,我在飞机的过道上走来走去And all these men, literally at least 10 men,我看到一群男人,确切说至少有十个were in their little seats watching chick flicks.坐在他们的一方小天地里看言情片And they were all alone, and I thought, ;This is the secret life of men.;每个人都在单打独斗,我想“这就是男人的秘密生活吧”Ive traveled, as I said,我去过很多地方to many, many countries,很多个国家and Ive seen, if we do what we do to the girl inside us我的所见所闻让我想到,then obviously its horrific to think假如我们按照我们对待自身女孩细胞的方式,去对待现实中的女孩what we do to girls in the world.那将会是多么悲惨的一个世界And we heard from Sunitha yesterday,昨天,苏妮塔和克薇塔and Kavita about what we do to girls.也在这里讲述了她关于女孩的故事But I just want to say that我只是想告诉大家Ive met girls with knife wounds and cigarette burns,我见过那些遭受了刀伤以及烟头的女孩子who are literally being treated like ashtrays.人们真的是把她们当成烟灰缸来对待Ive seen girls be treated like garbage cans.还有人会把女孩子当成垃圾场Ive seen girls who were beaten by their mothers做母亲的会打自己的女儿and brothers and fathers and uncles.做兄弟的、父亲的、叔叔的就更不用说Ive seen girls starving themselves to death in America我看到一些女孩子在美国一些貌似in institutions to look like some idealized version of themselves.可以帮助她们变成理想中的自我的机构中饿死Ive seen that we cut girls and we control them我看到对女孩行割礼,对女孩进行控制and we keep them illiterate,不让女孩上学or we make them feel bad about being too smart.或者是,一旦女孩子变得聪明,我们就让她们感到内疚We silence them. We make them feel guilty我们让她们变得沉默for being smart. We get them to behave,让她们感到聪明是坏事to tone it down, not to be too intense.让她们不要宣张,不要激烈We sell them, we kill them as embryos,我们还贩卖女孩,甚至是在胎儿的时候就将其杀死we enslave them, we rape them.我们还把女孩当奴隶,我们强暴女孩We are so accustomed to robbing girls我们甚至对此习以为常of the subject of being the subjects of their lives认为女孩不该成为自己生命之主宰that we have now actually objectified them我们于是将女孩当成了没有情感的东西and turned them into commodities.拿到市场上去卖The selling of girls is rampant across the planet.环顾整个地球,贩卖女孩的行为日渐猖獗,And in many places they are worth less than goats and cows.在有些地方,女孩子的价值甚至不如牛羊But I also want to talk about the fact that此外,假如我们认为if one in eight people on the planet这个地球上有八分之一是are girls between the ages of 10 to 24,10到24岁的女孩,they are they key, really, in the developing world,可以肯定,她们是人类的未来as well as in the whole world, to the future of humanity.对发展中国家和发达国家一样的道理And if girls are in trouble because they face systematic disadvantages女孩身陷各种麻烦,是由于社会系统性地将她们置于不利地位that keep them where society wants them to be,使得她们无法担当本可以担当的角色including lack of access to healthcare,包括缺乏获得基本医疗的渠道education, healthy foods,缺乏教育和健康食品labor force participation.参加劳动大军The burden of all the household tasks家务劳动的重担usually falls on girls and younger siblings,大多由女孩和未达劳动年龄的儿童被迫承担which ensures that they will never overcome these barriers.这些也使得她们无法摆脱社会的枷锁The state of girls, the condition of girls,女孩子的境况will, in my belief -- and thats the girl inside us这包括我们身体内的女孩以及现实的女孩and the girl in the world -- determine whether在我看来——the species survives.将直接决定我们这个物种的存亡。201511/406962定南县妇幼保健人民医院隆胸多少钱What are your top five favorite songs right now?你现在最喜欢的五个歌曲是什么All right, well first of all, Imma say,可以了,我们首先的,我在说,you know what Im saying, Im the only dude up here right now.你知道我在说的,我是唯一的站在这儿的男人。My name is Rashid,我的名字叫拉希德。and I never been at TED before,我从没来过TED,you know what Im saying.你知道我说的。I think, Sarah Jones, maybe she didnt want me to come out last time.我以为,莎拉.琼斯,也许她上次不想让我出来I dont know why. You know what Im saying.我不知道为什么。你知道我说的。Obviously I would be like a perfect fit for TED.很明显我就像TED的完美契合。You know what Im saying.你知道我说的。First of all, that Im in hip hop, you know what Im saying.首先,我喜欢嘻哈乐,你知道我的意思。I know some of yall may be not really我知道你们中间的某些人也许并不是真的as much into the music,那么喜欢音乐,but the first way yall can always know,但是你总会知道第一件事,you know what Im saying, that Im in hip hop,你知道我说的,就是我喜欢嘻哈乐,is cos I hold the microphone是因为我拿着麦克风in an official emcee posture.以一个司仪的姿态Yall can see that right there.你可以看见就在这儿Thats how you hold it.你就这样拿着它All right, so you get your little tutorial right there.好吧,你在这儿得到小小的教程But when Sarah Jones told me we was gonna come up here,但是当莎拉.琼斯告诉我,我们一定要来这儿,I was like, betch, you know what Im saying,我好像是,公狼,你知道我说的,TED is real fly, I got a whole lot of dope,TED是真的像飞起来一样,给我吃了很多毒品you know what Im saying, shit going on and everything,你知道我说的,每件事上都是琐碎,but she was like, yeah,但是她就像,是的,were going to have to answer, like, some random questions,我们将要回答,就像一些杂乱无章的问题,just like, and I was like, what the hell is that?就像,我就像,这是什么的地狱?You know what Im saying, just stand up there你知道我说的,只是站在这儿and answer some random questions?回答那么多乱七八糟的问题?I dont want to,我不想,I mean, its like an intellectual stop-and-frisk.我是说,像是知识上的停止和搜身。You know what Im saying? (Laughter)你知道我说的是什么(笑声)I dont want to be standing up there just我不想仅仅是站在这儿all getting interrogated and whatnot.弄得像审讯和诸如此类的。Thats what Im trying to leave behind那是我努力去忘却的in New York. You know what Im saying?在纽约发生的。你知道我说的什么吗?So anyway, I would have to say my top five songs right now不管怎么说,我已经说出了我最爱的五首歌is all out of my own personal catalogue,全是从我自己的目录选出来的you know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?So if you want to know more about that,如果你想知道更多一点儿you know what Im saying,你知道我说的,we could talk about the anti-piracy and all that,我们可以谈论反对隐私以及那所有的but as far as Im concerned,但目前我关心的you know, I believe in creative commons,你知道,我相信创造的共通处and I think its really important that, you know,而且我认为非常重要,你知道that needs to be sustainable and everything,那需要可持续的发展并且每件事,and I mean, as far as Im concerned,我的意思是,到目前我所关心的,I mean, this right here,我意味着,就在这时this environment, I would like to sustain.这个环境,我想要扶持的You know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?But Im just saying, if yall are interested但是我只是说,如果你们都感兴趣的话in the top five songs, you need to holler at me.在五个最喜欢的歌曲里,你们应该对我发牢骚。You know what Im saying?你知道我说的吗?Aight? In the future or the present. Yeah.好了,在将来或现在。耶。Enjoy the rest of it.享受余下的一切。Okay, next question.好吧,下一个问题。What do you got?你得到了什么?;How many of your organs have been 3D printed?;“你有多少器官已经3D影印过了?”(Laughter)笑声Well I have to say that I dont know about好吧我不得不说我不知道how many of my organs我有多少器官have been 3-D printed as such,像这样被3D影印了but I can tell you that it is so challenging to me,但是我能告诉你那对我是一个那样的挑战201410/335623So we humans have an extraordinary potential for goodness,but also an immense power to do harm. 人类为善的潜力没有尽头,但为恶的能力也不可小觑。Any tool can be used to build or to destroy.任何工具,在人类手里都可用于行善, 也都可用于作恶。That all depends on our motivation.这完全取决于我们内心的动机。Therefore, it is all the more important to foster an altruistic motivation rather than a selfish one.因此,心怀利他精神,而不是自私的念头,比什么都重要。So now we indeed are facing many challenges in our times.当今世界我们确实面临着太多挑战。Those could be personal challenges.其中有我们自身的挑战,Our own mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.我们的思想可以是我们最善良的朋友, 也可以是最危险的敌人;Theres also societal challenges:也有社会层面的挑战:poverty in the midst of plenty, inequalities, conflict, injustice.贫富分布不均、不平等、战乱、不公平;And then there are the new challenges, which we dont expect.还有很多尚未料到的新的挑战。Ten thousand years ago, there were about five million human beings on Earth.一万年前,地球上只有大概五百万人。Whatever they could do,无论那时的人做了什么,the Earths resilience would soon heal human activities.地球的恢复力都会让人类的影响消于无形。After the Industrial and Technological Revolutions,thats not the same anymore. 自工业技术革命开始以来,这种情况就不复存在了。We are now the major agent of impact on our Earth.人类成为了破坏地球最主要的因素。We enter the Anthropocene, the era of human beings.我们迎来了人类纪,即人类的纪元。So in a way, if we were to say we need to continue this endless growth,endless use of material resources, 从某种角度来看, 如果我们持续这种无节制的发展,持续不断地消耗资源,its like if this man was saying and I heard a former head of state, I wont mention who, saying Five years ago, we were at the edge of the precipice.我们就会像这位,我从一位前国家元首那听来的, 我不会说是谁—说的这样,五年前,我们站在悬崖边,Today we made a big step forward.今天我们又跨出了一大步。So this edge is the same that has been defined by scientists as the planetary boundaries.这个悬崖边,就是科学家们定义的地球限度。And within those boundaries, they can carry a number of factors.在限度以内—这个限度是由多种因素决定的—We can still prosper, humanity can still prosper for 150,000 years if we keep the same stability of climate as in the Holocene for the last 10,000 years.我们仍然可以繁荣发展,如果维持曾经持续了一万年的 全新纪的环境稳定性,人类可以再发展十五万年。But this depends on choosing a voluntary simplicity,growing qualitatively, not quantitatively.但这决定于我们的选择,要自发地求简、求质,而不是求数量。So in 1900, as you can see, we were well within the limits of safety.在二十世纪初,你们能看到, 我们还处在安全的限度以内。Now, in 1950 came the great acceleration.到二十世纪五十年代, 社会的发展速度有了极大提升。Now hold your breath, not too long, to imagine what comes next.请屏住呼吸,快速想一下, 接下来会发生什么吧。Now we have vastly overrun some of the planetary boundaries.如今我们在很多方面大幅超出地球限度。Just to take biodiversity, at the current rate,以生物多样性来说吧,按现有速度,by 2050, 30 percent of all species on Earth will have disappeared.到2050年,地球上30%的物种将会消失。Even if we keep their DNA in some fridge, thats not going to be reversible.即便我们冷藏其DNA,消失的物种也不能复原。So here I am sitting in front of a 7,000-meter-high, 21,000-foot glacier in Bhutan.照片中的我坐在不丹境内七千米高, 也就是两万一千英尺高的冰川前。At the Third Pole, 2,000 glaciers are melting fast, faster than the Arctic.在第三极点,两千米高的冰川在迅速融化, 速度比北极融化的还要快。So what can we do in that situation?这种情况下我们能做些什么呢?Well, however complex politically, economically, scientifically the question of the environment is,it simply boils down to a question of altruism versus selfishness.环境问题尽管充斥着政治、经济、学术等诸多因素,但可以归结为一点:是利他,还是利己。Im a Marxist of the Groucho tendency.我是格劳乔马克思主义者。Groucho Marx said, ;Why should I care about future generations?格劳乔马克思说过, 我为什么要为后代考虑呢?What have they ever done for me?他们为我做过什么吗?201503/365173赣州俪人医院鼻中隔手术好不好

赣州俪人医疗整形美容医院激光祛痘手术多少钱赣州整形美容医院膨体隆鼻怎么样The therapies will be improving faster than治疗法比起治疗法中存在的缺陷the remaining imperfections in the therapies are catching up with us.改进得更快。This is a very important point for me to get across.这是我想说的非常重要的一点。Because, you know, most people, when they hear因为,很多人一听到that I predict that a lot of people alive today are going to live to 1,000 or more,我推测很多现在活着的人将会活到一千或更多年以上,they think that Im saying that were going to invent therapies in the next few decades他们都在想,哦,我们将会在这几十年内发明that are so thoroughly eliminating aging延缓老化的治疗方法,that those therapies will let us live to 1,000 or more.研究如何活到一千年甚至更多的治疗方法。Im not saying that at all.我并不是这么说。Im saying that the rate of improvement of those therapies我说的只是这些延长寿命的治疗方法的will be enough.发展速度会足够使人们继续活下去。Theyll never be perfect, but well be able to fix the things这些治疗方法我想永远都不可能完美,that 200-year-olds die of, before we have any 200-year-olds.但我们将可以在还没有两百岁的人之前就研究到如何治疗两百岁的人所死于的病理因素。And the same for 300 and 400 and so on.接下来,我们就在还没有三,四百岁的人之前就研究到如何治疗三,四百岁的人所死于的因素。I decided to give this a little name,我称这为“长寿逃逸速度”,which is ;longevity escape velocity.;要逃离死亡,长寿治疗方法必有快速的发展,叫逃逸速度。Well, it seems to get the point across.这是个很容易明白的名称。So, these trajectories here are basically how we would expect people to live,这就是我们可以期待in terms of remaining life expectancy,在余下的预期寿命,as measured by their health,以他们的健康来衡量,for given ages that they were at the time that these therapies arrive.到了一定年龄,相对应的治疗就相应而出。If youre aly 100, or even if youre 80 --如果你已经100岁,或者你是80岁,and an average 80-year-old,平均80岁,we probably cant do a lot for you with these therapies,我们可能很难为您做些什么,because youre too close to deaths door因为您的时间不多了。for the really initial, experimental therapies to be good enough for you.所以最初的,实验性疗法对你已经不起作用了。You wont be able to withstand them.你将无法避免老化。But if youre only 50, then theres a chance可是,如果您才五十岁的话,that you might be able to pull out of the dive and, you know --您很有可能像我刚刚描述的那个样子摆脱了老化去世的问题。eventually get through this您不但可以活的更久些,and start becoming biologically younger in a meaningful sense,某种意义上in terms of your youthfulness, both physical and mental,你的青春,从身体和头脑上,你的生命变得更加年轻,and in terms of your risk of death from age-related causes.你死于和老化有关的病症的几率也会降低。And of course, if youre a bit younger than that,当然,如果你还不到五十岁的话,then youre never really even going您更有可能永远摆脱了老化去世的问题,to get near to being fragile enough to die of age-related causes.而不会虚弱因老化而生成的疾病死亡。So this is a genuine conclusion that I come to, that the first 150-year-old --因此,这是我得到的一个真正的结论,就是说第一位能够活到一百五十岁 –we dont know how old that person is today,我们不知道该人现在多老了,because we dont know how long its going to take因为我们不知道第一代to get these first-generation therapies.疗法要多久才会出现。But irrespective of that age,但无论是年龄,Im claiming that the first person to live to 1,000 --我声称的第一人会活到一千年的人 –subject of course, to, you know, global catastrophes --当然,排除全球性灾难 - 实际上,is actually, probably, only about 10 years younger than the first 150-year-old.大概只有比我说的那位活到一百五十岁的人年轻十岁左右。And thats quite a thought.很令人值得想一想的结论吧。Alright, so finally Im going to spend the rest of the talk,好,接下来我要用这个讲座所剩下的时间,my last seven-and-a-half minutes, on step one;我的七个半分钟来谈谈我所谓的第一个步骤,namely, how do we actually get to this moderate amount of life extension就是我们如何得到这第一批延长寿命的适中治疗,that will allow us to get to escape velocity?使我们可以达到长寿逃逸速度?And in order to do that, I need to talk about mice a little bit.而为了做到这一点,我需要说一点点关于老鼠的事。I have a corresponding milestone to robust human rejuvenation.我有一个对强健人类再生相应的里程碑,Im calling it ;robust mouse rejuvenation,; not very imaginatively.我不是很富有想象力地称它为强健老鼠再生。And this is what it is.这是什么呢?I say were going to take a long-lived strain of mouse,就是我们要采用一种长寿的老鼠,which basically means mice that live about three years on average.就等于平均可以活三年左右的老鼠。We do exactly nothing to them until theyre aly two years old.我们完全没有碰过它们,直到它们已经两岁。And then we do a whole bunch of stuff to them,然后我们对它们做了一大堆的东西,and with those therapies, we get them to live,用那些治疗方法使它们延长寿命,on average, to their fifth birthday.想办法让他们平均活到五岁。So, in other words, we add two years --因此,换句话说,我们开始把这些老鼠治疗后,添加了两年寿命 –we treble their remaining lifespan,已经是它们剩余寿命starting from the point that we started the therapies.的三倍。The question then is, what would that actually mean for the time frame接下来的问题是,到底什么时候,until we get to the milestone I talked about earlier for humans?我们讨论的这些才能用在人类身上呢?Which we can now, as Ive explained,我们现在可以,正如我已经解释过,equivalently call either robust human rejuvenation or longevity escape velocity.把它称为强健人类再生,或长寿逃逸速度。Secondly, what does it mean for the publics perception第二,从我们得到的第一只老鼠时开始,of how long its going to take for us to get to those things,公众对多久我们才能获得这些东西,starting from the time we get the mice?对这些科技的发展有什么影响?And thirdly, the question is, what will it do第三,问题是,它对多少人想要避免老化的人们起作用?to actually how much people want it?这些科技有什么影响呢?201508/392557You might be driven by a fear of failure quite as much as a desire for success. Indeed, your conception of failure might not be too far from the average persons idea of success, so high have you aly flown.你们对失败的恐惧很可能与你们对成功的渴望一样强烈。实际上,你们眼中的失败可能在常人看来就是成功,毕竟你们在学业上已经相当成功了。Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it. So I think it fair to say that by any conventional measure, a mere seven years after my graduation day, I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.最终,我们所有人都必须自己判断什么事失败,但是如果你乐意的话,这个世界是非常渴望给你一套标准的。因此根据任何传统的标准都可以说,我在毕业后短短七年里经历了惨痛的失败:短暂的婚姻闪电般破裂,失业,成为单身母亲。在现代化的英国,我变得极度贫困,只是还没有到无家可归的地步。父母和我自己对未来的担忧,当年都变成了现实。无论按什么标准,当时我都是我所知道是最失败的人。Now, I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one, and I had no idea that there was going to be what the press has since represented as a kind of fairy tale resolution. I had no idea then how far the tunnel extended, and for a long time, any light at the end of it was a hope rather than a reality.现在,我不打算站在这里告诉你们失败是有趣的。那段日子是我生命中的黑暗岁月,我不知道我会写出被新闻界成为“童话故事的革命”的作品。我也不知道自己还要在黑暗中走多久,不知道还要过多久才能看到希望的光芒而不是现实的黑暗。 /201207/190430赣州妇幼保健人民医院激光去痘手术多少钱赣州治疗疤痕的医院

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