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Penkdix Palme, a 7-year-old photographer from Indonesia, found this intelligent little tree frog in his neighbor garden, Palme, who took up photography just six months ago, said the frog stayed under its leaf-umbrella an entire 30 minutes.7岁的印度尼西亚摄影师Penkdix Palme六个月前,用照相机在邻居家的花园里捕捉了一组精镜头:一只聪明的树蛙在雨中撑着它的树叶雨伞,足足站了30分钟The 7-year-old amphibian snapshot first gained a little exposure in May, when he posted the photographs to National Geographic Your Shot photo commy.;Just AMAZING,; commenter Kaiwalya Limaye wrote. ;Who says man is the only intelligent creature?;今年五月,7岁的摄影师将照片寄给了《国家地理的图片专栏后,这组精的照片得以公诸于世,“太不可思议了”员Kaiwalya Limaye写到,“谁说人类是世界上唯一拥有高智商的动物呢?” 579Top Reasons to Visit New Zealand去新西兰的十个理由New Zealand wasnt chosen as the location filming “The Lord of the Rings” nothing. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places on earth. Situated to the south east of Australia, it may seem like a long way to travel. However, your visit will be one of the most memorable trips you make in your life.新西兰被选为指环王拍摄地可是有原因的毫无疑问,新西兰是地球上最雄伟壮观的地方新西兰位于澳大利亚东南,与澳大利亚隔海相望看起来路途遥远,然而,这一定能成为你终身难忘的一次旅行1. The Incredibly Diverse and Unspoilt Scenery 各种令人难以置信的自然风景Made up of two main islands and a host of smaller ones, New Zealand has an amazing range of breathtaking scenery, from subtropical ests, beaches and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains and large flat plains in the south. There are also fiords, volcanoes, hot springs and beautiful rolling green pastures – a diversity like no other on earth.新西兰由南北二岛以及一些其他小岛组成新西兰的风景如画,令人窒息从北部的亚热带森林,海滩,小岛到南部的冰河,湖泊,白雪覆盖的山峰以及大平原有海湾,火山,温泉,美丽的草原风景的多样化在世界上绝无仅有 8387ROYAL PRESENTSSince the royal baby will be too young a cape and scepter quite some time, perhaps this polka-dot onesie will show up under Prince William and Duchess Catherine tree! At least that the scenario imagined by photographer Alison Jackson, who specializes in spoof photos of the royal family.皇家礼物既然相当长一段时间皇家婴儿要有斗篷和权杖将太小,也许这件圆点装会出现在威廉王子和凯瑟琳公爵夫人的圣诞树上!至少这是专门恶搞皇室照片的摄影师艾莉森#86;杰克逊设想的场景HEEEERE GRANDMAWhile Americans are watching Ralphie shoot his eye out in A Christmas Story, William and Kate can watch the Royal Grandma-to-Be address the nation.这这这是祖母当美国人在看Ralphie在《圣诞故事中瞪眼时,威廉和凯特可以观看皇家祖母向全国发表讲话MINI-MATESWatch out, Princess Barbie … because here the Duchess! And hey, who wouldnt want to play dress-up with the fashionable Kate? (Were betting she wont be attending any ;Ugly Sweater; parties.)迷你伴侣小心,公主芭比…因为这里是公爵夫人!嗨,谁不想和时尚凯特玩过乔装?(我们打赌她不会参加任何“丑衫”聚会)BRIT ROCKWhile William checks out a helicopter, Kate can rock out to ;God Save the Queen; or ;Anarchy in the U.K.; (Or not.)英国摇滚当威廉在检查一架直升机,凯特能摇滚《天佑女王或《无政府主义在英国(或没有)YE ROYAL APPETIZERSKeep calm and eat pudding! Kate can show off her kitchen skills the future king in a cozy kitchen nook.你们皇家开胃菜保持冷静,吃布丁!凯特可以在一个舒适的厨房角落给未来国王炫耀她的厨艺 190冰岛首都雷克雅未克,冰岛语意为“冒烟的城市”传说公元9世纪人们来此定居时,远远就看到岸上升起袅袅“白烟”,便误把温泉里蒸腾的水气认作烟雾,得名由于地热能为其工业提供能源,所以人们在这里看不到其它城市常见的锅炉和烟囱雷克雅未克天空蔚蓝,市容整洁几乎没有污染,故有“无烟城市”之称 Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is home to Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital. Home to just a little over 0,000 people, it’s hardly a giant among cities. But don’t be fooled by its sleepy 1)appearance, there’s a lot more bubbling just beneath the surface.  冰岛,火与冰之岛,是世界上最北的首都——雷克雅未克的所在地人口才十万多一点的雷克雅未克,还不是一个大城市但别被它静寂的外表骗倒,沉静的表面下热血沸腾  John Bell (Travel Editor): Reykjavik’s often compared with )Reading, which is rather sad. Iceland, cold, snow, small, 3)insignificant. Whoa, not on Friday night in Reykjavik!  约翰#86;贝尔(旅游编辑): 人们常拿雷克雅未克跟里丁比较,那令人很难过这个城市处于冰冷之地、多雪、小而不起眼,喔,而在周五晚则不同了  The Icelandic capital is, without doubt, one of the world’s wildest party towns, and a night out the good folk of Reykjavik are hard to beat.  毫无疑问,冰岛首都是世界上最狂野的派对城镇之一快乐的雷克雅未克人晚上玩得很疯狂,无人能及 77转载自:译言网http:www.yeeyan.comsview35319?orginindex作者:TammyTan Harsh Truths About Corporate WebsitesWe all make mistakes running our websites. However, the nature of those mistakes varies depending on the size of your company. As your organization grows, the mistakes change. This post addresses common mistakes among large organizations.Most of the clients I work with are large organizations: universities, large charities, public sector institutions and large companies. Over the last 7 years, I have noticed certain recurring misconceptions among these organizations. This post aims to dispel these illusions and encourage people to face the harsh reality.The problem is that if you are ing this post, you are probably aly aware of these things. But hopefully this will be helpful to you as you convince others within your organization. In any case, here are our harsh truths about websites of large organizations.关于企业网站的十个残酷事实运营网站时,我们总会犯些错,那些错误的性质因公司大小而异然而错误,随着组织的成长而变化这篇文章提出的是大组织里常见的错误我务的大多数客户都是大组织:大学、大慈善机构、公共机构和大公司在过去的7年中我注意到,错误的看法在这些大机构里翻来覆去地出现这篇文章旨在驱散这些幻觉,鼓励人们去面对残酷的现实你可能已经意识到这些问题了希望这篇文章在你想要说组织里其他人的时候,能帮到你不管怎样,以下是关于大组织网站的项残酷事实 63791

David Beckham on Saturday blasted reports that he used his children charity work to boost his public image and chances of getting a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.大卫-贝克汉姆日针对有关他利用儿童慈善事业为自己的公众形象加分,以提高获女王伊丽莎白二世封爵机会的报道进行了回击A spokesman the football icon claimed ;hacked and doctored; private emails had given a ;deliberately inaccurate picture;.贝克汉姆发言人称,贝克汉姆的私人电子邮件“遭黑客入侵并被篡改”,“照片也故意弄错”The mer England captain, who retired in , was the subject of a ;Football Leaks; probe by the European Investigative Collaborations network, a consortium of European media organisations, including France Mediapart.贝克汉姆曾任英格兰足球队队长,年退役足球解密网站这次对他的爆料来自于欧洲调查合作组织的调查,该机构是由个欧洲媒体组织组成的联会,包括法国网络媒体MediapartCiting emails between Beckham and his staff, the reports claimed he initially refused to put his own money into his humanitarian 7 Fund, tried to obtain reimbursement from the UN children agency UNICEF expenses met by his sponsors and was using his humanitarian work as a springboard his own profile.报道引用贝克汉姆与他的员工之间的电子邮件,声称他起初拒绝把个人财产放进他的慈善机构“7号基金会”、试图向联合国儿童基金会报销已获赞助商付的费用,并将慈善事业作为个人形象的跳板 99

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